Thursday, May 31, 2018

JSIS: Drinking Beer Woes-- Gas Gouge-- McDonald's

JSIS--  Just Some Interesting Stuff

From the May 25, 2018, Chicago Tribune.

1.  DRINKING BEER WOES--  The beer industry is blaming lagging sales on all this cold spring weather we're having.  Yep, not much fun being outside and having a beer when you're already cold.  Beer share of alcohol peaked in the 1990s and part of the reason for the decline is growing interest in spirits and wine.

Well, I drink inside most of the time anyway.

2.  GAS GOUGE--  Just in time for the Memorial Day Driving Peak.  National average for regular is at $2.96 and that has jumped 19 cents in the last month.  Of course, the Midwest is highest in price and especially in Chicago.

Sure hurting more to fill up these days.

3.  McDONALD'S--  McDonald's will be keeping plastic straws for now, even though environmentalists are against it.  There is still the Fight for $15 going on as well.  The way I look at it, working at a fast food place is an introductory job, not one to remain at your whole life.  Either go up to management or another job.


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Music Deaths: Nokie Edwards of the Ventures

These obits come from the Oldies Music News site.


Died March 12, 2018

Founding member and guitarist (original bass).  Ventures formed in 1958 and had eight Top 40 hits between 1960 and 1969, including "Walk Don't Run" (#2-1960) and (#8-1964) with a different version.  "Hawaii-Five-0"  (#4-1969) and "Perfidia" (#15-1960)

That "Hawaii-Five-0" could almost get me to kill myself on a surfboard if I could ever get up on one.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I'd Celebrate That!! May 27 to June 3: Love Them Pink Flamingos

MAY 27, SUNDAY--  Grape Popsicle Day**  102nd Running of the Indy 500**  We sure celebrated that!!

MAY 28, MONDAY--  Memorial Day  I don't celebrate this, I commemorate it.  I saw the traveling Vietnam Wall in McHenry, Illinois, after we got back from Indianapolis.  Bought a lot of drinks for Veterans at Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg.

MAY 29, TUESDAY--  Pink Flamingo Day.**   I gotta get me one of these.

MAY 30, WEDNESDAY--  Hole in My Bucket Day**  Is that where my money goes?  Mint Julep Day**  Isn't that supposed to be on Kentucky Derby Day?

MAY 31, THURSDAY--  Macaroon Day**  Love those cookies.  Save Your Hearing Day**  Get those loud pods out of your ears.  Speak in Sentences Day**  Still can't conjugate one of those suckers.

JUNE 1, FRIDAY--  Hurricane Season Begins.  I don't celebrate it.  Leave the Office Early Day.**  Just don't get caught.


JUNE 3, SUNDAY-- Chocolate Macaroon Day**  Cancer Survivor Day**  Egg Day**  Don't Throw Them, though.

I'd Celebrate Most of Them.  --RoadDog

REAL LABELS - REAL PRODUCTS:  On a packet of juggling balls:  "This product contains small granules under three millimeters,  Not suitable for children under the age of 14 years in Europe or 8 years in the USA.  Must be smarter kids in the US?

Monday, May 28, 2018

WLS Top Ten for May 27, 1968: "Mony Mony"

1.  YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY--  Ohio Express
2.  MRS. ROBINSON--  Simon & Garfunkel
3.  REACH OUT OF THE DARKNESS--  Friend and Lover

4.  MONY MONY--  Tommy James & the Shondells
5.  MASTER JACK--  4 Jacks & a Jill
7.  THIS GUY'S IN LOVE WITH YOU--  Herb Alpert

8.  IF I WERE A CRAPENTER--  Four Tops
9.  MACARTHUR PARK--  Richard Harris
10.  DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO SAN JOSE--  Dionne Warwick

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "I Think I'll Go Outside For A While And Just Smile."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

REAL PRODUCTS - REAL PRODUCTS:  On a car lock which loops around both the clutch pedal and the steering wheel:  "Warning - Remove lock before driving."

"Beautiful Morning"

Thursday, May 24, 2018

'The Joker' Plays Carb Day at Indy 500 in 2017

From the May 27, 2017, Indy Star. Dave Lindquist.

"For sing-along tunes and a feel-good atmosphere, Indianapolis Motor Speedway hired the right Carb Day headliner in the Steve Miller Band.

