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Friday, September 30, 2011

Maxine Knows Stupid

My wife sent me a Maxine funny from 9-29-11 Crabby Road.

After seeing it, I had to agree.

Says Maxine:

"I don't think going shirtless or painting your face at a football game makes you look stupid...I think paying $8 for a beer and $30 for parking makes you look stupid."

Right On, Maxine. --RoadDog

Happy 50th to the USS North Carolina (BB-55)

It was 50 years ago, October 2, 1961, that the USS North Carolina reached its final berth across the Cape Fear River from Wilmington, NC.

It rightfully claims the name "Showboat.' That is one really smart-looking ship. It was launched just before World War II and served proudly in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. headed for the scrap heap after the war, it was aved by private donations and the school children of the state who donated their pennies, nickels and dimes.

I have been writing about the ship a lot in my history blog, Cooter's History Thing.

I am a big fan of all the battleships, but especially this one. I built at least two models of it and one was displayed in my classroom for the 33 years I taught.

When we moved to Jacksonville, Florida, the Naval base at Mayport was nearby and our nexr door neighbor served on the aircraft carrier USS Shangri-La. He was able to give us the opportunity to tour the carrier. I liked it, but it was "no battleship."

My brother Bob and I then commenced an on-going argument which lasted for years as to which was better and would win: a battleship or aircraft carrier. If I remember correctly, once it came to blows. Hey, if a battleship caught an aircraft carrier without its planes, it would surely make short work of it. But, with those planes, I kind of doubt it.

I remember our parents, however, gave Bob a print of the NC coming home and I still have a big glass ashtray with the ship on the bottom. Bob's print is now at Mom's place at Topsail Beach.

I Had Almost Forgotten About Our "Argument." --RaodDog

Beach, Boogie & Blues

Listening to WNCT 1070 AM over the internet right now. They call their music Beach, Boogie & Blues and they play a great variety of music, especially that Beach Music stuff that I like so well. Plus, every so often they throw in an oldie.

Songs played by Allen Vick in last 30 minutes:

I'VE BEEN HURT-- Bill Deal & Ammon Tharp
WHAT DOES IT TAKE-- Jr. Walker & the All Stars


LOVE BUYS LOVE-- Solomon Burke
THIRD RATE ROMANCE-- Amazing Rhythm Aces

C'EST CI BON-- Lloyd Price
LOVE CHILD-- Supremes
WEEKEND-- Wet Willie (Great song to kick your weekend off.)

Everybody there is getting ready for the big East Carolina--North Carolina game tomorrow. Greenville being the home of the ECU Pirates, I wonder who they're pulling for.

Give Me That Good Old Beach Music. --RoadDog

PARAPROSDOKIAN SENTENCE: Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

JSS: Nasty Weather-- Baseball's Over-- "Moneyball"-- Good Times

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. NASTY WEATHER-- there's been no yardwork and little boating the last week, because of a particularly nasty piece if weather that seems stuck right over us. It's either raining or threatening to rain, plus cool, very cool.

Now, we have high winds coming in and a drop in temperature.

2. BASEBALL'S OVER-- Well, for the Sox and Cubs. There weren't any real races for first place in any division, but the wildcard races were exciting. I will be watching some of the playoffs as I like some of the teams that made it (I won't say who for fear of a whammy).

Maybe Mr. A. Dunn will earn his millions next year. He sure was worthless this year.

It appears Ozzie's going to the Marlins was purely for da money. He just couldn't live on a "paltry" $2 million. Good riddance.

3. "MONEYBALL"-- And speaking of baseball and "Moneybags Guillen," I saw an excellent baseball movie yesterday, "Moneyball." Proving that the Adam Dunn and Ozzie Guillen bucks don't always buy success. As with the 2002 Oakland As. And the General Manager turned down $12.5 million to go to the Red Sox.

A great movie.

4. GOOD TIMES-- With all this bad weather, I've seen three movies: Killer Elite, Straw Dogs and Moneyball since Monday. Monday we went to Donovan's Reef for $1.50 pints, NTN and $3.50 cheeseburgers and fries, Tuesday to Fire Wood for $1 pints and 50 cent tacos and then to After the Fox where we were entertained by Jim Seig. Yesterday, it was to Tommy's for buck bottles and a large, one-topping pizza for $10.

Where's My Fall? --RoadDog

PARAPROSDOKIAN SENTENCE: Going to your house of worship doesn't make you a religious person, any more than standing in your garage makes you a car.

When Disco Saved Beach Music-- Part 3

If you ever want to know ANYTHING about Beach Music, the "Fessa, John Hook, is the guy you need to check out. Not only for his BM Countdown and Blues Shows, but his books and magazines.

Here are the songs he played in his second hour. Again, I've head some of them, but not the others. An asterisk behind the performer means I haven't heard it before.

SUGAR PIE-- Guy Joneses*
BOOGIE SHOES-- K.C. & the Sunshine Band

HE'S SO SHY-- Pointer Sisters
SHOUT AND SCREAM-- Teddy Pendergrass

THIS TIME IT'S REAL-- Tower of Power*

RED LIGHT-- Linda Clifford*


Good Stuff If You Can Find It. --RoadDog

PARAPROSDOKIAN SENTENCES-- A figure of speech that uses an unexpected ending to a series or phrase.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Movie Scratches: Apes-- Cowboys-- Conan-- Dark

A Dog's Eye View of Current Movies I've Seen.

45. RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES-- 8-12-- FOX LAKE-- $5.50-- Where "keep your hands off me you damn ape!" all began. Hail Caesar!

46. COWBOYS AND ALIENS-- 8-29-- Fox Lake-- $5.50-- It's cowboys, townspeople, Indians and outlaws putting aside their differences to fight nasty space guys.

47. CONAN THE BARBARIAN-- 8-31-- Fox Lake-- $4-- Conan gets the girl, avenges his father and saves the Earth. Not a bad job. And, Freddie Krueger had a creepy daughter.

48. DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK-- 9-2-- McHenry-- $4-- Those tooth fairies aren't as nice as I thought. Don't think I'll be putting teeth under my pillow any time soon.

I Like Kettle Corn Salt the Best. --RoadDog

PARAPROSDOKIAN SENTENCES will be up next. Bet you're wonderin' just what they are. So did I.

When Disco Saved Beach Music-- Part 2

According to the 'Fessa, Beach Music was about dead until Disco infused new life into it. An asterisk after the performer means I haven't heard it before.

ROCK YOUR BABY-- George McCrae

HONEST I DO LOVE YOU-- Candi Staton (was married to Clarence Carter)
LOWDOWN-- Boz Scaggs

YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME-- Phyllis Hyman*
WHEN LOVE IS NEW-- Arthur Prysock*

DOCTOR'S ORDERS-- Carol Douglas*

Check It Out at Cashbox Magazine. --RoadDog

We can't all be heroes because somebody's got to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Don't Think We're in Oz Anymore

Sorry to hear about the Wizard of Oz, Ozzie Guillen, leaving the Sox. He was a character, even if he did have that potty mouth of his.

It was he who led the Sox to their first World Series win in the past eons. And, if for no other reason, we have to pay our respect to him for that.

Of course, how can any team be expected to win carrying the likes of Rios, Dunn and Peavey on the roster? And, then paying them lots and lots of money. Perhaps it's time for the general manager to go as well.

I'll never forget when Ozzie came to the Sox as a much-heralded shortstop from the Padres back in '85. I had a fit because the Sox traded 1983 Cy Young winning pitcher LaMarr Hoyt to get him. At the time, I didn't know Hoyt had some serious drug problems.

Anyway, the trade proved a good one as Guillen became our shortstop for a long time, and then, of course, manager.

Good Luck to Him in Florida Next Year. Maybe We'll get That St. Louis Guy Back and I'm Not Talking Pujols. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Why do "retired" folk forget how to use alarm clocks?

When Disco Saved Beach Music-- Part 1

They say, "Video Killed the Radio Star," well, the Buggles anyway. But according to Beach Music maestro John Hook, "Disco Saved Beach Music."

From 'Fessa John Hook's Beach Music Top 40 Countdowns on the Cashbox Magazine website http://www.cashboxmagazine.com/countdowns/beachmusicweekly.html.

I'm listening to his forty songs right now. Good stuff, including some disco songs I've never heard of before.

Say the word "Disco" and you get lots of groans. We even had Disco Demolition here in Chicago which led to a mini-riot at old Comiskey Park and a Sox forfeiture of a game vs. the Tigers.

I think most people just didn't like the "culture" Disco folks tried to build around the music.

However, most people liked and still like the music. Like they said on American Bandstand, "It's got a good beat and is easy to dance to." I give it a ten.

Back when I was deejaying, if I was having a hard time getting people out on the floor, out came a Disco song and nine times out of ten, it worked.

"I Love the Nightlife" by Alicia Bridges playing right now.

I'll Be Listing All Fifty Songs He Played, But Even Better, You Give It a Listen. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: I "hate" to admit it, but since I've been retired, I sort of forgot how to set an alarm.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Times-- Bad Football

This past weekend was both good and bad.


Friday-- The movie "Drive" and control of jukebox at Gasoline Alley overlooking Grasslake. "OUR MUSIC!!" And, of course, those $1 bottles of beer.

Saturday-- Pumpkin Spice coffee from the Mobil station (20 oz. for $1.29) and $1 McMuffins. Grant High School Homecoming parade (two marching bands). Boating. Round Lake sophomores win their football game. Round Lake varsity scores a TD on opening kick off against Grant.

Captain's Quarters "End of the Season" party on Fox Lake. Free shrimp, fried chicken and shrimp and the band "Sucker Punch." $2.50 Coronas.

Sunday-- Lots of TVs, free brats and cheeseburgers and $5 pitchers at the Squaw Bar on Squaw Creek in Ingleside for Bears game. The Usual Suspects and other Bear fans.


Saturday-- Despite scoring a touchdown on the opening kick off, the final score was 48-13, Grant wins. Round Lake drops to 0-6. Have won just one game in the last three years.

Pretty miserable weather.

Can it already be the "End of the Season" for boating? Where did it go?

Sunday-- Da Bears be REAL Bad. Losing to...Green Bay. Packer fans enjoying themselves.

Ya Gotta Take the Bad with the Good. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: I can hit that alarm clock snooze button dead on, everytime, despite being still asleep.

A Trip Back to Our Past-- Part 2

Continued from Friday.

The second set of the Band "1969." hey, that's when we graduated high school!!

Guess who originally sang the song. Answers below.





A Great Time. You Don't Often Hear many of These Songs Played by Local Bands. RoadDog

Dusty Springfield
Carole King
Sly & Family Stone

Shocking Pink
Ides of March
Steve Miller Band

Jackson 5

Edwin Starr
Aretha Franklin
Sly & Family Stone

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Homecoming Sort of Day

I had been planning on driving out to Rockford, Illinois, today for World War II Days at Midway Village, but this weather is just too threatening. Not much fun being outside in the rain and with a high of 58 degrees predicted, especially after driving the distance to get there.

Instead, I will be going to the Grant High School (Fox Lake, Il.) Homecoming festivities, starting with a parade at 9, sophomore game at 10:30, and varsity at 1.

Of course, it's outside, but much closer should the rains come.

Normally I would be pulling for the Bulldogs, who have the same school mascot as the University of Georgia. However, they are playing Round Lake, where we lived for 17 years and taught for 33.

Round Lake is not noted for strong football programs any more, one reason they play so many homecomings.

Afterwards, Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake is having their End-of-the-Season (boating) party with band and food so will probably go to that.

