Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to Our Old Stomping Grounds-- Part 3: Hawthorne Mall (Now Westfield)

Back when we lived at the apartment in Vernon Hills (1974-1975), a new indoor shopping mall was opened by Milwaukee Avenue (Il-19) and Il-60 named Hawthorne. It became an immediate hit for us, especially with a Greek restaurant called the Athens. Absolutely loved their gyros, which was a new thing for us back then. One of the first places to have it in the area.

We continued to go back even after we moved to Round Lake Beach. At the time, Hawthorne Mall sat essentially by itself. Now, there is more shopping in the area around it than in the mall. It is regular strip mall/big box America.

Definitely a safer place for me to go and not spend money as there is not a single book store or record/CD store in the whole place.

 Saving My Money. --RoadDog

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to Our Old Stomping Grounds-- Part 2: Bill's Pub

July 16th, we drove to Libertyville for a concert in Independence Grove. Much of the way, was the route I used to take going to my teaching job in Round Lake for two years back from 1973 to 1975 from Des Plaines and then Vernon Hills. Quite a few changes since then.

We decided to go to our old favorite place to eat, Bill's Pizza in Mundelein, and I have to say, other than the sign warning about peanuts (in this age of people who will die or get really sick or die if they come into contact with peanuts, something I had never heard of before until the last decade or so) and, of course, prices, this place hasn't changed a bit.

Right away, the waitress brings you a basket of peanuts which you munch and throw the shells on the floor (something I am not allowed to do at home). We ordered the classic Bill's Special pizza which is essentially a garbage pizza with a whole lot of great toppings. And, it tastes just the same. Some of the best-ever pizza. 

Then, there is the North Woods decor with all the stuffed animals, fish and heads.

Great Fun and Eating. --RoadDog

Back to Our Old Stomping Grounds: Mundelein and Vernon Hills-- Part 1

Back on July 16th, we drove to Libertyville, planning on seeing Mr. Myers perform that Tuesday night at Independence Grove. Unfortunately, there was no show due to a bomb scare. Since then, police have found the culprits.

Every Tuesday during the summer they have a concert at the forest preserve, costing $5 a carload if you arrive after 5. Thinking about trying to see another concert there tonight, this time by a group called "Three Guys in Kilts" playing Irish music and oldies.

Of course, these are our old stomping grounds as we lived an apartment in Vernon Hills for a year back in 1974 to 1975 before we moved to our new house in Round Lake Beach.


Blackhawk Parade and Rally-- Part 8: A Rare Chicago Championship

Now, all festivities are on the stage with a regular sea of red out in front of it. I like the red jerseys best by far. The mayor got up and off before anyone had a chance to boo, but Quinn's, the govs., greeting more than made up for it. Of course, all this for a practically forgotten team as late as six years ago.

Of course, we also know that due to salary cap, a whole lot of the members of the 2010 team were playing elsewhere for the next season. Stan Bowman had the job of rebuilding that team.

When he spoke he said today was his birthday and that it "was the best birthday ever." At which point, the crowd started singing "Happy Birthday."

When it was Coach Quennville's time to speak, the chant was "Q." Letty Sherry said she had waited 49 years for 2010 and now three years for this one and wants them to do it again.

Good Day to be a Hawks Fan. --RoadDog

Monday, July 29, 2013

Four Days, Six Bands, Five Bars, Two Festivals and Eight Clydesdales

Good times around here since Thursday.

JULY 25TH: It's Thursday Festival in Antioch. Eight-horse team of Clydesdales at Anastasia's. Wings at Sequoit Lodge. The great Funk du Jour 12-piece band with horn section at the Antioch Grandstand.

JULY 26TH, FRIDAY: Rain all day. One of the last NTN games (they're dropping it after twenty years) at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes. Italian Bomber sandwiches.

JULY 27TH, SATURDAY: Walla-palooza Cancer Fundraiser in Johnsburg. Saw the bands Days of Mayhem (heavy metal), Partyhardigans (you've got to see 'em to believe 'em) and American English (Beatles tribute).

Then, went to Captain's Quarters for Selective Recall (80s band).

JULY 28TH, SUNDAY: Classic car show in Spring Grove. Bloody Mary at Dirty Rooster overlooking Grasslake. Rhythm Kings playing at Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake. Firepit on Grand Strand (sun patio). 

Good Times. Why Go Away on Vacation? --RoadDog

Ice Cream!!

Last night, while at the bonfire on the Grandstrand...well firepit, I heard the distinctive sound of an ice cream truck several blocks of those special sounds of summer.

I was not the only one who heard it as from somewhere off in the distance, I heard a child's voice yelling, ala Homer Simpson, "Ice Cream!!"

Somewhere, off there in that distance, a parent got $2 poorer.

The Sound of Summer. --RoadDog

It Would Appear We're Back to the Run-On Paragraphs

Once again I can't compose in the body of the writing and I'm not sure exactly what I did a couple weeks ago to fix it.

Like I said, I hate run-on paragraphs.

Today is September 22, 2018, and right now I am going back and putting in paragraphs for eight months of seven blogs.

Hope I do. RoadDog

Saturday, July 27, 2013

No More NTN at Donovan's Reef

I have to admit that we had kind of been expecting it for quite some time, but yesterday when we went to Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, we found out that the owners were going to drop NTN, National Trivia Network, also called Buzztime.

We have been playing NTN there since at  least 1994 and really putting the place on the NTN Top Twenty Board.  We've had people from all over the U.S. visit because they say they've seen us on the rankings so many times.

We generally go there once a week to play and have noticed that fewer and fewer people are playing.  Most of the regulars completely ignore the game.

With it costing $450 a month for ten boards, that is a lot of money being spent for little return, so I am not surprised.

Barb says they will keep it until some friends we met in Myrtle Beach come a visit in early August.

The last seven years or so, the people running NTN have done one thing after another to anger me and try to attract a different group of players, so I have grown disenchanted with it so this will not cause me to miss it as much.

Things Change.  --RoadDog

What to Do Today?

Well, it finally rained all day yesterday, something we badly needed.  Since I hadn't cut the grass in over two weeks, perhaps that is in order for today.  But only if it gets sunny, which it hasn't yet at 8:57 AM.

We have two options for this afternoon.

Either drive to Wauconda, Illinois, about ten miles south of us and check out their painted Adirondack chairs along the streets and see Terry Spizzirri play out on the deck at Dock's overlooking Bangs Lake.

Either that, or we could also go to Johnsburg, about three miles from us for Wally-Palooza, a fundraiser for cancer.  They have a large number of bands playing there including one I've just heard of, the Partyhardigans which, from what I have found out, is quite a unique group.

