Saturday, July 30, 2016

So, Officially It's the Hillary Versus the Donald

Now that the Democratic and Republican conventions are over and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been chosen as the presidential candidates, we start the next phase of the never-ending political rhetoric.

Of course, if you even believe a fraction of what all the candidates running for the office have been saying about each other, instead of running for president perhaps they should be considered seriously for jail time.

One hundred more days.  We'll be bombarded by more mud-slinging than anyone should have to endure.  It will especially be all over the place in the key states.  Hopefully Illinois won't be one of those.

I am not sure I am going to vote for at this point.  Probably whoever throws the least amount of mud.

I actually do not much like either of them.

Maybe a viable third party candidate will make an appearance.

Let the Mud-Slinging Begin.    --RoadDog

Friday, July 29, 2016

North Carolina Summer 2016-- Part 6: Entertainment on Topsail Island

Unfortunately, the Town of Topsail Beach, doesn't have real lot of places to go to as far as cocktails and entertainment.  There are quite a few places at Surf City, about 7 miles to the north along Topsail Island which is much more built up.

Sunday, I found out that a place in Surf City called The Trailer Bar had a band playing out on the deck in the afternoon, so drove there.  It is a private club, but memberships is just $1 a year.  A bottle of domestic beer is $3.  I saw the Carolina Band who put on a good show.  They also have entertainment Mondays to Wednesdays and Friday and Saturday as well.  Sure wish it was closer.

On the way back to the condo, I stopped at Home Port in Topsail Beach and was a bit shocked at the $4 drafts for domestic.  But, I did see they have a good special on Tuesdays with half price drafts and chicken wings.  I went there Tuesday and did enjoy those specials, plus they had a deejay who did a trivia game.

Fun at the Beach.  --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten for July 29, 1966: "Sugar & Spice"

1.  SUMMER IN THE CITY--  Lovin' Spoonful
2.  WILD THING--  Troggs
3.  I SAW HER AGAIN--  Mamas and Papas

4.  SUGAR & SPICE--  Cryan' Shames  (Chicago's own)
5.  THE PIED PIPER--  Crispian St. Peter
6.  LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD--  Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs
7.  HUNGRY--  Paul Revere & the Raiders

8.  BUS STOP--  Hollies
9.  SWEET DREAMS--  Tommy McLaine
10.  I COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOUR LOVE--  Petula Clark  (from #21)

Name That Tune:  "Who's That I See Walking In These Woods."  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  "Why do I have ti press one for English when you're just gonna transfer me to someone I can't understand anyway?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

North Carolina Summer 2016-- Part 5: Hanging Out at Topsail Beach, N.C.

July 24-July 26

I certainly enjoy driving over to either the Jolly Roger Pier or Godwin's every morning to buy my copy of the Wilmington Star-News, then coming back to the condo and having coffee and reading it on the front porch and listening to the ocean across the street.  Being on what is called the Second Row, we have Ocean Boulevard, a line of Front Row cottages and then dunes across the street between us and the ocean.

I have obviously been keeping up with the blogs, but plan to stop Wi-Fi, land phone and cable service at the condo before I leave.

It has been excessively hot with temps every day in the upper 90s, which has kept me inside a lot.   Just too hot to be outside much.  Not bad on the beach though as there always is a good breeze.

I go out and walk the beach looking for shells and "lima beans,"  rocks that have been polished into that shape by thousands of years in the ocean.  I wade in the water and often bring a chair and sit out by ocean.  Just love the sound of the surf rolling in.

Little Ol' Beach Bum Me.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

North Carolina Summer 2016-- Part 4: Traffic, Fort Fisher, a Donut and Topsail Beach


Chia made a great breakfast at Mom's house and I drove to Wilmington, N.C..  Wilmington has to be one of the worst cities to drive anywhere near it in the country.  If the traffic doesn't get you, the photo-enforced lights will.  Traffic is especially bad around UNC-Wilmington.

I went to my favorite history place, Fort Fisher which was the reason I got into all this history stuff that so impacted my life (why I taught social studies for 33 years).  Took as walk around the fort and then heard Richard Triebe talk about the fate of the Fort Fisher prisoners at the North's horrible Elmira Prison in New York where half of them died in just a few months.

Then got my Britt's Donut fix in Carolina Beach and drove to Topsail Beach to Mom's condo.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fox Lake American Legion Baseball Team Advances to the Illinois Championship

I can't be in Jerseyville over the next several days, but our Fox Lake Bulldogs Post 703 American Legion team has advanced past the 2nd Division tournament and now finds itself with the best of the best teams in the state with play starting tomorrow, July 27th.

Teams playing will be Jerseyville 8-13, who are there because they are hosting the tournament., Danville 31-4-1, Fox Lake 15-2, Highland 19-8, Mt. Prospect 20-1 and Quincy 30-6.

Congratulations to our boys and good luck!!


Those "Idge" Phones At the Beach-- Topsail Beach, North Carolina

Again, an "Idge" phone are those cell phones that you see people blankly staring at (especially the 9 to 30 year-old crowd, but sadly, a lot of older folk,  "Idge" stands for "Idiot" phones.  My brother Bob refers to my flip phone as a "Dumb" phone.  It is only dumb because its owner has had it since 2002 and still doesn't know how to use it.  Actually, its owner is technologically challenged in today's pc speak.

