Thursday, August 10, 2017

Glen Campbell's "William Tell Overture"-- Part 1: A Big Part of the Fun At the Old Puppet Bar in Fox Lake

Back in the 1980s I was deejaying on a regular basis at the old Puppet Bar (Eagle Point Park) in Fox Lake, Illinois, on the Chain of Lakes' Pistakee Lake.  We sure had a great time there and I played all sorts of music, the more different the better.

Of course, the place got its name from the 100+ puppets we had that would be activated whenever one particular polka song was played.  That was a lot of fun, but not for the people working there.  You could only hear that song "Mr. Polka" so many times and then it would be ad nauseum.

We had all sorts of little things we'd do during the course of an afternoon or night including playing Connie Francis singing "God Bless America" where sparklers would be passed out and a big U.S. flag would be pulled down from the ceiling and everyone singing as loudly as they could and cheering "Blackhawks-style" at the end of it.

I am sitting here right now listening to her sing "God Bless America" on You Tube and it is bringing back memories.

I'll write about Glen Campbell's "William Tell Overture" the next post about him, after I finish the WLS Top 40 for August 11, 1967.  I promise.

The Puppet Bar, a Real Good Time!!  --RoadDog

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