Saturday, March 30, 2013

NC Spring 2013 Trip: March 27th and 28th: It's a Church Thing


Lenten Service at First African Baptist Church in Goldsboro.  Every Wednesday during Lent, the churches of Goldsboro have services at different churches, black and white.  This one was at a black church which was formed from Mom's First Baptist and is getting ready to commemorate their 150th anniversary.

Afterwards there was an excellent lunch served.  I had a talk with one of the board members who was also on the Waynesborough Commission about the possiblity of saving Goldsboro's Rosenwald School and movong it to Waynesborough.  Rosenwald Schools were built throughout the South for the education of blacks, something that was sadly lacking in the early 1900s.

Aftrerwards, got to meet my Aunt Louise and cousin Joe.


Went to the Goldsboro First Baptist Church's Fellowship dinner and afterwards to Maundy Service marking the Last Supper.  Quite sad when they stripped the sanctuary of its religious items.


Friday, March 29, 2013

It's a B-Ball, ECU Thing

I see that Chris Collins, assistant coach to Duke's Coach K is going to be head coach at Northwestern.  Great fit for the Wildcats.  And, what a b-ball pedigree.  His father was head coach of the Chicago Bulls, he was also Mr. Basketball in Illinois, not to speak of all the valuable experience he has gotten as a Duke assistant for 13 years.  Looking for great things even though he won't be getting all the talent that Coach K automatically gets.

Speaking of B-Ball.  Watched the Marquette trouncing of Miami and that close Ohio State game last night.  I didn't see the ends of the last two as it got too late.  I am no fan of the Eastern Time Zone.  Everything comes on too late.

Glad to see East Carolina joining whatever the new conference the football teams of the Big East are forming, even if they did get NIU's athletic director.  And, after all these years, the Pirate basketball team is coming around and have won two games in the NIT, or whatever it's called now.  (CIT?)

Just Some Sports.  --RoadDog

Thursday, March 28, 2013

NC Spring 2013 Trip: March 25 and 26th


Finished off the Wilber's BBQ from Thursday.  Checked out the Trade-It store on Ash Street.  At least here I understand some of the electronics which are old things people bring in.  Also went to Sam's Club.  I like going there, but don't have a membership as the nearest ones at home are 30 miles away.

Went to the Waynesborough Historical Commission meeting.  I give a large donation to this group each year in my mother's name.  They bring historical buildings from around Wayne County to the site of Waynesborough which was the predecessor of Goldsboro.  My brother replaced my mom on the board.


My brother and I went to lunch at Central Lunch on Goldsbor's Center Street.  This place has been there since before 1900, although many owners.  Great meal for $5.99.  Afterwards, I went to Berkely Mall and was sad to see the FYE store wasn't there.  They had CDs and DVDs.  One more nail in the coffin of all the things I love.  Thanks very much Down Loaders.

My cousin Joe and Aunt Louise came by.  Joe and I went to Books-A-Million. I found a huge book "Encyclopedia of North Carolina" on sale for $5,  This is a really interesting book, and something everyone in the state or who likes the state should have.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beware This Coming Monday: No More GeoJef

Every year, this day creeps up on me and every year, I generally fall for something.

Back in the late 80s, on April 1st, WXRT in Chicago reported that scientists had found that the new CDs everyone was buying had a short shelf life and would start disintegrating after so many years.  I had no idea it was April 1st and started wondering why I was now buying these.  (Oh yes, they were not making LPs anymore.)

One great April Fool's trick took place at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes.  The owners and son Jeff had agreed to take off fooling each other that year.  That day, the local paper had three less-than -flattering pictures of Jeff.

Jeff then went to his parents' house on the lake and with the help of another patron, moved everything out of the house and set it up on the beach.

Until this year, we have had our annual salute to local NTN-player Geojef, with everyone playing his name, only Geoboo, Geofoo, Geowus and so forth.  But now, NTN doesn't let you do that anymore.

No Geowoo This First.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Words of Wisdom from Goldsboro to Young Folks-- Part 2

4.  Irresponsible parents create situations that result in children who perpetuate their bad decision-making.  (Back when I was teaching, I had a conference with a parent and told him that I thought his kid was involved in a gang.  The parent said, he knew and was so proud of him as it was his old gang.  Not going to win this one.)

5.  Housing projects do not set the stage for a successful life.

6.  A life of crime always comes home to roost.

Points Well Taken.  --RoadDog

Words of Wisdom to Young Folks from Goldsboro-- Part 1

From the March 24th Goldsboro (NC) News-Argus "Hard to hear" editorial

These are some guidelines young people can use as they approach adulthood.  I am just listing them, but the paper went into more detail.

1.  It is not as right decision to have a child out of wedlock, when you are 16 years old or you cannot take care of him or her properly.  (I'd go even farther and say don't have one until 20 or older.)

2.  Education is your ticket out or in.  Even if that simply means finishing high school.

3.  You can succeed without a fancy college degree, but not without hard work.  (Too many young people today expect high-paying jobs immediately.

Get It Right.  --RoadDog

Monday, March 25, 2013

NC Spring 2013 Trip: March 23 and 24th-- Bentonville and Tuscarora Indians


Drove 25 miles to Johnston County and took a tour of Bentonville Battlefield, the last major battle in the Civil War frought in March 1865, where a hastily formed Confederate Army under Gen. Joseph Johnston tried to stop Union General Sherman's Army in North Carolina. 

After some success the first day, Union reinforcements arrived and carried the day.

I went through the visitors center and just missed getting to go on a battlefield tour, something new they are trying this year.  I did drive around a lot of the battlefield, checking out some important sites.


After church, we attended a presentation on the 1713 Tuscaroran War, which resulted in the end of their power in North Carolina and opened the state for white settlement. I knew there had been Tuscaroran Indians, but didn't know much about the story.

I was expecting some warm weather coming South, and even brought some shorts to wear, but definitely not so.  There is no spring here and its been cold the whole time.  Cold and rainy today.


3000th Post

Slipped by me, but this is my 3,038th post on this blog.  That is over 3,000 too many, but guess I'm hooked.  This one came about because I was unable to get into my original blog, RoadDog's RoadLog.  Trying to get into it, I came up with this one which was originally going to handle all my other interests besides road travel.

That was five blogs ago and soon a Civil War blog and history blog arrived and last year, there came a Civil War Navy, World War II and War of 1812 blogs, commemorating the 150th, 70th and 200th anniversaries of these conflicts.