I am now (Tuesday, July 26) at the condo at Topsail Beach, North Carolina.  Essentially it is and will be mine until I sell it (hopefully).

However, in case you're wondering what this has to do with "Idge" phones, I saw two REALLY sad things once I got here.  I saw three boys riding their bicycles down the side of the highway with cars whizzing by them within a few feet.  And, believe-it-or-not, these idiots were looking at their "Idge" phones.

And, when I walked across the street from the condo to the ocean, I saw three young teens walking on the beach and staring at their "Idge" phones as if in a trance.  Their phones clearly owned them.  And then, even worse, their father had his "Idge" phone out and was checking on wi-fi hot spots and calling out numbers.  I think they also might have been doing something with that Pokey Man thing.

I Done Believe  I Done Seen Elephants Fly.  --RoadDumb

Monday, July 25, 2016

Another Good Weekend-- Part 2: The Shadows of Knight at Taste of Summer


We went to Antioch, Illinois, for their Taste of Summer festival.  Jimmy Sohns and the Shadows of Knight were playing from noon to 2.  It was Jim's first time performing after suffering a bad stroke back in April.  Of course, they are best known for their 1966 song "Gloria" which went to #10 on Billboard.  It was a real trip back.

However, the hot sun and warm temperatures beat us down so bad, we decided not to go to The Grove for the Blues Jam right after it.

Later that evening, we went to Sunnyside.


After listening to Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots, we went to Hickory Lodge in McCullom Lake for their great pizza and beer special.  Then, we went to Sunnyside.

Came home and I got to enjoy sitting out in the gazebo.


AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  Success is when you look back at your life, and the memories make you smile.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer North Carolina 2016-- Part 3: The Problem With Croakers and Mom's TVs

JULY 21ST, THURSDAY:  Bob's shredder gave out, so I went out and bought one.  Spent the day sorting through mostly medical records and destapling, tearing and sorting them out.

Bob and I went to a buffet place called Murray's in Goldsboro.  Good food, other than their fish-of-the-day, croaker.  I didn't think I would ever find a fish I didn't like. but this was one!!  Besides more bones than I could count, was that ever a fishy taste.

Later I had the '11 Malibu's oil changed and did some shopping at places we don't have around us at home like Big Lots, Books-A-Million and Target.


One thing about Mom's TVs and that is that I have always had a problem turning them on.  Anywhere else, I just hit power and I have it.  But not Mom's TVs.  There are several steps you have to go through and me being technologically challenged, this is not an easy thing to do.

A whole lot more "paper" work.  Dollar Tree (for Mom's church donation Thank You notes), gas ($1.97), Ollie's (kind of a junky Big Lots, but you never know what you are going to find), K-Mart (none within 40 miles of us at home) and a visit out to Mom and Dad's graves at Willow Dale Cemetery.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer North Carolina 2016-- Part 2: Mom's Death and the Aftermath

This would be the usual time I would go down to North Carolina to visit with Mom and Bob in Goldsboro, but since last month, things have gone topsy-turvey with Mom's unexpected death at age 85.

This means a whole lot of work going through her papers and talking with people about this and that.  I mean she kept records of all sorts dating back to 1998 when Dad died. And, I have to look at every single paper.  It is slow going.

I also stand to inherit the condo at Topsail Beach.  It is paid for, but there are association dues, electric (no gas at least) water, garbage, cable, land telephone and wi-fi to take care of and that is a job in itself.  Since I live about 1200 miles away and long a go we decided not to have a second home somewhere, we can afford it, but don't want the hassle of owning two places.  One is bad enough.

Of course, this means getting an appraisal, dealing with the condo association, fixing the lower level after the floods from several months ago, listing it and so forth.

Plus,we don't won't to be tied down to just one place we have to go every time.

I Am At  the Condo Right Now.  --RoadDog

Summer North Carolina 2016-- Part 1: Gettin' My Cincy Chili, Chocolate Uglys, Snappy Lunch and Wilber's 'Cue Fixes


I left for North Carolina to help settle affairs with my mom's estate and took the usual route there, now becoming very familiar with the third trip in as many months.  I got through Indianapolis during rush hour without a problem and stopped for my usual Cincy chili fix at Skyline Chili.  I drove to the east side of Columbus, Ohio, and then went on to Athens, Ohio, where I stayed at Super 8.


On US-33 to I-77 in West Virginia.  No Virginia peanuts at the Virginia Welcome Center, but they said they had it on order.  I need my Va. peanut fix as well.  Stopped at Wytheville, Virginia, for the cheapest gas of the trip, $1.90, and got my Chocolate Ugly fix.

Then stopped at Mt. Airy, N.C., for my Snappy Lunch porkchop sandwich fix.  I-40 was busy, but made it through the Raleigh-Durham "Strangler' always a horrible traffic jam.  Arrived in Goldsboro, N.C., and went to Wilber's BBQ for my 'cue fix with Bob and Andy.

Gettin' My Fixes.  --RoadDog

Another Good Weekend-- Part 1: Antioch's Taste of Summer


After yardwork, we went to Donovan's and then to Antioch's annual Taste of Summer Festival where we saw the Neverly Brothers, a popular regional act with three guys playing music from the 50s in the first set and 60s in the second.  They consist of an upright bass, lead guitar and stand-up drums.


