Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Trip 2013-- Nov. 21-22: 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination

NOVEMBER 21ST, THURSDAY-- Drove the usual way, Il-47 south from Woodstock, Il., but turned east at Forrest on US-34 instead of going to I-74. Took that east to I-65 and then to Indianapolis where I found confusing signage on I-465 and ended up on the west side of the city instead of the east. //// Went through the city on I-70 right during rush hour, but it wasn't bad. Finally stopped raining east of it and drove to Ohio and exit 29 (Englewood) on I-70 and had my Skyline Chili before getting a room at the Best Western. //// NOVEMBER 22ND, FRIDAY-- Drove to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton and met my buddy Denny. We took a bus out to see JFK's Air Force One on the 50th anniversary of when it flew him to Dallas from Ft. Worth and then carried him back in a casket and LBJ was sworn in as president. We then toured the museum and saw the goblets used in the Final Toast of the Doolittle Raiders. And, we weren't finished for the day.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination

This coming Friday, November 22nd and on the exact day of the week the event, that was mu generation's Pearl Harbor. While moving boxes of Christmas decorations upstairs earlier this morning, I came across two items that I had never seen before. One was a color photo poster of President Kennedy that is somewhat creased and the other was a thin, hard-cover book titled "The Torch is Passed: The Associated Press Story of the Death of a President." Liz said it wasn't hers and I know it wasn't mine. She thinks that perhaps she must have gotten the pair while cleaning out her mother's place after her death. Her parents, though Catholic, were staunch Republicans and not big Kennedy fans, so she is not sure why they would have them. ////

Movie Scratches: Counselor-- Ender's-- Vegas-- Thor

A dog's-eye view of today's movies: 45. COUNSELOR-- 10-28-- FOX LAKE $6-- Drug folks play for keeps and have no sense of humor, Brad gets a bolo and the cheetas get loose. //// 46. ENDER'S GAME-- 11-1-- FOX LAKE $6-- Youth Save the day, Kind of a Harry Potter and Hunger Games Mix. When a video game is more than a video game. 47. LAST VEGAS-- 11-11-- FOX LAKE $6-- The Flatbush Four do Las Vegas, many, many, many years later. A great show, but how could it not be with that cast. //// 48. THOR: THE DARK WORLD-- 11-13-- FOX LAKE $4.50-- Still hammering opponents after all these years. //// All Those Cell Phone Glows. --RoadDog

Movie Scratches: Prisoners-- Insiduous-- Captain-- Carrie

A dog's eye view of today's movies: 41. PRISONERS-- 10-16-- FOX LAKE FREE-- Don't mess with this guy's daughter. A real "who-dun-it." //// 42. INSIDUOUS: CHAPTER 2-- 10-16-- FOX LAKE $4.50-- Alice to the rescue. Here's Johnny bursting through the door. //// 43. CAPTAIN PHILLIPS-- 10-23-- FOX LAKE $6-- Leave my boat A-LONE!!! Capt. Jack he ain't. 44. CARRIE-- 10-28-- FOX LAKE $6-- One girl you'd best not mess with inder ANY circumstances. She'll rock your world. And what a mother!! --Popcorn All Over the Place. --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z-- Part 9-- November 20th: Streaming

Sad that this 2,000+ song marathon ends tomorrow. I'll be on the road, but will definitely be listening as long as I'm in range, probably about as far as Morris, Illinois. So, this will be my last entry on it. These are songs I've been listening to so far this morning: //// SHE WAS HOT-- Rolling Stones // SHE'S A BEAUTY-- Tubes // SHE COMES IN COLORS-- Rolling Stones // SHE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN-- Billy Joel // SHE'S LEAVING HOME-- Beatles // SHE'S NOT THERE-- Santana // SHE'S SO COLD-- Rolling Stones // SHE'S THE ONE-- Bruce Springsteen // SHE'S WAITING-- Eric Clapton // SHEEP-- Pink Floyd // SHINE-- Collective Soul // SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND (PARTS 1-5)-- Pink Floyd // SHOCK THE MONKEY-- Peter Gabriel // SHOOT TO THRILL-- AC/DC // SHOOTING STAR-- Bad Company // SHORT PEOPLE-- Randy Newman // SHOT DOWN IN FLAMES-- AC/DC // SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO-- Clash //SHOUT-- Tears For Fears. //// Again, Enough Pink Floyd. --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z-- Part 8-- November 20th: Rebel, Route 66, Run, Runaround, Runnin'

Some songs played in the last 24 hours: REBEL GIRL-- Survivor // REBEL REBEL-- David Bowie // REBEL YELL-- Billy Idol //// ROUTE 66-- Rolling Stones //// RUN FOR YOUR LIFE-- Beatles // RUN LIKE HELL (lIVE)-- Pink Floyd // RUN THROUGH THE JUNGLE-- CCR // RUN TO YOU-- Bryan Adams // RUN WITH THE PACK-- Bad. Company // RUNAROUNG-- Blues Traveler // RUNAROUND-- Van Halen // RUNAWAY-- Bon Jovi // RUNNIN' DOWN A DREAM-- Tom Pettty // RUNNIN' WITH THE DEVIL-- Van Halen // RUNNING ON EMPTY-- Jackson Browne. //// It Ends At Some Time Tomorrow. Sad. --RoadDog

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We Had Damage From Sunday's Storms

We saw all the warnings of possible dangerous weather, but went to Squaw Bar in Ingleside to watch the Bears game which had a two-hour delay because of the storms and went to overtime before the Bears won. //// At one point, there came a huge gust of wind through the place and the trees out in the parking lot dropped quite a few limbs and twigs, causing me to move the car farther away. //// When we came home, I looked outside, but in the dark, couldn't see anything. In the morning, I looked outside and my heart sank as I saw one of my favorite Bradford pear tree out in Frances' Back 40, broken off at the trunk and laying in the grass by the southeast corner of the yard. //// I had planted the tree 19 years ago and it was just coming into its brilliant fall foliage of a crimson-red-gold, and now there it was. Liz then noticed that about a third of the Bradford pear tree by the back deck was also broken off. We figure they came down during that burst. Today, we noticed our neighbors across the street also had a tree partly down from Sunday's storm. //// I'll sure be missing those trees. //// So. We Had Damage, But At Least Just Strong Wind, Not Tornadoes. --RoadDog

