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Friday, October 24, 2014

A Perfect Fall Weekday on Monday

Monday, October 20th was something we don't get around here much this fall, a perfect day for enjoying autumn as winter is preparing to rear its ugly head.

We went out in the late morning for a cruise around Fox Lake on our boat.  Then we drove to Geneva Lake in Wisconsin for our annual Fall Color Blast Tour around the lake.  Judging by our trees here in the neighborhood, we figured that the color must be at its peak there and it was.

We started on the south shore of the lake, driving along South Shore Drive and hit our two side trips to the shore with some remarkable tree color.  Then, we caught North Shore Drive to Williams Bay, then Wis-50 to Lake Como and a drive along those shores.

Best trip, of course was on Wisconsin Rustic Road, Snake Road.  Almost three miles of the biggest and prettiest color you'll ever see.

We then had lunch at Popeye's (not the fried chicken chain) on Geneva Lake and overlooking the Riviera Docks in downtown Lake Geneva.

Can't Beat the Old Local Color.  --RoadDog

Gas Gouge Here Yesterday

Kind of surprising with oil prices falling as they have been.

But, yesterday, in Fox Lake, Illinois, as we were driving to Waukegan to walk the picket line with the teachers there, whose strike is now at three weeks long, the price of gas was at $3.03 ($3.09.9) at all the stations at 1 p.m..  Driving back at 6, we saw the prices had jumped a cool 23 cents to $3.27.

Why, I have to ask?  Why, so we can make more profit say they.

And, I was already mad at Big Oil for making me think that anything near $3 was "cheap gas."  Actually, gas should be around $2, but there is this profit motive on their part.

By the way, we saw gas at the Round Lake station at Fairfield and Rollins at $3 (($2.99.9).  Wow, CHEAP GAS!!  Curse You Big Oil for making me think that!!

I tell You, "Ya Just Can't Do Anything for the GRBs."  --RoadDog

SAY WHAT?  "Take a rain check"--  Remember the actual stub for a ball game rainout?

Deaths: Hi-Records and Dreamlovers

MABON "TEENIE" HODGES, 68--  Guitarist in the rhythm section of Hi_records in Memphis.  Co-wrote Al Green's hits "L-O-V-E" and "Here I Am (Come and Get Me).  Died June 22, 2014.

CLIFF DUNN--  Died June 22, 2014.  Member of the Dreamlovers (named after Bobby Darrin's hit song).  Had hit in 1961 with "When We Get Married #10.  Also sang backup on Cameo and Parkway Records and on most Chubby Checker songs, including "The Twist."

Deaths: Fantastic Four

RAPLH PRUITT, 74.  Died June 3, 2014.

Last surviving member of the Fantastic Four out of Detroit.  Formed in 1955 and placed five songs on pop charts in 1967. 1968 and 1975, none charting higher than 55, but did much better  on the R&B charts.

I listened to their songs on You Tube and it is too bad the pop stations didn't play their songs.  Outstanding music

THE WHOLE WORLD'S A STAGE--  #6 r&b, #63 pop, 1967

One of those groups I just missed out on, sadly.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

WLS Top Ten for October 23, 1964

1.  HAVE I THE RIGHT--  Honeycombs
2.  PRETTY WOMAN--  Roy Orbison
3.  COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER--  Jay & the Americans

4.  TOBACCO ROAD--  Nashville Teens
5.  DO WAH DIDDY DIDDY--  Manfred Mann
6.  LAST KISS--  J. Frank Wilson
7.  THE LEADER OF THE PACK--  Shangri-Las (Fron #22)

8.  WE'LL SING IN THE SUNSHINE--  Gale Garnett
9.  FROM A WINDOW--  Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas
10.  CHUG-A-LUG--  Roger Miller

There She Was Just a Walking Down the Street."  --RoadDog

SAY WHAT?  "Soap Opera."--  catchier than "low-carb-lunch opera.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Deaths: Paul Revere of Paul Revere & the Raiders

PAUL REVERE DICK, 76, Died October 4, 2014.

Was a restaurant owner in Caldwell, Idaho, when he met Mark Lindsay in the late 1950s.  they started a band originally called the Downbeats, but later changed their name to revolve around Paul Revere Dick's name and dressed in Revolutionary War uniforms and were a big hit in the Pacific Northwest.

They recorded "Louie, Louie" at the same studio and around the same time as the Kingsmen, but the latter got the hit.

Moved to Los Angeles and the hits began.  In 1966: "Just Like Me (#11), ""Kicks" (#4), "Hungry" (6).  In 1967 "Good Thing" (4), "Him or Me What's It Gonna Be" (5) and "Let Me" in 1969.  They finally had a #1 in 1971 with "Indian Reservation" after they had shortened the name to just Raiders.

