Friday, September 30, 2016

WLS Top Ten for September 30, 1966: 96 Tears"

1.  CHERISH--  Association
2.  YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE--  Supremes

4.  BLACK IS BLACK--  Los Lobos  A great garage rocker.
5.  WIPE OUT--  Surfaris
7.  96 TEARS--  Question Mark   From #16

8.  THE JOKER WENT WILD--  Brian Hyland
10.  LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE--  Monkees  From #22

Name That Tune From the above.  "You're Way On Top Now Since You Left Me.  --RoadDog

"96 Tears"

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Eight of the Best Progressive Rock Albums of All-Time

From the July 6, 2016,  Cheat Sheet by Jeff Rindsleoph.

1.  WISH YOU WERE HER--  Pink Floyd
2.  FRAGILE--  Yes
4.  THICK AS A BRICK--  Jethro Tull

5.  PAWN HEARTS--  Van der Graaf Generator
6.  ONE SIZE FITS ALL--  Frank Zappa & Mothers of Invention
8.  FUTURE DAYS--  Cars


BIZARRE LAWS IN AMERICA:  In Arizona you can get up to 25 years in prison for cutting down a saguaro cactus.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

WLS Top Ten for September 23, 1966: "The Joker Went Wild"

1.  CHERISH--  Association
3.  YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE--  Supremes

5.  BLACK IS BLACK--  Los Bravos
6.  WIPE OUT--  Surfaris
7.  GUANTANAMERO--  Sandpipers

8.  SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER--  Happenings
9.  THE JOKER WENT WILD--  Brian Hyland
10.  WOULDN'T IT BE NICE--  Beach Boys

Name That Tune from the above songs:  "All The Feeling That I Have."  --RoadDog

BIZARRE LAWS IN AMERICA:  In West Virginia you cannot hunt down other wild animals or birds with a ferret like a hunting dog, you can get a fine up to $500 or even go to jail.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Music Deaths: Winfield "Scotty" Moore


Died June 28, 2016.  Original guitarist for Elvis Presley, along with Bill Black, known as the "Blue Moon Boys."

Asked by Sam Phillips to work with Elvis to establish a sound.  I guess he certainly did.

Played with Presley through his move to RCA Records.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

WLS Top 40 for September 16, 2016-- Part 7: "Wipe Out"

The Big Ones:

10.  BUS STOP--  Hollies
9.  GUANTANEMERA--  Sandpipers
8.  THE JOKER WENT WILD--  Brian Hyland   Went to #20 on Billboard.  His biggest hit was "Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" which went to #4 in 1960.

7.  BLACK IS BLACK--  Los Bravos
6.  SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER--  Happenings
4.  WIPE OUT--  Surfaris

3.  YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE--  Supremes
1.  CHERISH--  Association

Name That Tune:  "I Need To Find, Find Someone To Call Mine."  --RoadDog

BIZARRE LAWS IN AMERICA:  In New Hampshire you are not allowed to carry away or collect seaweed at night.

"You can't Hurry Love"

Saturday, September 17, 2016

WLS Top 40 Survey for September 16, 1966-- Part 6: "Sunny"

That's right, 50 years ago.

15.  TURN DOWN DAY--  Cyrkle    Went to #16 on Billboard.  Their biggest hit was "Red Rubber Ball"  #2,  The group was named by John Lennon and managed by Brian Epstein.

14.  I'VE BEEN WRONG--  Buckinghams    Did nor receive a ranking on Billboard.  Their break through hit was "Kind of a Drag which went to #1 in 1966.

13.  WOULDN'T IT BE NICE--  Beach Boys

12. SUNNY--  Bobby Hebb


Name That Tune from the above songs:  "It's Much Too Groovy a Summer's Day."  --RoadDog

BIZARRE LAWS IN AMERICA:  In North Carolina bingo games cannot last more than five hours.