"Vocalist-guitarist Steve Miller, looking fit at 73, brought Friday's Indianapolis Motor Speedway party to a close with a run of enduring radio hits "The Joker,"  "Fly Like An Eagle" and "Rock 'N Me."

"An estimated audience of 20,000 inside Turn 4 kept the mood light, which followed an example set by opening band Barenaked Ladies.

"Known for the songs "One Week" and "If I Had $1,000,000," Canada's Barenaked Ladies improvised a song about one fan's 'beer snake' that towered above the crowd at perhaps 20 taped-together cans."

We had a blast at this event and were sitting near a beer snake as there were several being built.

Ric Flair, pro-wrestling icon got up and really amazed.

This Friday, we will be seeing the groups Blues Traveler and Train perform at Carb Day.

Whoop!  --RoadDog

REAL LABELS - REAL PRODUCTS:  On a large folding cardboard sunshade for car windshields:  "Do not attempt to operate vehicle with sunshade in place."

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Klaus Voorman-- Part 2: Songs

Songs Klaus Voorman was involved in or played on the April 29, 2018, Rock and Roll Roots Show.


INSTANT KARMA--  John Lennon
IT DON'T COME EASY--  Ringo Starr

MY SWEET LOVE--  George Harrison

WITHOUT YOU--  Harry Nilsson

IMAGINE--  John Lennon
YOU'RE SO VAIN--  Carly Simon

WHAT IS LIFE--  George Harrison
PHOTOGRAPH--  Ringo Starr
SHORT PEOPLE--  Randy Newman

Funny That He Was Never On a Paul McCartney Song.  --RoadDog

REAL LABELS - REAL PRODUCTS (From the May 2017 Orange Peel Gazette:  On the "CycleAware" helmet-mounted mirror:  "Remember:  Objects in the mirror are actually behind you."

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Klaus Voorman-- Part 1: Mr. Bass & the Beatles & Others

April 29, Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots had a Roots Salute to Klaus Voorman, a man I had never heard of before, but really should have.  Today is his 76th birthday.


German artist, musician and record producer.  Back in the early 1960s, he went into a bar club in Hamburg, Germany, and was pretty much blown away with the Beatles.  It is a relationship that continues to today.

He designed the album covers for the Beatles' "Revolver" and the first Bee Gees album.  Had the Beatles gotten back together without Paul McCartney, he would have played bass.  There was also a stint with the Manfred Mann band.

He has played bass with the Plastic Ono Band, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Leon Russell, Carly Simon, Peter Frampton and Nilsson.

So, it could have been John, George, Ringo and Klaus.

Quite a Life.  --RoadDog

Monday, May 21, 2018

WLS Top Ten for May 20, 1968: "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy"

Fifty years ago in Chicago.

1.  YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY--  Ohio Express   I don't care, I love my Bubble Gum Music.  You're probably humming it right now.
2.  MONY MONY--  Tommy James & the Shondells

4.  MRS. ROBINSON--  Simon & Garfunkel
5.  TIGHTEN UP--  Archie Bell & the Drells
6.  MASTER JACK--  4 Jacks & a Jill
7.  SHOO-BE-DOO-BE--DOO-DA-DAY--  Stevie Wonder

8.  COWBOYS TO GIRLS--  Inrtruders
9.  HEY GIRL / MY GIRL--  Bobby Vee
10.  REACH OUT OF THE DARKNESS--  Friend & Lover

Name That Tune (from the above songs): "But I Was Young And Didn't Understand."  --Answer below.  --RoadDog

"Cowboys To Girls"

I'd Celebrate That!!-- May 20-27: Indy 500

**  I'd Celebrate That.

SUNDAY,  MAY 20--  Pick Strawberries Day**  Nothing better than fresh-picked strawberries.  Melt in your mouth.

MONDAY, MAY 21--  Waitstaff Day**  Tip 'em for good service.

TUESDAY, MAY 22--  Maritime Day**  Must be a water thing.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 23--  Lucky Penny Day**  Yep, I still bend over and pick them up.

THURSDAY, MAY 24--  Brothers Day**  Hi, Bob!!  Also, my 67th birthday.

FRIDAY, MAY 25--  Wine Day**  Well, I do like some wines, especially Pink Catawba.  Carb Day at Indy 500.  Last warm ups for the race.  Indy Lite 100 car race and concert by Blues Traveler and Train.  I'll be there.

