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cryan' shames
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Friday, February 5, 2016

Movie Scratches: Spotlight-- Fifth-- Star-- Panda

Movie Scratches--  Movies I have seen in the theater this year.

9.  SPOTLIGHT--  1-21--  Fox Lake, $6--  The Catholic Church trying unsuccessfully to hide something horrible because of the efforts of a small group of dedicated journalists.

10.  THE FIFTH WAVE--  1-25--  Fox Lake, $6--  They want Earth, but without the humans.  Rotten U.S. Army.  definitely sequel time.

11.  STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS--  1-28--  Fox Lake, $6--  The Force is strong with her.  A new generation of Jedi.  Han Solo killed by his and Leia's son.  OK, it was the second time I saw t at the theater, but some things just need to be seen on the big screen.

12.  KUNG FU PANDA 3--  2-3--  Fox Lake, $5--  Po meets real Dad, trains clunky relatives and battles Chai.  he also founds his chi.

I Like the Selection of Seasoning for Free at Classic Cinemas.  RoadDog

YOU KNOW IT'S JULY IN FLORIDA WHEN:  The trees are whistling for the dogs.

Music Deaths: Mic Gilette, 64: Tower of Power

MIC GILETTE, 64.  Died Jan. 16, 2016.

Founding member and horn player with Tower of Power on such hits as "You're Still a Young Man (#29-1972) and "So Very Hard to Go" (#17-1973).

Played with the Oakland-based group from 1966-1984 when he quit to spend more time with his family.

Played on sessions for Rod Stewart, Santana and the Rolling Stones.

Music Deaths: Clarence Reid, 76: Risque Songs


Recorded an answer to the Isley Brothers' "It's Your Thing" entitled "Nobody But You Babe" which went to #40 in 1969.

he wrote and produced for Sam and Dave, Gwen McCrae and Betty Wright and also recorded risque party songs under the name "Blowfly."  Including "Shittin' on the Dock of the Bay."


Thursday, February 4, 2016

WLS Top Ten for February 4, 1966: "These Boots Are Made for Walking"

1.  LIGHTNING STRIKES--  Lou Christie
2. I CONFESS--  New Colony Six   Chicago's own ranking ahead of the Beatles!!
3.  BARBARA ANN--  Beach Boys

5.  SOUNDS OF SILENCE--  Simon & Garfunkel
6.  LIES--  Knickerbockers

8.  MY LOVE--  Petula Clark
10.  SANDY--  Ronny & the Daytonas

Name That Tune:  "Listen To Me Baby, You Gotta Understand."  --RoadDog

"Lightning Strikes"

Past Movie Scratches-- Part 3: Animal-- Secretariat-- Groundhog-- Hunger-- Fokkers-- Potter

Movies seen on TV in 2015.

13.  ANIMAL HOUSE--  "Christ, seven years of college down the drain."

14,.  SECRETARIAT--  Big Red loves to pose, eat and run.

15.  GROUNDHOG DAY--  "Morons, your bus is leaving."

16.  HUNGER GAMES--  It's regular folks in the Districts killing each other for the plastic, shallow people of the Capital.

17.  LITTLE FOKKERS--  The "Godfokker" of the Byrnes.

18.  HARRY POTTER: CHAMBER OF SECRETS--  Battling giant spiders and the big ol' Snake.


Past Movie Scratches: Crusade-- Crystal-- Mirror-- Stealth-- Precinct-- Jump

Past Movie Scratches:  Movies watched on TV in 2015.

7.  INDIANA JONES:  THE LAST CRUSADE--  Choose well or die with the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Youth.  We meet Indy's dad, Sean Connery.

8.  INDIANA JONES:  THE CRYSTAL SKULLS--  Now battling the evil Commies instead of the evil Nazis.  Indy survives a nuclear explosion, waterfalls, Indians and aliens.

9.  MIRROR, MIRROR--  A new Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.  Loved the dwarfs.  They were like the Hobbit's dwarfs.

10.  STEALTH--  A computerized military jet (no human pilot) goes rogue.

11.  ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13--  Dirty Cops vs. Good Cops.  A crisis makes strange bedfellows.