"Turn Down Day"

WLS Top 40 Survey for September 16, 2016-- Part 5: "Born a Woman"

20.  JUG BAND MUSIC--  Mugwumps   This was a song written by John Sebastion of the Lovin' Spoonful.  It didn't rank on Billboard.  The Mugwumps most likely were a group of L.A. studio musicians, but there is big confusion as to who they were.  Hearing one version on You Tube, I'd say they were the Spoonful.

I bought a Lovin' Spoonful double album set last year and it had a version of them doing this song.

19.  ROLLER COASTER--  Ides of March    Reached #92 on Billboard.   Follow up to their "You Wouldn't Listen."  Their biggest hit was "Vehicle" (#2-1970)  Their only Top 40. This was WLS promoting local Chicago talent.

18.  WITH A GIRL LIKE YOU--  Troggs

17.  BORN A WOMAN--  Sandy Posey


Name That Tune from the above songs:  "The Taxman's Taken All My Dough."  --RoadDog

BIZARRE LAWS IN AMERICA:  (From the Wassup magazine)  In California if a frog dies during a frog-jumping contest, it must be destroyed as soon as possible and it cannot be eaten.

"Sunny Afternoon"

Friday, September 16, 2016

WLS Top 40 Survey for September 16, 2016-- Part 4: "Working In a Coal Mine"

25.  BAD LITTLE WOMAN--  Shadows of Knight    #91 on Billboard.  Blues with a rock edge  One of their five Top 100s on Billboard.  This was WLS supporting the Chicago groups.

24.  WORKING IN A COAL MINE--  Lee Dorsey

23.  GET AWAY--  Georgie Fame     Went ot #70 on Billboard.    His biggest hit was "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" which went to  to #7 in 1968.

22.  LET'S CALL IT A DAY, GIRL--  Razor's Edge--  Went to #77 on Billboard.  Their only hit.

21.  96 TEARS--  Question Mark

Name That  tune from the Above:  "You're Way On Top Now Since You Left Me."  --RoadDog

OH, HELL!  "Let's Offend Everybody:  Why doesn't Mexico have an Olympic team?  Answer:  Because all the Mexicans who can run, jump or swim are already in the United States.

"94 Tears"

Why the Bees Messin' With Me So Much Now

At 7:15 a.m., this morning, Lin Brehmer will be doing his Monday and Friday Lin's Bin on bees and why they're messing with us so much right now.

Should be good with his comments and music/movie bits included.

Give it a listen at WXRT, FM, 93.1 FM.

They sure are out there in great numbers in my yard.

They Been Really Messin' With Me This Year.

Must Learn to Be More Careful.  --RoadDog

Thursday, September 15, 2016

WLS Top 40 for September 16, 1966-- Part 3: "Cherry, Cherry"

Just a Short 50 years ago.

30.  GIRL ON A SWING--  Gerry & the Pacemakers    Went to #28 on Billboard.  Part of the first wave of the British Invasion.  Gerry was Gerry Marsden.  I had never heard this song before so had to go to You Tube.

29.  CHERRY, CHERRY--  Neil Diamond    Probably my second favorite Neil song.  Went to #6 on Billboard.  His first big hit and second charting song after his "Solitary Man" which went to #55.  This is my favorite Neil song.  And, if I hear "Sweet Caroline" again and have to be told to sing that refrain, I'm gonna go nuts.

28.  BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP--  Temptations    Went to #3 on Billboard.  As good of Motown as it gets.  We danced that song to death with Delta Sigma Phi at NIU.

27.  SUMMER SAMBA-- Walter Wonderely   Went to #26 on Billboard.  Brazilian organist/pianist.  A true one-hit wonder.

26.  MR. DIEINGLY SAD--  Critters    #17 on Billboard.  Their biggest hit.  From New Jersey.  Their leader was Don Ciccone who later joined the Four Seasons.