Also, American English to their excellent Beatles tribute and capping the entertainment tonight, one of the really popular local bands, Modern Day Romeos.

Of course, the weather plays a lot in our decision.  Not only is it overcast, but quite chilly.  I even had to wear a sweatshirt out on the front porch this morning to eat breakfast.

What to Do, What to Do?  --RoadDog

JAB'D Wednesday

As in Just Another Boating Day.

This past Wednesday, we got in a rare day boating.  Sure like to do more, but last week it was all too hot and this week, with improved weather (cooler) I have been doing yardwork.

Boated over to Hidden Point on Fox Lake and met Kevin and Kelly who had been downriver to McHenry to get passport stamps.  Hidden Point used to be Korpan's for many years and since then has been a whole bunch of places, the best of which was Templeton's Point.

Hidden Point is exactly what a successful bar on the Chain shouldn't be.  No specials, hit-and-miss food (sometimes they have it, sometimes not).  Entertainment on the weekends, well, maybe.

Then, we boated over to NAC, National Athletic Club on Fox Lake's south shore.  Sometimes they are open, sometimes not.  We called ahead to make sure they were open.  It is a private club, but open to boaters who pay full price for drinks.

Two More Passports Signed for the Chain Crawl.  --RoadDog

POLICE COMMENTS TO PERPS  You don't know how fast you were driving?  I guess that means I can write anything I want on the ticket, huh?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Going Places on a Monday

This past Monday, Liz had an eye doctor appointment in McHenry, Illinois.  While waiting for her, I went to some various stores and bought four VHS (that's right, VHS) tapes at the Salvation Army Thrift Store and did some banking.

Then we drove to Broken Oar on Fox River and had lunch, then we went to Kief's Reef, also on the Fox River, for an appetizer.  We used our Chain Crawl coupons and also got our passport stamped at both places.  Hey, 40 bars in one summer by boat, just the challenge.  However, we also drive the car to some of them.

Back to McHenry.  Liz dropped me off at the Vinyl Frontier on Water Street while she went to Vickie's Place and the Snuggery, both on the Fox River, to get two more passport stamps.  I bought three CDs and the first album by the Chicago 60s band Cryan' Shames, Sugar & Spice, featuring that song.

A stop at Sports for l
Less, located by Vickie's, the kind of a place I should always avoid as way too much temptation with all that sports stuff.  I ended up buying two wind-up walking Bear figures and a hockey puck with the 2013 Stanlet Cup (of course, won by the Chicago Blackhawks) on it.

Then to Oak Park Lounge and Hotel, one of the original Chain of Lakes resorts dating back to the 1890s and were entertained by Bomber, the very spoiled and pampered black lab.

That's Five Passport Stamps in One Day.  --RoadDog

Blackhawks Parade and Rally-- Part 7

It was kind of strange to see "Star-Spangles Banner" singer Jim Cornelison without his usual tux belting out the song.  And then there was the United Center yelling and cheering during the song by a million plus people.

They had a montage of the 16 games the Hawks won in the playoffs in order to get the Stanley Cup.  Neither Liz or I could remember who the Hawks played first those six weeks ago.  Turns out it was the Minnesota Wild.  Then, that real hard series against Detroit when, at one point the Hawks were down three games to one, but won those last ones.  Then, it was last year's winners, the LA Kings and then the previous Cup winners, the Bruins.

Team owner Rocky Wirtz got up and said he had to give his speech in one minute and 17 seconds, a real magic number around here as in the last game, with the Hawks down 2-1 with just that amount of time remaining, the Hawks scored twice in 17 seconds then held on to win it all.

There was no sitting whatsoever in Grant Park for the whole thing.  Glad I wasn't there as my feet would be hurting, especially after the walk from Union Station there.

Governor Pat Quinn was roundly booed when he said a few words.  Mayor Emmanuel was up and down so fast there wasn't much chance for him to get booed.

Not Through Yet.  --RoadDog

POLICE COMMENTS TO PERPS:  Can you run faster than 1200 feet per second?  Because that's the speed of the bullet chasing you.

Time for Next Gas Gouge: Gas "Down" to $3.90

Best get over and fill up the cars today as yesterday I saw gas down to $3.90 in Fox Lake, Illinois.  Time  for Big Oil to "pop" it back up to $4.20 (or more).

And, then there was the platform fire in the Gulf of Mexico yesterday.  I heard it was natural gas, but they will figure out some reason to use it as an additional excuse.

And, after all, it is still Summer Driving Season.  And, the refineries have cut production.  And, we're shipping oil overseas.

By the way, isn't it time for quarterly reports.  I SURE would like to know how much Big Oil made this last 3 months.  For the most part, these huge profits are kept secret.  Or, at least I don't come across the figures.

Come on, Guys.  --RoadDog


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good Times This Past Weekend


Movie "Lone Ranger"  then Antioch Taste of Summer.  The band B.B.I..  Cooling off at the Lodge and Wings, Etc.


Movie "Pacific Rim."  Stormy Monday for drinks with Usual Suspects.


Classic Boat Show at Freddie's Roadhouse in Fox Lake, Vietnam Traveling Wall in McHenry, McHenry Fiesta Days Art in the Park, Several bands playing at various locations, Town Tap, Polish Legion, After the Fox, Twisted Moose.


Antioch Taste of Summer, Band 7th Heaven, Rain, The Lodge, Captain's Quarters and band Sugar High.  Chased by rain at both Antioch and Captain's, unfortunately, none of that rain fell at home.

Why I Like to Stay Around Home During the Summer.  --RoadDog

Blackhawks Parade and Rally-- Part 6: Stanley and the Others

The Stanley Cup has to be the most touched and handled trophy of any professional sports.  As a matter of fact, most regular folks do not get a chance to even see the NFL, NBA or MLB championship trophies.  Just millionaires and that sort get to see them.

Well, the Stanley Cup is really "The People's Cup."  It tours, it goes places.  Even now, local stations have a "Where Is It Now" segment to tell where the Cup is and where it will be.  Recently, it was in a Chicago suburb with one of the Hawk front office people (they get to take it for a day as well).  He had "donated" it to a church who charged $25 for a chance to have a photograph taken with it for charity.  One guy put his young baby in the cup bowl.  Now, that will be a cherished keepsake.

I also have to say it is probably the ugliest with the base of it being so much bigger than the cup.

As the buses arrived at Grant Park, we got to see trophy row with Der Stanley and four other trophies the Hawks won this year.  One was for winning the Western Conference, another for the Campbell and the Con Smyth.