All I Can Say Is That I Spend WAY Too Much Time on These Blogs.  --RoadDog

Saturday, March 23, 2013

NC Spring 2013 Trip: March 21st and 22nd


Spent most of the day working at the Salvation Army's annual barbecue fundraiser in Goldsboro, NC.  Always a good cause.  I mostly delivered orders to different companies.  People could also pick up or eat-in.

Of course, it was NCAA Tournament time so did a lot of b-ball watching.  Got to pull for those underdogs.


More b-ball.

We went to a great theatrical production "Civil War Voices" at Wayne Community College.  The Civil War really came to life through the words of people who lived it and music.  And, we got all sides of the conflict: Union, Confederate and black.


Friday, March 22, 2013

That Old Tournament of Mine

It's that time of the year again, NCAA Tournament, and that means watching some TV for me.  Why, even Tuesday, I drove just to the north of Dayton, Ohio, where some of the games are being played.

Watching the Cincinnati-Creighton game right now.  Great close game, even if the Bearcats have the most gosh-awful shorts I've ever seen, even worse than the old parachute shorts of yore.  Creighton won.  Even though they were the higher seed, Cincinnati is still one of the Big Boys.  I support the underdogs, even against a favorite big-time team.

Not too many upsets, but some great games, especially St. Mary's-Memphis, Davidson-Harvard, Southern-Gonzaga, California-UNLV, Mississippi-Wisconsin and Temple-NCSU.

I sure like having the games on the four stations at this time.  So much better than the old split screen.

One problem about watching the games here in North Carolina.  I had to learn the stations of the channels.  Here in Goldsboro: 5, 26, 34 and 44.

Best Sporting Event of the Year.  --RoadDog

Thursday, March 21, 2013

NC Spring 2013 Trip: March 20th-- Rock Slide

Turns out I was just about seven miles from US-33, so got there quickly.  Most of 33 is four lane now.  We had taken it back in the 70s, back in out always intersate days, and hated the twisting road through all those towns.

Athens, Ohio, sits off on a hill to the side of the road with a river going by it and Ohio University sitting there like a Greek town.  Impressive.

Crossed the Ohio River and picked up I-77 at Ripley just a few miles away.  Then south through Charleston, West Virginia, and that beautiful gold-domed state capitol.  Then, $6 total for three tolls on the W.V. Turnpike.

At MM 3, just north of the Virginia border, there was a rock slide that had closed  the two northbound lanes of I-77 and a traffic backup all the way back for about five miles in Virginia.  Must have just happened.

Gas at Wytheville, Virginia, usually the cheapest, was $3.47, lowest so far.  Ate at the Golden Corral in Mt. Airy, NC (Snappy Lunch closed).

Hit I-40 at 4:30, expecting the worst of that huge traffic jam, but, surprising, just a few slow-downs despite heavy traffic all the way past Raleigh.  Made it to Goldsboro, NC.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NC Spring 2013 Trip: March 19th

Left home in Illinois at 8:13 AM Central and got to Columbus, Ohio, at 7:45 Eastern.Drove 491.3 miles today and am road weary to say the least.

Took the usual drive, Illinois 47 south from Woodstock, Illinois to Mahomet and then I-74 to Indianapolis and I-70 here.

Ate lunch at the Hen House in Mahomet, something I've been meaning to do.  The Hen House Restaurants are down to just four now, all in Illinois: Springfield, one near St. Louis, this one and one more in Arcola.  I've now been to all but the last one.  I'm pretty sure that Cracker Barrel restaurants based themselves on Hen Houses, just on a bigger scale.

Drove through downtown Indianapolis in early rush hout and no backups.

Of course, stopped at Skyline Chili north of Dayton on I-70 for my chili fix.

Tomorrow, I plan to drive US-33 southeast from Columbus to the hookup with I-77 in West Virginia.

Mighty Tired.  --RoadDog

Monday, March 18, 2013

Egyptian Mosquitoes

Also, in today's Cooter's History Thing Blog, I wrote about ten myths of Ancient Egypt.  That brought to mind Egyptian mosquitoes, which my group found to be one of the worst things we encountered when visiting there several years back.

And, I am not talking about the insect variety.  I refer to the human variety.  They see a cruise ship pull up in Alexandria or a bus or van full of westerners pull in...THEY DESCEND with an anger and vengeance worthy of the seven or however many plagues that so bothered Pharoah.

From adults to some of the cutest kids you'll ever see (shouldn't they be in school?), they go into attack mode.  There is tourist money to be got.  And they intend to suck every bit out they can.  Everywhere you look, you see a tourist surrounded by these mosquitoes pushing all sorts of "authentic" Egyptian stuff in their faces.

Now, I usually do not have problems with real mosquitoes, but these were a different story.  They'd hit you getting off the ship, then making your way to whatever conveyance you sought.  As a matter of fact there would be an instant bazaar built at the dock.  The absolute worst place of all was out by the pyramids and Sphinx.

I sure "scored" a lot of things that I "wanted."  So, if you go to Egypt, beware.

Beware the Mosquitoes.  --RoadDog

That Old Weed Whacker of Mine

Today, in my Cooter's History Thing Blog, I wrote about the death of George Ballas, who died June 25, 2011.  He invented the  first string trimmer.  Go to the blog to find out what inspired him and what he did.

Anyway, that got me to thinking about something I've got out in the garage hanging up on the wall.  It's my old 25-year-old Weed Whacker (or is Wacker?).  I probably haven't used it in 12 years and maybe it doesn't even work anymore. 

But, it did bring "fond" memories back.  First, it was an electric one (cheaper) and you had to maneuver that cord around.  Not as bad as the electric hedge clippers which are another story for another day, mind you.

And, then, there was that "Easy Feed" device at the bottom.  Just tap for more string.  That rarely worked for me.  And just try to manually feed it.  If there had been a curse tip jar, I could have gone out a lot.  And, I always managed to find and attack things that would break that string.

Now, along with the Weed Whacker, I also have a huge ball of replacement string.  If you think untangling Christmas lights is a fate worst than death, take a "whack" at that.

I should go ahead and get rid of both, but they just look so right hanging there.

Hey, It Might Be a Collectible Some Day.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  A soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray can be said to be well seasoned.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oddest of Them All: Book Titles

From theFebruary 27, 2013, Chicago Tribune "The oddest of them all: Unusual book titles in competition for award" by Belinda Goldsmith, Reuters.

