Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snowed from Noon, Tuesday and Plans

Hopefully, it has stopped now.  But it snowed all day yesterday for the most part as well as a whole lot Tuesday.  I've lost count of how many times I've been out to shovel, but the last several were by snow shovel rather than snow blower, which means it wasn't too bad.

This morning, there was maybe a half inch on the driveway.  Temp was about 30 degrees and now wind.  That means shovel (mostly just pushing) and music from the garage radio.  I never mind doing that.  We have quite a few trees and bushes like the picture above that, as I say, have been nature-painted.  That's is always a great aspect of snow.  Few things are prettier than a tree in its snow colors.

I have to get over to Steak 'N Shake to lose my last $5 coupon as it expires today.  Tuesday, before the snow hit, I used the other coupon and had their new Steakburger Slinger breakfast platter: two steakburgers, chili on hashbrowns and biscuit for $5.99.  I think they've hit on a great one.

Thinking of going to a Wisconsin fish boil at a local church Friday.

Saturday, perhaps the NIU basketball game in Dekalb and 2013 football kickoff before it (if it doesn'r snow).

That's Enough of That White Stuff.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Mahatma Gandhi walked barefoot most of the time and had an impressive set of calluses on his feet.  he also ate very little which made him frail (Do you know where this is going?) and his odd diet made him have bad breath.

This made him "A super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis."  So Bad!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow, Snow and Then Some More Snow

Well, at least the snowmobilers are happy, but I'm not.  I hate it when I have to suffer so they can have a good time.  It's just not fair.

Yesterday morning was very windy with forecasts of 4-5 inches of snow starting in the afternoon.  It started at 12:30 PM and was coming down hard and blowing on top of it.  I went out to clear it off the driveway at 4 and we already had at least 5 inches and even 20 inches in one drift.

I used the snowblower on the driveway and cleared it off except for the pile the wonderful village snowplow had deposited by the street.  Wonder if he can read my thoughts, especially after I've just cleared it off by the street.

Went back out at 6:15 and we had another four inches.  I wasn't looking forward to attacking the now larger pile by the street and was I ever happy to see next door neighbor Rick drive up in his snow plow.  THANK YOU RICK!!

Today, I cleared off another four inches and also did the driveways of two neighbors.  One is on vacation in Mexico (good place to be right now).  The other neighbor blew his knee out a couple months ago and can't do it.

We could, however, be in Kansas City or Oklahoma, so it could be worse.

And!!  Not One Snowmobiler Came By to Clear Off My Driveway.  My Aching Back.   --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Three friars opened up a florist shop to raise money for the church and were doing so well, a florist across town asked them to please close so he could stay in business.  They refused, so the other florist hired Hugh McTaggert, one of the meanest thugs around to "persuade" them.  He beat them up and trashed their shop and said he'd be back if they didn't close.  They did

Thereby proving that "Only Hugh can prevent florist friars."

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Deaths: Sitars-- Country Drums


Died Dec. 11, 2012.  Sitar virtuoso who introduced much of the Western World to Indian music in the 1960s, thanks especially to the Beatles.  Estranged father of Norah Jones.

Those sitars were really interesting sounds the Beatles, and especially George Harrison, who would have been 70 yesterday, did a lot to bring to us.


Died Dec. 13, 2012.  Born May 1, 1939.  One of Nashville's A-Team drummers during the 60s to 80s.  Played on thousands of recordings, live performances and television shows.  Staff drummer at the Grand Ole Opry and "Hee Haw."

Played drums for Jerry Reed, Waylon Jennings, Charley Pride, Ernest Tubb, Roger Miller, Marty Robbins, Bobby Bare and Patsy Cline among many others.

I'm a big country fan.

Original Thirteen Basketball Rules

James Naismith's Original Thirteen Rules for Basket. Ball were at auction back in 2010 starting at $2 million.  He typed them on a piece of paper and put them up in the gym.

Two of interest were

#6  A foul is striking a ball with a fist.

#7  If either side makes three consecutive fouls, it shall count a goal for the opponent.

I especially like the last one.  That would sure speed up the time it takes to play the last few minutes in a close college basketball game when the team behind commits foul after foul.

I Hate That.  --RoadDog

Ten Animals You Wouldn't Believe People Eat

Listverse.  Of course, more information and pictures at the site.  I'm just listing.

10.  Elephant
9.  Gorilla
8.  Silkworms

7.  Ants
6.  Puffer Fish
5.  Rat
4.   Horse

3.  Dog
2.  Turtles
1.  Spiders

Watch Out Spider Man.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  A woman has twins and gives them up for adoption.  One goes to Egypt and is named "Ahmal."  The other goes to Spain and they name him "Juan."  Years later, Juan send s a picture of himself to her and she says she wishes she also had a picture of Ahmal.

Her husband responds, "They're twins.  If you've seen Juan, you've seen Ahmal."

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mooseheart's "Very Tall Order"

From the Feb. 22, 2013, Chicago Tribune "A very tall order" by Ted Gregory.

Mooseheart, a facility operated by the Moose organization in Batavia, Illinois, on the old Lincoln Highway, has been taking in orphaned and children facing other problems of its members since 1913.  It offers a place to live, guidance and school.

Of course, taking in kids like that doesn't guarantee athletes.  The school's basketball team has been around since 1929, but has never been better than it is today, thanks to three kids, called "The Big Three" who transferred there from South Sudan.

They arrived at Mooseheart in May 2011, speaking almost no English and with just raw basketball skills.  But, they were big: Mangisto Deng is 6'7", Makur Puou is 6'10" and Akim Nyang is 7'1".

They came over under AHOPE (African Hoop Opportunities Providing an Education).  Life in their homeland of South Sudan is horrible.   It's a fine thing to give these tall kids an opportunity.

But other schools who have to play Mooseheart are calling foul, and rightfully so.  It seems just too much of a coincidence.  Oh, and they just happen to be tall and have talent.

You Almost Have to Wonder If They'll Leave Early to Attend College?  Wait, That's Something Else.  --RoadDog

Top Ten Hints for Beating the Casinos

From the Oct. 10, 2010, Listverse

10.  Know the Odds  (I know mine, lose almost all of the time,)
9.  Take Only what you can lose
8.  Watch Your Cash.

7.  Know When to Quit.
6.  Watch the Clock (Well, actually your watch or cell phone, nowadays.)
5.  Don't Drink (Hey, that's the only way I come out ahead.)
4.  Take Breaks

3.  Don't Use a System.
2.  Hidden Costs (In order to win big at some machines, you have to put in maximum coins.
1.  Cash Out

I Have Come Up With the Best Way Not to Lose.  Don't Play.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  A group of chess enthusiasts were standing in a hotel lobby bragging about their recent tournament wins.  The manager came over and told them to disperse because he couldn't stand "Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer."

Hey, Gov, How About a Break for Us Regular Folks Now!!!

Came across an article in the Feb. 22nd Chicago Tribune "Ultraluxury jostles for market space in Miami" by Matha Brannigan.

Hearing that business is booming and the stock markets back on track and now that the 2% are making money again, its time to get some of those good times to the regular folks like us.  The government seems to have been doing everything for the GRBs who messed up the country in the first place since 2008.

Now these GRBs can continue their living high lifestyles.

