Friday, May 31, 2013

Cubbies Beat Up All Over Us

The White Sox finally managed to ovecome horrible baseball and get back up to the .500 mark for the season...that is until we opened the four game intercity series (two at Comiskey Park, don't call it by that other name,and two at Wrigley Field) Monday.

It was a cmplete disaster.  You'd have thought we were playing the best team in baseball, inctead of the sad-sacks playing on the North Side these days.  The only fortunate thing we Sox fans had was the rainout Tuesday (with Cubs winning 2-0).  Other than that, it was 7-0, 9-3 (and that one guy hit three homers!!) and 8-3.

And yesterday was mighty typical.  Things like that happen and you know you're doomed.  The first two Cub runs came with two outs and four straight hits.  The killer was when the Cub pitcher (PITCHER!!??) hit a grand slam.  Then, our best bet was when Marmol relieved and struck out two and got the third batter out in his inning.  I mean, if you can't score ten or twelve runs on Marmol, what's the use?

Oh well, there is a makeup game, hopefully when we've gotten over this Cub whammy thing.

Oh, the Humanity of It.  --RoadDog

Seven Years of Retarred-ment Today: Round Lake Gets Out for the Summer

Last day of school in Round Lake, Illinois, today.  That makes Sue mighty happy as this is her last day of teaching with that retirement thing looming (although for teacher retirees, it doesn't begin until school reopens in August, something about that summer vacation thing, you know).

I might go over to Docker's for the Round Lake Magee and Middle School get-together.  Always great to see old friends, especially the ones joining the retired world.

This marks the seventh year I've been retired (re-tarred).  People were asking me before I retired in 2006, if I was worried about not having anything to do when I quit teaching.  I'd tell them that should be no problem.  I'd had 33 years of practice during the summers and was really good at not working.  As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I also retired from deejaying in 2010 was that it was getting in the way of being retired.  (Well, that and the fact that I was just a little bit out of the times and still using cassette tapes.)

Looking back at my 1983 journal, I see that June 2nd was the last day of school in my tenth year of teaching.  I commented about how much easier the check-out experience was than it had been the first three years.  I then went to an Ellis end-of-the-year party in Wauconda and then to the first meeting of the new Northern Illinois Civil War Round Table in Mt. Prospect, which I had a role in starting.


As a matter of fact, I have come to wonder how I managed to do so much when I was still working as I sure don't have enough time now (although I'm fairly sure "I'll do it tomorrow'" has something to do with it).

Of course, when I retired I had no blogs, which take up way too much time now.  But, I've always liked to do research and that is a big part of the blogs, all seven of them.

Back in the teaching days, we had an end-of-the-year party every last day.  We had the last one in 2006 and never again.  Kelly and Kevin have, however, taken up the tradition very well and we're going over to their place tomorrow afternoon for it.  Then, of course, Da Hawks.

Retirement...Not for Everyone.  Somebody's Got to Do It.  Just the Guy to Do It.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  A backward poet writes inverse.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time to Wash the 'Hawks Shirt (But the Poppy Stays): Blackhawks Win!!!

Watched the last game of that great Stanley Cup Playoff series between the Chicago Blackhawks and their traditional enemies, the Detroit Redwings at Tommy's last night.  The last two games I wore a new Blackhawks tee shirt for luck, and wouldn't wash it.

Glad and ever so happy to report that I can now wash it as the Hawks won the series on a 2-1 overtime victory and now go on to face last year's Stanley Cup winners, the L.A. Kings.  That means I can wash the shirt.  Not that I'm superstitious or anything like that.  The Blackhawks won the first game, then lost the next three so had to come back from a 3-1 deficit!!!

However, I will have to keep the American Legion poppy I bought in Indianapolis on my hat for the duration.  Good luck, you know.

I'm not happy that most of the games in the series were not broadcast on regular stations and we don't get NBC Sports in our cable package.  It would seem to me that if a city is in the playoffs, their teams' games should be available on regular, over-the-air stations.  Bad move on the part of the NHL.

However, with the exception of the game we saw in Dixon, Illinois, there were always big, boisterous crowds of Blackhawk fans at the other places, mostly decked out in Hawks jerseys and shirts.  Always more fun than watching it at home.  I was especially happy to see all those red jerseys at the Indy 500 Legion.

Game 1--  Hawks win--   Saw it at Antonio's in Spring Grove, Illinois.
Game 2--  Hawks lose--  Saw it at The Precinct in Dixon, Illinois (Illinois Lincoln Highway Motor Tour)
Game 3--  Hawks lose--  Antonio's and Tommy's in Spring Grove
Game 4--  Hawks lose--  Tommy's
Game 5--  Hawks win--  Speedway American Legion in Speedway, Indiana (Indy 500)
Game 6--  Hawks win--  Tommy's
Game 7--  Hawks WIN!!!--  Tommy's

What's with that octopus, anyway?

Go Hawks and MORE Over-the-Air Games, Please.  --RoadDog

JSS: Conversation With a Robin-- Cut the Grass-- Movies

JSS--  Just Some Stuff (Life Around Here)

1.  CONVERSATION WITH A ROBIN (BOTHERING A SQUIRREL)--  This morning, while sitting out on the front porch eating my honeydew melon, I had a discussion with a robin actively pursuing some of my worms out in the yard.  I told him to leave them alone as they are good for my dirt.  He (or she) didn't listen a bit.

Then, I bothered a squirrel running through the yard making "schticking" noises.  He treed himself for awhile, then took off for another tree.  I love to bother squirrels.

And, speaking of robins, Mama Robin is still sitting on the nest on top of our deck light.  We're hoping to see some mouths in the nest soon; kind of expectant parents of sorts. 

2.  CUT THE GRASS--  Finally got a break from all the rain and actually had a sunny day yesterday, so was able to cut the grass which was really high and no easy task (I had last cut it May 20th and you don't want to get behind on cutting inthe spring). 

I was worrying about cutting the grass as forecasts called for rain all the way through Monday.  I don't know what I would have done had it gone that long.

3.  MOVIES--  I like all sorts of movies.  Case in point, the movies I have seen the last two days:  "Hangover 3" and "Epic."  I really enjoyed both and they were definitely of different genre.  I couldn't believe that a dad brought his 8-9-year-old daughter to "Hangover."  These new animated films are something else.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  The soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Fogerty Album Out!!!

Looks like there is a trip into McHenry on the docket for today as that new John Fogerty album has been released (yesterday).  Like in the old days with Creedence Clearwater Revival and all of Fogerty's solo efforts, I HAVE to get the album as soon as I can.  I saw it was on sale at Target for $9.99, just the right price for me.

