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Sugar & Spice Album.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Record Store Day Purchases-- Part 2

I also bought two other albums: Cry Like a Baby by the Box Tops and Just Like Us by Paul Rever & the Raiders. //// Cry Like a Baby featured the title song, but none others that I recognize and was boasting that "Cry Like a Baby" would go all the way to #1 like the group's first hit, "The Letter." Alex Chilton and the boys recorded it in Memphis at American Sound Studio. //// Just Like Us featured the hits "Steppin' Out" and "Just Like Me." Paul Revere and Mark Lindsay wrote "Steppin' Out." Loved the American Army Revolutionary War uniforms on the front cover. Definitely the anti British Invasion group now that I think about it. //// I also bought a four-CD set of Stax music. //// --Keep Step, Step Steppin' Up Against the Brits. --RoadDog

What's Up With Dolly & the Zombies?

From the April20-26, 2014, American Profile "Ask American Profile. //// DOLLY PARTON, 68, whose career has spanned five decades has her42nd studio album coming out in May. She'll be touring the U.S., Europe and Australia. Love her music, but hate her talking (like with Rebe McIntyre). //// Someone wanted to know if the 60s band ZOMBIES was still making music. The band had hits with "Tell Her No," "Time of the Season" and "She's Mot There" split in December 1967. Original members Rod Argent ("Hold Your Head Up" with Argent) and Colin Blunstone have been playing together since 1999 as the Zombies. Blunstone, 68, is lead vocalist. I'm a big fan of the Zombies and think they should have had more hits back in the 1960s. //// So, Now You Know. --RoadDog

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Record Store Day Purchases-- Part 1

This past Saturday, I went to The Vinyl Frontier in McHenry, Illinois, and bought four albums and I went way back for them, all from the 1960s. //// Two were by Chicago groups: TIME & CHANGES by the Buckinghams ($4) and SUGAR & SPICE by the Cryan Shames ($2). //// The Buckinghams album featured "Don't You Care," "I'll Be Back," "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" and "Foreign Policy." Of course, part of the name Buckinghams came from the British Invasion. Buckingham sounded British, even though there is a fountain in Chicago by that name. "I'll Be Back" was written by Lennon-McCartney. //// The Cryan' Shames album featured "Sugar and Spice" and "I Wanna Meet You." Another song on it was written by George Harrison "If I Needed Someone." Of interest was the ages of the group with two at 18 and the other four at 21. Many of the songs were written by group member Jim Fairs, on of the 18-year-olds. //// One reason Chicago groups got so popular was that the Chicago radio stations (WLS and WCFL) really played a lot of their music. //// --RoadDog

Flashback to 1973-- Part 3

TIME-- Pink Floyd // DANCING WITH MR. D.-- Rolling Stones // SUFFICIENTLY BREATHLESS-- Captain Beyond // KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR-- Bob Dylan // SOUTHSIDE SHUFFLE-- J. Geils Band // 5:15-- Who // GIVE ME THREE STEPS-- Lynyrd Skynyrd //// SPIRITS IN THE NIGHT-- Bruce Springsteen // I'M THE GREATEST-- Ringo Starr // ALL THE WAY FROM MEMPHIS-- Mott the Hoople // BROTHER LOUIE-- Stories // CHINA GROVE-- Doobie Brothers //// I THINK IT WAS THE WINE-- Siegall-Schwall Band // OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY-- Led Zeppelon. //// --RoadDog

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Did My Part for Record Store Day on Saturday

I made it over to The Vinyl Fronteir in McHenry, Illinois, on Saturday and found a big crowd in the place. It is small and moving around the very narrow aisles was difficult. //// I'd say there were twenty people inside when I got there at 2 PM and the owner said that he already had a line of a hundred people stretching out around the corner when he arrived. He roughly estimated around 250 people before I got there. For some reason, he was all smiles. //// There were several teenagers buying albums and talking music, so maybe there is hope for record stores. //// Several parents were there with young kids. They said that they wanted their kids to experience a record store since all they do is download songs. //// There is nothing like flipping through albums with your fingers and searching for that special record. //// Well, Here's Hoping for the Mom and Pops. --RoadDog

