Saturday, September 29, 2012

No Lines or Danger for Me: The Advantage of Being Technologically Impaired

Much was made last week of idiots, er, people, waiting in lines at stores for the newest iPhone when it was released.  I hate lines, but even so, was not tempted to wait in one as I don't even have the first one. 

The cell phone I do have is about eight years old and has stuff on it, but all I know how to do is call out and sometimes answer a call if I hear it and can get it out of my pocket in time.  If it goes to voice mail, there is a 50-50 chance I'll figure out how to bring it up.

And, then there is this new effort to get folks to stop texting while driving.  I don't have to stop doing that as I have never in my life texted in a car, or, for that matter, anywhere.  Shoot, if I were to get even a phone call, I wonder where the music is coming from most of the time (my ringtone is "Bad Moon Rising," although I have been known to reach for the phone when the radio plays the song).

If I haven't forgotten it at home, there is no way I can get it out of my pocket while seated and seatbelted.  We can evidently text.  Liz has the same phone and does text two friends who are into texting.  It involves hitting keys several times, but I don't know how and won't bother learning either.

So, I Guess Being Technolgically Impaired Has Its Good Points.  --RoadDog

Top Party Schools

Once again, Northern Illinois gets no respect.  But, every college president's worst nightmare, though they may be smiling inside.

This is Playboy's listing based on 900 points spread across categories such as sex, sports and nightlife.

Most of these appear to be the rich boy and girl universities.

1.  Virginia
2.  Southern California
3.  Florida
4.  Texas
5.  Wisconsin

6.  Georgia  (I was there for a year, but alas, not rich.)
7.  Vanderbilt
8.  Tulane
9.  Texas Christian  (Kind of surprised at this one being on the list)
10.  Ohio State

Seven of them are Southern schools.

Well, We Sure Had a Good Time at NIU Anyway.  --RoadDog


Pretzels (610)
Graham Crackers (c. 1830)
Potato Chips (1853)
Cracker Jacks (1893)

Friday, September 28, 2012

JSS: Trying to Boat-- Still #1-- Poor Sox-- Mumford & Sons

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  TRYING TO BOAT--  Other than one really fine day Tuesday, weather has just not been good for the the last 14 days.  We're at 37 times on the boat this season and still shooting for 40 times, the minimum number of times to make the boat worth all the money we spend.

2.  STILL #1--  Chicagoland again has the questionable ranking of the highest gas prices in the country.  Welcome to Illinois.  Expect to pay more.  Gas here in Fox Lake was down to $3.96 on Wednesday.  No wonder I don't have much money.

3.  POOR SOX--  The bottom has fallen out and the Sox are two games out of first now, after losing 8 of the last 9 games.  The Sox are way too streaky this year.

4.  MUMFORD & SONS--  Planning on buying the new Mumford & Sons CD  Babel  at Target today on the way to Palatine or tomorrow in Dekalb.  That first one, Sigh  No More, was great.  Love the sound of the music.  And, Target has it at $9.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

Fall Out From the Blown Call Monday Night: Walker Reverses Himself

Well, everywhere we go, that horrible call to end the Seahawk-Packer game is a topic of conversation.  I ran into no one who thought it was a correct one and all calls for the return of the regular NFL refs.  Also a big topic on the sports shows.

Then, the NFL upheld the call.  Of course, what could they do?  They were the ones locking the regular refs out and had hired the scabs, er, replacements.

In what had to be the strangest turn of events, Wisconsin governor (Green Bay is in Wisconsin) Scott Walker called for the end of the strike and bringing back the "UNIONIZED" NFL referees.  Now, that is a huge turn-around.  Scott, the Only Good Union Person is One Not getting Paid a Decent Wage, Walker is well-known for his Union bashing and hatred.  But yet, there he was calling for the return of Unionized people.  Guess he is more of a Packer fan than Union-hater.

And, then, yesterday, we got the news that the NFL referees will be back.  I wonder why?  What could have happened to change the NFL's mind?

Well, at least one good thing came from all that mess Monday night.

Welcome Back.  --RoadDog

WHICH CAME FIRST  Put them in order:

Carcker Jacks, Graham Crackers, Pretzels, Potato Chips.

Answer tomorrow.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kansas University Upset NIU, You Bet!!!

From the September 16, 2012, KU Sports "Upset NIU? You Bet!" by Tom Keegan.

I found this article of interest last week, but didn't print it or the one yesterday from Alabama for fear of jinxing Northern Illinois' chances against the University of Kansas in the football game.  But, I enjoyed them so much, I just had to, meaning we're doomed Saturday against Central Michigan.  Whenever I write about a sports favorite, it is the kiss of death.  Just look whar happened to the White Sox this last week.  Oh well.

Mr. Keegan was upset that a MAC team would be favored to beat Kansas, a Big 12 team.  Even though Kansas foorball is not powerhouse, it is still one of what I call the BIG GUYS and NIU is one of the LITTLE GUYS.  And Northern was favored to win by ten points.  Kind of surprised me as well.

"Upsets happen when a football team feels disrespected.  They happen when an underdog  realizes what it does well and has the confidance to do it repeatedly, stubbornly believing it will work.

No reason Kansas University should not pull pff the upset Saturday in Dekalb, against a Northern Illinois squad favored by 10 points.  A Mid-American Conference team isn't supposed to be favored by a touchdown and field goal over a Big 12 squad, but that's where the betting line opened, the oddsmakers not-so-gently slapping the Jayhawks across the face."

He goes on to mention that Huskie coach Dave Doeren was formerly an assistant at Kansas who really wanted the head coach job a lot after Turner Gill was fired. 

"The Huskies make for a tough opponent, but there's no reason to believe that Kansas can't be tougher."

He goes on to document the Huskies problems stopping the run, nowhere more clear than against Army which resulted in a one-point Huskie victory the week before.

Well, Northern led the whole first half, but fell ten points behind in the 3rd quarter before rallying to win against Kansas 30-23, so KU beat the spread. 

And, after last year's 11-3 record , MAC Championship win, Go-Daddy Bowl win, and if this year is good, I'm sure Huskie coach Doeren will be Kansas' for the asking or some other BIG GUY school for 2013.  That's the problem with LITTLE GUY schools.  Any football or basketball success and you have to start looking for a new head coach.

And, No Doubt, Kansas Can Still Beat Us in Basketball.  --RoadDog

I Get These "Which Came First" items from the Mount Olive Pickle Co., located at the corner of Cucumber and Vine streets in Mount Olive, North Carolina.  Which came first?  The pickle company or the street names?  Answer tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alabama Knows NIU Football

From the Sept. 16, 2012, Alcom "Alabama Media Group: Answering Your Questions about prep and college sports" by Kevin Wendt of the Huntsville (Al) Times.

Someone was complaining about the lack of coverage in Alabama papers of Alabama State, North Alabama, West Alabama and Troy.  There was too much Auburn, Alabama and SEC news.  Believe me, as a Northern Illinois fan, I know exactly where they're coming from.

Wendt wrote, "Is it fair?  Well, not if you're a fan of a particular school.  I wish the Chicago Tribune would treat Northern Illinois University like it does Notre Dame.  I can argue until I'm blue in the face that NIU has been far more interesting and successful of late, but let's be serious, there's a pretty limited NIU audience versus Notre Dame (which isn't even in Illinois)."

Very true.  But at least someone in Alabama knows us.  Well, actually I should say that Alabama fans sure know who we are.  When we at the Go-Daddy Bowl in Mobile back in January, every 'Bama fan who saw us in out Huskie attire said, "We know you guys.  You BEAT US!!"  We sure did!!

I'd say that meant more to me than the come-from-behind victory at the bowl game.  Well, kind.

Also, Tribune coverage of the Huslies has increased quite a lot, at least in football.  Basketball coverage lags, but we haven't been doing very well in that for many years.

Now, I also realize that writing this pretty well jinxes us for the game against Central Michigan this Saturday, but I had to say it.