One guy interviewed said this was his 8th championship rally that he'd been to: 5 for the Bulls, two for the Hawks and one for the Sox.

Goalie Ralph Emory shoukld do well in free agency since the Hawks were 17-1 in games where he tended the net.  Sorry that he will be leaving as he is a really good goalie, but I'm sure he wants to be the number one goalie, something that wil not be happening with the Blackhawks.

Chelsea Dagger.  --RoadDog

POLICE COMMENTS TO PERPS:  If you run, you will only go to jail tired.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Movie Scratches: Epic-- Steel-- Earth-- Z

Movie Scratches: A Dogs-Eye view of current movies.

25.  EPIC--  5-29--  McHENRY $5--  A war for forest control among the little guys.  You gotta love Ozzie.

26.  MAN OF STEEL--  6-19--  FOX LAKE FREE--  How it all started.  "I am your father, Cal."  Where have I heard that before?

27.  AFTER EARTH--  6-19--  FOX LAKE $6--  A real father-son bonding experience.  Just learn to control your fear so the boogie monster doesn't get you.

28.  WORLD WAR Z--  6-26--  FOX LAKE $4.50--  Fastest-moving zombies I've ever seen with a lot of teeth-clicking.  Be quiet, be very quiet.

No Senior Specials on Sony Films.  --RoadDog

POLICE COMMENTS TO PERPS:  If you take your hands off your car, I'll make your birth certificate a worthless document.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blackhawks Parade and Rally-- Part 5: Dumb Hats and the Stanley Cup

A real neat thuing was seeing such Blackhawk legends as Bobby Hull. Stan Mikita, Dennis Savard and Tony Esposito riding on those buses.

Watching some of the Hawk players getting off the buses, I'd have to say some of them did not know where the bill of their hat should go, but, at least the bills were curved, none of those flat bills like the young folk like to wear now.  I don't like those flat bills at all.  At one time, the curved ones had gone too far and were practically touching each side, they were that curved.  As dumb as that looked, it was nothing like the dumbness shown by the flat bills, especially when they are worn backwards or sideways.  At least the Hawk caps were curved.

Then, the announcers talked about the beating the Stanley Cup takes as it travels the whole world going to the hometowns of the Stanley Cup winners, which, as if you didn't know, would be the Hawks this year.  I call the Stanley Cup the "People's Cup."  The NBA, NFL and MLB championship trophies are essentially the "Millionaires Trophies."  Essentially, if you don't have a million dollars or are connected to the owners, you're not going to see them.  The Stanley Cup is the People's Cup.  Lots of non-millionaires and regular folk get to see and touch it.

For That Alone, NHL Is the Best.  --RoadDog

POLICE COMMENTS TO PERPS  Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they're new.  They'll stretch out after you wear them for awhile. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Blackhawk Parade and Rally-- Part 4

Another point made were the injuries and hurts that both the Hawk and Bruin players suffered, including the Boston guy who had displaced ribs and played.  The point being a comparison with Chicgo Bulls player Derek Rose, who sat out the entire season with his injuries, even after the doctors cleared him to play.

Of course, today, we heard lots of "Chelsea Dagger."

For the most part, the programming was commercial free and the announcers kept saying this one one was even bigger and better than the celebration in 2010, the last time the Hawks won.  Had I gone, I would have liked to see the prade  by Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, but after seeing all the people there who also were going to the rally, I don't think so.

They wondered whether Coach Q had gotten all the toilet paper off his trees.  The front of his home and yard was absolutely covered the morning after they Hawks clinched on Monday.

WGN reporter Pat Tomazullo was in plenty of out-in-the-street interviews.  We had sure enjoyed his faking out Boston fans by walking the streets of that city with a case about the size of the Stanley Cup and looking very official.  The guy definitely has a sense of humor.  He told one guy wearing his pants kid-style down below his butt to pull them up and show some respect to his mama.  The 20-something-year-old did.

The crowds lining the streets got larger as they approached Grant Park.  We had some of the Usual Suspects who went to the event and planned to be at the ceremony at Grant Park, but I later found out that they had decided with the huge crowd just to watch along the parade route.  Had I known that, I probably would have gone with them.

But, I Was Glad to Get to Watch It On TV.  --RoadDog

POLICE COMMENTS TO PERPS:  You know, stop lights don't come any redder than the one you just went through.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where Were You July 7, 1973?-- Part 6

Siongs playing on the radio this date:

OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY--  LED ZEPPELIN--  Just sneaking out on the charts 40 years ago.
LONG TRAIN RUNNING--  DOOBIE BROTHERS--  In the Top Ten from their great The Captain and Me album.


GIVE ME LOVE--  GEORGE HARRISON--  A month ago, when we did part 1 of the Summer of '73, "Frankenstein" by the Edgar Winter Group  was at the top of the charts.  It is not even on the charts now.  Now two ex-Beatles are on yop.  WCFL had this #1.
MY LOVE--  PAUL McCARTNEY--  Big 89 had this #1.  (That'd be WLS.)

These were some of the songs he played when coming back off commercials"



Getting Ready for My Marriage and Looking for a Job back 40 Years Ago.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First Concert We Missed Because of a Bomb Scare

Last night, we drove over to Libertyville, Illinois, to see Mr. Myers, a band we have been following since 1981 after they got their start at Andy's in Dekalb.  They were students at Northern Illinois.  We had just seen them playing at our Spring Grove 4th of July Fest a couple weeks ago.

This concert is part of a summer series every Tuesday in July to August 6th at the Millennia Plaza amphitheater at Independence Grove, a part of the Lake County Forest Preserve District.  It costs $5 to park and that is all the fees you have to pay.

We pulled up to the entrance, just off Milwaukee Avenue on 137 and saw some Forest Preserve Police there with flashing lights signalling us to drive on.  We thought that perhaps they had cancelled it because of the heat wave.  We doubled back and were told there was no concert tonight.  They did not go into more details.

When we got home, Liz went on the internet and found out that there had been a bomb scare and, not taking chances, the concert was cancelled and every told to leave.  The whole preserve will be closed until a complete search has been made.

Well, We Tried.  --RoadDog

Where Were You July 7, 1973?-- Part 5

Nice not to have to run-on these into a paragraph anymore.

WILL IT GO ROUND IN CIRCLES--  BILLY PRESTON--  Top Ten this date.  (He had played keyboards for the Beatles.)
JUST ONE VICTORY--  TODD RUNDGREN--  His Head Trip was his fourth solo album. It was the album closer.