Pop that baby into the CD player and enjoy.  This one appears to be mostly his songs that he sings with other, primarily country folk, otherr than one with potty-mouth Kid and then there is a great rendition of "Proud Mary" with a bunch of people from New Orleans.

Gotta Get Me Some 'O That Swamp Rock!!  --RoadDog

Indy 500: Day One: May 24th

My 62nd birthday and too busy in morning packing and watering plants to do much about it.

Liz drove me over to Sue and Paul's and we hit the road in their RV.  Picked up Paul's brother John at an I-80 truck weigh station (closed) and drove over to I-65.  Stopped at the Meijer's in Merrilville for gas and stuff we forgot.

Gas was $3.86 there ($4 back in Round Lake).  Gas at Speedway, Indiana, on the outskirts of Indianapolis was $3.60.  Like I say, the farther from Chicago you get, the cheaper the gas.

Drove to the race course and to our parking spot in a field just to the west of it (behind the Speedway American Legion).  Set up "camp" as much as you can do in an RV and then had celebratory drinks.  We had arrived: me for my second trip, John for his eighth and Sue and Paul for their 13th.

That evening, I went over to the Legion and enjoyed their band, the Cowboy Cassanovas.

Gentlemen and....  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  The midget fortune-teller who escaped from prison was............ A small medium at large.  (Really sorry about that one, folks.)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Here Yet? Maybe Yes, Maybe No

This past weekend required sweatshirts and long pants essentially until we left Indianapolis yesterday.  Back here in northeast Illinois on the Chain of Lakes it was a TNMDW, Typically Nasty Memorial Day Weather for the whole weekend.  Much like the dreaded Round Lake Spring Carnival, Memorial Day weekend means crummy weather.

Friday, there was frost on the windshields when we left.  And, it stayed overcast, sixties with the breeze/wind blowing the cold right through your bones and rain off and on.  (No rain at Indy until Sunday night, however.  A definite good thing.)

Grass growing nicely in this weather, but hasn't been cut since the 20th and with rain last night and predicted for today as well as the rest of the week, this could be a real problem.

Warmer, 80 degree weather forecast, though.

Boat not yet in the water (still in the driveway).

However, as far as bands playing outside, we've already seen two.  On May 11th, we saw Captain's Quarters Saturday Night Season Kickoff party with a band.  Missed the last two Saturday nights as I was out of town.  And, Sunday the 19th, saw Terry Spizzirri playing out on the deck by the tiki bar at Dock's in Wauconda.

And Saturday, Liz picked up our Chain Crawl gear.  That'd be 32 bars and restaurants in one summer to get the passport stamped.

Plus, Round Lake schools get out Friday and friend Sue (I went to Indy in her and Paul's RV) will have to face her last day as a teacher and she is soooooooo upset about it.  Let the good times roll, Sue!  Hard to believe I've been retired for seven years now.

Overall, though, I'd have to say summer is NOT HERE!!

Will Somehow Muddle Through.  --RoadDog

Just Got Back From Indy

We left Friday May 24th, my birthday and got back in town yesterday, May 27th.  I went via a friend's RV and spent three nights in it in a park right across the street from the track's Pagoda.

Not you typical campers, I'm told, with an abundance ofthe post-college crowd with loud music and yelling into the real wee hours.  And some of THEM were considerably OLDER!!!  Roughed it somewhat with no showers and port-a-potties for the most part.  And, the things I saw in those in the morning defy description.

Great time other than that.  Spent time at the American Legion right by us.  And, what a great race Sunday!!  I'll do the short daily description here and longer ones in my RoadDog RoadLog Blog after I finish the Lincoln Highway Motor Tour the weekend before.

Vroom-Vroom.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  A sign in the yard at the drug rehab center said, "KEEP OFF THE GRASS!!!"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Indy Here I Come

Tomorrow, I leave for Indianapolis and something about a little old car race there this Sunday.

Some friends have a motor home in which we'll be staying right across from the track.  This is one huge party and we WON'T be staying right next to the street like last year. 

And, I'll remember to have the car sheet from the local paper this year.  This shows colors of the race cars.  They tell you over the intercom and score boards, who is in first with the car number, but those cars go by so fast, there is now way I can see the number in time.  It gets really hard to tell who the first cars are when they start lapping the others.

Oh yes, did I mention that the Indy 500 had a Carl Fisher/Lincoln Highway connection?

Vroom, Vroom.  --RoadDog

Every Blooming THing: Late May

I've cut the grass at least four times by now.  The dandelions are about under control.

The only striking trees right now are the sunburst honeylocusts with their bright yellow leaves and the mountain ashes with their white seed ball clusters.

The creeping phlox are in full bloom, there are still many tulips blooming.  The ajuga have their blue spikes up and the wild phlox (purple) and daisies (white) are starting to bloom.  The irises have their buds.  Several other perennials (which I don't remember the names) are in bloom as well.

I have done some hosta and mum transplanting.

I will have to start trimming the bushes next week.

Plenty of weeding and trimming still to do.

Color, Always Color in the Yard.  --RoadDog

Cruisin' the Lincoln Highway in Illinois-- Part 2

Saturday, May 18th.

Finally found a car wash in Dixon (after finding one in Morrison too busy and one in Sterling closed).  We had picked up a lot of dust in Clinton that had been marked with a smattering on rain.  We must cruise the Lincoln while looking good.

Also got gas, which was up from $3.68 Thursday to $3.80 thanks to the most recent gas gouge.

We were too late for the mural dedication in Franklin Grove and the car show was breaking up.

Drove on through Rochelle to Creston and stopped for a drink at Smokin' Harry's.  Met the tour group which was having dinner at the Creston Opera House (imagine a town of less than 900 with an opera house).  We had been too late in getting signed up for the tour and ate instead back at the Iron Skillet Restaurant at the I-39 truck stop.

Then, we went back to Creston and heard  Mr. Headon talk about his town and Lincoln Highway connection.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger.  Then it hit me.

We Got the "Better" News

Yesterday, I saw that the death toll from that Moore, Oklahoma, tornado had been dropped from 51 to 24.  That evening of the tornado, it was expected to rise a whole lot more, some even estimating several hundred fatalities.  Viewing the destruction, I would have to agree.  Still sorry for the 24 deaths.

An additional 240 are injured.

I watched that touching TV interview with the old woman standing in the midst of the rubble of what used to be her home, saying that she had lost her dog and he was surely somewhere in the ruins.  A minute later, they found that dog.  I want to tell you that that brought a tear to my eye.

