Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some Other Big Songs of September, 1969

From Dave McAleer's "The Book of Hit Singles Top 20 Charts."

Here are some that Bob Stroud did not play.

THIS GIRL IS A WOMAN NOW-- GARY PUCKETT & THE UNION GAP-- A fitting follow-up to "Young Girl." I wonder how she became a woman? Jail bait, Gary.




I see that on the UK chart, "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR hit #1, something no Creedence song did here in the US, unfortunately.

Where Were You September 6, 1969?-- Part 6

Stroud introduces each segment with part of a song that was also popular.

Here is a list of those songs:


Back with more stax of wax from the back of the racks. With R&B superstar turned politician, the one, the only Iceman Cometh, MR. JERRY BUTLER, with "WHAT'S THE USE OF BREAKING UP."

I'LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN-- TOM JONES who debuted his TV show with Janis Joplin.
AORTA, a hometown Chicago band.

One Memory After Another. --RoadDog

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where Were You September 6, 1969?-- Part 5

EASY TO BE HARD-- THREE DOG NIGHT-- Top Ten. Originally from the "Hair" soundtrack.
RUNNIN' BLUE-- DOORS-- New Doors album "The Soft Parade" Another track from the album. ("Poor Otis dead and gone, left me in this stately home.")

TIRED OF WAITING-- FLOCK-- One of the most innovative bands from Chicago, from their first Columbia album and a cover of the Kinks classic. (Like no Kinks you ever heard. Kind of like Vanilla Fudge meets Ray and the boys.)
BEGINNINGS-- CHICAGO-- Brand new Chicago Transit Authority before they forced to change their name.
I WANT YOU TO KNOW-- NEW COLONY SIX-- Local band that charted more hits in Chicago than any other group. (My favorite 60s Chicago band, followed by Cryan' Shames.)

FOLSOM PRISON BLUES-- JOHNNY CASH--A statue of liberty play and fake punt and play a song from the #1 album. I'll let the artist introduce himself. The number one album was at San Quentin. Don't get me wrong, I like "Sugar, Sugar" as much as the next guy. (Yeah, right Bob. Just couldn't bring himself to play "Sugar, Sugar.")

Sure enjoyed this trip back to the Summer of 1969. Brought back lots of memories. I look forward to next year's Summer of 1970.

Let the Memories Begin. --RoadDog

Monday, September 28, 2009

JSS: 33rd Bar, 33rd Day-- Yardwork-- Movie-- Bears Win, NIU Loses

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. 33RD BAR, 33RD DAY-- Yesterday was the first decent day for boating we've had since last Sunday, so we took advantage of it and went out on the boat for the 33rd time of the year, and went to the 33rd new (to us) bar on the Chain, Grasslake Landing.

2. YARDWORK-- I've been buying Winchester stones from Menard's for 83 cents apiece. I have some retaining walls I'm building and planning.

3. MOVIE-- Absolutely horrible weather today, so went to the movies and saw "Pandorum." Very dark, very hard to hear, very "Alien."

4. BEARS WIN, NIU LOSES-- Yesterday, after putting the boat up, we drove over to Baja Benny's on Fox Lake and watched the Bears luck out and beat those ugly-clad Seahawks out on the deck overlooking Fox Lake. Unfortunately, Northern lost to Idaho on Saturday. Had a good time with lots of friends who have been going here for many years.

Good Times in the Area. --RoadDog

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How Come So Many of My Friends Are Turning 60?

This past Saturday, we drove to Huntley, Illinois, and attended the 60th birthday of friend John. He is married to high school friend Kris (Liz's neighbor and best friend back then. Great time. Who'd have thought a 60 year-old could have that much fun.

This coming Saturday, I deejay the 60th birthday of friend Rick, the Turkey Man.

How Come So Many of My Friends Are Turning 60? Oh, I'm Almost 60. --RoadDog

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where Were You September 6, 1969?-- Part 4

SUSPICIOUS MINDS-- ELVIS PRESLEY-- hit bound from the King. It would hit #1. (One of my very favorite Elvis songs along with "Burning Love.)
THE TRAIN-- 1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY-- This highlights the beauty of Top 40 radio. You got Dylan, Joplin, the King and a dose of Bubble Gum right there. It is #3 in town. (I don't care what anyone says, I still love my Bubble Gum Music.)

I'D WAIT A MILLION YEARS-- GRASS ROOTS-- In the Top Ten, from Los Angeles, California. (Still one of the most under rated groups.)
DELTA LADY-- JOE COCKER-- a new track from an upcoming album.

HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME-- SLY & THE FAMILY STONE-- He managed to squeak this out before summer time ended even though it was at the very end of the season when it finally got released. (A great summer song.)
UNDUN-- GUESS WHO-- The "B" side of a two-sided hit.