The article was about Miami Heat president Pat Riley's, he of the "Three-Peat copyright,  "spectacular bayfront mansion in gated Gables Estates" that sold last March for $16.8 million.  It was a mere 12,856-square feet on 2 acres with a theater, wine cellar, library huge swimming pool with water falls and aqua bar. 

But....BUT....the purchaser, listed as "limited liability corporation" wants to TEAR DOWN the 1991 home and build something even more grand.

Let's see, spend $16.8 million for a home...just to tear it down.  Sure sounds GRB to me.

I think about that every time I see how much interest my CDs are pulling in.

Hey, Mr. Obama, How About Us Now?  --RoadDog

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Deaths: The Original "Wild Thing"


Died Feb. 4th.  Lead singer of the Troggs whose "Wild Thing" has been a garage classic for these 45 years with its simple structure, basic guitar riffs and lyrics at best sophomoric.  Then, there was Reg's raunchy, suggestive vocals.

It was the Cave Man approach to romance.  It was written by Chip Taylor, real name James Voight, brother of actor Jon Voight.  Originally released by Jordan Christopher & the Wild Ones in 1965 and quickly fell off the charts.

Then, in 1966, came the Troggs rendition, and the rest is history. 

I also really liked the Troggs songs: "I Can't Control Myself," "Love Is All Around" and "With a Girl Like You."

Then, there was that movie.

Music Death: Dave Clark Five Bassist


 Died Feb. 11, 2013  Played bass on the band's signature hits like "Glad All Over" and "Bits and Pieces" they briefly rivaled the Beatles in popularity.

Part of the British Invasion including the Kinks and Rolling Stones..  The band had a huge following in the United States (including myself, I didn't know if I like them of the Beatles better) especially after their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show where drummer Dave Clark kept the beat and offered up his exuberant vocals.  The group broke up in 1970 after twelve years of playing together.

I can never remember if the first single I bought was their "Anyway You Want It" or the Hollies' "Look Through Any Window."

I'm a Feeling.  --RoadDog

Friday, February 22, 2013

Movie Scratches: Zero-- Gangster-- Django Unchained-- Silver

New year, new movies to see for the old dog.

1.  ZERO DARK THIRTY--  1-22--  FOX LAKE --  $6--  Hunting down the world's biggest coward and hidey-cat.  Persistence pays off.

2.  GANGSTER SQUAD--  1-22--  FOX LAKE --  $6--  Class clown Spiccolo goes bad.  Great 1940s scenery, cars, clothing, buildings and all that neon.

3.  DJANGO UNCHAINED-- 1-23--  FOX LAKE--$4--  That One in 10,000 will getcha everytime.

4.  SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK--  1-23--  FOX LAKE--$4--  Crazy is as crazy does till falls in love.  You've got to pity the poor mother with all those nuts around.

Don't Hog the Popcorn!!  --RoadDog

Sitting Here Digging on Beach Music from 1965

The last couple days I have been listening a lot to "Fessa John Hook's Top 40 Beach Songs from 1965.  This includes songs most of us of that particular age know as well as a lot that those of us with a Beach Music bent are familiar with, but those of you who don't know it, wouldn't.

You can check it out at .  Go to the hear all three surveys words under the top picture and click on it.

To give you an idea of the music, here are songs 20 to 11 along with Honorable mentions (HM):

HM.  NOWHERE TO RUN--  Martha & the Vandellas
20.  NOTHING CAN STOP ME--  Gene Chandler
19.  WHEN I'M GONE--  Brenda Holloway

18.  I WANNA BE--  Manhattans
17.  COME OVER TO MY PLACE--  Drifters

16.  OPPORTUNITY--  Jewels
15.  HOT 'CHA/SHOT GUN--  Jr. Walker & the All Stars
14.  ASK THE LONELY--  Four Tops

13.  I'VE GOT SAND IN MY SHOES--  Drifters
12.  VOICE YOUR CHOICE--  Radiants
11.  HOW SWEET IT IS (TO BE LOVED BY YOU)--  Marvin Gaye

Also, tomorrow, Wendy Rice goes back to 1974 on her Saturday Morning Flashback radio show on Chicago's WXRT.  It streams 8 to noon CST at .  Tonight, Bob Stroud plays music from 1975 on his Ten at Ten show at 10 PM CST.  Streams at ..

Sunday, it's Rock and Roll Roots with Stroud from 7 to 10 AM on WDRV (60s-70s) and Terri Hemmert's Breakfast With the Beatles from 8 to 10 AM on WXRT.  Plenty of that there oldies stuff.

Give It a Listern.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root canal?  His goal: transcend dental medication.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Deaths: Beatles Backed Him in Early Days


Died Feb. 9, 2013.  The Beatles backed him in their early days in Hamburg, Germany.  Supposedly, George Harrison improved his licks from Sheridan.  Paul McCartney said he "was a good guy who we knew and worked with from the early days in Hamburg."

He was born Anthony McGinnity in Norwich, England in 1940 and went to Hamburg in 1960 with a band called The Jets.  At times he was backed by the Beatles.  Recently he had lived in Hamburg.

Back then, the Beatles were sometimes listed as The Beat Brothers.  Sheridan is the only non-Beatle to ever sing lead on a Beatles recording single that charted.

It was at a two-day recording session that Sheridan's "My Bonnie" and "The Saints" were recorded along with the Beatles' "Ain't She Sweet" and "Cry for a Shadow."  In 1962, "My Bonnie/The Saints" went to #5 in the UK and was later released in the US on the Decca label.  That Decca 45 is considered one of the most expensive 45s, one in mint condition selling for $15,000 in 2007.

I liked all of these songs after I became aware of them once the Beatles "hit" it big in 1964 here in the US.

Wondering If I Have One of Those Deccas?  --RoadDog

Unluckiest Band Still Around 35 Years Later: Lynyrd Skynyrd

"Y" Music "35 Years After Definitive Tragedy" by Wendy Geller.

The October 20, 1977, Lynyrd Skynyrd was on a headliner tour for their sixth album when their plane crashed near Gillsburg, Mississippi.  Three of the members died and others were injured.  The group's drummer staggered for help and was allegedly shot by a local farmer.

The record company scrambled to replace the new album cover which showed the group engulfed in flames.

The group, known for their hard partying offstage has had many other bad things happen to them.  Even so, they play on, even with just one original member.  I was glad to see they changed their mind about displaying the Confederate flag on stage.  It was so much a part of their "'tude."

See What Happens When You Make Fun of Your Teacher.  --RoadDog

Ten Artists Not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

From the September 19, 2012, Listverse.

Believe it or not here is a list of SOME of those who are not in that august body.

10.  Chubby Checker
9.  Sister Rosetta Tharpe
8.  Linda Ronstadt

7.  Steppenwolf
6.  Johnny Rivers
5.  Chicago
4.  Doobie Brothers

3.  Guess Who/Bachman-Turner Overdrive
2.  Hall and Oates

For #1, make your own choice:

#1  Deep Purple, Joe Cocker, KISS, ELO, Moody Blues. Jethro Tull, Rush, Heart, Stevie Ray Vaughan, ELP, Zombies, b-52s, Cheap Trick, Peter Frampton, Bon Jovi, Chaka Khan, Todd Rundgren,  Bad Company, Yes, Cars, Kool and the Gang, John Mayal and Procul Harum.