12.  WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP--  Hustling basketball in L.A.  Woody proves it ain't so.


YOU KNOW IT'S JULY IN FLORIDA WHEN:  Yes, it gets hot in Florida.  But did you know it got this hot?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Past Movie Scratches: Museum-- Jump-- X-Men-- See-- Taken-- Recall

These are older movies I saw on TV in 2015.

1.  NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: BATTLE OF THE SMITHSONIAN--  Battling the Bad Guys again, this time in D.C. with big-mouth Custer and flirtatious Amelia Earhart.

2.  21 JUMP STREET--  Cops go undercover at high school.  B.M.O.C.

3.  X-MEN ORIGINS: THE WOLVERINE--  And You THOUGHT you had a bad brother?  Nice Viktor.

4.  NOW YOU SEE ME--  Using magic to take money.  Did not expect the conclusion.

5.  TAKEN 2--  When will the bad guys learn to leave Liam well enough alone?  And, especially don't mess with his family.

6.  TOTAL RECALL--  Spousal abuse"  Both ways.  What's the real story?  Crazy elevators.


YOU KNOW IT'S JULY IN FLORIDA WHEN:  You find out that a seatbelt buckle makes a pretty good branding iron.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Groundhog Speaketh: Early Spring (I'm So Happy)

Great news from the animal world, two resident groundhogs have made their prognostications.  Punxsutawney Phil in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, did not see his shadow, nor did more local Woodstock Willie, about 17 miles from here in Spring Grove, Illinois.

Winter is a season to hurry up and get through once we get past Christmas and New Year's.

This one hasn't been too bad so far.  A whole lot better than five years ago when we had the Groundhog Day Blizzard, one of the worst I ever experienced.  We have some snow nut friends who were caught yesterday in the blizzard that hit Utah and points east.  Fortunately, they were able to get to a truck stop in their RV.  You love the snow, pay the price.

We did have a sneak 11-inch November snow and an extremely heavy and wet rain/snow event that deposited anywhere from 4 inches to as much as 12 where it drifts across my driveway the Monday after Christmas.  I was finally able to get the Christmas decorations sitting on the ground out of the ice on Sunday.

I'll be watching some of the 24-hours of "Groundhog Day" movie marathon on Comedy Central today.

Little Furry friends.  --RoadDog

Good Times Last Weekend

FRIDAY, JANUARY 29  Went to Popeye's (not the fried chicken chain) in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for their most excellent fish fry overlooking the famous Riviera Docks on Geneva Lake.  Great view and plenty of nautical effects as well as some of the best broiled and fried fish, potato pancakes and seasoned fries, cole slaw and hush puppies you're going to get anywhere.

Stopped at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin on the way home.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30--  The whole weekend I spent a lot of time chopping back the ice/snow from the sides of the driveway as we had temps into the 40s.

Drove to Woodstock, Illinois, for their annual Groundhog Days Festival.  This is where the famous movie "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray was filmed.  Listened to Bob Hudgins, movie site manager, for a bit as he led a large group to the many movie sites around the famed Woodstock Square and downtown.

I walked over to Wayne's Lanes, featured in the movie and watched part of te movie.  Outside of the bowling alley was where they got into the car before going on the chase where they ended up on the railroad tracks.

Last stop was at the Public House by the old courthouse, where the "Drink to World Peace" scenes were filmed, but it was too crowded so came home.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 31--  Celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX Championship at the Squaw Bar in Ingleside, Illinois, by watching the "Super Bowl Shuffle" and the game.  Huge , loud and appreciative crowd cheering the whole way.

Good Times For All.  --RoadDog

YOU KNOW IT'S JULY IN FLORIDA WHEN:  Hot water comes out of both taps.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Music Deaths: Gary Loizzo-- Part 2

The group found themselves in great demand for radio commercials and did them for Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Partridge Weiners and the TV show "Temperature's Rising."

The group later changed its name to the R&B Ask Rufus, later shortened to Rufus after Gary Loizzo's departure.  This led to fame for the new lead singer Chaka Khan.  Gary then founded a suburban recording studio where he engineered and sometimes produced acts like Styx, REO Speedwagon, Survivor and Dennis De Young.

Music Deaths: Gary Loizzo of American Breed-- Part 1

GARY LOIZZO, 70, Died Jan. 16, 2016.