Sorry About That.  --RoadDog

THE LAST WORD PLAY:  When the actress saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she'd dye.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We Wuz Robbed!! Packers Lose on Last Play

First, I need to say that Liz and I are Packer fans UNLESS THEY PLAY THE BEARS.  That's why last Thursday's Bear destruction by the Pack was galling.

But, anyway, we were pulling for the Packers in last night's game (and I hate Monday Night games).  We were at Route 12 Bar in Fox Lake, Illinois, with a whole bunch of Bears fans, who, of course, were pulling rabidly for the Seahawks.  They say a real Bear fan would NEVER pull for the Packers.

And, we took grief that first half when we thought perhaps we were watching the Bears Cutler and o-line.  Rodgers seemed dazed and eight sacks, come one, even the Bears could get by with 7.  Those fans let us have it as we wore our Packer Super Bowl XLV shirts (when was the last Bear championship?  Something about a double "X").

They finally got untracked in the second half and had that 12-7 lead until that last play.  Those Seahawks are really good and I like that rookie qb, Wilson (who played with Wisconsin last year and NC State before that).  That Golden Tate got away with a very visible offensive pass interference when he pushed the Packer player down.  And then, after Jennings of the Packers intercepted, he managed to get his hand in on the ball and those refs called it a reception.

I have to admit that we didn't see it as it happened in that mob in the end zone, but clearly did on the many replays.  Too bad the refs couldn't.  And, they were able to see the replays as well.

There was no cheering from the Bear fans, though.  Just a lot of, "You guys were robbed."

Listening to 620 WTMJ Radio in Milwaukee this morning.  They're not happy.  They talked with a sportswriter from Seattle who admits the Packers got robbed.

Even Allen Vick of WNCT-AM, Greenville, NC, says he is wearing a Packer shirt today, even though he doesn't like them (he's a Redskins fan), "In honor of the Green Bay screw job."

And, We Wuz!  --RoadDog

As Hank Williams said, "There's a tear in my beer."  Cheeseheads are not happy.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Brought Back Memories of Dad

I was listening to Allen Vick this morning on WNCT, 1070 AM, out of Greenville, NC, as I often do while spending too much time on these blogs, when he played Shirley Ellis' "Clapping Song."  At the end, he said that now that song would be in your head all day.  True.  Singing it in my brain right now.

But, I must admit that it brought back some memories of Dad.  He used to sing one stanza from the song to us all the time:

"3,6,9, the goose drank wine
The monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line
The line broke and the monkey got choked
And they all went to heaven on a little rowboat."

If he sang that once, he sang it a thousand times when we were growing up.  I remember when I first heard the Shirley Ellis song back in the 60s and thinking, "Wow, that's Dad's song!  How'd she know it?"

He also had that ode to his high school in Mt. Olive, North Carolina, that went something like "Skinnyder- rinky, dinky, dinky, skinnerderinky-doo, Mt. Olive we love you."  I always thought he made that one up as I can't imagine any school having a fight song like that.  They'd have the other school laughing so hard, they couldn't play. Maybe that's why they sang it, if indeed, that was their real fight song.

Thinking of You, Dad. 

Radio This Week

The Drive, 97.1 FM in Chicago

Ten at Ten (10AM and 10PM)
Mon. 1973, Tues. 1967, Wed. One Hit Wonders, Thurs. 1975, Fri. 1983.

ON Internet:  Cashbox Magazine Countdowns: Beach Music Top 40, Beach Music Top Tunes of 1959 and Roadhouse Blues, Boogie & Fish Fry at

On WXRT, 93.1 FM in Chicago

Tonight at 9 PM, Bluesbreakers with Tom Marker.
Saturday at 8 AM, Saturday Morning Flashback with Wendy Rice.
Sunday at 8 AM, Breakfast With the Beatles with Terri Hemmert.

Of course, two great Beach Music stations stream over the internet.

Allen Vick in the mornings at WNCT-AM 1070 out of Greenville, NC.
The Surf, 94.9 FM out of North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Spending Too Much Time Listening to the Radio.  --RoadDog

Anybody Know How to Turn It Off?

It just turned 7:23 AM and my watch alarm went off.  I sure wish it wouldn't go off at 7:23 AM, but I have no idea how to turn it off.  All I can do is change the alarm to a different time.  It used to go off at 7:23 PM.

Something about pushing a button and then another button a certain number of times.  But, I don't have the instructions and just am not smart enough to figure out how to turn it off.

Well, anyway, now I know its 7:27 AM.

Doggone Confusing Technology.  --RoadDog

Football, Bands and Bars and a Parade Over the Weekend


About as a miserable of a day as I've ever seen.  Really cold, overcast and super blustery.  Stayed in all morning and afternoon.

We did go to Stormy Monday and met the Usual Suspects about 5 PM and then to the Legion for karaoke.  Sang "Bottle of Wine" and "Elvira."  Those two songs really had the crowd going.


Grant High School homecoming parade and shopping in the morning.  We had planned on driving out to Dekalb for the game, but the weather wasn't good, so went looking at local places to find the NIU-Kansas game on ESPN3, but no one had it.  We don't have it on cable at home.  Came home and listened to Bill Baker, the Voice of the Huskies, broadcast on the Score radio station.  Huskies came from ten points down in the 4th to win 30-23!!

How about Central Michigan of our Mid-American Conference defeating Iowa of the Big Ten!!  (Northern played them earlier this month and lost by one point in the last two minutes.  We play them this weekend.  Of course, we beat a Big 12 team today as well.  A great day for the MAC.  You know, it's the little guys versus the big guys.

Then went to Captain's Quarters for the End-of-the-Season (boating) party.  Free food and the band Cover Story playing.  Watched part of the Notre Dame-Michigan game there and end of it at Tommy's.  Happy to report an Irish victory.


Bear Football with the Usual Suspects at the Squaw Bar.  Lots of "juice" for qb sacks and touchdowns. And, a Bear win!!  Then to Route 12 Bar for Clark and Leon duo performing (acoustic guitar and violin).  Back home for a bonfire on the "Strand," the lower patio.

A Pretty Good Weekend.

WORD PLAY:  Those who jump off a Paris bridge are in Seine.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's a Homecoming Thing

Just got back from the Grant High School Homecoming Parade on a mighty blustery, cold day here in the Midwest.  Grant High School serves the village of Fox Lake, Illinois, and surrounding area in Grant Township.  I get out to the parade most years as it is close by.

I love parades and see 'em every chance I get.  This one I was thinking of skipping because of the weather, but went anyway.

Took a quick walk around on Grand Avenue before it and then waited for the arrival IN the car to warm up.  Thankfully, it was fairly short.  Everyone along the route agreed it was mighty cold. 

This year's theme was something about space and the floats all had something to do with it.  The senoir float was "One smallleap for seniors, One giant one for Bulldogdom."  The theater department had a bunch of students dressed as space movie characters.  I particularly liked the Bender robot one.

Quite a few teams were in the parade.  The 2012 baseball squad evidently did very well in state competition as they were all holding trophies and plaques.  Usually a graduating class has a float, but not this year, but last night we saw that the Class of 82 was having a get-together at J's.

The poor students riding on the back seats of the convertibles were looking a whole lot worse for the wear.

Just two bands:  the Grant High School and Gavin Elementary ones.

Froze,  But Sure Enjoyed It.  --RoadDog

A 1967 Saturday Morning Flashback-- Part 3

And final entry for the year.  Today, Wendy Rice goes back 25 years ago to 1987 on Saturday Mornung Flashback on WXRT.  Wow, 1987 was 25 years ago!!  Grant High School in Fox Lake, Illinois, is having their Homecoming today and last night, the Class of 82 was having their 30TH REUNION!!!  I was 13 when they were being born.  What does that make me?  Oh well, I'm going to enjoy thinking about these songs back when I was so much younger.