Pretty Amazing, Isn't It?  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Two hydrogen atoms meet.  One says "I've lost my electron."  The other says "Are you sure?"  The first replies "I'm positive."

The Pope Steps Down Headlines

From the Chicago Tribune.

Much has been written about Pope Benedict retiring as it were.  I was unaware that a Pope could step down like that as the last one certainly should have because of his condition.

However, some news sources had rather humorous ones:

HUFFINGTON POST--  The Holy See You Later

GAWKER--  Ex Benedict

DAILY BEST (Beast?)--  Pope Gives God Three Weeks Notice

Pretty Good Ones.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guessing the New Gas Price

Liz and I have a new game we play while driving down the road.  What will the new, higher gas price be at the station.  Gas around here goes up most days.  I should mention that last Tuesday, gas in Fox Lake did DROP a whole penny!!!!!!!  Then jumped a dime the next day.

Yesterday, on our way to Donovan's, we passed the station at the corner of Il. Highway 173 and Wilmot Road, generally referred to as Rock Corner for the big gravel pit behind it.  They are usually one of the highest places in the area besides Antioch, Spring Grove and Johnsburg.

I called $4, maybe $4.06 and Liz took $3.95.  It was $3.96 so she won.

Well, at least some form of enjoyment as the GRBs at Big Oil reach deeper and deeper into our pockets to get their ill-gotten profits.

You Too Can Have Fun While Getting.....   --RoadDog

Hasbro "Retiring" a Classic Monopoly Game Piece

From the Jan. 9, 2013, Yahoo! Games, Plugged In.

It has been many a year since I played Monopoly, but growing up, I remember fights could start over who got what piece.  Of course, I HAD to HAVE the battleship for some reason.  That was my piece.  Brother Bob always wanted the race car.

Back in January, it was time to stand up for your favorite, but too late now.  One of those was to be a goner.  You had until Feb. 5th to vote online at their site or Facebook.  Of course, this is great publicity.

They also had several replacement pieces: helicopter, diamond ring, robot, cat and guitar.  I voted for the helicopter.

This is not the first time pieces have been replaced.  In the 1950s, 3 original pieces were replaced: purse, lantern and rocking chair.  The dog, man on horseback and wheelbarrow came aboard.

Voting to keep when I looked in January went: Scottie Dog 30%, Car 14%, battleship 13%, hat 12 %, thimble 10%, iron, shoe and wheelbarrow 7%.

I see the final results were the iron out and cat in.

Cat Lovers Rejoice.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the craft.  Not surprising, the kayak sank, proving once again that you can't have your kayak and heat it too.

That was bad.

JSIS: Be Like Mike-- Reader's Digest-- That Meteor Thing

JSIS--  Just Some Interesting Stuff.

1.  BE LIKE MIKE--  Much ado here in Chicago about the 50th birthday of Chicago Bull Michael Jordan.  One of the best, if not The Best basketball players ever.  I'm still impressed that game he played so sick he could hardly sit up but score over 60 points.

However, I really got tired of seeing him on TV pitching products every commercial break here in Chicago back in the 90s.  It was as bad as having to see Mike Ditka just as much.  Move over Billy Mays.

2.  READER'S DIGEST--  I see the 91-year-old publication has declared bankruptcy again.  I used to read it all the time and we had a subscription until around the late nineties.  I can't remember the last time I read it, but I always hate seeing something that old go.

3.  THAT METEOR THING--  The video of that meteor streaking over Russia was pretty amazing and I'm sure glad I didn't see it personally as it would have scared the beejeebers out of me.  Way too much like in the movies.  Then, there were those two other supposed sightings.  Makes you think.

Just Some Interesting Stuff.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

That Crazy Old Weather of Ours

Like they say, don't like the weather right now, wait a little.  It'll change.

Yesterday we had rain and most of the remaining snow melted in the 45 degree weather.  We aired the house out and tried to get some more humidity in it.

Today, we have windy and cold with blowing snow right now.  Even a little accumulation.  High predicted at 19 degrees.  Tomorrow, 21 degrees.

Thinking Boat, No, Yes!!  No!  --RoadDog

What Is It About President's Day That I Don't Care for Anymore

Yesterday, I was all set to go over to the local Steak 'N Shake for breakfast, but then heard on the radio that it was Presidents' Day and schools were closed.

I forgot, but not that many years ago, I wouldn't have.  That's because it meant, day off from the kiddies.  As a teacher, I liked the day.  Now that I'm not, I don't.  All it means is stay away from restaurants and movies as they are crowded with parents trying to get their kiddies out of the house.

Funny how a little thing like retirement can change your perspective of things.

Oh Well, Something I'll Just Have to Learn to Live With.  --RoadDog

A Week in the North Winter

Some stuff we did this last week, showing you can cope with winter in the North Lands.

FEB. 12:  Tuesday--  Mardi Gras.  King Cake, beads, NTN and $4 Polish sausage at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wi.

FEB. 13:  Wednesday--  Movie Day.  Senior price ($4) at the theatre.  "Identity Thief" and "Hansel & Gretel."  Checking out the new wings and Fish McBites at McDonald's.  They're good, but $1 apiece too much for wings.  Almost too spicy.

FEB. 14:  Thursday--  Valentine's Day at Donovan's.  NTN and $5 Italian beef.

FEB. 15:  Friday--  The Usual Suspects at Stormy Mondays on Fox Lake.

FEB. 16:  Saturday--  Billy's in Spring Grove for gyro sandwiches.  Seventeen-piece Lakes Area Swing Band at the Legion playing those great Big Band songs from days gone by.

FEB. 17:  Sunday--  Chili Cook-off at All-Sports in McCullom Lake.  Rusty Nail in Ringwood.

FEB. 18:  Monday--  Half Price pizza and NTN at J's in Ingleside.

Good Times in the Area (At Least Until We Can't Afford the Gas).  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  Two fish swim into a concrete wall.  One turns to the other and says, "Dam!"

It's Them, Not Me: Gas Gouge at Full Speed: $4 Here

That Gas Gouge I saw coming back in January is here in full force.  When we got back to Illinois January 18th, the price of gas was $3.22 in Fox Lake (northeast Illinois).  By the end of January, I was predicting $4 by the end of February.

Yesterday, we saw gas at $3.90 at several places in Fox Lake, $3.96 at one, and even the big 4, $4 a gallon at another place.  Well, it was $3.99.9, and most people we talked to called it $3.99, but we know better. Did you know that if you bought ten gallons at $3.99.9, it would cost you $39.99?  A whole penny's savings!!  What a deal!!!  Let's start calling $3.99.9 what it really is.

Considering we got to $4.30 here last year, I figure the GRBs are thinking $4.50 this year.  Thus, the Pre-Pre-Pre Summer Driving Price Spike begins.

Feels So Right to Make Them Richer.  --RoadDog

Not Funny At All.

Monday, February 18, 2013

That's a Gangnam to You: Style-- Part 3

You've got to check out the Listverse offering from December 5, 2012, "10 Gangnam Style parodies You Have to See."

It links right from their site to You Tube.

Four that I particularly had to laugh at were

Romney Style
Kim Jong Style
Obama Style
Obama Gangnam Style

If you like parodies, especially of political leaders, worth checking out.

