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Thursday, October 31, 2013

10 Creepy Country Halloween Songs

From 10-3-13 BUZ'N 102.5 FM. //// 10. MIDNIGHT IN MONTGOMERY-- Alan Jackson for Hank's ghost, // 9. MARIE LAVEAU--Bobby Bare and wriiten by Shel Silverstein. (What's she say?), // 8. DELIA'S GONE-- Johnny Cash, // 7. GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY-- Johnny Cash, // 6. OPEN PIT MINE-- George Jones, //// 5. PSYCHO-- Eddie Noack (See Ma, I Told You I Was Nuts!), // 4. THE LEGEND OF WOOLEY SWAMP-- Charlie Daniels Band, // 3. PARDON ME, I'VE GOT SOMEBODY TO KILL--Johnny Paycheck, (One step farther than take this job., 2. CREEPIN'-- Eric Church // 1. DUELING BANJOES-- Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandel from "Delieverance." Squeal For Me. --RoadDog

AOL's Halloween Music Top 100-- Part 9: The Top Ten

10. TROUBLE IN WOODSBORO/SIDNEY'S LAMENT-- Marco Beltrami from "Scream", // 9. DRAGULA-- Rob Zombie, // 8. TALES FROM THE CRYPT-- Danny Elfman from the HBO series, // 7. TIME WARP-- Richard O'Brien from "The Rocky Horror Show", // 6. TUBULAR BELLS-- Mike Oldfirld as in "The Exorcist." (Scarier than the movie.), //// 5. GRIM GRINNING GHOSTS (THE SCREAMING SONG)-- Bussy Baker & Xavier Atencio, // THE MURDER-- Bernard Herrmann from "Psycho. (You Betcha That's Scary! Or, the Knife comes down...again and again.) // 3. THRILLER-- Michael Jackson, // 2. THIS IS HALLOWEEN-- Danny Elfman, // 1. HALOWEEN 1978-- John Carpenter from "Halloween." (And, my leg is still sore thanks to Wendy getting scared.) //// Thanks to AOL for This Great List, Especially Since I'd never Heard of So Many. --RoadDog

AOL's Halloween Music Top 100-- Part 8

29. BELA LUGUSI'S DEAD-- Bauhaus
28. THE MUNSTERS-- David Caine

27. IRON MAN-- Black Sabbath
26. THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA-- Charlie Daniels Band
25. DEAD SOULS-- Nine Inch Nails

24. OUT OF LIMITS-- Marketts
23. WEREWOLVES OF LONDON-- Warren Zevon (Everybody howl!)

20. SUSPIRIA-- Goblin
19. WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE-- Alice Cooper (Scary all by himself.)

18. BEETLEJUICE-- Danny Elfman
17. (DON'T FEAR) THE REAPER-- Blue Oyster Cult
16. TWILIGHT ZONE-- Marius Constant

14. CRY LITTLE SISTER-- Gerrard McMann from "Lost Boys
13. GHOSTBUSTERS-- Ray Parker, Jr. (Who You Gonna Call?)

12. HELLO ZEPP-- Charles Clouser
11. MONSTER MASH-- Bobby "Boris" Pickett.

Almost There. Top Ten Next. --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AOL's Halloween Songs Top 100-- Part 7

40. VAMPIRE HUNTERS-- Wojciech Kilar
39. HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES-- Rob Zombie

37. MONSTER MASH- Manheim Steamroller
36. GHOST TOWN-- Shiny Toy Guns-- (Get an "A" for original name.)
35. A NIGHTMARE ON MY STREET-- DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

34. SUPERSTITION-- Stevie Wonder
33. WITCHY WOMAN-- Eagles
32. SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL-- Rolling Stones

31. PSYCHO KILLER-- Talking Heads

Got My Orange Lights Up Outside. --RoadDog

AOL's Halloween Music Top 100-- Part 6

50. PEOPLE ARE STRANGE-- Doors-- (One of their best songs.)
49. DEAD MAN'S PARTY-- Oingo Boingo-- (What a name for a group. Wonder what they were smoking when they came up with that one.)
48. BARK AT THE MOON-- Ozzy Osbourne-- (Figures)

47. PRELUDE-- Danny Elfman-- from Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho."
45. PUPPET MASTER-- Richard Band

44. I PUT A SPELL ON YOU-- "Screaming" Jay Hawkins
42. THEY'E COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY, HA Ha-- Napoleon XIV-- (One of my all-time favorites. The flipside of the 45 had the song backwards.)

41. VAMPIRES-- Godsmack.

Stocked Up On My Candy for Those Lil' Treaters. --RoadDog

AOL's Halloween Music Top 100-- Part 5

And you didn't think there were 100 Halloween songs. Here's proof.

60. TWILIGHT ZONE-- Golden Earring
59. OOGIE BOOGIE SONG-- Danny Elgman-- (from "Nightmare Before Christmas"

57. TOCATA IN DE MOLE-- Mannheaim Steamroller-- (Not just for Christmas anymore.)
56. BAD THINGS-- Jace Everett
55. DARK SHADOWS THEME-- Juliannne Band

53. NIGHTMARE MASH-- Billy Lee Riley-- Rockabilly Doo-Wop
52. MONSTER'S HOLIDAY-- Bobby "Boris" Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers-- (Talk about a guy who made his career on Halloween!)

Tomorrow, You Know. --RoadDog

Deaths: "I'm Going Home-- Guitarist/Singer in Ten Years After


Died March 6, 2013

On that summer day in 1969, blues-rocker Alvin Lee had his biggest day at that little old festival called Woodstock, then achieved even more fame in the movie when his singing of "I'm Going Home" with his band Ten Years After was featured (whereas Creedence Clearwater wasn't shown). It was a "scorching performance, though. I especially liked the mouth closeups. It was 11+ minutes of as high octane rock as you can get.

The performance launched the band into superstardom for awhile with headlining tours even though they only scored one hit single with "I'd Love to Change the World." He didn't like to perform it in concert, however, because long jams were his thing.

He dissolved the band in 1975.

From March 25, 2013, Time Magazine.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AOL's Halloween Music Top 100-- Part 4

70. WHAT?-- Rob Zombie
69. DIABLO'S THEME-- Ghostly Ones

66. JACK'S LAMENT-- Danny Elfman (from Nightmare before Christmas)
65. FEAR OF THE DARK-- Iron Maiden

64. SWEET DREAMS (ARE MADE OF THIS)-- Marilyn Manson torturing an Eurythmics song (Strange Days Indeed.)
63. THE MUNSTERS THEME-- Los Straitjackets, (Got to listen to a band with a name like this.)
62. THE BOOGIE MAN IS COMING-- John Carpenter (from Halloween)

61. BAD MOON RISING-- Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Seen Any of Your Favorites Yet? "Bad Moon Rising" Is My Ringtone.  --RoadDog

AOL's Halloween Music Top 100-- Part 3: BOO!!!