OK, Let's Go Panthers!! --RoadDog

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Trip Back to Our Past

This past Saturday, we caught two of the three sets played by a Chicago area band called "1969" at Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake. As you can guess, they played music mostly from 1967 to 1970. They have seven members, one being a female singer, so they can cover it all. They even dress for the occasion. And, there were lots of peace signs and tie dies.

The show starts out with a radio broadcast. One guy plays a horn and another the mandolin in addition to the usual instruments.

I'll write down the names of the songs. You guess who sand them (answers at the bottom).



MAGGIE MAE (with mandolin)


If this "don't" get you back, nothing will. Second set coming up.

One Pill makes You Larger.... --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Go ahead, try to find that elusive remote.


Deep Purple
Bob Seger

Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Airplane
Rod Stewart

Janis Joplin
Bob Dylan
Joe Cocker
Joe Cocker

Mizzou-Rah Trip 2011-- Part 7: Back in Illinois


Met Lulu and Barb at Charlie Parker's for breakfast. Barb had never been there before and was amazed at the amount of food. They left.

We went shopping. Bought three CDs at Best Buy.

Went looking for Route 66, where it entered and exited Lake Springfield south of town. Found the north side, but not south. Did enjoy Cotton Hill Park, though. Beautiful drive on south side.

NTN at Capital City and met JJ and even his wife. Norb Andy's and Scooters closed.

Cozy Dog fix. Drinking at the Curve Inn and Southside Pub (at the TraveLodge).

A Good Time on 66. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Ever try to find your car keys in your pocket (for you guys)? Everything else in that pocket will be on top of it. How does something that big always world its way down to the bottom?

Movie Scratches: Transformers-- Harry-- Zookeeper-- Captain

Movie Scratches-- A quick dog look at movies I have seen this summer.

41. TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON-- 7-18-- FOX LAKE-- $5.50-- Dirty and mean old Decepticons (ugly, too) mess up Chi-Town. More action than you can watch.

42. HARRY POTTER: DEADLY HALLOWS PT. 2-- 7-20-- FOX LAKE-- $4-- Always knew Fess' Snape wasn't bad. Never thought it would be Ron and Hermoine. A wrap on the series and a lot of explanation.

43. ZOOKEEPER-- 7-27-- FOX LAKE-- $4-- "When you talk to the animals, they .... Kevin James is a Funny fellow.

44. CAPTAIN AMERICA: FIRST AVENGER-- 7-29-- FOX LAKE-- $5.50-- Hail Hydra. Loved the stage show.

No Matter How I Try, I Still Drop Popcorn. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Speaking of watches, how come so few people wear them any more?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music from 1970

Today, Bob Stroud played ten songs from 1970 on his Ten at Ten show on WDRV, Chicago's Drive Radio, 97.1 FM.

It's always a trip back with news of the year as well as movies, commercials and information about the songs.

DOMINO-- Van Morrison
COUNTRY ROADS-- James Taylor

BORN TO WANDER-- Rare Earth-- Blue-eyed Motown Soul.
COME AND GET IT-- Badfinger-- At first, I thought it might REALLY be the Beatles, but it was a Paul project.

LOLA-- Kinks-- Drinking that cherry cola with Lola, who turns out to be....

GO BACK-- Crabby Appleton-- Great song by a group with quite the name.
OHIO-- CSNY-- Those were some days after Kent State.

INSTANT KARMA-- John Lennon-- OK, no more Beatles. But this would have been a great Beatles song.
BALL OF CONFUSION-- Temptations-- Like Stroud said, some songs are as true today as they were 41 years ago.

Love That Bob. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Want some fun. Have a kid try to tell you the time using a non-digital clock or watch.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

JSS: Busy Saturday-- Boating Today?-- Two and a Half Men

JSS-- Just Some Stuff.

1. BUSY SATURDAY-- Attended the Fox Lake Historical meeting. Then the Lake Villa Civil War Days. Then the Fox Lake Rally By the Lake with band and food. Then saw the band 1969 at Captain's Quarters.

I sure THEN'ed it that day.

2. BOATING TODAY?-- Sure hoope so. First decent day since we've been back and before we left for the Route 66 trip. Last time out was the end of August. Then it got too hot. Then too rainy. Then too busy (Labor Day Weekend). Since back, too cold and the last two days too rainy. Maybe there is something to this global warming bit.

3. TWO AND A HALF MEN-- Watched it last night. Hasn't missed a step. A funeral Charlie would have loved. Could the new guy's intro have been any funnier?

A Boating I Go. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTHS: OK, there was a second page, but it was short. Sometimes I'll look down at my watch 3 consecutive times and still not know what time it is.

School Daze-- Part 2

School's back in session and I'm not!!

Songs played on Sunday's Rock and Roll Roots show, "Rock and Roll High School."

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN-- CSNY-- Home School or Regular?

HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL-- JERRY LEE LEWIS-- Eying those young school gils with bad intent?


SMOKIN' IN THE BOYS ROOM-- BROWNSVILLE STATION-- There was a time that was about the worst a teacher would find in there.

NEW GIRL IN SCHOOL-- JAN AND DEAN-- Great little Doo-Wop number.

NO PARTICULAR PLACE TO GO-- CHUCK BERRY-- My favorite school song.

ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL (PART 2)-- PINK FLOYD-- Has anyone ever heard Part 1?

SUMMER'S ALMOST DONE-- DOORS-- Used to be when school started. Now starts half way through summer.
ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL-- RAMONES-- How else would you end the show?

Perhaps the Faber College Song? --RoadDog

THE LAST UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Continuing with yesterday's thought, But no matter what I am, I always hate cyclists.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mizzour-Rah Trip 2011-- Part 6: Looking for an Open Bar


We love those tacos at Jack-in-the-Box. This one in Sullivan is the farthest west for them in Missouri, at least along Route 66. And 2-for-$1 is a hard deal to beat, even if you have to wait for them to be fried. I only had one taco as I also tried their Big Double Chicken combo: big double patty chicken burger, fries and drink for $3.99.

