Tuesday, August 8, 2017

About Last Weekend-- Part 1: Chain's Open, We're Not On It, Though


Saw the movie "War for the Planet of the Apes" and was pulling for Caesar and his apes.  A great movie and so realistic.

The Chain of Lakes opened for no wake yesterday, but we're staying off for awhile due to the semi collapse of Rick's pier and all the floating debris from the  flooding (even worse, the submerged stuff).  Checked the boat which is alright.

Went to the Route 12 Bar on US-12 (Rand Road) for their excellent $2 black angus burger special.  Add $1 for bleu cheese and double slices of pineapple for one of the great eating experiences anywhere.

Drove to Veterans Park in McHenry for their Thursday night concert, but it was raining off and on so didn't stop.  A band was playing Frank Sinatra era songs.  Went to After the Fox on the Fox River and got a stamp for the Chain Crawl and then checked out a new place called My Place on Il-120.

Last stop was Sunnyside.  The Sox and Cubs both lost.


SOX-CUBS CROSSTOWN RIVALRY:  Sox fan to Cubs fan:  "The last time your leadoff hitter got to second base was at his high school prom.

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