So, Gangnam It.  --RoadDog

That's a Gangnam to You: Style-- Part 2

Did some Wiki research.

The k-pop single is by South Korean musician PS4 and was released July 15, 2012.  Being old, I did not hear it like I would have if I was still deejaying.  But, I sure would have liked it right away.  It debuted at #1 on the South Korean charts.

As of Dec. 10, 2012, the video had been viewed on YouTube 927 million times.  I watched it several times myself.  It's really enjoyable, even if a bit risque at parts.

Gangnam Style is South Korean for a lifestyle associated with the Gangnam District of Seoul, one of the most affluent, dynamic and influential areas of the country.

So, Now You Know.  --RoadDog

That's a Gangnam to You: Style-- Part 1

The first I heard of this song was at the East Carolina-Marshall game in Greenville, North Carolina back in November, but it had been out for considerably longer than that.  Perhaps I had heard it played by a dj at Captain's Quarters over the summer.

It is an infectious tune, one that you can't help but move to when its playing.

At the ECU game, they played it during a break in action and showed audience members dancing it.  One guy was taking it to new levels until he promptly did a header down a few rows of people, landed on his feet and continued like he had planned to do just that.  Everyone loved it.

I've heard it a lot since then and have seen the video on You Tube.

The Macarena of the Teens?  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY TO BE TRUE:A  A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons.  The stewardess looks at him and says, "I'm sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger."

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Deaths: "Underdog" No More

From Yahoo! Obituaries.


Went by the name "Buck" Biggers, died Feb. 10, 2013.

Co-created the caped superhero who continually rescued his girlfriend, Sweet Polly Purebread, from danger.  Normally a mild-mannered shoeshine canine, when he'd hear her cries, he'd go to a phone booth and then, "Underdog."

The cartoon show premiered in 1964 and I was a big fan.  I loved his speaking in simple rhymes, the best of which was "There's no need to fear, (finish it)."  Underdog was voiced by comic actor Wally Cox.

Mr. Biggers was working for the New York City advertising agency DFS and asked to create a series of cartoons to promote breakfast cereals for client General Mills.  His most famous was "Underdog" but he also helped create "Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales."

Buck Biggers later became vice president of promotion and creative services for NBC.  He also held the "Underdog Franchise."  Macy's had the Underdog Balloon in their parade and there was a 2007 live action film of one of our favorite pooches.

Underdog Is Not Here Anymore.  --RoadDog

"Underdog is here."

JSIS: Getting Low-- Wrasslin' Shame-- Blue It All Over

JSIS--  Just Some Interesting Stuff.

1.  GETTING LOW--  Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are now at an all-time low water mark.  It wasn't that long ago that folks were worried about Lake Michigan's high water and thinking about funneling some of it off down the Mississippi River.  Hey, it goes in cycles, folks.

2.  WRASSLIN' SHAME--  It was just announced that wrestling will be dropped from the Olympics starting in 2020.  It was one of the original Greek events.  This should stay and one of the other, newer oddball things dropped.

3.  BLUE ALL OVER--  I see the NCAA is going to get after Boise State for their blue uniforms on that gosh-awful home field of theirs.  I saw Northern play on it for a bowl game a few years back and my eyes got to hurting.

Just Some Interesting Stuff.  --RoadDog

Going Back to 1968-- Part 3

Continuing with Wendy Rice's Saturday Morning Flashback show from last Saturday on WXRT.  Along with the tunes, she gives lots of information.  It's a real trip back.

Are you like me and try to sing some of each song as I go through the list?  And, I must admit that there are some here I'm not real familiar with.

By the way, Wendy's Back to 1988 today, streaming 8 to noon at .

ROCK MY SOUL--  Jeff Beck
ON THE ROAD AGAIN--  Canned Heat
I GOT THE FEELING--  James Brown

LEGEND OF A MIND--  Moody Blues

FIVE TO ONE--  Doors
LOVE STORY--  Randy Newman
ITCHYCOO PARK--  Small Faces (What did you do there?)
GREASY HEART--  Jefferson Airplane

PIECE OF MY HEART--  Janis Joplin
GROOVING IS EASY--  Electric Flag
FIRE--  The Crazy World of Arthur Brown  (And he was)

OK, Stop Sing Itchycoo.  --RoadDog

THE LAST OVERHEARD IN 1955:  If they think I'll pay 30 cents for a haircut they can forget it.  Maybe that is why guys started growing their hair long in the 60s.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Going Back to 1968-- Part 2

TIGHTEN UP--  Archie Bell & the Drells
SPACE ODDITY--  David Bowie
DO IT AGAIN--  Beach Boys

SINCE YOU BEEN GONE--  Aretha Franklin
LIVING IN THE USA-- Steve Miller Band
DANCE TO THE MUSIC--  Sly & the Family Stone

HUSH--  Deep Purple

Take Me Back.  Go Ahead.  --RoadDog

It's Do Or Die Time for Four Well-known Retailers

From the January 27, 2012, Yahoo! Business, Wall Street Journal "For four retailers, Do or Die."

BEST BUY--  The big problem here is customers "Showrooming."  That is where they come in, look at the product and then go home and order online.

J.C. PENNEY CO--  Trying to ditch its old-fashioned department store image.

RADIO SHACK--  This company is 91-years-old and named after the shipboard communications cabin (I didn't know that).

SEARS-- Continually selling stuff off to show profits to keep stockholders happy.  Owned by hedge fund owner Edward Lampert.  I personally don't trust hedge fund folk.

I rarely go into Best Buy anymore as I no longer have an idea how to operate most of their stuff, plus, around here, when you do, you get attacked by Direct TV.  I don't even remember the last time I went into a Radio Shack.  I think I asked to get a cassette tape demagnetizer and head cleaner and they didn't know what I was talking about.

I hardly ever go to Sears or Penney's.  You know, they don't even carry CDs anymore.

Hoping These Old Companies Survive, But Doubt It.  --RoadDog

OVERHEARD IN 1955:  It costs $15 a day to stay in a hospital.  Who can afford that.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It Was a Sad Day for NIU Five Years Ago

We were at a local place, K.C.'s Cabin here in Spring Grove, Illinois, preparing to place an order when we looked up at the TV and saw scenes on the news from what looked to be our old school, Northern Illinois University in Dekalb.  The sound was down and we continued to watch until we knew for a fact it was indeed NIU.

It continued and we saw police and rescue people running about and knew it was anything good.  It wasn't.

Five students were murdered that day for doing nothing more than going to class, what they were supposed to do.  At least the killer had the decency to end his own life as well.  He, whose name will not be mentioned and best forgotten.


Catalina Garcia, 20
Juliana Gehant, 32
Ryanne Mace, 19
Daniel Parmenter, 20
Gayle Dubowski

Mr. Parmenter was even enrolled in the class, but was there as a surprise Valentine's Day for his girlfriend.  He died shielding her.

Seventeen others were wounded.

We went to Northern a few days afterwards and I wrote about what we saw.  Click on the NIU Shootings label and scroll down to ATrip to NIU for my three entries.

I was glad that Cole Hall, where the murders took place, was not torn down, but still stands after many renovations.  Outside of it is the "Forward, Forever Forward (from the school fight song) Memorial and Garden.  Picture to the left.