Worked on the arboretum and The Grove in Spring Grove and listened to Arthur Wolff playing a lot of great classic rock.  Met friends John and Sherry there.  We then went to the American Legion on Fox Lake for the 50-50 drawings.

Good Times in Our Own Backyard.  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  At my age "getting lucky" means walking into a room and remembering what I went in there for.

Friday, July 22, 2016

WLS Survey for July 22, 1966: "Hanky Panky"

1.  WILD THING--  Troggs
2.  PIED PIPER--  Crispian St, Peter
3.  HUNGRY--  Paul Revere & the Raiders

4.  SUMMER IN THE CITY--  Lovin' Spoonful
5.  HANKY PANKY--  Tommy James & the Shondells
6.  THEY'RE COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY--  Napoleon 14 (from #17 in just its second week on the chart)
7.  I SAW HER AGAIN--  Mamas and Papas

8.  SUGAR & SPICE--  Cryan' Shames
9.  THIS DOOR SWINGS BOTH WAYS--  Herman's Hermits
10.  RED RUBBER BALL--   Cyrkle

Name That Tune (from the above):  "You Know That Little Girl Is Mine."  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  If God had wanted me to touch my toes, he would've put them on my knees.

"Sugar & Spice"

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Those "Idge" Phones Again

From the July 13, 2016 "Bizarro" comic strip.

1st Panel:  1915:  Boy chasing another boy, reaches out and says, "Tag, you're it."

2nd Panel"  2015:  A boy is by himself on a couch, lying down and on his "Idge" phone.  The "Idge" phone has a message on it, "#urit."

Ain't It the Toot.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"But, Wait!! Things You Wish Those TV Deals Would Say

From the July 13, 2016, "Momma" comic strip.

1st Panel:  Momma is in her easy chair, staring at the TV and frowning as the announcer says,  "Yes, think of it...  This entire set of nifty gadgets ti make your life easier, for the low, low price of only #14.95!!  Imagine... only #14.95!!!"

2nd Panel:  TV announcer continues:  "But, Wait!!!  Call right now and we'll promise never to run this infomercial again!!"  Momma now has a smile.

I always enjoy trying to say "But Wait! at the appropriate time during these commercials.  I can think of some other commercials I would like to see far less of during viewing TV.

But Wait!  Have I Got a Deal for You and You Can Double Your Joy.  --RoadDog

Monday, July 18, 2016

Congratulations to the Fox Lake Bulldogs, 10 District Illinois American Legion Baseball Champs

This past Saturday, American Legion Post 703's (Fox Lake, Illinois) baseball team won their first-ever 10th District championship by defeating Lake Villa.

They were 9-1 regular season and 3-1 in the playoffs.

Next they go on to the Division 2 round in Barrington, Illinois.

Here's hoping for North Carolina where the American Legion World Series will be played.

Way to Go, Boys!!  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  Of course I talk to myself; sometimes I need some good advice.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cryan' Shames "Sugar and Spice"

I just noticed that the Cryan' Shames had the #8 song on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey on July 15, 1966, fifty years ago.  It was the title track of the album by them that I have at the top of this blog and has been for quite some time now.

It would eventually peak at #4 in Chicago and hit #49 on Billboard in August.  Joel Whitman wrote this about tge group:  "Six-man rock band from Chicago-- Thomas Doody, lead singer."

Coincidence?  How About That?  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  I would rather be judge by 12 than carried by 6.

Friday, July 15, 2016

WLS Top 40 Survey for July 15, 1966-- Part 6: "I Saw Her Again"

10.  THIS DOOR SWINGS BOTH WAYS--  Herman's Hermits
9.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME--  Dusty Springfield
8.  SUGAR AND SPICE--  Cryan' Shames   Another Chicago group

6.  HUNGRY--  Paul Revere & the Raiders
5.  RED RUBBER BALL--  Cyrkle
4.  I SAW HER AGAIN--  Mamas and Papas

3.  THE PIED PIPER--  Crispian St. Peter
2.  HANKY PANKY--  Tommy James & the Shondells
1.  WILD THING--  Troggs

Name That Tune (from the above):  "I Should Have Known You'd Bid Me Farewell."  --RoadDog

"Red Rubber Ball"

WLS Top 40 Survey for July 15, 1966-- Part 5: ""Over, Under, Sideways Down"

20.  OVER,UNDER, SIDEWAYS, DOWN--  Yardbirds   #13 on Billboard.
19.  STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT--  Frank Sinatra
18.  LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD--  Sam the Sham   #2 on Billboard

17.  THEY'RE COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY--  Napoleon the 14th  Actually, Jerry Samuels, a recording engineer from New York.  Went to #3 on Billboard.  definitely not pc.
16.  YOU WOULDN'T LISTEN--  Ides of March   Another WLS/WCFL Chicago band.
15.  SUMMER IN THE CITY--  Lovin' Spoonful    Jumped from #38.
14.  MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER--  Rolling Stones

13.  SWEET PEA--  Tommy Roe
12.  ALONG COMES MARY--  Association
11.  DIRTY WATER--  Standells

Name That Tune (from the above):  "Remember When You Ran Away and I Got On My Knees."  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  I don't have gray hair, I have "wisdom highlights."  I am just very wise.