It took quite a while to go through this list as I kept stopping to give a listen on You Tube:

80. L'ALBA DEI MARTIVIVANTI-- Goblins (from Italy)
79. WEIRD SCIENCE-- Oingo Boingo
78. ZOMBIE-- Cranberries

77. HELLRAISER-- Ozzy Osbourne
76. CASPER, THE FRIENDLY GHOST-- Mike Stewart (Drat Dracula, got it in my head now.)
75. ENTER SANDMAN-- Metallica, (Heavy Scary Stuff)

73. CANDY MAN-- Mike Fink
72. HELL-- Squirrel Nut Zippers, (With a name like that, how can you go wrong?)



AOL's Halloween Music Top 100-- Part 2

Most any Scary Song you could want:

89. OVER AT THE FRANKENSTEIN PLACE-- Susan Sarandon in "Rocky Horror"

87. DEMON-- Daemonmia
86. IT MUST BE HALLOWEEN-- Andrew Gold (from the man who sang "Lonely Boy" and wrote "The Golden Girls " theme)

84. THIS IS HALLOWEEN-- Marilyn Manson (Scary all by "hisself".)
83. MARS ATTACKS-- Warners Brothers Orchestra
82. WALK LIKE A ZOMBIE-- Horror Pops (from Denmark)

81. HALLOWEEN (SHE GETS SO MEAN)-- Rob Zombie (There will be a lot of Rob Zombie songs.)

Scared Yet? --RoadDog

Monday, October 28, 2013

AOL's Halloween Music Top 100-- Part 1

From the AOL site. Now, this is one really complete list, but still without a few favorites, but this is based on AOL listeners. I hadn't heard quite a few of them and there are quite a few TV/movie songs in it. 100.

HALLOWEEN-- Stephen Lynch

HALLOWEEN 1963-- John Carpenter, from the movie Halloween
HELLRAISER-- Christopher Young, all those pins, a real Pinhead
HALLOWEEN-- Girls Under Glass

HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING-- Manheim Steamroller, and you thought they just did Christmas music
HALLOWEEN-- Helloween

Hallow- Ween. --RoadDog

Out to Pumpkin Land: This Past Weekend

Lots and lots of places selling pumpkins here in southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois this time of the year for some reason. And, we sure saw a lot of modified ones yesterday.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25TH: Drive around Geneva Lake, Wisconsin and bars (Sit N' Bull, Main Street and Donovan's) on way home.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26TH: Drive to DeKalb, Chessick Practice Center dedication at NIU. NIU alumni tent, NIU President's reception, NIU beats Eastern Michigan 59-20. Rosy's Roadhouse, O'Leary's, Pizza Pros, Fatty's.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27TH: White Castle, Sycamore Pumpkin Festival and parade. Cub and Spanks and P.J.'s. Fat Boys for parade, Fossils Band plays after parade. Red Mill in Woodstock on way home.

Time to Rest Up From the Weekend. --RoadDog

Halloween Countdown Begins

Just like AMC has their horror movies now, I have my very scary music countdown to All Hallows Eve, thanks to Bob "Baron Von Franken" Stroud and Little "Mad Man" Steven.

I see that Little Steven had his yearly Hallloween Show yesterday but the little ghouls put me to sleep (a very long weekend, you know). Stroud evidently didn't do his annual Halloween show yesterday, though, maybe this coming weekend.

Here are some songs guaranteed to scare you into giving candy:

SANDMAN-- America
I HAD TOO MUCH TO DREAM LAST NIGHT-- Electric Prunes (Just the music in this one is scary enough, then there's that Freddie creeping through 'em.)

FRANKENSTEIN-- Edgar Winter Group
BAD MOON RISING-- CCR (No, there's that what on the right?)
CLAP FOR THE WOLFMAN-- Guess Who (No, the deejay Wolfman.)

WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE-- Alice Cooper (Spooky all by himself.)

Like, Boo!!! --RoadDog

Saturday, October 26, 2013

JSS: Geneva Lake-- Dekalb-- Sycamore

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. GENEVA LAKE-- Yesterday, we took a ride around Geneva Lake, Wisconsin, looking for color. Found some, but the wave is still not there yet (and perhaps not coming as then has been a strange fall foliage season).

2. DEKALB-- Driving out there in a few hours for the Chessick Center dedication (indoor football practice field), president's reception and my third college football game in three weekends (NIU, Northwestern, NIU).

3. SYCAMORE-- Sunday we are going to see the Sycamore Pumpkin Festival parade.

Coming to the End of Fall, Sigh! --RoadDog

Friday, October 25, 2013

JSIS: Sandy Hook Coming Down-- 19 Elements-- $250,000

JSIS-- Just Some Interesting Stuff.

From Oct. 14, 2013, Time Magazine.

1. SANDY HOOK COMING DOWN-- Real sorry to hear that Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown is being torn down. I hate having that sick person inflicting one more injury like that.

2. 19 ELEMENTS-- Nineteen elements were assigned new atomic weights as a result of more accurate measurement technology. Darn!! Thanks to my watching "Breaking Bad" I had just figured out all those elements. Now, I have to start all over again.

3. $250,000-- Cost of a 30-second ad during the "Breaking Bad" finale, up from about $75,000 for the rest of the season. I'll miss this show.

Just Some Interesting Stuff. --RoadDog

Beach Music Top Ten: 1965-- Part 2

Fessa John Hook plays a different Top 40 year in Beach Music every week on his website (along with this week's Beach Music Top 40 and a Blues Roadhouse show. Well worth giving a listen at www.beachshag.com. Continuing from previous post:

#7. *I DO LOVE YOU-- Billy Stewart
H.M. *KEEP LOVIN'-- Billy Stewart

H.M. *EVERYTHING'S WRONG-- Chubby Checker
#5 *SITTING IN THE PARK-- Billy Stewart
#4. *THE ENTERTAINER/THIS HEART OF MINE (Perhaps a cover of the Isley Brothers song on the second one?-- Tony Clarke
#3. *AIN'T NO BIG THING-- Radiants

H.M. * YOU BETTER SAY YES-- Willie Tee
#2. *THANK YOU JOHN-- Willie Tee

H.M. * I WANT TO BE YOUR GUY-- Swingin' Medallions

#1. MY GIRL-- Temptations

Sure a Lot of Great Music This Year. --RoadDog

Beach Music Top Ten: 1965-- Part 1

From Fessa John Hook's www.beachshag.com site. And he has a great book with all the Beach Charts and every Beach song ever played. Check it out and/or listen to his shows at the site.

This was prime music-listening time for me after the Beatles had awakened me to pop music. I had noticed, however, that some of the songs I would hear while visiting family in North Carolina were considerably different from what was playing on Chicago's WLS and WCFL.