DID YOU SEE HER EYES-- ILLUSION-- band from the east coast in the Top Ten. One Hit Wonders. The full version of it. (I like the radio edit version better.)
LODI-- CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL-- "B" side of "Green River." (No one better in '69 than John Fogerty and the boys.)

Not Finished Yet. --RoadDog

Friday, September 25, 2009

Every Blooming Thing-- Mid September

Lots of blooming going on right now. The several colors of mums are brilliant this time of the year, mostly yellow. All of the purple coneflowers are gone and a few of the blackeyed susans are hanging in there.

Impatiens, geraniums, snapdragons and some other annuals are still blooming as well.

I have a lot of one particular white perennial with masses of mini daisy flowers on them plus most of the goldenrods are still blooming.

The mini drought we had this summer has caused the crabapple trees to lose most of their leaves as have the two mountain ashes. The honey locusts are turning yellow.

The apple tree is loaded with apples this year for the first time. Until last year, I had no idea what kind of tree it was until I had buddy Trov come over for some tree trimming. He does this for a job so I asked him what kind of tree it was. He said that judging by the two apples on it, he guessed it was an apple tree. Smart aleck. It had never had apples before and I didn't plant it. It just grew. Very tart apples, just the way I like them.

Sure Like Working in the Yard. --RoadDog

Thursday, September 24, 2009

JSS: Giant Tomato-- Seeing Movies-- Goodbye Pond and Waterfall-- Crummy Weather

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

GIANT TOMATO-- Yesterday, I picked the biggest tomato I've ever grown in the yard. This would fit in both hands. There were also another four that were ripe. Overall, though, tomato production is down this year.

SEEING MOVIES-- With all this crummy weather, I've been seeing lots of movies, seven since Friday: Love Happens, Jennifer's Body, Inglorious Basterds, 9, The Informant, White Out, and All About Steve. Keeping those theatres and film folks in business. All but one of these shows was at the Fox Lake, (Il) Theatre.

GOODBYE POND AND WATERFALL-- I have drained the plastic pond out by the southwest corner of the deck in preparation of removing it and the waterfall. I put them in about 12 years ago, but haven't even hooked the pump up the last several years or even dipping the water out. Believe me, that water was especially nasty.

I did have a couple frogs hanging around and even caught some mallards swimming in it a few times. But since I don't use it (but the mosquitoes sure do), it's time to take it out. I just have to figure out how to fill the hole and landscape it.

CRUMMY WEATHER-- Like I said, the weather has been quite bad since last Thursday, not conducive for boating as it either rains or spends all day threatening to rain. This morning, the fog was intense. Hope to get out on the boat anyway. We still have five more places to visit on the Chain of Lakes before the season ends in 3-4 weeks.

Sure Will Miss That Pond and Waterfall. Anybody Want a Slightly Used One. --RoadDog

Some More About This Music from 1969


"Maybe," the song covered by Janis Joplin in the earlier posting, was first recorded by the Chantels, considered to be the second all-girl black group to have success in the US (not sure who was the first). In 1958, this song hit #15 pop and #2 R&B. It is described as "arguably the first glimmering of the girl group sound."

Rolling Stone ranks it #195 on their list of 50 Greatest Songs of All Time.

From Wikipedia


Called Classic Top 40 Psychedelic Pop with that wah-wah pedal. I also call it Garage Rock and sure Little Steven would agree. The group was from the Louisville, Kentucky area and the song was on the Amazon record label, which was a bit sexy with the woman's attire.

"You, I" hit #1 on Louisville local charts and #24 on Billboard.

Not in Wikipedia. I found this information on the Garage Hangover web site. If you like garage bands, this has to be checked out.

One person wrote in to say the band played their prom in Harrisburg, Illinois, in 1970, and they made the event great.

The Rest of the Story. --RoadDog

Where Were You September 6, 1969? --Part 3

Continuing with Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots Time Warp back to the Summer of '69 as we are fogged in this morning. This is his fourth and final installment of the show. If you are of the age (as I am, summer between graduating high school and before college), you really missed some memories. Hopefully the list will help, but nothing like listening to the actual music.

You can catch his show via the internet at between 7 and 10 AM CST every Sunday on WDRV, the Drive, from Chicago.

SUITE: JUDY BLUE EYES-- CROSBY, STILLS & NASH-- From the album "Crosby, Stills and Nash." (Great harmonies from a group I liked just as well as CCR.)
WHEN I DIE-- MOTHERLODE-- Canadian band

CINNAMON GIRL-- NEIL YOUNG-- Another Canadian artist we were listening to because we had his second album in our collection "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere." (Love that guitar bit. Cinnamon is one of the hardest words for me to spell.)
CARRY ME BACK-- RASCALS-- blowing us away with each and every release. New in your radio. (They had dropped the Young from name. Guess they were getting older.)