SATURDAY, MAY 26--  Legends Day at Indy 500.  Walk the infield and Gasoline Alley.  Buy expensive souvenirs.

SUNDAY, MAY 27--  Grape Popsicle Day**  Beware Brain Freeze.  102nd Running of the Indy 500, I'll be there.

Racin'.  --RoadDog

ABOUT US SEENAGERS (Senior teenagers)  Why We Got It better:  And, I don't have acne.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Creedence Clearwater on R 'N R Roots-- Part 3: "Travelin' Band"

I GET AROUND--  Beach Boys
GREEN EYED LADY--  Sugarloaf

ROADRUNNER--  Peter Frampton
HIGHER GROUND--  Stevie Wonder




Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "When I Was A Little Bitty Baby."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

"Cotton Fields"

Creedence Clearwater Revival On R 'N R Roots-- Part 2: "Proud Mary"

LET 'EM IN--  Wings

BEWARE MY LOVE--  Wings  You always know when it is 8 a.m. as Bob Stroud plays two beatle songs when Terri Hemmert cpmes onwith her Breakfast With the Beatles show on WXRT.
DREAM WEAVER--  Gary Wright
I HAD TOO MUCH TO DREAM LAST NIGHT--  Electric Prunes   I always thought they were saying "Too Much To Drink last Night."


BAKER STREET--  Gerry Rafferty
KING OF ROCK AND ROLL--  Long John Baldry  "Boooogie, Wooooogie."

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Well, take Me Back Down To Where The Cool Water Flows."  Answer Below.   --RoadDog

ABOUT US SEENAGERS (Senior Teenagers, and Why We have It Better):  The women people I hang around with aren't afraid to get pregnant.

"Green River"

Thursday, May 17, 2018

DeKalb Footstompers Setlist, March 25, 2018-- Part 3

**  Footstomper original

Third Set

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Mountain of Love
Do You F*** on First Dates?**

Kansas City
Bring It On Home
I Fought the Law

International Waltz**

Secret Agent Man
Who Stole the Kishka
Polish Polka

Sweet Caroline
NIU Sorority Bitch**
Goodnight Irene

Purple Haze

Like I said, sure gonna miss dese guys.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Breaking Rocks In The Hot Sun."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

ABOUT US SEENAGERS (Senior Teenagers):  I have an ID that gets me into bars and liquor stores.  You don't.

"I Fought the Law"

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Music Deaths: Ron Dunbar: Beach Music


Born 1939  Died April 4, 2018

Songwriter, producer.  Born in Detroit.  Co wrote the minor hit "Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam)"  (#100-1961).  Worked with Holland, Dozier & Holland at Motown.

Wrote "Give Me Just A Little More Time" for Chairman of the Board  (#3-1970),  "Band of Gold"  Freda Payne (#3-1970).  Co-wrote "Patches" with General Johnson.

Thanks for the Great Stuff.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

DeKalb Footstompers Set List, March 25, 2018-- Part 3: "Guacamole"

**  Footstomper original


Cheeseburger in Paradise (White Castle Version)**
Jump Into the Line
Whiskey Dick**

Iko Iko
Chevy Van
Peaceful Easy Feeling


Green River
Lucille (Dirty Version)**
Big Balls In Cow Town

Sure Gonna Miss Dese Guys.  --RoadDog

Monday, May 14, 2018

I'd Celebrate That!!! May 14-20: Love A Tree Day and Armed Forces Day

MONDAY, MAY 14--  Women's Checkup Day**

TUESDAY, MAY 15--  Chocolate Chip Day**

WEDNESDAY, MAY 16--  Love a Tree Day**  And, I have a lot of them.  Sure wish they could keep their spring and fall colors all summer long.

THURSDAY, MAY 17--  Packrat Day**  Well, that's me.

FRIDAY, MAY 18--  NASCAR Day**  Pizza Party Day**

SATURDAY, MAY 19--  Armed Forces Day**  Can't do enough for them.

SUNDAY, MAY 20--  Pick Strawberries Day**  Not many things I like better than a fresh strawberry.

MMMM Good.  --RoadDog

ABOUT US SEENAGERS (Senior Teenager):  I have a driver's license and own my own car.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

WLS Top Ten for May 13, 1968: "Tighten Up"

That's right, fifty years ago today.  Where DOES the time go?