(They're Coming To Take Me Away"

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Great Time Around Here Last Week-- Part 2: Bands, Craft Beer and a Fish Fry

FRIDAY, JULY 8--  Lots of yardwork, then went to Kevin and Kelly's place on Fox Lake and enjoyed Kelly's homemade strawberry ale.  We then adjourned to 'Cuda's on Grasslake Road for their Pabst beer-Battered fish fry and watermelon beer.  Last stop was at the Legion.

SATURDAY, JULY 9--  Again, more yardwork.  We went to captain's Quarters on Fox Lake  and saw the band Ear Candy then to Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg.

SUNDAY, JULY 10--  We went to Sunnyside, then to Twin lakes Roadhouse i Wisconsin to see the band Blindspot play on the deck.  On the way home, stopped at Donovan's and The Grove in Spring Grove.

Why Go Anywhere Else? --RoadDog

Ten Songs for Bastille Day: "C'est La Vie"

On today's Ten at Ten on Chicago's WDRV, 93.1 FM, Bob Stroud played ten songs with connections to France in honor of this special day for them.  They all had French words in them.

MICHELLE--  Beatles
PSYCHO KILLER--  Talking Heads


DON'T ASK ME WHY--  Billy Joel
MY CHERIE AMOUR--  Stevie Wonder

Name That Tune (from the above):  "Lovely As a Summer Day."  --RoadDog

"My Cherie Amour"

WLS Top 40 Survey for July 15, 1966-- Part 4: "Pretty Flamingo"

25.  THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY--  Vogues   #29 on Billboard.    From Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania.  Met in high school.

24.  THE MORE I SEE YOU--  Chris Montez

23.  BUS STOP--  Hollies

22.  LOVE LETTERS--  Elvis Presley   #19 on Billboard   Title song to a movie.  Was a #11 hit for Dock Haymes in 1945.

21.  PRETTY FLAMINGO--  Manfred Mann   #29 on Billboard.  Manfred Mann was born Michael Lubuwitz.

--Name That Tune (from the above):  "All Summer Long We Enjoyed It, Wind and Rain and Shine."  --RoadDog

"Bus Stop"

WLS Top 40 Survey for July 15, 1966-- Part 3: "Somewhere My Love"

30.  SWEET DREAMS--  Tommy McLaine   #15 on Billboard.  A true one-hit wonder of a Patsy Cline hit.  Tommy McLaine (spelled McLain) was from Louisiana and almost sounded like a woman.

29.  SOMEWHERE MY LOVE--  Ray Conniff   #9 on Billboard.  His biggest hit from the movie "Dr. Zhivago."

28.  MUDDY WATER--  Johnny Rivers   #19 on Billboard  Full title name "(I Washed My hands In) Muddy Water."  Real name John Ramistella, born New York City and raised in Baton Rouge.

27.  BORN A WOMAN--  Sandy Posey   #12.  Country and western singer, session singer in Nashville, born Jasper, Alabama in 1944.

26.  LAST TIME AROUND--  Del-Vets   Did not rank on Billboard.  Also spelled Del-Vetts.  I'd never heard of them before, but evidently they were a Chicago band pushed by WLS and WCFL as they recorded on the Dunwich Records label.  A great fuzz bass.  Reminds me a lot of Chicago's  Shadows of Knight.

Name That Tune (from the above):  "I Was Home in Macon, Georgia."  --RoadDog

"(I Washed My Hands in) Muddy Water"

About That Song of the New Colony Six: "Cadillac"

I did a search for "Cadillac" songs on You Tube and found that the Kinks did a cover of it as well as Bo Diddle on his album "Bo Diddley is a Gunslinger,"

I listened to both versions (same song) and then while listening to the New Colony Six version, they had a closeup of the 45 and writing credits went to a person named E. McDaniel.  Further research revealed the name to be Ellas McDaniel, which was the name of none other than Bo Diddley.

Great song, give it a listen.

Bo Knows.  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  The biggest lie I tell myself is, "I don't have to write that down, I'll remember it."

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How Chicago Rocked the 60s-- Part 2: The Best, New Colony Six, Of Course

Bands like the Buckinghams, Shadows of Knight (Jimmy Sohns and "Gloria", New Colony Six, Ides of March, Chicago Transit Authority (later shortened to just Chicago), Cryan' Shames and American Breed often had songs on the Top 40s.

We are going to see Jimmy Sohns and the Shadows of Knight at Antioch's Taste of Summer Festival this Saturday at noon to two.  Jimmy Sohns is recovering from a strike he had last year and this will be his first show since then.  I am really looking forward to it.

I am fairly sure we'll hear "Gloria" and "Oh Yeah."

And, as I pointed out in the headline of this blog entry, my favorite of all of the Chicago groups was New Colony Six.  I saw them at Palatine High School and their version of "Mr. You're A Better Man Than I" just blew me away.

Six For Me.  --RoadDog

How Chicago Rocked the 60s-- Part 1: Rockin' the City and Suburbs With 50,000 Watts

In the previous post I wrorte that Chicago's New Colony Six band, had the #33 song on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey for July  15, 1966.