LAY LADY LAY-- BOB DYLAN-- latest album "Nashville Skyline." Great song from an even better album. Made me think, "Hey this country stuff ain't all that bad. Perhaps this album can be credited with my getting into country music a few years later.)
MAYBE-- JANIS JOPLIN-- Mew one from her upcoming release "I Got Dem Old Kosmic Blues Again." From the R&B classic. (by the Chantels. Pouring out her soul in every single word.)

GREEN RIVER-- CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL-- current "45", the "A" side. (Ahh, Creedence.)
LADY SAMANTHA-- THREE DOG NIGHT-- This is likely the first Elton John Bernie Taupin composition many of us had heard here in the United States as it was included in their second album "Suitable for Framing."

As usual, Stroud's comment first. Mine in parentheses.

Mighty Good Stuff from 40 Years Ago. --RoadDog

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When You Know You're Old-- Part 1

After hitting 58, I have to say that some of these are too true.

You Know You're Old When

You keep more food in your fridge than beer. (Does my minifridge behind the bar count?)

6 AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed. (Anything later than 11 PM and I'm getting really tired.)

You hear your favorite song in an elevator. (I'm not even going to talk about this one.)

You spend lots of time watching the weather channel and talking about the forecasts. (More Liz than me.)

You're the one calling the police because the kids next door are playing their stereo too loud. (Actually, back in the 70s, my next door neighbors' kids called me to ask me to turn my stereo down and I was playing downstairs in the basement.)

More to Come. --RoadDog

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Movie Scratches: Public Enemy-- Harry Potter-- District 9-- Time Traveler's Wife-- White Out

A quick summary of this year's movies I have seen, RoadDog-style.

7-15 PUBLIC ENEMY-- Almost made you feel sorry for Captain Jack Spar..., er. Jphn D. Great 30s scenery and cars.

7-15 HARRY POTTER; THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE-- Love and Wizards. The Prof gets it.

8-17 DISTRICT 9-- Humans victimizing alien refugees. Who's worse, the Nigerians or NMU? An outer space movie of a very different sort.

8-17 THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE-- Now he's here. Now he's gone. Who's the naked guy in the corner?

9-18 WHITE OUT-- A real frigid who-done-it. Coming out of the cold.

Spending Way Too Much Time at the Movies. --RoadDog

A War (Civil) and Some Great Football

SUNDAY-- After listening to Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots on WDRV in Chicago (Rock and Roll High School), I drove over to the Civil War Days in Lake Villa, Illinois, and ate at the Boy Scout pancake breakfast.

We picked up three new members into our Camp Douglas Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp yesterday. Today, Commander Jacob Lake of the new SCV Camp #2229, Rock Island Memorial POW Camp in Rockford, Illinois, was in attendance. He is still in his teens and most likely is the youngest camp commander ever in the SCV. He was the one who started this camp. He has done more in one year of membership than I have in 20.


The Civil War encampment was taking place on the grounds of the Lehmann Mansion, once owned by the Lehman family who operated the first-ever department store in Chicago, the Fair Store. It was slated to be torn down, but after much effort, saved. Beautiful building and grounds.


I talked with a group of Union naval re-enactors who were from the USS Carondolet and also a woman who represented women in the war, more specifically those who were soldiers. She was very familiar with Jennie Hodgers who is buried in Saunemin, Illinois, and served in the 95th Illinois.


I intended to watch the Bears game at Baja Benny's, but there was a fishhing tournament going on and no where to park. I went to Pug Mahone's and enjoyed $1.25 pints while playing NTN with three top twenties including a #1.

Liz called to say shge and Kora were at Tommy's in Spring Grove so watched that great Bears victory over the Super Bowl champs Pittsburgh Steelers. I'd say Jay Cutler earned his money today.

A Great Weekend Here in NE Illinois. --RoadDog

Monday, September 21, 2009

Where Were You September 6, 1969? --Part 2

SOUL SACRIFICE-- SANTANA-- They blew away half a million people just a few weeks ago at Woodstock and now their debut album is out. From San Francisco, California. Closing track.
THE NIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME-- CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL-- At this time, many of us had the new CCR album in our collections. It's their third album called "Green River, and there's this old blues classic done up CCR-style. (I'd already put my $5 down for the album. One of the Delta Sigs four main albums played at all parties.)

SWEET CAROLINA-- NEIL DIAMOND-- One of his biggest hits to date. ("Sweet Caroline, Dah, dah, dah." Come on and sing the call-and answer.)
WHAT KIND OF FOOL DO YOU THINK I AM-- BILL DEAL & THE RHONDELLS-- They call it Beach Music down in the Carolinas, their third hit in 1969. Originally dome by the Tams in the early 60s. (And I didn't even know it was Beach Music I was listening to in North Carolina back then. I'm a big-time Beach Music fan nowadays.)

GET TOGETHER-- YOUNGBLOODS-- rising up the charts in the Top Ten, a band that relocated from Boston to the west coast. This is Jesse Collin Young and the Youngbloods. (This song pretty well sums up the sixties for me.)
THE SOFT PARADE-- DOORS-- New album "The Soft Parade" at their progressive peak with the title track.