THE BEAT GOES ON--  Sonny and Cher
A DAY IN THE LIFE--  Beatles
WILD HONEY--  Beach Boys
SEE EMILY PLAY--  Pink Floyd  I became a Floyd fan early on after this album.  I bought it at Goldblatt's for $3.

THE LETTER--  Box Tops
SWEET HOME CHICAGO-- Magic Sam Blues Band
SOCK IT TO ME--  Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels--  If there was ever a better frat rock band, I'd sure like to know.
I'M WAITING FOR THE MAN--  Velvet Underground

EXPRESSWAY TO YOUR HEART--  Soul Survivors--  A personal favorite.
MORNING DEW--  Grateful Dead
FOXY LADY--  Jimi Hendrix
AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH--  Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

PUSHING TOO HARD--  Seeds--  Sadly, the lead singer, I think he was Sky Saxon, died the same day as Michael Jackson and his death was largely covered up.
WHITER SHADE OF PALE--  Procul Harum--  "The Big Chill," anybody.

Now I Don't Feel So Old.  (Was that creaking I heard when I just got up?)--  RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sox in a Playoff Race, But You Wouldn't Know It

Believe it or not, the dastardly Cubs are still outdrawing the White Sox as they close in one 100 losses.  The Sox are hanging in there and still lead the Tigers by two games in baseball's worst division.

From the September 3, 2012, Chicago Tribune.

Some stats:

As of Augst 30, the 2012 average home attendance:

Cubs  36,409  Sox 24,546

Television audience (Households tuned to the game)

Cubs 66,000, an 11% drop from last year
Sox 70,000, a 10% increase

In these days of Social Networking (Facebook likes)

Cubs 1,710,616   Sox 927,060

Thank Goodness we don't have to play those guys again.

Last night was just another in a long line of hurts the Kansas City Royals have been putting on us.  The Sox ended the season 6-12 against them.  I couldn't find our record against the Tigers, but I know it is also pretty pathetic.

One bright spot, though, we finally figured out how to beat those pesky Twins.  For the first time since that World Series season in 2005, the Sox won their season series gainst those guys, winning 14 of 18 games.

Even If the Sox Do Get to the Playoffs, I'm Thinking One Series and Out.  --RoadDog

It's All Gibberish to Me

Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten from September 12, 2012, Gibberish.  He played songs containing gibberish.

1.  DE DO DO DO, DE DA DA DA--  POLICE--  From Zenyatta Vendatta, a double dose of gibberish
2.  NA NA HEY HEY KISS HIM GOODBYE--  STEAM-- We know what that means.  It's a South Side anthem.  (Hey, Hey, Go You White Sox.)

3.  157 RIVERSIDE DRIVE--  REO SPEEDWAGON--  There's your scatting thanks to Kevin Cronin
4.  LOUIE LOUIE--  KINGSMEN-- The song so indecipherable that a government official in Indiana thought that it must be pornographic and had the FBI look into it in 1963.  (Was it banned in your town?)

5.  OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA--  BEATLES--  An expression used by a Nigerian conga player that Paul McCartney incorporated into a song from the White album.  (You can't help but get happy with this song.)
6.  I AM THE WALRUS--  BEATLES--  I thought it interesting when the lyrics of that song were finally printed, we had it wrong.  We thought it was "Ku Ku Kachew"  It was "Goob, goob gajube."  That's how jibberishy that was.  (What was John smokin?)

7.  SHU BA DA DU MA MA MA--  STEVE MILLER BAND--  Making something out of nothing there.  Five minutes of great rock and roll from the Joker album.
8.  YELLOW LEDBETTER--  PEARL JAM--  Was it Eddie Vedder or Jimmy Fallon, only your hairdresser knows for sure and your hairdresser probably understands the lyrics to this.  Pearl Jam from 1992, the flipside of "Jeremy."

9.  TUTTI FRUITI--  LITTLE RICHARD--  Broke through in late 1955 with this.  You can say that you didn't know what he was talking about and parenst didn't know what he was saying, but really, the kids did.  They knew exactly what he was talking about.
10. SHAMA-LAMA-DING-DONG--  OTIS DAY & THE KNIGHTS--  "Mind if we dance with yoh dates?"  From the "Animal House" soundtrack.  (Love that movie.  Reminded me of my old frat.)

Or, Do You Say Jibberish?  --RoadDog

A 1967 Saturday Morning Flashback-- Part 2

Some more of those great 1967 songs from Wendy Rice.

KIND OF A DRAG--  Buckinghams--  Chicago's own
ALONE AGAIN OR--  Love--  An unappreciated band.
FRIDAY ON MY MIND--  Easybeats--  From Australia
ONE MORE HEARTACHE--  Butterfield Blues Band
I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW--  Tommy James & Shondells--  Or was it Tiffany?

I'M A MAN--  Spencer Davis Group
LITTLE WING--  Jimi Hendrix
SOUL MAN--  Sam and Dave--  Hard to get better soul than this.

BROWN EYED GIRL--  Van Morrison--  A classic anyway you look at it.
SHE'S A RAINBOW--  Rolling Stones--  The Stones Gettin' Pschedelic.
SWEET DOUL MUSIC--  Arthur Conley--  A personal favorite of mine.

One More Group to Go.  --RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  The short fortune teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Man Missed the Point

From the September 12th Chicago Tribune "CPS students a voucher away from unreal schools" by John Kass.

Mr. Kass is a columnist in the Chicago Tribune and very anti-Chicago Teachers Union as is the Tribune.  Of course, he got a lot of fodder from the recent strike.

CTU President Karen Lewis, at the beginning of the strike said that "real school" would be closed.  Kass starts off with "Real school?  You mean that public system where four of 10 students don't graduate?"

He then visits a South Side school, Leo High School, where 100 percent of the students graduate and are accepted into college.  It is a Roman Catholic  all-boys school that draws from a poor neighborhood made of mostly black students.

He goes on to paint what a wonderful place it is with its 160 students and $7,500 tuition.

I am sure Leo is a fantastic school as I gather from the column.  It would have to be with that number of students and that amount of tuition, especially considering that parents pay that amount above what they pay for the public schools.  Even if they get assistance in the tuition, these are parents that actually are really involved in their children's education.

If the Chicago Public Schools had this kind of parental support (and not those who are great at mouthing their concerns but not willing to back it up), I can assure you, the public schools would do much better.

Plus, I have to believe there is at least some sort of a selection process to get into Leo. You don't just show up and get admitted as in the public schools.

But the public schools do not get to "cherry-pick" their students.

Let's see, here's a student committed to doing well in school with parents who back him up.  Hey, I want that kid in my class.

It's a Parental Thing.

A 1967 Saturday Morning Flashback-- Part 1

On September 2nd, WXRT's Wendy Rice did her Saturday Morning Flashback show on the year 1967, a very key high school year for me.  I was a sophomore in the first part and junior in the second at Palatine High School in Palatine, Illinois.  This was the year that I first met my future wife, Liz, who had just tansferred from Madonna High School in Chicago when her parents bought a house in Winston Park.

Wendy Rice played the music and gave loads of information about the music as well as events, movies, aports and other stuff.

Here is her playlist:

GROOVIN'--  Rascals
FUNKY BROADWAY--  Wilson Pickett

INCENSE AND PEPPERMINT--  Strawberry Alarm Clock
SHE HAS FUNNY CARS--  Jefferson Airplane
RESPECT--  Aretha Franklin
BACK DOOR MAN--  Rolling Stones
FAKIN' IT--  Simon & Garfunkel

PAPER SUN--  Traffic
THE DOCK OF THE BAY--  Otis Redding
I DIG ROCK & ROLL MUSIC--  Peter, Paul & Mary
MR. SOUL--  Buffalo Springfield
MERCY MERCY MERCY--  Cannonball Adderly

Bringing Back Some Memories.  --RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  A plateau is a high form of flattery.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Rich Are Those Rock Stars-- Part 4

Can you get rich singing that rock and roll.  These folks certainly have.