This list has some of those. (* Means a song not heard on Chicago radio):

H.M.--Honorable Mention *USE YOUR HEAD-- Mary Wells,
H.M.-- *OO-WEE BABY I LOVE YOU-- Fred Hughes

#9. MAY I-- Maurice Williams & Zodiacs (We finally got this song in 1969 with Bill Deal & the Rhondells)
H.M. *UP ON THE ROOF (JUST FOR THE BIRDS)-- Embers (We had an "Up on the Roof" by the Drifters and later by the Cryan' Shames, but I'm not sure this is the same one.)

#8. I CAN'T HELP MYSELF-- Four Tops

All That New Carolina Music. --RoadDog

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Five "Brain-Itch" Songs

From the Oct. 4, 2013, Yahoo! Music "5 'Brain-Itch' Songs You'll Never Forget" by Shawn Amos.

And, this comes with easy access to the songs in case you want to hear them again and start the mess in your brain over again. Shawn Amos describes them as being "like a virus that won't leave your system."

And a song like "YMCA" didn't even make the list. Here's the list:

#1. I'M TOO SEXY-- Right Said Fred

#2. TUB THUMPING-- Chumbawamba

#3. MAMBO NO. 5-- Lou Bega


#5. MMMBOP-- Hanson.

And, I love all these songs.  But then again, I still love my Bubble Gum Music.

"Woof, Woof, Woof." Alright, Get Those Songs Out of Your Head. -- RoadDog

Deaths: Bluesey Singer Songwriter: J.J. Cale

J.J. CALE (1938-2013)

Died July 26th.

From Oklahoma and owes a big thanks to Eric Clapton for making him some money. Penned hits "After Midnight" and "Cocaine" which did well for E.C. and Mr. Cale's wallet. In 1970, he was just scraping by in Tulsa when he heard Clapton singing his "After Midnight." Cale had released that song four years earlier "to deafening silence."

It sure helped him, but he did it on his terms and always remained publicity shy. In his 2007 autobiography, Eric Clapton called Cale"one of the most important artists in the history of rock, quietly representing the greatest asset his country has ever had."

Waylon Jennings sang his "Louisiana Women" and Lynyrd Skynyrd used his "Call Me the Breeze."

From the 28th Chicago Tribune.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Good New TV Shows: Wednesday-Friday


 Back in the Game ABC (Great cast and script, and, of course, I like baseball. An updated "Bad News Bears" and sort of that latest Clint Eastwood movie "Can't Hit a Curveball" I think was the name.)

Super Fun Night (I really didn't think I'd like this show, but it is good, kind of a "Big Bang Theory" on another level and "Bridget Jones."


Millers (CBS), Crazy Ones (CBS) Welcome to the Family (NBC) Michael J. Fox Show (NBC). All of these shows have promise, but so far haven't achieved must-watch status, with me, anyway.

FRIDAY: I'll be watching the pilot of Dracula on NBC tonight. We'll see.


Good New TV Shows: Monday and Tuesday

I do not include new TV shows into my must-watch list until after seeing the shows several times. So far this season, I have enjoyed these new series on TV:

MONDAY: Mom CBS (great cast and script) and Hostage CBS (But will they be able to keep it going?)

TUESDAY Goldbergs ABC (kind of an updated "Wonder Years" and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and Trophy Wife ABC (I didn't have much hope for this one, but again, great cast and script)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This Past Weekend: Boats-- Football


Pulled the boat out with Frank's help and took it over to Midwest Marine for bottom cleaning and winterization. That's the official end of the boating season other than taking it over to Hebron to put it up for the winter. Friend John's 50th BD (the Youngster!) at Dawg House. Karaoke at the Legion.


Drive to Arlington Heights and buddy Bob. Breakfast at TNT's in Arlington Hts. Northwestern-Minnesota game at Ryan Field in Evanston. Unfortunately, the Wildcats lost 20-17. Cold, drizzle and even hail for a few seconds. Greek Pizza at The Crave on US-12. Frances and Amby graves at Memory Gardens in Arlington Hts. Half Price Books in Palatine. White Castle and home.


Bears game at buddy Kenny's in Richmond. Outside in garage and tent. Pretty cold. Halftime, we drove to Squaw Bar in Ingleside for second half, warm up and the Usual Suspects. A real shootout, but sadly Da Bears lost 45-41, but first Hester TD runback in a long time. Then, we met Pam at Antonio's for Da Packer game.

Another Good, Though Losing Weekend. --RoadDog

Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy 25th Anniversary to "Roseanne"

From the Oct. 18, 2013, Yahoo! TV.

The great show made its debut on ABC on Oct. 18, 1988, and was a hit right away. I watched it from the beginning and was on my "must-see" list all the way to that horrible 9th Season. It definitely should have stopped after 8 seasons and even that one was showing signs that they were running out of things to write about.

I also liked the fact it was about a lower middle class family. Most sitcoms are about fairly well-to-do families.

Anyway, Yahoo! TV had an article "25 Things You Didn't Know Anout the Classic Sitcom" by Kimberly Potts. I'll write about some of them in my Cooter's History Thing blog.

One Great Show, Especially Their Halloween Episodes. --RoadDog

Friday, October 18, 2013

Football This Weekend/ Boat Out

Another football weekend planned. Tonight will be the Richmond-Burton High School football game in Richmond. Tomorrow, I get together with some old teaching buddies at the Northwestern-Minnesota game in Evanston, Illinois. I understand ex-NIU coach Jerry Kill will not be on the field for the Gophers because of his seizure problems. Too bad.

Then, Sunday, it is getting together with the Usual Suspects for Da Bears game against Washington.

Sadly, we're hoping to take the boat out of the water today if the weather holds up.

Winter Is Just Around the Corner. --RoadDog

Cleveland's KYW-AM (Make That Philadelphia's) and, a Chicago Connection

I was wondering why Cleveland had a station beginning with the call letter "K," when it should be a "W." I looked it up and found the station with those call letters to be in Philadelphia. What gives there?

It turns out that the "K" is there because it is one of the very first radio stations. Jerry G. Bishop was at KYW in Cleveland because the station was "there" at one time.

KYW is in in Philadelphia now at 1060-AM on the dial, owned by CBS Radio and has been all news since 1965. It began in Chicago in 1921 where it was part of the NBC Blue Network. In 1934, the call letters went to Philadelphia and in 1955 to Cleveland before returning back to Philadelphia in 1965, where it has been ever since.

There were reasons for the moves, but they tend to get confusing.

Listening to Radio Right Now (Though Over the Internet, 94.9 FM, the Surf Out of North Myrtle Beach, SC). --RoadDog

Chicago's (and San Diego's) Jerry G. Bishop: 'CFL and Svengoolie-- Part 2

When Ken Draper was hired as program director of Chicago's rock giant WCFL-AM, 1000, in 1967, the first thing he did was hire Jerry G. away from KYW, but asked that Jerry G. choose a last name. He and his wife went through the Cleveland phonebook and settled on the name Bishop. Jerry G. Bishop took over the morning show and helped make Big Ten WCFL into competition with rock giant WLS.