HONKY TONK WOMEN-- ROLLING STONES-- (Always reminds me of cruising down roads around Wayne County, North Carolina on a long trip to that state to visit family. Great use of a cow bell.)
YOU, I-- RUGBYS-- a Canadian band (I consider this one of the great garage rock songs ever.)

More to Come. --RoadDog

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spooks, a War, and Great Football-- Part 1

Had a pretty good weekend.

Friday, I saw two movies at the theater, "White Out" a really frigid who-done-it and "All About Steve," one of the funniest I've ever seen with some real characters that would take Northern Exposure to another level.


I went to the Fox Lake Historical Society and found out that a paranormal group had investigated out museum and found that there are spirits inhabiting it, a REAL "Night at the Museum."

Afterwards, I went to the Lake Villa Civil War Days at the Lehmann mansion. I helped man the Sons of Confederate Veterans tent. There was a battle re-enactment that was won by the Confederates. Those cannons really put off shock waves when they fire, not to mention the smoke.

Then, it was on to the German Fest at Steitz's on Lake Bluff. They've been there since the 1930s. Had some great Warsteiner beer and a brat. They had fireworks later, but I left way before that.

Came home and had a bonfire outside and later watched a great game between Georgia and Arkansas, won by the Bulldogs at Margaritaville, my downstairs bar.. I found out that Northern defeated Purdue earlier in the day. That is my alma mater (and I attended Georgia one year) and we have had only futile success against Big Ten teams with a 1-31-1 record before this!!!This year, we are 1-1 vs. the Big Ten.

Too Good of a Time. --RoadDog

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Them, Not Me

A couple of major Chicago sports meltdowns in the last week.

First there was that notable disaster by the Bears' savior, Jay Cutler in that game against the Pack. Must be color blind, and then there were all the almost interceptions.

This past week, the Sox had a two run lead in the ninth against the Mariners and closer Jenks gave up back-to-back home runs to tie the game and send it into extra innings. The Sox lost in the 14th.

Come on guys!! With all that money you're making, we should get better results. Jenks is earning around $6 million and I'm not sure what Cutler is getting, but probably that much.

Perhaps donate a chunk of that to a favorite charity or give some back.

Let's Be More Accountable. --RoadDog

Where Were You September 6, 1969? --Part 1

Sure blog-goofed and started this one on my Road Log yesterday. Two-finger typing is too slow to repeat it, but if you want to see it, go to

I wrote about what I was doing back then.

Anyway, the songs that were around forty years ago. As usual, Bob Stroud's comments first, then mine in parentheses.

EVERYBODY'S TALKIN'-- NILSSON-- brand new recording included in the soundtrack of "Midnight Cowboy" (On the flipside was "Rainmaker" one of my all-time favorites, right up there with Christie's "Yellow River>' This song was played to death at popular NIU hangout Rick's out by the Lincoln Highway. If I heard it once there, I heard it a hundred times, probably six or seven times a night. Later, Chicago's own Cryan' Shames covered it.)
POLK SALAD ANNIE-- TONY JOE WHITE-- ("Some of you all never been down south too much.")

BOTH SIDES NOW-- JONI MITCHELL-- from the second album by who was regarded as a folk singer back then from an album called "Clouds."
I CAN'T GET NEXT TO YOU-- TEMPTATIONS-- On their way to having one of the biggest recordings of their career. (Give me that good old Motown sound. I don't know what was better, the music or the choreography?)

TIME MACHINE-- GRAND FUNK RAILROAD-- There's this new band out of Michigan and their debut album "On Time" is just a few weeks old at this point in time. Their first single release.

More Memories to Come. --RoadDog

32 Down, 4 to Go

Visiting the Mutiny, Southern Star (we have been to it by land), and Steitz's on Thursday, put us at 32 bars on the chain that we have visited since July 16th.

OUR GOAL: visit every bar/restaurant on the Chain.

We believe there only to be four left: Kevan's at the end of the channel we keep our boat in, Grasslake Landing off Grasslake (can't go there when Frank is with us because he really hates them from continuously raising the rent every year when he had his trailer there).

Downriver in McHenry, there is Vickie's and the Fox Hole.

Hope to get to these places next week as the summer is fast coming to an end.


Had we been doing this ten years ago, there would be considerably more than 36 places. I'd estimate about 80 then and back in the 70s around 100.

The owner of Oak Park said that when he opened on Pistakee in 1975 there were 16 places, today four.

Out on the Chain and Feeling No Pain. --RoadDog

Boating on the Chain-- Part 2

Right by Steitz's is a new bar called Southern Star (country and western theme and music) which has been there for a long time, but under different names, most recently Harbor Lounge. Unfortunately, it didn't open until 5 and it was 4:30 and the person there wouldn't open. Looks to me that you would open a bit early if you have customers, but NO!!