Name That  Tune from the above:  "So In Love Sad As Can Be."  --RoadDog

OH HELL! ...Let's Offend Everybody:  What's the difference between a northern fairy tale and a southern fairy tale?  Answer:  A northern fairy tale begins,  ..."Once upon a time..."  A southern fairy tale begins, ..."Y'all ain't gonna believe this sh*t."

"Beauty Is Only Skin Deep"

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Sad September 14th for Me: My Mother Is No Longer Here

This is a hard day for me as my mother, Barbara, would have been 86 today.  But we lost her suddenly back in June.

Visiting Goldsboro just isn't going to be the same.

However, she lived a good life and a long one.  My dad died at age 69.  Plus, other than some age ailments, she was getting around and doing what she wanted to do (and that was a lot).  She was involved in many things in her beloved Goldsboro, N.C..

She was born in the house she died in.  Not many can say that.

I Sure Miss Her.

WLS Top 40 for September 16, 1966-- Part 2: "Seven and Seven Is"

35.  FLAMINGO--  Herb Alpert   Went to #28 on Billboard.  Instrumental.  Founded A&M Records with Jerry Moss.  His biggest hit was "This Guy's In Love With You" (#1-1968)

34.  SUMMER WIND--  Frank Sinatra    Went to #25 on Billboard.  Came in the middle of "Strangers in the Night" (#1) and "That's Life" (#4).

33.  SATISFIED WITH YOU--  Dave Clark Five   Went to #50 on Billboard.  Not one of their bigger hits and I had to listen to it on You Tube.  Their biggest hit was "Over and Over" (#1-1965).

32.  SEVEN AND SEVEN IS--  Love    Went to #33 on Billboard.  One of three Top 100s for them.  Los Angeles band fronted by Alvin Lee.

31.  THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER YOU--  Chris Montez   Went to #33 on Billboard.  Born Christopher Montanez in Los Angeles.  His biggest hit was "Let's Dance" (#4-1962)

Name That Tune From the Above:  "It Lingered There To Touch Your Hair."  --RoadDog

"Summer Wind"

WLS Top 40 for September 16, 1966-- Part 1: Just Like a Woman"

40.  THE LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE--  Monkees   We all know what happened to this song.

39.  I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW--  Ronnie Dove   Went to #22 on Billboard.  Slow song.  Born in Virginia and from 1964 to 1969 had 20 Top 100s.

38.  PSYCHOTIC REACTION--  Count Five   Went to #5 on Billboard  their only Top 100, a true one-hit wonder.  Psychedelic Garage Rock quintet from San Jose, California.  Great, great garage rock song and really psychedelic too.

37.  JUST LIKE A WOMAN--  Bob Dylan

36.  AIN'T GONNA LIE--  Keith   Went to #39 on Billboard.  His first charted song  His next song, "98.6" was his biggest hit, going to #7.  Born James Barry Keefer.

Name That Tune from the above songs: "And I'll Meet You At the Station."  --RoadDog

"Last Train to Clarksville"

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kennedy Center Honors, R&B Hall of Fame and Chicago Bands at Ballparks

**  Kennedy Center Honors will go to James Taylor, the Eagles and Mavis Staples on December 3, 2016, in Hollywood.

**  R&B Hall of Fame Inductees:  4th class will be inducted August 21, 2016, in Detroit:  Smokey Robinson, Supremes, Fats Domino, Sam and Dave, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Dionne Warwick, Eddie Floyd and Eddie Holman.

**  The Buckinghams and Ides of March sang the National Anthem at Chicago baseball stadiums.  The Buckinghams performed for the Cubs at Wrigley Field August 2 (Cubs won 5-0).  The Ides of March were at Comiskey Park August 25.  (Sox won 7-6).


Seven Bands That Changed Rock and Roll Music Forever

From the June 27, 2016, Cheat Sheet.

They had the reasons on the site.