Go to You Tube and look this up full program  especially if you are not knowing about the 1960s Chicago rock scene.  Our two super stations, both pushing out 50,000 watts (and you could gear it in most of the United States at night), really pushed the local talent.

It is 27 minutes of all sorts of information and facts as well as music clips.

Those stations were WLS 890 AM and WCFL 1000 AM.  This tells you about the bands and the radio stations.

It was great growing up in the Chicago suburbs and hearing our local talent.  Plus, the groups often played high school hops, plus night clubs like the Cellar in Arlington Heights.


WLS Top 40 Survey for July 15, 2016-- Part 2: "I Love Onions"

35.  YOU BETTER RUN--  Young Rascals  2:31 minutes of as good of garage rock as it gets.

34.  DISTANT SHORES--  Chad & Jeremy   #30 on Billboard.  Slow song that was their last Top 40 on Billboard.

33.  CADILLAC--  New Colony Six   No rank on Billboard.  Spell it out, lads.  Great harmony for the group originally known as the Pat's Men who formed while attending St. Patrick High School in Chicago.  This is another example of Chicago radio stations WLS and WCFL pushing local talent.  See the next blog entry.

32.  I LOVE ONIONS--  Susan Christie   #63 on Billboard.  A real fun song for Lou Christie's sister.

31.  I WANT YOU--  Bob Dylan   #20 on Billboard.

Name That Tune (from the above):  "Whatcha Tryin' To Do To My heart?"  --RoadDog

"You Better Run"

WLS Top 40 Silver Dollar Survey for July 15, 1966-- Part 1: "Sunny"

Just 50 years ago, boys and girls, well, old boys and girls.

40.  MISTY--  Groove Holmes  (Richard "groove" Holmes.  #44 on Billboard.  Born Pittsburgh, this song is 6 minutes long, an organ instrumental.

39.  TRAINS & BOATS & PLANES--  Dionne Warwick--  #22.  Real pretty slow one.

38.  BILLY & SUE--  B.J. Thomas  #34.  A war song, just perfect for Vietnam.  She was a runaround Sue who wrote him a Dear John letter.

37.  SUNNY--  Bobby Hebb  #2 on Billboard.  Born in Nashville.

36.  FRIDAY'S CHILD--  Nancy Sinatra #36 on Billboard.  Slow.  Not one of her better-known songs.

Name That Tune (from the above):  "We Were So In Love and High Above We had a Star to Wish Upon."  --RoadDog

"Trains & Boats & Planes"

Great Time Around Here Last Week-- Part 1

TUESDAY, JULY 5TH--  Did some shopping in McHenry and then watched our Fox Lake American Legion Baseball team defeat Lake Forest 14-4.  Our guys hit back-to-back home runs in the bottom of the third and then the second guy came up and hit another one later in the inning where we scored 9 runs.  I came home and had a bonfire out on the Grand Strand.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 6TH--  Met friends Kevin and Kelly at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, and had those great Wednesday special jumbo chicken wings for 40 cents.

THURSDAY, JULY 7TH--  Worked in the yard and then met Kevin and Kelly at Bootleggers and enjoyed the $1 draft pints and 50 cent wings.  Liz and I then went to It's Thursday in Antioch, Illinois, and met up with a lot of friends while watching an Irish musician and then Johnny Russell & the Beach Bumz Band playing all that good Beach music.

A Good Time Had By All.  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  When i was a child I thought "Nap Time" was a punishment.  Now, as a grownup, it feels like a small vacation.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The '85 Firebird Got Hit By a Foul Ball

I figured I was lucky to get a parking spot right next to the gate at this evening's American Legion Baseball game between our Fox Lake Bulldogs and Lake Villa.  I soon found out why I was so lucky.  A  Lake Villa player hit a towering foul ball that went over the huge screen and out into the parking lot where everyone heard a thud when it hit a vehicle.

This was about where I parked the Firebird, but I didn't go to see as a kid said it hit some Honda. Plus, the Firebird is in bad shape both exterior and interior and there is a problem with the engine.  Right now I am figuring on driving it until it quits on me.  A dent from a baseball would be no real big deal.

Later the same kid came back and said that someone had looked all over the car but couldn't find anywhere a baseball had hit.  He then described it as a real ugly Corvette.  Of course, an '85 Firebird did closely resemble a Corvette, but, how dare he refer to my car as ugly!!  Well, it is.

When I left, I looked at the exterior and found the same rust and dents as I had when I arrived, so no harm done.

Ugly!!  Ugly!!  How Dare the Kid!!  --  RoadUglyDog

A Movie, Boating, a Baseball Game and a Bonfire Today

After doing some yardwork today, I went to see the movie "Independence Day: Resurgence" where those pesky aliens come back for another shot at earth, twenty years later and we manage to beat them with seconds to spare before we were annihilated.  I'm so proud of those guys.

I then took the boat out for a cruise through Fox Lake, Nippersink Lake and Pistakee Lake to McDonald's in Fox lake where I had one of those great jalapeno chicken sandwiches.