They got to see our wake as we left.

Southern Star's loss was the Sand Bar's gain as we stopped there for cocktails out on the sand beach. Thursdays they have $1 large tacos and $2.50 Coronas. I can live with that.


Liz suggested we go by the Mutiny on Grasslake. We haven't been here for a long time and think the last time was to see the Thompson-Rydberg Band in 1984 when a friend and neighbor was playing for them. They also have the cheapest gas on the chain, $3.31 for regular. I usually fill our boat from a gas can, obviously.

It almost always appear to be closed when we're driving by it by car, but they have no windows on Grasslake Road and usually no cars in the parking lot. I guess the large summer trailer park there keeps them in business.

Very nice view of the water from inside and friendly bartender.

A Bad Day Out on the Boat is Still Better Than a Good One... --RoadDog

Friday, September 18, 2009

Boating on the Chain-- Part 1

Yesterday, we got the old boat out and did some bar-hopping on the Chain, going to three new bars that we had not yet visited by water this year. This brings us up to 32, with about three left that we know of: Kevan's, Vickie's, and Fox Hole.

Buddy Frank came up and joined us and we cruised in his convertible over to the local Dog 'N Suds in Ingleside for the 99 cent special Charcoburgers, and, of course, the root beer.

Cruised across Fox Lake, Nippersink, Grasslake, and Lake Mary to Bluff Lake, where we stopped at Steitz's and climbed those many, many stairs up to the building. Thought we were going to lose Liz at this point. She doesn't do stairs very well.


Magnificent view from the place which has been in business with the same family, third generation now, since 1938. They are preparing for their big German festival and fireworks show this Saturday with tents set up outside and oom-pah music already playing.

Someone had just brought in the most remarkable booze bottle we'd ever seen. It contained Greek brandy and had four female statues on the outside of the bottle. A real work of art.

Off the Road and Onto a Lake. --RoadDog

Arrived Home

WE got home Wednesday about 10 PM after a drive from Springfield, Illinois. We were expecting to get in by 7 PM, but we were on "Road Time" as Kathryn calls it. Just too much to stop and look at.

Stopped at Ernie Edwards' and talked with him for over an hour. He is called "The Old Coot on Route 66" a name he got from Mike Royko and is a true character of the road. He can tell stories for hours about his experiences with folks, including Al Capone and Col. Sanders.

Then had a great lunch at the Bonanza in Lincoln after cruising the square. We like that telephone booth on top of city hall and, of course, that magnificent dome on the court house.

The Bonanza is one of the old chain of steakhouses, where I got my first real job out of college. About $10 will get you a steak, the buffet, and then those melt-in-your hands fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies where you can burn your mouth or hands just like with that first taste of a pizza. Then, there are those fresh-baked rolls. However, they don't throw them at you like at Lambert's Cafe.

More to Come. --RoadDog

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some More Springfield

We certainly enjoyed the pool area here at the Route 66 Hotel, but didn't go in as it was way too cold. At least they didn't drain it over Labor Day as many motels do.

Watched the Bears fiasco Sunday night at the Curve Inn, across the street from the hotel (behind McDonald's). At least this is a Bears bar as some here in town are Rams bars.

Monday night, we had dinner at Bennigan's by the Hilton Hotel downtown. We split that great Monte Cristo of theirs. I know of NO better Monte Cristo, anywhere. One of these is enough to feed two. It's good to get a chance to eat at a Bennigan's again after the company meltdown.

And, this one just recently got NTN. At one time, most Bennigan's had it, but many had dropped it before they closed. Probably the reason why they closed.


We went to Capital City Bar and Grill twice. Once Monday after leaving Bennigan's and played NTN where Liz had a #4 national individual game (I ended up #14). Yesterday, we met JJ there. We've been playing NTN many years with him when we're down for a visit.

Great Town, This Springfield. --RoadDog

Homeward Bound

We've been enjoying Springfield, Illinois since Sunday night, but it's time to get home to take care of the yard and house and get some boating in before the winter winds arrive. We've been on the road since last Monday.

We did the complete Route 66 thing here, going to the Cozy Dog twice and Bill Shea's once. He is always the character and has run the gas station business for the last fifty years. A real 66er.

We had those great Cozy Dogs Monday for lunch and last night for dinner. Met up with the Australian couple from the Missouri Route 66 Motor Tour and the artist of Route 66 and inspiration for Fillmore in the movie "Cars," Bob Waldemire. Always a pleasure to get to talk with him.

We also drove one of the Route 66 alignments through town. Sad to see that the round orange bar, George Ranks, is still closed. Ninth Street is torn up north of town. We also drove on the Route 66 bypass which is Dirksen and Stevenson parkways.

We'll be taking Route 66 home, of course.