We agreed to meet up with Lulu and Barb in Litchfield, and parted after leaving Jack-in-the-Box.

Took I-44 into St. Louis, stopped for gas when I saw it at $3.20. Had all sorts of "fun" doing this. They have a different type of pump.

Got off I-55 by Mt. Olive and took 66 into Litchfield, but didn't find any open bars so back onto I-55 to Springfield. Checked into the TraveLodge and then went over to the Curve Inn.

Lulu and Barb dropped off something at Rich Henry's place in Staunton, Illinois, and stopped to eat at the Ariston in Litchfield. They joined us later at the Curve.

Back in Illinois. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: As a driver, I hate pedestrians, and, as a pedestrian, I hate drivers.

School Daze-- Part 1

School is back in session (and for many in session for about a month now), but not for me as I start my sixth year of retirement.

Bob Stroud had his annual Rock and Roll High School Show, which included one of Liz and my favorite school songs and one of two we played at our retirement party (the other was "School's Out" by Alice Cooper, as in "Forever!" That is the name of our boat. My quotes.

The songs:

WLCOME BACK-- JOHN SEBASTION-- From one of my favorite 70s shows. Whatever happened to Gabe Kaplan or his hot wife? Shut up Horshack!!
SCHOOL IS IN-- GARY "US" BONDS-- What is has to be before it can be out.


TO SIR WITH LOVE-- LULU-- What an actor that Sidney Poitier was.
ME AND JULIO DOWN BY THE OLD SCHOOL YARD-- PAUL SIMON-- Now, they'd be selling bad stuff.

STUDENT DEMONSTRATION TIME-- BEACH BOYS-- Where does Bob dig up these rare Beach Boys tracks.
TEACHER-- JETHRO TULL-- Probably my favorite song by Ian and company.

GETTIN' BETTER-- BEATLES-- The old school day got progressively better as 3:00 approached.
GIRL'S SCHOOL-- PAIL McCARTNEY & WINGS-- Wonder why he sang about this?

And, I Was in School for 49 Years. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: There's no worse feeling than that millisecond you're sure you're going to die after leaning your chair back a little too far. Didn't the teacher tell you to quit leaning back in that chair? Or, was it Mom?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

JSS: Cold-- History Thing-- 1975

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. COLD-- Before we left on vacation, it was too hot to go boating. Now it is too cold to go boating. Temps the last two three days have been in the low 60s and even down to the 30s at night.

I like my fall. Don't let it slip by.

2. HISTORY THING-- In about an hour, I go to the Fox Lake/Grant Township Historical Society meeting which is about local schools. After that, it is on to Lake Villa for Civil War Days where I will man the Sons of Confederate Veterans tent.

It is great to get together with folks who have similar interests.

3. 1975-- Wendy Rice is doing her Saturday Morning Flashback show on WXRT Chicago, 93.1 FM on 1975. I'll be listening to it as much as possible as her shows really take me back. Not only do you get the music but lots of other stuff that take you back.

Where Were You in 1975? --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: The last ten years I taught, even the new teachers looked younger and younger. I even stopped some in the halls and asked for their hall passes between periods. That old codger.

"The Help"

I saw this movie on Thursday. It was every bit as good as I'd heard. If it doesn't win the Academy Award for Best Movie I'd be very surprised.

No special effects, no 3D, no aiming for the kids. Just a great movie.

And, mind you, I am a Southerner and grew up in the South from 1951 to 1960. There were maids in many homes, and we even had one while Mom was going back to college and Dad was away at his job in another state.

This movie puts Southerners in a poor light.

But, that was just the way it was. No one thought much about it. Thankfully it is no longer like that.

I know many blacks do not like the Confederacy because of its fighting to keep slavery, but the system put in place to keep blacks down after the war and into the 1960s seems to me to be even worse.

If you haven't seen it, do so. You'll laugh at parts and might even shed a tear at others.

Sure gives a whole new meaning to pie.

It's S-o-o-o Good. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Is it me, but are college students getting younger and younger? Probably because I'm getting older and older.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Where Were You September 4, 1971?-- Part 4

Going into the last hour of Bob Stroud's trip back 40 years to the end of Summer 1971.

LIAR-- THREE DOG NIGHT-- One of my two Marine Corps songs.

'TIL I DIE-- BEACH BOYS-- I don't remember this one.
SO FAR AWAY-- CAROLE KING-- From that great Tapestry album.

THE NIGHT THEY DROVE OLD DIXIE DOWN-- JOAN BAEZ-- Hard being a rebel back then. And it still is. Just try flying a Confederate flag these days. Not sure if I like her version or that of the Band better.
MAGGIE MAE-- ROD STEWART-- Always reminds me of the Sig Ep house at the University of Georgia.

TAKE ME HOME, COUNTRY ROADS-- JOHN DENVER-- The other one of my two Marine Corps songs. Get me out of here!! Actually, my time in the Corps was quite the learning experience in alien life.

ROLL ON-- NEW COLONY SIX-- the last hit for the local Chicago boys.


UNCLE ALBERT/ADMIRAL HALSEY-- PAUL McCARTNEY-- The number one song in Chicago.

Thanks, Bob, for This Great trip Back Into My Past. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Is it just me or do high school students get dumber and dumber every year?

Mizzour-Rah Trip 2011-- Part 5: Anybody Seen the Group?

Running way behind the rest of group today thanks to Cowboy Don Decker in the old Wrink's Market in Lebanon. The guy can talk and it's all interesting. Then, there's that great Arbuckle coffee and breakfast pie.

Stopped at Mr. C's again (he was giving away bottles of Route 66 Beer to the tour group. Then by Gascozark, Devil's Elbow and Hooker Cut, (where we had to visit with the ghosts of 66).

