Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That OPEC Sure's Burning Me!!!

While oil prices were going through the roof this past summer, the nations of OPEC didn't do a thing but rake in the money. Now that we are finally getting relief and prices dropping fast, they suddenly have decided to do something. And that's to cut production by 1.5 million barrels a day to "stabilize" prices. We know that means they don't think they're making enough money.

Nice guys!!!

I don't know if they buy anything from us, but if they do, those prices should be directly tied to the price of a barrel of oil. It goes up and what they pay goes up the same amount. Likewise if it goes down.

It's only fair.

And then, if we are giving any free aid to those countries, that is a thing of the past.

Gas here in northeast Illinois is $2.70 (269.9). I see that Oklahoma has the cheapest at $2,25. My favorite stopping place on my trips to NC, Wytheville, Virginia, always some of the lowest prices, is at $2.40.

We need to free ourselves from dependence on these guys.

Not a Fan of OPEC. --RoadDog

JSS: Palatine High School-- Cold's Here-- Injun Summer?-- Da Fridge

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. PALATINE HIGH SCHOOL-- Great to see my old alma mater, the Pirates, doing well in football again. It's been a lot of down years since the halcyon days in the nineties. Even beat those arch rival Fremd Vikings this year and will be playing them again in the first round of the IHSA playoffs. Go PIRATES!!

2. COLD'S HERE-- And how, this past weekend we cancelled a trip to Dekalb and Sycamore because of shaky weather. Then last night and the night before, winter came, briefly. Very cold and windy. Yesterday, we had snow flurries for most of the afternoon. I cleared out the west garage bay so I could put the '85 Firebird inside.

3. INJUN' SUMMER-- However, the rest of this week the temps will be warming up. Maybe we'll have that great Injun' Summer that I so love after all. Sure miss the old Injun' Summer picture and words that used to appear in the Tribune every fall. A few Halloween's ago, some neighbors on Elm Street recreated the whole scene in their front yard. I WAS IMPRESSED.

You can view the pictures and words at http://www.tkinter.smig.net/Chicago/InjunSummer/index.htm.

4. DA FRIDGE-- Sorry to see that one of my favorite Bears from that Super Bowl XX team, William Perry, aka Da Fridge is recovering from five months in the hospital with Gulliam-Barre Syndrome which causes progressive weakness. He currently is in a wheel chair.

This is one likable guy. I'll never forget that TD against the Packers on Monday Night Football October 21, 1985.

Get better soon, Fridge.

Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Old Teaching Team

This past Friday, I found out from Kora, that the Education Association of Round Lake was holding its annual Bowling Bash at Lakes Bowl in Round Lake that same day.

Drove over and met up with all the members of my old teaching team at Magee Middle School. That would be Bob, who retired in 2004 before we moved to the new building, Diane who transferred to Village School the same year I retired in 2006, and Terri who still teaches with the team and is now back to Magee Middle School since it just reopened this fall.

We had a "team meeting" to discuss old times. We had this lineup for about ten years after Jeannie left to become administration in a different district.

Suzanne was there with her several-month old daughter. She replaced Bob when he retired. She, Terri, Diane, and myself made up the team for my my last two years of teaching.

I was just about to get after Bob for not telling me about the bash since I had just seen him the previous Saturday for the Northwestern game. But, he said that Diane had just told him the night before.

They still laugh about my worst day-ever of teaching when I stuck with the idiot squad while the rest of our sections went to a play at the high school. These were the behavior kids whose actions didn't deserve to go. Things went alright until a bomb scare delayed the return of the rest of the team and things went from bad to worse in my room.

There was no administrator in the building and sending the miscreants to the office soon became a non-option. Eventually I was forced just to make sure no one got hurt or no major damage was done to the room. By far the worst day I ever had. I'd had nightmares about such a day and here it was.

I survived, however and there were no injuries. I did make the lives of "idiot squad" miserable for the last two months of school. I was just too outnumbered that day.

Sure, It's Funny Now. But, a Good Time Reminiscing Friday. --RoadDog

In These Bad Business Times...

Received a good e-mail from a friend with some "NEW" business definitions. Had a chuckle. Here are some of them:

CEO-- Chief Embezzlement Officer

CFO-- Corporate Fraud Officer

Broker-- What my broker has made me

PROFIT-- an archaic word no longer in use

VALUE INVESTING-- the art of buying low and selling even lower

There has just got to be ones for HEDGE FUNDS, COMMODITY TRADERS, and A Better one for BROKER.



Laugh While You're Crying. --RoadDog

Got My Oktoberfest Anyway

This past weekend, we had planned to go to the NIU game in Dekalb, Il, on Saturday and the Pumpkin Festival in Sycamore on Sunday, but the weather wouldn't cooperate. I imagine super-Volunteer fans Andy and Andrea didn't have much fun at the Tennessee-Alabama game Saturday night in Knoxville.