Nothing Like a Drive on the Mother Road. --RoadDog

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not the Same

Listened to the Surf this morning and it just wasn't quite the same without the Old BSer, Billy Smith, who died last Monday.

The station has a new morning guy calling himself the Bear. I think he will be a good replacement and sure wish him luck.

One of these years, I'll gave to get down to North Myrtle Beach for the SOS Fall Migration which is going on right now. SOS standing for Society of Shaggers which is the dance associated with Beach Music.

Things Change. --RoadDog

Back in Illinois

The Missouri Motor Tour is over now and we're in Springfield, Illinois. We were able to visit quite a few new and some overlooked Route 55 places since last Thursday.

Among them:

An automotive place in Pacific, Missouri, when the car broke down.

Fanning Outpost, home of the world's largest rocking chair, west of Cuba.

Lambert's Cafe "Home of the Throwed Rolls" in Ozark, Mo. (south of Springfield).

Gay Parita restored gas station west Springfield.

Red Oak recreated village east of Carthage.

4 Women on the Road restored gas station and home of Tow Mater from "Cars" in Galena, KS.

Jukebox Saturday Night nightclub in Joplin, Mo.

Spencer Station

Arlington, Missouri

Cooking from Scratch- Doolittle, Mo.

Witmor Farms

And Others, I Can't Remember Right Now. --RoadDog

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dadburn Toledo

Normally, when a little guy school like Toledo plays a big guy school like Colorado, I pull for the little guy. I went to a little guy school, Northern Illinois, and I just love to see an Appalachian State vs. Michigan type game.

However, Toledo is the only one where this doesn't hold true. And that's because of their history of beating and destroying NIU in football.

Last night, while at Jukebox Saturday Night here in Joplin, Missouri (we're on a Route 66 Motor Tour, while listening to the band, we saw the Colorado-Toledo game and the Rockets must have really dominated the earlier part of it as Colorado scored twice in short time in the 3rd quarter and were still down 34-24.

That was the score when we left so I'm not sure how it turned out.

Go You Buffaloes, But Only Against Toledo!! --RoadDog

No More "BS-er"

I was VERY sad to see on Fessa John Hook's Endless Summer web site this morning that the Old BS-er, Billy Smith, had died.

I regularly listened to his morning show on 94.9 FM, the Surf, in North Myrtle Beach, SC, ever since we got the internet. I first heard him on WNMB back in the 80s when we would sit at the pool, soaking up the sun, occasionally jumping in, and having a few suds at the Sea Nymph Motel, back when it was a place you didn't mind staying. I even saw him a few times.

Just an outstanding talent, a guy who could make you laugh, and whose knowledge of Beach Music and oldies was limitless. I always felt he was a kindred spirit to my own, only of a higher order.

I noticed that the last several weeks that Ted Bell had his morning show, but figured he was on a vacation.

Like his sign-off song, "But, I'll Be Back." In my memories, anyway. By the way, BS-er stood for his initials, but he also had a knack for the other stuff as well.

Billy Smith, He'll Be Greatly Missed. --RoadDog

Friday, September 11, 2009


Sadly, another day that will live in infamy. Was it already eight years ago?

Looking at the sunshine and clouds today in Springfield, Missouri as we continue the Route 66 trip, I can't but help remember that brilliant blue sky in NYC and the billowing smoke.

Definitely Not Forgotten.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Good Labor Day Weekend

Friday-- Friend Gayle joined us for a Boat Float, Baja Benny's on Fox Lake, and I had the fish fry at the American Legion and the girls went over to Blueberry Hill for cocktails.

SATURDAY-- Boating to McDonald's. Boat Float in Mineola Bay.

SUNDAY-- Overcast weather. No boating. Bob Stroud played his Rock and Roll Roots Time Warp from June 6, 1969, forty years ago today. Drove over to Baja Benny's and sat out on the deck talking with friends and watching the band Mystify play classic rock out by the lake.

Came home and had a bonfire on the Strand.

MONDAY-- Boated over to McDonald's and did a Boat Float in Mineola Bay. I can't remember ever seeing as many boats out and about. This was our 30th time out on the boay. I had said earlier in the year that if we didn't get at least 30 times in out on the boat, that I'd sell it. Looks like another season of boating next year.

AND FRANK Doesn't Yet Have His Boat In the Water. --RoadDog

Sunday, September 6, 2009

JSS: Fire on the Strand-- No Sun For Us, But...-- As Good As I Thought

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. FIRE ON THE STRAND-- When we got home this evening, I had a bonfire out on the Grand Strand. Listening to the blues, watching the colors in the sky, the flames, and drinking beer. Not bad.

2. NO SUN FOR US, BUT...--The day dawned overcast and stayed that way the whole time. No rain though. Worked in the yard and then Liz and I drove over to Baja Benny's on Fox Lake. Sat out on the deck, drank beer, talked with friends, and saw the band called Mystify. If you like classic rock, this is the band for you. All the while looking at the lake and boats go by. Hard to beat fun on the Chain.