I then went over to Grant High School to see our Fox Lake American Legion Baseball team play Lake Villa in the first round of a double elimination playoffs.  We were leading 6-3 when I  left in the bottom of the sixth (they only play seven innings) so hope they won.

Came home and had a bonfire out on the Strand.

Not a Bad Way to Pass a Day.  --RoadDog

Finally Got the Boat in the Water

Yesterday, July 11, we finally got around to putting "School's Out...Forever" in the water after having it back in the driveway since the beginning of June.  And, the "neighborhood watch" members of the association didn't even get around to sending a "nasty" letter saying we are not allowed to have a boat in the driveway or yard for any longer than a week or so.

Believe me, anytime you see my boat in the driveway, I am not a happy camper (well..., boater).

We were going to put it in, but then had to go to North Carolina for a week and a half.  We came back and were ready, but then there were predictions for a really bad storm, then I hurt my right knee and then Liz hurt her back.

I decided this week the boat goes in before I go back to N.C. or else when I got back,  was going to take it back to the barn in Hebron, Illinois, and put it up for the year.

Well, It's in the Water Now.  --RoadDog

Those "Idge" Phones "Slave to a Machine"

From the June 19, 2016, "Dilbert" comic strip.

Dilbert is sitting in a meeting room with his pointy-haired boss and a robot.

1st:  Boss, "The robot will be sitting in for me when I'm on vacation."

2nd:  Dilbert, "You can't have a robot in charge of humans!"

3rd:  Robot, looking to the boss, "I got this."

4th:  Robot to Dilbert, "I see you own a mobile phone."  Dilbert, "So?"

5th:  Robot, "Then you are already a slave to a machine."  Dilbert, "NO, I'M NOT!!"

6th:  Dilbert's phone rings.

7th:  Robot, "You can prove you have free will by not looking at that message."

8th:  Dilbert looking at his phone,  "Gaaa!!!  You're already better than a human boss!"

Ain't It the Toot.  --RoadDog

That's Bad: More Bang

From the July 12, 2016, "Shoe" comic strip.

Shoe and a bird dressed in hunter camouflage are sitting in Roz's treetop bar and grill having beers.

Panel 1: The hunter to Shoe:  "I just bought a surplus army howitzer for deer hunting."

 Shoe, "Don't tell me."

Panel 2:  Hunter, "Yep..."

Panel 3: "More bang for the buck."

So bad, It's Funny.   --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  Old age is coming at a really bad time.

Monday, July 11, 2016

We Have Our Blue Light On: Blue Lives Matter Too

Our driveway light has been blue since last September.  We do it in honor of our brave men and women in blue.  The police.  The ones that protect us from the undesirables who would do us harm given the chance.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is a very thin blue line.

We keep it on now to honor the five white police officers murdered in Dallas (as well as the several wounded) while protecting a Black Lives Matter parade directed against them.  They were murdered by a black man who was out to kill white policemen because of the incidents that occurred this past week where two black men were killed by white police.  I can understand why blacks are so upset about this, especially in the killing of the man in Minnesota. But the one in Louisiana was resisting arrest.

But police must learn to show more restraint whenever possible.  Do not shoot unless absolutely necessary.

Since then, police have been attacked, often by blacks, in other places.  It seems that some blacks have declared war on the police who are the internal protection of the United States.  And, even in their shame, blacks (and  some whites) still are marching for Black Lives Matter.

To my way of thinking, Blue Lives Matter.  Without them we would be at the mercy of the certain undesirable blacks.

A Truly Sad State of Affairs.  Shame On Black Lives Matter for Bringing This On..  --RoadDog

Saturday, July 9, 2016

JSS: Fast Clouds-- Chipper's Digging-- School Supplies

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  FAST CLOUDS--  Sitting out FP (Front Porch) this morning enjoying my breakfast, I looked up and had never seen clouds moving so fast.

2.  CHIPPER'S DIGGING--  Also FP, my front porch Chipper (chipmunk) has been a busy little guy (or gal) digging into all my container plants.  I imagine looking for bulbs.  He'll be in trouble if that kills any of my flowers, but he deposits the dirt on the floor.  I tried to get him to sweep up, but he won't.

3.  SCHOOL SUPPLIES--  Hate to tell you kids, but the big stores have their school supplies out now.  They came out the day after July 4th.  First pushing Christmas, now this.  I used to hate seeing the school supplies come out as that meant that I had to go back to my teaching job, but not so much anymore.

Calling It Back-to-School Creep.  --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten for July 8, 1966: "I Saw Her Again"

I might as well catch up all the way.

1.  HANKY PANKY--  Tommy James & Shondells
2.  WILD THING--  Troggs
3.  PIED PIPER--  Crispian St. Peter

4.  RED RUBBER BALL--  Cyrkle
6.  I SAW HER AGAIN--  Mamas and Papas
7.  HUNGRY--  Paul Revere & the Raiders

8.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME--  Dusty Springfield
9.  DIRTY WATER--  Standells
10.  THE MORE I SEE YOU--   Chris Montez

Name That Tune (from above):  "Girl You Need to Know What I'm All About."  --RoadDog


WLS Top Ten for July 1, 1966: "You Wouldn't Listen"

Missed this last week, so here it is.