45.  ROGER DALTRY--  ($65)--  Who, solo
46.  NEIL YOUNG--  ($65)--  Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, solo
47.  JOE WALSH--  ($65)--  James Gang, Eagles, solo--  But Seriously, Folks.
48.  CHRIS CORNELL--  ($60)--  Soundgarden, Audioslave
49.  MARK HOPPUS--  ($60)--  Blink 182  (Lots of dough from a band that has just had one hit that I know of.)
50.  TOM DeLONGE--  ($60)--  Blink 182  Ditto

There were more, but I just picked bands and artists I knew.

51.  STEVE PERRY--  ($45) --  Journey  (And, I'd heard he was broke.)
57  JON ANDERSON--  ($45)--  Yes
61.  DAVID LEE ROTH--  ($40)--  Van Halen, solo 
62.  DAVID BYRNE--  ($40)--  Talking Heads

64.  KID ROCK--  ($37)
66.  PAT BENATAR--  ($32)--  The second female on the list.
70.  PETER FRAMPTON--  ($30)--  Humble Pie, solo
71.  GEDDY LEE--  ($28)--  Rush

76.  IAN ANDERSON--  ($20)--  Jethro Tull
78.  GREGG ALLMAN--  ($15)--  Allman Brothers, solo

And, Daddy Said You Can't Make No Money in Rock and Roll.  Good Job If You Can Get It.  --RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  He had a photographic memory that was never developed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How Rich Are Those Rock Stars-- Part 3

Again, these are total worth in millions, not yearly income.

31.  OZZY OSBOURNE--  ($90)--  Black Sabbath, solo
32.  GEORGE MICHAEL--  ($90)--  Wham, solo
33.  GWEN STEFANI--  ($80)--  No Doubt--  the first woman on the list.
34.  EDDIE VEDDER--  ($80)--  Pearl Jam
35.  BOB DYLAN--  ($80)

36.  BRIAN WILSON--  ($75)--  Beach Boys
37.  MICHAEL STIPE--  ($75)--  R.E.M.
38.  TREY ANASTASIA--  ($75)--  Phish
39.  TOM PETTY--  ($75)--  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
40.  JOE ELLIOTT--  ($70)--  Def Leppard

41.  PETER GABRIEL--  ($70)--  Genesis, solo
42.  GLENN FREY--  ($70)--  Eagles, solo
43.  JOHN FOGERTY--   ($68)--  CCR, solo
44.  STEVIE NICKS--  ($65)--   Fleetwood Mac

I Want to be a Rock and Roll Star, Right Byrds.  --RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Weekend Without Da Bears

What do you do on a fall weekend when the Bears aren't playing?  Easy.


Went shopping and had one of those great Carolina Slaw Dogs at Steak and Shake.  Cut the grass which was badly in need of it.

I had intended to go to the Fox Lake Mayor's 5K Run spaghetti dinner, but that was last week.

Went to the Grant High School (Fox Lake, Illinois) football game versus Stevenson which unfortunately was a blow out for the visitors.  Then went to Route 12 Bar and saw Terry and Gregg Spizzirri do their show.  The place was really rowdy.


Real busy day, starting with an old-time radio show recreation at the Fox Lake Historical Society, boating, then the rededication of the Spring Grove Fish Hatchery with food and a band.

Home and picked up Liz and drove to Wauconda where we saw Terry Spizzirri playing again on the deck of Dock's Tiki Bar.  Then to Miller's Dog N' Suds in Ingleside for the classic car show and the Dixie Dudes Dixieland Jazz Band.  Then to Captain's Quarters for the group "1969" playing music from 1967 to 1972.


Caught some rays on the deck and read the Tribune in the gazebo.

Drove over to Grayslake for their BBQ Rib Throwdown festival and a drink at the Last Chance Saloon downtown.  There was a band at the Throwdown as well.  Then to Jesse Oaks for the Chicago Greaser Car Club's clasic car show and Terry Spizzirri playing outside again.

Stopped at Squaw Creek Bar on the way back to talk with friends and then had some of those fantastic beer nuggets at Tommy's.

I Need a Couple Days Off to Recover.   Wait...I'm Retired.  --RoadDog

Happy 40th, MASH

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the series premier of "MASH."  The first episode was September 17, 1972.  I remember watching it, especially after I really loved the movie.  But, I sure wondered how well it would do, especially since I'd never heard of any of the actors.

It didn't take long for me to realize the quality of the show.  How you could make people laugh and cry in the same episode is a hard feat to accomplish.  And, then, there was the stupidity of war.  War shows tend to go heavy into the fighting, but most of the time is spent out of action.  How do folks pass the time?

And, then, the cast and especially the supporting ones.  Sure made some names for themselves.  When one left, they made no effort to recreate the character, but brought in a new person with their own identity.  And, I liked the way the characters used names of real home towns, of course, there was Clinger's Toledo and the time they got the order from Tony Packo's.

Probably the funniest, if you can pick one, was the arrival of Winchester when we learned he would be a worthy opponent of the two others in the Swamp.  And, of course, the time Hawkeye wasn't going to fall for the practical trick which led to him sleeping out in the compound surrounded by barbed wire and in full battle attire.

And who didn't shed a tear when McLean Stevenson died?

My second favorite sitcom ever, after WKRP.

Thanks for Coming My Way.  --RoadDog

How Rich Are Those Rock Stars-- Part 2

Continuing with this very interesting list.  (In millions of dollars)

11.  Dave Grohl--  ($225)--  Foo Fighters and Nirvana
12.  Rod Stewart--  ($220)--  Faces
13.  David Bowie--  ($215)
14.  Bruce Springsteen--  (200)--  E Street Band
15.  Don Henley--  ($200)--  Eagles, solo

16.  Lionel Richie--  ($200)--  Commodores
17.  James Hetfield--  ($175)--  Metallica  (Another guy you shouldn't get between him and his money, er, trademark.)
18.  Billy Joel--  ($160)
19.  Axl Rose--  ($150)--  Guns N' Roses
20.  Roger Waters--  ($145)--  Pink Floyd--  What happens when you have an album on the charts for that long.
21.  David Gilmour--  (S130)--  Pink Floyd--  Ditto

22.  Steven Tyler--  ($130)--  Aerosmith
23.  Jon Bon Jovi--  ($125)--  Bon Jovi--  Did he name the group after himself?
24.  Paul Stanley--  ($125)--  Kiss--  Probably jealous of #6
25.  Anthony Kiedis--  ($120)-- Who says that too much body ink keeps you from earning money?

26.  Sammy Hagar--  ($120)--  Makes more than Eddie and David.
27.  Robert Plant--  ($120)--  Led Zeppelin
28.  Bruce Dickinson--  ($115)--  Iron Maiden
29.  Eric Clapton--  ($115)--  Yardbirds, Cream, Derek--  Would have thought he'd be higher.
30.  Brian Johnson--  ($90)--  AC/DC--  Making money by screaming into a microphone.

Got Some More.  --RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  A lot of money is tainted.  'Tain't yours and 'tain't mine.  Must be these rock stars'.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy 82nd, Mom

Yesterday, my mom turned 82.  It sure has been great to have her around all these year, 61 for me.

She celebrated by driving several hundred miles to visit my sister in Savannah, Georgia.  I sure hope to be doing that well when I get to that age.

And, she just recently got I-Paded and knows somewhat how to use it.  And that is after having huge problems using a laptop.  That puts her considerably ahead of me as I sit here still using an obsolete pc.

So, Mom, Happy Birthday.   Your Son

Movie Scratches: Recall-- Ice-- Legacy-- Expendables

Movie Scratches:  A dog's eye capsule of the movies I've been seeing.

33.  8-8  TOTAL RECALL--  FOX LAKE $4--  A different kind of car chase and lethal.

34.  8-8  ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT--  FOX LAKE FREE--  Someone hail a whale?

35.  8-28  BOURNE LEGACY--  FOX LAKE $6--  Better soldiers through chemicals.  "I want my chems.)