Then, there was that remarkable video of the tornado taken from the car.  I know that if it had been me, I would have liked to have taken it, but doubt that I would have witnesing that tornado.

Better Than Expected. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sad News From Oklahoma

Sad to find out about yesterday's tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  I was in the Burger King in McHenry, Illinois, when I first saw and heard about it on the TV.  It looked terrible even then and just got worse.

We went through Moore back in 2004, when we took a sidetrip off Route 66 to Norman, Oklahoma, to see Oklahoma University and play NTN.  We even played NTN at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Moore.

A couple years ago, we went through Joplin, Missouri several months after it was struck by that horrible tornado.  Even though a lot os cleanup had been done, it still resembled a war zone.  What struck us the most was that some areas would be obliterated while right next to it there was little or no damage.

The strangest thing were the leaves on the trees which appeared to grow right off the trunks what with the limbs being taken off by the horrendous winds.

Wishing for the Best of a Bad Situation. 

Deaths: Doors Keyboardist


Founding member of the Doors along with Jim Morrison, drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robbie Krieger.  A band that only had six studio albums, but wow, what a group of songs.  Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

Manzurek was born and raised in Chicago and after graduating DePauw University, moved to Los Angeles where he met Morrison in 1965.  With Densmore and Krieger, they became house band of the famous Whisky a Go Go.

Signed to Elektra Records and in 1967 released their self-titled album.  Later that year was Strange Days, then Waiting for the Sun in 1968, The Soft Parade in 1969 (If I heard that album once in my dorm, I heard it a thousand times.  It still reminds me of Lincoln Hall in Dekalb, Illinois, 1969-1970), Morrison Hotel in 1970 and L.A. Woman in 1971.

Thanks for the Soundtrack, Ray. 

Doors Singles

From Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles 1955-1993.

Sad to hear of Doors' keyboardist Ray Manzurek's death yesterday.  Besides Jim Morrison, the most recognizable member of the Doors, one of my favorite groups from back in my high school and college days.

Their biggest singles were from 1967 to 1971.  Top rank shown:

#1-- Light My Fire
#12--  People Are Strange
#25--  Love Me Two Times
#39--  The Unknown Soldier
#1--  Hello I Love You (This song will always remind me of  driving to Honey Hill in Wauconda, Illinois, with the Palatine Burger King night crew for a fun day out in the sun and water.)
#3--  Touch me
#44 -- Wishful Sinful
#57--  Tell All the People  (This song and the next one always remind me of Lincoln Dorm at NIU.)
#64--  Runnin' Blue "Poor Otis dead and gone..."
#50--  Roadhouse Blues  (What did Jim do first thing when he got up?)
#11--  Love Her Madly
#14--  Riders On the Storm

Some Great Memories.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway.  One hat said to the other, "You stay here, I'll go on a head."

Monday, May 20, 2013

Cruisin' the Lincoln in Illinois-- Part 1


Met the group over at Der Immigrant Dutch Windmill in Fulton, Illinois, on the  Mississippi River.  Talked awhile with Kay Shelton, Illinois Lincoln Highway Director, who put together the tour and also is president of the Lincoln Highway Association.  Two real busy hats.  The last time we saw her was at the Orange Bowl January 1st when our NIU Huskies played those pesky 'Noles.

Got our goody bags and a nice door magnet and took off. 

Went through downtown Morrison (one way going west) and then drove around Sterling looking at all those murals.  Finally found a bar which had the Blackhawk game on.  I watched the first period and then joined the rest of the group at the Monahan-Lincoln Home in town. Liz stayed at the Precinct.   Abraham Lincoln stayed there in 1856 while campaigning for John C. Fremont, the Republican candidate for president.

The people whose efforts and elbow grease preserved this home gave a couple of talks and a walk through.  See my Cooter's History Thing Blog for the account.

Rejoined Liz afterwards at the Precinct.  Unfortunately, the Hawks lost 4-1 to tie up their playoff series with the Detroit Redwings.

Then, Hurried to Catch Up With the Rest of the Folks.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Atheism is a non-prophet group.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hanging Around Clinton, Iowa: May 17th

Always nice to have a whole day to spend in one place while on the road.

Went to Wal-Mart and Target in the morning.  Posted to all internet blogs.

Then went to J&D Steakhouse downtown for lunch.  This place has great food at reasonable prices.  I had a top sirloin steak, baked potato, salad, soup and toast for $10.  Liz had an inch-and-a-half thick pork chop so tender you didn't need a knife to cut it.

Then, we went to Manning's Whistle Stop (the LumberKings hangout), Midway Lounge (where I got the name for my Ultimate Jukebox downstairs in Margaritaville), Bonnie's and Legends before going back to the motel.

A Good Day On the Road.  --RoadDog

Friday, May 17, 2013

Clinton, Iowa-- May 16th: The Lincoln Highway and Minor League Baseball

Drove from Spring Grove to Clinton, Iowa, yesterday, taking Il-47 to Il-176 to Il-23, to Il-72 to I-39 to the Lincoln Highway.

Gas prices dropped as we got farther away from Chicago, of course.  ($4.10 in Marengo, $3.68 in Dixon).

A lot of traffic most of the way.

Got a room for two nights at the Super 8 ($50 a night).  Had those great boneless chicken dinners at KFC and went to the ballpark (complimentary tickets at the Super 8) and saw the Clinton Lumber Kings take on the Beloit Snappers, both Class A Midwest League teams (Mariners and Athletics respectively).

This was the first win that we had seen for Clinton in several years, 6-1.

Then went to Bonnie's for a coupla celebratories and peanuts.

Minor League B-Ball and An Old Highway.  Life Is Good.  --RoadDog

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heading for Iowa on the Lincoln Highway

An old road, an old cafe and a Minor League baseball game on docket for today.

We'll drive the Lincoln Highway from Dekalb, stopping in Franklin Grove to visit the Lincoln Highway National HQ and eat at the Lincoln Cafe.  Then, on to Clinton, Iowa, for a Midwest League game by the Clinton Lumber Kings, an affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.

Now, That's Getting Back to the Roots.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit flies like a banana.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Drive's A to Z: Journey

From what I hear, this group is not yet in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Decided to see how many songs they had in the A to Z list on the Drive.