Mark Lindsay later had a solo career

Rolling Stone Magazine named "Kicks" as one of the all-ti,e greatest hits at #400.

Liz had a crush on Mark Lindsay.  (I think it was the little pony tail.)  To me, this was one really rocking band, right up there with the early Beatles and Dave Clark Five.

WLS Songs from October 16th That I Didn't Know

There were several songs in this Top 30 that I didn't know.  So, it was time for good old You Tube which had them covered.

15.  BABY BE MINE--  Jelly Beans  (slow song.  A quartet from Jersey City.  Their biggest hit was "I Wanna Love Him So Bad.")
18.  GALE WIND--  Egyptians (instrumental, #51 nationally on Billboard.)
20.  20-75--  (Another instrumental.  #31 nationally.  Born Ashland, Mississippi in 1928.  trumpeter and keyboardist.)

23.  I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND--  Tommy Adderly
25.  GARDEN IN THE RAIN--  Vic Dana  (#97)
27.  THE THINGS IN THIS HOUSE--  Bobby Darrin (#86.  Don't get it confused with his bigger hit, "Things" #3 in 1962.)


SAY WHAT?  "Over the top."--  Outrageous.  Like leaving the safety of a trench in World War I to run across No-Man's Land in the face of machine guns.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another DeKalb Trip This Past Saturday

October 18, 2014:  We drove out to DeKalb on a pretty crummy day the whole way.  It kept threatening to rain and had rained a lot in the morning before we left.

Arrived in DeKalb and went to Fatty's and got autographs from NIU football hero Jordan Lynch and the new schedule mug.  Then went to the Barsema Alumni Center for the President's reception.  Great food and Goose Island drinks as well as talks by NIU President Doug Baker and our athletic director.  Part of the Marching huskies Band came in to fire us up with some songs, including, of course, the fight song.

We got a ride over to Huskie Stadium and had great seat back seats right by the 50 yard line.  Our offense looked good, but defense wasn't there.  We were cold enough by halftime so left with Northern having a 35-21 lead.

Stopped at White Castle for a ten pack of Sliders which we took with us and listened to Bill Baker do the play-by-play on WIND, 560 AM until the end of the game.  Northern won 51-41 in what was quite a close game.  Neither defense could stop the offense of the other team.

Stopped at Twisted Moose in McHenry for the 1st and 2nd periods of the Hawks game.  Then home.


DeKalb Kind of a Weekend-- Part 2: Color and Settlers Days Parade

OCTOBER 12TH, 2014:

It sure hurt to have our 28-game home winning streak snapped yesterday, especially since it was homecoming.  But, Central Michigan played well, we played extremely badly.

After I had the continental breakfast at the Baymont, I took a drive around campus and the Lagoon.  Stopped there and took a walk around the beautiful body of water, always one of the prettiest spots on campus and with the castle, Altgeld Hall looming over it.  I found the stone with the plaque for William Goose (we called him Gus Goose), honorary NIU student.

Out to Sycamore Road (Il-23) and went to Lowe's, Wal-Mart and Barnes & Nobles.

Back to the hotel and then Liz and I ate at Culver's and drove to Genoa and took Genoa Road to Belvidere and then US-20 to Marengo where we watched the Packer game and the Marengo Settlers Days parade at North Side Tavern.

Then, drove to McHenry to Twisted Moose and watched Da Bears defeat the Falcons and then home.

Definitely a Football Weekend.  --RoadDog

Monday, October 20, 2014

Paul Revere's Last Ride (As In Paul Revere & the Raiders)

Sad to hear about the death of Paul Revere Dick, the leader of that great 60s group Paul Revere & the Raiders a couple weeks ago.

On October 12th, last Sunday, I was able to listen to WDRV out in DeKalb, Illinois, and heard Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots.  Stroud featured music by Paul Revere & the Raiders on his show, playing these songs in a fitting tribute to Paul Revere's life:

Steppin' Out
Just Like Me
Louie Go Home
Good Thing
Him or Me, What's It Gonna Be
Indian Reservation

Gone But Never Forgotten.  --RoadDog

SAY WHAT?  "Push the panic button."  World War II bomber pilots had them, for good reason.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Another Football Weekend

I just got back from the Grant High School (Fox Lake, Illinois) Homecoming Parade on a very rainy, cold day.  I watched the whole thing from my truck as I was parked close to the parade route.  Two marching bands and most of te court was pulled along in huge cigarette boats.  The Class of '79, celebrating their 35th reunion had a float as well.  Their game will be at 1 p.m.

Round Lake also has their parade and game today.

These two schools are among the few around here who have their homecomings on Saturdays as they should be.