No boating for us, though.

3. AS GOOD AS I THOUGHT-- I bought the new John Fogerty album "Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again. Every bit as good as I thought it would be, especially if you like country music. Hopefully John will have follow ups to this one.

Viva Los Creedence!!! --RoadDog

Saturday, September 5, 2009

JSS-- Blow Out-- 29th Time Boating-- Enjoying the Arboretum-- Yardwork

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. BLOW OUT-- Watching the NIU-Wisconsin game on the Big Ten Network. Right now, it has become a blowout. We need to figure out a way to beat the Big Ten teams or stop playing them. Going into this game, our record vs. the Bog Ten is a sterling 1-31-1. Third quarter and we're down 28-6 and it has become apparent that our defense can't stop their offense.

We were thinking of going to the game. Glad we didn't go. That would have been a waste of $39 a ticket.

2. 29th TIME BOATING-- We took the boat out today, even though it is Labor Day weekend. That makes 29 times for the season, just one shy of the needed 30 minimum. Hopefully we'll get to 40 or more. Cruised over to McDonald's for lunch and did a Boat Float in Mineola Bay.

3. ENJOYING THE ARBORETUM-- When we came home, we went out into the arboretum and enjoyed the area we call Heineman's, named after the winery out on Put-In-Bay, Ohio, we influenced the design. We finished off a bottle of our favorite wine from them, Pink Catawba. Great to sit out there with all the flowers, landscaping and trees.

4. YARDWORK-- Afterwards, I worked on the hostas and weeded and trimmed extensively on the west end of the arboretum.

Top Songs This Date in History

New month, new chart of the #1 songs this date going back to 1919. You must rememebr the number one song September 5, 1919?

Big thanks to Josh Hosler at They use the Billboard charts.

2009 Gotta Feeling-- Black Eyed Peas
1999 Ballamos-- Enrique Iglesias
1989 Hangin' Tough-- New Kids on the Block
1979 My Sharona-- Knaack

1969 Honky Tonk Women-- Rolling Stones
1968 People Got to Be Free-- Rascals
1967 Ode to Billy Joe-- Bobbie Gentry
1966 You Can't Hurry Love-- Supremes
1965 Help!-- Beatles
1964 The House of the Rising Son-- Animals
1963 My Boyfriend's Back-- Angels-- And, you'd better do what?
1962 Sheila-- Tommy Roe-- I though this one was much later, I'll have to look it up.
1961 Michael-- Highwaymen-- Row your what?
1960 It's Now or Never-- Elvis Presley

1959 The Three Bells-- Browns-- Still gets me.
1949 You're Breaking My heart-- Vic Damone
1939 Over the Rainbow-- My thought is that this is from the "Wizard of Oz."
1929 Little Pal-- Al Jolson-- Mammy!!
1919 I'll Say She Does-- Al Jolson-- Does what?

Somewhere Over the Rainbow. --RoadDog

Friday, September 4, 2009

Woodstock: Forty Years On-- Part 5

Concluding Bob Stroud's Time Warp back to the mother of all music festivals, Woodstock.

WOODSTOCK-- MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT-- An English band had a hit in the spring of 1971.
LAY DOWN (CANDLES IN THE RAIN)-- MELANIE-- She went by her first name professionally, her last name was Safka. From the summer of 1970, Melanie played Woodstock, and during her set it started raining so hard that she struggled through. And when the rain cleared, she noticed that a large portion of the audience had lit candles to alert everyone that everything was alright and bright. The scene so moved her that it was the inspiration for this song that was a huge hit for her one year later. I don't know who the bass player was, but he really lays it down. (This song always reminds me of the riots at Northern Illinois University after Kent State. The campus radio station was playing it.)

STAND-- SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE-- It's 3:30 in the morning. For my money, one of the best bands to take the stage.

THE WEIGHT-- BAND-- The group didn't have very far to travel. They lived in upstate New York and hung out in Woodstock for the most part and recorded their first album in Woodstock.
I'M GOING HOME-- TEN YEARS AFTER-- Bringing out the heavy artillery.

IZABELLA-- JIMI HENDRIX-- For the seriously depleted throng that stuck around to the bitter end, Jimi Hendrix made it worth their while.

WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS-- JOE COCKER-- If there is one song that took place in that three-day weekend that pretty much sums up the full experience, it seems to me that this would be it, because without a whole lot of people getting together and acting like friends to pull it off. (At least I think Joe sang this song. Who knows what he was singing?)

Three Days of Great Music. --RoadDog

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Woodstock: Forty years On-- Part 4

Last month I was writing about Bob Stroud's August 16th Rock and Roll Roots Salute to Woodstock, which had taken place 40 years earlier, the same weekend.

I will conclude the songs he played with his and my comments.