On to John's Modern Cabins and Arlington. Then a stop at the Totem Pole Trading Post and passport stops at the Old Phelps County Courthouse in Rolla and the newly reopened Rosati Winery , Fanning Trading post and World's Largest Rocking Chair.

Another stop at the Crawford County Historical Society in Cuba and a look at the Civil War murals.

Just a few folks left at Skippy's, eight miles east of Cuba, where they had the parting lunch. Met up with Lulu and Barb there.

Drove into Sullivan where we got out Jack in the Box taco fix.

Still on the Road for the Day. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Shirts get dirty. Underwear gets dirty. Pants? Pants never get dirty. (Not when I wear them.)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sox Gone

To paraphrase the Hawk. No playoffs here this season as the Tigers won their 13th straight and for the sixth time in the last six games vs. the Sox.

Detroit Magic Number is 1. Time to throw in the towel and bring up the rookies to prepare for next season.

Peavy is thankfully gone for the season. Time to let Dunn leave with his $15 million, .162 batting average and 160+ strikeouts (and THESE are NOT the stats of a PITCHER!!). Take the rest of the season off, guy. You really should apologize to everyone and give all but $100,000 back.

Same goes for Rios.

It would be great if Rios, Dunn and Peavy were playing for someone else next season, but doubt that anyone would want them, especially at their inflated salaries and lack of performance.

Time to look at GM Williams after his acquisitions of these three.

And then, there's always the Cubbies.

Oh, Well, It's Football Season. --RoadDog

Got Home Last Night

We got back home at 7 pm last night. As much as I like traveling, I like getting home just as much.

Looks like we've had no rain since we've been gone, so won't have to cut the grass, but will have to water the outside plants, especially the ones in containers.

We drove 1800 miles and went through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Big surprise, the closer we got to Chicago, the more expensive the gas.

Outside of St. Louis on Sunday, we paid $3.20. The super-expensive BP station in Elburn, Illinois, yesterday was $3.96!! That's a 76 cent difference. And all for the pleasure of living in Illinois.

Saw a lot and ate a lot.

Good Times on the Road. --RoadDog

Where Were You September 4, 1971?-- Part 3

Back on September 4, 1971, I was starting my junior year at the University of Georgia in Athens. I had just transferred there from NIU. I was at a dormitory near the stadium, but can't remember the name.

I was kind of the oddball on campus as my hair was still short from my stay at Quantico, Virginia, while in the USMC. Mom and Dad came for a visit a few weeks ago and asked where I was to one of the residents. He though for a moment and said, "Oh, you mean the guy with the short hair."

I was driving the infamous, one quart of oil to 100 miles, Ramblin' Wreck, the 1963 puke green Rambler station wagon Mom and Dad had bought me.

Happy Hippy Days.

All comments my own as I was unable to listen to it because of a glitch of some sort. Bob Stroud did replay the show this past Sunday, but we were on the Route 66 Missouri Motor Tour.

Songs from Hour Two

BANGLADESH-- GEORGE HARRISON-- I wasn't happy that the Beatles broke up, but at least now we're getting four different sources of "Beatles" music.
DEEP BLUE-- GEORGE HARRISON-- Never heard of this one.

I JUST WANT TO CELEBRATE-- RARE EARTH-- How many times can you say "I Just Want to Celebrate" in one song?
STAGGER-LEE-- TOMMY ROE-- The old "Sheila" man still recording in '71? Didn't know.

MARIANNE-- STEPHEN STILLS-- Taking a solo break fron CSN or CSNY.

SWEET HITCH-HIKER-- CCR-- The last big hit for the guys. How sad.

RESURRECTION SHUFFLE-- ASHTON, GARDNER & DIKE-- Like Bob says, this is one great little-known delight.
HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART-- BEE GEES-- As syrupy as one of those Smiley Faces.


OK, so I see that I already did these songs. Oops. Too much 66 in the head.

One More Hour to Go. --RoadDog

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mizzou-Rah Trip 2011-- Part 4: On the Route 66 Motor Tour

9-10-11, as in September 10, 2011, just one of those dates in the new century.

As usual, running behind the main bunch of cars. Caught up with main group at the great museum in Baxter Springs, Kansas, where we got our first dose of Civil War with Fort Blair and the battle.

Then to Eisler Brothers in Riverton, then to 4WOTR, Tow Mater and Big Red in Galena. Officer Dean threatened a ticket to me for my U-Turn on Main Street. Dadburn Barney Fife.

Into Missouri. No damage along Route 66 alignment in Joplin. Much improved 66 signage along Joplin-Carthage stretch. Boots Motel and Civil War museum in Carthage.

Gay Parita and Halltown Mercantile. Tire Place in Springfield. Lunch at the Steak 'n Shake in Springfield, retaining the architecture of the early places.

Museum in Marshfield (not where Laura Wilder lived). Munger Moss in Lebanon. Bob Gale, the sign, roadie gabfest, the new guy.

Not a Bad First Day and Many New Places. --RoadDog

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mizzou-Rah Trip 2011-- Part 3: Poor Joplin


Taking some roads never before traveled this morning.

Took Mo-5 south to US-60 and then west to Springfield. We had to stop at Lambert's right off of US-65. Throwed Rolls and all those pass-arounds. Hard to beat the food and fun.

Back on 65 and played NTN at two new places, Hooters and Old Chicago, both on Springfield's south side.

We got onto I-44 and took it to Joplin where we drove around the part damaged by May's tornado. Most has been cleaned up, but gosh. Striking and sad all the same.

Got onto US-66 into Kansas where we met Lulu, Barb, Brenda and Dean Walker at Van's steakhouse. Then, into Oklahoma and to Miami where we registered for the Missouri Rt. 66 Motor Tour and got a room at America's Best Value Inn and enjoyed Boomer's Bar on the premises.