Management shakeup in 1969 caused Bishop to leave radio and sign on with Chicago's WFLD-TV, one of the city's first UHF stations. There, he did a little bit of everything, including hosting Dialing for Dollars and the station's Friday night horror movie show "Screaming Yellow Theater" where he created the character that became Svengoolie. He was a green-haired, green-bearded, guitar-playing hippie who slept in a psychedelic coffin and told the corniest jokes.

Svengoolie was resurrected in 1979, with Bishop's permission, by Rich Coz, who continues on with the tradition.

Later, Bishop was on Chicago's WMAQ-AM and WMAQ-TV before going to San Diego.

Svengoolie, Just in Time for Halloween. --RoadDog

Chicago's (and San Diego's) Jerry G. Bishop: Super 'CFL and Svengoolie-- Part 1

From Wikipedia. I wrote about his death in September in my Cooter's History Thing blog and was thinking, besides Svengoolie, I remembered him being on WCFL-Am 1000 in Chicago. He was. My high school and college days were spent listening to WCFL and their "enemy station," WLS, a whole lot. These were the stations Chicago kids listened to.

JERRY G. BISHOP (August 3, 1936-Sept. 15, 2013). Radio/TV personality, creator of the original Svengoolie and 12-year host of "Sun-Up San Diego."

Born Jairus Samuel Ghan in Chicago. Attended school in Chicago, then Wright Jr. College, University of Illinois and Columbia College in Chicago. He got his first radio job at Evanston, Illinois's WNMP-AM in 1961 where he was morning-show host. Then he went to WPGC in Washington, DC, and Cleveland Giant KYW (I thought stations east of the Mississippi began with W) where he was nighttime dj using his first and last names. The program director got him to use just G. for last name, Jerry G.

Deaths: Sat. Night Fever-- Beatle Connection-- Throat Singing?


Died August 8th. Long-time record exec with RSO Records responsible for success of "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease" soundtracks. I liked and have both albums. The movies were great also. John Travolta could really get a music craze started back in the day. (Don't forget "Urban Cowboy.")


Died September 15th. British singer who once had members of the Beatles singing backing vocals on his albums, but even so, never hit it big.

KONGAR-OL ONDAR, 51. Died July 25th. Master of throat singing from small Russian republic of Tuva. Recorded with Willie Nelson and Frank Zappa. Now, I'll have to find out what throat singing is.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Drive's Album Sides Thursday (No Stacking, Though)

I always love it when WDRV, 97.1 FM in Chicago has their album sides Thursday (even if that does mean no Ten at Ten today). They are playing original vinyl, complete with all those album pops and hisses sounds. This is the way I used to listen to records on the turntable, one side at a time (and even stacking them at one time when I had spindles). You'd listen to one side and flip it over and put another LP on.

They are playing Tom Petty's FULL MOON FEVER right now at 9:04 AM. This goes on until midnight and streams at www.wdrv.com.

Numbers refer to the side played.

Since I've been up, they played THE BEATLES 1962-1966 (Side 2) from 1973
THE LONG RUN-- Eagles (1)

AFTER THE GOLD RUSH-- Neil Young (1) 1970.
THE WALL-- Pink Floyd (3) 1979
MOONDANCE-- Van Morrison (1) 1970

BORN IN THE U.S.A.-- Bruce Springsteen (2) 1984
SHAVED FISH--John Lennon (1) 1975
GOAT'S HEAD SOUP-- Rolling Stones (1) 1973

SLOWHAND-- Eric Clapton (1) 1977

I Know What I'll Be Doing for the Rest of the Day. --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Football, Parades and Boating Over Last Five Days

FRIDAY, OCT. 11TH:   Boating. Richmond-Burton High School victory over Burlington Central.

SATURDAY OCT. 12TH: Drive to Dekalb for NIU's 108th Homecoming. Alumni Tent Area. Met author of new "Huskie Football" book and new NIU President Doug Baker. Seats on the 45 yardline. NIU wins. Dekalb Footstompers at Lord Stanley's.

SUNDAY, OCT. 13TH: NIU souveniers and CDs at Wal-Mart and Barnes & Nobles. Breakfast of Champions at White Castle. Marengo Settler's Day Parade. Bar-Hopping at Coleman's and Red Mill in Woodstock.

MONDAY, OCT. 14TH: Halloween decorations. Boating. Kevin and Kelly. American Legion and NTN and pizza at J's.

TUESDAY, OCT. 14TH: Movie "Gravity." Shopping in McHenry.

Great Time. --RoadDog

Just Three Weeks Away From the Lincoln Highway-- Route 66 Football Showdown

This will be the 4th annual gridiron contest between high schools here in Illinois representing towns along the two storied roads. I was able to find the IHSA current (as of last Thursday) rankings in all eight classes and a lot of them are 66/Lincoln.

A lot of these schools have been in many of the contests over the last four years.

CLASS 8A: Bolingbrook (66)

CLASS 7A: Edwardsville (66), Lincoln-Way East (LH), Batavia (LH)

CLASS 6A: Normal Community (66), Lincoln-Way North (LH), East St, Louis (66), Normal West (66)

CLASS 5A: Kaneland (LH), Sacred Heart Griffin (66), Joliet Catholin (66, LH), Normal University (66), Lincoln-Way West (LH)

CLASS 4A: Rochelle (LH)

CLASS 3A Wilmington (66), Williamsville (66).

I'll be reporting this in my RoadDog RoadBlog.

Should Be Another Exciting Time and Championship Games Will Be At Huskie Stadium in Dekalb, Home of NIU. --RoadDog

Monday, October 14, 2013

NIU Homecoming 2013: Congrats Dekalb Footstompers on 40th Anniversary

After the game, as has been our custom for most of the last 40 years, we adjourned to Lord Stanley's in downtown Dekalb on the Lincoln Highway for the Dekalb Footstompers. The first whole bunch of years they were at Andy's, right down the street. They then moved to the Shamrock which is now Lord Stanley's, a hockey bar. Win or lose (we won), we get to hear and yell out "The Huskie Fight Song," a Footstomper staple.

We were a bit too late to find seats at first, but Liz, the master seat/barstool acquisition expert, eventually got two together. We are not the only alumni who don't consider it a proper homecoming unless they get their yearly Stomper dose.  Hey, a four piece band featuring drums, guitar, tuba and accordion can't be all bad. You haven't lived until you've heard them play rock songs like that, especially "Purple Haze." Of course, they can play polkas and oom-pah music. In addition, they have all sorts of their own songs like "Vasectomy" and "NIU Sorority Bitch." "Rocky Top" always gets a great ovation.

Thanks For All of the Good Times, Footstomper Guys. It Wouldn't Be Homecoming Without You. --RoadDog

Bringing the Plants In: Fun With the Dragon

It just made my night yesterday, to have to move in all my over-winter plants from the front porch and back deck because of a frost advisory. I had to do this after getting back from NIU homecoming yesterday (at 9 PM, after "The Walking Dead"). I wasn't much in the mood, but knew I would have to do the move, if not last night, then sometime this week as that lousy winter is approaching.