Sure appreciate Sue for calling us with word about the Oktoberfest party being held yesterday, Sunday, at After the Fox in McHenry. I really like to Oktoberfest festivate this time of the year. A good dose of German beer, food, and music is just what the doctor ordered.

Liz and I drove to After the Fox, arriving just after noon to enjoy their fantastic Sunday Brunch for $7.50, which included omelets made-to-order, fruits, kringles, sausage and bacon and other delights. Ate at a table overlooking the Fox River.


The whole event was for a good cause, to raise money for the local food pantry which has been hurting because of the economy's downturn. Having fun and raising money at the same time is a great combination.

Almost wish we hadn't had the brunch as they had a $7 platter of three different kinds of German meats and sides that was so huge, you could split it.

Then there were the $6 Warsteiner Beer mugs inscribed with Foxtoberfest 2008. One buck went to the cause, then you could get $4 refills with another buck to the cause.

A seven piece German oompah band dressed in best Bavarian-togs entertained throughout the afternoon. They were excellent and really set the stage. I had to buy a CD from the Musikmeisters for $16, of which $5 was donated to the cause.

There was a 50-50 raffle and regular raffle for donated items including Bears and Bulls tickets, and one lucky person won a one week stay at a condo on Duck Key in the Florida Keys.

The mayor of McHenry, and I found out former Round Lake teacher, was there as well.

Sure had a good time with friends and met a new one who is a Northern Illinois Huskie fan.


Sadly, though, they ran out of the beer steins almost immediately. Then, even worse ran out of the Warsteiner Beer. Even if old Jim Shorts didn't much care for it, but managed to gag one down any way.

Hopefully there will be better planning in these regards for a second Foxtoberfest. However, they weren't expecting as big of a turnout. Walking to the bathroom involved "cutting your way" through the masses.

But, hey, it was the Bears bye week, so what else was there to do.

An Ooopah Here, An Oompah There. --RoadDog

Saturday, October 25, 2008

White Sox Vs. Cubs World Series-- Part 3

USA Today also had an interesting Cubs-Sox table. Cubs will be the first, Sox second.

YEAR FOUNDED: 1876 (played as White Stockings, Colts, and Orphans before becoming Cubs in 1903; 1901
HOME: Wrigley Field; US Cellular Field (Comiskey Park to me)
MANAGER: Lou Piniella; Ozzie Guillen
2008 ATTENDANCE: 3.3 million (club record); 2.5 million
NICKNAME: North Siders, Cubbies; South Siders, ChiSox, Pale Hose (and anything else Hawk Harrelson comes up with)
ICONIC PLAYER: Ernie Banks; "Shoeless" Joe Jackson (plus my favorites Tommy Agee and Harold Baines)
STEREOTYPICAL FAN BASE: White Collar; Blue Collar
FAMOUS FANS: Cubs: Comedian Bill Murray, rock star Eddie Vedder, Michelle Obama, Governor Bladgojevich; Sox: Barack Obama, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, actor George Wendt (Norm on "Cheers")
HIGH POINT: 1908 World series Title; 2005 World series Title (I also really liked the 1967 and 1983 teams)
LOW POINT: Cubs: A billy goat was ejected from the 1945 World series at Wrigley Field and the Cubs lost. In the 2003 NLCS, fan Steve Bartman knocks a foul ball from Moises Alou's grip, and they lost.

LOW POINT: SOX: The 1919 World Series loss was marred by the "Black Sox" gambling scandal.

Chicago baseball summed up pretty well.

Great Job USA Today. --RoadDog

White Sox Vs. Cubs in World Series-- Part 2

While on vacation, I picked up the October 3rd USA Today which had a great front page article on the Cubs and Sox before the roof caved in.

"For Chicago baseball fans, two sides to the story" by Mike Dodd and Judy Keen.

I back the Cubs, UNLESS THEY PLAY THE SOX!!! Sox fan first, Cubs second.

The article says that the Cubs are known as a white-collar fan's team and its been 100 years since their last world championship and haven't been to a World Series since 1945.

The Sox are a blue-collar team whose 88-year-championship drought ended in 2005. They had last been in a World Series in 1959.

Representatives of baseball's two-team areas (NY City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco) had made the same playoffs nine times since 1999. The last intercity World Series was New York in 2000.

I was hoping the Sox would be hot after they had lost first place in the last two weeks of the season, and had to win their last three games, including a make-up and playoff one to win the AL Central Division. That is how they went into the 2005 playoffs with a five game winning streak and then cruised to a 11-1 record to win it all. But, the Rays were pretty hot themselves.

The Cubs won the NL Central easily and had the best record in the National League.

Oh, Well, There's Always Next Year. --RoadDog

October Baseball: White Sox Vs. Cubs in World Series

Well, that sure would have been a great thing. But, alas, it wasn't to be. Both teams were bounced in the first round, but, at least both teams got to the playoffs.

The Cubs were bounced in three straight and the Sox in one game more.