Quite a Day. --RoadDog

Monday, September 12, 2011

Observing 9-11

Last night, sitting at the Curve Inn in Springfield, Illinois, watching the Jets-Cowboys game (a great one won by the New Yorkers playing in Jersey), Liz said to look at the digital clock, which read 9-11. Shivers.

The last time we were in town, we were again at the Curve Inn when news of the death of the biggest coward and best hidey-cat came out which sent cheers through the bar. The same bartender was there as well.

Saw lots of big flags at half mast driving across Missouri. As well as lots of the home variety 3X5s and even smaller ones. Cemeteries were especially decorated.

I still think that a proper memorial would have been to leave the part of the outer structure of the one tower that remained upright after the building came down. That was the most striking reminder left at Ground Zero.

Sure, it would have been necessary to do some reinforcing to it, possibly even cut it down some, but that should have remained.

I see that today Ground Zero was opened to us regular folk.

Not Forgetting.

JSS: 9-10-11-- Gas

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. 9-10-11-- I had to mention Saturday's date. How often does that happen?

Oh yeah, once every one hundred years.

2. GAS-- Gas on the trip so far has ranged from $4.06 in little Elburn, Illinois, to a low of $3.20 by St. Louis. Until we hit that town, the lowest in Missouri was Sedalia with $3.46. Most of the rest of the time it was between $3.50 and $3.56.

Boy did I have problems with the gas pumps by St. Louis, but that is a story for another blog.

Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog

Mizzou-Rah Trip 2011-- Part 2: New Places on the Route


Coffee in the Munger Moss Lobby, talking with Ramona Lehman, owner of the place for 40 years now. Seeing folks off. Couple from Cincinnati leave for Santa Monica. Family from Spain need medical attention for son. Ramona gets them an immediate appointment with her doctor. Route 66 at its finest.

Visit Lebanon Rt. 66 Museum.

Visit American Coffee Company in the old Wrink's building.

Go to the new Mr. C's Route Stop east of town, makers of those great 66 Route Beer and other wonderful soft drinks. Tried their new Black Cherry drink.

Ate at the new Cave Restaurant farther east. A real different kind of place. When they say cave, they mean it. Lots of Fort Leonard Wood soldiers there with families in honor of their basic training graduation today. Judging by these young men and women, the country is in good hands.

Route 66 back to Lebanon. Drinks out by the pool and drinks at Starlite Bowling Alley across the street from the MM. Packers win a close one. Brett who? Is he still "retired?"

Friday On the Road: Throwed Rolls and the O-ther Mi-am-uh.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Observing 9-11: At the Munger-Moss Motel

Ten years ago today, I was teaching 7th grade social studies in Round Lake, Illinois, when I heard. That became the lesson for the day as well as for the next several days. Forget the lesson plans.

I saw the Baby Blues comic strip today. Striking. Baby Wren has just stacked up building blocks into two towers. Her mother Wanda has her hand over her heart. Father Darryl is just standing there with a solemn look on his face. Her brother Hammie and sister Zoe are looking solemn too, but they would have been too young to know.

Talked about it in the lobby of the Munger Moss Motel here in Lebanon, Missouri. Everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing.

Liz has her shirt with the firemen raising the flag.

We're disappointed that we can not put the US car flag on the window as its slot is too small to fit on the new Malibu.

A Day I Won't Forget.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quick Update: Munger Moss Motel

Sitting out by then pool here at 11 pm with a bunch of roadies with that great sign and a full moon.

Two of the 4WOTR (Four Women on the Road) from Galena, Kansas, are with us. They're the ones with the original Tow Mater from the "Cars" movie and their recent addition "Big Red" the fire truck (although this one is not the one that inspired the character, but looks the same).

Also, Lulu, Brenda and two new "roadies" from Speedway, Indiana, driving an old truck are out there.

A Pleasant Way to Spend the Night. --RoadDog

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rugby World Cup Getting Underway

From the September 7th USA Today "USA aims high at Rugby World Cup.

I became a bit of a fan of rugby when I was touring Australia and New Zealand back several years ago. These two countries happened to be playing each other on both of the major rugby levels.

If you think Americans get into their football, you should see the rivalry when the New Zealand All Blacks (the color of their uniforms) play the Australian team (I can't remember their name). I became a fan of the All Blacks.

The Rugby World Cup kicks off in Auckland today when the All Blacks take on Tonga. Both New Zealand and South Africa (remember the recent movie about their Springbok team and Nelson Mandela) are favorites. There are four pools of five teams and the US is one of them.

Schools having rugby teams have increased greatly in the United States and the US and our team is called the Eagles.

Here's Pulling for an Eagles-All Blacks in the Championship Game and an American Victory. --RoadDog

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tenth Anniversary of 9-11 in Schools

Tuesday's Chicago Tribune had an article on what schools were going to do to mark the tenth anniversary of 9-11.

I was teaching 7th grade social studies at John T. Magee Middle School in Round Lake, Illinois, when it occurred. As soon as I found out about the attack, not until after first period, that became the lesson for today.

Unfortunately, I could not get the old black and white 13-inch TV set to work. We spent the day listening to the radio, It became a geography lesson where the students located New York City, Boston, New Jersey, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania as well as the Middle East.

We took a look at the history of the United States and the Middle East.

This was the subject the following day and each student had to write a 500 word first-hand account of what happened to them 9-11.

I taught for for four more years after that and each class had to write a report on what they remembered about that day.

It Was a Day to Remember. --RoadDog

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mizzou-Rah Trip, 2011-- Part 1: Driving New Roads


Drove Il-47 to Dwight and stopped at the Becker-Amber gas station and then at the one in Odell. Superslabbed it to McLean and took US-136 to Macomb, where we spent the night. This was our first time on 136 west of McLean.

Stayed at the Best Western Plus Macomb Inn and played NTN at BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings).