Washington (Il) High School: Ectasy to Sad in 24-Hours

Yesterday while looking up the results of the IHSA State Playoffs for my Route 66 vs. Lincoln Highway and US-12 vs. US-14 Showdowns, I came across the name of Washington Community High School Panthers who won their third round game and this Saturday are playing their semi-final game. Before Sunday, I wouldn't have paid any attention to the name at all. But then, Sunday was quite a day here in Illinois. //// We've been to Washington once as we were playing NTN at various places, but hadn't thought about it until Sunday, and that horrible tornado. //// I was looking at results from the IHSA Playoff teams, and there it was, Washington High School. They had a great season and entered the playoffs ranked #2 in the Lower Division (based on school location). //// They had beaten their first round opponent, Peoria 31-21. In the second round, they rolled to a 53-12 victory over Mt. Vernon and this past saturday, won 41-7 over one of the Route 66 teams, Normal-- University. Sadly, less than 24 hours later, the town was leveled by a 4EV tornado (5 being the worst). Fortunately, with all that damage, there was only one fatality. But, sadly, going from the euphoria of that great victory to what happened the next day. Just hard to fathom. Many of the football players lost their homes. //// They will be playing #1 Springfield-- Scared Heart-Griffin this Saturday. I sure know who I'll be pulling for. Go Panthers. --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z-- Part 7: November 19th-- Streaming This Morning

Since I've been Tuned In. Took the garbage out not resaerching, posting and listenin'. //// ONE OF THESE DAYS-- Pink Floyd // ONE OF THESE NIGHTS-- Eagles //ONE SLIP-- Pink Floyd // ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER-- Fixx // ONE TREE HILL-- U2 // ONE WAY OR ANOTHER-- Blondie // ONE WAY OUT-- Allman Brothers // ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK YOUR HEART-- Neil Young // ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG-- Billy Joel // ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE-- REO Speedwagon // ONLY TIME WILL TELL-- Asia // ONLY WOMEN BLEED-- Alice Cooper // ONLY YOU CAN ROCK ME-- UFO // ONLY YOU KNOW AND I KNOW-- Dave Mason // OPEN ARMS-- Journey // OPEN INVITATION-- Santana // OPERATOR-- Jim Croce // Orange Crush-- REM //// Only Problem With the Drive is perhaps too much Pink Floyd and Zeppelin. --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z-- Part 6: November 19th-- Mother, Move, Mr.

Some songs played in the last 24-hours on WDRV in Chicago: MOTHER-- Pink Floyd // MOTHER AND CHILD REUNION-- Paul Simon // MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER-- Rolling Stones // MOTHERLESS CHILDREN-- Eric Clapton // MOVE IT ON OVER-- George Thorogood // MOVE OVER-- Janis Joplin // MOVIN' ON-- Bad Company // MOVIN' OUT (ANTHONY'S SONG)-- Billy Joel // MOVING IN STEREO-- Cars // MR. BLUE SKY-- ELO // MR. JONES-- Counting Crows // MR. ROBOTO-- Styx // MR. SKIN-- Spirit // MR. SOUL-- Buffalo Springfield // MR. TAMBOURINE MAN-- Byrds // MRS. ROBINSON-- Simon & Garfunkel. //// OK, Let's Talk Like a Robot. --RoadDog

Monday, November 18, 2013

Miss You, Dad

It was fifteen years ago today that Dad's funeral took place. He had died on November 15th after a massive stroke on the 14th. I was just entering the hospital when death came. It just doesn't seem to be that long ago.

This Past Weekend: Part 3

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH: Listened to Rock and Roll Roots on WDRV and recorded Breakfast With the Beatles in the morning, as usual. We started getting storm warnings and a tornado watch by 9 AM. With it being as warm as it has been around here in November, that usually signals "Watch Out! Something bad is on its way!!" Getting quite windy. Liz said that she heard someone say the last time we had barometric readings and storms like were on their way was 1975 when the Edmund Fitzgerald sank. //// Drove to Squaw Bar and met up with the Usual Suspects for Da Bears game. Weather continued to worsen and, about six minutes into the game with Da Bears down 10-0, the game went into rain delay and fans were ordered to go below the stands for the approaching storm. That ended up with a two-hour delay. //// CBS, which was carrying the game, went to two hours of weather reports. And, teh news was grim. The little town of Washington, Illinois, near Peoria, had been clobbered and we had reports that Coal City and Diamond near Chicago had been hit by tornadoes. //// We had big winds and heavy rains off and on at the Squaw Bar and once, a really strong breeze blew through the place. I had to move the car to another spot as I was near some trees that had lost a lot of smaller limbs during the windburst as there was fear bigger ones would fall or perhaps the tree itself. //// The game started again and the field quickly became a quagmire after all that rain, but Da Bears were able to tie it up and won in overtime in a game that started at noon but didn't end until about 5:30. //// When we got home, I looked out back to see if there was any damage, but it was too dark to see. //// Quite the Day! --RoadDog

This Past Weekend-- Part 2: History in Ingleside, Eating in McHenry

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH: //// I went to the Fox Lake/Grant Township Area Historical Society meeting in Ingleside, Illinois, in the morning. Gas in Fox Lake is "down" to $3.13 ($3.12 for most folks, but really $312.9). Learned that Ray Manzarek of the Doors lived in Ingleside from 1960-1961. Also that two major league baseball players, Billy and Bobby Klaus, came from Fox Lake, Illinois. Today's topic was Fox Lake in 1963, fifty years ago. //// In the afternoon, we drove to McHenry for their annual Christmas Walk and Taste of Winter. Twenty places had special food items for $1 to $2. I first went to The Vinyl Frontier record store and bought a four-CD pack of music from the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. We went to Old Bridge Tavern, After the Fox, Corkscrew Pointe, Little Chef, Bimbo's, Fox Hole, the Polish Legion, Gambler's and Main Street Station (the old McHenry train station) before being too full to continue. //// Watched Northwestern lose to Michigan and that unbelievable Georgia-Auburn game at Twisted Moose before coming home. We were wearing our NIU Huskie gear and got all kinds of congrats and high fives as well as discussions. It seems that we have made a lot of fans over the last several years. //// At home, we watched the JFK special on CBS. Those muffled drums during the funeral procession still really get me. //// Busy Day. --RoadDog

This Past Weekend-- Part 1: Round Lake Beach

NOVEMBER 15TH, FRIDAY: Drove over to Round Lake Beach, Illinois, for dental appointments, then drove around the town, where we lived for 17 years while teaching. The lakefront park at Round Lake Beach is as beautiful as ever. After Liz's hair appointment in Round Lake by Magee Middle School (where I taught for 31 years), we had the Chinese buffet at Chiang Jiang in Mallard Creek Shopping Center by Il-83 and Rollins Road. //// The poor place is hanging in there in the nearly vacant shopping center now that only about four stores remain. Things are even worse as Rollins Road between Hainesville Road and 83 is undergoing a major renovation because of the railroad crossing there. //// Then, we went to the Super-K on Rollins Road a little west of Mallard Creek. Sadly, it is being closed because of a lack of business. We don't have any K-Marts anywhere near us anymore as the K-Mart in McHenry also closed. //// Later, had a few drinks at the Dirty Rooster on Grasslake (they move to a new place on Il-173 at the end of this month). Enjoyed that great view of Grasslake on one of the few decent days we have left now. Ran into someone who knew me from my deejay days. //// Can't Complain About the Weather. --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z-- Part 5: November 18th