1.  MONY MONY--  Tommy James & the Shondells
2.  TIGHTEN UP--  Archie Bell & the Drells

4.  THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY--  Hugo Montenegro
5.  YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY--  Ohio Express
6.  HEY GIRL, MY GIRL--  Bobby Vee
7.  HONEY--  Bobby Goldsboro

8.  FUNKY STREET--  Arthur Conley
9.  COWBOYS TO GIRLS--  Intruders
10.  MRS. ROBINSON--  Simon & Garfunkel

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "I Think It's So groovy Now That People Are Finally Getting Together."  Answer Below.  --RoadDog

ABOUT US SEENAGERS (Senior teenagers):  I don't have a curfew.

"Reach Out In the Darkness"

Friday, May 11, 2018

JSS: Cold-- Gas Gouge-- Cemetery-- Cut Grass-- Old Stomping Grounds

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  COLD--  Well, we are being hit with a chilly day with temps this morning in the 40s and highs of 50s here in northern Illinois.  Those poor people out at Wrigley Field will be suffering for this afternoon's Cross Town Series game between the White Sox and Cubs.

2.  GAS GOUGE--  Yesterday we saw gas in Fox Lake at $3.10 ($3.09.9)  Gas at another station in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs was even at $3.20.  I guess the good old low prices are gone.  How high will gas get?

3.  CEMETERY--  This coming up on Mother's Day, we went to the cemetery in Arlington Heights where Liz's parents are buried and put up new flowers and cleared off grass from around the marker.

4.  CUT GRASS--  I cut the grass Sunday and had to cut it (and all those dandelions) again Thursday.  Can't have it getting too far ahead of me.

5.  OLD STOMPING GROUNDS--  After going to the cemetery, Liz and I drove by our old homes in Palatine and ate at Photo's in Palatine (Northwest Highway, US-14).  Photo's is located where the Burger King used to be where I got my first job and worked at junior and senior years in high school and freshman year in college.

We then drove on Quentin Road to Fairfield Road which is how we used to drive between Round Lake Beach to Palatine and later Arlington Heights to visit with Liz's parents.


Every Blooming THing: Early May 2018

I have a bumper crop of dandelions, of course.  Grass growing very fast and had to cut it for the second time yesterday.  With rain predicted for the next several days and cool temps, I didn't want it to get ahead of me.

The purple creeping phlox is in full bloom as is a yellow perennial that I don't know the name.  Tulips are blooming, but daffodils and hyacinths are gone.

The Bradford pear trees are brilliant white and the crabapples are starting to get their blooms.

Real Pretty Outside.  --RoadDog

Creedence Clearwater Revival on Rock and Roll Roots-- Part 1: "I Put A Spell On You"

On April 22, Bob Stroud did a Root Salute to Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) on his Rock and Roll Roots show from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM, the "Drive."  the reason for it was the upcoming birthdays of CCR members Stu Cook and Doug "Cosmo" Clifford.

If I had to pick just one favorite band from the 1960s it would have to be CCR.  They were the only group I'd buy their albums just as soon as they were released.


LOVE POTION #9--  Searchers

ONE FINE MORNING--  Lighthouse
MAKE ME SMILE--  Chicago


TAKE IT ALL--  Badfinger
HELLO IT'S ME--  Todd Rundgren

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Now, When I Was Just A Little Boy, Standing To My Daddy's Knee."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

ABOUT US SEENAGERS  (Senior Teenagers):  I have my own pad.

"Born On the Bayou"

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Just Got Back From PCB-- Part 7: Mardi Gras All Over Again


Threat of rain all day.  Barb, Glen and I walked over to Aaron Bessant Park west of Pier Park and saw the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Aaron Neville.  You don't get much more New Orleans ('Nawlins) than those two.  Huge crowd despite threat of rain which didn't come, fortunately.  All the better to get us into the Mardi Gras mood.

On the way back we listened to Waylon Thibideaux and his band playing zydeco and Cajun in Pier Park.  Unfortunately, a real heavy, moisture-laden fog rolled in before the PCB Mardis Gras parade.  At times you couldn't see any of the buildings, but the parade went off anyway.  We missed the fireworks because of the fog.


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Just Got Back From PCB-- Part 8 Rain (But No Snow) Wings, Breakfast and Beer


Glen and Barb got off in the morning.  We really had one heavy downpour most of the day.  Watched a couple movies on TV.  Then drove over to Salty Sue's for wings and, later, of course, Donovan's.