1.  Elvis Presley
2.  Beatles
3.  Jimi Hendrix Experience
4.  Led Zeppelin
5.  Pink Floyd
6.  The Clash
7.  Sonic Youth


Music Deaths: Bonny "Sir Mack" Rice Member of Falcons and Wrote "Mustang Sally"


Died June 27, 2016.  Member of the Falcons 1957-1963.  Sang baritone on "You're So Fine" (#17-1959).

 Songwriter.  Wrote "Mustang Sally" (#23-1966) for fellow Falcons member Wilson Pickett. The song was originally called "Mustang Mama," but Aretha Franklin, who played keyboard on the demo suggested the name change.  It was originally a #15 R&B song for Rice in 1965, but far overshadowed by Pickett's version.

Also wrote "Respect Yourself" (#12-1971) for the Staple Singers and (#5-1987) for Bruce Willis.  Also wrote Johnnie Taylor's "Cheaper to Keep Her" (#15-1971)

Music Deaths: Wayne Jackson (Mar-Keys and Memphis Horns) and Bernie Worrell ) Parliament and Funkadelic)


Died June 21, 2016.  Trumpeter with Mar-Keys and part of studio band Memphis Horns on songs like Elvis Presley's "Kentucky Rain" and Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man."


Died June 24, 2016.  Keyboardist with Parliament and Funkadelic.  Played on "Tear the Roof the Sucker."

North Carolina Summer 2016-- Part 13: Home


I left at 7 a.m. from Richmond, even though that would mean I would hit Indianapolis at 8 a.m., right in the middle of Indianapolis rush hour.  And, i went right through the center of the city.  Traffic was heavy, but there were no slow-downs.  I stopped on the west side in Speedway and went to the Kroger store and bought two more Fuzzy's Premium Vodka 100th Running of the Indy 500 commemorative bottles.

I will be giving one to my good friend and teaching Buddy, Terri, who is a major INDY CAR fan.

Drove I-74 northwest.  Gas at Crawfordsville, Indiana, a usual stop for me, was down 9 cents to $2.

Took Illinois-47 north of Mahomet and stopped in Morris at the Burger King, which still has those great greasy tacos (much like those at Jack-in-the-Box or Jacks as they call themselves now).

Arrived home and cut the grass which needed it with all the rain we've been getting since I was gone.  Went boating and then to J's for half-price pizza and NTN where we had a #3 and #4 team finish.

Then went to the Sons of the American Legion meeting at the Fox Lake Legion.

Home At Last.  --RoadDog

HELL!  ... Let's Offend Everybody!  How do you get a sweet little 80-year-old lady to say the "F" word?  Answer:  Get another sweet little 80-year-old lady to yell "Bingo!"

Monday, September 12, 2016

On Gettin' Old: Broom Hilda Gets It, Too

From the September 11, 2016, Broom Hilda comic strip.

1.  Broom Hilda is looking at a calendar for September 2016, tacked up on a tree.  She squints at it and says:  "Mine enemy!"
2.  Looking sad:  "The older I get the quicker time seems to pass."

3.  A picture of her as a baby:  "When I was little, a month lasted forever."
4.  "Now it's as if the pages of the darn calendar turn continually."

5.  "With each flipping of those pages my life comes closer to  the final chapter."
6.  All of a sudden, the pages of the calendar start jumping off:  "YIPE!!  NO!"

7.  Gaylord, the vulture looks around the side of the tree holding an air blower and says:  "These new electric leaf blowers sure are quiet."  Broom Hilda is running off and yelling:  "I'm too young to die!!"

Time sure flies when you're having fun.

I Know the Feeling Well, Broom Hilda.  --RoadDog

Attention Rush and 1970s Fans, We've Got the Music for You!!

Today on Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten show on Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM, he will feature the music of Rush.  Then Tuesday the music of 1972, Wednesday 1973 and Thursday 1974.

All shows can be heard  streaming at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. CSDT at

Always a Trip Back.  --RoadDog

North Carolina Summer 2016-- Part 12: On the Way Home

July 31, Sunday.