36.   8-29  EXPENDABLES 2--  FOX LAKE $4--  Old farts killing and wisecracking, wisecracking and killing.

What's your favorite kind of salt to put on the popcorn?  --RoadDog

How Rich Are Those Rock Stars?-- Part 1

From the Sept. 14th Celebrity Worth.

Here is a list of the front men (and women) of rock groups (and some solo artists) according to how much they're worth.  How they came up with these figures was not told, but I have a feeling they are correct or nearly so.  No big surprise for #1, but I was shocked at how few women were in it and Madonna was in it at all.

Numbers are all in the millions. of dollars.

1.  Paul McCartney  (800) Beatles But Ringo wasn't on the list.
2.  Bono  (600)  U2   Bono don't ono money to nobody.
3.  Jimmy Buffett  (640)  Coral Reefer Band, well, backing band.  Great singer and writer, but never, I repeat, never, get between Jimmy and a chance to get some money on that over-priced stuff he sells to his 'heads.
4.  Elton John (320) solo, well there were the two guys early on
5.  Mick Jagger  (305)  Rolling You-Know

6.  Gene Simmons  (300)  Kiss  And another one you'd better not get in-between his corporate self and band self.
7.  Sting  (290)  Police, solo
8.  Phil Collins  (250)  Genesis, solo
9.  Dave Matthews  (250)  His band.  Saves all that money in toilet system elimination.
10.  Prince   (250)  Or is he still the SIGN?  Sign me up for some of that $$$$$$.

Rock and Money.  --RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  You feel stuck with your debt if you can't budge it.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Where Were You September 2, 1972?-- Part 4

Some more songs from Bob Stroud that were playing on your radio just a mere 40 years ago.

SUMMER SUN--  JAMESTOWN MASSACRE--  (Local boys doing well.)
YOU WEAR IT WELL--  ROD STEWART--  Had just been released, the follow up to Every Picture Tells a Story.  This is Never a Dull Moment, one of the most anticipated new albums of '72.

IF LOVING YOU IS WRONG, I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT--  LUTHER INGRAM--  Great soul classic.  Rod Stewart would cover it on his 1977 album Footloose and Fancy Free.
HOLD YOUR HEAD UP--  ARGENT--  (Rod Argent used to be with those Zombies.)

LONG COOL WOMAN--  HOLLIES--  (A Hollies song of a different sort.)
USE ME--  BILL WITHERS--  In the early 90s, Mick Jagger and Lenny Kravitz teamed up to do a good version of it.  (I call it the song that wouldn't end.)


IF I WERE A CARPENTER--  BOB SEGER--  From his brand new album, Smokin' O.P.s.  A killer version of an old Tim hardin folk classic.  (This song has been covered by many groups.)
FROM THE BEGINNING--  EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER--  From the Trilogy album.

MIDNIGHT RIDER--  JOE COCKER--  (Joe does some Allman.)


BRANDY (YOU'RE A FINE GIRL)--  LOOKING GLASS--  #1 song in Chicago.

Looking Forward to the Summer of '73.  Now, That Was a Biggie for Me.  --RoadDog

JSS: Music-- Local History-- Sticking Around

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  MUSIC--  Bob Stroud is playing songs from 1976 on his Ten at Ten right now.  This weekend, Sunday, is his Rock and Roll Roots Show with music from the '60s and '70s from 7 to 10 AM, CDST. 

Next week, M-Th, his Ten at Ten will be 1969, 1978, 1984 and 1971.  Streaming at

WXRT is doing their 40 Years in 40 Days Commemoration in honor of their 40th anniversary this year.  Each day they take a year and feature it.  Today is 1993.  Tomorrow, Wendy Rice spends four hours in the year 1975 from 8 to noon on her Saturday Morning Flashback.  Then, Sunday night from 9-11 is Little Steven's Underground Garage.

2.  LOCAL HISTORY--  Saturday will be the Fox Lake Historical Society meeting where an old-time radio show will be put on.  Then, in the afternoon, Spring Grove will have the dedication of its new park at the Spring Grove Fish Hatchery with music, food and activities.  The fish hatchery operated during the 1900s and was where many of the fish stocked in Illinois lakes were raised.

3.  STICKING AROUND--  Today, will be boating in Fox Lake, the mayor's 5k run spaghetti dinner and the Grant High School (Fox Lake, Il) football game against Stevenson, then Terry Spizzirri playing at Route 12 Bar.

Tomorrow, after the two history things, it will be Terry Spizzirri again, this time in the afternoon at Dock's Tiki Bar in Wauconda and the band at Captain's Quarters in the evening.

Not sure about Sunday yet.

Too Much To Do.  --RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  The man who fell into the upholstery machine was fully recovered.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where Were You September 2, 1972?-- Part 3

That Labor Day weekend, 40 years ago.

JOIN TOGETHER--  WHO--  a 45 release
GO ALL THE WAY--  RASPBERRIES--  first hit and hit-bound

RUN TO ME--  BEE GEES--  Another stunning mini-opera

SATURDAY IN THE PARK--  CHICAGO--  (With these next three songs) Labor Day weekend getting filled up with brass 40 years ago.  From Chicago 5, their latest album, out about a month. (Always a favorite as it reminds me of driving around in the Ramblin' Wreck.  Hey, the radio worked well, anyway.)

THUNDER AND LIGHTNING--  CHI COLTRANE--  From Wisconsin with her one and only hit, unfortunately. Brand new.  (This gal had a set of pipes on her!!)

GUITAR MAN--  BREAD--  David Gates
CONQUISTADOR--  PROCUL HARUM--  (It was live and with an orchestra.)

COCONUT--  HARRY NILSSON-- (Can't help but smile when I hear this one.)
HAPPY--  ROLLING STONES--  (And they were so happy with the money rolling in from Exile.)

One More Trip Back.  --RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  With her marriage, she got a new name and a dress.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Them, Not Me: Holy Bat Cave!! Gas Goes Up 20 Cents!!!

Ever since the Hurricane Isaac Gouge up to $4.26 (from $3.96, and that was an instant increase), our gas stations here in Fox Lake, Illinois, allowed it to drop to $4.10 and, with much difficulty, managed to hold it there.  After all, the hurricane excuse for raising prices was way over, along with the oil pipeline break in Wisconsin and various refineries in the area cutting back on production back at the end of July which caused prices to go from $3.56 to $4.17 in a manner of two days.

Well, yesterday, we saw gas still at $4.10 in Fox Lake, but, the Phillips 66 station was $4.30.  That can only mean that gas was going up AGAIN!!!  Sure enough, two hours later, all stations were at $4.30.

As for reason, that is anyone's guess.  Perhaps it was their way to show their sorrow for 9/11?  Or, perhaps they were worried about the impact on sales because of the Chicago teachers' strike?  Sure wish I knew their "excuse" which actually really is "Mo' money for us, less for you."

This is the most expensive gas has ever been in Fox Lake, with the previous record set during Isaac.

Someone's Getting Rich, And It Sure "Ain't" Me.  --Road (Can't Afford to Drive Anywhere No More)Dog

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

8:46 AM Eastern Time Zone, 7:46 Here in Chcago.

Listening to Allen Vick on WNCT in Greenville, NC, right now at 8:46.  He just played first newscasts of the event eleven years ago today and segued into Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA."

Right now, at 8:49, he is playing a song about it that I've never heard before.  I would have played that Alan Jackson song, "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)."  That still gets to me.

I was teaching 7th grade at Magee Middle School in Round Lake.  After first period, a teacher came up to me and whispered that a plane had hit the World Trade Center in NYC.  I was unable to get TV reception or on the new computer in the room, but we did listen to events as they unfolded on the radio.  Second period to the end of school was just radio and talking about it.

The next day, I assigned the students to write a report on their memories of the day.  I always stressed history as it happens to the kids and this definitely fit that definition.  Every year after that, the kids had to write a 500-word report on 9-11.  The last several years, it was more of them asking family members what they remembered as they were too young.