Sure didn't like the outcome of the four first-round match-ups, with the Sox, Cubs, Brewers, and Angels losing. My three favorite MLB teams are the White Sox, Cubs, and Brewers in that order. I was happy about the League Championship winners, Tampa Bay and Philadelphia. The Red Sox have been winning too much these days and the Dodgers knocked the Cubs out.

Pulling for the Tampa Bay Rays. Last to First would be something else. Quite impressed with them and the team ownership. I've watched parts of the first two games.

Go Rays!! --RoadDog

Fall Color Around Geneva Lake, Wisconsin

Thursday, it was a bit nippy, but lots of sun, so decided to take a ride up to Lake Geneva and Geneva Lake for their great fall color show. We were not disappointed. There was plenty of color.

Took the old US-12 from Genoa City, Wisconsin, at the Illinois border. It is now called Highway H. Continued onto Wells Street where signage has Highway H going out to the new US-12 expressway. This takes you past a lot of old motels as this used to be the entry way to Lake Geneva.

Some color here, but the most is to found in the older residential section west of town. Those streets were ablaze in color. Also, the lakefront by the Riviera with those classic old boats at Gage Marine with the hills in the background is striking.

Then, on to Snake Road off Wisconsin Highway 50, just west of town. This is one of Wisconsin's Rustic Roads and a great drive anytime of the year, but especially during fall. We imagine it got its name for all the twisting and hills it goes up and down during its 3-5 mile course. Definitely a DON'T MISS ride.

I essentially kept the camcorder going the whole way, figuring half a roll would get me through the whole trip, but not so. We had to backtrack to Wal Mart and get a new VHS-C tape. That's right, VHS-C. I'm just way behind times.

Took the south drive along Geneva Lake, another great area for color. Just past Magestic Ski Hill is the best area for color, then South Lake Shore Drive into Fontana is great for color as well.

Walked around the Abbey in Fontana, a classic 1960s resort with impressive A-frame.

Wiliams Bay is nice as well, but make sure you drive through some of the residential areas. Finished up with another drive on Snake Road and through the Lake Geneva residential area.


Lake Geneva lakefront and residential area west of downtown (off Wi-50)
South Lake Shore Drive on south Geneva Lake
Snake Road

A Great Way to Spend an Afternoon. --RoadDog

Zebra Mussels in the Chain!!!

Scarlett O'Hara had her Yankees at Tara. Now we have the infamous zebra mussels in the Chain.

Bad news. When we pulled the boat out Tuesday, I had an encrustation of the little varmints on the hull and lower unit. Zebra mussels were about two inches deep on one spot on the lower unit and several of the water intakes were covered.

I knew they were in the Great Lakes and it was just a matter of time before they got out to the Chain of Lakes here in northeastern Illinois. Too many folks put their boats in both bodies of water. A zebra was bound to hitchhike its way in. And, evidently they did.

We first found out we had them when my buddy Frank found them back in early August. He cleared a lot of them off while anchored out by the sandbar at Columbia Bay in Fox Lake.

His boat is in Nippersink Creek and he kept his boat in the water, but didn't have any zebra mussels. We have been keeping ours in the channel by Dino's Den and Kevan's and this one doesn't have as much current. Perhaps a lack of water movement is more conducive to infestation.

Either way, we have to get a shore station for next year and I don't think the channel is wide enough for one, so will have to find another place to moor.

The folks at Midwest Marine where we took the boat for winterizing said they had seen zebra mussels on several boats and one guy blew his engine when it overheated when the mussels blocked his water intake.

Looks like they're definitely here.

Rotten Zebra Mussels!!! --RoadDog

JSS: Fessa Hook's Beach Music Top 40-- Tribune Endorses Obama-- New Tribune-- Football Saturday

JSS-- Just Some Stuff.

1. FESSA HOOK'S BEACH MUSIC TOP 40-- Sitting here going over e-mails and getting info for other blogs and LISTENING to Fessa John Hook's Beach Music Top 40 Show on the Endless Summer Network via the internet. Ain't these 'puters somethin' else??? I can live up North and still get my daily and weekly dose of Beach Music!! During the week, I usually listen to the Surf, 94.9 FM out of North Myrtle Beach. Plus like the Big Kahuna's Beach Show on Jammin' 99.9, Big John, Luke Vail, Jerry Wayne, and Steve Hardy's shows on Sundays.

2. TRIBUNE ENDORSES OBAMA-- Who's-a-Thunk-It, but the Chicago Tribune endorse their first Democratic presidential candidate--ever, this last week. And, they've been around since the start of the Republican party.

3. NEW TRIBUNE-- not only that, but, when we returned from vacation this past Oct. 7th, I went out to the foot of the driveway and picked up the Wednesday paper and had to look twice. It sure didn't look like the paper I've subscribed to since 1973. But, I'm getting used to it, and like it. So, sometimes change can be good.