And, I have had most of those over-winter plants a long time. We've had Dragon Plant (as we call it) at least 28 years and the hibiscus plants are 18 years old.

Moving wasn't bad except for one of the hibiscus which is in a real heavy pot and, of course, dear old Dragon Plant (so-named because its leaves are pretty sharp at the ends and, it is a really big old plant now).

One stem stands about seven feet and it is probably five feet across on one section. That kept me quite busy maneuvering it to fit it in the door. I was wearing safety glasses so didn't get poked in the eye, thankfully.

Here, Nice Dragon. Here, Nice Dragon. --RoadDog

Baseball...Now That I Don't Much Care

Since neither the White Sox or Cubs (or even the Brewers), the three teams I pull for in MLB, made the playoffs (well, they could have made it in reverse, both ending in last place in their respective divisions and in a race to see who could be worse-- the Sox were), I don't much care who wins. Other than the fact that it WON'T BE THE YANKEES!!! As long as they don't make it, that is alright with me.

Actually, I was pulling for the Oakland A's and Pittsburgh Pirates since both rank with the "loser" category, something I can definitely identify with (the Pirates have had twenty straight losing seasons and the A's can't get folks into their park).

I guess now, I'll back the local Midwest teams, Detroit and St. Louis. I actually like the Cardinals (especially when they had baseball's best manager, Tony LaRussa (who also managed the Sox to success back in the 80s) but they are getting too much like the Yankees, winning all the time like that.

Go Tigers and Cardinals. --RoadDog

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Homecoming Wins Out

I had several things I would have liked to do today. The McHenry Historical Society has a meeting and presentation this morning; Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, has their annual Oktoberfest and Marengo, Illinois, their annual Settlers' Days festival.

But, Northern Illinois has its homecoming against the Akron Zips (who came with a minute of defeating Michigan earlier this season. We already have tickets, anyway.

Plus, the DeKalb Footstompers play afterwards at Lord Stanley's in downtown DeKalb, right on the old Lincoln Highway.

There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town. --RoadDog

40th Time Boating

We did get out on the boat yesterday for our 40TH TIME. Mission accomplished. Goal reached.

We achieved our 40 times out boating for the 2013 season. Forecasts for next week have improved so will leave the boat in for a while longer. Hopefully we'll get another two-three times.

Making It Worth the Money, Somewhat. --RoadDog

Goin' Back to 1970-- Part 4

Final entry for last week's Saturday Morning Flashback to 1970. Right now, I'm listening to Fessa' John Hook's 1956 Beach Music Survey on Beach-Shag.com and also, today's WXRT Saturday Morning Flashback to 1987. Grateful Dead's "Touch of Gray" is playing right now. Has it been that long, their only Top 40 hit.

SWEET JANE-- Velvet Underground

CRY ME A RIVER-- Joe Cocker
SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL (live)--Rolling Stones

MAYBE I'M AMAZED-- Paul McCartney

LAKE SHORE DRIVE-- Aliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah-- A short course on Chicago)
GLAD-- Traffic.

Man, That Was Some Good Stuff. --RoadDog

Friday, October 11, 2013

Thinking This To Be Last Day Boating

Forecasts next week are not very promising, so thinking about one more trip out today and then taking it out at the Legion by US-12. Yesterday, we were out for the 39th time on a boat float around Mineola Bay with Liz and buddy Frank.

So, today will be the 40th time on the boat so we will have met the objective of 40 times on the boat for the season. Not bad considering all the rotten weather we've had this year.

Always Sad to Have the Season End, But Winter's A-Comin'. --RoadDog

More Beatles, Less Wings

From the July 21, 2013, Chicago Tribune.

"Paul McCartney played to a packed crowd Tuesday night at Miller Park in Milwaukee. The set list continued a recent trend of McCartney playing more Beatle songs than his solo or Wings material."

SONGS PLAYED AT CONCERTS     (Beatles 1st, Wings/Solo Songs 2nd and Covers 3rd)

1976 "WINGS OVER AMERICA": 17%, 77%, 7%

1990 "TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC": 47%, 41%, 12%

2002 "BACK IN THE U.S.": 58%, 42%

2013 MILLER PARK: 67%, 33%.

Not only that, but McCartney played a lot of different instruments during the concert: Bass on 12 songs, Acoustic guitar on 11 1/2 songs, Ukulele on 1/2 song, Electric guitar on 2 1/2 songs and Piano on 9 1/2 songs.

A Multi-Talented Fellow Indeed. --RoadDog

Ex-Beatle Still Rockin' 'Em-- Part 5

Finishing up that really long concert that I Shoulda Gone To:

28. LET IT BE-- The website Setlist.fm has this the song McCartney has played the second-most in concerts so far, with 473 times. First is the song after the next one. (And, a song I REALLY got sick of back when it came out. That song was on pretty well non-stop.)
#29. LIVE AND LET DIE-- (A song that always reminds me of driving the hotel van from the Sheraton Inn-Walden in Schaumburg, Illinois, back and forth between the hotel and O'Hare, my job when I first got out of college.)
#30. HEY JUDE-- (And, you know it was audience participation. Even I know the words to the refrain, or is it the chorus or chant. And a song I sure was sick of back in the day, but it's ok now.)


#32. HI, HI, HI


#36. GOLDEN SLUMBERS/CARRY THAT WEIGHT/THE END-- (Can't help but think of New Odyssey band when I hear this song now which is a good, great, last song.)

Seventy-one and still tickin'.

I Still Liked George Better. --RoadDog

Indian Summer: "Hot" Classic Rock Songs-- Part 4

And now, the Top Ten:

#9. SMOKIN'-- Boston
#8. I'M ON FIRE-- Bruce Springsteen

#7. LIGHT MY FIRE-- Doors
#5. SHE WAS HOT-- Rolling Stones
#4. BURNIN' SKY-- Bad Company

#3. FIRE-- Jimi Hendrix
#2. JUMP INTO THE FIRE-- Harry Nilsson
#1. BURNIN' FOR YOU-- Blue Oyster Cult.

Makes You Want to Fire Up the Old Campfire. "I'm Burnin', I'm Burnin'." --RoadDog

Goin' Back to 1970-- Part 3

Some more of WXRT's songs from that great (for me, college) year:

LOLA-- Kinks "But I know I'm a man"
BOX OF RAIN-- Grateful Dead (How can a band that can make such a great 3 minute song become one of those twenty minute jam bands?)
FREEDOM-- Jimi Hendrix

RUN THROUGH THE JUNGLE-- CCR (never gets old)
BALL OF CONFUSION-- Temptations (and many of the problems are still here)

TELL THE TRUTH-- Derek & the Dominos (but we all know it's REALLY Eric)

Was I Ever Singing Along. --RoadDog

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Indian Summer "Hot" Classic Rock Songs-- Part 3

Some more songs bordering on "HOT."