Never Forgetting and Very Fitting That the Big Chicken Wasn't Around to Celebrate.

It Was a Football Weekend


Worked in the yard and had planned to go to the Richmond High School Football game, but it started raining.  Had the new fish fry at the Route 12 Bar and Grill on US-12.  Then, went to the Legion for karaoke.  I brought the place down with "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road," "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Streak."  But kind of stunk it up with "The Weight."


Drove to Dekalb, Illinois, and were shocked by the $4.40 being charged for gas in Woodstock.  In dekalb, it was $4.  Checked into the Baymont and then drove over to the Barsema Alumni Center for the President's Reception.

We had a free buffet and drinks and ended up at the table where the Yordons and Chessicks were sitting.  These two couples have donated millions to Northern Illinois in the form of an athletic center and a soon-to-be-built indoor practice field.  NIU President John Peters spoke as did the athletic director.

We had chairback seats on the 50-yard-line, about 13 rows up and saw Northern beat Tennessee-Martin 35-7.  Half-time had the Huskie Band and ten high school bands performing a Billy Joel medley.  Great fireworks show after the game.

Then, to Fatty's on Lincoln Highway for celebratory drinks and some more college football.  Really loved the Louisiana-Monroe win over Arkansas.  We love it on the rare occasion a little guy beats a big guy.


Drove back home and stopped in Cullom Lake at All Sports to watch part of Da Bear game and check out their skybox area upstairs.  Then met up with the Usual Suspects at Squaw Creek Bar in Ingleside and saw the end of that great victory. 

Then went to Tommy's and watched the Packer game.  Met Tim, who we haven't seen in many years.  he is the son of my long-time principal at Magee Middle School.

It Was a Pretty Good Weekend.  --RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  If you don't pay your exorcist, you get repossessed.

Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Them, Not Me: Paid My Collector

Drove over to my bank today and paid the McHenry County, Illinois, Collector.  And I can tell you this, that guy sure does collect something, he collects MY MONEY!!!  As in property taxes.  And, he collects A Lot of my money!!

I wrote out a check for $4,747.51!!  That was bad.  But even worse, that represented only HALF of the tax bill!!!  Wow!!  $9,495.02 in taxes.  The previous year, I paid $8,637.32.  That is the biggest-ever tax increase for me.

And, it had gone up $500 the year before.

And, in that time, I have lost about half the value of the house.  So much for their old, "You're paying more in taxes because the value of your house has gone up."  Apparently, if the value of your house goes up, your taxes go up.  And, if the value of your house goes down, your taxes go up.

Somebody Sure Has a Win-Win Thing Going On.  --RoadDog

Number One Summer Songs of the 80s-- Part 4

Rob O'Connor's list based on Billboard charts.


ONE MORE TRY--  George Michael
FOOLISH BEAT--  Debbie Gibson
DIRTY DIANA--  Michael Jackson
THE FLAME--  Cheap Trick
HOLD ON TO THE NIGHT--  Richard Marx


I'LL BE LOVING YOU (FOREVER)--  New Kids on the Block  (Hey!!  A Boy Band!!)
BABY DON'T FORGET MY NUMBER--  Milli Vanilli--  I don't care who sang it, it was a great song as was the album.
GOOD THING--  Fine Young Cannibals--  I'm sorry this was just a one-hit album group.  Loved Roland's voice.
IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW--  Simply Red  --Blue-eyed soul.
COLD HEARTED--  Paula Abdul--  Pretty good summer for Paula.

I Remember the 80s.  I Was Doing a Lot of Deejaying Back Then.  --RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  What's the definition of a will?  It's a dead give-away.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

What's in a Boy Band-- Part 2: The Beatles?

Well, I just had to go to Parade's website and see how the voting was going on.  And, I had to vote for myself.  Of course, I picked the Beatles.  Being in junior high back when they broke in early 1964, I can tell you the girls went bonkers.  They'd even scream just seeing them on TV.  And the sound at a Beatles concert would have been many levels higher than an ear should have to deal with. 

Of course, many of us guys, observing the girl reaction, went out and started garage bands with the hopes the girls would start screaming for them.  Not me, though.

And, they were cute and each girl had her own favorite.  Even us guys had favorites.  Mine was George. At dances and parties, you'd have a definite in with a girl if the two of you liked the same favorite Beatle.   Let's see, there was the Cute Beatle, the Quiet Beatle, the Serious Beatle and the Funny Beatle.  Can you name each?

After voting, you can view the voting so far.  Big Time Rush must have some serious fans as they had a 22.4% vote.  Backstreet Boys were just behind them with 20.02%.  The Monkees had 14,59%.

A big surprise was the number-one vote-getter, the Osmonds with 30.04%??  The Beatles lagged way, way behind at 1.85%, but they went beyond the usual Boy Band perameters.

You can vote at

Regardless, I Wouldn't Vote for the Osmonds, Those Bad Apples.  --RoadDog

What's in a Boy Band?-- Part 1

I was looking at the August 5th Parade Magazine which had had a Boy Band Poll and a group called Big Time Rush won the first-ever voting.  I admit that I had never heard of them.  They beat out One Direction which I have heard of (though I can't recall ever hearing one of their songs).

They had a picture of Big Time Rush on the cover.  Four very clean cut young men who would definitely appeal to teenage girls (and now, the Tweens).  These would be the lads who get them to screaming.

I regard a Boy Band as being four to five young guys who will be the heartthrobs of young girls.  Each girl will have a favorite.  They will sing some great, carefully screened songs written by others.  Often, they won't play their own instruments. They will be heavily produced and also have dance routines.

Anyway, they had voting for your all-time favorite Boy Band and you choose from among eight bands.

1.  Beatles
2.  Monkees
3.  The Jackson 5
4.  New Edition
5.  Menudo
6.  New Kids On the Block
7.  *NSYNC
8.  Jonas Brothers


Mmmmnnn.  I Wonder.  --RoadDog

Number One Summer Songs of the 80s-- Part 3

From the August 31st List of the Day "Say Goodbye to Summer: Say Goodbye to the 1980s" by Rob O'Connor.


ON MY OWN--  Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald
SLEDGEHAMMER--  Peter Gabriel
HIGHER LOVE--  Steve Winwood


ALONE--  Heart--  This one on any of their 20-30 greatest hits packages.
I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR--  U2--  This one reminds me of Las Vegas that summer.
LA BAMBA--  Los Lobos--  Great group, great movie.

Two More Years to Go.  --RoadDog

WORD PLAY:  A bicycle can't stand alone because it is two-tired.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Number One Summer Songs 1980s-- Part 2

These songs reached number one during a summer month back then.  Hard to believe that 1982 is now thirty years ago!!!


EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE--  Police--  That Synchronicity album was everywhere that summer.  Always reminds me of the Pioneer Inn in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
SWEET DREAMS (ARE MADE OF THIS)--  Eurythmics--  First big hit


LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY-- Deniece Williams--  From that movie.  She's not Denephew, she's Deniece.
TIME AFTER TIME--  Cyndi Lauper--  Who'd have thought the "Fun" girl could get serious?
THE REFLEX--  Duran Duran
GHOSTBUSTERS--  Ray Parker, Jr.  Who you gonna call?


SUSSUDIO--  Phil Collins
SHOUT--  Tears for Fears--  Quite a summer for these two fellas.  Great album, that Songs from the Big Chair.

I Remember All of These.  --RoadDog


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where Were You September 2, 1972?-- Part 2

It was the Summer of '72, 40 years ago and these were the songs on the radio, jukeboxes and in your record collection (albums, 45s and cassettes).

BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY--  DANIEL BOONE--  Yeah, I know what you're thinking, "What's next, Davy Crockett?"  This Daniel Boone is allegedly a distant relative of the more famous Daniel Boone.  His one and only hit making him a classic one-hit-wonder.  (This song always reminds me of tooling around Athens, Georgia, in my Ramblin' Wreck.)
ROCK AND ROLL, PART 2--  GARY GLITTER--  Instrumental and first of two hits.  (And, making sports fans happy all these years since.)