Here are some of the books (along with their oddball titles) up for this year's 35th annual Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year:

Was Hitler Ill?-- by Henrik Eberle and Hans-Joachim Neumann
Lofts of North America: Pigeon Loft--  by Jerry Gagne
How to Sharpen Pencils--  by David Rees
Goblinproofing One's Chicken Coop--  by Reginald Bakely
How Tea Cosies Changed the World--  Loania Prior

Publishers and booksellers know full well that a book title can make all the difference in the sale of books.  A book with an unusual title can make it more attractive to the public.  I have to admit that if I'm looking through a bunch of books, I'd have to stop and pick up a book with a title like these.  Same thing when I see a band, restaurant or bar advertised with an off-kilter name.  I am more likely to visit them.  (See my blog entry at my RoadDog's Roadlog Blog from March 14th for Milwaukee's Holler House.)

Examples of ones that have sold well:  "A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian" has sold almost a million copies and "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" which has sold twice that.  However, I looked in my library and didn't see either book.

I Personally Hate Pencil Sharpeners That EAT My Pencils.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Jokes about German sausage are the wurst.

The winner, chosen by on-line voting, will be announced March 22.

Last year's winner was "Cooking With Poo," A Thai cookbook by Bangkok resident Saiyuud Diwong whose nickname is Poo.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Getting My Irish On

This would seem to be the weekend for it.

Today, planning on going to Captain's Quarters for some corned beef sandwiches and Dirty Rooster.

Saturday, thinking of the annual St. Patrick's Parade in Lake Villa, Wisconsin.  Then to Donovan's for their party and AUCE corned beef and cabbage.

Sunday back to Donovan's for awhile then ultimate Bloody Marys at Route 12 Bar, and, of course, more cb&c.

Not Irish, But That Never Stopped Me.  --RoadDog

Getting My Music Listen On

Right now, I'm listening to some of my St. Patrick's Day Irish music cassette tapes that I made for those many, many years I deejayed at George's Cedar Inn in Lake Villa, Illinois, for the St. Patrick's Parade.  I'm thinking I played there for about eighteen years.

Also, later today at 10 AM CSDT, Seaver plays ten songs from 1967 on WDRV.  The show is repeated at 10 PM on WDRV, Chicago's Drive.  Sunday, there will be Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots Show, going back to the 60s and 70s.

Tomorrow from 8 to noon CSDT on WXRT, Wendy Rice goes back to 1970.

Right now, I am also listening to Fessa John Hook's  Top 40 from 1963 Beach Songs.  You can also hear this week's Beach Music Top 40 and Roadhouse Blues at his Beach-Shag site.

Here are his 1963 songs from #30 to #21 to give you an idea:

30  YOUR OLD STANDBY--  Mary Wells
HEM OF HIS GARMENT--  Soul Stirrers
29.  FRANKIE & JOHNNY--  Sam Cooke
28.  BEECHWOOD 4-5789/SOMEDAY SOMEWAY--  Marvelettes

27.  RUBY BABY--  Dion
26.  HEY GIRL--  Freddie Scott
25.  THAT'S HOW HEARTACHES ARE MADE--  Baby Washington
24.  HITCH HIKE--  Marvin Gaye
23.  I'M THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU--  Impressions

22.  BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY--  Four Seasons
HM  TELL HIM I'M NOT HOME--  Chuck Jackson
HM  WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY--  Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
21  I GAVE MY LOVE A CHERRY/ THE HALF MAN--  JIMMY WILLIAMS (Hey, that's the song from "Animal House" but nothing like what they played there.  This one's got soul..)

Well worth giving all three charts a listen.  The 1963 one changes next week.

Sorry.  --RoadDog

Ten Best Cities to Move to in America

From the October 27, 2010 Sperling.

Based on jobs, affordable housing, cost of living, crime rates, college, access to museums, shows, sports and other events and stability.

10.  Indianapolis, Indiana
9.  Denver-Aurora, Colorado
8.  Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, Minnesota

7.  Madison, Wisconsin
6.  Des Moines-West Des Moines, Iowa
5.  Austin-Round Rock, Texas
4.  Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas

3.  Omaha, Nebraska-Council Bluffs, Iowa
2.  Buffalo--Niagara Falls, New York
1.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kind of amazing all the Rust-Belt cities in the list.

Who'd Have Figured?  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  When chemists die, they barium.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's An Americana Music Thing

From the Feb. 27, 2012, Chart Watch by Paul Green Week ending Feb. 24th.

I have become a big fan of this music, although, I have been a fan of many of the groups associated with it for a long time like John Hiatt, the Mavericks and John Prine.  Bit, I have just recently become aware of the brand Americana.

Three new groups considered Americana, which refers to the music industry for  rootsy, guitar-based music.

Three of Billboard's Top 6 albums are by groups classified Americana.

Babel--  Mumford & Sons #1

The Lumineers #5

"Boys and Girls--  Alabama Shakes #6.

Right now I'm listening to a NPR station out of Clinton, Tennessee playing Americana music by Sweet Georgia Brown.

I'm hoping that if Cashbox comes back, they will continue their Americana Top 30 songs which gave the opportunity to listen to the new Americana music.

Americana, That's Where It's At.  --RoadDog

Out In the Country Music

From the August 28, 2010 Rock and Roll Roots.

COUNTRY ROAD--  James Taylor

COUNTRY HONK--  Rolling Stones
COUNTRY GIRL--  Justin Hayward
LONG-HAIRED COUNTRY BOY--  Charlie Daniels Band

COUNTRY AIR--  Beach Boys
OUT IN THE COUNTRY--  Three Dog Night

Now You Been Countrified!  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  I tried to catch some fog, I mist.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's a Numbers Thing: 3-13-13

What has three "3s" and two "1s?"

Why, today!!

Let me be the first to wish you a happy 3-13-13.  Or is that 31313 or 3-1-3-1-3 or something to do with pi?


JSIS: Billionaires-- Twinkies

JSIS--  Just Some Interesting Stuff

1. BILLIONAIRES--  March 4th Forbes--  There are now a record 1,426 billionaires in the world, 200 more than last year which was a new record itself.  That's ten times more than in 1985.  And, they are worth $100 million on average more than a year ago. 

Reckon their recession is over.  Now, how about the rest of us.

2. TWINKIES--  I see two companies have spent $410 million to buy the Twinkies name and expect to have them back on the shelves by summer.  It's too bad the former owners were so greedy and unwilling to share profits with their workers and closed the original company down.

Not a Huge Fan of Twinkies, Though.  --RoadDog

Top Ten Pop Music Rip-Offs

From the August 22, 2010, Listverse.

Original song first.  Rip-Off second.