Still drizzling today.  Weather reports say the area has gotten anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of rain since Saturday.  Meanwhile, Chicago has gotten over a foot of snow.  I'll take the rain.  Had breakfast at the Sunnyside Grill.  They have a Sunnyside and we like to go to Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg.  We had sun finally and I finished reading the "Peshtigo Firestorm" out on deck.

Went to Shuckums and Donovan's.


Rock Songs Added to the Library of Congress National Recording Registry

March 21, 2018.

RUMOURS--  Fleetwood Mac  (album)
CALYPSO--  Harry Belafonte  (albun)

RPCK AROUND THE CLOCK--  Bill Haley & the Comets
MY GIRL--  Temptations


LE FREAK--  Chic
THE GAMBLER--  Kenny Rogers

Five hundred songs and albums have been added to the registry since 2002.


ABOUT US SEENAGERS:  (How teenagers and seniors are alike.) I get an allowance (retirement) every month.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Lifetime Achievement Grammys 2018

On j.January 9, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences announced their Lifetime Achievement Grammys for 2018:

Neil Diamond
Tina Turner
Hal Blanc of the "Wrecking Crew" session musicians


Monday, May 7, 2018

I'd Celebrate That!!! May 7-May 13: Tuesday Is Teacher Appreciation Day

MAY 7, MONDAY--  Melanoma Day**  be aware.

MAY 8, TUESDAY--  Teacher Appreciation Day**   Being a former teacher myself.  World Red Cross Day**

MAY 9, WEDNESDAY--  Receptionists Day**  They keep the place going.  School Nurse Day**

MAY 10, THURSDAY--  Shrimp Day**  I love 'em.  Clean Up Your Room Day**  Well, it's too late for me.  Better luck to you.

MAY 11, FRIDAY--  Military Spouse Day**  A hard job.    Eat What You Want Day**  Should be every day, but now, it seems anything you eat, and especially if you really like it, will kill you.

MAY 12, SATURDAY--  Babysitters Day**  I used to get 50 cents an hour and all I could scrounge from the fridge.   Mini Golf Day**  It's been a while.

MAY 13, SUNDAY--  Mother's Day, but you knew that.**  I sure wish is till had mine here.  Enjoy your mom if you can.

ABOUT US SEENAGERS (Senior Teenagers)  I don't have to go to school or work.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

WLS Top 40 for May 6, 1968-- Part 7: "Mony, Mony"

That's right, 50 years ago.  That's a half century.  The number behind the artist is the highest the song got on the Billboard Top 100.

10.  YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY--  Ohio Express     #4    I don't care what anyone says, I love my Bubble Gum Music!!
9.  COWBOYS TO GIRLS--  Intruders   #6
8.  TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY BABY--  Bobby Vinton     #33

7.  THE UNICORN--  Irish Rovers    #7
6.  HEY GIRL / MY GIRL--  Bobby Vee     #35
5.  THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY--  Hugo Montenegro    #3
4.  BEAUTIFUL MORNING--  Rascals    #3

3.  TIGHTEN UP--Archie Bell & the Drells     #1
2.  HONEY--  Bobby Goldsboro    #1
1.  MONY, MONY--  Tommy James & the Shondells

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "I Got Love In My Tummy And I Feel Like A-Lovin' You."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

ABOUT US SEENAGERS (SENIOR TEENAGERS):  I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 60 years later.

"Yummy, Yummy, Yummy"

Saturday, May 5, 2018

10 Misconceptions About Cinco De Mayo-- Part 2

5.  It isn't a celebration of Mexican culture.

4.  Americans don't celebrate it for any other reason than ALCOHOL.  Yes, that Mexican beer and, of course, tequila.

3.  You're not supposed to drink alcohol on Cinco De Mayo.  The official drink is the non-alcoholic AguaFresca.

2.  You're not supposed to eat tacos.  The ones like Taco bell are not real Mexican tacos.

1.  It isn't even supposed to be a party.

Well, in a short time, Liz and I are going over to the American Legion in Fox Lake where they are having a Cinco De Mayo and Kentucky Derby party.  There is a tequila bar, free tacos and fajitas, $2.50 Coronas, $2 mint juleps, and prizes.  Reckon we are not living up to the real Cinco De Mayo.