4. FOOTBALL SATURDAY-- We were thinking of going out to Dekalb to see the NIU-Bowling Green game this afternoon, but the weather is not cooperating much. I don't much like sitting in the stands in the cold and rain. So, just might stay home and watch some great games at Margaritaville, my bar in the basement.

Illinois vs. Wisconsin at 11 AM-- ESPN2
Northwestern vs. Indiana at 11 AM-- BTN
#*8Texas Tech vs. #19 Kansas at 11 AM-- ESPN
#7 Oklahoma State vs. #1 Texas at 2:30 PM--
#9 Georgia vs. #11 LSU at 2:30 PM-- WBBM
Northern Illinois vs. Bowling Green-- 3 PM-- Comcast
Tennessee vs. #2 Alabama-- 6:45 PM-- ESPN
#3 Penn State vs. #10 Ohio State at 7 PM-- WLS
Notre Dame vs. Washington at 7 PM-- ESPN2

Looks like there will be some channel switching. Pass the beer and peanuts. I'll have a brat and wings too.

Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Da Bears-- 2008-Style

That Bears-Vikings game was something else. Almost had too much "juice" at Baja's for all those TDs and even A SACK. Sure don't know what happened to our vaunted defense. Sure couldn't stop Minnesota.

Kyle Orton played a great game and just might be the quarterback we've needed for so long. He is a lot betternow than he was in 2005. One thing though, he is earning about $666,000 and backup qb Rex Grossman is getting $3 million. Now, I believe that all professional athletes are overpaid to start with, but the Bears sure have to do something to right this situation. Especially as well as Orton has played.

Glad to see that Mike Singletary has been appointed interim head coach of the 49-ers. I think he will make a great coach. Maybe the Bears can get him in the future. They NEVER should have let Jim Rivera go.

One thing nice about Da Bears this year is that there are few late games with most starting at noon, as they should be. Last year there were only five noon games. Playing horrible does have at least one good thing.

Bearing Down, Barely. --RoadDog

The "F" Word and Boat is Out

Yesterday was one of those days where you knew it was coming, but sad nonetheless.

Woke up in the morning and we had frost on the windows of the Dakota and Firebird. Sure glad I moved the deck plants in this past Thursday when a frost was forecast.

Also, yesterday, my buddy Frank helped me get the boat out of the water. Also, something I knew was coming, but still a sad thing. Despite the two vacations, closing of the Chain of Lakes for a couple weeks, and thumb problems, I was able to get out a total of 36 times for the season.

Only six more months until boating again. Same with the outside.

Miserably Cold Day Today, Where's My Injun' Summer? --RoadDog

Monday, October 20, 2008

Every Blooming Thing-- Late Fall

Well, here it is nearing the end of my favorite season, fall.

Sure hate to see it go. Several of my trees have dropped all of their leaves, but the Amur maple is keeping its beautiful orange ones. The mums are blooming in yellow,red, and orange.

I'm having to rake the pine needles up as they make great mulch.

Cut the grass Monday for perhaps the last time of the season, but maybe not.

We had frost warnings Thursday night so had to move the many deck plants inside the sunroom where they will remain for the winter. That is about twelve pots so the sunroom is a bit crowded.

One of them is Liz's favorite one that she calls the Dragon Plant. It is a type of palm with sharp points at the end of the leaves. We've had it for at least twenty years and it grew several feet this past summer and is about seven feet tall and quite heavy. Believe me when I say it's no fun moving that inside by myself and avoiding those sharp points.

It's Always Funny Until Someone Loses an Eye. --RoadDog

Great Weekend

Had a good time this past weekend.

FRIDAY, I saw the new movie "Max Payne" at the McHenry Theater for $3. Lots of action and everything from an evil drug company, super soldiers, and betrayal with lots of action.

Bought three CDs at Border's for 40% off: Yardbirds Greatest Hits, Susan Tedeschi's Greatest Hits and the new one by Marcia Ball.

Cut the grass for possibly the last time and went over to Baja Benny's for friend John's 45th birthday.


Drove to Arlington Heights and had one of Marilyn's superb breakfasts before going to the Northwestern-Purdue game in Evanston on an absolutely gorgeous day. Even better, the Wildcats won their homecoming game easily.

Afterwards, we had ribs and pizza at the Stadium in Rolling Meadows and washed it down with $1 Bud bottles while watching Northern Illinois dominate dastardly Toledo on TV. Go Huskies!!!


Boated over to Baja Benny's for the usual Bears crowd and Da BEARS WON!!! 48-41. Now that was one great game.

All In All, It Was A Good Weekend. --RoadDog

Huskies on Parade-- A Trip to Dekalb, Illinois

This past Thursday Liz and I drove out to Dekalb to take a look at the Huskies on Parade, see Oct. .

We drove through Crystal Lake to see our favorite two fall foliage trees by the railroad tracks on Il-176, a mile west of Il-31. They were just getting their color, but still impressive.

We found the dogs in Sycamore and between that town and Dekalb. They are full-size fiberglass statues with all sorts of different painting on them. The whole thing was based on Chicago's highly successful Cows on Parade.