10.  Going to California by Led Zeppelin -//-  Given to Fly--  Pearl Jam
9.  Under Pressure by Queen -//-  Ice Ice Baby--  Vanilla Ice
8.  I Want a New Drug by Huey Lewis & News -//-  Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr

7.  Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by the Beatles -//-  Why Don't You get a Job by Offspring
6.  Ignition by R. kelly -//-  Don't Matter by Akon
5.  He's So Fine by Chiffons -//- My Sweet Lord by George Harrison
4.  You Can't Hurry Love by Supremes -//-  Lust for Life by Iggy Pop and Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet

3.  Security of the First World by Public Enemy -//- Justify My Love by Madonna
2.  Supersonic by J.J. Fad -//-  Fergalicious by Fergie
1.  Sweet Little Sixteen by Chuck Berry -//-  Surfin' USA by Beach Boys

Remember, pictures and text at the site.

Come On Baby, Rip Me Off.  --RoadDog

Final Wisdom of Children:  According to Bill Cosby.  Never finish your mother when she yells "I'm sick and _____."

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

JSS: Daylight Saving-- Daffodils-- Robins

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  DAYLIGHT SAVING--  Still trying to get my sleep patterns squared away.  As I get older, it gets harder to adjust when we switch, especially when we spring ahead.  Should be squared away by the end of this week. 

But, I sure like it to still be light at 6 PM, now.  I hate darkness at 4:30 during winter.

2.  DAFFODILS--  Yesterday when I went out to put food in the bird feeder, the snow had melted enough by the house that I saw daffodils pushing up!!  Can spring be far away?

3.  ROBINS--  And, yesterday, I saw some reddish birds flitting out of the yard and was wondering if they were cardinals or perhaps that harbinger off spring, robins.  Later, in my study, I saw three robins hopping around my flower beds and eating my worms.  I always tell them to leave my worms alone, but they never listen.  Oh, well.  They're back so I'll forgive them this time.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

John Lennon Lyrics Go for $1.2 Million

A double-sided piece of paper containing the lyrics to John Lennon's "A Day in the Life" was sold at Sotheby's for $1.2 million back in 2010.  This is the second-most ever paid for lyrics with the first being "All You Need Is Love" in 2005.  So, the Fab Four still raking in the money.

It is a single sheet rough draft with much crossing out and the word "film" misspelled "flim."  The words "I'd love to turn you on" are not in it.  They were added later and caused the song to be banned from the BBC.

There were three bidders and in six minutes, it went from $500,000 to $700,600 before ending at $1,202,500.  The successful bidder is a private party.

The lyrics once belonged to Mal Evans, the Beatles' road manager.  The album it was from, "Sgt. Pepper's" topped both the U.S. and U.K. charts, won 4 Grammys and the song ranks #26  in Rolling Stone's 500 Songs of All Time.

The first side of the paper is believed to have been composed in the morning and afternoon of Jan. 17, 1967.  The rough draft was written in script with a black felt marker.  The other side is written in block letters.

More Than I Would Have Spent, Even If I Had That Much Money.  --RoadDog

What Were You Doing March 3, 1975?-- Part 2

And, hard to believe this is almost 40 years ago now.

YOU'RE NO GOOD--  LINDA RONSTADT--Covering an old R&B song from the 60s.
SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL--  GRAND FUNK--Covering an old R&B song originally from 1968.  (When did they drop the Railroad?)

PART OF THE PLAN--  DAN FOGELBERG--  our first listen.  Produced by Joe Walsh who also played guitar on it.
LADY--  STYX-- Band from Chicago finally breaking out.  (An underrated band to be sure.)

CAT'S IN THE CRADLE--  HARRY CHAPIN--  (The songwriter's songwriter.  Could he ever tell the stories.)
NO NO SONG--  RINGO STARR--  (One of my favorites.  You can't help but smile.)

DON'T CALL US, WE'LL CALL YOU--  SUGARLOAF-- Debuting this week. (Follow up to "Green-eyed Lady."  And you know the band performs in the nude.)

NIGHTINGALE--  CAROLE KING--  (OK, one I'd never heard before.)

BLACK WATER--  DOOBIE BROTHERS--  #1 song.  Began life as the "B" side until jockeys turned it over.  Flip side of "Another Park, Another Sunday."  (Talk about your two-side hits!)

I Don't Do It No More.  --RoadDog

WISDOM OF CHILDREN:  When you get a bad grade in school, show it to your mom when she is on the phone.

Monday, March 11, 2013

JSS: Hawks Streak Over-- Rain and Fog-- Warm and Lakes-- Wild Life

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  HAWKS STREAK OVER--  Knew it couldn't go on forever.  But watched the Blackhawks lose Friday night at Stormy Monday then they lost again last night.  Oh well!

2.  RAIN AND FOG--  It's been raining off and on since Saturday.  Sure glad it wasn't snow!!  Yesterday and today there have been lots of fog, and I mean the heavy stuff.

3.  WARM AND LAKES--  Temps have been in upper 30s and snow is melting fast.  Right now, I'd say we have about ten small lakes in various places around the yard.  We're even starting

4.  WILD LIFE--  Thursday I am sure I saw a bald eagle across Route 12 from the Route 12 Bar right by Nippersink Lake.  Friday, we saw a flock of wild turkeys in a field south of Twin Lakes.  Saturday, I saw a squirrel meandering along the side of Sunset Road and slowed down.  As I got ready to speed up, he played dare devil with the car but fortunately ran back.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

Deaths: "Papa Was a Rolling Stone"


Died February 27, 2013. Sang with the Temptations for 25 years from the early 1970s.  Back in the early 60s, he sang with future Tempations Otis Williams and Melvin Franklin in the Distants.  he worked at Motown in the quality control department and with his group, the Monitors.

Occasionally filled in for tenor baritone Paul Wiliams on the temptations before going full time when Williams left the group.  Sand lead on "Papa Was a Rolling Stine.  During his tenure, the Temptations had more than 4 dozen Top 40 hits on the R&B charts.  Reportedly left the group in 1993 over personal tension with Otis Williams.

His ex-wife Cal Gill Street was a member of Motown's Velvelettes who had the song "Needle in a Haystack."

Otis Williams is still with the Temptations, the only original member.

I am a big, big Motown fan, especially the Temptin' Temptations.

What Were You Doing March 3, 1975?-- Part 1

For the second half of his Rock and Roll Roots show, Bob Stroud jumped ahead ten years to 1975.  I was finishing up my second year of teaching and we were living in an apartment in Vernon Hills, Illinois.  We were getting ready to have a house built for us in Round Lake Beach for $33,000.  We moved in during the summer and lived there for 17 years.

CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY MIND--  ELO--  A very Beatlesque song, the closest thing we had to the Beatles other than the four solo Beatles.
LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS--  ELTON JOHN--  (From the "Sgt. Pepper's" movie.  Speaking of Beatlesque!))

I CAN HELP--  BILY SWAN--  one-hit wonder (And one that didn't end when you thought it would.)
PICK UP THE PIECES--  AVERAGE WHITE BAND--  Out of Scotland and not the Bay City Rollers.  (Who says the Scots can't do the blues?)

BEST OF MY LOVE--  EAGLES--  From their third album On the Border and their first #1 hit.
LET IT ROLL ON DOWN THE HIGHWAY--  BTO--  (A great driving song for some reason.)

LONELY PEOPLE--  AMERICA--  Written by the late-great Dan Peece.
BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE--  JETHRO TULL--  US top 40 hit.  Their latest from the War Child album.

Songs I Was Listening to Driving Back and Forth to Round Lake.  --RoadDog

WISDOM OF CHILDREN:  Don't pick on your sister when she's holding a baseball bat.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Where Were You March 3, 1965?-- Part 4

LAUGH, LAUGH--  BEAU BRUMMELS--  From San Francisco, one of their two hits.  (And, with a name sounding very British.)

I DON'T WANT TO SPOIL THE PARTY--  "B" Side of the #1 single in Chicago.  (Imagine the Beatles back then having a #1 two-sided single.  Who would have believed?)

These were the intro songs.

WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO THE RAIN--  SEARCHERS--  British Invasion group (And a song I hadn't heard.)

LET'S LOCK THE DOOR--  JAY & THE AMERICANS--  (Thanks, Bob, for not telling the name of the group.  That cost me an hour, but I sure enjoyed it.)


Almost Fifty Years Ago, Now.  --RoadDog

Here We Go Again

Bob Stroud likes to play parts of songs from the Time Warp date he is on, last Sunday, March 3, 1965, as he segues from commercials back to the music.  He played one from that date called "Let's Lock the Door" and for the life of me, I could not remember who did it and he didn't say.

So today, before I put it on my Where Were You entry, I looked it up.  It was Jay and the Americans.  Unfortunately, there was a place to view it on You Tube and, like a fool, there I go off to Never-Get-Out-of-You-Tube Land.

Alright, then there was "Only in America," "She Cried" and a bunch of others that needed watching.  Then, I see Randy and the Daytonas "Denise."

Then, here comes a whole bunch of Three Stooges videos, including some with an elderly Larry and Moe.  Moe still had the same haircut, only gray.

There Went an Hour.  --RoadDog

Hey, Comics Talking About Me-- Part 3

From the December 7, 2012, Chicago Tribune.


FRAME ONE:  A highway patrol officer has Senator Belfry pulled over.

Belfry looks out the driver's window and says: "Do you have any idea who I am?"

FRAME TWO:  The officer looks at him and says:  "No, but at your age..."

FRAME THREE:  "Memory loss is a common thing."

Now, Why Was I Typing This?  --RoadDog

Hey, Comics Talking About Me-- Part 2

From the December 7, 2012, Chicago Tribune.


FRAME ONE:  Dagwood is talking to a department store Santa Claus in a diner and asks, "Are you having a good year?"

Santa:  "Despite havin' to bust my 'bowlful of jelly' for eight hours a day, I think it'll be okay."

FRAME TWO:  Santa:  "Parents are ordering online, but kids still order on-lap.  So I guess you could say that I'm the Original Laptop!  Ho! Ho!"

FRAME THREE:  Dagwood's back with Blondie and walking by the Santa with children in line and one on lap and says:  "Did you know Santa was the original Laptop?

Blondie is looking puzzled at him.

It's a Technology Thing.  You Wouldn't Understand.  Me Neither.  --RoadDog

Hey, Comics Talking About Me-- Part 1

From the December 7, 2012, Chicago Tribune.


FIRST FRAME:  Ellie and friend are out shopping with their kids.  Her friend's son is looking at a rack of war toys, pointing and saying  "Mom! Mom!--  I Want Dat!!"

SECOND FRAME:  His mom says, "No, Christopher-- I will not allow you to own toys that promote violence."

THIRD FRAME:  Walking away, Ellie's daughter, Elizabeth sticks her tongue out and says, "Nyaah, Nyaah."

FOURTH FRAME:  The boy was holding a pet monkey toy and hauls off and whaps Elizabeth on the back of her head with it.

I don't know, I always had war toys and played with them all my youth and I don't think I turned out so bad.  And what about the video games these kids will be playing.  You want to talk about your graphic violence.

Toy Gun No Good.  Mortal Combat OK.  --RoadDog

WISDOM OF CHILDREN:  Felt-tip markers are not good to use as lipstick.

Deaths: Da Blues


Died February 27, 2013

Younger contemporary of Muddy Waters  and Howlin' Wolf.  he and his backing band, the Teardrops, played a 'no-holds-barred brand of Chicago-style electric blues.

His real name was Morris Holt and he left his home in rural Mississippi in 1955.  His first trip failed and he went back, but returned and made his mark on the blues scene, playing in many of the larger clubs

I have a couple Magic Slim and the Teardrops LPs and a CD.  Listening to his Raw Magic CD right now.

Da Blues.  Da Slim.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Movie Scratches: Stand-- Thief-- Gretel-- Bodies

A Dog's-Eye View of What's Showing at the Theaters.

5.  THE LAST STAND--  1-31--  FOX LAKE $6--   Maybe next time the mayor won't park his brand-new, smoking-hot Camaro in a fire zone.

6.  IDENTITY THIEF--  2-13--  FOX LAKE $4--  A road trip of a different sort.

7.  HANSEL & GRETEL--  2-13--  FOX LAKE $4--  A witch's worst nightmare.  Ya gotta love Edward the Troll with his heart of gold.

8.  WARM BODIES--  2-20--  FOX LAKE $4--  Romeo and Juliet of a different sort.  A zombie love story.  Hey, the love of a good woman can bring you back.

Do They Have Commercials at the Movies?  --RoadDog

What Were You Doing March 3, 1965?-- Part 3

I don't know about you, but I was listening to a WHOLE lot of radio and even bought some of my first 45s.  Still couldn't afford the $3 for an album.