These are songs that have played while I'm listening to it and typing away on these here blogs. There had been seven previous songs beginning with the word "Let" before I tuned in: //// LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOOR-- Pete Townsend // LET THE DAY BEGIN-- Call // LET THERE BE ROCK-- AC/DC // LET'S DANCE-- David Bowie // LET'S GET ROCKED-- Def Leppard // LET'S GO-- Cars // LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER-- Rolling Stones // LET'S WORK TOGETHER-- Canned Heat // THE LETTER-- Box Tops // LEVON-- Elton John // LIDO SHUFFLE-- Boz Scaggs // LIFE DURING WARTIME-- Talking Heads // LIFE IN A NORTHERN TOWN-- Dream Academy // LIFE IN THE FAST LANE-- Eagles // LIFE IS A HIGHWAY-- Tom Cochrane // LIFE IS A ROCK (BUT THE RADIO ROLLED ME)-- Reunion // LIFE OF ILLUSION-- Joe Walsh. ///// Of course, the "Life in a Northern Town" referred to JFK and the Beatles back in 1963 with the 50th anniversary of the event coming upon us this Friday. //// What We Need Is Some More Cowbell. --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z-- Part 4: November 18th-- If, Is, It's

Listening to this great week's worth of music as much as possible. And, lovin' it. Listening right now. Here are some selected part of the list of songs they've played the last two days. Go to WDRV's site for complete list: //// IF I NEEDED SOMEONE-- Beatles // IF 6 WAS 9-- Jimi Hendrix // IF YOU COULD ROCK ME-- Rolling Stones // IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND-- Gordon Lightfoot // IF YOU LOVE SOMEBODY SET THEM FREE-- Sting // IF YOU WANT BLOOD (YOU GOT IT)--AC/DC. ///// ///// IS THIS LOVE-- Bob Marley // IS THIS LOVE--Whitesnake ///// //// IT'S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP-- AC/DC // IT'S ALL I CAN DO-- Cars // IT'S ALL OVER NOW-- Rolling Stones // IT'S IN THE WAY THAT YOU USE IT-- Eric Clapton // IT'S LATE-- Queen // IT'S MY LIFE-- Animals // IT'S ONLY ROCK AND ROLL (BUT I LIKE IT)-- Rolling Stones // IT'S STILL ROCK AND ROLL TO ME-- Billy Joel // IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD-- REM. //// Getting My Drive On. --RoadDog

Saturday, November 16, 2013

More College Football: What's the Story on the FSU QB? // Bowl Game Predictions

It sure seems strange to me that a 2012 case was reopened this past week involving charges against the Florida State quarterback for something he did back in 2012. If it was that serious back then, why wasn't anything done about it at the time? Seems quite the coincidence that this comes after Oregon lost and FSU (NIU's Orange Bowl opponent earlier this year) becomes heir apparent to play 'Bama for the national championship. Some coincidence indeed. //// BOWL PROJECTIONS: Unfortunately, if Fresno State doesn't lose (and it appears with their remaining schedule that they won't) they're going to the BCS Fiesta Bowl instead of Northern. Right now, projections are good that NIU will play in the GoDaddy Bowl in Mobile on Jan. 5th against Arkansas State, again (we played them two years ago). I wouldn't mind it, though, as we like Mobile and have a lot in common with Arkansas State (the two teams that have lost the most head coaches in the last three years). //// If we do go to the GoDaddy Bowl, I'm thinking of maybe catching the Music City Bowl in Nashville on Dec. 30 (N.C. vs. Mississippi predicted) and the Liberty Bowl in Memphis on Dec. 31st, with another favorite team of mine, East Carolina playing. Things to definitely think about. Another possibility is the Compass Bowl in Birmingham, Alabama, with a Tennessee-Rutgers matchup predicted. //// I see in today's Georgia-Auburn game that the two teams are fairly evenly-matched in theior all-time series which started in 1892. They are 54-54-8. That's FAIRLY EVEN in my book. //// Get me Some Football. --RoadDog

Some Info On Ball State University

Ball State is located in Muncie, Indiana, on the state's east central side, a ways northeast of Indianapolis. It's enrollment is similar to that of NIU with 21,053 in 2013. It gets its name from the Ball Brothers, those guys who make the canning jars, who bought a bankrupt school and gave it to Indiana. --RoadDog

The Drive's A to Z-- Part 3: November 16, 2013

STREAMING SONGS SINCE I GOT UP THIS MORNING: FIRE ON HIGH-- ELO // FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN-- Marshall Tucker Band // 5:15-- Whp // FIXIN' A HOLE-- Beatles // THE FLAME-- Cheap Trick // FLIRTING WITH DISASTER-- Molly Hatchett // FLY AWAY--Lenny Kravitz // FLY BY NIGHT-- Rush // FLY LIKE AN EAGLE-- Steve Miller Band // FLYING HIGH AGAIN-- Ozzy Osbourne. // FM (NO STATIC)-- Steely Dan // FOLLOW YOU FOLLOW ME-- Genesis. //// //// //// //// DON'T SONGS PLAYED YESTERDAY: DON'T ASK ME NO QUESTIONS-- Lynyrd Skynyrd // DON'T ASK ME WHY-- Billy Joel // DON'T BRING ME DOWN-- Animals // DON'T BRING ME DOWN-- ELO // DON'T CALL US, WE'LL CALL YOU-- Sugarloaf // DON'T COME AROUND HERE NO MORE-- Tom Petty // DON'T DO ME LIKE THAT-- Tom Petty // DON'T FEAR THE REAPER-- Blue Oyster Cult // DON'T KILL THE WHALE-- Yes // DON'T LET HIM GO-- REO Speedwagon // DON'T LET IT BRING YOU DOWN-- Neil Young //// DON'T LET ME DOWN-- Beatles // DON'T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME-- Elton John // DON'T LOOK BACK-- Boston // DON'T LOSE MY NUMBER-- Phil Collins // DON'T MISUNDERSTAND ME-- Rossington Collins Band // DON'T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME-- Police // DON'T STOP-- Fleetwood Mac // DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'-- Journey // DON'T TAKE ME ALIVE-- Steely Dan // DON'T TELL ME YOU LOVE ME-- Night Ranger // DON'T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME)--Simple Minds // DON'T YOU WORRY ABOUT A THING-- Stevie Wonder. //// What We Need Is Some More Cowbell, Right BOC? --RoadDog