BAD BAD LEROY BROWN--  JIM CROCE--  (Talk about a song you get in your head and can't get out?  Try to stop humming it now.)
RIGHT PACE, WRONG TIME--  DR. JOHN--  (New Orleans' Pride and Joy.  Well, one of them.)

SO VERY HARD TO GO--  TOWER OF POWER--  Total class from self-titled third album.  Their biggest selling single here in the United States.
SMOKE ON THE WATER--  DEEP PURPLE--  They didn't have a hit with it the first time around in '72 off Machine Head, but they  were GOING to have a hit so released it live.  (And, it was a big hit then.)

Who's the Baddest Man in Town?  --RoadDog

Blackhawk Parade and Rally-- Part 3

It was a real sea of red all along the parade route and Grant Park, with the occasional white visitor jersey.  And, an absolutely perfect day weatherwise.  The announcers remarked that they wished they had a quarter for every Hawk jersey out and about in Chicago today.

Then, there was a lot of talk about how drastically things had changed for the Blackhawks since Bill Wirtz's death in 2008 and his son, Rocky taking over the team.  Before, you rarely ever saw a Blackhawk jersey or shirt (even though in my opinion they have the best-looking logo of any professional sports team). 

It was like Chicago "forgot" it had an NHL team.  If the team drew 4500, that was a real big crowd.  Bill Wirtz believed in taking care of his season ticker holders and as such, no one got to see the game unless they attended.  The Hawks were not on TV.

Then came Rocky Wirtz and a new era.

There is also some worry about players who will be leaving because of the salary cap.  A whole lot of Hawks left the team through trade after the 2010 Stanley Cup Championship.  It appears there won't be as many players leaving this time, probably most notably goalie Ray Emory who was every bit as good as  Corey Crawford this past season.

Kiss That Cup.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And, a Welcome Back to the "Summer Driving Season" Gas Gouge: A Guide to Big Oil's Gas Gouges

Part of Big Oil's EXCUSE for this new gouging is that we now have the infamous "Summer Driving Season."  It hasn't been around for several years because gas prices have actually dropped throughout the summer.

The reason for no "Summer Driving Season" (where people hit the road for vacations) is that we had other special gouging seasons.  Let me recap these other "Driving Seasons" as an explanation for the dazed and confused:

First, there was the Pre-Pre-Pre Summer driving Season where Big Oil, started thinking about the summer and reflected that it was time to get a head start on the gouge and raise prices in late January.

Then, there was the Pre-Pre Summer Driving Season around early March when they remembered they hadn't found reasons to raise gas for several weeks.

Next was the Pre-Summer Driving Season in early April when they remembered it had been several weeks since the Pre-Pre Summer Drive Gouge.

Then, we have the annual closing of plants for the Fix-It Gouge.

Then, around Chicago, we have the switch to the summer gas formulas for cleaner air (the Clean Gouge)which is always good for another 30-40 cents in profit.

Ya Just Gotta Love Those Big Oil Dudes.  --RoadDog

Outsmarted and Gouged All At the Same Time: Gas Up to $4.20!!

Drove over to Fox Lake for some boating this morning and received a shock.  Last night, I noticed gas prices "down" to $3.87 after jumping 46 cents last Thursday from $3.54 to $4 (and they did that price increase in the space of a minute).  Dropping 13 whole cents in three days is tantamount to something amazing. 

I thought about filling up the '03 Malibu as we're going over to Libertyville tonight to see Mr. Myers do their trop rock/steel drum thing, but decided to wait and fill up today.

That was a BIG MISTAKE.

Gas this morning was now up to $4.20, a 33 cents jump!!

As I turned onto Holly Street to get to the boat, I saw the Citgo station on Grand Avenue had evidently not noticed and still had gas at $3.87 so did a quick turn-around in Hello Folks' parking lot and filled up before they too went to $4.20.

Somewhere, that terrorist's smile just got bigger.

Got to Move Fast In These Gas Gouging Days.  --RoadDog

Did I Figure Out the Problem, Or Did Blogspot?

As you can see in the last post, I can now again use paragraphs and skip lines.

I hit the compose/HTML spots and all of a sudden, I could get paragraphs again.  So, was it me or was it Blogspot that helped me out.

It sure would have been nice if it was Blogspot.

I'll have to see if the problem is solved on the other blogs.  And, then again, maybe I just hit a wrong utton back then when al  the problems started.  With computers and such, you never know.

We'll see if this prints up nice.

Crashing Through the 'Puter Jungle Again.  --Road What? Dog

JSS: Skeeters-- Heat-- Boating

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. SKEETERS-- One unpleasant aspect of all the rain and floods we had this past spring is an overabundance of some really bloodthirsty mosquitoes. Poor Liz is essentially a walking mosquito bump. Working in the yard is clip, clip, slap, clip, clip, slap. I'm beginning to think my ears have a constant buzzing in them.

2. HEAT--  And, ever since Saturday, we have had quite the heat wave and, even worse, no breeze.  I can stand most any kind of heat as long as I have a breeze.  With no breeze, I can work up a sizable sweat just sitting in one place.

Plus, breeze tends to keep those skeeters occupied and away from me.

3.  BOATING--  This lack of breeze has also caused problems with boating.  Yesterday, between threatening storms and the big heat, we didn't go out.  This past weekend we didn't go out either because of the heat and way too many weekend warriors.

I'll be leaving in a couple minutes for some early morning boating, maybe over to McDonald's for breakfast..

Just Some Stuff.  --Skeeter-Hating Dog

Blackhawks Parade and Rally-- Part 2: Even Tommy Hawk!!

A big question, who gets the Cup first? It would be the player with the most games played (and probably game time in a tie-breaker).

An interesting story about the first night of the NHL Lockout when some Hawk players were at the United Center to see the band Rush play. When Hawks owner Rocky Wirttz found out they were there, he asked them to leave. NHL players are not allowed at any NHL facility during a lockout.

Toews was holding the Stanley Cup in the first bus. The mayor of Chicago and state governor were also on buses.

Our governor, Pat Quinn, was also at the Orange Bowl in Miami for the NIU-FSU reception and game. Must be nice to be governor, but a little later, during the speeches, it wasn't so nice.

Mascot Tommy Hawk (get it?) was also in one of the 26 buses for the event.

It's Good to Be a Hawk Fan Right Now. --RoadDog

Monday, July 15, 2013

I Hate These Run-On Paragraphs

But, still nothing I can do. I don't know why Blogspot has done it nor do I know what to do to fix it. 


As of October 2018 I am going back and putting paragraphs into these blog entries.