It Was a Sad Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Going Back to 1968-- Part 1

These were great high school days for me, between junior and senior years at good ol' Pal High in Palatine, Illinois.  Working at the Palatine BK (Burger King) and earning a whole buck an hour and all the Whoppers I could eat.

Tough life, but someone's got to do it.

I was also sports editor of the school newspaper, The Cutlass and yearbook and going steady with Liz.

Saturday Morning Flashback on WXRT in Chicago featured 1968 and these were the songs Wendy Rice played from 8 to noon.

I THANK YOU--  Sam and Dave

SUZIE-Q--  Creedence Clearwater Revival-- The first song by my favorite group!!
I CAN'T QUIT HER--  Blood, Sweat & Tears (before David Clayton-Thomas)
HELLO, I LOVE YOU--  Doors--  Always reminds me of driving to Honey Hill in Wauconda with the evening BK crew.
MONTERREY--  Eric Burdon & the Animals
ON THE WAY HOME--  Buffalo Springfield--  The beginning of that great country-rock sound.

Great Times Back Then.  --RoadDog

OVERHEARD IN 1955:  Can't afford trips anymore.  They're charging $2 to stay in a motel. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One More Mardi Gras List

Last night, we ran into one of our favorite Cajuns, Gayle, at the Legion.  She and husband Cajun (as we call him, but Jim in actuality) are from Houma, Louisiana, and definitely have that Cajun lilt when talking.  They will be giving up something for Lent.

Anyway, WXRT's Lin Brehmer has a list of music to listen to for your Mardi Gras experience on the station's website.  Even better, each song (well, most of them) come with a You Tube video of the song you can watch.  There were some I hadn't heard before.

RED BEANS--  Professor Longhair
HURRICANE SEASON--  Trombone Shorty
VOODOO--  Neville Brothers
ROCKIN' PNEUMONIA AND BOOGIE WOOGIE FLU--  Huey "Piano" Smith & the Clowns

KOLINDA--  Beausoleil
MA CHERE BELLE--  Hackberry Ramblers
I LOVE YOU GOODBYE--  Thomas Dolby
COME ON SHEILA--  Zachary Richard
GO BACK TO YOUR WOODS--  Robbie Robertson--  Singing about New Orleans' Storyville District where, "If the women don't get you, the music will."

PAPER IN MY SHOE--  Boozoo Chavis
GARBAGE MAN--  Johnny Adams
NIGHT PEOPLE--  Allen Toussant

Beads, Anyone?  --RoadDog

Tom Marker's Lundi Gras 2-11-13 Playlist

Last night, Tom Marker did his annual Lundi Gras show on his Bluesbreakers program on Chicago's WXRT.  Always a great way to get you into the mood for the following day.

Here is his playlist:

WHAT IS NEW ORLEANS--  Kermit Ruffins
CAN'T STOP THE FUNK--  Neville brothers
CARNIVAL TIME--  A; "Carnival Time" Johnson
BUCK JUMP--  Trombone Shorty

BREAK-A-WAY--  Irene Thomas
CARNIVAL KONGO--  Los Hombres Calientes
GO TO MARDI GRAS--  Professor Longhair

BRAND NEW BLUES--  Cyril Neville

Getting That Ol' Mardi Gras Vibe.  --RoadDog

Well, It's Mardi Gras Day...Again

Bon Ton Roulet, Folks!!  Pardon my French. Let the Good Times Roll.

And I'll be starting right as soon as I get the garbage rolled out to the street.  One of the more mundane things I have to do today.

We'll be heading up to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, for Donovan's Reef.  Really nothing Mardi Gra-ish going on there.  I would play my copy of the movie "The Big Easy," but it is VHS and they only have DVD.  This is the movie that got me hooked on New Orleans music.  Man, that stuff just blew me away and I had never heard of it before.

I will bring along a couple, two, tree CDs of the stuff and play it on my boombox.

We did buy a King Cake at a local bakery and will bring it along.  I'm sure most have never had any.

We have been to three Mardi Gras parades.  Two were at Panama City, Florida and one at Mobile, Alabama, where they had the very first Mardia Gras (before that Orleans place).  This was the Saturday before the 2012 Go-Daddy Bowl where our Northern Illinois played Arkansas State.

Had a great time at both, but if you're ever filming it, watch out for flying beads (especially when the folks on the float don't separate them and throw a whole bunch at once.  They HURT!!  When you get hit in the face.  One thing we liked at Mobile was that they also threw mini-Moon Pies and not just the usuals, but there were a couple different ones that were REALLY good.    Mobile drops a huge Moon Pie on New Year's Eve.

Anyway,  Feast Up!!  --RoadDog

OVERHEARD IN 1955:  I doubt that fast food will ever catch on.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Lundi Gras

Lundi meaning Monday, as in the Monday before Mardi Gras.  We're up North, so it won't be as much fun as it is in the South, especially along the Gulf Coast.

Not many  places even have celebrations.  I was at Jewel grocery store earlier looking for a "King Cake" and was told, of course they don't have any.  Most grocery stores on the gulf have them.  That is a Mardi Gras tradition.

When I used to deejay, there was a lot of Mardi Gras music I'd be playing in the weeks leading up to it.  Deejays around here act like they've never heard of zydeco, Cajun or Second Line music.

Listening to The Louisiana Party Collection CD right now and that is some great stuff including songs like "My Toot-Toot," "Zydeco Boogaloo," "Diggy Liggy Lo," "Jambalaya," "My Girl Josephine," "Jolie Blonde," ""Hee Haw Breakdown," ""Opelousas Sostan" and Zydeco Gris-Gris."  And it has such greats as Rockin' Sydney, Jo-El Sonnier, Buckwheat Zydeco, Queen Ida, Beau Jacque, Boozoo Chavis, Zachary Richard and Beausoleil.

We wore our Mardi Gras shirts, hats and beads all this last weekend and ordered a King Cake from a Twin Lakes bakery for tomorrow at Donovan's.  Maybe we can rustle up some jambalaya.

And, don't forget to tune in Tom Marker tonight at 9 PM CST on WXRT for his annual Lundi Gras show to get you in the mood.  I'll sure be listening.   It be streaming.  Bon Tons Roulet, or something like that.

Enjoy As Lent Starts Wednesday.  --RoadDog

Good Times in the Area


And, the roads were perfectly cleared by the time we went out in the late afternoon and met the Usual suspects at Stormy Monday and later stopped off by the Legion on the way home.  Great jukebox songs (Oldies) playing at both places.  A bunch of us Vietnam War-era folk had a great time singing Country Joe & the Fish's "Fixin'to-Die Rag."  " What are we fighting for?"  The Lakes Area Swing Band plays at the Legion next Saturday.  Planning on being there.


In the afternoon, I was a judge at a chili cookoff at Stormy Monday.  Like bbq, I've never met a chili I didn't like unless there were super hot peppers in it.

Then went to Captain's Quarters for their Mardi Gras party.  They had qll the decorations, but no food or drinks associated with the celebration.  Plus, the deejay never said a word or played any music that is associated with it either.  I used to play a lot of it.


Out looking for a humidifier belt (you need them with all the furnace heat).  Then went to All-Sports for their $5 pizza special and $5 pitchers. Their chili cookoff is next Sunday. A local snowmobile club was there (by car) because all trails are slush now.  They are from our Spring Grove and call themselves the Spring Grovers.