Some More About NIU's Victory This Past Wednesday

On Thursday morning, i was shocked to see Mary Dixon mentioned the Northern victory on her morning newscasts on WXRT FM. Morning host Lin Braemer said he was a huge Huskie fan. Mary said "Not!" It turns out that Mary Dixon went to NIU. They mentioned that David Letterman probably watched the game since he is a Ball State alum. //// The final 48-27 score may look like a blowout, but it sure wasn't. The score was 27-27 with 5:49 left in the fourth quarter when the Huskies scored three touchdowns. (It was like the Orange Bowl game against Florida State when, at the end of the third quarter and Northern down just 17-10, the Seminoles intercepted the ball on their 20-yard line and then scored twice more to make it 31-10.) //// NIU quarterbacl Jordan Lynch put on a great show again, but by far the best play was on a third and 2 play when he was caught by two Ball State defenders behind the line and managed to break lose for a first down. //// The USA Today had a video clip of Huskie mascot Diesel giving a high-five to a cheerleader after a Northern TD. //// Huskie players wore special jerseys, all with the name "Heroes" on the back in honor of our nation's veterans. NIU helmets had the NIU in red white and blue. //// A brand new pickup truck was given to a wounded Afghanistan veteran by a World War II veteran who also played for NIU. And, the guy who sings the "Star-Spangled Banner" at Chicago Blackhawks games performed with the Marching Huskie Band. I bet some of the Ball State fans were wondering what all the cheering and yelling during its singing was all about. //// Yup, Sure Enjoyed That Game. --RoadDog

The Bronze Stalk Trophy-- Part 2

The first game between Northern Illinois and Ball State was in 1941 and resulted in a 6-6 tie. Until this past Wednesday, the Cardinals lead the all-time series 20-18-2 (now 20-19-2). But the Huskies have won 11 of the last 14 games (evidently, before the last 14 games, Ball State was another beat-the-Huskies team like Toledo). //// The inaugural Bronze Trophy was won by Ball State in 2008 by a 45-18 score, but NIU has won it ever since. //// Looking at the trophy, I'd have to say it bears a strong resemblance to the corn stalks painted on the side of the building by the clock memorial park on Lincoln Highway in downtown Dekalb. Perhaps Renee Bemis, sculptor of the Bronze Stalk Trophy, painted that as well. //// Nice to Have It. --RoadDog

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Drive's A to Z-- Part 2: November 15, 2013

LOOKING BACK AT SOME OF THE SONGS PLAYED: ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL (Pt) 2-- Pink Floyd // ANOTHER DAY-- Paul McCartney // ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST-- Queen // ANOTHER PARK, ANOTHER SUNDAY-- Doobie Brothers // ANOTHER RECORD-- Genesis // ANOTHER TRICKY DAY-- Who //// The first of letter "B": BABA O'RILEY-- Who // BABE-- Styx // BABE I'M GONNA LEAVE YOU-- Led Zeppelin // BABY BLUE-- Badfinger // BABY HOLD ON-- Eddie Money // BABY I LOVE YOUR WAY-- Peter Frampton // BABY (SOMETHING'S HAPPENING)- live-- Peter Frampton BABY YOU'RE A RICH MAN-- Beatles. //// //// //// STREAMING Songs played since I've been listening this morning: BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE-- Talking Heads // BURNING LOVE-- Elvis Presley // BUS STOP-- Hollies // BYE BYE LOVE-- Cars. //// We now entered the third letter of the alphabet: CALIFORNIA DREAMIN'-- Mamas and Papas // CALIFORNIA GIRLS-- Beach Boys // CALIFORNIA MAN-- Cheap Trick // CALL ME-- Blondie // CALL ME THE BREEZE-- Lynyrd Skynyrd // CALLING DR. LOVE-- Kiss // CAN WE STILL BE FRIENDS-- Todd Rundgren // CAN'T BUY ME LOVE-- Beatles. //// "I Don't Care Too Much For Money." --RoadDog

The Bronze Stalk Trophy-- Part 1

Watching the game Wednesday Night at Antonio's in Spring Grove, I saw this trophy many times and then the NIU team carried it off the field at the end of the game. I don't recall ever hearing about it before, so had to do some research. //// From Wikipedia. //// This is a fairly new trophy and goes to the winner of the annual Ball State- Northern Illinois MAC game. It began in 2008. //// The impressive trophy was designed by nationally recognized sculptor and Dekalb, Illinois (Home of NIU), artist Renee Bemis, who also designed the new statue by the Chessick/Yordon Centers at Huskie Stadium featuring the three Huskies which was just unveiled October 28th. //// It features intertwined stalks of corn done in bronze. The corn, of course, represents all the corn around the campuses of the two schools. When Bill Cosby opened the new NIU Convocation Center, he said that as soon as he stepped off the plane in Dekalb, a woman came up to him, handed him an ear of corn and said, "Welcome to Dekalb." //// Pretty Corny If You Ask me. --RoadDog

Deaths: Well-Known Chicago DJ Carla Leonardo

(1950-2013) Died November 9th. On the air in Chicago for 35 years with upbeat, low voice and championed local bands. Long-time dj at WKQX and on air when the shift made in 1992 from adult-contemporary to alternartive rock format. //// For the last twelve years, she was weekend and fill-in jock at WDRV, Chicago's Drive and this is where I heard her a lot. //// She graduated from Lyons Township High School in the Chicago suburbs in 1968 and started deejaying in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and then had stints at St. Croix, Virgin Islands; Texas, Oregon and Washington. //// In the 1970s, she was at Chicago's WLUP before going to Boston's WCOZ. She started at WKQX, Q-101, in the mid 80s. She started with WDRV at its inception in 2001. //// WDRV will be having a two-hour tribute to her this Sunday, November 17th from 9 to 11 PM. //// She'll Be Missed.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Drive's "A to Z"-- Part 1: Nov. 14, 2013

The first of several lists for this twice-yearly event. Go to the website at to listen if you're not in the Chicagoland area. They also have complete lists. This should just whet your appetite. These are songs played in the first two hours: ABACAB-- Genesis // ABOUT A GIRL-- Nirvana // ABRACADABRA-- Steve Miller Band // ABSOLUTELY RIGHT-- Five Man Electric Band // ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN-- Elvis Costello // ACROSS THE UNIVERSE-- Beatles // ADDICTED TO LOVE-- Robert Palmer // AFRICA-- Toto // AFTER MIDNIGHT-- Eric Clapton // AFTER THE GOLDRUSH-- Neil Young // AGAINST ALL ODDS-- Phil Collins // AGAINST THE WIND-- Bob Seger // AH LEAH-- Donnie Iris // AIN'T EVEN DONE WITH THE NIGHT-- John Cougar // AIN'T NO SUNSHINE-- Bill Withers // AIN'T TALKING ABOUT LOVE-- Van Halen // AIN'T THAT A SHAME-- Cheap Trick // AIN'T TOO PROUD TO BEG-- Rolling Stones // AJA-- Steely Dan // ALABAMA GETAWAY-- Grateful Dead // ALABAMA SONG (WHISKEY BAR)-- Doors // ALLISON-- Elvis Costello. //// Like McD's Says, "I'm Lovin' It!" --RoadDog

