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cryan' shames
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thanks for the Memories, Ernie!! Mr. Cub

The whole city and area are in sorrow today as we lost a great one yesterday.  Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, that great of great Chicago Cub, died.

He played for the Cubs from the 50s through the 60s and into the early 70s.  Then spent the rest of his life in Chicago as a Cubs ambassador.  By all accounts he was very approachable, always willing to talk and sign autographs, a real stand-up guy and role model.

I have one Cubs hat (as opposed to about 25 White Sox ones (shows where my allegiance lies.  It is a nice hat which, when I bought it, I said I would wear when the Cubs get to the World series.  I have since changed it to playoffs.  I also wore it when another Cub favorite of mine, Ron Santo, died.

I will be wearing that Cub hat today and for the next week in honor of "Let's Play Two."

"The Cubs Will Shine in Sixty-Nine" and Sure Shone Well for All Those Great Years.   Thanks, Mr. Banks.  --RoadDog

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dose Eagles-- Part 1

We just got back from our annual trip out to the Mississippi River to see the bald eagles.  Winter time is a great time to see these magnificent birds.  We didn't get to go last year because of that horrible winter, but managed to slip four days in this year.

We had planned on leaving on Tuesday, but the leak in the basement, which we had fixed on friday, came back, so postponed leaving for a day.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 21ST:  Left home at 1 p.m. and drove state highways 120, 47, 176, 23 and U.S.-20 to Galena.  Stopped at the great Freeport-Stephenson County welcome center as usual.  Arrived in Galena and had a coupla-two at the VFW and ate at The Log Cabin on Main Street.  This is always a favorite of ours as this is where we ate the day after our wedding back in 1973.

The place hasn't changed a bit, except for the prices, which are considerably higher.  They feature meat from Chicago's Allen Brothers.  I had the Greecian chicken and Liz the cod dinner.  Talked with another couple who were 1971, NIU graduates and had retired to Galena.  Liz and I graduated from there in 1973.

Drove into Dubuque, Iowa, and got a room at the Super 8 and then went over to the nearby Champ's Sports Bar and watched the Blackhawks win their game on a huge screen.


WITTY OBSERVATIONS:  A clear conscious is a sign of a fuzzy memory.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The 2015 List of Words That Should Be Banished

Lake Superior State University.

BAE--  Before Anyone Else.  (I never heard it used before.)
Polar Vortex--  (For obvious reasons.  I hate it.)

Skill Set  (Wonder what Jay Cutler's is?)



Car-Cra--  Crazy
Enhance Interrogation


Can't Say As I've Ever used Any of These terms, except that P.V. swear word.


WITTY OBSERVATIONS:  I believe in sharing the road with other drivers.  They can have the part behind me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

WLS Top Ten for Jan. 22, 1965

There is the possibility I might not be able to post this Thursday, so here is an advance look at the survey.

1.  DOWNTOWN--  Petula Clark
2.  YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVIN' FEELIN'--  Righteous Brothers
3.  LOVE POTION #9--  Searchers

4.  KEEP SEARCHIN'--  Del Shannon
5.  ANYWAY YOU WANT IT--  Dave Clark Five
6.  THOUS SHALT NOT STEAL--  Dick and DeeDee
7.  THIS DIAMOND RING--  Gary Lewis & the Playboys

8.  KISS AND RUN--  Bobby Skel (not familiar with this one)
9.  THE NAME GAME--  Shirley Ellis
10.  MR. LONELY--  Bobby Vinton

"Doesn't Mean What It Anymore."  --RoadDog

WITTY OBSERVATIONS:  A woman has the last word in any argument.  Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

Monday, January 19, 2015

JSS: Christmas Decorations-- Coast-to-Coast Super Bowl-- Bald Eagles

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS--  I took advantage of the 40 degree temps and took down the outside Christmas lights, garland and wreaths on Saturday. Always better to do it when it is a little bit warmer.  Five degrees and blustery wind make for a very unpleasant chore.

2.  COAST-TO-COAST SUPER BOWL--  We went to Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes yesterday and watched the Seahawk-Packer NFC Championship game.  The place was packed and we even had an obnoxious Seattle fan.  But, the Pack was playing well all game until those last horrible five and a half minutes.  What in the world happened?

The Seahawk fan got so noisy we were considering getting the duct tape out.

It was an exciting game , though, and a WHOLE lot more than that Patriot-Colt game.

I had hoped it would be a Midwest Super Bowl with Indianapolis playing Green Bay.  But now it will be a Coast-to-Coast one.  Go Seahawks!!