1.  Any Way You Want It
2.  Don't Stop Believin'  (First favorite Journey song.  Hey, it was the 2005 Sox song.)
3.  Faithfully
4.  Feeling That Way/Anytime  (Have these two songs ever been played separately on radio?)
5.  Girl Can't Help It
6.  Just the Same Way
7.  Lights  (My second favorite Journey song)
8.  Lovin', Touchin' Squeezin'  (3rd favorite)
9.  Open Arms
10.  The Party's Over
11.  Send Her My Love
12.  Separate Ways
13.  Still They Ride
14.  Stone In Love
15.  Too Late
16.  Walks Like a Lady
17.  Wheel in the Sky  (4th favorite)
18.  Who's Crying Now

Maybe They Should Be in the HoF.  --RoadDog

As We Come to the End of the Drive's A to Z: May 15th

Sad to see it go, but sure enjoyed it.  Yesterday, pulling up to Donovan's, buddy Coz pulled beside us and it was like stereo with both car radios playing WDRV, the Drive.  The, buddies Frank and Canadian Al came in and had been listening to it as well.  A whole bunch o' fans.


When I'm Sixty-Four--  Beatles
When It's Love--  Van Halen
When Love Comes to Town--  U2
When the Levee Breaks--  Led Zeppelin
When the Music's Over--  Doors
When the Whip Comes Down--  Rolling Stones
When the World Is Running Down--  Police
When You Close Your Eyes--  Night Ranger
When You Dance You Can Really Love--  Neil Young

White Bird--  It's a beautiful Day
White Rabbit--  Jefferson Airplane
White Room--  Cream
White Wedding--  Billy Idol
A Whiter Shade of Pale--  Procul Harum

Who Are You--  Who
Who Can It Be Now--  Men at Work
Who Do You Love--  George Thorogood
Who Made Who--  AC/DC
Who'll Stop the Rain--  CCR
Who's Crying Now--  Journey


You Really Got Me--  Kinks
You Really Got Me--  Van Halen
You Shook Me-- Led Zeppelin
You Shook Me All Night Long--  AC/DC
You Wear It Well--  Rod Stewart
You Won't See Me--  Beatles
You Wreck Me--  Tom Petty
You'll Accompany Me--  Bob Seger
You're All I Got Tonight--  Cars
You're My Best Friend--  Queen
You've Got a Friend--  James Taylor
You've Got Another Thing Coming--  Judas Priest
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away--  Beatles

So Long, Good-Bye.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  A hole has been found in the local nudist camp wall.  Police are looking into it.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Drive's A to Z: May 14th

Entering the 8th day of this.  Possibly the last, but let's see.  Just in letter "T" right now.

Mighty "Sweet" songs:

Sweet Caroline--  Neil Diamond
Sweet Child O' Mine--  Gubs 'N Roses
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This--  Eurythmics
Sweet Emotion--   Aerosmith
Sweet Hitch-hiker--  CCR
Sweet Home Alabama--  Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sweet Home Chicago--  Blues Brothers
Sweet Jane--  Velvet Underground
Sweet Talking Woman--  ELO

I'VE BEEN LISTENING  Since I've been up today.

Thank You--  Led Zeppelin
That Girl Could Sing--  Jackson Browne
That Smell--  Lynyrd Skynyrd
That Was Yesterday--  Foreigner
That's All--  Genesis
That's the Way--  Led Zeppelin
There's No Way Out of Here--  David Gilmour
There's Only One Way to Rock--  Sammy Hagar
These Dreams--  Heart
These Eyes--  Guess Who
Thick As a Brick--  Jethro Tull
The Things We Do for Love--  10CC
Things We Said Today--  Beatles
Think I'm In Love--  Eddie Money
Thirty Days in the Hole--  Humble Pie
This Beat Goes On/Switching to Glide-- Kings

I'm Sure Gonna Miss It.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Two silkworms had a race.  They ended up in a tie.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Movie Scratches: G.I.-- Dead-- Oblivion-- Gatsby

A Dogs- Eye View of Current Movies.

17.  G.I. JOE: RETALIATION--  4-24--  FOX LAKE $4.50--  Sure glad these guys are on our side.  This one and "Olympus Has Fallen" make the White House look to be somewhat unsafe.

18.  EVIL DEAD--  4-24--  FOX LAKE--  $6--  Tarantino would be so proud with all that blood and gore.  Bet her addiction was cured.

19.  OBLIVION--  4-26--  McHENRY--  $5--  Never count humans out, especially if Morgan Freeman is leader.

20.  THE GREAT GATSBY--  5-10--  FOX LAKE--  $6--  Excess and unrequited love in the Roaring Twenties, "Old Sport."

What's This Full Price for SONY Movies?  --RoadDog

What's Your Favorite Sporting Time of the Year?-- Part 2

JULY--  #12 Rank--  The worst sports month of the year.  British Open, Wimbleton finals, baseball All-Star game.

AUGUST--  #11 Rank--  Little League World Series.  PGA Championship, NFL preseason yawn, Pennant races in baseball still a month off.

SEPTEMBER--  #2 Rank--  Bears and NFL return.  College and high school rolling along.  Baseball pennant and wild card races.  Toss in US Open tennis for good measure.

OCTOBER--  #1 Rank--  All levels of football in mid-stride.  Opening days for Hawks and Bulls.  World Series (usually, though, not for our teams).

NOVEMBER--  #7 Rank--  Porterhouse of the college football season and starts to NHL and NBA.  Too many one-sided college basket ball games (let's see, Duke vs. Podunk U?)  Also, NFL, of course.

DECEMBER--  #10 Rank--  Meaningless college football season.  Don't miss the Beef 'Brady Bowl.  Half of NFL teams out of running.  NHL and NBA trudge on.  College hoops only starting to get interesting.

These again are the picks of the Chicago Tribune's sports staff.

Still Working on My Best to Worst Sports Months.  That Is Not As Easy A It Seems, Either.  --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z-- May 13th

Still chugging through 2000 songs and ending sometime tomorrow...maybe.  They just entered the letter "S" this morning when I tuned in, saying this was the longest letter of them all.

Getting that rundown feeling?  Here are the Run/Running songs played at the end of the "Rs."

Run For Your Life--  Beatles
Run Like Hell--  Pink Floyd
Run Through the Jungle--  CCR
Run to You--  Bryan Adams
Run With the Pack--  Bad Company
Runaround--  Van Halen
Runaway-- Bon Jovi
Runnin' Down a Dream--  Tom Petty
Runnin' With the Devil--  Van Halen
Running On Empty--  Jackson Browne


Samba Ti--  Santana
Same Old Song and Dance--  Aerosmith
Sandman--  America
Sara--  Fleetwood Mac
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction--  Rolling Stones
Satisfaction Guaranteed--  Firm
Saturday in the Park--  Chicago
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting--  Elton John
Saved By Zero--  Fixx
Savoy Truffle--  Beatles
Say You Love Me--  Fleetwood Mac
Say You Will--  Foreigner
Italian Restaurant--  Billy Joel

Git To Enjoy These Now.  Gone Tomorrow.  --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z May 12th

Listened to the show a lot yesterday I we drove around.