About Last Night's Game: NIU Wins a Huge One

I'm getting way too old for games like this. Regardless of what looks to be a blow-out, believe me it wasn't. Back and forth and with a defense that was horrible, the Huskies finally opened the game up with just over five minutes left in the 4th quarter. What a performance, what a show in freezing Huskie Stadium and broadcast on ESPN2. //// Thought about going there ourselves until just a couple hours before game time, but it was just too cold and the wind was howling. //// And, now, we have Toledo next Thursday, always a tough game and ones until recently, we almost always lost. They are the team that kept us out of a bowl back in that great 10-2 2003 season when we beat Alabama, Maryland and Iowa State, not a bad job for a mid major team like us. //// On the 12th, I wrote about our 1983 victory over Toledo and how that sent us to the California Bowl against Cal-Fullerton. That was about the last time we beat Toledo until a few years ago. //// NIU Plays in November's Mid-Week Conference, Not the Mid American Conference. --RoadDog

And Then There Is the Drive's A to Z

Just over an hour from now, Chicago's WDRV, the Drive, 97.1 FM and simulcast in our area on 96.9 FM, will start their great "A to Z" Rock and Roll Show. Starting at 10 AM CST. It is massive and will play over 2,000 songs by the time it draws to a close in a week or so. //// Sadly that means no Ten at Ten for a week, but I'll survive. //// It streams at //// "I'm Listening" As Fraser Used to Say. --RoadDog

Oh Boy: McRibs Are Back!!!

Just in time to help my diet, McDonald's released their ever-popular and personal favorite of mine, that delicious McRib sandwich, this year selling for $2.99. I'm having to wonder how it will pan out now that we have a McDonald's here in Spring Grove, Illinois, a little over a mile from home. //// I must stay away. I must stay away. Nothin' much finer than eating one with an order of fries (and ketchup, of course) and washing it down with Coke Zero (Well, something needs to be healthy.) //// Maybe Today. --RoadDog

Another Beatle BBC Bonanza-- Part 2

The BBC demanded its artists perform live and not to just essentially lip-sync to albums which is what really makes this such an interesting compilation. The Beatles appeared so often that they had to seriously expand their repertoire so as not to continually be repeating themselves, even though I'm sure their fans wouldn't have cared. //// They even had their own series of shows in the summer of 1963 called Pop Goes the Beatles where they performed six songs in fifteen programs. //// The new CD collection also contains studio chatter and some interviews. //// Sadly, there will probably not be a Volume 3 as it would be too repetitive. //// Tuesday, a remastered and retooled version of the first volume was released. Last month, the book "The Beatles: The BBC Archives 1962-1970" by Kevin Howlett was released. //// These Are Great Times for Beatle Fans, Including Probably Fan #1, WXRT's Terri Hemmert. //// "I Want To Hold Your Hand." --RoadDog

Another Beatle BBC Bonanza-- Part 1

From the 11-11-13 Yahoo! Music, Apple "The Beatles Release Another BBC Bonanza." Called The Beatles: On Air-- Live at the BBC Volume 2. Released Tuesday, November 12th and containing 63 tracks on two CDs and, even a vinyl release. //// Beginning in March 1962, in three years, the BBC broadcast 275 different Beatles performances in shows where, like Ed Sullivan, they would appear alongside crooners and dance orchestras. //// Unfortunately, the BBC did not keep any original master tapes so a fair amount of looking and scrounging for recordings took place to get this album. //// There are two previously unreleased gems in this new package: The Beatles' take on Chuck Berry's "I'm Talking About You" and Paul McCartney singing lead on Stephen Foster's "Beautiful Dreamer." //// Some of the songs on the new CD have the same title as ones on Volume 1, but were sung at a different time. //// I Bought My Copy. --RoadDog

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Getting My Beatles Fix

WXRT's Terri Hemmert would be so proud of me. //// Yesterday, I bought the new Beatles album and that would be The Beatles: On Air--Live at the BBC Volume 2. I haven't listened to it yet and plan to do so on my trip to North Carolina next week. Sixty-three tracks ought to take me a ways. //// A couple weeks ago, I bought the first Paul McCartney album in a long time (not since with Wings). I'd heard several of the tracks on Terri Hmmert's Breakfast With the Beatles show and liked what I heard. The rest of the album is also great. //// Eight Days a Week, You Know. --RoadDog

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11-12-13 as In November 12, 2013

Yesterday, I realized that the numbers for today were going to be that always neat numerical order: 11-12-13. Listening to Chicago's WXRT, 93.1 FM, and Lin Braemer and Mary Dixon were talking about how at 9:10 AM, the correct order would be 9-10-11-12-13. The next, and final time that happens will be next December 13, 2014, and, well, technically at 10:11 AM. //// Here's Some Numbers for You. --RoadDog

Winter Arrived Yesterday, Time to Fire Up the Snowblower

We started getting snow flakes about 10:45 after rain. Lots of wind and cold. Standing out at the veterans Day ceremony at the Fox Lake train station wasn't much fun. Went to some downtown stores afterwards to warm up and dry off. //// Decided to go to see the new movie "Last Vegas" which was one of the funniest I've ever seen. Leave to some old farts to show Vegas how to have some fun. By the time I got out, I had to clear off the truck windows. Driving home was not great with all the ice still on the windows. Fortunately, it didn't stick on the pavement, but we ended up with close to two inches on the ground and nature did her "painting" on the trees and bushes. //// I guess later today I'm going to have to fire up the old snowblower and hopefully it will work. //// Always Hate to see Winter's Arrival. --RoadDog

Mighty Big Game for NIU Tomorrow...Mighty Big One 30 Years Ago

Of course, the NIU game against Ball State tomorrow at 7 AM CST is going to be huge for the Huskies, probably their biggest-ever game. We'd really love to go to it, but at our age, sitting out in all that cold which came in yesterday, at night, just isn't a great idea. //// I am reading my journal for 1983 and came across another really big game for Northern Illinois back on today's date in 1983 when we played the Toldeo Rockets, already back then, a long-term nemesis. I was at the game, which was played on a Saturday afternoon. //// Here is what I wrote: "I went to probably the biggest-ever game in NIU history with the Toledo Rockets. A Northern loss would have kept us away from the California Bowl and insured Toledo another trip to it. //// I met Jerry, his wife Nancy, and Kevin (Kevin and Jerry were high school friends at Palatine and went to NIU with me) at the Jungle. I then went to the Sharp Photocopying place in the Junction shopping area. They make copies for 3 cents but unfortunately they are closed on Saturdays. (I was going to make copies of my bew deejay contract.) ////The game was in progress when we got there but it didn't take NIU long to score. I jumped up and the bottle of schnaaps I had for warmth (and toasting) went flying out of my pocket and shattered on the stadium floor. What a waste!! //// There was a placard section on the east side which spelled out "Tuck Foledo." Every so often they would interchange the F and T. //// Big, Big, Big Victory!! Students took down a goal post and took it to the Lagoon in celebration." //// This Was a Huge Win for Northern and we did end up going to the California Bowl Where I Believe We Played Fresno State, the Team We Are Now Competing With for a BCS Bowl Spot. --RoadDog