We stopped at the Dekalb Steve and Barry's store and bought NIU apparel. Unfortunately, they are closing the store because of bankruptcy.

Walked around Lincoln Highway looking at the huskies and really liked "Downtown Dog" in front of the Chamber of Commerce in the old First National Bank Building. The Lincoln Highway Coalition also had a good one called "Lincoln on Lincoln" by Memorial Park on First Street and Lincoln Highway. He was replete with Lincoln beard and tux.

Ate for the first time at Hillside Restaurant by the Egyptian Theater on Third Street? Great food at a window booth. Definitely try the sweet potato fries.

Went to the University Bookstore to get magnetic black ribbons, but they no longer sold them. This would be to commemorate the innocents killed at NIU this past Valentine's Day. Then went to Village Commons Bookstore and saw two more huskies and bought some NIU sale items.

Really happy to see $3 gas for the first time. On arrival in Dekalb, gas was between $3.05 and $3.10. It was $2.99.9 at the Marathon on Lincoln Highway. By the time we left, all of the places were at $3!!! About time!!!

Favorite Huskies on Parade also were "King" and "Paw McCartney" complete with Sgt. Pepper's uniform and mustache.

We missed a few, but will try to see them this weekend when we return for the NIU-Bowling Green football game.

Great Time With Them Huskies. --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Were You Doing Labor Day, 1968-- Part 2

Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots Time Warp Back to labor Day, 1968-- Hour 2.

HEY JUDE-- Beatles
ON THE WAY HOME-- Buffalo Springfield
YOU KEEP ME HANGIN' ON-- Vanilla Fudge
COMBINATION OF THE TWO-- Big Brother & the Holding Company
GIVE A DAMN-- Spanky and Our Gang

Hour Three Next. --RoadDog

Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?

Huskies on Parade

Liz came across information about an event taking place at Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, Sycamore, and Malta this week called Huskies on Parade. It consists of more than 50 fiberglass huskie dogs scattered around the area and sponsored/painted by various businesses and organizations.

It's been going on since school started, but this is the first we've heard about it.

They will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the February 14th Scholarship Fund, set up to honor the innocents killed at Cole Hall on that sad day.

Tomorrow is supposed to be very cool, but sunny, so I think a trip out to Dekalb is in order since boating is probably not an option.

More information and favorite names at http://roaddogsroadlog.blogspot.com at today's date.

Also www.huskiesonparade.com

Must See the Dogs. --RoadDog

Why do people pay to go up in tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some More on the Economy's Impact on Yorkville, Illinois

From Oct. 13th Chicago Tribune.

Right now there are an estimated 15,000 people living in Yorkville. From 2000 to 2007, Kendall County, of which Yorkville is the county seat, was called the fastest-growing county in the US as the Chicagoland sprawl reached this exurban area.

Population was expected to reach 50,000 in two more years, but has now been dropped to 19,308. From 591 building permits issued in the first half of 2006, it was down to 100 in the first half of this year.

I'm Actually Glad to See This Slow-Down. --RoadDog

Maybe Something Good Will Come Out of This Mess

Good to see the stock market doing better yesterday, but I sure don't think its good to have it going up and down so much. Maybe the government will have to step in and put a limit on the number of points it can go up or down on any day. After that is reached, the market closes.

We have to figure out a way to keep the traders and brokers greed and gambling from hurting every one else.

One other good thing is that urban sprawl perhaps will be coming to a halt. Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune had an article about the impact of the economy on Yorkville, Illinois, a town we're very familiar with as we drive through it quite often on Illinois Highway 47 while we're skirting the Chicago hassle.

This town has built up a WHOLE LOT since we've been using 47 since 2003. Almost every time we go through, we see a new subdivision. And, I'm not even going to talk about the increased congestion. This mortgage mess has caused things to grind to a halt, that, and the high gas prices which are causing people to look closer to work.

Put 'Em On a Leash If They Can't BEHAVE!! --RoadDog

JSS: Fall Color-- Halloween Decorations-- Great Day of Boating

JSS-- Just Some Stuff.

1. FALL COLOR-- The "Color Wave" finally hit here yesterday. The honeylocusts are gold as is the sumac. The Amur maple is setting a new glorious orange. Mums are a myriad of colors, but primarily yellow, red,and orange. We noticed the same is true of trees all over the area and subdivision. Definitely a favorite time of the year.

Not only are leaves falling, but also gas prices are coming down. We paid $3.32 in Fox lake, Illinois, yesterday.

Then, there's that great smell of burning leaves, one of my favorite smells of all.

2. HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS-- Friday, I put up the orange lights and wreaths outside. Saturday, Liz put the pumpkins in the windows. Who has more Halloween spirit than us? Down right eery at night. Like, BOOOOOO!!!!

The witch with the bouncing eyeballs is out and saying "I'm going to get you my sweetie!" and the tarantulas are crawling, much to Liz's chagrin.