US-70 to Raleigh and then I-40.  Doing this on a Sunday means there is no traffic jams.  Got off on US-421 and stopped at a Cook-Out restaurant which has a really good Carolina bbq, slaw, fries and hush puppies for $3.99.  Good deal.

Then US-52 to I-77 and gas and Chocolate Uglys at Wytheville.  Gas now $1.87.  I always love gas under $2.  Experienced long back ups at the first two toll booths heading north on the West Virginia Turnpike and just plain heavy traffic.  Sunday must be a big travel day in the state.  Then I hit quite a long traffic stop a few miles outside of Charleston.  Never did see why we had that backup.

I-77 north to US-33 and then into Ohio.  Stopped at a place I've been meaning to stop at in Logan, Ohio, called Millstone BBQ.  I'll definitely stop again..

I-70 through Columbus to Motel 6 in Richmond, Indiana, for the night.

A Traveling, Eating Kind of Day.  --RoadDog

OH HELL! ... Let's Offend Everybody:  What is the difference between a southern zoo and a northern zoo?  Answer:  The southern zoo has a description of the animal along with a recipe.

Sorry If You're Offended, But These Are Funny.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Missing Mom Today; Blue Skies

For the years after 9-11, I always remembered my mom's birthday which comes three days afterwards, September 14th.  This Wednesday she would have been 86, but she died back in June.

She first found out about it while watching TV.  Later she had a doctor's appointment.  The doctor's young  daughter had been sent home from school when it closed and she was waiting in the waiting room and visibly upset.  Mom comforted her.

I just looked out the window and the sky looks a lot like it did that Tuesday 15 years ago.  That was the clearest, bluest sky I had ever seen.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

North Carolina Summer 2016-- Part 11: More 'Cue, Calabash Shrimp and Dancing

July 29, Friday.

Did some serious watering at Mom's place and went to Wal-Mart to replace the i-Pad charger I had left at the beach.  Bob and I had the great buffet at McCall's out on the Goldsboro US-70 bypass.  Not only do they have that great Eastern Carolina 'cue and slaw, but on Fridays they also have Calabash-style shrimp.

July 30, Saturday.

Spent most of the day going through Mom's papers and things.  This is a massive job.  Bob, Chie and I went over to LaGrange to a place called Good Times for a dance with a really good local band called Classic Connection.  They played all kinds of  music, including Beach songs.  This was a real dancing crowd.


Lots Going On Around Here This Weekend: Saufen Und Spiel, Apple Fest and Civil War Re-Enactment

A very busy weekend for us.  All events nearly in the northeast corner of Illinois in Lake and McHenry counties.

Yesterday, Johnsburg, kicked off its annual Saufen Und Spiel festival, honoring its German heritage with a tournament and band.  Tonight this continues with two bands at its Banjo-Beer Night and Sunday the Saufen Und Spiel Parade and activities as well as the Beach Bumz Band at the Community Center.

We plan on watching the parade at Sunnyside Tavern.  A tent will be pitched outside with plenty of cold beverages on tap, food, a band and the Bears game on big screen.  We can watch the parade go right by us as well.

Antioch is having their annual Apple Fest with a juried craft show and Street Party.

Today, Hainesville is having a Civil War Re-Enactment.

Why Go Anywhere Else?  --RoadDog

OH HELL!!  ... Let's Offend Everybody:  Why does the Driver Ed classes in Redneck schools use their car only onMondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?  Answer:  Because on Tuesday and Thursday, the Sex Ed class uses it.

Friday, September 9, 2016

WLS Top Ten for September 9, 1966: "Wipe Out"

The Top Ten songs according to the WLS 890 AM radio station in Chicago back 50 years ago.