Last Weekend

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH: Breakfast at K.C.'s Cabin, later met Usual Suspects at Dirty Rooster on Grasslake. //// SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH: 238th Marine Corps Birthday Breakfast and Toys for Tots Kickoff in Fox Lake. Raked pine straw into pine islands and cut the grass for hopefully the final time. //// Watched the Doolittle Raiders Final Toast, then went to Route 12 Bar and Grill on US-12 to congratulate Shaun and Virginia on their second anniversary and had their great burgers and saw a solo musician play for two sets. //// SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH-- Finally good enough weather to do the burn pile. Then met the Usual Suspects at Squaw Bar for Da Bears game. Da Coach should have taken Da Cutler out in the 3rd quarter. Another hateful loss to the dirty Lions. Fire on the Strand (bonfire) after I came home. //// Again, Good Times in the Area. --RoadDog

Monday, November 11, 2013

Been Honoring America's Veterans

I just got back from a cold, rain-soaked Veterans Day ceremony at the Fox Lake, Illinois, train station. But, as miserable as standing out in that crummy weather was, I could only think of the veterans over the years who were out in crummy, miserable weather and with the added possibility of being killed while protecting our freedom. //// Saturday, I went to the USMC 238th Birthday Breakfast at the Fox Lake American Legion and then watched the very moving Doolittle Raiders Final Toast live as it happened. //// I flew our U.S. flags today, including the one on the mailbox, the banner and a big one on the back deck. Sadly, those flags are getting quite wet with all the rain and now, snow. We have a couple inches on the ground and it's still falling. First snowfall of the season. //// Thank You Veterans.

Dorean Under Fire at NC State

It seems that the folks down at NC State might be thinking they made a mistake stealing Coach Dorean from NIU last year right after the MAC Championship game. Things haven't gone well this year for him and the Wolf Pack footyball team. They lost to a rebuilding Duke Saurday and have yet to win their first ACC game. Many want his head. And, I'm not sorry for him one bit. //// I thought he would coach at least one more season at Northern (when they hired him, I knew he wouldn't stay long). He's one of those coaches who preaches loyalty until he sees a chance to get ahead. //// At Northern, he inherited a program that was extremely good after three years with Jerry Kill, who also left for a bigger job at Minnesota. And, Kill inherited a great program from Joe Novak, one of those extremely rare college coaches who stays with a program instead of jumping ship every chance he gets. //// Northern had two great seasons under Dorean, but those were Kill and Novak's guys. And, Kill already had proven himself turning around Southern Illinois' football team. Then, he comes to Northern and makes it better. NIU was Dorean's very first head coaching job and you need at least three seasons to see their impact. //// Sometimes You Bite Off a Bit More Than You Can Chew. --RoadDog

Ten Bizarre Things People Have Put On Their Cars

From the Feb. 6, 2011, Listverse "Ten Bizarre Things Cars Have Been Covered With." //// Rememeber, go to site for pictures and more information. I'm just listing them. //// 10. Nail Polish // 9. Postage Stamps (Air mail, maybe?) // 8. Coins // 7. Chocolate // 6. Sticky Notes (Remember where you parked the car?) //// 5. Toy Cars // 4. Gravy (Just in time for Thanksgiving?) // 3. Musical Instruments // 2. Cigarettes (Puffing down the road?) // 1. Crystals (For those sparkling vehicles?) //// Another Great List. --RoadDog

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Two Straight Days to Honor America's Freedom Keepers

Happy 239th birthday today for the United States Marine Corps. Also, put those flags out and say thank you to all veterans tomorrow. I'm either going to the ecermony at the Fox Lake, Illinois, train station or perhaps to Cantigny Museum in Wheaton, Illinois, honoring the U.S. Army. --RoadDog

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Five Best Johnny Depp Performances

From 2011 AP. Described as a quirky, funny, awkward sweet misfit: ** Edward Scissorhands (1990); *** Ed Wood (1994); *** Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003); *** Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) and *** Rango (2011). --RoadDog

World's Top Ten Brands

From the May 10, 2011, Yahoo! Today. //// 1. Apple, 2. Google, 3. IBM, // 4. McDonald's, 5. Microsoft, 6. Coca-Cola, //// 7. AT&T, 8. Marlboro, 9. China Mobile, 10. GE. --RoadDog

Friday, November 8, 2013

About Last Weekend

NOVEMBER 1ST, FRIDAY-- Saw the movie "Ender's Game" then went looking for Halloween closeout deals. Just got some flashing lights with sound effects. Saw some great fall color on Grasslake Road and had a few at Dirty Rooster on Grasslake. They'll be moving to the old Chrome place on 173 by December. //// NOVEMBER 2ND, SATURDAY-- Saw the NIU football whooping of UMass at Tommy's and talked with some other NIU fans. This is our last Saturday game as from now on all three games are played and telecast during the week. //// Afterwards went to the Legion in Fox Lake and saw Mitch Edwards perform some great music from 3 to 6. //// Came home and saw Svengoolie host the original "Frankenstein" with Boris Karloff. NOVEMBER 3RD, SUNDAY-- Took a ride all around the area looking for fall color and saw quite a bit. Drove through a bunch of neighborhoods off Grasslake Road that I'd never been to. Ended up in Antioch before coming home. //// Tough Games Coming Up for NIU. --RoadDog

Movie Scratches: Percy-- Family-- Rush-- Gravity

Movie Scratches-- A Dog's Eye View of Current Movies. //// #37. PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS-- // 10-1-- // Fox Lake $6-- A brother from another mother. Fleecing Kronos. //// #38. THE FAMILY-- // 10-1 // Fox Lake $5-- // I wouldn't recommend "messin'" with this family. They'll "mess" with you. //// #39. RUSH-- // 10-3 // Fox Lake $6-- // Best enemies compete in Formula 1 racing. Based on a true story. I looked it up. //// #40. GRAVITY-- // 10-15 // Fox Lake $6-- // What a long-hard trip it was for the girl from Lake Zurich, Illinois. //// SONY Costs More for Seniors. --RoadDog

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some Chairmen of the Board Beach Music Hits

Taken from the list of songs on their anthology double CD. These are songs Beach Music fans are very familiar with as they are played in clubs, at concerts and on Beach Music radio all the time. As I mentioned in yesterday's post about leader General Johnson dying in 2010, North Myrtle Beach's The Surf, 94.9 FM was playing "Gone Fishin'" as I was typing the obituary. //// Chairmen songs: On the Beach, Gone Fishin', Carolina Girls, Lover Boy, I Wanna Doop Doop Doop, Beach Fever, Shaggin' the Night Away, If It Ain't One Thing It's Another, Down At the Beach Club, I'd Rather Be in Carolina and 39-21-40 Shape. //// And, these were just some of their hits. By the way, shaggin' refers to the style of dance that Beach Music fans dance to. //// Something I didn't know was that he founded Surfside Records, an independent record label out of Charlotte, NC. This was one of the first Beach Music labels which gets the music out to the masses. //// Lovin' That Beach Music. --RoadDog