3. GREAT DAY OF BOATING-- Yesterday, we went for a cruise with friends Kevin and Kelly and Jim and Arlene. Three of them are teachers and had Columbus Day off. Sadly, Liz and I no longer get holidays off.

Did a slow cruise around Fox Lake and into Petite Lake. Stopped at Captain's Quarters and ate outside. Hard to beat $2 cheeseburgers and fries along with $2 domestic bottles even though they regard O-Doul's NA as an import and no amount of convincing them otherwise could change their minds. Mondays are also free chips and salsa.

Cruised through Nippersink Lake and had a seaplane looking as if it were going to land on us, but it cleared US-12 and landed in the channel to Pistakee Lake. The guy pulled up to a marine gas pump and filled up. That's something you don't see every day.

Looked as if it was going to rain and we stopped at the Legion for 50 cent drafts and later at McDonald's for buck double cheeseburgers. The Legion and McDonald's are among the few places like that where you can boat into.

A Good Day Out on the Boat, Anytime. Planning to Go Out Today as Well. --RoadDog

Monday, October 13, 2008

What Were You Doing Labor Day, 1968?

Bob Stroud had his fourth and final part of his Rock and Roll Roots Show looking at the Summer of 1968.

These were all songs playing on your radio back on Labor Day 1968.

JUMPIN' JACK FLASH-- Rolling Stones
CHILD OF THE MOON-- Rolling Stones
LOVE MAKES A WOMAN-- Barbara Acklin
CLASSICAL GAS-- Mason Williams
DOWN ON ME-- Big Brother and the Holding Company
HUSH-- Deep Purple
BACK IN LOVE AGAIN-- Buckinghams
DO IT AGAIN-- Beach Boys
SHAPES OF THINGS TO COME-- Max Frost & the Troopers
YOU'RE ALL I NEED TO GET BY-- Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

And, This was Just the First Hour!! --RoadDog

How is it that we put a man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?

Some Funny Stuff

A friend passed along a funny e-mail about Questions That Haunt Me. Some of them:

If you have sex with a prostitute against her will, is it considered rape or shoplifting?

How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

Why does a round pizza come in a square box.

What disease did cured ham actually have?

Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up every two hours?

If a deaf person goes to court, is it still called a hearing?

Why are you IN a movie, but ON TV?

I Wonder About the Big Things. --RoadDog

College Games

Missed the afternoon games Saturday while deejaying the fundraiser. Glad to report Northern Illinois won. Georgia beat Tennessee. Looks like North Carolina's football program is coming back with its win over Notre Dame. Unfortunately, Northwestern lost.

I was a bit torn over the Toledo-Michigan game. I don't like Michigan at all, but REALLY don't like Toledo after all these years of doing nasty stuff to my Huskies of NIU. Toledo won, but I was pulling for Michigan despite the MAC Conference thing. I REALLY don't like those Toledo Rockets.

Once home, I went downstairs to Margaritaville and watched the night games. Unfortunately, Florida blew out LSU as did Penn State to Wisconsin. I don't like Florida, but have liked PSU ever since I saw a game they played against Northwestern. At that time, their fans wanted Joe Paterno's scalp because he had had two losing seasons and these folks just don't know how to take losing. They should be forced to go to Northern.

The Good, the Bad, and the Toledo. --RoadDog

Fundraiser and New Items

This past weekend, I donated my services as a deejay for a fundraiser for a family from our American Legion where we raised about $10,000 from donations, a spaghetti dinner, 50-50s, raffles, and a silent auction.

We had a great turnout throughout the day and lots of bikers as they were very involved in the Legion Riders. Both husband and wife were injured while doing a Legion function in another town and he had to have his leg amputated while she is still in a cast and wheel chair.

I fought off some folks in the silent auction and was able to get two items I've been looking for, a treadmill and a new bicycle.

Unfortunately, neither one has instructions and that should be fun as I've never had a treadmill and the bike has about 15 gears and the brakes aren't set. I'll have to find someone who knows about such things to help me.

A Good Job to the Good Folks at the American Legion. --RoadDog

Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Absolutely Perfect Day Until That Last Second in the Bears Game

Today was one of those perfect fall days with sun and temps in the 70s that are soon to pass on ion favor of winter's cold, so we took full advantage of it.

Sat out on the deck for awhile and wrote in my journal while listening to Bob Stroud on the drive.

Then, Liz and I got part way to the boat when we realized we'd left the boat key at home, so had to come back. My excuse is old age, but I used to do that in my younger days as well. Gas was "down" to $3.30 in Fox Lake.

Boated over to McDonald's where we ate breakfast out on the boat. I am sad to report they DO NOT HAVE McRIBS THOUGH!!!! Fed the ducks.

We then boated over to Baja Benny's and joined a bunch of friends out on the deck and watched the Bear-Falcon game. Tough life, but somebody's got to do it. Had a great view of Fox Lake and enjoyed the drink specials: $5 pitchers and $10 buckets (5bottles of domestic). And, of course, "Juice" and free hot dogs at half.