3.  BALD EAGLES--  We've been enjoying watching the eaglets in southwest Florida and now, the eggs at Berry College in Georgia.  The eagles in Decorah, Iowa, are working on their nest.  We're hoping to get out to Decorah soon to see them.


Past Movie Scratches: First-- Titanic-- Departed-- Cowboys-- Expendables-- Poseidon

Movies on TV.

31.  FIRST WIVES CLUB--  "You Don't Own Me."  Getting back at exes taking those younger wives.  i sure wouldn't want to tangle with these ladies. They fight mean.

32.  TITANIC--  All that and a romance as well.

33.  DEPARTED--  Hunting rats in Boston.

34.  COWBOYS VS. ALIENS--  Actually, its cowboys, Indians and bandidos lassoing Aliens.

35.  EXPENDABLES--  Stallone and band of tough guys take on a Latin American puppet dictator and rogue CIA agent.  Guess who wins.

36.  POSEIDON--  Another cruise ship vs. really big wave.  The wave wins again.

Way Too Many Commercials in TV Movies.  --RoadDog

Past Movie Scratches: Tourist-- Despicable-- Up-- Pearl-- Warships-- Battle

Movies seen on TV.

25.  THE TOURIST--  Johnny Depp fools everyone.  Steals billions, gets the girl, and a new face.

26.  DESPICABLE ME--  Grue is not such a good villain.

27.  UP--  Doug the Dog, Chuck,  the old guy and a Wilderness Scout on the Big Adventure.

28.  PEARL HARBOR--  All that and romance as well.  Even Doolittle's Raid.

29.  AMERICAN WARSHIPS--  The "Big Stick" USS Iowa saves the day with its 16-inch guns.  Real nasty aliens.

30.  BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES--  Not the big production, just a cheesy Syfy one.


THE LAST YOU THINK ENGLISH IS EASY?  When the stars are out, they are visible, but when the lights are out, they are invisible.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Past Movie Scratches: Enemy-- Happyness-- Hellboy-- Donovan's-- Braveheart-- Crazy-- Green

18.  ENEMY AT THE GATES--  The Good, the Bad and Ugly Sniping at the Battle of Stalingrad.

19.  THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS--  How much more can go wrong to a guy seeking to make it?

20.  HELLBOY II--  Battling Johnny Winters, Big gold guys and tooth fairies and a Cat Lady.

21.  DONOVAN'S REEF--  A fitting goodbye to our Donovan's reef in Twin Lakes.  (They were going to change the name, but didn't.

22.  BRAVEHEART--  Killing Those mean old English guys, especially getting old King Longshanks.

23.  CRAZY SEXY LOVE--  Finding one's soul mate.

24.  THE GREEN MILE--  One of the best movies ever.  Some real characters.


Past Movie Scratches: Godfather-- Transformers-- Godfather-- Hangover-- Hangover-- Hellboy

Movies seen at home.

13.  GODFATHER 3--  Trying to go legit.  Sonny's son takes over.

14.  TRANSFORMERS: DARK SIDE OF THE MOON--  Was this a Pink Floyd album?Ugly Decepticons vs. Handsome Autobots.  Messing up Chicago.  The real story of the moon landing.

15.  THE GODFATHER--  No horse heads allowed.

16.  HANGOVER II--  What happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok.  How many different ways can you get in trouble?

17.  HANGOVER III--  This time Mexico and back to Vegas where it all started.  John Goodman a bad guy.  Really?

18.  HELLBOY--  Fists of iron, heart of gold and always in trouble.  "How big can it be?"

Watching Those serials.  --RoadDog

YOU THINK ENGLISH IS EASY?  English was invented by people, not computers, and it reflects the creativity of the human race, which, after all, is not a race at all.

Friday, January 16, 2015

WLS Top Ten for January 15, 1965

1.  DOWNTOWN--  Petula Clark
2.  LOVE POTION #9--  Searchers
3.  COME SEE ABOUT ME--  Supremes

4.  MR. LONELY--  Bobby Vinton
5.  I FEEL FINE/ SHE'S A WOMAN--  Beatles
6.  YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVING FEELING--  Righteous Brothers
7.  ANYWAY YOU WANT IT--  Dave Clark Five

8.  THE NAME GAME--  Shirley Ellis
9.  KEEP SEARCHIN'--  Del Shannon
10.  THOU SHALT NOT STEAL--  Dick and DeeDee

19..  GIVE HIM A GREAT BIG KISS--  Shangri-Las
35.  I'LL BE THERE--  Gerry & the Pacemakers
38.  MAKIN' WHOOPIE--  Ray Charles

"Three, Six, Nine, the Goose Drank Wine..."  --RoadDog

Past Movie Scratches: Hancock-- Zombie-- Hangover-- Apes-- Dredd-- Skyline

TV movies from 2014.