Deaths: King of Beach Music Back in 2010-- General Norman Johnson-- Part 2

From the Carolina Beach Music Yahoo Group. //// From the Oct. 15, 2010, Fayetteville (NC) Observer. //// Lead singer with the Beach Music band Chairmen of the Board died Oct. 13th. Formed the band in Detroit in 1970 and sang lead on "Give Me Just a Little More Time" and "(Youve Got Me) Dangling On a String." //// Won a Grammy for writing "Patches" for Clarence Carter and described as very likable and never stuck up. //// Harry Rogers, 60, remembers at age 19 in 1970 he was in Vietnam guarding a half dozen Viet Cong prisoners when he noticed one lip-synching "Give Me Just a Little More Time" which was playing on Armed Forces Network at the moment. It turned out that the prisoner had been attending a U.S. university when his family made him return to Vietnam where he had been unwillingly conscripted by the Viet Cong. //// Johnson began singing as a youth in churches around his native Norfolk, Virginia. He moved to Atlanta in 1979 and quickly got into the Beach Music scene. He lived in East Point, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta and constantly toured. //// He'll Be Missed, But the Chairmen Carry On With Danny Woods. --RoadDog

Burt Bacharach's First #1 Song

From the August 18-24, 2013, American Profile Magazine "Ask American Profile." //// The question from Janet Jones of Camden, NY was, "What was conmposer Burt Bacharach's first No. 1 hit song?" //// Answer: "The Story of My Life," a number one song on the country charts for Marty Robbins in 1957 and the first of many hits for Bacharach and lyricist Hal David. You don't usually think of Bacharach writing country songs. //// Bacaharach is now 85 and in May released his autobiography, Anyone Who Had a Heart: My Life and Music. He was born in Kansas City, Mo., and grew up in New York City. Married four times, he toured in the 1950s as musical arranger for Marlene Dietrich. //// Sure Was Mighty Good To Dionne Warwick. --RoadDog

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It Was a Busy and Spooky Oct. 31st

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31ST-- Drove the boat to Hebron, Illinois, and put it up in the barn to close out the 2013 boating season. //// Then did some shopping in Richmond on the way home and research at the Nippersink Library on the War of 1812 McHenry County burials. There were a lot more than I expected. //// Came home and cleared out the third garage bay which had been used for gardening equipment this past summer. Winter's fast a-coming as you know. I put the '85 Firebird up for the winter in it. I have an EA license, Extended Antique, and can't drive it except to get gas from November 1st to March 1st. //// Due to heavy rain, we only had some 45 trick-or-treaters. The best part was when the neighbor kids from across the street came by with their young ones all dressed up for the night. We remember when they used to come trick-or-treating when they were kids. A guess that is what happens when you live somewhere for twenty years. //// A Busy Day. --RoadDog

JSIS: November a Football Month-- The MAC Midweek Conference-- Sad Dolphins-- Bears Beat Pack

JSIS-- Just Some Interesting Stuff. //// It's a football thing. //// 1. NOVEMBER A FOOTBALL MONTH-- Get ready for some football. between the NFL and colleges, there is only one day this month that doesn't now have a football game and that would be November 27th, the day before Thanksgiving. //// 2. THE MAC MIDWEEK CONFERENCE-- And a big reason for all those weeknight football games is our Mid America Conference. Most all the teams have finished their Saturday seasons and play exclusively on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I know Northern has two Wednesday and one Tuesday game left. //// 3. SAD DOLPHINS-- That bullying thing in Miami really bothers me. Imagine a football player being bullied? What I remember of high school football players was that if anyone did bullying, it was them and I never imagined one being bullied themselves. 3. BEARS BEAT PACK-- And speaking of great football, we sure had a great time watching the Bears beat the Pack in that Monday night game, especially since we all figured Da Bears did not have a chance. //// Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog

Deaths: King of Beach Music Back in 2010-- General Norman Johnson-- Part 1

I originally started this in this blog back on October 25, 2010, but didn't get back to it, so will finish it now. I listen to 94.9 FM, the Surf, out of North Myrtle Beach, SC, a lot in the mornings when I am doing these blogs and they play a lot of the General's music along with his band, Chairmen of the Board, still one of the biggest groups on the Beach Music scene. Plus, Bob Stroud always plays a part of his "It Will Stand" on his Rock and Roll Roots Show intro every Sunday on Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM, The Drive. //// The Surf is playing "Gone Fishing" by the Chairman of the Board at this very moment. Plus, I was lucky enough to see the band play several times. //// From Wikipedia. //// GENERAL NORMAN JOHNSON (MAY 23, 1941-OCTOBER 13, 2010) //// Frontman of Chairmen of the Board and was with the group Showmen when they hit it big with "It Will Stand" in 1961. The Showmen recorded for Minit and Swan Records. They also had a hit with "34-21-46." The Showmen split up in 1968. //// After that, General Johnson went to Detroit and signed with Motown's Invictus Records and formed a new group, Chairmen of the Board and had a huge hit with "Give Me Just a Little More Time." Other hits for the group were "Pay to the Piper," "Dangling On a String" and "Everything's Tuesday." //// An accomplished writer, he also wrote "Patches" for Clarence Clemmons and was the house writer for the Honeycombs with his "Want Ads," "Stick Up" and "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show." "Bring the Boys Home" by Freda Payne was also one of his songs. //// In the 1980s, he got into the Beach Music scene and scored many hits in that genre.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Movie Scratches: Ranger-- Rim-- Conjuring-- Wolverine

A Dog's Eye View of Today's Movies. //// #33. LONE RANGER-- // 7-18 // FOX LAKE-- FREE--// Taking it camp to the last degree. "Something wrong with that horse." "Tonto great, Silver better." //// #34. PACIFIC RIM-- // 7-19 // FOX LAKE $6-- Move over Godzilla. New guys in town. //// #35. CONJURING-- // 8-5 // FOX LAKE $6-- Here a spook, there a spook. Everywhere a spook spook. Leave my leg alone. //// #36. WOLVERINE-- // 8-5 // FOX LAKE-- $6-- // He takes a beating and keeps right on a-ticking. //// $5.50 Medium Popcorn. --RoadDog

Movie Scratches: Purge-- End-- Despicable-- Grown Ups

A dog's eye view of today's movies (Number, Name, Date Seen, Where, Price, Comment): //// #29. THE PURGE-- // 6-26--FOX LAKE-- $4.50-- Not a good idea gone bad. //// #30. THIS IS THE END-- // 7-8-- FOX LAKE $6-- One of the three-worst movies I've seen lately. Sadly, it could have been a lot better. //// #31. DESPICABLE ME II-- // 7-8-- MCHENRY $5-- Crue finds love and we get the Minions back in yellow. I love those Minions. //// #32. GROWNUPS 2-- // 7-17-- FOX LAKE $6-- Battling the stupid frat and one great 80s party. //// $4.50 Real Small Popcorn? --RoadDog