#20. FIRE IN THE HOLE-- Steely Dan

#17. COLD FIRE-- Rush

#13. FIRE-- The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
#12. PUT OUT THE FIRE-- Queen
11.  HOT FOR TEACHER-- Van Halen

I Am the God of Hellfire, and I Bring You.... --RoadDog

Ex-Beatle Still Rockin' 'Em-- Part 4

WXRT is playing the new Paul McCartney song "Queenie, I" right now at 7:10 AM, from his upcoming album. A good one. WXRT has been playing his new song "New" a lot. I may even have to go out and buy this new album. I haven't bought any of his new stiff since he was with Wings, other than greatest hits collections. His new album, titles "New" comes out this Tuesday.

These are the songs he played at the July concert in Milwaukee:

#20. LOVELY RITA-- First time he's sung it live
#21. MRS. VANDERBILT-- (I'm not familiar with this one.)

#23. BEING FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. KITE-- The last and most intriguing of the new songs. John Lennon's psychedelic work. All five of the "new" Beatles songs fall into the "fun category."

#27. BACK IN THE U.S.S.R.-- On jumbotron behind him, the words "Free Pussy Riot" appears in support of the punk rockers imprisoned in Russia.

Shoulda Gone to the Show. --RoadDog

Going Back to 1970-- Part 2

Some more of that great 1970d music thanks to Wendy Rice and the good folks at WXRT, 93.1 FM, in Chicago:

THEM CHANGES-- Buddy Miles
OYE COMO VA-- Santana

MOONDANCE-- Van Morrison

SOUTHERN MAN--Neil Young (Well, you know what Lynyrd Skynyrd had to say, Neil.)
I HEAR YOU KNOCKIN'-- Dave Edmunds
MIDNIGHT RIDER-- Allman Brothers

ROADHOUSE BLUES--Doors (My second favorite Doors song.)
GET BACK-- Beatles

Woke Up This Morning and Got Myself a Beer. --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Enjoying This Last Gasp of Summer

Warm, sunny and enjoying it. Especially after the crummy weather we had Thursday to Sunday. Hoping to hit our 40th time out on the boat by Friday. We were out both Monday and yesterday (37th) and plan on going out today. (We always shoot for 40 times boating every season and had some doubts we would get it this year because of all the bad weather and flooding. We didn't even get the boat into the water until mid-July.)

Yesterday, we did a fast cruise on Fox Lake and then a slow cruise along the shore from Fox Lake to McDonald's on Pistakee Lake. (Well, except for Kamikaze Alley where Grasslake, Nippersink Lake and Fox Lake come together, where the Waterway management Agency had taken down the no-wake buoys and I just had to take that at speed once.)

Then, we went for a drive around Geneva Lake in Wisconsin to see if the "Color" had arrived. It hadn't for the most part. We'll try again next week. We tried out their new Burger King Johnsonville brat sandwich and new lower calory fires at Flatiron Park along the lake in Lake Geneva (home of the famous Andy Gump statue) and enjoyed that great view. Can't say the same for the brat or fries, though. Way too dry.

Enjoying It While We Can. --RoadDog

Ex-Beatle Still Rocking 'Em: Paul McCartney-- Part 3

And, McCartney was 71. By the way, today is John Lennon's birthday. Born October 9, 1940, during the Battle of Britain, he would have been 73 today.

Continuing with McCartney's July 15th concert at Milwaukee's Miller Park:


#17. YOUR MOTHER SHOULD KNOW-- The Beatles needed a song for the "Our World" live international TV special back in the 1960s. Paul came up with this song. John came up with "All You Need Is Love." Guess who won out? However, this one did make it on "Magical Mystery Tour.

#18. LADY MADONNA (What, no Ringo?),
#19. ALL TOGETHER NOW-- Played it acoustically and said "That was one of the more intellectually challenging ones." From Yellow Submarine. (And, one of my favorites. Rats, got it in my head now.)

WHEN I'M 64....Oops, 71.

Intellectually Challenged. --RoadDog

Indian Summer: "Hot" Classic Rock Songs-- Part 2

*  Neans I'm not familiar with it.

#30. FIRE AND WATER-- Free
#28. HOT GIRLS IN LOVE-- Loverboy

*#27 ROAD FEVER-- Blackfoot (I'll have to give it a listen, could be a great driving song.)
*#26. FEVER-- Juda Priest
#25. HIGHWAY TO HELL-- AC/DC (Alright, now I've got this song in my head!!)

#24. WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE-- Billy Joel (A great run-down on post World War II history. How did he sing this SO FAST??)
#23. FLAMETHROWER-- J. Geils Band (How could you start off a song any better?)
#22. BAT OUT OF HELL-- Meatloaf

#21. KEEP THE FIRE BURNIN'-- REO Speedwagon.

Before the Cold! --RoadDog

Indian Summer: "Hot" Classic Rock Songs-- Part 1

As we have one last fling at the warmth with "Injun Summer" as the Chicago Tribune called it back with that great cartoon/story back in the 1920s, I came across this list of songs having to do with the hot in Y-Music from August 3, 2013, and will list 'em before it gets too cold. I knew some and didn't know others. * means I didn't know it:

40. HOT BLOODED-- Foreigne
39. I WANNA GO TO THE SUN (live)-- Peter Frampton
*38. UP IN FLAMES-- Joe Satriani

*36. FIRE IN THE SKY-- Ozzy Osbourne
35. FIRE EATER-- Three Dog Night
34. HELL IS FOR CHILDREN-- Pat Benatar

33. THE HEAT IS ON-- Glen Frey 32.
31. FIRE WOMAN-- Cult.

Before It Gets Too Cold. --RoadDog

Monday, October 7, 2013

JSS: Great Football Game-- Romo and Peyton-- USA Today $2

JSS-- Just Some Stuff.

1. GREAT FOOTBALL GAME-- Usually, I just watch Da Bears or Da Pack on NFL gameday. But, yesterday, the Cowboy vs. Bronco game was on at both Antonio's and Tommy's and was that ever some game. Back and forth most of the game with Denver winning in the last second with a field goal to break a tie 51-48. And, then there was that great sneak run by Peyton on that one play. It sure fooled me, not to mention the guy filming the game.

2. ROMO AND PEYTON-- And, the game featured two of my favorite quarterbacks. Peyton Manning is the greatest. Can't believe Indy treated him so badly at the end of his great career there. I've liked him since he played at Tennessee. And, I really hate the Cowboys, but do like Tony Romo. He played high school ball about thirty miles from here in Burlington, Wisconsin, and played college ball at one of the little guy schools, Eastern Illinois

USA TODAY $2-- I was a bit shocked today when I went to Walgreens and bought the USA Today to find that the they had jacked its price 100%, from $1 to $2. The Chicago Tribune recently jumped its price 50 cents to $1.50 and that was bad enough, but, now this. OUCH!!!

I Won't Be Buying It Anymore, I Can Tell You That. --RoadDog

Good Times Around Here Last Weekend


Back to '79 for Ten at Ten. Celebrated Coz's retirement day with him at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes.