7.  HANCOCK--  Bad boy hero turns good guy.

8.  ZOMBIE LAND--  "I don't believe I killed Bill Murray."  The quest for Twinkies in a post-apocalyptic world

9.  HANGOVER--  How'd that get here?  "Animal House" updated.

10.  RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES--  Caesar knows.

11.  JUDGE DREDD--  "I knew you were going to say that."  How big can Stallones eyes get?

12.  SKYLINE--  Stuck in a high rise during an alien invasion.  Keep the blinds closed.


Past Movie Scratches: Rings-- Hedge-- 2012-- Go-- Legend-- Twister

I also enjoy watching movies at home on TV.  These are some I watched last uear (2014)

1.  LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING--  Dragons and giant spiders, oh my.

2.  OVER THE HEDGE--  Animated animals vs. humans as suburbia takes over.

3.  2012--  More disaster than you can handle.  Floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and some unbelievable escape sequences.  Almost too much to watch.

4.  JUST GO FOR IT--  Falling in love in deception.

5.  I AM LEGEND--  Will vs. the smart zombie leader.  Will has last laugh.

6.  TWISTER--  Must be Tornado Love.  Get out the whirligigs!!

Hitting Gold Balls Off the Aircraft Carrier.  --RoadDog

YOU THINK ENGLISH IS EASY?  Why is it that an alarm clock goes off by going on.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fort Fisher Had a Huge Impact On Me

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the capture of Fort Fisher in North Carolina, Jan. 15, 1865.  Even though the Confederacy's chances of surviving the Union onslaught were about nil by then, the fall of Fort Fisher effectively sealed the port of Wilmington, the South's last  contact with the rest of the world.  Lee surrendered less than 90 days later and the war was mostly over.

It was a visit to Fort Fisher back when I was seven that got me interested in the Civil War.  I was with my dad at Fort Fisher and he explained that the Civil War was fought between the North and the South.  I told him that we would have been for the North.  After all, I had learned that we lived in "North" Carolina and "North" America.  He had to explain it to me and ever after, I couldn't find out enough about the Civil War.

That interest soon branched into anything doing with history, even to lots of toy soldiers as I grew up.  When I got to college, my major was history.    That led to 33 years of teaching social studies and collecting far too many books and history stuff.

This is why I have all these doggone blogs.  I just can't let go of my history.

Like I Said, BIG Impact.  --RoadDog

25 Chart Facts You Didn't Know About Elvis-- Part 5: UB40 Hit #1 With Presley Hit

21.  UB40's 1993 version of "Can't Help Falling in Love" is the most successful remake of an Elvis hit.  The reggae-tinged song went to #1 for seven weeks.  Elvis' version peaked at #2 in Feb. 1962.

22.  "The Wonder of You" in 1970 was the only Presley Top Ten hit recorded live at one of his Vegas shows that year.

23.  His 1958 hit "One Night" was originally titled "One Night (of Sin)", but was deemed too risque.

24.  Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller wrote six of Elvis' top ten hits, more than anyone else.

25.  Mac Davis was the only write of an Elvis Top Ten who went on to have his own Top Ten.  He wrote two Top Tens for Elvis: "In the Ghetto" and "Don't Cry Daddy."  He had Top Tens with "Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me" and "Stop and Smell the Roses."


YOU THINK ENGLISH IS EASY?  Where else can you fill in a form by filling it out?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting Ready for the New Year-- Part 2

DECEMBER 29TH, MONDAY--  McDonald's for breakfast.  Coach Trestman and general manager Emory of the Chicago Bears were fired, something much needed after this horrible season and their backing of Scary Jay.

Saw the movie "Unbroken."  I knew it was going to be an excellent movie.  It was.

DECEMBER 30TH, TUESDAY-- Went to Dr. Bennett and had my permanent crown put in, $850.  Went to stores in Round Lake Beach looking for sale Christmas items.  Met Sue and Paul at Half Times in Johnsburg for pizza and bowl games and came back to Margaritaville downstairs at the house to finish off the keg from Sunday's Bear party.

DECEMBER 31ST, WEDNESDAY--  Watched some great bowl games and had an early New Year's Eve party at the Legion from 1 p.m. to 6, with karaoke and toasts.  Great time and home by 7.

We were asleep by midnight.

Snoring Into the New Year.  --RoadDog