THIS DIAMOND RING--  Gary Lewis & the Playboys--debut record written by the great Al Kooper.
ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC--  Beatles--  Their take on it  (For a moment there I thought Stroud's show was beginning, since this is one of the songs he plays in the opening montage.)

I'LL BE BACK--  Beatles  (Of course, my all-time favorite Beatle songs were in the pre-Rubber Soul days, back when they were rocking.)
I'M A LOSER--  Beatles--  These last three were from the new album Beatles '65, which we got back on Christmas '64.

TELL HER NO--  Zombies--  Their hit #2.
FERRY CROSS THE MERSEY--  Gerry and the Pacemakers--  These last three all from the ongoing British Invasion.  (This one always reminds me of the MYF dance at the Methodist Church in Palatine, Illinois.)

"Life Goes On Day After Day."  --RoadDog

WISDOM OF CHILDREN:  If you want a kitten, start out by asking for a horse.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The BlackHawks and the Fratellis

From Wikipedia.

Well, that great BlackHawks win streak continues, despite me writing about it.  I have written about the "Chelsea Dagger" song sung at home games.  Now, about the group that made it.  They are an indie Scottish band from Glasgow.  Their first album was Costello Music, which had the "Chelsea Dagger" song.

Like the Ramones, they have adopted Fratelli names:

Jon Fratelli  (John Lawler) lead guitar and lead vocals
Barry Fratelli  (Barry Wallace), bass guitarist
Mince Fratelli  (Gordon McRory) drummer

They took their group name from the criminal family in the movie "Goonies."

They released two albums: 2006's Costello Music and 2008's Here We Stand.  The Costello Music album peaked at 48 in the U.S., but spent three weeks at #2 in the U.K..  In 2008, they went on indefinite hiatus, but got back together last year and plan to have an album out this year.

Great Group.  --RoadDog

THE WISDOM OF CHILDREN:  Never let your three-year-old brother in the same room as your school assignment.

Deaths: Stompin Tom-- "The Hockey Song"


Died March 6th.  Dubbed "Stompin' Tom" for habit of pounding floor with his left foot during performances.  Wide commercial success eluded him during his four year career, but, "His songs are regarded as veritable national anthems thanks to their unabashed embrace of all things Canadiana."

I had never heard of him before and sure wish I had.  Just the nickname would have caused me to give him a listen.  I just got off another extended time on You Tube listening to his music and I know for a fact I would have liked him.  I'll have to yell at buddy Canadian Al the next time I see him as he should have mentioned Stompin' Tom.

This guy is another Pat Dailey who has huge regional success around Ohio, the Great Lakes and Key West.

Three of his songs:Sudbury Saturday Night," "Bud the Spud" and "The Hockey Song" are played at every Toronto Maple Leaf home games.  Others that I especially liked were "Zakuska Polka," "The Bug Song," "She Don't Speak English" and "Cross Country" which could easily serve as a Canadian National Anthem.

I'll sure be back to listen to more of his songs and believe I'll have to order some of his CDs.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

JSIS: Hugo-- Greater Good Network-- Who Needs a Health Club?

JSIS--  Just Some Interesting Stuff

1.  HUGO--  So, Venezuelan "President" For Life Hugo Chavez died yesterday.  Can't say I'm sorry he died.  He was a thorn in our side.  Although, I imagine quite often, when a leader of a Latin American country turns against us, it is for a rightful reason.

2.  GREATER GOOD NETWORK--  Everyday, I vote on a collection of charity websites called the Greater Good Network.  Primarily I do so to vote on the Shelter Challenge for our local animal shelter, Save-A-Pet in Grayslake.

I notice that every weekend, voting drops off on all the different sites, including breast cancer, veterans, literacy and others.  There was another big drop off yesterday, probably because of the snow storm that hit the Midwest.  I guess folks can't find the time to vote when they are not at work using their boss' time.

3.  WHO NEEDS A HEALTH CLUB?--  I save all sorts of money by just going outside to the driveway and sidewalks these days.  Yesterday, I went out four times to shovel and snow blow.  And this has been going on a lot as we've had three major storms in a little over a week.  That snow id getting mighty high.

Just Some Interesting Stuff.  --RoadDog

What Were You Doing March 3, 1965?-- Part 2

Continuing with those great songs from almost 50 years ago, now.  Has it been that long?

DO YOU WANNA DANCE-- Beach Boys--  "A" Side  From the upcoming album Beach Boys Today.  Brian Wilson was rivalling Phil Spector for bombacity, if that is a word.  (Something I was mighty fearful of asking a girl back then.)
PLEASE LET ME WONDER--  Beach Boys--    "B" Side.  Great Brian Wilson ballad.

STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE--  Supremes--  Climbing the charts.  (Great song, even better choreography.  When they stuck those hands out on "Stop" you just couldn't get much finer.)
COME HOME--  Dave Clark 5.  (OK, I wasn't familiar with this one.)

CAN'T YOU HEAR MY HEARTBEAT--  Herman's Hermits--  Still heavy into the British Invasion.  Happy-Go-Lucky hit.  (If this one doesn't bring a smile to your face and get you moving, nothing will.)
BYE BYE BABY--  Jersey Boys (making good)

IT'S ALRIGHT--  Adam Faith and the Roulettes--  Having a rave-up!!This was their one hit in the States.
YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVIN' FEELING--  Righteous Brothers--  Produced by Phil Spector, took the public and record industry by storm.  (Righteous Music by a Righteous Group.)

By the way, Bob Stroud goes back to 1969 for his Ten at Ten today on Chicago's WDRV, the Drive. .

For Some Reason, Thinking "Top Gun" Right Now.  --RoadDog

THE WISDOM OF CHILDREN:  Don't pull Dad's finger when he tells you to.

Deaths: Baker Street


Died Jan. 4, 2011.  Scottish singer-songwriter and had one of the all-time great albums, City to City, with two of my favorite songs, "Baker Street" and "Right Down the Line."  Who can forget that ax on "Baker Street?"  Also had the hit song "Stuck in the Middle With You" with the group Stealers Wheel.  This song always reminds me of driving the '63 "Ramblin' Wreck" to student teaching at Maine West High School in Des Plaines in 1973.

I can listen to this guy over and over and over.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Deaths: The Birds and the Bees


Died March 1st. 

He was in a group called the Turnarounds when they were offered a song about the "birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above--and a thing called _____."  The others in his band didn't want to have anything to do with it, so he recorded it solo.

That song went to #3 in1965, his only hit.  He continued to play music into his 70s.

Maybe I have to go to You Tube for you know what.