Wendy Rice went to 1970 for Saturday Morning Flashback on WXRT. Then, we made quite a haul of winnings from the Chain Crawl season ending party at Captain's Quarters and listened to the Average Joe Band. Went over to Oktoberfest in Fox Lake and saw the Alpiners.


Breakfast With the Beatles celebrated John Lennon's birthday which will be this Wednesday. Got together with the Usual Suspects at Squaw Bar for Da Bears game. Da Bears so Sad!!! SAD!! Then saw a great football game at Antonio's, Tommy's and home. More on it in next post.

And, some college football team made #23 on both AP and USA Coaches Polls!!! Not saying, but sure am happy. (Bad luck if I do.)

Other than no boating because of lousy weather, it was a real fun weekend.

Got to Enjoy This Time Now Because You-Know-What Is On its Way (Old Man Winter). --RoadDog

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Right By Our Old Place: Lake Villa Man Found Dead in Vernon Hills

Liz first showed me this, but there has been a search for Nick Steward since he was last seen September 20th. Yesterday, his car was found in the parking lot of an apartment complex off Il-83 in Vernon Hills.

A search of nearby woods and cornfields found his body. Apparently, he committed suicide.

We lived at the apartment complex, Villas By the Lake, from 1974-1975 before we moved into out house in Round Lake Beach. His car was found in the parking lot we used.

Kind of Creepy. --RoadDog

Going Back to 1970-- Part 1: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"

Just finished listening to Aliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah's "Lake Shore Drive" on Wendy Rice's Saturday Morning Flashback on WXRT here in Chicago. Great song. I listened to all four hours and was really taken back:

Some more songs from 1970:


CIRCLE GAME-- Joni Mitchell
LIAR-- Argent

LET IT RAIN-- Eric Clapton
STATION MAN-- Fleetwood Mac
MY SWEET LORD-- George Harrison


And, That's Only the Part of It. --RoadDog

Herb Kirkstreet Can Kiss .......

Just heard a commercial on the radio featuring ESPN's Herb Kirkstreet, not one of my favorite folks. I'd never heard of him before the Bowl Selection Show last year and then his rant about the unworthiness of Northern Illinois to play Florida State in the Orange Bowl.

He instantly became persona non grata with many NIU Hiskie fans.

I almost bought a very popular tee shirt reading "Herb Kirkstreet Can Bite Me."

Yep, Herbie, That 'Bout Sums It Up for Me. --RoadDog

Friday, October 4, 2013

Ex-Beatle Still Rockin' Them, Paul McCartney-- Part 2

As I sit here listening to Paul's new song "New" being played on Chicago's WXRT at 7:59 AM. Terri Hemmert would be so proud. I've heard this song several times on her Sunday morning show Breakfast With the Beatles already. A great song.

These are songs he played this past summer in Milwaukee.

#7. MY VALENTINE-- Old-fashioned pop standard dedicated to new wife, Nancy Shevell, who was in the audience. It is the set's newest song by 30 years.
#8. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FIVE (One of my favorite, underrated Paul songs. And, when it came out, 1985 seemed such a long-long way away.)

#9. THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD-- (This and "Let It Be" are my two Paul-gag songs.)
#10. MAYBE I'M AMAZED-- I think I've figured out part of why McCartney's voice sounds so much better here than in recent TV appearances: On TV his voice is mixed way up, and you hear every crack and strain. Here he's belting over loud background vocals so you feel the passion without scrutinizing every vocal detail. (I had definitely noticed how "bad" the voice sounded on TV.)


#13. ANOTHER DAY-- McCartney said this 1971 song was making its live debut, but he had sung it several times in 1993. It is one of his early songs derided by Lennon as lightweight (in his "How Do You Sleep") But, it holds up. (And, is one of my favorites by him.)

It's Just Another Day, Chi-Chi-Chi Chi. --RoadDog

Uncommon College Degrees-- Part 2: Citrus Studies

3. CITRUS STUDIES-- FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE, LAKELAND, FLA.-- Orange groves are plentiful around campus which offers the nation's only bachelor's degree in this area. Offered since 1953. Around six students a year get it.

4. PUPPETRY, UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT, STORRS, CONN.-- Offered since 1965, you can also get a master's degree. Get students from all over the world.

5. FARRIAR SCIENCE-- MESALANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE, TUCUMCARI, N.M. (and right on good ol' Route 66). OK, this is horseshoeing (glad they told what it was as I didn't have a clue for, as the article said, "students seeking a stable career"). There is a demand because a machine can't replace them. Twenty students enrolled. Mesalands is one of only a handful of U.S. colleges offering it.

Stable Career...Snork, Snork. --RoadDog

Uncommon College Degrees-- Part 1: Of Adventure and Bagpipes

From the August 4-10, 2013, American Profile Magazine by Marti Attoun.

Especially in these days of so many college students taking 5-7 years to get out of college and even longer. Especially considering the ridiculously high cost of college these days. I have one such person in my family, a niece, on this extended plan..

Here are "Five unconventional academic and vocational programs:"

1. ADVENTURE SPORTS MANAGEMENT-- GARRETT COLLEGE, McHENRY, MD. Nearly 200 students have backpacked, climbed, cycled and skied their way to this two-year associate's degree since 1992. You know, all those extreme sports.

2. BAGPIPES-- CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY, PITTSBURGH, PA.-- This four-year program has been offered since 1990. So far, four students have achieved it.

And, What Did You Major In? --RoadPipe

Thursday, October 3, 2013

JSS: Interesting Weather-- Front and Backyard Chipmunks-- 35-- Chain Crawl Party

JSS-- Just Some Stuff.

1. INTERESTING WEATHER-- This morning, the driveway and front sidewalk was wet from rain and the deck in the back of the house was dry. Very strange.

2. FRONT AND BACKYARD CHIPMUNKS-- I've been enjoying watching our two chipmunks. One hangs out in the front yard and the other in the backyard. The only animals more fun to watch in the yard are squirrels.

3. 35--We got out for the 35th time in the boat yesterday, doing a boat float on Fox Lake then a slow cruise through Nippersink Lake and Pistakee Lake to McDonald's. Shooting for 40 times out for the season.

4. CHAIN CRAWL PARTY-- We finished the 40 places we had to go in the 2013 Chain Crawl about a month ago (even picked up a place which had been closed and newly reopened this past Saturday). The official end-of-the-season party for the 2013 Chain Crawl is this Saturday at Captain's Quarters.

Just Some Stuff, You Know. --RoadDog

Ten at Ten: 1971

Seaver handled today's Ten at Ten on WDRV 97.1 FM here in Chicago. Bob Stroud is on vacation again. 

Takes you right back to 1971:

DAY AFTER DAY-- Badfinger
PEACE TRAIN-- Cat Stevens

WILD HORSES-- Rolling Stones
DON'T PULL YOUR LOVE--Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
ROCK AND ROLL-- Led Zeppelin

SUNSHINE-- Jonathan Edwards

Memories. --RoadDog

America's Shutdown-- Part 2: World War II Vets Still Leading

They didn't let the Japanese or Germans stop them 70 years ago and they are sure not going to let some wimps in government do it now. What with the federal park shutdown, the honor flights of World War II veterans are still going to DC and "charging" ahead to see the monument on the Mall honoring them.