Then, went to the newly reopened Rusty Nail in Ringwood and found that some old friends of ours are running it, Brian and Mike.  Their parents, Phil and Bonnie, used to run one of out favorite Chain of Lakes places, Leisure Point.  We hadn't seen them in 15 years.  The Spring Grovers were also there.

Then, we found that O'Leary's and Twisted Moose were too crowded and ended up at Half Time's in Johnsburg.

Always a Good Time Round Here.  --RoadDog

What's With All the Survivalist TV These Days?

I have to admit that I am a big fan of these survivalist, post apocalyptic/cataclysmic shows, both on TV and in the theater.  I like SciFy.

Last night I enjoyed watching the first episode of the second half of the season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" (zombie apocalypse)and sure enjoyed it.  Now, it is not just the ever-dangerous zombies they have to watch out for, but especially each other.  No one is to be trusted whom you don't know, which was why I was so shocked earlier in the season when the Governor and his guys killed the National Guard troops.  I was thinking he would welcome them for their ability to fight zombies.

And, I see "Revolution," your basic failure of technology, is coming back next month.  I like that one as well as "Falling Skies" your basic alien invasion, and "Last Resort" (the near-World War III)  Not to mention the movie "Hunger Games" (totalitarian takeover). 

Keep 'Em Coming!  --RoadDog

OVERHEARD IN 1955:  I'm afraid the Volkswagen car will open the door for a lot of foreign cars.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thirty Years Ago Today, I Got My Deejay Equipment

One nice thing about keeping a journal since the summer of 1978 is that I can look back at things and bring back those memories.

Right now, I'm looking at 1983, a "mere" thirty years ago.  The big news today, Feb. 9, 1983, was that I had finally gotten all my equipment from Stereo Studio (no longer in business) on Palatine Road in Buffalo Grove to start my deejay business.

I had spent most all of 1982 learning the trade and playing on the equipment of various places.  I was now ready to go out on my own and make some more money.  And I sure did.  At one point, I almost earned as much money deejaying part time as I did teaching full time.

Over the years I built up quite a record, cassette and CD collection as well as a lot of now antiquated equipment.  I did pay for the lot we built on as well as the basement.

I continued deejaying until my very last job, St, Patrick's Day in 2011.  I am now retired from it as deejay jobs kept getting in teh way of being retired from teaching and the fact I was still using cassette tapes, a tad behind the times.

And speaking of deejaying, listening to a Mardi Gras album right now and Beausleil's "Maman Rosin Boudreaux" just came on.  I played this song a lot around every Mardi Gras.  As good of a Mardi Gras song as you'll ever find.  Combined Cajun, zydeco and second line sounds.

Like good old Ernie Edwards used to say when he closed his famous PigHip Restaurant in Broadwell, Illinois:

"The Equipment Was Getting Old and So Was I."  --RoadDog

Getting My Mardi Gras On

Listening to the CD "The Great Sounds of New Orleans" right now, a Hurricane Katrina benefit album featuring such greats as:the Meters, Neville Brothers, Dixie Cups, Radiators, Buckwheat Zydeco, Allen Toussaint, Clifton Chernier and Dr. John.

I've loved Louisiana music ever since seeing the movie "Big Easy" which blew me away with that great music that I was completely unfamiliar with at the time.

I found the Mardi Gras hat I bought down in Panama City Beach and will be putting the Mardi Gras ribbon on the front door.

Unfortunately, we were too early for the celebrations in Panama City and Beach this year, but that is a great place to enjoy it, as is Mobile.  I've seen films of the one at New Orleans and think that would be too much for me.

Tonight, we go to a Mardi Gras party at Captain's Quarters after a chili cookoff at Stormy Monday.  Then, Monday at 9 PM CST, Tom Marker does his annual Lundi (Monday) Gras show on Bluesbreakers on WXRT in Chicago which streams live .

Have Beads Will Travel.  --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me: Gas Gouge Well Underway

January 18th, gas here in the Fox Lake, Illinois, area was $3.22.  Last night it was anywhere from $3.66 to $3.86.  That's in just three weeks!!!

I really HATE those guys!!!

And, they're not through getting richer yet.

Dadburn GRBs.  --RoadDog

Nature's Been Painting

One thing about all this snow we've gotten this past week, especially what hit Thursday with the 8-9 inches according to the old Back-O-Meter, that would be Aching Back-O-Meter, is that it really stuck to the trees and bushes, making a regular winter wonderland to borrow that old Christmas song.

I went out yesterday to take pictures outside of the yard.  Just one striking scene after another.  And then, when we drove over to Stormy Monday to meet up with the Usual Suspects, it was just one wow after another with the trees all covered in white as they were. 

Of course, I have a love-hate relationship with snow.  I love what it does to the landscape, but sure wish we could find a way to train it NOT to fall on my sidewalks, driveway or any road I have to drive on.  I also don't like it that I have to suffer so that snowmobilers can have their fun.

The trees are still covered today so will have to go out for another drive.

That's Just the Way.  --RoadDog

Music for Your Super Bowl-- Part 4: X to XIII

Stroud took us from Super Bowl I to Super Bowl XIII covering 1967 to 1979, the years his Rock and Roll Roots Show covers.  Hopefully, he'll make this an annual event, covering one year at a time for a full three hours.

SUPER BOWL X--  Jan. 8, 1976


SUPER BOWL XI--  Jan. 9, 1977

ROCK 'N ME--  Steve Miller Band

SUPER BOWL XII--  Jan. 15, 1978



BICYCLE--  Queen
STRANGE WAY--  Firefall

Music and Super Bowl Just Kind of Go Together.  --RoadDog

OVERHEARD IN 1955:  Young couples may have to hire someone to watch their kids.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Four Points in the First Half-- Part 2

That is some kind of horrible shooting, indeed.  But, Coach Montgomery is focusing on defense as he rebuilds the team that he took over last year.  And his team is big in defense.  Once the "D" is in, then work on the offense.

Last year, about half the team walked off at the beginning of practice when he told them how it was going to be.  And, it was bad as far as record went.  They did win two of the last three games, including one MAC Tournament game against the #1 seed.  The other win was against hated Toledo.  I think they only won three games that year.

So far this year, there have been five wins and hopefully at least a couple more wins.  Next year, even better.

But, I remember another coach who had a horrific three first seasons: 1-10, 0-11 and 2-9 and then did well after that.  That man was Coach Joe Novak of NIU football fame and we see where that led to.

Unfortunately, Mark Hamilton is a young man and I'm sure once the success comes, we'll be looking for a new coach.  But hopefully he will laid the foundation for winners in our basketball program.

Hard Times Before the Good Times.  --RoadDog

Music for Your Super Bowl-- Part 3: VII to IX

Continuing with songs playing on the radio from Super Bowls past.


YOUR MAMA DON'T DANCE--  Loggins & Messina
YOU'RE SO VAIN--  Carly Simon

SUPER BOWL VIII--  January 13, 1974

YOU'RE SIXTEEN--  Ringo Starr

SUPER BOWL IX--  January 8, 1975

LADY--  Styx

Back in January Back Then.  --RoadDog

OVERHEARD IN 1955:  Women may have to go to work to make ends meet.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

From the Snow to the Joe's: Mad Dog and Pat Dailey at Sloppy Joe's

I just got back in from another assault on this mean little snow storm we're having here in Northern Illinois.  I'm figuring at least 8 inches of the stuff on the ground, and worst of all on my driveway.  And the village snow truck was of no use, coming by and depositing all that heavy stiff at the foot of the driveway.  And, mind you, not one single snowmobiler came by to offer their services...again!!