No Matter What--  Badfinger
No More Mr. Nice Guy--  Alice Cooper
No More No More--  Aerosmith
No No Song--  Ringo Starr
No One Like You--  Scorpions
No One to Depend On--  Santana
No Quarter--  Led Zeppelin
No Reply At All--  Genesis
No Son of Mine--  Genesis
No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature--  Guess Who
No Time--  Guess Who
No Time to Lose--  Tarney-Spencer Band

Nobody But Me--  Human Beinz
Nobody Told Me--  John Lennon
Nobody's Fault But Mine--  Led Zeppelin

I Liked How Genesis and Guess Who Had Back-to-Back Songs Like That.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in... Linoleum Blownapart.   (Is it me, or are these getting worse?)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's Your Favorite Sporting Time of the Year?-- Part 1

From the March 3, 2013, Chicago Tribune "Not so mad about March."

Right now, we are having a good time in Chicago as we have two teams in the playoffs, the Blackhawks and the Bulls.  I don't imagine the Bulls will get past the Heat, but even so, it's been an exciting ride.  Especially since both of our baseball teams, as they say, "Are Leading Last."  Meaning, last place teams.

The Tribune sports folk went through the calendar and ranked their favorite months and gave reasons.

JANUARY--  Rank #3:  Three rounds of NFL playoff, BCS Title Game (not so good this year), college bowl games, NHL Winter Classic.

FEBRUARY--  Rank #9:  Not much beyond Super Bowl and Daytona 500.  Maybe NHL and NBA All-Star games.

MARCH--  Rank #6:  Conference hoops tourneys, most exciting days of NCAA tournament.  Spring training, Dog Days of NBA and NHL seasons.  No football (Arena Football?)

APRIL--  Rank #4:  Baseball returns, The Final Four, Masters, Start of NBA and NHL Playoffs.  And NFL Draft "Perhaps the best sporting event that isn't a game."  (Oops, I'm stuck.  Final Four?  Drawing a complete blank.)

MAY--  Rank #5:  NBA and NHL Playoffs get serious.  Indy 500, French Open, Kentucky Derby and Preakness.  Even a Spelling Bee to make us feel stupid.  I still think they make up those words.

JUNE--  Rank #8:  NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final, U.S. Open, NBA Draft and Belmont.  Go Triple Crown.

Maybe I'll Have to Come Up With My Own Ranking.  --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z: Spring 2013: May 11th

In the midst of playing over 2000 songs.


Last Child--  Aerosmith
Last Kiss--  Pearl Jam
Last Night--  Traveling Wilburys  (Sure wish they'd put out more songs, but Orbison and Harrison are dead.)
Last resort--  Eagles
The Last Time--  Rolling Stones (One of my favorite Stones songs.)
Last train to Clarksville--  Monkees
The Last Worthless Evening--  Don Henley


Like a Rock--  Bob Seger
Like a Rolling Stone--  Bob Dylan
Limelight--  Rush
Lines On My Face--  Peter Frampton
Listen to Her Heart-- Tom Petty
Listen to What the Man Said--  Paul McCartney
Lithium--  Nirvana  (Great song.  Never knew the name.)
A Little Bit Me, A little Bit You--  Monkees
A Little Bit O' Soul--  Music Explosion
Little Willy--  Sweet
Little Wing--  SRV
Live and Let Die--  Guns 'N Roses
Live and Let Die--  Paul McCartney
Lively Up Yourself (live)--  Bob Marley

Four More Days.  --RoadDoh

TOO PUNNY  A dog gave birth to puppies near the road.  She was cited for littering.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Me Thinks the Carnival Is Still In Round Lake

Judging by the weather today, colder and rainy, I'd have to say that Round Lake's infamous carnival stuck around for another weekend. 

And, it is supposed to stay in the 50s with a possibility of rain until Monday.

Somebody needs to Do Something About That Carnival.  It is evil.

Thanks A Lot!!  --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z May 10th

The Who's Who and What's What of Music, according to the Drive, WDRV, 97.1 FM in Chicago and streaming at .


Here Come Those Teardrops Again--  Jackson Browne
Here Comes the Sun--  Beatles
Here I Go Again--  Whitesnake

Hey baby--  Ted Nugent
Hey Bulldog--  Beatles
Hey, Hey, My, My (Into the Black)--  Neil Young
Hey, Hey What Can I Do--  Led Zeppelin
Hey Joe--  Jimi Hendrix
Hey Jude (live)--  Paul McCartney
Hey Nineteen--  Steely Dan
Hey Tonight--  CCR
Hey You--  Pink Floyd


Hot Dog--  Led Zeppelin
Hot for Teacher--  Van Halen
Hot Legs--  Rod Stewart
Hot Rod Lincoln--  Commander Cody
Hotel California--  Eagles
House of the Rising Sun--  Anumals
Houses of the Holy--  Led Zeppelin
How Long--  Ace
How Many More Times--  Led Zeppelin
Human Touch--  Bruce Springsteen
Human Wheels--  John Mellancamp
Hungry Heart--  Bruce Springsteen
Hurt--  Johnny Cash
Hurts So Good--  John Mellancamp

They are now in the letter "I."  You can see a list of everything they've played since Tuesday at the site.

Lovin' This!!  --RoadDog

Bubble Shows That I Watch

TV Guide.

There were others, but these are the only ones I watch.  TV Guide also had voting to keep or drop the show.  These are the  "Keep" votes.

CSI: NY (CBS)--  67%  I like the characters.

Community (NBC)--  56%  This show has gotten weird.  Kind of a "Glee" comedy.

Law & Order: SVU (NBC)--  68%  Still finding its way after Stabler left the show.

Parks and Recreation (NBC)--  59%  Keeps getting better.  I especially like Ron, a guy I can relate to in a big way.

Suburgatory (ABC)--  62%  I didn't like where the show went this year between Dallas and Pop.

Vegas (CBS)--  67%  Of all these shows, I'd miss this one the most.

Personally, I'd like to see CBS have an all-cop lineup on Fridays:  CSI:NY, Vegas, Blue Bloods.

Whatever Happened to Good Saturday TV Shows?  --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z-- Part 2

From the May 9th Show.

Featuring songs from the letter "E."