Now, I Have That Song On My Mind.  --RoadDog

Back to Chelsea Dagger and the Blackhawks

From Wikipedia.

I had never heard of this song before 2010, but sure like it now.

A trio considered a Scottish alternative rock band.  Chesea Dagger was released May 28, 2006 from their debut album Costello Music.  We used to hand out at a place on the Chain of Lakes here in Illinois called Costello's.

The song was supposedly named after John Fratelli's wife, Heather, a burlesque dancer (as featured in the video?)  Her stage name was "Chelsea".  The song also might possibly have been a play on Brittney Spears.  The song peaked at #5 in the UK.

It became popular with soccer fans and played at those events.  And then, rugby picked up on it.

It is played at home games for the Chicago Blackhawks after every goal and win, only the fans change the verse to "Bring your goalie over here--let us score on him just for the hell of it!!"  It is also played by the Washington Capitols.

The Tampa Bay Rays baseball team featured it when runs were scored in the 2009 season and Baltimore Orioles use it for home runs.

Chelsea It.  --RoadDog

What Were You Doing March 3, 1965?-- Part 1

This past Sunday, Bob Stround did Time Warps to March 3rd of 1965 and then jumped ahead to March 3rd of 1975.

March 3, 1965, I was an eighth grader at Winston Park Junior High School in Palatine, Illinois.  And, I was getting some of my best grades ever as I had been moved earlier to the 8-1s, the top class as we were on tracking.  I had always thought they were so smart, so I determined to do my absolute best and maintained myself with them in no trouble.

These were the songs playing on WLS and WCFL this date.

DON'T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD--  Originally done by the great Nina Simone.
NEW YORK'S A LONELY TOWN--  Tradewinds--  their one and only hit

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL--  What with the British Invasion still in full swing, American artists were starting to get their footing again.  This was later the theme song to a TV show in 1973 (featuring the bands and musicians, this being before MTV).
MY GIRL--  Temptations

I GO TO PIECES--  Peter and Gordon--  Del Shannon wrote it.

HEART OF STONE--  Rolling Stones-- "A" Side  Getting bluesy
WHAT A SHAME--  Rolling Stones--  "B" Side

When You're the Only Surfer Boy in Town.  --RoadDog

WISDOM OF CHILDREN:  Stay away from prunes.

Monday, March 4, 2013

JSS: Chili Cookoff-- Summer Music at Captain's-- More Snow-- Ten At Ten

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  CHILI COOKOFF-- Yesterday went to Captain's Quarters in Antioch for their chili cookoff.  They had eight entries.  No charge to taste or vote.  I've developed a method to vote.  First, do the whole line at once with just a spoonful of each to narrow it down.  Then a larger portion of the ones I like right after that.  Rinse down with beer.  Sit and contemplate, then go back for last taste of two favorites.  Vote.  Then get a "Garbage Chili" made up of some of several entries in a large bowl, complete with shredded cheese, onions and corn bread.

This was my fourth one in four weeks:  Squaw Bar, All-Sports, Stormy Monday and Captain's.

2.  SUMMER MUSIC AT CAPTAIN'S--  Our favorite summer stomping ground, Captain's Quarters, has their list of summer bands out.  Many old familiar ones that we like along with new ones.  But, whoever picks them knows their music as we've only rarely seen a band we didn't like.  Favorite band, Soda, will be there four times.

Best Part of Captain's Music is the 7 to 11 PM Saturday night bands and 3-7 PM Sunday afternoon ones.  Just right for old folk such as we.

3.  MORE SNOW--  Another snowfall predicted for us, 4 to 8 inches.  Gettin' mighty tired of the stuff  This should be about the last, according to Woodstock Willie's prognostication back on February 2nd.  Again, it looks like the counties along the Illinois-Wisconsin border are in for the worst, which seems to be the way things go with these storms lately.

4.  TEN AT TEN--  Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten (10 AM and 10 PM) on Chicago's Drive, 97.1 FM this week:  Mon- 1972, Tues-1977,  Wed- 1969,  Thurs- 1985 and Fri- 1978. .

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

Deaths: The Shangri-Las Loved Him


Died Feb. 14th.  Songwriter and producer from the 1960s.  Hey, that's my time era.  Wrote such greats as "Leader of the Pack" and "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" for the Shangri-Las.  He played no instrument and couldn't read music, writing his songs in his head and is largely responsible for the success of the Shangri-Las.

He came up with the lyrics and music of "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" in 22 minutes.  Went to #5 on Billboard.  Combines many elements in it, including narrative, quasi-operatic plot, spoken dialogue, chanting, unconventional sounds (sea gulls).

He co-wrote "Leader of the Pack" with Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry.  Then, "Give Him a Big Kiss" and "I Can Never Go Home" by himself.  Shadow was his nickname.

Also produced 14-year-old Janis Ian's "Society's Child" in 1965.  That was a whole different kind of song from the Shangri-Las.  Then, i was impressed to find out that he produced several albums for Vanilla Fudge and "In-a-Gadda-da-Vida" for the Iron Butterfly.

This guy was tied up in a whole lot of my favorite music from the era.

And, I'd Never heard of him.

Guess Where the Billionaires Went to College

Forgot to write down where I got the information.

If you guessed mostly Ivy League schools, you'd be right.  Poor old Northern Illinois wasn't anywhere near the top and I doubt we even have one.

1.  Harvard--  52 worth over $205 billion.  And, a surprise, 74% made their own money and didn't inherit.

2.  University of Pennsylvania--  28

3.  Stanford--   27

4.  New York University--   17

5.  Columbia--  15

5.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology--  15

7.  Cornell--  14

8.  University of Southern California--  14

9.  Yale--  13

10.  University of Cambridge--  11

Certainly Not Me.  --RoadDog

WISDOM OF CHILDREN:  Never tell your mom her diet's not working.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why It Takes So Long to Do These Doggone Blogs

Take today for example.  After writing earlier about the death of Paul Tanner and his electro-theramin instrument heard on the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations," I got the urge to watch the video, so went to You Tube, always a mistake when it comes to time as one thing leads to another.

OK, I got the video up.  By the way, Mike Love played the electro-theramin on stage.  Well, of course, what's better than one Beach Boy performance?  So then, there were many others, including "Surfer Girl," "California Girls," "Wendy" and "Little Deuce Coupe."

One mean thing You Tube does is put other things on the page that you might want to see.   Well, that led to John Prine's "In Spite of Ourselves" with some of the funniest pictures I've ever seen.  And then, "Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian."

