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cryan' shames
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Friday, May 29, 2015

Not So Grateful Ripoff

From the May 20, 2015, Chicago Tribune "Auctioneer devastated by theft of Dead work" by Erin Chan Ding.

Well, it was supposed to be all peaceful and festive with the auction of Grateful Dead memorabilia to take place here in McHenry County at the Donley Auction Dervices in Union, Illinois.  But some spoil sport has ruined it and stolen some $75,000 worth of stuff.There were some 700 items to be at auction on the Grateful Dead Family Jubilee Auction, set to coincide with the group's 50th anniversary of formation.

Stolen items include a 1966 original silk screen of a skeleton with roses enhanced by artist Stanley Mouse with a reserve set at $25,000.  The other items are a 1986 German promoter poster, a 1986 Statue of Liberty tour poster and a 1966 serigraph signed by Wes Wilson.

Not a Nice Dead Thing to Do.  --RoadDog

SOME FUNNY SAYINGS:  He often broke into song because he couldn't find the key.

Music Deaths: Jo Jo Benson and Ray Gipson

JO JO BENSON, 77,  Died Dec. 23, 2014.

Charted four times with Peggy Scott.

"Lover's Holiday" #31 1968
Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries"  #27 1968
"Soul Shake" #37 1969

RAY GIPSON, 77.  Died Jan. 4, 2015

First tenor with the G-Clefs.

"I Understand" #9 1961
"Ka-Ding-Dong" #25 1956

Thursday, May 28, 2015

WLS Top Ten for May 28, 1965

1.  SILHOUETTES--  Herman's Hermits
2.  HELP ME RHONDA--  Beach Boys
3.  IT'S NOT UNUSUAL--  Tom Jones (from #13)

4.  WOOLY BULLY--  Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs (from #15)
6.  BACK IN MY ARMS AGAIN--  Supremes
7.  ENGINE ENGINE NO. 9--  Roger Miller

8.  THE LAST TIME--  Rolling Stones
9.  TICKET TO RIDE--  Beatles
10.  COUNT ME IN--  Gary Lewis & the Playboys

"Uno, Dos, Tres."  --RoadDog

SOME FUNNY SAYINGS:  Local Area Network in Australia: the LAN down under.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gas Gouge Cometh Again!! $3,25 in Fox Lake, Illinois

To paraphrase a catch phrase from a famous movie that has been redone this past week, "They're Back!"  Big Oil is back to being Big Oil and rolling us poor folks for all our money.

Gas a week ago was around $2.70.  Yesterday it broke the $3 level in a big way at $3.10.

Today, it is up to $3.25!!

Up like a rocket.  Down like a feather.

Well, I Sure Did Enjoy it While It lasted.  --RoadDog

SOME CRAZY SAYINGS:  Maybe this will me something to laugh about.  You feel stuck with your debt if you can't budge it.

Music Deaths: "I Love How You Love Me"

ALBETH PARIS (GRASS), upper 70s.  Died December 5, 2014.

Sang alto with the Paris Sisters who were essentially an Andrews Sisters clone. Their biggest hit was "I Love How You Love Me" which went to #5 in 1961.  Phil Spector produced it and established his Wall of Sound on it.

Music Deaths: "May the Bird of Paradise...."

'LITTLE" JIMMY DICKENS, 94 Died Jan. 2, 2015.

Member of Grand Ole Opry since 1948.  Stood 4'1".  On Country charts 19 times and had performed just five days before his stroke on Christmas Day 2014.  Best known for that great "May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose."

Love That Song.  Singing it in my head right now.  Bet you are also.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Just Got Back From Indy-- Part 2: Chance Encounter with Juan Pablo Montoya


Paul made up some his special breakfast then we walked across the street to the Speedway, paid out $10 apiece and saw vintage race cars running the track.  I was especially impressed with the 1910s double-seater (when a mechanic had to accompany the driver).

Walked by a race car with several people standing around it and John and Paul stopped.  I went back and they told me one of them was a race car driver named Juan Pablo Montoya from Colombia.  He was standing about ten feet away.  He won the Indy 500 the next day, coming from #30 to take the winner's flag.

We then walked and walked and walked around Gasoline Alley and over to the Hall of Fame Museum where we got a close look at the vintage cars that were racing around the track.  Went to several venues and saw huge lines waiting for autographs.

Bought lots and lots of souvenirs, this year's 99th running being held on May 24th, my 64th birthday.

Back to the RV for drinks and cookout and then went to the Legion for a good country rock band named Night Critters and then saw the Blackhawks-Ducks NHL Playoff game.


Pop Music Hall of Fame Inductees

The Pop Music Hall of Fame in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania inducted its third class on December 23, 2014.  Linda Ronstadt (top vote getter), Paul McCartney, Ricky Nelson, Chevy Checker, Glen Campbell, Four Seasons, Everly Brothers, Johnny Tillotson and Andy Williams.

Les Paul and Mary Ford will also be inducted as influences on pop music.


SOME CRAZY SAYINGS:  A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blown-apart.

Music Deaths in 2014: Joe Cocker

JOHN ROBERT "JOE" COCKER, 70, December 22, 2014.

Born Sheffield, England and formed  a skiffle group that opened for the Rolling Stones.  Released "Withe a Little Help From My friends" in 1968 which went to #1 in England but just #68 in the U.S.. but his unforgettable performance at Woodstock in 1969 was his major breakthrough in the States.