Where Were You July 7, 1973?-- Part 4: "Shambala"

Maybe these songs will jog your memory.

WITHOUT YOU-- Doobie Brothers
KODACHROME----Paul Simon

LIVE AND LET DIE-- Paul McCartney & Wings
SHAMBALA-- Three Dog Night
THINKING OF YOU-- Loggins & Messina

MONEY-- Pink Floyd
NO MORE MR. NICE GUY-- Alice Cooper

MEADOWS-- Joe Walsh


Blackhawks Parade and Rally-- Part 1: Two Stanley Cups In Four Years

We watched this on Chicago's own WGN TV back on June 28th, a Friday. We even thought about going down for it, but decided not because of all the people, people and more people going down for it. As it turned out, we could have gone to Chicago on the train and seen the parade at some point before it got to Grant Park on Route 66.

The players were on doubledecker busses and sitting 3 or 4 across at the back of each one. A lot of other people were on each one as well: family, friends and other Blackhawk personnel. We sure got to know them through those four different teams they played on the way to the Stanley Cup, and of course. the Stanley Cup was prominent as well as all the other award hardware the team won.

Some people had arrived as early as 4 or 5 in the morning according tio the announcers and they also wondered why all four of Chicago's teams couldn't be like the Hawks. Two Cups in four years.

Well, the Bulls won the NBA Championship six times in eight years in the 1990s (3 straight times and then another three straight) and the Sox won the World Series in 2005. Da Bears in '85 and, well, the Cubs....

A Great Cap to a Great Season. --RoadDog

And This Past Weekend: Boating, Bars, Beer, Bands and Festivals


JABD (Just Another Boating Day)--

Boat Float in Fox Lake, Blueberry Hill and Aquarium on Nippersink Lake. Antioch for It's Thursday concert. Wings at Sequoit Lodge and then Mellancougar (John Mellancamp tribute). Thirsty Turtle on the way home.

FRIDAY, JULY 12TH-- JABD. Blarney Island and Grasslake Landing. Kelly and Kevin's place on Fox Lake. Legion.

SATURDAY, JULY 13TH-- Saturday Morning Flashback on WXRT to 1969. Port Edwards in Algonquin, drinks and appetizers by the Fox River.

Rotary Ribfest in Lake In the Hills, Illinois. Great ribs and corn as well as tribute bands Fortunate Sons (CCR) and Heartache Tonight (Eagles). Woodstock Square on the way home.

SUNDAY, JULY 14TH-- Rock and Roll Roots. Gazebo. Chicago-style hot dogs (99 cents) at 59 Roost and the band Soda playing 3 to 7 at Captain's Quarters.

Not a Bad Weekend. --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me: The Latest Gas Gouge

You still have to wonder how we went from having plenty of gas a few weeks ago to not enough gas a few days ago. Chicago, as usual, is at the top of gas prices in the United States. Our stations here in northeast Illinois JUMPED from $3.54 to $4 in ONE MINUTE!! 

Since then, they have come down to $3.90. Somewhere, there is a terrorist smiling as money is pouring into his coffers for more horrible things. Sadly, that money comes in large part because of American investors out to make their ill-got profits, regardless of who gets hurt.

Thanks a lot, GRBs, Big Oil, DTs and HFS's. Too Bad the Govt. Won't Do Anything. 

Well-Paid I Reckon. --RoadDog

Friday, July 12, 2013

Did We Ever Get Gas Gouged Yesterday!!! Jumped 46 Cents!!!!!

We really are going to have to find a way to deal with these GRBs who are willing to make everyone suffer so they can put more money in their pockets.

Gas had finally "Gotten" down to $3.54 (well, $3.53.9) in Fox Lake, Illinois. Still high, but better than the $4 it was three weeks ago. Yesterday, I notcied the Phillips 66 on US-12 had jumped their price to $3.70. Since they are usually the first to raise prices, I immediately went to Shell on Grand Avenue and filled up at $3.56.

Yesterday, we were more than a bit shocked to see BP and 66 both at $4 (well, $3.99.9). Count it, that's a 46 cent jump in one day. The new Thornton's on Grand and 12 was still, however, at $3.54. I see that gas prices are expected to spike 15 cents around here, well two of our stations have done "much" better than that.

Part of the problem is that there are problems in Egypt (which doesn't produce oil). Go figure. They'll use any old excuse to jack the prices. Government needs to do something, but doesn't. In Big Oil hip pocket. 

Needin' Some Gas...Relief. --RoadDog

Great Day, Boat's in the Water-- Part 2: The Channel Problem

Now, Rick's channel where we keep the boat is a very narrow one and even with a boat parked on just one side, difficult to navigate. With the big pontoon across from us, it will be extremely difficult, even for smaller boats to get by.

And, don't even think about the bigger boats and pontoons that come down it a lot (there is a popular restaurant called Dino's Den and 92 East Pub and Grill by the Grand Avenue Bridge. Then, there are the captains who aren't very good and some who've had too many cocktails.

I walked over (requiring a walk to Grand Avenue, crossing the bridge and walking to their place) and explained the situation and they were nice enough to move their boat so that we weren't across the channel from each other (after all, they'd take damage as well).

Had they not moved, we would have had to find another place to dock this summer.

Took a cruise on Fox Lake in some pretty rough water from all the breeze and stopped at Captain's Quarters for their $2 Wednesday cheeseburger and fries special.

A Good First Day of Boating for the 2013 Season. --RoadDog

JAB'D Again (Just Another Boating Day)-- July 11th

Every boating season, we shoot for at least 40 days out on the boat. (And will settle for a minimum of 30). 

Of course, starting so late theis season, we're in a hurry to rack up some days now. Yesterday was Day #1. 

After a float on Fox Lake (that would be engine off, lying back, catching some rays, reading a magazine and listening to tunes on the radio) we went over to Nippersink Lake and stopped at Blueberry Hill and the Aquarium (Home of the Minnow Swallowers where you can just swallow one, crunch one or now snort one up your nose).

We got two of our Chain Crawl passport stamps.

Thirty-one More to Go. --RoadDog

Getting My Music On-- Part 2: CDs, Radio and Bands

We've been listening to the Mr. Myers CD while driving the '03 Malibu around. We saw them at Spring Grove 4th of July before the fireworks. Great steel drum Trop-Rock and from Dekalb.

Ten at Ten today goes back for ten songs from 1976 on WDRV. Tomorrow's Saturday Morning Flashback on WXRT is for 1969 from 8AM to noon. Of course, Sunday its Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots and Terri Hemmert's Breakfast With the Beatles.