1.  CHERISH--  Association
3.  ELEANOR RIGBY--  Beatles  (The "B" side was "Yellow Submarine")

4.  SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER--  Happenings
5.  YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE--  Supremes
6.  BUS STOP--  Hollies
7.  WOULDN'T IT BE NICE--  Beach Boys

8.  WIPE OUT--  Surfaris   (Hey, I can sing this song.)
9.  GUANTANAMERA--  Sandpipers
10.  BLACK IS BLACK--  Los Bravos

Name That Tune from the above songs:  "Then We Wouldn't Have to Wait So Long."  --RoadDog

OH HELL!! ... Let's Offend Everybody:  What do you call an Italian who has one arm shorter than the other one?  Answer:  A speech impediment.

"Wouldn't It Be Nice"

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Music Deaths: Members of Wings, Five Man Electrical Band and Classics IV

HENRY McCULLOGH, 72, Died June 14, 2016.  Guitarist with Paul McCartney & Wings on "Live and Let Die" and "My Love."

BRIAN RADING, 69.  Died June 8, 2016.  Bassist with Five Man Electrical Band on "Signs."

KIM VENABLE, 72.  Died June 12, 2016.  Drummer with Classics IV on "Traces" and "Stormy."

Living In Today's World: Dilbert-- The Problem With "Idge" Phones

For some reason, comic strip writers seem to have a good handle on the problems with "Idge" Phones.

July 16, 2016, Dilbert comic strip.

Dilbert is at his office with a female co-worker who is staring at her "Idge" Phone.

Panel 1:  Dilbert to coworker:  "The weather will be good this weekend."  Woman:  "Stop right there."

Panel 2:  Woman:  "Your proposed topic of conversation is far below the level of entertainment I can get from my phone.."  She is still looking at her phone.

Panel 3:  Dilbert to the office dog, who is also on his "Idge" phone.  "I don't know how conversations work."  Dog:  "You're interrupting my phone time."

What a World.  --RoadDog

OH HELL!1  ... LET'S OFFEND EVERYBODY!:  What did the Chinese couple name their tan, curly-haired baby?  Answer:  Sum Ting Wong.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer of 1976-- Part 12: "Let 'Em In"

MORE THAN A FEELING--  Boston   The kids in my classes thought there was no way an old fogie like me (then age 25) would know anything about rock and roll when I told them this group was going to be a good one.

THE RAVEN--  Alan Parsons Project
WITH YOUR LOVE--  Jefferson Starship
THAT'LL BE THE DAY--  Linda Ronstadt  was she a cutie or what?

WHEELS OF FORTUNE--  Doobie Brothers
FLY LIKE AN EAGLE--  Steve Miller Band
LET 'EM IN--  Paul McCartney & Wings


I NEVER CRY--  Alice Cooper
DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART--  Kiki Dee & Elton John   This was the #1 song in Chicago September 4, 1976.

Name That Tune from the above songs:  "Time Keeps On Slipping Into the Future."  --RoadDog

Summer of 1976-- Part 11: "Hello Old Friend"

Continuing with the songs on the radio and in your record album (well, maybe singles) collection from 40 years ago. If you can remember them, you're getting pretty old.

IT'S OK--  Beach Boys
LOVE IS ALIVE--  Gray Wright
BEWARE MY LOVE--  Paul McCartney & Wings

HELLO OLD FRIEND--  Eric Clapton
MAGIC MAN--  Heart

KEEP ON PUSHIN'--  REO Speedwagon

DEVIL WOMAN--  Cliff Richard

Name That Tune from the above songs:  "Dancin' and Singin' and Movin' To the Groovin'."  --RoadDog

"Play That Funky Music"

That Cubs Game Was Horrible

Definitely not one of the Cubs finer moments of 2016 last night.  They were destroyed 12-5, disappointing the many, many Cub fans at Mailwaukee's Miller Field.  i would say that at least half the people there were wearing Cubbie blue.

Jason Hammel, our pitcher definitely was not on his "A" game, but we did get to see Rizzo hit two home runs.