Dance Little Sister--  Stevie Ray Vaughan
Dance the Night Away--  Van Halen
Dance With Me--  Orleans
Dancing Days--  Led Zeppelin
Dancing in the Dark--  Bruce Springsteen
Dancing in the Moonlight--  King Harvest
Dancing in the Street--  Van Halen
Dancing With Mr. D.--  Rolling Stones
Dancing With Myself--  Billy Idol


Even It Up--  Heart
Even Now--  Bob Seger
Even the Losers--  Tom Petty
Every Breath You Take--  Police
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic--  Police
Every Picture Tells a Story--  Rod Stewart
Every Rose Has Its Thorn--  Poison

A Great Seven Days.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll remain stationery.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Drive's Back to A to Z Again-- Spring 2013-- Part 1

In what is essentially a two-time a year thing, Chicago's WDRV FM 97.1, the Drive is back to their A to Z, where they play songs by the alphabet starting at "A" and ending sometime this coming Tuesday.  They stream at   Click on the A to Z site and see a list of all songs played.

I sure enjoy listening to this and will be doing a lot of it this next week.

It started yesterday at 4 PM when Bobby Skafish put on Genesis' "Abacab" (live).


Abacab (live)--  Genesis
About a Girl (unplugged)--  Nirvana
Abacadabra--  Steve Miller Band
Absolutely Right--  5 Man Electric Band
Across the Universe--  Beatles
Adam's Apple--  Aerosmith


Black--  Pearl Jam
Black Betty--  Ram Jam
Black Coffee in Bed--  Squeeze
Black Cow--  Steely Dan
Black Dog--  Led Zeppelin
Black Friday--  Steely Dan
Black Hole Sun--  Soundgarden
Black Is Black--  Los Lobos
Black Magic Woman--  Santana
Black Water--  Doobie Brothers


Blackbird--  Beatles
Blinded By the Light--  Manfred Man
Blood and Roses--  Smithereens
Bloody Well Right--  Supertramp
Blue Collar Man--  Styx
Blue Jay Way--  Beatles
Blue Skies--  Allman Brothers

Well Worth a Listen.  --RoadDog

Every Bloomin' THing: Early May

Early May is a particularly pretty time around here in Northeast Illinois.

The yard's a-blazing.  My three Bradford pear trees are brilliant white right now, plus the weeping cherry is pink.  All daffodils, tulips and hyacinths are in bloom (and, I have lots of them).

My yellow perennials (not sure what they are) and creeping phlox are just starting to bloom.

And, I have a bumper crop of dandelions.

The grass is starting to fill in where I lost it during last summer's drought, especially over the septic field.

A pair of robins are hard at work on a nest by the deck door and the squirrels and chipmunks are moving about the yard.

I've been busy trimming, thinning out and removing last year's dead growth and burning stuff in the burn pile.  I've cut the grass twice so far.

A Good Time of the Year.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  A rubber-band pistol was confiscated from an algebra class, because it was a weapon of math disruption.

It's Them, Not Me: I Can't Get No Interest

Well, the Rolling Stones sure couldn't get "no" satisfaction, and I can't get "no" interest these days.  I tell you, it's enough to make Rodney Dangerfield come out with a whole bunch of "no" respects.

Have interest rates ever been lower?

At my bank here in Spring Grove, Illinois, (I won't say the name for embarrassment), things are low.  How low can you go, well, lower.

Here are the rates for April 30th to May 6th, 2013.

Savings--  .08%
Passbook (less than $10,000)--  .08%
Passbook (more than $10,000)--  .12%30, 60 and 90-day CDs--  .01%
180 Day CD--  .15%
1 Year to 2 year CDs--  .20%
3 year CD--  .30%
5 year CD--  .70%

And why are interest rates so low.  Thank our good folks in the government who believe that the economy will recover faster if the GRBs have plenty of money to invest at cheap interest rates..  You remember the GRBs, these are the same folk that caused the Great Recession.

So, the government is really helping out the GRBs and really sticking it to the regular folks who don't have to have huge returns and get CD investments.  But, at least I'd like to see 2-3%.

In my mind, anything below 1% is just not worth it.

Hey, Obama, How About Helping Out the Little Guys for a Change?  --RoadDog

No Pun intended. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Pretty Good Time Around Here Last Weekend

And, we had some great weather to go with it.


Went to KC's Cabin on Il-173 and Wilmot for their buy one get one free breakfast on a Round Lake Spring Carnival Induced crummy weather day.

Later, it was the Usual Suspects at Stormy Monday and a stop at the Legion.  Flood waters seriously receding.  The Blackhawks played more like they should and beat the Wild a second time in the NHL playoffs.


Went to the Twisted Moose in McHenry, Illinois, for Tracy's fundraiser for her cancer treatments and watched the Kentucky Derby in all that mud.  I think the RL Carnival Curse extended to Louisville.

Then went to Captain's Quarters for the first band of the summer kickoff party with the band Blush.  Great music from a band we hadn't seen before.  And we watched the Bulls defeat the Nets to go to the second round of the NBA playoffs.


Another great day.  Cut the grass and had a fire at the burn pile (weekends only April and May).  Then to All-Sports in McCullom Lake for $5 pitcher and $5 pizza.

Lastly back to the Twisted Moose for Cinco de Mayo $2 Coronas and the Blackhawk game.  We especially like to see the Hawks here because of the lights, horn and "Chelsea Dagger" song for goals.  Unfortunately, it was a loss in overtime.

Good Times in the Area, and It "Ain't" Even Boating Season Yet.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  She was only a whisky-maker, but he loved her still.

It's Them, Not Me: As the Gas Gouge Turns

I still consider any gas above $2.50 as being way too expensive and unnecessary.  Of course, I doubt that we'll ever see it below $3 again.  The powers that be shall see to that.  The GRBs at BO (Big Oil) must have some sort of control on our government.

Gas was slowly dropping after the GRBs raised it to $4 in the winter during their annual pre-pre-pre Summer-Driving Gouge.  It had gotten to around $3.64 around here and $3.54 in Springfield.  However, in Springfield, April 23rd, gas rose to $3.80 overnight.  Gas all the way back was 26 cents higher.

In Fox Lake, Illinois, it was $3.90, then went to $4, then back to $3.94 and yesterday $4.10.

And, we no longer get reasons for this and I haven't seen a quarterly profit for BO in years.  I know they don't want us to see their profits, even after they find ways to "bury" much of it.

Hey, the government needs money.  How about taxing indecent profits like BO is getting 90-95%?  Maybe that would put a stop to all this money-grubbing.

Plus, the Government Could get the Needed Money.  --RoadDog

No Pun Intended Here.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Is the Curse Broken?