Then, Sunday afternoon from 3 to 7, it's the band Soda playing at Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake. Love Those Oldies.

--RoadDog (A Real Oldie Himself)

Getting My Music On-- Part 1: Soul Asylum and Cover Bands (CCR and Eagles)

Right now listening to my Grave Dancers Union CD by Soul Asylum.

Tomorrow, they will be playing at Lake in the Hills, Illinois' Sunset Park as part of their Ribfest Festival. I remember them as having a big hit back in the 1990s with "Runaway Train." The back cover says 1992, so I was right. I also really liked their "Somebody to Shove."

Let someone cut into the rib line....

The second cut was good also. I don't know about the cover art, though.

Anyway, they cap off two Tribute Bands during the late afternoon, early evening: Fortunate Sons (CCR) and Heartache Tonight (Eagles). And then, there is all that great corn on the cob and, of course ribs. Should be a great day.

And, at $5 a head to get in. Great Deal. Of course, hopefully, we'll be able to afford the gas which really spiked around here yesterday!!

Food and Music!! Sign Me Up!!! --RoadDog

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Great Day: Boat's In the Water!!!-- Part 1: Our Excuses For the Delay

Let it be written down, that after two months of mostly sitting in the driveway (the neighbors must have thought we had a new lawn ornament), we finally got the boat in the water yesterday.

Our excuse(s) for the tardiness (we got the boat out of the barn in Hebron, Illinois, May 11th) were the two floods, mighty cool (even COLD) weather, rain and other things.

Took the boat to the American Legion in Fox Lake and launched it. Then took the trailer over to Kora's and then I drove over to Rick's place on the channel off Mineola Bay in Fox Lake.

I wasn't happy to find the people across the channel had a big pontoon boat tied up by their seawall, right across from where we had to dock.

I'll stop writing to avoid a way-too-long paragraph thanks to Blogspot.

Water Here We Come. --RoadDog

Where Were You July 7, 1973?-- Part 3: "Tequila Sunrise"

Maybe these songs Bob Stroud played on his show this past Sunday might help remind you of 40 years ago.
Because of the NO PARAGRAPH/run all lines together Blogspot problem, I will not be writing down Stroud's comments or my own.

DIAMOND GIRL-- Seals & Crofts

DANIEL-- Elton John
GIVE IT TO ME-- J. Geils Band
I'M DOING FINE NOW-- New York City

UNEASY RIDER-- Charlie Daniels Band.

Who Was the Guy With the Green Teeth. --RoadDog

Blogspot Problems Continue

Again, real sorry about the lack of paragraphs, but I can't do anything about it.


As of September 2018 I am going back and inserting paragraphs in the 8 months I couldn't get them to come up on the computer.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Could this be the much-delayed day to FINALLY get the boat in the water?

It's been ready to go since the middle of last month and of course, much delayed by all the rain and flooding. 


Every Blooming THing: Early July

This has to be considered prime time for the yard. The flowers are a-bloomin' big time. Right now, the clematis. potentillas, Missouri primrose, yellow loosestrife, and stella d'oro daylillies are blooming.

Also, the other daylillies and Asiatic daylillies are about to bloom (some already have). Mums that weren't cut back are blooming as is the lavendar.

In addition, I have wild daisies, and all three sizes of daisies (tall, medium and short) going to town. Marguerites as well.

In addition, I have a bunch of plants that I don't know the name of blooming. One is orange, others have purple and blue spikes.

A Pretty Tard Time of the Year.    --RoadDog

Where Were You July 7, 1973?-- Part 2

I was driving around my (well, soon, our) 1973 Ford Pinto which we had bought for $2200 at a Ford dealer in DeKalb. That was a HUGE amount of money for us.We traded the '63 Ramblin' Wreck in on it.

And, I was either still living in Palatine at Liz's parents' place or perhaps we had gotten the apartment in Des Plaines by then. I'm not too sure on the particulars.

By now, I had given up on getting a teaching job and looking for anywhere my career might take me. I hated the way I was treated at the teaching job interviews (well, the few I could even get). Liz was back home as well and looking for a teaching job while working at General Finance Corporation (a loan company) in Evanston. The Home of "Friendly Bob Adams."

We were getting married August 25th.

Then, There Were Those Great Songs Playing Back Then, All Those 40 Years Ago.

A Real Busy Time.  --RoadDog

Where Were You July 7, 1973?-- Part 1: Getting Ready to Marry

Sunday, Bob Stroud played the second installment of his Summer Trip back to 1973 on his WDRV show, Rock and Roll Roots.

I'll be listing the songs, but leaving the comments out because of the paragraph problem where skipped lines don't count anymore. 

Back on July 7, 1973, I was either driving a van back and forth from Sheraton Inn-Walden in Schaumburg, Illinois, a job I had taken while looking for a real job or working as an assistant manager at Bonanza Sirloin Pit in Buffalo Grove (I eventually gave up looking for a teaching job.)

I also might have had my three-day career as a mover, which ended when the truck I was working on was moving a printing company in Chicago and we were taking a particularly heavy piece of machinery over a gangplank when it broke, sending us and a several ton machine about six feet down. You never saw so much "air-swimming" as the four of us were doing to avoid having that fall on us. 

That was my last day at that job. Good pay ($10 an hour), but really, really hard work and dangerous, obviously.)

Keeping It Shorter Than Unsual Because of the Paragraph Problem. --RoadDog

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sorry About No Paragraphs in Last Two Posts. I Have a Blogspot Problem.

About Those 4th of July Lights-- Part 2: Showing My Patriotism

I went down to the basement junk room (not to be confused with my study or deejay junk rooms). After a bit of looking (Well, I sort of knew where the lights were, besides being in a box with the words 4th of July printed on it).

I also found two other red, white and blue rope strands and two US flag lights. I put up one Italian red, white and blue string around the gazebo banisters (which will remain up for the summer). I also put a rope light in the gazebo and placed the twenty small light bulb strand in it.

Then, in the front, I did my Halloween and Christmas light displays with chasing and function strands on both sides of the sidewalk. Then the other strands around them.

All-in-all, it looked very 4thish. Even better, no one else in the neighborhood had 4th of July lights.

I Felt So Special. Still Got to get A Life!!  --RoadDog

About Those 4th of July Lights-- Part 1: Making My Own Light Strands

Liz brought up the question why I didn't put up 4th of July lights like I do for Halloween and Christmas a couple weeks ago. That got me to thinking that about eight years ago, I had taken some red, white and blue C-7 and Italian light sets and painstakenly removed bulbs to make red, white and blue light strands.