Oh, well, At least I Can Say I Did Get to see the Cubs If This Indeed "Be the Year."  --RoadDog

OH HELL!  LET'S OFFEND EVERYBODY:  Where does an Irish family go on vacation?  A:  To a different bar.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Going to See the Cubs Play at Milwaukee Tonight

In an hour, I will be going over to Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg, Illinois, to catch a bus to Miller Field in Milwaukee to see the Chicago Cubs play the Milwaukee Brewers.

I wasn't going until yesterday when I was there for a retirement party and enjoying the antics and singing of Jim Sieg.  We were also watching the Cubs game against the Brewers, which they won 7-2.

I realized that if I was going to see the Cubs this year, and, if indeed IT IS THE YEAR for you-know-what, I'd best get signed up to go.   And, I did.

We will have drinks on the bus and at the tailgating as well as sandwiches and pretty good seats from what I heard.

I will, however, be going in my full White Sox gear.  I mean, I love the Cubs, but they are my second favorite team.  I will, of course, be cheering for the Cubbies.


Summer of 1976-- Part 10: "Baby I Love Your Way"

Sunday was Bob Stroud's Final Rock and Roll Roots Salute to the Summer of 1976.  Part 4.  It was the songs you were hearing on the radio and playing on your stereo.

I was just starting my 4th year of teaching 7th and 8th graders geography and history at John T. Magee Middle School in Round Lake, Illinois.  We were enjoying the second year living in our first house in Round Lake Beach.  Liz was working at Beach Elementary School in Round Lake Beach, so we did not have far to drive to work.

Bringing back the memories:

STILL THE ONE-  Orleans-
ON THE BORDER--  Al Stewart

SHE'S GONE--  Hall & Oates
SAY YOU LOVE ME--  Fleetwood Mac

THE MEMORY MOTEL--  Rolling Stones   One I hadn't heard before off their "Black and Blue" album.
BABY, I LOVE YOUR WAY--  Peter Frampton
'LOW DOWN--  Boz Skaggs

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Guess Who Just Got Back Today."  --RoadDog

From the Wassup? Magazine.
OH HELL!!  LET'S OFFEND EVERYBODY:  What's the Cuban National Anthem?  A.  "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

"The Boys Are Back in Town"

Monday, September 5, 2016

"Working" Songs for Your Labor Day Enjoyment: "Let's Work Together"

From Bob Stroud's September 2, Ten at Ten on WDRV, 97.1 FM in Chicago.

1.  JUST A JOB TO DO--  Genesis
3.  WORKIN' FOR A LIVIN'--  Huey Lewis & the News

4.  WORKING MAN--  Rush
5.  DIRTY WORK--  Steely Dan
7.  LET'S WORK TOGETHER--  Canned Heat

9.  A HARD DAY'S NIGHT--  Beatles
10.  TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT--  Johnny Paycheck

Name That Tune (from the above):  "I Ain't Workin' Here No More."  --RoadDog

THE FINAL MORE SUTHEN-ISM:  Only a Southerner knows instinctively that the best gesture for solace for a neighbor who's got trouble is a plate of hot fried chicken and a big bowl of potato salad.

"Take This Job and Shove It."

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Movie Scratches: Neighbors-- Alice-- Independence-- Ice

Movie Scratches:  A Dog's-Eye view of today's movies.  Much harder to get around to the theaters to see movies during the summer because of all the other things to do as well as all the kids being out of school.

41.  NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING--  6-1--  Fox Lake, $5--  The frat is out and a new sorority is in.  It's war again.

42.  ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS--  6-1--  Fox Lake, $5--  That Johnny Depp can sure play warped characters.  The Mad Hatter indeed.  Gets his kicks.

43.  INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE--  7-12--  Fox Lake, $5--  Those pesky aliens have another go at us and almost win this time.  But, at the last minute...  You know.

44.  ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE--  8-4--  Fox Lake, Free--  Skratch almost demolishes the earth in his never-ending quest for that acorn.