There wasn't much to cheer about in the first half, but then the Bears went up by one point with eleven seconds left. Believe it or not, Atlanta went right down the field and got a field goal to win 22-20 as time expired. That was a hard one to take. Da Bears are now 3-3 after losing three games they could have just as easily won. Oh well, at least it was a great day.

Got to watch Michael Turner, an ex-NIU player do his league leading rushing thing. I'm glad he is finally getting his chance to shine.

Floated around Mineola Bay afterwards and stopped by C's in Johnsburg, Illinois on the way home. It used to be Tom's Cafe and was owned by a good friend of ours. Carl, the new owner, is going to keep most things the same.

A Good Day of Boating and NOT Many of Those Left Now. --RoadDog

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mighty Scary Times Thanks to Clueless Greedy People

These are frightening times in the economy, and at 57, I've lived through some bad economic times, but nothing like what we have right now.

Even though oil closed at $77 yesterday, gasoline prices have dropped, but nowhere near as low as it should have dropped. When oil goes up, we see prices reflect it within hours at the pumps. But let it drop, well, it is much harder to change those prices. Now, I see the good folks at OPEC (our enemies) are going to meet to drop production so they can keep prices up.

With the bailout for the greedy, looks like the markets would stabilize, but no, the clueless idiots in it are running around like Chicken Little. After all, these are the people who got us into this mess, that and some mighty poor excuses for CEOs and upper management in many of out top companies.

And now, Wachovia's top executives are preparing for an all-expense paid trip to the Greek islands and I doubt any of these good people are going economy class. A Wachovia spokesman said they always recognize their top financial advisers in such a way. Excuse me? I can think of ways to recognize the idiots.

New name for the GRBs are DFIs. These Guys Are Too Much. --RoadDog

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beach Music

We did hear a group called the Initations singing Beach Music at the Hampstead, NC, Spot Festival. They sang to pre-recorded music and did a great job. The Craig Woolard Band (arguably the best Beach Music band around these days) was also to play, but much later and we had some other stuff to do, so hit the road. I've already seen them twice, anyway.

Nearing Wilmington, we were able to pick up 94.9 the Surf and the tuner stayed to that station until close to Florence later in the week. I listen to this station as well as Endless Summer most often while on the internet. (I'm listening to the Surf right now.)

Couldn't pick it up on the earphones at Surfside Motel in Carolina Beach (but they have that great Jammin' 99.9 in Wilmington. I could get the Surf at the Golden Villa Motel in Myrtle Beach while overlooking the Atlantic, but the concrete structure did provide a fair amount of interference so had to hold my head just-so.


While at Judy's House of Oldies, I inquired about the location of the Surf station, and it was just a block away, so Liz and I paid them a visit. The receptionist couldn't have been more friendly and let us see a little trophy room with all sorts of Beach stuff in it. Then, I bought a Surf tee shirt and she introduced us to Ted Bell who was doing his show. He asked if we wanted to hear any requests and Liz asked for "Something Old, Something New" and "More Than a Number." We heard him do them later.


Listening to the Surf, we found out that Coco Loco Band was playing at Fat Harold's on Thursday from 4-8 pm, but we already had plans to meet some NTN friends at Jimmagan's End Zone in Little River and go to Captain Poo's on the intercoastal. Friday,the 3rd, we heard Billy Smith say he was playing at Jimmagan's Hideaway on the Intercoastal as we were leaving town for Saturday's Tennessee-Northern Illinois game in Knoxville. Sure would have like to seethe Old BS'er and at that great place.

Next Time. --RoadDog

On the Beach Scene-- Buying Beach Records

Just Got Back from a trip to the coast in NC and SC.

Unfortunately, the old Record Rack store on Center Street in downtown Goldsboro, NC, is now closed so I didn't get to listen to Stan Hartley and Gene Richert talk "Beach" and listen to records. However, now with the internet, I can hear the shows anytime I like, even way up here in the north near the Illinois-Wisconsin line. So I still get my Beach Fix.

When in Myrtle Beach, I couldn't find Sounds Familiar Record Store so perhaps it is no longer in business. It even wasn't in the phone book. That was a good one.

However, Judy's House of Oldies in North Myrtle Beach was still open and I was able to buy some expensive Beach CDs ($16.98) there.

I was happy to find that Wal Mart stores in Myrtle Beach and Monkey Junction in Wilmington had sections for Beach Music. And cheaper ($12.98 and $13.98).

A Beachin' I Will Listen. --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sox Out, All My Teams Lost in DC, Northwestern 5-0

Sad to report that the White Sox went down to defeat by the Tampa Bay Rays 3 games to 1. Wait until next year, but no one expected them to do as well as they did. Now, the Cubs on the other hand....