I still say I've got to get a life. And, just like when you mess with regulat Christmas light strands, you haven't lived until you remove 2/3 of the lights and often have to pull the Italian light bulb out of its socket holder and replace it to fit a different light strand.

The C-7s weren't too bad, just a process of unxrewing bulbs and screwing them into other strands. I even had two strands of chasing and 8-function lights.

More Fun Than You Can Believe. --RoadDog

Monday, July 8, 2013

First, No Spellcheck, Then, No Correcting (Can't Get Into Body of Entry Now)

Added September 20, 2018.  Back in 2013 from July to December and from January to April 2014, I was unable to do paragraphs in my blogs.  But I am going back now and putting paragraphs in.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Songs For Summer 2013-- Part 5

SUMMER SUN--  JAMESTOWN MASSACRE--  It wouldn't be our summer show without this one.  Summer of '72.  (And a local Chicago band)
SUMMER--  WAR--  1976

IN THE SUMMERTIME--  MUNGO JERRY--  Summer 1970  (And my pick for fave summer song.)

SUMMERTIME BLUES--  BLUE CHEER--  '68  (Hard Psychedelia?)

GONNA HUSTLE YOU--  JAN AND DEAN--  They recut theirNew Girl in School" from 1964 as this in 1975.

SUMMERTIME--  BILLY STEWART--  Great version of it from 1966


Intro Songs:


And, don't forget, tomorrow, July 7th, from 7 to 10 AM on WDRV in Chicago, Bob Stroud does his second installment for the Summer of 1973, 40 years ago.  It streams.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  I am grateful for all of my problems.  After each one was overcome, I became stronger and more able to meet those that were still to come.  I grew in all my difficulties. --James Cash Penney   You may remember him better for his stores, J.C. Penney's.

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Small Town 4th of July

Yesterday, it was small town for me.

At noon, I watched the Spring Grove, Illinois, parade.  Doesn't get much more small town than that.  As usual, lots of antique tractors showing the village's agricultural heritage.  Theme this year was luau and several same-themed floats. 

I liked the float for Richardson's Corn Maze this fall which will be based on the Beatles' 50th anniversary.  Their luau float featured "The Boys" playing in concert, complete with Beatle wigs and Hawaiian shirts.  The guy on the tractor pulling the float was especially funny with all his antics.  Somebody was having too much fun.  And, yes, they were playing Beatles music good and loud.

After that, we went over to a friend's house party in nearby Johnsburg.

Then, back to Horse Fair Park in Spring Grove for the festival and got to see a long-time favorite band of ours, Mr. Myers, playing their Trop Rock/Reggae/Buffett music.  We've been following them since 1981 at Andy's in Dekalb, Illinois.

We came home and watched the Spring Grove Fireworks from our driveway for the 21st time in a row (well, actually 20th for me as in 2000 I was in Rome, Italy, and they don't observe the 4th there for some reason.  I had seen a fireworks display a few days earlier at Lucerne, Switzerland.)

Good Time In the Area.  --RoadDog

The key is not to prioritze what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities--  Stephen Covey

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ten Patriotic Songs for a Fourth of July

Today on the Loop's Ten at Ten, Seaver played ten songs of a patriotic bent in honor of the holiday.

AMERICA--  Simon and Garfunkel
R.O.C.K.I.N.G IN THE U.S.A.--  John Mellancamp
LIVING IN THE USA--  Steve Miller Band
FREEDOM--  Paul McCartney
INDEPENDENCE DAY--  Bruce Springsteen

IN AMERICA--  Charlie Daniels Band

And, Sunday, Bob Stroud goes back to July 7, 1973, 40 years ago to play the songs on your radio and in your collection from 7 to 10 AM, CDST on WDRV at .

Happy Birthday America.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Good Times Around Here: June 27th to July 1st


The trip to Dekalb for the Lincoln Highway Centennial.  Looking for Hawk Stanley Cup gear.


Popeye's in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, overlooking Geneva Lake for my birthday fish fry.  Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. Then, karaoke at the Lakes Area Legion in Fox Lake, Illinois, on Nippersink Lake.


Terry and Greg Spizzirri performing on the deck at Dock's On the Rocks Tiki Bar in Wauconda, Illinois, overlooking Bang's Lake.  Then, Mellancougar tribute band to John Mellancamp playing at Captain's Quarters in Antioch on Fox Lake..


After listening to Rock and Roll Roots in the morning, it was yardwork and then Milwaukee's Eddie Butts Band playing at Captain's Quarters from 3 to 7.  They are an ultimate party band.


Yardwork and then J's in Ingleside for half price pizza, $1.50 pints and NTN.  Then the Legion where we bought the boat launch yearly pass.

Summers and Retirement Just Sort of Go Together.  --RoadDog

That Magical Game Six of Stanley Cup Finals-- Part 3: FINALLY!!!

Unfortunately, there was a whole minute left to play.  If the Bruins tied it, there would be another overtime and we sure had the overtimes in these finals.  Probably two of the best-matched teams ever to play in the Finals and, they were two of the Original Six NHL teams.

That time went by excruciatingly slow.  Kind of like when you're watching the clock on the wall at school back in your student days.  Tommy's actually quieted down a little.  People were even holding their breath.  Now, it's ten seconds and clock still running slow and the Bruins too often down deep in Hawk territory.

Last ten seconds were a bar countdown, everyone counting.

Then, big yelling, screaming, jumping up and down.  Beer flying in the air from shaken bottles (glad we weren't by it).  More high-fives, more hand shaking.  Lots of smiles and laughter.  A big weight lifted from the collective soul.  Big celebration starting on the ice in Boston also.

As happy as we were, the poor Bruins and their fans had to be heartbroken.  To go from a trip to Game 7 to the end of the run like that has to be rough.

I grabbed a dollar and ran over to the juke box and, with help, managed to put on "Chelse Dagger" by the Fratelli's which is the Hawk song for goals and wins.  It would seem to be the song to play right now.  The place went crazy all over again when the first guitar licks were played.

Finally.  And the Second Cup in Four Years.  --RoadDog

THE LAST IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS':  Cast memebers would never cash their paychecks, just play with them.

Bill Edgcomb (1953-2013)

Last Tuesday we went to the wake for Bill Edgcomb, a long-time educator in the Round Lake, Illinois, school district.  Liz worked with him for over twenty years.

Making it even more sad was that he had just retired a couple years ago and almost immediately started an abrupt loss of health that was finally diagnosed as pancreatic cancer.  To work all those years and then losing all the retirement time.