Lots of Choices for Seasoning Salt at Classic Cinemas.  --RoadDog

Living in Today's World: Speed Bump

From the August 24, 2016, Speed Bump comic strip.

One panel.  No talking.

A father and his daughter are entering a corn maze.  The father looks up and just over the tops of the corn he sees a giant mouse in a white lab coat writing on a clip board.

Turnabout is fair play, I guess.

Of course, within a few miles of us we have Richardson's Corn Maze, reputed to be the world's largest, which draws thousands of people every fall.  This year's theme of their maze is the 50th anniversary of "Star Trek."


Living in Today's World: Dustin-- The Comic Strip Pages Don't Crash

From the August 21, 2016, Dustin comic strip.

Dustin and the young neighbor friend are lying on the floor in the living room reading the comics in the newspaper.

Frame 1:  Dustin:  "It used to be the way we all read the comics."  Friend:  "Wow!"

Frame 2:  Dustin:  "Pretty cool, right?"  Friend:  "The weirdest thing is ..."

Frame 3:  Friend:  "... no pop up ads."  Dustin:  "Plus, it never crashes."

I remember anxiously waiting to get the Sunday comics from my dad as I was growing up and then reading them on the floor.  And, I still get most of my regular, non-blog, news from newspapers.  Few things finer than sitting out on the front porch, gazebo or back deck with a cup of coffee and today's newspaper.

I am sure going to miss it when the time comes and there are no longer any print newspapers.


MORE SUTHEN-ISMS:  All Southerners know exactly when "by and by" is.  They might not use the term, but they know the concept well.

Friday, September 2, 2016

WLS Top Ten for September 2, 1966: "Summer in the City"

1.  CHERISH--  Association
3.  ELEANOR RIGBY--  Beatles

4.  SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER--  Happenings
5.  BUS STOP--  Hollies
6.  SAY I AM--  Tommy James & the Shondells
7.  SUMMER IN THE CITY--  Lovin' Spoonful

8.  SUNNY--  Bobby Hebb
9.  WOULDN'T IT BE NICE--  Beach Boys   Wouldn't it be nice if what?
10.  WIPE OUT--  Surfaris.   Jumped from #20.  A song I can sing.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Then We Wouldn't Have to Wait So Long."  --RoadDog

MORE SUTHEN-ISMS:  Even Southern babies know that "Gimme some sugar" is not a request for the white granular, sweet substance that sits in a pretty little bowl (or paper packet) in the middle of the table.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Comiskey Park Gets New Name-- Part 2

Some more Chicago Tribune reaqder name ideas:

The G-Rate American ballpark

800-588-2300 Empire Today Field

Trump Steaks Arena

Disco Memorial Park  (Good One)

In a Wreck Field- Need a Check Field

Fire Robin Field

Peter Francis Geraci Field

Dan Ryan Construction Overlook Park

You'd Have to Be From Chicago to Get Some of These.  RoadDog

Comiskey Park Gets New Name-- Part 1: (But Still and Always Will Be Comiskey to Me

Last week, we got the news that the mortgage company called Guaranteed Rate (with their downward pointing arrow) has bought the naming rights for Comiskey Park (or that other name it is now called).  This is not the first time a major Chicago place has gotten a new name (see my Cooter's History Thing blog for today).

The August 25, 2015, Chicago Tribune had readers write in their ideas for a new name for the park.

Here are some:

Sox Stadium

Harold's Chicken Shack Park

Guaranteed Seats Field

Beggars Field

Harambe Memorial Stadium

Literally Anything Else Field

Crying Jordan Park

Guaranteed Loss Field

I Don't Think You Even tried At All Field

I vote for "Guaranteed Comiskey Park (if they want their name on it).  Otherwise, just Comiskey Park or White Sox Park.

I'll Have More the Next Blog Entry.  --RoadDog

MORE SOUTHEN-ISMS:  Only a Southerner knows exactly how long "directly" is, as in, "Going to town, be back dreckly (directly)."