Milwaukee and the Angels also lost. This is good in a way as now I don't have to make an effort to watch the league championships and then there's all the money I'll save by not having to buy mementos. AND, I DIDN'T Have to wear that Cubs hat!!!

Reckon I'll pull for Tampa Bay since this is the first time they've been there.

I just saw that not only Vanderbilt is 5-0 and ranked, but also the Vandy of the Big Ten (Eleven Actually) Northwestern is 5-0 and ranked. Not everything is bad.

All Lose, All Lose, Well, Not All. --RoadDog

Monday, October 6, 2008

Betweenst Vandy and Da Cubs


Vanderbilt University improved its record to 5-0, the first time they've hit that rarefied strata since 1943. For those of you counting, that's during World War II. Congrats to you Commodores!!! Meanwhile, Tennessee, rests at the bottom of the SEC East at 2-3, despite its underwhelming defeat of Northern Illinois this past Saturday.

Some things change.


Saturday, the Cubs were swept three straight games by the Dodgers to be eliminated from the playoffs a second straight year. That's eight or nine straight playoff losses this new century, including the infamous Bartman affair.

It is now 63 years since the last Cubs World Series appearance and 102 since their last WS Championship.

File under some things DON'T Change. Reckon I'm safe from having to wear that Cubs hat for another year. I told Liz I'd wear my first-ever Cub item if they ever got to the World Series. Cub blue just clashes with Sox back.

How Long Does This Have to Go On? --RoadDog

Gatlinburg's Gone to the Dogs

Now, I realize that some dogs are just a little bit spoiled, but a few folks here in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, have taken it to the extreme.

Come here, I have something I want to show you." We were sitting out front of the Four Seasons Motel watching the people walk by, when one lady with a little Lhasa alpso puppy called out to a family walking by. You should have seen the look on the father's face. Had she been a guy, I could have seen an arrest.

The puppy drew a lot of attention along with some young girls holding miniature dogs of their own, much as the stars do today.

Probably the strangest thing we saw were people pushing baby strollers with their little mini dogs in them. We saw several couples doing that.

My, That is One Ugly Kid You Got There. --RoadDog

A Day With Family and A Cumberland Crawl

Saturday was one of those great days where you get to do stuff with family, which are rare as we are so spread out.

First, we met my brother Bob, wife Judy, son Andy and his wife Andrea and their two kids at Apple Barn in Sevierville and had a great breakfast before walking around the grounds. I highly recommend the place.

Then, Andy picked us up and we drove to Knoxville and parked near Neyland Stadium. We did the Cumberland Crawl, which is where we went to lots of bars on the way to the stadium.

We started at the Old College Inn and then sat out on the outside deck at the Roamin' Gnome. Next was the Long Branch saloon, home of the worst bathrooms I've encountered, and finally Moe's. Partied with lots of Vol fans and even some Northern folks.

Great Time, But I'm Gettin' Too Old for Such Shenanigans. --RoadDog

Not Bad, Not Bad At All-- UT 13-NIU 9

Well, we didn't win, but it was a close one. Anytime Nothern can stay in a game with a powerhouse like Tennessee, that's a good thing.

And, we very well could have won!!!

The score was 3-3 at half, but them UT scored a TD and Field Goal right away at the start of the second half and we believed the rout was on the way. But it didn't happen.

Twice, NIU had the ball within the ten yard line, but had to settle for field goals. The Northern qb ran far too often.

The good old red was quite outnumbered in the sea of orange, but my nephew said we were VERY AUDIBLE. We sat close to the main body of Huskie fans, but there were a lot of Tennessee fans sitting around us. One lady said this was her first time at Neyland Stadium. Another guy said he actually hoped we'd win as he wants Tennessee coach Fulmer fired.

All I can say for Tennessee is that it's going to be a l-o-n-g season. These guys aren't used to losing too often.

Nothing to Hang Our Head About. Go Huskies!! --RoadDog

Friday, October 3, 2008

Here's Hoping for a Miracle

Tomorrow night, Northern Illinois takes on Tennessee in what is a family feud-thing. My wife and I went to NIU while nephew and wife went to Tennessee.

It was bad enough that Northern is coming off a 2-10 season and now a new coach and rebuilding. However, Tennessee is having a rough season and primed to do a real "whupping" on somebody, and I believe that might be us.

We don't have tickets, but nephew believes we shouldn't have a problem getting ones because of large numbers of "fair weather" Vol fans.

Hoping for the Best. --RoadDog

Sad Times in Chicago for Baseball Fans

Things are not going well at all for our Chicago baseball teams. Definitely looked like something was afoot when both teams got to the playoffs for the first time since 1906. However, unfortunately, that appears to be as far as it is to go as both teams are down in their best-of-five series, 2 games to 0.

Making it worse, neither team really showed up to play in either game.

At least, it was exciting to see the Sox win their last three games to clinch the AL Central. That was do or die. But now, it's all die. Those were some really sorry efforts.

Well, At Least I'll Have More Time to Do Things. --RoadDog