I heard the police were supposed to arrest them, but so far haven't. That would be the dumbest thing imaginable.

And, did I hear right, is Congress still getting their paychecks? You lead by example and this is not setting a good one. All government decision-makers should also volunteer to be "furloughed" and not get paid.

Even better, a permanent furlough of their jobs would seem to be in order. We could use a few intelligent people (both Democratand Republican).

Get a Clue. --RoadDog

America's Shutdown-- Part 1: Sorry Folks!

Sense of Humor.

I've seen the picture of John Candy from "Vacation" standing there telling the Griswald's that Wally World was closed. Only this time, he is saying, "Sorry folks, America's closed. Moose out front shoulda told you."

Then there is the one of a smiling Queen Elizabeth, waving and saying, "Quick!! Time to take back the colonies!!"

Mighty Funny-- RoadDog

Time's LightBox: 14 Giant Panda Cubs

This page appears weekly and you can check them out at lightbox.time.com.

September 16th and October 7th were especially good.  Sept. 16th was Taking Flight with hundreds of storks flying in Turkey, but best was Oct. 7th with Pandamonium with 14 giant-panda cubs sleeping in a crib in China. Give a look for a chuckle.

That's a Lot of Kung-Fu Panda!! --RoadDog

TV's Funniest of the Funny-- Part 7: Top Five

#5. BILL COSBY SHOW-- Theo learns about living on his own using Monopoly money. I also liked the men sitting in the living room and looking at Eldon and saying "What Did You Do??" Or the lip-synching to Ray Charles' "The Nighttime Is the Righttime with whole family, especially when Rudy belted out "Baby."

#4. DICK VAN DYKE SHOW--Accidentally buying stuff at the auction. Way too many funny bits to pick a best one here. I also liked the Christmas toy flying saucer and the one with the walnuts and Danny Thomas.

#3 MODERN FAMILY I've only recently started watching this show and it is really funny.

#1 I LOVE LUCY-- The girls at the chocolate factory. I'm in agreement. Plus, I liked the Vitameatavegamin, grape stomping, and Harpo Marx bits.

Way Too Funny. --RoadDog

Ex-Beatle Still Rockin' Them: Paul McCartney-- Part 1

From the July 21, 2013, Chicago Tribune "Deconstructing Paul" by Mark Caro.

Mark Caro obviously knows his Beatles. He went to Paul McCartney's concert in Milwaukee and said he got to enjoy a marathon show from the 71-year-old Sir Paul. He kept a list of the songs and made comments. Of interest, McCartney played five songs which neither he or the Beatles have ever performed live.

My comments in parentheses.

1. EIGHT DAYS A WEEK-- Opener and never sung live before
2. JUNIOR'S FARM 3. ALL MY LOVING-- His voice still great, especially the falsettos. (I had heard him a few years back and his voice wasn't good.)
4. LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAN SAID-- New-Orleans flavored. (I'd never thought of it as New Orleans before so will have to give it a listen.)

5. LET ME ROLL IT (with a Jimi Hendrix ""Foxy Lady" instrumental coda) "Band on the Run" track and McCartney concert staple keeps getting harder and heavier. (Perhaps Paul should have gotten that first Grammy for Heavy Metal.)


I Really Should Get Out to One of His Shows One of These Days. --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

TV's Funniest of the Funniest-- Part 6: SNL

#10 ALL IN THE FAMILY --I didn't write down the skit, but it wasn't my first choice and that was Sammy Davis, Jr. kissing Archie. The look on Archie's face was something else.


#8 SIMPSONS Marge and Homer's naked balloon ride and stadium landing.

#6 SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE-- Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton parody. Personally, I would have gone with anything John Belushi, especially Samurai Delicatessen.

Of Course, Picking THE FUNNIEST episode of these shows is pretty near impossible.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TV's Funniest of the Funniest-- Part 5: S-L-O-W-D-O-W-N

Continuing with the TV show honoring the 30 funniest sitcom episodes.

#13 MARRIED WITH CHILDREN-- The talk about work

#12 GOLDEN GIRLS I liked all of the stories about Minnesota

#11 TAXI-- Their choice here was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen on TV, when Christopher Lloyd was taking his written drivers test

CATCH PHRASES: "Kiss My Grits," "Stifle Yourself," "POW, Right in the Kisser" and "Oh my God, they killed Kenny."

S-L-O-W D-O-W-N. --RoadDog

JSIS: 30%-- 49 Cents-- Cell Phones-- No Smoking-- Chocolate

JSIS-- Just Some Interesting Stuff From the Oct. 7, 2013, Time Magazine.

1. 30%-- Calorie loss on Burger King's new fries. I'll probably blow it on their new Johnsonville brats.

2. 49 CENTS-- After 3 cent increase on stamps in January. Start stocking up on those Forever Stamps.

3. CELL PHONES-- Apple sold 9 million of their new iPhones in first three days. The iOS7 phone promised waterproofing with a special update. Some users ruined their phones.

Zero- how many of those new iPhoines I bought.

4.  NO SMOKING-- The president gave his reason for not smoking in probably six years, "I'm scared of my wife." Me too.

5.  CHOCOLATE-- Cost of a kg of chocolate (How much, in pounds or ounces, does a kilogram weigh?) up 45% since 2007, at $12.25, highest price ever.


NIU Huskies in Time Magazine-- Part 2" That Lil' Old School Out on the Corn Fields

A rapidly growing Honors program attracting record numbers of high-achieving students

NIU and Dekalb County will host the 2013 IHSA Football State Championships at Huskie Stadium in November


Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

Accompanied by five pictures including the new residence hall, classrooms and Huskie football.

I'm So Proud of That Little Ol' School Out in the Cornfields. As Bill Cosby Said At the Grand Opening of the New Convocation Center On Lincoln Highway, "When I stepped off the plane, the first thing that happened was a woman came up and gave me an ear of corn."

Huskies, Fight On You Huskies.  --RoadDog

NIU Huskies in Time Magazine-- Part 1: Ranking

The October 7, 2013, Time Magazine had a page advertising "Excellence in Higher Education and Northern Illinois was on it. All three advertised colleges were in Illinois, so I imagine we just got these particular magazines in the Midwest area. Anyway, it was quite a shock to turn the page and see it. No doubt, we are making the best of our Orange Bowl appearance earlier this year.

Here is the text:


CHAMPIONS in the classroom, in competition, and in life!

Ranked in U.S. News & World Report's elite "National Universities" category

Internationally acclaimed and nationally celebrated faculty, including 35 Fullbright scholars

A campus "renaissance" that includes a brand new, 1000 bed, state-of-the-art residence hall

Proud of My School. --RoadDog