Flashback to 1973-- Part 2

ROSALITA-- Bruce Springsteen // LET'S GET IT ON-- Marvin Gaye // FAT MAN IN THE BATHTUB-- Little Feat (Another strange name for a song.) // SAIL ON SAILOR-- Beach Boys // RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME-- Dr. John //// DEAR ABBY (Or is that Abbey?)-- John Prine // D'YERMAKER-- Led Zeppelin // SITTING HERE IN LIMBO-- Jinmmy Cliff // LOVE REIGN O'ER ME-- Who // HIGHER GROUND-- Stevie Wonder // JEAN GENIE-- David Bowie //// BODHISATTVA-- Steely Dan /// BAND ON THE RUN-- Paul McCartney & Wings. //// --RoadDog

Monday, April 21, 2014

Flashback to 1973-- Part 1

From WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback, April 19, 2014. //// Johnny Mars sat in for Wendy Rice and took us back 41 years to a mighty busy time for me, what with graduating from college, getting married and getting my first and only tecahing job. These are the songs he played: //// MIND GAMES-- John Lennon // YOU'VE BEEN IN LOVE TOO LONG-- Bonnie Raitt // JESSICA-- Allman Brothers Band // GOODBYE YELLOWBRICK ROAD-- Elton Jihn // I KNOW WHAT I LIKE IN YOUR WARDROPE-- Genesis (Probably one of the weirdest titles ever.) //// FRESH-- Sly & the Family Stone // EMERALD EYES-- Fleetwood Mac // TAKE IT EASY-- Jackson Browne (He wrote it, but the Eagles had the Route 66 hit with it.) //// I CAN'T STAND THE RAIN--Ann Peebles. //// --RoadDog

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Record Store Day Today!!

A favorite day of mine. A blast from the past in the days before downloading. Something that "they haven't taken away from me"...yet, anyway. We're not going out to DeKalb for the NIU spring football game, so I will be getting over to our local place in McHenry, The Vinyl Frontier, at noon and hang around and buy some stuff. That is, hang around until the Hawks game starts at 2, and then it is over to the Twisted Moose for all the fans, air horns and flashing lights. Hopefully, it won't be a repeat of the forever triple overtime game from Thursday. So, go to the website, and find out the record store closest to you. (Well, I suppose you already know where it is.) Support 'Em before They're Gone. --RoadDog

Friday, April 18, 2014

Follow Up On "Frank's Place"

As I finished typing the last entry, the name You Tube popped into my head. Might they have some episodes on it? Went there and they did. I'll have to catch up. //// Saw part of the pilot, where Frank inherits the place from his deceased father and encounters the interesting employees. Then, there were those great accents. //// Of interest, this was a multi-racial cast, who seemed to really get along. //// Poor Tim Reid had some "learning" to do. //// Not only was there that great music, but food as well. //// I foresee Some Hours On You Tube. --RoadDog

"Frank's Place": A Great TV Show

From Wikipedia. //// One of my all-time favorite TV shows, even though it only lasted for one season. It was sort of a "Frasier" before the idea. A show that was made for more of an adult viewing audience. On CBS and aired 22 episodes from 1987-1988. Cancelled after just one year. //// Created by Hugh Wilson with series star Tim Reid as Frank Parish operating a bar/restaurant in New Orleans. They certainly had a group of interesting characters hanging out there, sort of a "Cheers" crowd but with a 'Nawlins slant. //// As funny as the show was, I liked the songs they played on the jukebox just as well. That stuff really knocked me out. More great music from down there that I'd never heard. //// Should a DVD ever become available, I'd sure get it. But, I understand there are problems getting licensingfor the jukebox songs. //// Good Old Frank's Place. --RoadDog

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chicago's WLS Radio Top Ten April 17, 1964