Then, the Fratellis and about ten of their videos.  I wrote about them yesterday in connection with the streak of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Then the Donald Duck "Window Washer" cartoon which, wost of all led to "A Christmas Story."  My favorite-ever Christmas movie.  This one really took a lot of time.  I started with "A Christmas Story: The Documentary" where two fans go to the grand-opening of the house in Cleveland and visit a lot of the filming sites.

Then there were two parts of Behind the Scenes :The Christmas Story Parts 1 and 2.  And then "A Christmas Story Cast Reunion" on the Voice.

This Is Why It Takes So Long to Do These.  --RoadDog

The Best Small Cities to Raise a Family

From the October 25, 2010, Forbes.

Based on commute times, high school graduates, median household income, home ownership and cost of living.  The Midwest dominated.

1.  Dubuque, Iowa--  Right on the Mississippi River with those bald eagles by the dam.
2.  Manitowac, Wisconsin
3.  Marquette, Michigan

4.  Midland, Michigan
5.  Marshfield, Wisconsin
6.  Stevens Point, Wisconsin  (Hey, Belts' Soft Serve Ice Cream just opened for the season yesterday.  See my yesterday's RoadDog's Roadlog.)
7.  Casper, Wyoming

8.  Quincy, Illinois
9.  Helena, Montana
10.  Columbus, Indiana--  Indiana tries to keep this gem hidden from us out-of-staters.

We've been to 1, 2, 6 and 10.

Who Says the Midwest is the Rust Belt?

Deaths: Played for Glenn Miller and the Beach Boys


Died Feb. 5th.  trombonist in the Glenn Miller Orchestra and played a space-age instrument on the Beach Boys' great "Good Vibrations." Also performed with Tex Benecke and Henry Mancini.  Music professor at UCLA for 23 years.

Helped develop the electric theramin, a keyboard -style instrument heard on several Beach Boys songs including "Good Vibrations," that high-pitched sound you heard.

I didn't much like Big Band songs when I was growing up because that was the music of my parents and we kids were forced to listen to it, especially bad on road trips and they controlled the radio.  However, after college, I started listening to my in-laws' Big Band and Swing records and, "Hey, this stuff's pretty good."  I've since built quite a collection of that music in LPs, cassette tapes and CDs.  And, I'd have to argue that "In the Mood" is the best song ever written.

And, of course, those Beach Boys were definitely my era.

I'm Feeling Them Good Vibrations.  --RoadDog

WISDOM OF CHILDREN:  When your dad is mad and asks you, "Do I look stupid?"  Don't answer.

Friday, March 1, 2013


I just noticed the date when done numerically.  It reads opposite 3-1-13.  That won't happen again until 4-1-14, thirteen months from now.


What With DaHawks Rolling: "Chelsea Dagger"-- Part 2

We sure celebrated the clinching night there in Lake of the Ozarks.  We had listened to the whole album all that day and most of the next.

After we joined the Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour and drove across the Chain of Lakes Bridge and into Illinois, we just barely missed a storm that wrecked the Edwardsville Route 66 Festival.  Once in Litchfield, all the power was out, including at the Carlinsville Best Western where the association had their annual Hall of Fame inductions.

Afterwards, at karaoke, I even got up and tried to sing "Chelsea Dagger," knowing that I could nail the "Duh, duh-duh, duh, but the rest wasn't going to be too good.  It wasn't.  That guy sings WAY TOO FAST.

Today, I went to You Tube to see the video.  It is a great video, a fun video, definitely a bit risque, but fun.  Ya gotta love the top hat and bowler hat. .  If this doesn't work, just go to You Tube and do Chelsea Dagger.

Dau, Duh, Duh-Duh...   RoadDog

What With DaHawks Rolling: "Chelsea Dagger"-- Part 1

This is probably the kiss of death which will cause the first regular time loss, but I came across this entry material in my notebook, written back in 2010 when the Black Hawks won the Stanley Cup.

From Wikipedia.

The song they played after every goal was "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratelli's.  I'd never heard it before then, but quickly grew to really like it.  The song is played after Black Hawk goals.  I liked the one Vancouver player, who after they were knocked out of the playoffs in the first round by the Hawks, was asked what he thought about the song, well, refrain.  He said, "That song, I hate it."

I remember looking all over for it, but being unable to find a copy.  For some reason, every store around Chicago was sold out.  We were on a drive to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and the Munger Moss Motel in Lebanon, Missouri, before hooking up with the Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour, when I finally found it in a used CD store in Jefferson City, Missouri. 

Played it the rest of that day, which proved to be when the Hawks won the Stanley Cup.  Watched the game in several lake of the Ozarks places.  The locals could have cared less since their hockey team wasn't in it, but, we were heard and did a lot of "Chelsea Dagger" for their benefit.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

Houses Where Music History Was Made

From the October 11, 2012, CNBC by Colleen Kane.

You too can have some real estate music history fro as little as $270,000 to $19 million.

PINK FLOYD HOUSE, London, $1.922 million.  The band lived here while students in 1960.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, Long Branch, New Jersey, 828 square feet, where the 25-year-old Springsteen lived while going to Jersey Shore College, 1974-1975

AMY WINEHOUSE, London, $4.33 million, 2,500 s.f. in Camden Square.

BEATLES, Los Angeles, $4.199 million, 4,116 s.f. called Blue Jay Way.  Stayed here on US tours.  In 1967, George Harrison wrote song "Blue Jay Way" here.

ALLMAN BROTHERS, Macon, Georgia, $271,000, 4,442 s.f..  Home for band 1970-1973.  Now home of the Allman Brothers Band Museum.  Also rehearsal space for A.B. off-shoot Government Mule.  They rented it for $225 a month.  Duane left from here before his death on the motorcycle.

SPICE GIRLS, Los Angeles, $18.9 million, 7,903 s.f.

GRATEFUL DEAD, San Francisco2,680 s.f. an 1890 Queen Anne house at 710 Asbury Street in Haight, $1.57 million.  Can you believe this?  In 1967, they were all busted for marijuana here.

FATS DOMINO, New Orleans.  Life-long resident of Lower Ninth Ward when Katrina destroyed it where he had a compound of homes.  He went missing for several days after the storm.

Who Would Want a Spice Girls House?  Well, I Did Like Some of Their Songs.  --RoadDog

LAST TOO PUNNY:  And finally, there was this dog who sent ten puns different puns out in his blog with the hope that at least one of the ten would make them laugh.

No pun in ten did.

So Bad.