This past Friday I wrote about the Curse of the Spring Round Lake Carnival.  You know, the one that brings all the horrible weather and has been doing that until, perhaps now.

The weather Thursday and Friday was typically lousy.  But the last three days have been just great spring days.

Is the curse broken?

We'll have to wait until next year to answer that question.

Here's Hoping It's Broken!!  --RoadDog

Top 40 in South Carolina: August 25, 1967-- Part 4

31.  LOVE BUG--  Martha & the Vandellas
32.  YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN--  Turtles
33.  DON'T YOU THINK IT'S TIME--  Prophets*

34.  WOULD YOU BELIEVE--  Tempres*
35.  39-21-40 SHAPE--  Jimmy Jones*
36.  SILENCE IS GOLDEN--  Tremeloes
37.  SWEETEST THING--  Chris Bartley

38.  GETTING TOGETHER--  Tommy James
39.  MAKING EVERY MINUTE COUNT-- Spanky & Our Gang

That Shape Was Originally by the Showmen.  --RoadDog

Getting Up for the New John Fogerty CD

From the February 5, 2013, USA Today "Listen Up".

Song of the Week "Born on the Bayou" by John Fogerty and Kid Rock.

"Crescent City meets the Motor City with this choogling remake from John Fogerty's forthcoming 'Wrote a Song  for Everyone.'  The album, out May 28, also features two new songs and Creedence Clearwater Revival remakes with Bob Seger, Foo Fighters, Brad Paisley, Jennifer Hudson and others."

Well, this is great news for me since I am a huge Fogerty fan, not to mention Creedence.  I'll sure be there to get my copy.  After all,  I do have all of his other records.

"Keep On Chooglin'"  --RoadDog

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Eight Retailers That Will Close the Most Stores in 2013

From the February 1, 2013, Yahoo! Financial, 24/7 Wall Street by Douglas A. McIntyre.

Stores to be closed/ Total stores.

1.  BEST BUY--  200-250 stores of 1,056
K-MART 175-225, SEARS--  100-125 of 2,118

3.  J.C. PENNEY--  300-350 of 1,100
4.  OFFICE DEPOT--  125-150 of 1,114

5.  BARNES & NOBLE--  190-240 of 689
6.  GAMESTOP--  500-600 of 4,471

7.  OFFICE MAX--  150-175 of 872
8.  RADIO SHACK--  450-550 of 4,412

In other words, these are companies in BIG TROUBLE. 

And, the CEOs Walk Away With How Much?  --RoadDog

A Laughing Matter: Zits

From the April 22, 2013, Zits comic strip.  One of my new favorites.

1ST FRAME:  Jeremy is texting his girlfriend in school and his friend Hector is standing beside him.
Jeremy: "I can't believe that Sara (his girlfriend) hasn't responded to me yet."

Jeremy:  "I texted, tweeted, Facebooked and e-mailed her!"
Hector, pointing: "She's right over there.  Why don't you just go talk to her?"

3RD FRAME:  Jeremy is looking at Hector.
Jeremy:  What generation did you say you were from?"

Yep.  Pretty-Well Sums It Up for Me.  --RoadDog

A Laughing Matter: Calvin & Hobbes

From December 10, 2010.  Definitely one of my all-time favorite comic strips.  Sure wish it would come back.

1ST PANEL:  Calvin is watching TV.  His dad comes in.
Dad: "Watching a Christmas special?"
Calvin: "Yep."

2ND PANEL:  Dad: "Another show extolling love and peace interrupted every seven minutes by commercials extolling greed and waste."

3RD PANEL:  Dad is walking out.
Dad: "I hate to think what you're learning from this."

4TH PANEL:  Calvin is still watching TV as Dad exits the room.
Calvin:  "I'm learning I need my own TV so I can watch someplace else."

About Sums It Up.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  I thought I saw an eye-doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Carnival Curse of Round Lake Strikes Again: Why the Weather Got Bad

If you ask most folks in Round Lake, Illinois, why we got this rotten weather after three days of 80s and sun, they'll be happy to tell you.  Unfortunately, this cold-through-your bones, rainy, overcast weather spreads all over northeastern Illinois, not just Round Lake.

And the culprit?  That mean old annual Spring Carnival which opened yesterday on Rollins Road.  Whenever they have it, we have this lousy weather.

Yesterday, Liz and I went to Round Lake Beach for dentist appointments, complaining about the weather on the way.  And then, we saw it.  The Ferris Wheel rising above the trees on Rollins by the Big Lots.  That explains it.

And, I had something to do with it.  I was a Round Lake Area Jaycee back in 1977 when we sponsored it.  It opened on a picture perfect May Spring day with sun, a slight breeze and temps in the upper 70s.  I was assigned to a ticket booth.  Within minutes of getting in it, the temps started dropping and a cold north wind picked up.  Within an hour the clouds were there and the temperature was down to 40 degrees.

And, it has been that way ever since.  The carnival opens and here comes the bad.  Even worse, now they stay for two straight weekends, so we get twice as much.

Something Needs to be Done About That Carnival!!!  --RoadDog

It's a College Thing 2010: UGA #1 Party School

Back in 2010, the Princeton Review anointed the University of Georgia as the United States' Top Party School.  And, it is not for lack of trying as UGA has been in the Top Ten ten times since the list was started back in 1992.

I went there from 1971-1972, and it was a good party back then as well.

Georgia beat out Penn State, West Virginia and Florida for the #1 spot.

I read that there are 100 bars in Athens, the home of UGA.  That sounds a bit high though.

Georgia's administration is not too happy about this #1 ranking for some reason.

Hey, It's Not For Knowledge That We Come to College....  --RoadDog

It's a College Thing: 2010-- Teaching About Education

Catching up on some old items.

Back in 2010, a report came out that many Illinois colleges don't prepare teachers for the classroom.  My old alma mater, Northern Illinois, and Illinois State are the state's two biggest producers of teachers.  I don't know, I taught for 33 years and thought I did a good job.

Back when I was taking my education classes in the 1972-1973 year, there were many things the professors told me to do, that I didn't as I didn't think it would work.  They hadn't been in the classroom in a long time.

I would like to see college education professors have a rotating basis:  Five years teaching at college and five years at a regular public school.  And that teaching definitely should not be in a college lab school or honors/magnet school or one in a rich area.

Then they would have a better grasp of what is going on "out there."

Well, That's What I'd Do.  --RoadDog

Top Ten Misinterpreted Song Meanings

June 13, 2010, Listverse.

10-  MR. TAMBOURINE MAN-- BOB DYLAN--  (Also Byrds)--  Song about drugs.
9.  SUMMER OF 69--  BRYAN ADAMS--  Autobiographical sketch.