Really fine hot breakfast and on the road. Again on US-136 through Carthage and on to Keokuk, Iowa. Continued on 136 across Missouri all the way to US-65 and then south to Sedalia and on to Mo-64 to Lebanon where we checked into the Munger-Moss Motel.

These were the first times we'd been on these sections of either of these two roads.

There will be more details on my RoadLog Blog.

Show Me. --RoadDog

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Going on a Route 66 Motor Tour

Leaving today for a ride on Missouri's Route 66 and a lot of roads we haven't been on before.

Taking Il-47 south to Dwight, Il. and then will run Route 66 to Pontiac where we'll go west on Il-116 and then get on US-136. Maybe in Peoria, we'll catch a glimpse of the World War II ship LST-325.

We'll take US-136 through Keokuk, Iowa, and into Missouri as far as Princeton where we'll get on US-65 south to US-54, then east to Lake of the Ozarks then Mo-5 to Lebanon and spend a night or two at the Munger-Moss Motel.

Then Mo-5 south to US-60 and west. Hope to eat at Lambert's. Then 60 into Oklahoma where we'll meet up with the Missouri Motor Tour in Miami, or do you say Miami? The KuKu burgers are calling.

Anyway, those are the plans right now.

You Never Know on a Road Trip. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTHS: I love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars team up to prevent an ass from cutting in the front.

Where Were You September 4, 1971?-- Part 2

Playing songs from Bob Stroud's 40th anniversary salute to that summer.

BANGLADESH-- GEORGE HARRISON-- I sure hated when the Beatles broke up, but now we're getting four times the number of Beatles songs as each tries to outshine the others.
DEEP BLUE-- GEORGE HARRISON-- George had something to prove to John and Paul about his music. He was succeeding.

I JUST WANT TO CELEBRATE-- RARE EARTH-- How many times can you say "I Just Want to Celebrate" in one song? Count 'em.
STAGGER LEE-- TOMMY ROE-- The old Lloyd Price song. "The night was young..."

WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN-- WHO-- But, what's on second.
MARIANNE-- STEPHEN STILLS-- Taking a break from CSN or was it CSNY?

RIDERS ON THE STORM-- DOORS-- Always makes me think of motorcycle riders going through a storm. Wonder why?
SWEET HITCH-HIKER-- CCR-- The last big hit for the band. My favorite band from the era.



Good Stuff Maynard. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTHS: How many times is it appropriate to say "What?" before you just nod and smile because you can't hear or understand a single word the person is saying to you?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrating a Labor Day Weekend (Even If I Don't Labor Too Much Anymore)

Never let it be said I pass up a good Labor Day weekend.

FRIDAY-- Saw the movie "Don't be Afraid of the Dark." Tooth fairies with bad attitudes. I don't want to be wanted that much. Went to a used book store and used record/CD store, my kind of places.

Met the Usual Suspects at Gasoline Alley for buck bottles and that great view of Grasslake.

SATURDAY-- No band at Port of Blarney. Booty Burgers and college football at Bootlegger's. Nineties band at Captain's Quarters and $2.50 Coronas. College football at Margaritaville.

SUNDAY-- Solo guy playing outside at Port of Blarney. Cover Story band at Captain's Quarters.

Not sure what we're doing today. Anybody know where a good band is playing?

Good Times Around Here. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: I have a hard time deciphering the line between boredom and hunger.

JSS: Bob, What Happened?-- Hot and Cold-- Got Flags

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. BOB, WHAT HAPPENED?-- Yesterday, I even set the alarm clock, something I rarely do now that I'm retired, so I could get up to listen to the last part of Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots Salute to the Summer of 1971, 40 years ago. At the beginning, he mentioned that this was July 3, 1971, and I'm thinking, oops a slip. But then he played the July show.

If I had known that, I wouldn't have gotten up.

2. HOT AND COLD-- Don't like the weather here in the Midwest right now, wait a few hours. We didn't go boating Thursday and Friday because it was way TOO HOT. We didn't go Saturday or yesterday because it was threatening to storm both days.

We might not go out today because it is TOO COLD!

3. GOT FLAGS-- I've got my flags out, all four of them. How about you, Bob? Hey, it's labor day, a time to salute the late great workers of the country before the GRB CEOs destroy everything.

Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Some of those anti-spam things you have to do are really unreadable.

Where Were You September 4, 1971?-- Part 1

Bob Stroud concluded his four-part trip back 40 years ago to the Summer of 1971 yesterday. Or did he. All I got was a re-broadcast of his July 3rd show, part 2.

I'm not sure what happened. But, today, his play list for Part 4, September 4th was on the station's website. Looks like I won't get the chance to listen to his comments.

All comments are mine.

SIGNS-- FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND-- I tried to sing this at karaoke once. I won't do this again.
SOUR SUITE-- GUESS WHO-- Never heard of it before.

COLOUR MY WORLD-- CHICAGO-- If I played this song at one wedding, I must have played it at a hundred back in my deejay days.
SMACKWATER JACK-- CAROLE KING-- From that great Tapestry album.

REASON TO BELIEVE-- ROD STEWART-- Definitely not shy anymore.
SPANISH HARLEM-- ARETHA FRANKLIN-- Always like the way she started this one.

MOTHER FREEDON-- BREAD-- Not just your average schmaltz band.
RINGS-- CYMARRON-- Another one of my Athens, Ga. songs.

I'D LOVE TO CHANGE THE WORLD-- TEN YEARS AFTER-- Not to be confused with the Coca Cola commercial, or was it?

SWEET CITY WOMAN-- STAMPEDERS-- Boy does this one remind me of driving the old Ramblin' Wreck (my '63 Rambler station wagon) around Athens, georgia while attending UGA).

That ol' Rambler took a quart of oil to drive 100 miles. I didn't worry about gas mileage and you could always smell me coming down the road.