I didn't see any home games last night as all the local schools except these two were away.  And, believe it or not, it was cold and rainy as have been pretty much all of the home games this season.

I won't be going to either as we are going to DeKalb again for another home NIU game.  Only this one we get to go to the President's Reception and get tickets to the game in the seatback area at midfield.  Sadly, the weather is just as bad in DeKalb so not sure how long we'll watch the game.

Rah, Rah, Ree...Kick 'Em in the Knee.  --RoadDog

SAY WHAT?  "Push the envelope."--  Test pilots were never satisfied.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Twenty Years Ago: The Round Lake School Teacher Strike Begins

Hard to believe it has been that long, but twenty years ago, October 17, 1994, Liz and I woke up and drove to Round Lake.  This time it was not to teach, but to walk the picket lines as after years of concessions to the school board and administration, it came time to pay the piper as it were.

The school board never negotiated in good faith in the months leading up to the strike and the months after it began.  It was their intention to "Break the Union."  That didn't happen.

We ended up staying out on the picket lines until December 13th, our first day back in the classroom.  That is 38 school days that we missed, the second longest in Illinois history.

The Union stood strong and weathered the attack and in the end received most of what was sought.

Today, Liz and I are going to drive to Waukegan, Illinois, and walk the line again, this time for the Waukegan teachers as their strike enters its 11th day.

I found my "Don't Tread On me" flag that I carried throughout the strike and it will once again float over the Tread Upon.

It Was Quite an Experience, One That No Teacher Should Have to Go Through.  --RoadDog

Thursday, October 16, 2014

WLS Top Ten R&B for October 16, 1964

1.  YOU MUST BELIEVE ME--  Impressions
2.  I HAD A TALK WITH MY MAN--  Mitty Collier
3.  RHYTHM--  Major Lance

4.  BLESS OUR LOVE--  Gene Chandler
5.  LET IT BE ME--  Betty Everett
6.  RUNNING OUT OF FOOLS--  Aretha Franklin
7.  WHY YOU WANNA MAKE ME BLUE--  Temptations

8.  PRAYER MEETING--  Jimmy Smith
9.  BABY DON'T YOU DO IT--  Marvin Gaye
10.  THAT'S WHAT LOVE IS MADE OF--  Miracles

I will be printing these every so often.

More Great Music.  --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten Survey for October 16, 1964

Fifty years ago.*= British Invasion group.

1.  PRETTY WOMAN--  Roy Orbison
2.  HAVE I THE RIGHT--  Honeycombs*
3.  DO WAH DIDDY DIDDY--  Manfred Mann*

4.  LAST KISS--  J. Frank Wilson
5.  TOBACCO ROAD--  Nashville Teens*
6.  CHUG-A-LUG--  Roger Miller
7.  DANCING IN THE STREET--  Martha & the Vandellas

8.  FROM A WINDOW--  Billy J. Kramer*
9.  WE'LL SING IN THE SUNSHINE--  Gale Garnett
10.  COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER--  Jay & the Americans

12.  JAMES BOND THEME--  Billy Stramm
13.  MATCH BOX--  Beatles*
16.  EVERYBODY KNOWS--  Dave Clark Five*

"There She Goes Just a Walkin' Down the Street."  --RoadDog

It's Album Sides Thursday Today on the Drive

October 16th, 2014.

Started at midnight on Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM.   Your chance to hear an entire album side without commercials from those old classics.  And,  they are playing 'em on vinyl, just like we listened to 'em.  You even get to hear the needle dropping on the record.  If you're outside of the Chicago area, you can stream it at

So far, with side and release year:

SLIPPERY WHEN WET--  Bon Jovi (1) 1986
BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS--  Joe Walsh (1) 1978
RUMOURS--  Fleetwood Mac (1) 1977
ZENYATTA MONDATTA--  Police (1) 1980
VAN HALEN-- Van Halen (1) 1978

Since I've been up.

WHO ARE YOU--  Who (1) 1978
LET IT BLEED--  Rolling Stones (2) 1969
BOSTON--  Boston (2) 1976

UNPLUGGED--  Eric Clapton (1) 1992
RUBBER SOUL--  Beatles (1) 1965
ESCAPE--  Journey (1) 1981

THE WALL--  Pink Floyd (1) 1979
NIGHT MOVES--  Bob Seger (1) 1976

I will continue to update the songs.  No Ten at Ten Today because of the album sides.

Just Like the Old Days.  --RoadDog

SAY WHAT?  Technology, customs and culture come and go.  Along te way they hatch expressions that become ingrained in our language and outlive their roots.  Just in case you hear someone, especially old fogies my me, saying one, here's what they are referring to:

"Pleased as Punch."  And yet those Punch and Judy puppets always seemed so angry.