1.  HANKY PANKY--  Tommy James & the Shondells
2.  WILD THING--  Troggs
3.  THE PIED PIPER--  Crispian St. Peter

5.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME--  Dusty Springfield
6.  RED RUBBER BALL--  Cyrkle
7.  STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT--  Frank Sinatra  (Imagine Frank Sinatra in the kids' top ten?)

8.  DIRTY WATER--  Standells
9.  YOU WOULDN'T LISTEN--  Ides of March  (WLS again backing local Chicago groups.)
10.  HUNGRY--  Paul Revere & the Raiders

15.  ALONG COMES MARY--  Association (from #26)

Name That Tune (from above):  "I Should Have Known You'd Bid me Farewell."  RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators.  We haven't met yet.

"Red Rubber Ball"

Thursday, July 7, 2016

No Clang of the Bat for Me

Over this past week or so, I have attended three American Legion Baseball games, pulling for the Fox Lake Bulldogs which are sponsored by our Legion Post 703.

We won all three, despite getting behind in two of them.  The last one against Lake Forest, we took a 2-0 lead, then got behind 4-2 in the second before scoring nine runs in a big third inning, featuring three home runs, two by the same boy.

What's more American than baseball?

But, I just can't get used to the noise their metal bats make when the hit the ball.

Bats are supposed to go "CRACK!!"

Metal Just Doesn't Make It For Me.  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  I decided to change calling the bathroom the John and renamed it the Jim.  I feel so much better saying that I went to the Jim this morning.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Great Time This Past 4th of July Weekend-- Part 2: Parades, Parties and Fireworks


Fox Lake, Illinois parade, Legion for 3 Aces band during the afternoon.  Party in Joihnsburg.

SUNDAY, July 3

Bob Stroud's Summer of 1976 on his Rock and Roll Roots radio show.  Fox Lake Historical Society Ice Cream Social.  Michael Lescher performing.  Captain's Quarters for the Hooked on Sonics band and one of those jukebox deejays.  No talk, just music.  Sunnyside Tavern.  Bonfire on the Grand strand at home.  Lots of fireworks.

MONDAY,  July 4

Spring Grove parade and festival grounds at Horse Fair Park. Sunnyside Tavern.  Watched the Spring Grove Fireworks display from the foot of our driveway.  At least three of our neighbors in the subdivision put on worthy fireworks displays of their own.

Why Go Anywhere Else?  --RoadDog

Great Time This Past 4th of July Weekend-- Part 1: Bands and Baseball

Starting on Wednesday, June 29:

I saw an American Legion Baseball game won by our Legion Post 703's Fox Lake Bulldogs 7-5, making them 7-1 for the season.  We then went to Hello Folks and met Rick and paid him for this season's pier space.  Now, if we just get around putting the boat in the water.  The went to the Legion.

THURSDAY, June 30:

Went to Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin for Italian beef sandwich and then to Antioch, Illinois, for It's Thursday and saw two bands, Barstool Soldiers and R Gang.

FRIDAY, July 1

K.C.'s Cabin for breakfast and the Legion at night.

And, People Ask me Why I Don't Like Leaving Home During the Summer.  --RoadDog

Summer of 1976-- Part 6: "The Boys Are Back in Town"


BLUE WIND--  Jeff Beck
CRAZY  ON YOU--  Heart

SILLY LOVE SONGS--  Paul McCartney & Wings
KATMANDU--  Bob Seger
CRUISIN'--  Jefferson Starship


LAST CHILD--  Aerosmith
LOWDOWN--  Boz Skaggs
POWER THE PEOPLE--  James Taylor

GOOD VIBRATIONS--  Todd Rundgren
LET 'EM IN--  Paul McCartney & Wings  (The #1 song in Chicago)

Name That Tune (from the above):  "You'd Think That People Would Have Had Enough of ..."  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  I didn't make it to the gym today.  That makes five years in a row.

"Silly Love Songs"

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer of 1976-- Part 5: "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Continuing back to the songs playing on your radio on July 3, 1976, not only the AM giants WLS and WCFL, but now many more FM stations.  Oh yes, also those you might be playing on your albums, 45s, cassette tapes or 8-tracks.

No downloading here.

FOOL TO CRY--  Rolling Stones
LOVE IS ALIVE--  Gary Wright

SARAH SMILE--  Hall & Oates  (Their first hit.)
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY--  Queen  (Alright, everyone shake their hair.)
GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE--  Beatles  (This one was a single released form the Beatles new compilation "Rock and Roll Music" issued 7 June 1976.)

HELTER SKELTER--  Beatles  (Same as the above.)
TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN--  Steve Miller Band
DON'T FEAR THE REAPER--  Blue Oyster Cult  )I always thought this was an interesting name for a band.)

Name That Tune (from the above:  "This Here's a Story About Billy Joe and Bobby Sue, Two Young Lovers With Nothin' Better to Do."  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  You know that tingly little feeling you get when you really like someone?  That's common sense leaving your body.

(Take the Money and Run"

Monday, July 4, 2016

Just Got Back from the Spring Grove Parade

Earlier today I drove over to Horse Fair Park in Spring Grove, Illinois, and paid my $5 to park.  I even "got" to park in the horse paddock and had to avoid you-know-what on the ground.  This always gets a big crowd.  Spring Grove ALWAYS has their 4th of July on the actual 4th of July, regardless of what day.