SOMEBODY TO LOVE-- JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-- A song that took the crowd back to the Summer of Love, the summer of 1967
VOLUNTEERS-- JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-- Nobody knew this song because the album hadn't been released yet. The "Volunteers" album wouldn't be out until November of 1969, but they were trying it out in front of a half a million people.

TOBACCO ROAD-- JOHNNY AND EDGAR WINTER-- There was a heat that was canned and a winter that was anything but frozen. In fact, there were two Winters, Johnny and Edgar, getting up in front of a half a million people and showing them how it was done. Johnny Winter bringing out little brother Edgar to steal the show.
WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT-- WHO-- How Daltry could hear above the din of Townsend, Entwhistle, and Moon is beyond me.

MARAKESH EXPRESS-- CROSBY, STILLS & NASH-- These next three guys were veterans of rock and roll, but this was only their second gig together and they were scared you-know-whatless. Their first gig together was right here in Chicago and second gig at Woodstock.
GUINNEVERE-- CROSBY, STILLS & NASH-- For only their second time playing toge, they do a masterful job. Basically, the voices of David Crosby and Graham Nash. That's not an easy song to do.

One Last Entry to Come. --RoadDog

JSS: The Taxman Cometh-- Blue Ridge Runners-- How Much Longer?

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. THE TAXMAN COMETH-- Liz told me that we had a call from McHenry County saying that the second half of our property taxes is due Friday. That's a fast $4,130 I don't need. The total was up $500 from last year, and, the house lost at least $100,000 in value. They always say that the taxes keep going up because the value of the house goes up.

You'd have to figure that if the value goes down, so will the taxes. Not So!!

2. BLUE RIDGE RANGERS-- As I cry while paying those taxes, at least I am able to look forward to the release of John Fogerty's "Blue Ridge Runners" album which came out yesterday. I'm going to buy it today. Looking forward to cranking it up on the 'ol stereo at home.

3. HOW MUCH LONGER?-- How much longer will we be able to anticipate a record's release and go to a store to buy it? What with all this here "downloading" stuff. Even now, I see the numbers of CDs in stores declining rapidly. Not much longer, I'm thinking.

Sad to See the Experience Going the Way of the LPs. Stereo, What's a Stereo? --RoadDog

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Twenty Years Ago Today

One thing nice about keeping a journal is that those days are not forgotten. A quick flip of pages, and there you are, back at that date. Otherwise, in my case with my advanced CRS, I couldn't remember anything.

Twenty years ago was a Friday. I had an extra duty teaching, manning the BAC Room, something about Behavior Adjustment C____, but can't remember what the C stood for. This was sort of an in-school suspension room. No one was in it, even better.

Played volleyball after school and cut the grass, which I also did today (some things don't change much).


I went to Shades and saw Delbert McClinton put on a great show from 11 PM to 1:15. Sure can't stay up that late anymore, but I was 38 at the time. Betsy and the Boneshakers opened for him and put on a good show as well.

Delbert is still performing with his great mix of rock, blues, and Beach Music.

Journals Are a Lot of Work, But I Would Have Forgotten This. --RoadDog

JSS: Back Home Again-- Boating Again-- Dadburn Beetles Still Here-- The Tiki Lamp Was Lit

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. BACK HOME AGAIN-- We got back home last night about 7:45 after 1300 miles and lots of Iowa scenery (and corn, corn, corn). Love the road, but love home, too.

2. BOATING AGAIN-- This afternoon, we went boating for the 25th time, and first time since last Monday, but we had an excuse. Boat Floated in Mineola Bay and cruised over to The Aquarium for the 75 cent 12 oz. drafts. Sorry to find out Dimitry was no longer there. Great cheese curds and BLT.

3. DADBURN BEETLES STILL HERE-- They've definitely overstayed their welcome, but a lot of them paid the supreme sacrifice for their ill behavior today. Lousy Japanese beetles.

4. THE TIKI LAMP WAS LIT-- Came home and sat out on the front porch while enjoying shots of Crown Royal and bottles of beer while watching the tiki torches flicker and listening to Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 sing about the Keys and that sort of life. Not a bad way to spend part of an evening.

Good to be Home. --RoadDog

This Date in Music History-- Number Ones

According to Billboard, these songs were #1 on September 1st. Thanks Josh Hosler

1983 SWEET DREAMS== EURYTHMICS-- Sure dug that haircut in Annie.

1979 MY SHARONA-- KNAACK-- The perfect rock song.

1973 BROTHER LOUIE-- STORIES-- Always reminds me of driving the courtesy van out to O'Hare to pick up people for the Sheraton Inn Walden in Schaumburg.
1970 WAR-- EDWIN STARR-- Kind of fit the times. "War, what are you good for?"

1969 HONKY TONK WOMEN-- ROLLING STONES--One of my favorite Stones songs.
1959 THREE BELLS-- BROWNS-- This song still gets me.

Any Memories? --RoadDog