BACKSTABBERS--  O'JAYS--  Great Philadelphia soul.
BURNING LOVE--  ELVIS PRESLEY--  (A hunka-hunka...)

AMERICA--  YES--  New 45, kind of a strange release of the old Simon and Garfunkel chestnut.  This is the single edit that WCFL was all over 40 Labor Day weekends ago.  It was out just two weeks before the new Yes album was scheduled to arrive titled Close to the Edge.  It wasn't included in the album and the full length version was only ever available on an Atlantic Records sampler entitles The New Age of Atlantic.

LISTEN TO THE MUSIC--  DOOBIE BROTHERS--  An album that wasn't getting much radio play only a couple weeks ago by a group from San Jose, California, because their first album was pretty much a bust, but it wouldn't be too much longer before radio began to play the band's first hit, the one that would break them out.  The album, Toulouse Street.

Listenin' to the Music Right Now on WNCT Out of Greenville, NC.  --RoadDog

Number One Summer Songs of the 1980s-- Part 1

From the August 20th List of the Day "Summer Songs of the Early 1980s" by Rob O'Connor.

I'll be listing them and adding comments.  O'Connor had comments on all songs, often hilarious.  He uses the Billboard charts for his criteria (the only real indicator).  These were songs that reached #1 during the summer months.


FUNKYTOWN--  Lipps, Inc.--  This always got the folks out on the floor when I was deejaying.
COMING UP--  Paul McCartney
IT' STILL ROCK AND ROLL TO ME--  Billy Joel--  Another crowd favorite
MAGIC--  Olivia Newton-John
SAILING--  Christopher Cross


BETTE DAVIS EYES--  Kim Carnes--  A personal favorite of mine.
MEDLEY--  Stars on 45--  Another floor filler.
THE ONE THAT YOU LOVE--  Air Supply--  Mellow Australians.
JESSIE'S GIRL--  Rock Springfield--  Folks liked this one as well.  Or was it by Bruce Springsteen?
ENDLESS LOVE--  Diana Ross and Lionel Richie--  I lost count how often I played this at weddings.


EBONY AND IVORY--  Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder--  Well, they were.
DON'T YOU WANT ME--  Human League--  Another floor-filler
EYE OF THE TIGER--  Survivor--  Songwriter Jim Peterik of Survivor and, before that, the Ides of March, told visitors to his house in suburban Chicago "This is the house that Sylvester built"
ABRACADABRA--  Steve Miller Band

Oh, Those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINES:  Farmer Bill Dies in House

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

JSS: Boating-- Last Gouge?-- Rain-- Poinsettia-- Blow-Outs

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1. BOATING-- Boated over to Electric Harbor yesterday and sat out at the tiki bar out by the lake and enjoyed the $2 cheeseburger and fries.  This was the 31st time out boating for us.  We always have a goal of 40 outings a season, so most of the way there.  Not bad considering we were out of the lake for five weeks because of low water from the drought.

2.  LAST GOUGE?--  The GRBs had the gall to raise gas in Fox Lake from $4.10 to $4.16 this past weekend.  Don't they know the price shoould be dropping, not going up?  Somebody go tell the jerks.

3.  RAIN--  A welcome relief after this summer's drought.  We had rain Saturday, Monday night, last night and another storm just rolled in.  We sure needed it, but could have used it a month ago.  Unfortunately, the grass needed cutting yesterday and really needs it now.

4.  POINSETTIA--  We had a short, mean little storm comethrough last night which blew my prized poinsettia of the table on the front porch and broke just about every branch off.  I've had it for four years now and it blooms with those neat read leaves every year.  Hope it comes back.  Mean Old Storm.

5.  Blow-Outs--  Rough time for our Chicago baseball teams last night.  The Sox were blown-out 18-9 by the Twins and the Nationals beat the Cubs 11-5.  Oh well, if I'm going to lose, I'd rather it be a blow-out than just one run.

Leave My Plant Alone!!  --RoadDog

Where Were You September 2, 1972?-- Part 1

Bob Stroud finished up his annual trek back to Summer, 40 years ago this past Sunday.  That would be Labor Day weekend 1972.  He does the show over four parts, the first Sunday of each month starting with June.  To see all the songs, go to the Summer 1972 label below.

I was already back to Dekalb, Illinois, and getting ready to start my senior year which would be all education classes at Northern Illinois University.  I was driving the Ramblin' Wreck, the '63 puke green Rambler station wagon my parents had bought me.  The name was very fitting, even if it wasn't from Tech, well, it was from Georgia.

ALONE AGAIN (NATURALLY)--  GILBERT O'SULLIVAN--  When we last left you a month ago, it was the #1 song.  It had just been knocked off its spot.  (It will be the last song played in the show.)
HONKY CAT--  ELTON JOHN--  Debuting on local (Chicago) charts after "Rocket Man" had fallen off.  Off the very successful Honky Chateau album.  (I remember driving the Ramblin' Wreck to Northern back in the spring to see Elton John play a concert.)

ROCK ME ON THE WATER--  JACKSON BROWNE--  New single from Saturate Before Using.
BLACK AND WHITE--  THREE DOG NIGHT--  On its way to the top of the charts

I Even Set the Alarm to Make Sure I Got Up By 7 AM in Time to Hear It.  Being retired, I Don't Usually Set That Alarm (I Still Remember How, Though).

FUNNY HEADLINE:  Quarter of a Million Chinese Live On Water

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Fairly Tame Labor Day Weekend

Of course, being retired, everyday is a holiday.


Dog N' Suds retro dinner.  99 cent Charcoburgers and mug of root beer.  Boating.  Fox Lake Resort presentation and Eagle Point Park puppets.  Bears game at Route 12 Bar.


Fish fry at the Depot in Richmond (old 1880s train station).  Richmond-Burton loses to Winnebago High School.  Stormy Monday and Terry Spizzirri performing.


Rain and Terry Spizzirri cancelled at Docks.  Notre Dame-Navy game in Dublin.  NIU-Iowa game at Soldier Field in Chicago at Tommy's.  Broasted chicken 4-piece dinner.


Summer of 1972 radio show, 40 year anniversary of September 2, 1972.  Captain's Quarters final Sunday afternoon band and Usual Suspects.  Soda put on a great show as usual.


Album Sides on WDRV.  Yardwork in the arboretum.  Kross Inn and 3 for $1 tacos.  Legion.

Fairly Tame Time.  --RoadDog

Football Season Underway

Hey, Fall and Football, just kind of goes together, doesn't it?

I enjoy my football.  Already been out to see two of our local Richmond-Burton High School Rocket football games, one win and one loss, and hope to get out to a Round Lake, Grant and Johnsburg high school games.  A fun trip will be back to Liz and my alma mater, Palatine High School for a game against arch-rival Fremd, and I believe this game is also homecoming.

We watched Northern come up just short Saturday versus Iowa 18-17.  Had a win until 2:05 to go.  Hopefully they'll do better this Saturday as we're going to the game and thinking about driving out to West Point, New York, for the Army game the following week.  The 22nd, Kansas comes to town and next month is NIU homecoming and we'll be at that game as well.

Then, Da Bears start Sunday.

Lovin' My Football.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINE:  Safety Experts Say School Bus Passengers Should Be Belted  (Those young whipper-snappers.)

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Drive's Labor Day Album Sides

This is always a favorite show for me when WDRV, 97.1 FM in Chicago pulls out the old vinyl 33 and a thirds and play a whole side straight through like we used to do in those days of turntables and cartridges.  And, you get the hiss and pps in places, but their albums are evidently in real good shape.  (Probably no brothers to raid and scratch up a collection while someone is at college, right, Bob?  Hold the albums by the edges, don't slide them across each other and carefully put them back in the sleeve when done.)

All the regular deejays have the day off, and the one taking the morning slot has been enjoying the album covers and says this new digital age has brought about "The lost art of cover art."