#1. CROOKED LITTLE MAN-- Serendipity Singers // #2. SUSPICION-- Terry Stafford // #3. CAN'T BUY ME LOVE/YOU CAN'T DO THAT-- Beatles // #4. WHITE ON WHITE-- Danny Williams // #5. GLAD ALL OVER-- Dave Clark Five //// #6. DEAD MAN'S CURVE/NEW GIRL IN SCHOOL-- Jan and Dean // #7. HELLO DOLLY-- Louis Armstrong // #8. THANK YOU GIRL/DO YOU WANT TO K NOW A SECRET-- Beatles // #9. MY HEART BELONGS TO ONLY YOU-- Bobby Vinton // #10. BITS AND PIECES-- Dave Clark Five. //// #12. TWIST AND SHOUT-- Beatles // #28. BEATLE TIME-- Livers and #33. NOT FADE AWAY-- Rolling Stones. //// The Beatles weren't quite as dominating as they had been the previous two months, but still represented. The Dave Clark Five was the "newest" news from England andf then there were the bad boys from London. //// Of interest to Oldies fans. Today, WDRV features 1967 on Ten at Ten and Saturday, WXRT's Flashback goes to 1973 for four hours 8 to noon. //// Great Songs All Over the Place. --RoadDog

TV Shows On the Bubble for Next Season

These are shows that USA Today says may or may not come back in the fall. These are just the ones I like. By far, the two I'd miss most are ABC's "Trophy Wife" and NBC's "Law and Order: SVU." When I first heard about "Trophy Wife, I didn't think much about it. It sounded like a dumb idea, but it has become a favorite with that really strong cast and great scripts and love the kids. //// ABC: Last Man Standing (grew on me), Mixology, Suburgatory and Trophy Wife. //// NBC-- Community (I like it but it has gotten way too crazy), Law and Order: SVU. //// CBS-- The Crazy Ones. //// --RoadDog

Deaths: Anna Gordy Gaye Motown

ANNA GORDY GAYE (1921-2014), 92. Died January 31, 2014. //// I have always been a huge fan of Motown Music. Those songs and choreography just knocked me out. In college, my fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi at NIU, played just four songs at our parties: Temptations Greatest Hits, Four Tops Greatest Hits were two of them. (The other two were CCR's Green River and Sly & Family Stone's Greatest Hits.) //// She was a crucial force in Motown's rise as well as wife of singer Marvin Gaye. She and her sister Gwen Gordy founded Anna Records in 1958 before becoming a part of brother Berry Gordy's Motown Records in 1961. In 1963, she married Marvin Gaye and was the inspiration for his first Top Ten hit, "Pride and Joy" in 1963.

Deaths: Pete Seeger

PETE SEEGER, 94. Died January 27, 2014. //// Folksinger, songwriter and social activist who popularized songs like "This Land Is Your Land" and "We Shall Overcome." Wrote "If I Had a Hammer" (playing it on 94.9 FM, the Surf out of N. Myrtle Beach, SC, right now) and "Turn, Turn, Turn." //// Definitely a favorite of mine.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dave Clark Five Albums and National Record Store Day

This past Saturday, i stopped at my local mom and pop record store, Vinyl Frontier, in McHenry, Illinois, and was happy to find out that the big Record Store Day is this Saturday. Right now, it appears that the weather isn't going to be too good in DeKalb, where we were intending to go to the NIU spring football game, so we might be sticking around and if we do, I'm going for the records. //// Anyway, I walked into the Vinyl Frontier and, there, right at front of their album racks were three Dave Clark Five lps. I've had the desire to buy DC5 ever since seeing the PBS special on them this past week. //// I bought The Dave Clark Five's Greatest Hits for $3; The Dave Clark Five Return for $3 with "Can't You See That She's Mine" and Glad All Over-- Dave Clark Five for $6 with "Glad All Over" and "Bits and Pieces." //// Now, Tbat's Some Great Music. --RoadDog