8.  BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY--  QUEEN--  Describes frintman Freddie mercury's battle with AIDs.
7.  EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE--  POLICE--  Sweet love song

6.  CRASH INTO ME--  DAVE MATTHEWS BAND--  Sexy love song.
5.  HOTEL CALIFORNIA--  EAGLES--  Song about devil worship.

4.  BORN IN THE USA--  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN--  Patriotic song.
3.  AMERICAN GIRL--  TOM PETTY--  Song about suicide.

2.  IN THE AIR TONIGHT--  PHIL COLLINS--  Witnessed a preventable death.
1.  FIRE AND RAIN--  JAMES TAYLOR--  Girlfriend died in a plane crash.


How about Aliotto, Haynes & Jeremiah's "Cruising down LSD?"

TOO PUNNY:  The fattest knight at King Arthur's Round Table was Sir Cumference.  He got that way by eating too much pi.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Top 40 in South Carolina August 25, 1967-- Part 3

Beach Music shown with *.  Of course, any Motown, Soul or R&B songs also classifies as Beach Music.

21.  TURN OUT THE LIGHT--  Clifford Curry*
22.  FAKIN' IT--  Simon and Garfunkel
23.  I WANT TO LOVE YOU--  RonnieDove

24.  I HAD A DREAM--  Paul Revere
25.  HIGHER AND HIGHER--  Jackie Wilson
26.  GROOVIN'--  Booker T. & the MGs
27.  NEVER MY LOVE--  Association

28.  IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS--  Sonny and Cher
29.  FUNKY BROADWAY--  Wilson Pickett

"Every Town I Go, There's a Funky Street."  --RoadDog

Top 40 in South Carolina August 25, 1967-- Part 2

From WKYB.  All the hits and Beach Music too, although back then, it wasn't called Beach Music.  essentially it would be local music.  Beach Music songs indicated with *.

11.  A GIRL LIKE YOU--  Young Rascals
13.  TO LOVE SOMEBODY--  Bee gees

14.  WASHED ASHORE--  Platters*
15.  MARY, ROW YOUR BOAT--  Tams*
16.  COME BACK--  Bobby Vee (I imagine the whole title was "Come Back When You Grow Up Girl.")  Something about "underage?"
17.  YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING--  Temptations

18.  APPLES, PEACHES PUMPKIN PIE--  Jay & the Techniques
19.  ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE--  Beatles
20.  LIGHT MY FIRE--  Doors

"You Don't Know What It's Like."  --RoadDog

Record Store Day, April 20th-- Part 1

I loved it.  A time for oldies like myself to get together with other oldies and non-techies to enjoy stuff I know about.

The organization that puts it on has an interesting website with the names and locations of Mom and Pop record stores broken down by state.  Well worth checking out.

I was excited to learn that there is another one near me that I'll have to check out.  It is in Antioch, Illinois, and is called Track One Vintage Stereo at 348 W. North Avenue.  They advertise 10,000 LPs and thousands of CDs.

There is another one in nearby Lake Geneva, Wisconsin called Black Circle Records at 772 W. Main Street, Suite 107.  That is Wisconsin Highway 50, between Welles and Broad streets.

I Know Where I'm Going.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Broken pencils are pointless.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

JSS: Blackhawks-- No Movies Today-- Enjoying the Warm

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  BLACKHAWKS--  Watched the first Blackhawk Stanley Cup playoff game with the Minnesota Wild last night at Antonio's with a bunch of friends and rabid Hawk fans.  At the end of regulation it was tied 1-1 and the Hawks were flat. 

I could have told you this would happen when they rested all of their starters in Sunday's last regular season game and, of course, lost.  The idea is to go into the playoffs hot, regardless of risking injury to your players, regardless of whether the game is meaningless or not.

Watched the overtime at home in Margaritaville and enjoyed music from my Ultimate Jukebox.

2.  NO MOVIES TODAY--  Normally, Wednesday is movie day as the Fox lake Theatre has $4.50 Senior matinee prices.  Often, I see two movies.  But not today.  I plan on enjoying another 80 degree and sunny day, especially with a big temp drop on its way here tomorrow.

3.  ENJOYING THE WARM--  Today, I sat out on the front porch and enjoyed a cup of coffee and the view of the yard and flowers.  This was the first time of the year for that.  First of many, I hope.

I've also been enjoying the back deck (OD- On Deck).  As well as doing yardwork and have the sore muscles to show for it.  For some reason, I am always sore after working in the yard this time of the year.

Just Some Stiff.  --RoadDog

Movie Scratches: Oz-- Croods-- Olympus-- 42

A Dog's Eye Look At the New Movies.

13.  THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ--  3-13--  FOX LAKE $4.50--  How it all began and a great prequel.  What a sham magician, , china doll and flying monkey can do.  How did the flying monkeys end up in the employ of the witch in the original?

14.  THE CROODS--  4-10--  FOX LAKE $4.50--  "Don't be afraid to be afraid."  The Pre-Flintstones Stone Age family.

15.  OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN--  4-10--  FOX LAKE $4.50--  First, Air Force One was taken over.  Now the White House.  Where's a president to feel safe?

16.  42--  4-18--  FOX LAKE  $6--    The courage and fortitude of an amazing pathfinder, Jackie Robinson.

Only Problem With Free Refills Is That You Miss Some of the Movie.  --RoadDog

It's a College Football Thing: Toomer's Corner-- ECU-- Lame Name

Some recent news.

1.  TOOMER'S CORNER--  From the 4-21-13 Dr. Saturday.  Auburn fans roll Toomer's Corner oaks one last time on April 20th after a record crowd of 83,401 watched the annual spring game (and poor old NIU couldn't get that many in a six game season).

This was to be the last time for the current trees, or what's left of them after an Alabama fan poisoned them two years ago.  The city is going to cut them down, but have no fear, new trees will be planted and until they are strong enough, wires will be strung at the Corner on football weekends.

Poisoning the trees was a horrible thing, regardless of how much you hate the other team.

2.  ECU--  My second favorite college football team is East Carolina.  At their April spring game, they made a kid with a life-threatening disease's day when they suited him up and let him run for a touchdown with the whole team in pursuit.  I saw that several other teams did that as well.  Now, that's a real nice thing.

3.  LAME NAME--  The new college four team playoff system for the national championship is going to be called "The College Football Playoff."  The ad company who came up with that sure phoned that one in.  I think a better name would have been "The Big Money Bowl Series."  Plus, it should have been 16 teams instead of 4.

Oh Well.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger.  Then it hit me.