We have been to many functions over the years with Bill and his wife (who died about ten years ago) and he was one fun guy.  Always with something funny.

As far as education, Bill Edgcomb was the teacher's teacher.  He took everything seriously and would put in 12-hour days on a regular basis.  I didn't know it, but in 2008, he won the prestgious Golden Apple Award for teaching.

He'll Be Missed.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Songs For Summer 2013-- Part 3

SUMMERTIME BLUES--  WHO--  the Eddie Cochran classic, off Live at Leeds album.  ("No dice son...")
HOT SUMMER DAY--  IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY--  1969  (Always thoght this to be a weird group name.)

SCHOOL'S OUT--  ALICE COOPER--  Summer of '72.  (And as usual, a big thanks to the Coop for coming up with the names of our last two boats.  When we're on the boat, it must be SUMMER!!!  As former teachers, we feel this to be a very appropriate name for our boats, both the 1990 Four Winns and 2003 Bayliner.  The one we have now was just "School's Out" but after retirement, it became "School's Out...Forever.")
RACING IN THE STREET--  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN--  From Darkness On the Edge of Town.

BEACH BABY--  FIRST CLASS--  A tour de force arrangement and production and tribute by some studio musicians from the U.K. to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys from 1974.
BUS STOP--  HOLLIES--  Summer of '66.  "All that summer we enjoyed it (always thought they said "'employed ')  wind and rain and shine."

STREET FIGHTING MAN--  ROLLING STONES--  The dangerous stuff of sumer  "Summer's here and the time is right."

SUMMER BREEZE--  ISLEY BROTHERS--  (Stroud really likes this song.)
MR. BLUE SKY--  ELO--  From Out of the Blue

Now, If We Could Just get the Boat in the Water.  --RoadDog

That Magical Game Six in the Stanley Cup Finals-- Part 2: Tommy's Went Crazy!!!

As always, we got there an hour early to claim seats at the bar (more fun than watching at a table).  Those bar seats are primo and go fast.  Everyone was wearing their "Lucky" gear, keeping all bases covered, including superstition.  We even had a fellow in full hockey gear, pads and all, even a hockey stick.  Sort of funny seeing him sitting at the bar, kind of like a Hawk player on "time out" in the penalty box.

I ordered a chicken parmesagn wrap (on special).  By game time, not only the bar was full, but all the tables and even standing room only.  There must have been 150 people ready to cheer the team on.

As usual, the Bruins played what I consider dirty and as usual, they were getting away with it.  But just let a Hawk player look even cross-eyed, and it was penalty box time.  I don't think the Hawks even got a Power Play until the third period.  And, of course, no team need fear a Blackhawk power play.  It just :"ain't gonna happen."

The Bruins scored in the third with about ten minutes left to take a 2-1 lead and the Hawks were ineffective, so everyone was figuring on a Game 7 in Chicago Wednesday.  Well, winning at home in front of your fans is better than winning the Satnley on the road.  But everyone agreed, we'd be more than happy to take it tonight.  This series was draining too much out of us.  Getting too old to be doing this.


Then, with 1:17 left, Hawks SCORE!!!  Game tied.  The place erupted with high fives, "Chelsea Dagger," and, lots and lots of noise.  Most weren't watching TV now.  Another overtime was looming.

Most of us did not see the Hawks score again just 17 seconds later.  Everyone was still celebrating the first goal.  Then, we began seeing people pointing at the TVs.  Was it a replay of the last score?  There is no way the Hawks could have scored twice in 17 seconds and were now in the lead.  Or, was it?

Lots of eyes now looking.  When it became apparent this was a new goal, there was even louder cheering and celebrating, cut short as the realization that there was still a minute to be played.  If we could score twice in seventeen seconds, certainly the Bruins could do so as well.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

Music to Celebrate a Blackhawk Stanley Cup!!!

From Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten, June 28th, on Chicago's Drive, 97.1 FM.  I had expected this to be on Tuesday, June 25th, the day after the Blackhawks came from down 2-1 with just a minute and 17 seconds left to tie it then 17 seconds later, score to win Game Six and the Stanley Cup.

Of course, June 28th was the day several million folks got together in Chicago for a victory parade from the United Center and rally in Grant Park.  So, Hawk fans, find these songs on your albums or CDs and party on.

SWEET HOME CHICAGO--  Blues Brothers

WINNING--  Santana
PARADISE CITY--  Guns 'N Roses
BANG THE DRUM ALL DAY--  Todd Rundgren

Way Ta' Go, HAWKS!!!!!  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS":   Theater patrons waiting outside the stage door after performances would get their legs rubbed...if they were lucky. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Songs For Summer 2013-- Part 2

Continued from June 24th.  Got too involved with the Hawks and Lincoln Highway.

I see by my original plans that I expected to be out in Kearney, Nebraska, today for the Lincoln Highway Association Conference, but am not.  Ph well, gppd times around here anyway.

SUNNY DAYS--  LIGHTHOUSE--  Canadian band in 1972.
CALIFORNIA SUN--  RIVIERAS--  1963 from northwest Indiana band  (Doing a great California song.  Go figure.)

I LIVE FOR THE SUN--  SUN RAYS--  Appropriately named song from 1965, produced by Beach Boy fatherMurry Wilson after the Beach Boys fired him as their manager.  "I'll show you," he said.  "I'll go and get me another band that will be bigger than you."  They had a couple hits, this and "Andrea."  (What did Bill Cosby say to Theo?)
HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME--  SLY & THE FAMILY STONE--  Late summer of '69 and we're gonna have plenty of that now.

A SUMMER SONG--  CHAD & JEREMY--  Part of the British Invasion in 1964.  (Or was it by Peter and Gordon?  I can never keep these two groups apart.)
SUMMERTIME--  BOG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY--  Awesome version from Cheap Thrills.  (You probably thought Janis Joplin, but this was her in her former group.)

DANCING IN THE STREET--  MAMAS AND PAPAS--  Great rendition of the Motown classic.  (Can you name the original artist?)
GOOD DAY SUNSHINE--  BEATLES--  From Revolver in '66.  (And played right at 8 AM when Terri Hemmert's great Breakfast With the Beatles Show comes on the competition at WXRT.)

CALIFORNIA GIRLS--  BEACH BOYS--  Summer of '65.  (But I also like "Carolina Girls" by Chairman of the Board.  Same feel, different coast.))
SUMMER IN THE CITY--  LOVIN' SPOONFUL--  (Hot Town, you know what.)

Martha & the Vandellas.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS":  The big finale would feature a giant ball of yarn, feathers on a pole and stray strands of dental floss.