"She Came Into the bathroom Window" (another Beatles cover) went to #30 in 1970.  then he had the famous Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour which resulted in a famous album, and the first one I bought by him, and a #7 single with the Box Tops' "The Letter."

"Cry Me a River" went to #11 in 1970, "Feelin' Alright"  #33 in 1972 and "You Are So Beautiful" went to #5 in 1975.  His biggest hit ever in America was "Up Where We Belong" with Jennifer Warnes from the movie "An Officer and a Gentleman."

I also liked his work in the blues field, especially his "You Can Leave Your Hat On."

Monday, May 25, 2015

Just Got Back From the Indy 500-- Part 1: Hockey and a Country Band

MAY 24TH, FRIDAY:  Left Sue and Paul's place in Long Lake, Illinois, with Paul's brother John, and drove to the International Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, well, Speedway actually, on the western edge of Indy.

After some interesting roads taken because the one in front of the American Legion is mostly closed due to urban renewal, we checked in and got our RV spot and set up "camp."

Well, then came some cocktails to the toast of being there again (4th for me and 15th for Sue and Paul).

Then, we took a walk over to Speedway's main street which is also being redeveloped as well.  Stopped at Dawson's for a drink then back to the Legion.  Watched the New York Ranger Tampa Lightning hockey game on Sue and Paul's outside TV and also went to the Legion where an excellent country band was playing.


SOME CRAZY SAYINGS:  The man who fell into the upholstery machine is fully recovered.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Retirement Terri Z.!!

In a short time I am going over to Magee Middle School in Round Lake, Illinois, to attend a retirement party for a great friend of mine, Terri Z.  She is getting to start those golden retirement years nine years after me.

She was the daughter of my first principal at Magee, Jim Rogers.  She started teaching there, as did I, and for 22 years, we were teammates and she was nice enough to be team leader, a job I definitely did not want.  (I had to be the team leader for one quarter and was completely miserable.)

She was also out union president and leader during out 38-day strike back in 1994.  She rose far above anything that could be expected in this instance.

Have a Great retirement Terri!!  --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten Survey for May 21, 1965

1.  SILHOUETTES--  Herman's Hermits
3.  HELP ME RHONDA--  Beach Boys

4.  THE LAST TIME--  Rolling Stones
6.  ENGINE ENGINE NO. 9--  Roger Miller
7.  BACK IN MY ARMS AGAIN--  Supremes

8.  COUNT ME IN--  Gary Lewis & Playboys
9.  DO THE FREDDIE--  Freddie & the Dreamers
10.  JUST A LITTLE--  Beau Brummels


Album Sides Thursday Today on the Drive, Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM

Sitting here enjoying thid every so often event on the Drive.  And, it streams at  They are playing music the way it was meant to be played, on albums and a side at a time.

That's right, we're getting the vinyl sound.

Here's what they've played recently:

BORN IN THE USA--  Bruce Springsteen (Side 2)
LET IT BLEED--  Rolling Stones (Side2)
STRANGER IN TOWN--  Bob Seger (Side 1)

PHYSICAL GRAFFITI--  Led Zeppelin (Side2)
FOREIGNER--  Foreigner (Side 1)
HOTEL CALIFORNIA--  Eagles (Side 1)

FULL MOON FEVER--  Tom Petty (Side 1) (What's playing right now.)

OK, Time To Flip 'Em and Play the Other Side.  --RoadDog

Senior Moments Abounding As I Approach 64

What do they say about first thing to go?  What did the Beatles say about "When I;'m 64?"

This morning I was wondering why the container for the coffee grounds on the maker was in the sink and then found that the last pot I brewed only had the paper enclosure in it.  That could have been a mess, but at least i remembered the paper.

Yesterday at Donovan's reef in Twin Lakes, i was munching on some peanuts in the shell out of a plastic cup when i thought I had gotten ripped off because a whole handful consisted of nothing but empty shells.  Wait a minute, i had grabbed out of the cup used for peanut shells.  Well, that explains it.

Yesterday, i went to pick up our boat with some friends who I was supposed to meet at McDonald's at 10 a.m..  So there I was waiting at the Spring Grove McDonald's, while they were waiting at the Richmond McDonald's, about seven miles down the road.

That Explains Why They Weren't There and Why I Wasn't There.  --RoadDog

SOME CRAZY SAYINGS:  When a clock is hungry, it goes back for seconds.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

JSS: Mighty Chilly-- Up Way Late Last Night (Thanks Hawks)-- Picking Up the Boat

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  MIGHTY CHILLY--  Temperature this morning a very chilly 40 degrees.  Forecasts call for maybe a high of 50 degrees with strong breezes and plenty of cold in it.  It was very chilly yesterday as well, perfect hockey weather.  I can't take much more of this Global Blah-Blah-Blah.  However warmer this weekend.

2.  UP WAY LATE LAST NIGHT (THANKS HAWKS)--  To start with, i hate late sports games.  Last night Blackhawks-Ducks game started at 8:15 and didn't end until the wee wee hours of this morning thanks to the triple overtime.

We started watching at half-Times in Johnsburg where we saw the first two periods, then third period we saw at Tommy's in Spring Grove.  I watched the first two overtime periods at home, then went to sleep, it being past midnight and my usual bedtime being at 11 p.m..

3.  PICKING UP THE BOAT--  I'll be leaving shortly to drive over to Hebron, Illinois, to pick up our boat.  Just the weather to make you want to go boating.

Just Some Stuff--  RoadDog