I am planning on going back later this evening for their band and then drive home to watch the fireworks from our driveway if the mosquitoes don't get us too badly.

Always Good Times in the Area.  --RoadDog

Summer of 1976-- Part 4: "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me"

These were the songs on your radio or home stereo back on July 3, 1976.  Only 40 years ago, but who's counting?  Bob Stroud has been doing this every summer since the Summer of Love, 1967, or 2007 in current years.  Go back 40 years and every first Sunday of the summer: June, July, August and September, play those songs.

TAKIN' IT TO THE STREETS--  Doobie Brothers  (Sorry, but I like them better before Michael McDonald.)
RHIANNON--  Fleetwood Mac  (And, I always thought they were an all-guy band before this.  But that was no male voice under any circumstance.)

SUGAR DADDY--  Fleetwood Mac  (The flipside of "Rhiannon.")
SHOW ME THE WAY--  Peter Frampton  (One of the two albums that WERE the Summer of '76 for me.  The other was Willie Nelson and Family.)
POOR POOR PITIFUL ME--  Warren Zevon  (The guy who wrote it, but really big hit by Linda Ronstadt.)

Name That Tune (from the above):  "Takes to the Sky Like a Bird in Flight, and Who Will be Her Lover."  --RoadDog

THE LAST SILLY PUN:  Broken pencils are pointless.


Friday, July 1, 2016

Gettin' Our Fourth of July On

I already have all my U.S. flags up outside.

Wednesday, we went out to Grant High School in Fox Lake and saw our American Legion team defeat Lake Villa 7-5, then stopped at Hello Folks and paid Rick for our summer pier space on Fox Lake.  Last stop was the Legion.

Yesterday, we went to Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin,  for their Italian beef sandwiches and then to Antioch, Illinois, for their It's Thursday concert.  We saw Barstool Soldiers and R Gang.

Earlier today, we had those great breakfasts at K.C.'s Cabin and in a few minutes we're off to the Legion.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we're off to Twin Lake, Wisconsin, for the parade, then back to Fox Lake for their parade and festivities, then to the Legion for a band, then to a party at a friend's house in Johnsburg.  Later, a bonfire on the Strand and watching fireworks from the house.

Sunday it's the Fox Lake Historical Society ice cream social at the museum and a band at Captain's Quarters.

Monday we have the parade in Spring Grove, the festivities, a band and then watching the fireworks from our front yard.

Tuesday, let's hope we get the boat in the water...finally.

A Salute to the United States.  Happy 240th.  Now, let's Find Someone to be President.  --RoadDog

Movie Scratches: Jungle-- Darkness-- Money-- Captain

A dog's-eye view of today's movies.

37.  THE JUNGLE BOOK--  5-11--  Fox Lake, $5--  A bear like you've never seen before.  Great job Bill.

38.  THE DARKNESS--  5-17--  Round Lake Beach, $5.  Another "Poltergeist," but this time with angry Indian spirits.   Stay out of caves and if you see something DON'T take it with you.

39.  MONEY MONSTER--  5-15--  Fox Lake, $5--  Who was the real "Bad" guy.  Total greed.

40.  CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR--   5-25--  Fox Lake, $5--  Splitting up the old gang.  Plus we now have Spidey and Ant Man.

Sticky Floors.  --RoadDog

Root Saluting the Summer of 2016-- Part 3: "California Girls"

And, don't forget that Bob Stroud will be going back to the Summer of 1976 on his Rock and Roll Roots Show on Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM this Sunday from 7 to 8 a.m. CDST.  It streams on

SUMMER IN THE CITY--  Lovin' Spoonful

DO IT AGAIN--  Beach Boys
CRUISIN' MUSIC--  Raspberries

IN THE SUMMERTIME--  Mungo Jerry  (My all-time favorite summer song.  I'd like to be the one going, "Chh, Chh, Chh.")
BUS STOP--  Hollies
SUMMER BREEZE--  Isley Brothers

RACING IN THE STREET--  Bruce Springsteen

Now, if this doesn't get you in the mood, nothing will.

Name That Tune:  "I Think It Was the Fourth of July."  --RoadDog

"Saturday in the Park"

Root Saluting Summer 2016-- Part 2: Hot Fun in the Summertime"

Nothing like Bob Stroud's annual salute to summer show to get you in the mood.

SCHOOL'S OUT--  Alice Cooper   (Dear Alice, thanks for coming up with our boat's name.)
GOOD DAY SUNSHINE--  Beatles   (You can always tell when it's 8 a.m. as a Beatles song or two are played.)

HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME--  Sly & the Family Stone
HOT SUMMER DAY--  It's a Beautiful Day

SUMMERTIME--  Billy Stewart
DANCING IN THE  STREET--  Martha & the Vandellas

RIDE THE WILD SURF--  Jan and Dean
BACK TO THE ISLAND--  Leon Russell
SUMMER RAIN--  Johnny Rivers

Name That Tune (from the above):  "Callin' Out Around the World, Are You Ready for a Brand New Beat?"  --RoadDog

SILLY PUNS:  What does a clock do when it's hungry?  It goes back for seconds.

"Dancing in the Street"