10 Misconceptions About Cinco De Mayo-- Part 1

From the May 5, 2018, ListVerse  "10 Huge Misconceptions About Cinco De Mayo" by Mark Oliver.

I am just listing the ten,  for more details, go to the site.

10.  It isn't a Mexican holiday.

9.  It isn't even celebrated in Mexico except for scattered parties.  Nothing like here in the U.S.

8.  It isn't mexico's Independence Day.

7.  Mexico didn't actually win the war.

6.  The heroes of the Battle of Puebla weren't good people, particularly Porforio Diaz.


AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  At my age "Gettin' lucky" means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.

Friday, May 4, 2018

WLS Top 40 for May 6, 1968-- Part 6: "U.S. Male"

15.  JENNIFER ECCLES--  Hollies    #40     A school-boy crush.

14.  AIN'T NO WAY--  Aretha Franklin--     #16    A Daughter of a Preacher Man.

13.  I GOT THE FEELIN'--  James Brown--    #6   Born in 1958 in Macon, Georgia.

12.  U.S. MALE--  Elvis Presley--     #28    Originally sung by Jerry Reed.

11.  FUNKY STREET--  Arthur Conley      #14  His second biggest hit after "Sweet Soul Music"  (#2-1967)

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "One Used To be The Shotgun.  Two Used To Be the Bad Boogaloo."  Answer below--  RoadDog

"Funky Street"

WLS Top 40 for May 6, 1968-- Part 5: "Lady Madonna"

20.  YOUNG GIRL--  Union Gap--    #2   Started out with four straight top tens.  This was the second one after "Woman, Woman."

19.  LADY MADONNA--  Beatles--   #4

18.  SHOO-BE-DOO-BE-DOO-DA-DAY--  Stevie Wonder--   #9     Had a near fatal auto accident in 1973.    Definitely not a fun title to try to type out.

17.  SHE'S LOOKIN' GOOD--  Wilson Pickett--    #15    Sang with the Falcons from 1961 to 1963.Wicked Pickett as wicked as he can be.

16.  CRY LIKE A BABY--  Box Tops    #2   Pop-rock group formed in Memphis in 1966.

Name That Tune (from the above songs): "You've Got The Kind Of Lovin' makes A Man Lose His Mind."  Answer below.--  RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  Of course I talk to myself!!  Sometimes I need expert advice.

"She's Lookin' Good"

Thursday, May 3, 2018

WLS Top 40 for May 6, 1968-- Part 4: "Delilah"

25.  SOUL SERENADE--  Willie Mitchell      #23   His highest ranking song of nine.  If I had a radio show, this would be my intro/outro music.

24.  DELILAH--  Tom Jones     #15    He worked clubs in U.K. as Tommy Scott.

23.  MRS. ROBINSON--  Simon & Garfunkel      #1   Folk-rock duo from New York City.

22.  LOOK TO YOUR SOUL--  Johnny Rivers     #49    I don't remember ever hearing this one, but it grows on you.

21.  DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO SAN JOSE--  Dionne Warwick    #10    Born East Orange, New Jersey.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "LA Is A Great Big Freeway, Put A Hundred Down And Buy A Car."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

"Do You Know the Way To San Jose"

Music Deaths: Yvonne Staples of the Staples Singers


Died April 10, 2018.

Baritone singer with the Staples Singers.  On hits "I'll Take You There (#1-1972),  "Let's Do It Again"  (#1-1975) and "Respect Yourself"  (#12-1971).  Between 1971-1975 the group had eight top 40 songs that became pop crossovers.

Going Back to 1969-- Part 3: "Space Cowboy"

STONE FREE--  Jimi Hendrix


SPACE COWBOY--  Steve Miller Band
TRY--  Janis Joplin
LET IT BLEED--  Rolling Stones

TOUCH ME--  Doors

THE LONER--  Neil Young
ST. STEPHEN--  Grateful Dead

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "I Don't Hear A Word They're Saying."  Answer Below.  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:   If God had wanted me to touch my toes, He would have put them on my knees.

"Everybody's Talking"

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

WLS Top 40 for May 6, 1968-- Part 3: "Master Jack"

30.  THE HAPPY SONG--  Otis Redding    #25   Released after his death.

29.  GOODBYE BABY--   Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart    #53    Actual title  "Goodbye Babt (I Don't Want To See You Cry."  Top songwriting team.