Neighbor Dan came over and helped with the snow by the street.  Then we did two other neighbors driveways.

It made it all worthwhile when I came back in and Liz said that Mike "Mad Dog" Adams was playing on the stage at Sloppy Joe's down in Key West, Florida.  And they have a live cam so got to watch him for awhile.  We haven't seen him for quite some time.

Sloppy Joe's is having their annual Put-In-Bay Days and have several regular performers from that place on South Bass Island in Lake Erie.  Pat Dailey starts in thirty minutes, at 7 PM Eastern Time.  I'll be tuned in to that as well.

You can catch it yourselves at the Sloppy Joe's website.

"We're Down in Key West and Don't Care If You're (well, not happy about it!)--  RoadDog

Four Points in First Half? Embarrassing, But Things Getting Better for NIU-- Part 1

By now, most every sports fan knows that last week, Northern Illinois' mens' basketball team scored just four points in the first half of their game against MAC foe Eastern Michigan in Ypsilanti.  Yep, that's a bit embarrassing.  Talk about shooting futility!!

But, I've seen Duke and North Carolina and other powerhouses go eight to ten minutes with no scoring or maybe a couple, two, three points.

However, what is overlooked is that Eastern Michigan only has an 18-4 lead at the end of the half.  That means the Huskies had some great defense.  And, the final score was 42-25.  Again, defense.  That is what second-year Northern coach Mark Montgomery stresses.

Montgomery's words at the end of the game was that the goal for the next game was five or more points in the first half.  He was impressed when his team showed up for an unscheduled shooting practice on their own initiative te next day. 

And, the next game against Kent State, they not only scored the first 9 points, but went on to win at the buzzer and now have a 5-15 record, not good, but a big improvement over last year.

As the headline in Joel Feinstein's Washington Post column read, "After historic debacle Northern Illinois' Mark Montgomery finds positives."

It Can't Get Much Worse.  --RoadDog

Music for Your Super Bowl-- Part 2: IV to VI

SUPER BOWL IV--  Jan. 11, 1970

HOLLY HOLY--  Neil Diamond
WHOLE LOTTA LOVE--  Led Zeppelin
VENUS--  Shocking Blue

SUPER BOWL V--  Jan. 17, 1971

AFTER MIDNIGHT--   Eric Clapton
MY SWEET LORD--  George Harrison

SUPER BOWL VI--  Jan. 16, 1972


Football and Music.  Just Somehow Goes Together.  --RoadDog

OVERHEARD IN 1955:  I see where a major league baseball player is getting $50,000 a year.  Someday they'll be making more than the president.

Music Deaths: Sugarfoot-- Patty


Died Jan. 26th.  Singer and guitarist with the Ohio Players who had a string of hits in the 1970s and were noted for their brassy dance music, catchy lyrics and flamboyant outfits.  I love their "Love Rollercoaster," "Fire" and "Skin Tight."


Died Jan. 30th.  One of the famous Andrews Sisters.  Even though she was from before my time, who doesn't love"Rum and Coca Cola" and "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy."  She and her sisters were the Sound of World War II.  I'll write more about her in my World War II blog, Tattooed On Your Soul.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Music for Your Super Bowl-- Part 1: Super Bowls I-III

Sunday morning, Bob Stroud went back to the music playing at the time of the first 13 Super Bowls on his Rock and Roll Roots Show on WDRV, the Drive, 97.1 FM in Chicago.  Brought back some memories.

SUPER BOWL I-- Jan. 1967

KIND OF A DRAG--  Buckinghams
LOVE YOU SO MUCH--  New Colony Six
GOOD THING--  Paul Revere & the Raiders
I'M A BELIEVER--  Monkees

SUPER BOWL II--  Jan. 14, 1968

BEND ME, SHAPE ME--  American Breed

SUPER BOWL III--  Jan. 12, 1969

TOUCH ME--  Doors
CRIMSON & CLOVER--  Tommy James & the Shondells
I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU LOVE ME--  Supremes and Temptations

He also gave the final score and MVP for each one.

Some Memories.  --RoadDog

JSIS: Revolution-- USS Guardian

JSIS--  Just Some Interesting Stuff

1.  REVOLUTION--  This TV show usually films in Wilmington, NC, (I didn't know that) but recently blocked off Main Street in Burgaw, NC, and put rusty cars in for a scene.  They were looking for extras.  Darn.  I shoulda been.  I like this show.

2.  USS GUARDIAN--  US Navy minelayer USS Guardian is scheduled to be cut to pieces.  On Jan. 17th, it ran aground on a reef in the Philippines.  It cannot be towed off without seriously damaging the reef which is a Philippine national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Well, I guess that's one way to lose a Navy ship.

Just Some Interesting Stuff.  --RoadDog

Say Goodbye to the McRib-- Part 3

Some interesting things about my fav. thing to eat, well, one of them.

7.  INDIVIDUAL McDonald's restaurants can actually order and sell McRibs at anytime.  Hear that Fox Lake!!

8.  KEEPING IT RARE  because the entire brand depends upon it.  (OK, I go to McD's a whole lot more when you-know-what is out.)

9.  It would be INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT for McDonald's to create more McRib-type products because of the cult following.

10.  There is SPECULATION that the McRib is just a big commodity deal by McDonald's.  Some point out that the McRib sandwich comes out when hog prices are down.

11.  ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS have sued the McRib supplier, Smithfield Foods, for inhumane treatment to pigs.

Can't Wait Until Next Time They're Back.  --RoadDog

OVERHEARD IN 1955:  Ever since Clark Gable said "Damn" in that movie, it seems like every movie has to have "hell" or "damn" in it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Senior Moment for the Day

Earlier today, I brewed up a fresh pot of coffee and went to pour some in my Fort Fisher mug.  Just before the liquid came out of the pot, I looked down and noticed the mug was upside down.

Sure glad I picked such an opportune moment to look down.  I would have wondered why my socks were getting so warm and wet.  As McDonald's warns us, "Be careful as contents may be hot."  Wonder if I could have sued myself? 

Liz Wouldn't Have Been Happy with Me.  --RoadDog

Say Goodbye to the McRib-- Part 2: Well for Another Year, Anyway

3.  McRIB IS THE PRODUCT OF RESTRUCTURALMENT TECHNOLOGY-- A professor in Nebraska came up with what binds the sandwich pork together.  It's a bit gross though: tripe, heart and scalded stomach mixed with salt.  Wish I hadn't seen this, but oh well, it tastes so GOOD.

4.  45 MINUTES--  The whole process from fresh pork to frozen McRib takes about 45 minutes.  The pork meat is chopped, seasoned, then formed.

5.  A McRIB--  The entire McRib sandwich consists of 70 ingredients and five basic components: pork patty, bbq sauce, pickle slices, onions and sesame seed bun.

It has 500 calories, 26 grams of fat,  44 grams of carbs and 980 milligrams of sodium

6.  DEBUTED IN 1981--  And disappeared in 1985, resurfaced time-to-time since 1994.  Its fleeting nature has produced a cult following. 