Monday, November 4, 2013

JSIS: Battle of Bristol-- What Not to Wear

JSIS-- Just Some Interesting Stuff //// From Yahoo! News. //// 1. BATTLE OF BRISTOL-- On September 10, 2016, there will be the "Battle of Bristol" between the football teams of the the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech. I'm sure hoping UT gets a football team by then. //// They expect a crowd of 160,000 which would set a college single game attendance record, currently held by University of Michigan Stadium with 115,101. //// The race track will have to take down the scoring tower in the middle of the infield, however. Tennessee had to rearrange its schedule and was originally to play Nebraska on that date. (They replaced Nebraska with the University of Oregon on another date. (Hey, NIU plays Nebraska in 2016.) //// 2. WHAT NOT TO WEAR-- Army phasing out its $5 billion camouflage uniform, which was originally regarded as good for fighting in either desert or woodland. The UCP, Universal Camouflage Pattern, has performed poorly and is not being worn very often in Afghanistan. //// Just Some Interesting Stuff. --RoadDog

Gettin' No Respect

As, good old Rodney would say. These are brands that were ranked lowest: //// Delta Airlines // Philip Morris (Something about smoking?) // H&R Block // Denny's // Big Lots (I always look at the place like going on a treasure hunt. You never know what you'll find.) // Best Buy (Hardly ever go there anymore as I can't operate most of their stuff anymore.) // J.C. Penney // Capital One (Even with those great Viking pitchmen?) // Rite Aid // Foot Locker.

Gettin' Respect

From the Yahoo! Finance, The Exchange "Coca-Cola, Pepsico Rank High in Brand Respect, But Delta Lags" by Chris Nichols. //// From a survey by Core Brand, researching corporate branding, not specific products. These are the highest ranked for most respected: //// PepsiCo and Coca-Cola- tied /// Hershey's // Harley-Davidson // Bayer // Johnson & Johnson // Kellogg's // Campbell's Soup // Colgate-Palmolive // Estee Lauder.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Things That Do Nothing for Your Home's Value-- Part 2

From the 9-13-13, Yahoo! Finance/Destination Home "Five Home Features You Should Skip." //// 1. Fireplaces (Well, we have a double-sided one) // 2. oil heat (Does whale oil count?) // 3. Built-in Mirrors (I'm S-o-o-o-o Vain.) // 4. South-facing windows, skylights and doors (What they got against the sun?) // 5. Wall-to-Wall carpeting (I don't care, I like my w-t-w carpeting and Empire wouldn't be happy if I didn't.) I Tell You, It's Like They Looked At My House and Made Up the List. --RoadDog

Things That Do Nothing For Your Home's Value-- Part 1

From the 9-27-13 Yahoo! Finance/Destination Home "Five Projects That Lower Your House's Value." 1. Converting bedrooms into other spaces (Well, I have a an extremely cluttered study in one of our bedrooms) // 2. Hot tubs (Well, we had one, it leaked and we got rid of it) // 3. Colored trim and textured walls (Not me) // 4. Children's theme room (No kids, so no problem here) // 5. Too much landscaping (Uh-oh. Really got me here.). //// Guess We're Not Going to Get Much. --RoadDog

Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" Not Written for His Wife: A Muse By Any Other Name

From Yahoo! News. For years, most people thought Billy Joel's great "Uptown Girl" fashioned after a Four Seasons-style song, was written about his wife Christie Brinkley, but now we know it was for Elle Macpherson. //// Other music muses: Patti Boyd for George Harrison in his "Something" then later for Eric Clapton in his "Wonderful Tonight" which actually was him complaining about how long it took her to beautify herself before they went out for the night. //// Carly Simon's muse for "You're So Vain" was, pick one: Warren Beatty, David geffen or Mick Jagger. (Most likely der Mick.) Musing Me-- RoadDog

Friday, November 1, 2013

JSS: Halloween Deals-- Halloween-- Boating Season Officially Over

JSS-- Just Some Stuff. //// 1. HALLOWEEN DEALS-- In just a little bit, I am going out to look for those 50% off Halloween decoration deals. I shouldn't as we have enough stuff, but you never know what you'll find. //// 2. HALLOWEEN-- We had between 40 and 45 kids come by last night despite the pouring rain. Definitely not a good night for them. Our house was fully decked out in Halloween decor with orange and purple lights across the front, the pumpkin men, wreath of death and lighted pumpkins in every window. // The neatest thing was when the now-grown daughters of our neighbors across the street came by with their two little ones in tow. Shows that we have now lived here 20 years. //// 3. BOATING SEASON OFFICIALLY -- Took the boat over to the barn in Hebron, Illinois, and it is now up for the year. How long before spring? //// Just Some Stuff --RoadDog

Is Friday Turning Into Must-Watch TV?

After years of slow Friday TV watching (and forget Saturday) perhaps the major networks are starting to once-again offer decent stuff to wqatch on Fridays. Even NBC gets into the act this night. //// Here are the shows I watch: ABC: 7:00 Last Man Standing, 7:30 The Neighbors //// CBS: 8:00 Hawaii-Five-0, 9:00 Blue Bloods //// NBC: 8:00 Grimm, 9:00 Dracula //// I realize Dracula has just been on one time, but the show has a lot of promise. Kind of the new Sherlock Holmes meets the Count. //// Still Watching Too Much TV. --RoadDog

In Case You Didn't Get Enough Blood Last Night: Ten At Ten Bloody 10

From 1-=31-13, Ten at Ten, WDRV 97.1 FM-Chicago. Ten Bloody Songs: //// BLOODY WELL RIGHT-- Supertramp // PEACE FROG-- Doors // HOT BLOODED-- Foreigner // BLOOD & ROSES-- Smithereens // ONLY WOMEN BLEED-- Alice Cooper // FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND/ LOVE LIES BLEEDING-- Elton John // IF YOU WANT BLOOD (YOU'VE GOT IT)-- AC/DC // LET IT BLEED-- Rolling Stones // SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY-- U2 // FLESH AND BLOOD-- Shooting Star. //// What Would the Count Want to Do? --RoadDog

Deaths: Avante-garde Rocker-- Lou Reed

LOU REED Died Oct. 27th. Pioneer for countless bands and leader of the Velvet Underground and patron of artist Andy Warhol. Had a Top 20 hit with "Walk On the Wild Side" while solo and "Sweet Jane" with the Velvet Underground. //// These two songs were the extent of my knowledge of his music, though. I liked both, but never got around to hearing any other of his albums or music. When "Walk On the Wild Side" came out, I liked the music, but then heard the words. Wow, that was some strange stuff he was singing about, "Then hhe was a she!!"