28.  MASTER JACK--   4 Jacks & a Jill    #18    South African quintet.  The Jill is Glenys  Lynne, lead singer.  Four guys and a gal, get it?

27.  AIN'T NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING--   Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell     #8    They had four Top Tens and  eleven Top 100s as a duo from 1967 to 1970.

26.  CALL ME LIGHTNING--  Who   #40   Rock group formed in London in 1964.  A real rave-up.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "I Realize It's Just A Picture In a Frame.."    Answer below.

"Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing"

WLS Top 40 for May 6, 1968-- Part 2: Does Your Mama Know"

35.  IF I WERE A CARPENTER--  Four Tops   (D)   #20    More great Motown.    Group formed in Detroit in 1953.

34.  I WANNA LIVE--  Glen Campbell     #36    I had never heard it before, but with repeated hearings, it grows on you.  Song was #1 on Country Charts for three weeks.

33.  DOES YOUR MAMA KNOW--  Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers     #29   Actual title "Does Your Mama Know About Me."   The Vancouvers were a bi-racial group.  I can almost hear Chicago's Herb Kent, the Kool Gent,  playing this belly-rubber.

32.  WEAR IT ON YOUR FACE---  Dells   #44  R&B group from Harvey, Illinois.  Actual title  "Wear It On Our Face."  As good as the Temptations and 4 Tops.

31.  A MAN WITHOUT LOVE--  Engelbert Humperdink    #19  Real name Arnold George Dorsey.  I wasn't sure I had heard this before, but on hearing it, I had.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Now Would You Marry Me Anyway."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  Why do I have to press the number one for English, when you're just going to transfer me to someone I can't understand anyway?

"If I Were A Carpenter"

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

WLS Top 40 for May 6, 1968-- Part 1: MacArthur Park"

Fifty Years Ago.  "D" means debut.  The number after the artist is how high the song got on the Billboard Top 100.

40.  REACH OUT IN THEE DARKNESS--  Friend and Lover  (D)   #10  Husband and wife team, Carthy and Jim Post  A great Hippy song.

39.  MacARTHUR PARK-- Richard Harris   (D)   #2    From Limerick, Ireland.

38.  BROOKLYN ROADS--  Neil Diamond   (D)   #58   Real name Noah Kamisnski.

37.  HOW DID WE EVER GET THIS WAY--  Andy Kim   (D)    #21  Had 12 Top 100s from 1968-1974.  Had two Top Tens with "Baby I Love You" and "Rock Me Gently" which went to #1.

36.  I COULD NEVER LOVE ANOTHER--  Temptations    (D)   #13   Not one of their better-known songs, but classic Motown all the way.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "I Think It's So Groovy Now That People Are Finally Getting Together."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

"Reach Out In the Darkness"

Going Back to 1969-- Part 2: "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"

GET TOGETHER--  Youngbloods
IT'S YOUR THING--  Isley Brothers

SUITE: JUDY BLUE EYES--  Crosby, Stills & Nash

THAT'S HOW IT IS--  Marvin Gaye

ATLANTIS--  Donovan

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Ev'ry Body's Talking 'Bout Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Tagism."  Answer Below.  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  Teach your daughter how to shoot, because a restraining order is just a piece of paper.

"Give Peace A Chance"

I'd Celebrate That!! April 30 to May 6-- Cinco de Mayo & Derby This Saturday

**  I'd Celebrate That!!

APRIL 30, MONDAY--  Honesty Day**  Honestly, I forgot to post this yesterday.  I have to be honest.  I can't remember what actually happened and no way something I made up.

MAY 1, TUESDAY--  School Principal's Day**   Law Day**  Loyalty Day**    Here's to Mr. Prohota at Winston Park Junior High who scared me to death as a seventh grader.

WEDNESDAY,  MAY 2--  Life Insurance Day**   Truffle Day**     Never had one, but I bet they're good.  My pig done run away.

THURSDAY, MAY 3--  National Day of Prayer**

MAY 4, FRIDAY--  Firefighters Day**  Star Wars Day**  Luke, I am....

MAY 5, SATURDAY--  Cinco de Mayo / Kentucky Derby   Big party at the Legion.  Tequila bar, mint juleps and tacos.   Plus our favorite band, 3 Aces.  Sounds like a plan.

SUNDAY, MAY 6--  Nurses Day  Mighty important people.


AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators.  We haven't met yet.