They play the album straight through, even the dead space between the cuts   Right now they're finishing up side 1 of WHO'S Next by the Who.

Here is a partial list of what they've played so far.  Can you guess the artist?  Listed at bottom.

CANDY-O (side 1) 1979
A HARD DAY'S NIGHT-- (side 1) 1964
NEW WORLD RECORD--  (1) 1976

THE STRANGER--  (1) 1977
COSMO'S FACTORY--  (1) 1970

MADE IN JAPAN--  (1) 1972
STRANGER IN TOWN--  (1)  1978
IN THE DARK--  (1) 1987

SLOWHAND--  (1) 1977
HOUSES OF THE HOLY--  (1)  1973

Playing side 1 of John Mellancamp's SCARECROW album right now. 

I'll Be Listening to the Station a Lot Today.  --RoadDog


Billy Joel

Deep Purple
Bob Seger
Grateful Dead

Eric Clapton
Led Zeppelin
Pat Benatar

Labor Day Travelin' Songs: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Friday, Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten was Planes, Trains & Automobiles in honor of all those of us who hit the roads, rails and air over this Labor Day weekend.  We stayed close to home.  Plenty to do here and I'm also protesting the Isaac Gouge.

TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN'--  AEROSMITH--  Aerosmith's version from Get Your Wings  (Thought it was Blackfoot)
LAST TRAIN TO CLARKESVILLE--  MONKEES--  Their debut single  (I miss Davy.)

PARADISE BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHT--  MEATLOAF--  Back down here in a lasivious sort from Bat Out of Hell.  (Bet I misspelled lasivious.  Where does Stroud get these words?  Always reminds me of the impromptu singing of this song I did with the female bartender across from the Preservation Hall down in New Orleans.)
JET AIRLINE--  STEVE MILLER--  Up, up and away from the Book of Dreams (And here I always thought it was "Big Old Jet Airliner."

CARS-- GARY NUMAN--  Very Euro-sounding from The Pleasure Principle
ROCKIN' DOWN THE HIGHWAY--  DOOBIE BROTHERS--  From Toulouse Street (The album that really broke them out.  One of the greatest driving songs ever made.)

PEACE TRAIN--  CAT STEVENS--  Sooner or later, a seat reserved for each of us on the peace train from Teaser and the Firecat.  (Do you think humans will ever stop fighting?  Doubt it.  Well, if you're not on this train, you might be destined for the last selection.)
HOLIDAY ROAD--  LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM--  A little road trip with the Griswald's, anybody?1983 and the soundtrack to "National Lampoon's Vacation."  (Another great road song, this time with the dog killer.)

MUSTANG SALLY--  WILSON PICKETT--  1966  (The "Wicked" Pickett!!)
CRAZY TRAIN--  OZZY OSBOURNE--  Sooner or later, there's a seat reserved for us on the crazy train.  Blizzard of Oz music.  (I've been enjoying playing the original Black Sabbath akbun lately, but Liz is not so keen on it.)

Some Travelin' Music.  --RoadDog

Every Blooming THing: Early September

Here in northeast Illinois about 30 miles from Lake Michigan and six miles from the Wisconsin line.

The evidence of the drought are still here in patches of still-dead grass, and for me especially over the septic field lines that has been filled out quite well by the crabgrass which thrived.  Lots of crabgrass all over.

Poor crabapple trees have lost most of their leaves (I have five of them) and honeylocusts (4) are starting to turn yellow in places.  Even a few fall colors on the maples and Bradford pears.  The pines have dropped lots of needles.

About half of the 100-150 black-eyed susans still blooming, but most of the 100 purple coneflowers have lost their flowers.  A whole lot of the mums are dead, but a whole lot are still alive.  Best not bump into any of the goldenrod as they are blooming and covered with stingers.  Glads are now blooming.

Most of the ferns are dead in the arboretum and some of the hostas are even dead and others with dead leaves.

We had rain Saturday, thankfully.  Foggy outside right now.  Didn't have to cut the grass for five weeks back in July.  Cut three times in August, but didn't need to last week.

It Was A Rough One This Summer.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINES:  Milk Drinkers Are Turning to Powder

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Road Trip: 10 Classic Driving Songs

From the August 31st WXRT FM radio by Frank E. Lee.

STRANGE TIMES--  Black Keys--  "Hard-hitting guitar riff makes you wanna grab the wheel and speed down the highway."
TWO OF US--  Beatles--  (Sums it up.  You and a friend or pal cruising down the highway.)
BORN TO RUN--  Bruce Springsteen
I'LL TAKE YOU THERE--  Staple Singers

KODACHROME--  Paul Simon  (This one has a really great video.)
RUNNING ON EMPTY--  Jackson Browne  (A great road song, anytime, anywhere.)
MUSTANG SALLY--  Wilson Pickett
SISTER GOLDEN HAIR--  America  "Sunshine 70s pop at its finest."

OK, so Frank E. can't count...just nine songs, but good videos, especially the one for "Kodachrome."

Hope I Can Afford the Gas.  --RoadDog

It's Notre Dame vs. Navy for College Saturday Kickoff

And, it started at 8 AM here in CDST.  What you call a real early start.

It's half time with Notre Dame up 27-3.  They are the visitors, but, are they REALLY the visitors since the game is being played in Dublin, Ireland?  Let's see, the Fighting Irish playing in Ireland.  You figure.

A great start to the football season, even though there have already been games Thursday and Friday.  This is the part of the season for us mid level 1A football schools to get torn up by the Big Boys, but once in awhile, there is a real big upset.

The fact that Navy is playing in the game also commemorates the role the U.S. Navy played in the War of 1812, in which that branch of the military really came of age and proved itself, thankfully as the Army sure was a disappointment for the most part.  As you know, we are now commemorating (celebrating, but you don't celebrate war) the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.

Come On Midshipman, make It a Game.  (I Also Have to Admit I Have Become a Notre Dame Fan After Hating Them For So Many Years,)  --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me: Living Here In The State of Gas

Well that was some big, but expected, shock on the 30 cent gas jump (to $4.26) we had here in the Fox Lake area of northeast Illinois.  I imagine it was the same all over the state.  I know this past week, it came out that Chicago was paying the highest price for gas in the continental U.S.. Even beating out Los Angeles.  You can always figure Chicago to be another 30 cents higher than here (about 35 miles northwest).

Illinois' Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, daughter of der Slick Mike, announced that she would be investigating for gas gouging.  Kind of like looking at the site of a barn fire and deciding that there had been a fire if you ask me. Gas Gouge?  What Gas Gouge?  Not Here!!

Anyway, by the next day, gas at a couple stations had dropped to $4.10 and two on US-12 to $4.16.  I noticed yesterday they too had joined the $4.10 crew.

Just In Time for Labor Day Driving, Labor Day Profit!!  --RoadDog

Tune In That Radio: Great Music This Weekend!!

In just a few minutes, Wendy Rice on Chicago's WXRT, 93.1 FM, takes us back to 1967 on her Saturday Morning Flashback Show at  Not only do you get the music, but also lots of tidbits  and bews from the year.  It goes from 8 to noon, CST.  She just kicked off with the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour."

Then tomorrow, Bob Stroud on Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM, takes us back to the September 2, 1972, in the fourth and final segment of his Summer of '72 series.  

So, if you were alive for either of these (I was in high school for today's show and college for tomorrow's) and want to do a bit of remembering and toe-tapping, give it a listen.

Something else I've been getting a kick out of listening to is the Beach Music Top 40 Countdown for the year 1954 that Fessa John Hook has been playing this week on the Cashbox site   Ruth Brown, Joe Turner, Champion Jack Dupree, Sticks McGhee, Jimmy Liggins and Louis Jordan just to name a few in the chart.

Looking forward to the release of the new Mumford & Sons album at the end of this month.

Go Ahead!!  Listen!  As the Scott's Guy Would Say.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINE:  Two Convicts Avoid the Noose, Jury Hung