Lead singer and vocalist of Chicago's American Breed in the 1960s.  The band formed as Gary and the Knight Lites and had some minor local success with "If I'm Lonely Tomorrow."  You Tube has a lot of Gary and the Knight Lites songs.

The band was discovered by officials of ACTA Records who were snowed in during the Chicago Blizzard of 1967 and the name changed to American Breed.

"Step Out of Your Mind" (#24-1967,"  "Bend Me, Shape Me" (#5-1968) and "Green Light" (#39-1968) were their big hits.  They also charted locally with "Ready Willing and Able."

Chicago Soul Legend Otis Clay Dead at Age 73

From the Jan. 10, 2016, Chicago Tribune Obituaries by Howard Reich.

OTIS CLAY 1942-2016.

He was pegged at various times as a soul singer, gospel titan or a high-energy showman.  he was all of that and more.  He had roots in Mississippi who came to Chcago.  he was a one-time Grammy award nominee and had late 1960s hits with "That's How It Is (When You're in Love" and in the early 1970s "Trying to Live My Life Without You" which became a hit for Bob Seger.  In the 80s, he had "When the Gates Swing Open."

people who influenced him were Duke Ellington, Thomas A. Dorsey, Sam Cooke and Muddy Waters among many others.

Clay was a 2013 inductee, died January 8, 2016, at age 73

In concert, he was a galvanic force and those shows were outstanding.

I got out my two cassettes and two CDs and listened to them over and over after I heard of his death.

Friday, January 29, 2016

JSS: Foxhole Ribs-- Christmas Stuff-- Football Playoffs-- "Groundhog Day" Festival

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  FOXHOLE RIBS--  This past Wednesday, we went to the Foxhole restaurant in McHenry, Illinois.  It is located in the basement of a building dating to the 1890s that was once a hotel on the Fox River.  A lot of history and a hard-to-beat rib special.  For $12 you get a full slab, baked potato, garlic bread, cole slaw and choice of soup or salad.  We still have two meals of left overs to go.

2.  CHRISTMAS STUFF--  Hoping to have some temps in the 40s this weekend and will be able to get the mini Christmas light trees off the frozen ground.  A lot of stuff is frozen.

3.  FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS--  We've been enjoying the NFL football playoffs this month and are happy it will be the Carolina Panthers (N.C. is my home state, plus there is the ex-Bear factor with Coach Rivera and receiver Olson.  We also like Denver because who isn't a Peyton Manning fan.

4.  "GROUNDHOG DAY" FESTIVAL--  Tomorrow, I'll be going to Woodstock, Illinois, for the annual Groundhog Days Festival.  This is where the movie "Groundhog Day" was mostly filmed.  There will be a free showing of the movie, a chili cookoff, walk to movie sites and a seminar, all held at places featured in the movie.

Wearing My Panther Hat.  --RoadDog

Top Ten Films for Special Effects

From the March 18, 2012, Listverse.

10.  Deep Impact
9.  Saving Private Ryan
8.  Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

7.  Transformers
6.  Independence Day
5.  District 9
4.  King Kong (the newest one)

3.  Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
2.  Inception
1.  Avatar

Go Ahead, Wow Me.  --RoadDog

HOW TO LIE TO THE BATHROOM SCALE:  Start out with just one foot on the scale, then, holding onto the towel rack in front of you, slowly let off the rack.  Admittedly, this takes time, but it's worth it.  You will weigh at least two pounds less than if you stepped on normally.  (But I broke the towel rack.)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

WLS Top 40 Survey for January 28, 1966-- Part 6, The Top Ten-- "Zorba the Greek"

10.  ZORBA THE GREEK--  Herb Alpert & Tiquana Brass  From #19
9.  SANDY--  Ronny & the Daytonas
8.  LIES--  Knickerbockers

7.  SHE'S JUST MY STYLE--  Gary Lewis & the Playboys
5.  LIGHTNING STRIKES--  Lou Christie
4.  I CONFESS--  New Colony Six  //  Chicago Boys.

3.  SOUNDS OF SILENCE--  Simon & Garfunkel
2.  BARBARA ANN--  Beach Boys

Some Mighty Fine Top ten Songs This Week.  Name That Tune:  "Listen To me Baby, You Gotta Understand."  --RoadDog

"Lightning Strikes"