Take me Back. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: How come liquid and tools come metric, but very little else?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bill Murray, Not That Bill Murray

While looking back at popular songs on the #1 Songs This Date, I often come across the name Bill Murray. Of course, I immediately think of the Bill Murray from Saturday Night Live and lots of movies, including "Groundhog Day," but there was an earlier Bill Murray.

The "other" Bill Murray was just as famous, but in the early decades of last century. Born 1877 and died 1954, he recorded numerous number one songs, including:

Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Alexander's Ragtime Band
In My Merry Oldsmobile
In the Good Old Summertime
I've Got Rings on My Fingers
Over There
Shine On Harvest Moon
Yankee Doodle Boy
Under the Anheiser Busch

Now You Know. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: If you want to make sure you miss all the red lights, just start hoping to catch one so you can look at that map.

To Boat or Not to Boat

Even though we're trying to get to our goal of 40 boating expeditions for the season, we are picky about the weather.

We did go out Monday and Wednesday, but not Tuesday when it looked like rain all day and yesterday when it was just too hot.

Monday after boating, we went to Tammy's Pizza on State Park Road in Spring Grove. Some of the best pizza anywhere and free peanuts.

TUESDAY, we ended up at Donovan's where they always expect us when they see bad weather. Greatest Polish sausage sandwiches anywhere on some remarkable bread with sauerkraut and grilled onions. And, for $2. Played NTN with 7 Top twenties.

Earlier, I, went to McHenry and bought six CDs at Best Buy and Wal Mart. One was Colt Ford. Country Rap. Who'd have figured. Plus got the Andy Griffith "Loaded Goat" episode on DVD.

WEDNESDAY-- Saw the movie "Conan the Barbarian" with Freddie Kreuger's daughter. Had drinks at Hello Folks, went boating, then to castaways for 40 cent jumbo wings, $1 drafts and Jim Seig providing the enetertainment.

THURSDAY-- Too hot for boating. Went with Frank in his convertible to Donovan's for their Italian Beef special: $3 a sandwich. Played NTN and got the place on the board.

Sure Miss All That Teaching. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: The only time I look forward to a red light is when I'm trying to check something out on a map.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Every Blooming THing: Early August

I'm getting ready to go out and cut the grass again. I never remember an August where I've had to cut the grass so often.

The poor crabapple trees are really hurting. Two of them are almost without leaves as we have some sort of fungus attacking them after the really wet spring we had. This is the second year in a row. The mountain ashes are getting their orange berries.

The purple coneflowers are almost gone and the black-eyes susans in the front or getting played out. The ones in the back yard bloomed later and are still going strong.

The mums are quite colorful already with many more blooms to come. I have some sort of plant that has red feathery flowers that are looking good right now. They spread easily and provide quite a blast of color.

The two Japanese lilacs are starting to drop a few leaves. Guess fall is on its way.

Love My Yard. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Plastic or paper, it doesn't matter. Those two-liter pop bottles will still find a way to break the bag and roll for freedom.

Number One Songs This Date: September 1st-- Part 2

1959 THE THREE BELLS-- Browns-- This song still send chills up my spine.
1958 VOLARE (NEL BLU DIPINTO DI BLU)-- Domenico Modugno-- And you thought Dean Martin sang it.
1957 TAMMY-- Debbie Reynolds

1956 HOUND DOG/DON'T BE CRUEL-- Elvis Presley-- Talk about your two-sided hits!
1955 THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS-- Mitch Miller-- Follow the bouncing ball all you karaoke freaks.
1954 SH-BOOM-- Crew-Cuts-- Now always reminds me of that scene from the movie "Cars."
1953 VAYA CON DIOS (MAY GOD BE WITH YOU)-- Les Paul and Mary Ford

1951 COME ON-A MY HOUSE-- Rosemary Clooney
1950 GOODNIGHT IRENE-- Gordon Jenkins & the Weavers

1931 SWEET AND LOVELY-- Gus Amheim
1921 CHERIE-- Paul Whiteman-- This guy sure had a lot of hits back then.

1911 MOTHER MACHREE-- John McCormack

There sure were a lot of songs with foreign words!!

Remember Any of Them? --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTHS: I would rather try to carry ten plastic grocery bags in rather than make two trips to bring the groceries in.

Number One Songs This Date: September 1st-- Part 1

It's the beginning of the month and time to take a look at the number one songs this date On The Tens, all the way back to 1901, 110 years ago. I will do every year this date in the 60s and 50s.

Again, thanks to Josh Hosler for the list. You can find the #1s for any date at www.joshhosler.biz/NumberOneinHistory/SelectMonth.htm.

2011 LAST FRIDAY NIGHT (T.G.I.F)-- Katy Perry-- What kind of clothes were you wearing at that awards show last week?
2001 FALLIN'-- Alicia Keyes
1991 (EVERYTHING I DO) I DO FOR YOU-- Bryan Adams-- Theme from "Robin Hood"
1981 ENDLESS LOVE-- Diana Ross and Lionel Richie
1971 UNCLE ALBERT/ADMIRAL HALSEY-- Paul and Linda McCartney

1969 HONKY TONK WOMEN-- Rolling Stones-- Always reminds me of North Carolina in the summer of '69.
1968 PEOPLE GOT TO BE FREE-- Rascals
1967 ODE TO BILLY JOE-- Bobbie Gentry-- The Boy weren't no good. Country on the pop charts.

1965 HELP!-- Beatles-- From their second movie of the same name.
1964 THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN-- Animals-- Where was it again?
1963 MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK-- Angels-- And what kind of a vacation are you going to take?

1962 SHEILA-- Tommy Roe-- This one surprises me a bit as I thought it came out later in the decade.
1961 MICHAEL-- Highwaymen-- What was Mikey supposed to be doing?
1960 IT'S NOW OR NEVER-- Elvis Presley

The 1950s Up Next. --RoadDog

UNIVERSAL TRUTHS: Every time I see the movie "Airplane" again, I see something new.