OK, So I Now Belong to a Cult.  --RoadDog

JSIS: Gov's Out-- Urlacher-- 20th GhD

JSIS--  Just Some Interesting Stuff

1.  GOV'S OUT--  We're so proud here in Illinois as we now have just ONE former governor in prison.  George Ryan got out and does not have to spend time in the half-way house.

2.  URLACHER--  Bears great and future HoF'er, Brian Urlacher is coming to the end of his contract.  To his credit, he was always a Bear and will always be a Bear.  However, with his declining abilities and really high price-tag, either he needs to be released or renegotiate for a much lower price.  We need an offensive line and a qb.

3.  20TH GhD--  Hard to believe, but 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of that great "Groundhog Day" movie.  I watched it a couple times on the AMC four-movie mini set on Saturday.  Plus, saw it Friday at Donovan's.

JSIS.  --RoadDog

Last "30 Rock"

I finally got around to watching that last episode of "30 Rock" Sunday before heading out for the game.  Just as funny and irreverent as ever.  It went out on a high point with one last episode of the show within a show being shown in order to fulfill Tracy's contract with everyone coming back.

Poor head guy Jack Donnehy had finally gotten to be head CEO of the corporation and found that he was not happy even though he always felt he would be.  I probably liked his character the best as he pretty-well always exhibited what is wrong with Big Corp America and the Super-Conservative Set.  He was hilarious as usual.

LL discovered that stay-at-home Mom was not her thing and the ever-page got to be head of NBC.

I'll sure miss this show.

What's Next?  --RoadDog

Now That Football's Over, Some Funnies

There was a funny Jan. 26th, In the Bleachers comic:  It showed a church with a sign out front that read: "Sunday Football: Big Screen TV, Buffalo Wings, Brats + Beer, Nachos, Free Sermon!"

Jan 24th Argyle Sweater:  A surgeon was at the operating table and saying to an assistant: "Yes, I know the procedure is running long!  But stop referring to it as 'sudden-death overtime!'"

Funn-knee!!  --RoadDog

OVERHEARD IN 1955:  Who would ever think gas would cost 25 cents!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Say Goodbye to the McRib-- Part 1

From the Dec. 17, 2012, Business Insider: Eleven Amazing Facts About McDonald's McRib."

I haven't been by a McDonald's in the last week, but imagine those mouthwatering McRibs are gone for another ten months or so.  Always sad to see them go because I sure love 'em.

As the article says, "the legendary boneless pork beef sandwich, famously moulded to resemble a rack of ribs" and, ever so good.  Hey, even licking your fingers is a treat after eating one.  And then, there's that satisfying later belch bringing back fond memories.

This year they were supposed to come out in October, but were pushed back to help year-end sales...and they sure got some from me.

Anyway, my friend Lulu sent me this list and I felt obliged to include it here.

1.  IT CAME ABOUT BECAUSE OF A CHICKEN SHORTAGE--  The chicken McNuggets proved so popular in 1979, that they were running out of chicken.  So, bring something else out.

2.  IT WAS INSPIRED BY SOUTHERN BBQ--  They were modeled after Charleston, SC, ribs.

Nine More Reasons to Love 'E,.  --RoadDog

OVERHEARD IN 1944:  They might raise the minimum wage to $1.  (Hey, that is what I got paid at my first job at Burger King in 1967.)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Well, It's Groundhog Day...Again

And, I'm not there.  Well, not there in the annual festivities in Woodstock, Illinois.  I was planning to go, but didn't wake up until 6:30, and the prognostication was at 7.  I'd never have made it in time.  Plus, we received around 3-4 inches of snow last night so ended up having to use the old snowblower for the first time this winter season.

Right now you can tune into AMC and catch the beginning of the third straight showing of the movie.  There will be one more showing as well.  Plus, I took a DVD into Donovon's Reef yesterday and we watched it.  Everyone enjoyed it and some said they hadn't seen it in a long time.

With our little snowstorm continuing at 7 AM, there was no way our local 'hog, Woodstock Willie, was going to see his shadow.  This means an early spring, way before March 20th.  Good news for most folk.  And that other prognosticator out east, Punxsutawney Phil, also didn't see his shadow.

Perhaps I'll get Out Next Year.  --RoadDog

Groundhog Day

OK, I admit it, I'm really into the whole Groundhog Day thing.  The movie was mostly filmed in Woodstock, Illinois, about 17 miles from our house.  It was filmed the same year we moved into the house and I sure would have wanted to see the filming of it had I known about it.

But, for some reason, we didn't know anything about it.  I did see the movie a long time ago, but it wasn't until about ten years ago, that I really got into it when I went to Woodstock's annual  Groundhog Day celebration and got hooked on it.

Unfortunately, it had been a long time since I had seen it and as it turned out, I sure didn't remember much about it.  One special part of the day (actually several different days) is the walking tour of the sites  Most years, Bob Hudgins does it.  He was the film guy who suggested filming be done in Woodstock to Harold Ramis and Bill Murray.

However, this time Steve Tobolowski gave the tour.  He was the one who played Needlenose Ned, the insurance salesman who had gone to school with Phil Connors.  I sure would have appreciated him being there more, but as I said, I didn't remember much about the movie.

"Watch Out for That First Step.  It's a Doozy."  --RoadDog

OVERHEARD IN 1955:  Did you hear the post office is thinking of charging 7 cents a stamp?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Tomorrow's Groundhog Day

And, I'm thinking about going to Woodstock, Illinois, for their annual celebration of the fact with resident weather prognosticator Woodstock Willie.

They kicked off the festivities last Sunday with a pancake breakfast at the Moose Lodge where the dance/auction was held in the movie.  Tonight they have a "Beat the Winter Blues" dinner/dance there. 

Of course, tomorrow is actually Groundhog Day with the prognostication at 1 AM, a breakfast, free showing of the movie at the theater featured in the film, that great chili cook off, the walking tour of the sites and symposium on the movie.

New events added to tomorrow is the first annual bowling event at Wayne's Lanes (featured in the movie) and a bags tournament at Ormann's Red Iron Tavern, both on Church Street near the square.

Thinking about it, but it might be too cold.

Decisions, Decisions.  --RoadDog

JSS: Mighty Cold Today-- Gas Gouge Underway-- Last "30 Rock"

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  MIGHTY COLD TODAY--  High predicted for 9 degrees.  Yesterday it was 15 degrees.  Tuesday it was 62.  Go figure.  Heat wave predicted for this weekend-- 20-25 degrees.

2.  GAS GOUGE UNDERWAY--  As I mentioned earlier this week, we have a gas gouge underway.  Gas in the Fox Lake, Illinois, area when we got back home Jan. 18th was $3.22.  Yesterday it was $3.56.

At least the TV stations have noticed and there was a segment on the NBC station in Chicago last night.  Supposedly it is due to the price of oil going up and refineries having "routine maintenance."  Of course, this is according to petroleum analysts who I trust as much as I do those Big Oil Fellers.

Hey, why not stockpile gas before maintenance to help out your fellow Americans.  Oh yes, that would mean less profit.

3.  LAST "30 ROCK"--  And I didn't see it.  We didn't get home until 7:45.  But, I did record it on the ol' VCR and will watch it tonight.  I really enjoyed those zany folk.

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