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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Roosevelt High School Has Some Noted Alumni

I looked up Theodore Roosevelt High School (hence the nickname Rough Riders)  in Chicago to find out more about them.  The school has been in existence since the 1920s and has some really notable alumni.

Author Nelson Algren

Director, screen write and Academy Award winner Carl Foreman "High Noon," "Bridge Over the River Kwai" and "Guns of Navaronne."

Comedian George Goebel

Poet and author Shel Silverstein "Where the Sidewalk Ends" and good pal of Lake Erie's Pat Dailey.

Chicago TV and radio personality Bob Sirott

Former White Sox organist Nancy Faust.  She is the one who really brought the organ into sports for entertainment.


SIGNS OF OLD AGE:   You keep repeating yourself, repeating yourself, repeating yourself.

High School Football Again: Richmond-Burton Routs Chicago's Roosevelt

I always enjoy going to the local high schools to watch football games this time of the year.  Last night, our local high school, Richmond-Burton Rockets, opened their season against Chicago's Roosevelt Rough Riders.

I figure, I give enough money through property taxes to the school that I ought to get some enjoyment.

This is the second straight year that we opened against Roosevelt, which is coached by a former Richmond-Burton grad and Spring Grove resident.  And, this was the second-straight blow-out for our guys.

The score at the end of the first quarter was 35-0 and 42-0 at half.  Surprisingly, Roosevelt received the ball at the beginning of the third quarter and held onto it for all 12 minutes, but did not score.  I left with R-B having a 42-0 lead early in the 4th.

It was sad to see Roosevelt only had about ten fans and no cheerleaders.  I found out that last year they were 3-6 and the year before 6-2.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Movie Scratches: Planes-- Guardians-- Hundred-- Storm

Movie Scratches: A Dog's Eye View of Today's Movies.

53.  PLANES 2: FIRE AND RESCUE--  August 7th--  Fox Lake, $6:  A junk gear box and learning firefighting the hard way.

54.  GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY--  Aigust 12th--  Woodstock--  $5:  "Star Wars" for a new generation.  Groot stole the show.  Everyone say, "I am Groot."

55.  HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY--  August 18th--  Fox Lake $6:  For some reason I was very hungry by the end of this movie.  Should get an Academy Award nomination for Best Movie and others.

56.  INTO THE STORM--  August 19th--  Fox Lake, $5: "Twister--Part 2"  Here a tornado, there a tornado and a fire tornado.

The Rush to the Bathroom After a Movie.  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  Conversations with folks your own age often turn into "Dueling Ailments."

Disappointed with the White Sox

Not only is my team giving us another sorry year on the field, but I can't believe that none of the players turned out for the parade this past Wednesday honoring the Jackie Robinson West National Little League Champions.

Their presence would have meant more to these young men than the appearance of the Sox owner, general manager and Harold Baines (my all-time favorite Sox player).  The Sox did shoot off fireworks and show them the 2005 World Series trophy, but why the team did not show up (even some of them, but should have been them all).  And, for that matter, the Cleveland Indians were playing at Comiskey (I don't call it that other name) and should have been there as well.

Shame on the Sox.  --RoadDog

Thursday, August 28, 2014

WLS Top Ten Songs, August 28, 1964

1.  WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO--  Supremes

5.  BECAUSE--  Dave Clark Five
6.  A HARD DAY'S NIGHT--  Beatles
7.  WISHIN' & HOPIN'--  Dusty Springfield

8.  C'MON & SWIM (Part 2)--  Bobby Freeman (from #16)
10.  HOW DO YOU DO IT--  Gerry & the Pacemakers

11.  IN THE MISTY MOONLIGHT--  Jerry Wallace
28.  IT'S ALL OVER NOW--  Rolling Stones

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  Your classmates at your reunion think that you might be one of their former teachers.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jackie Robinson West Parade Today

Chicago is holding a much-deserved parade for the city's Little League World Series team that won the U.S. World Series before losing to South Korea in the championship game last Sunday.

We watched them play for most of last week and sure pulled for them.  Not only were we pulling for them, but, we were in bars for most of the games and most folks there were pulling for them as well.  As a matter of fact, there would be a Cubs or Sox game on and everyone would still be watching out Little Leaguers and cheering for them.

One place could only get one station and it was asked that the Cub game be turned off so we could watch the Little Leaguers.

Of course, this may have something to do with Chicago's two last place MLB teams who are going nowhere.


NIU's Top NFL Picks-- Part 2

Here are Northern Illinois' top five draftees of all-time before the 2014 draft:

1.  LARRY ENGLISH, DE:  San Diego Chargers, first round, 16th overall in 2009.    Awarded the Vern Smith Award as Mid-American Conference MVP as a junior and senior.  Senior year in 2008, finished with 14.5 tackles and 8 tackles for loss.  However, has had trouble with injuries and started just 9 games in career.  This year is the final one on his contract.

2.  JOHN SPILIS, WR:  Green Bay Packers, third round, 64th overall in 1969.  Played three seasons and started 14 games.  Best year in 1971 when he caught 14 passes for 281 yards and a touchdown.

3.  LESHON JOHNSON, RB:  Green Bay Packers, third round, 84th overall in 1994.  Led the nation with 1,976 rushing yards as senior in 1993 and finished sixth in Heisman Award voting (a record for NIU until Jordan Lynch finished third this year).  Played five seasons in NFL with Packers, Cardinals and Giants.  Best season with Arizona in 1996, when he ran for 634 yards and six touchdowns.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  Your arms are almost too short to read the newspaper.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NIU's Top NFL Draft Picks-- Part 1

From the May 8, 2014, Northwest herald "Ward projects to be among NIU's highest draftees" by Steve Nitz.

Well, here it is about time for another college football season to start.  I even saw a game on TV this past Saturday.  NIU plays Thursday night and if the weather is willing, we'll be there and for DeKalb's annual Corn Fest weekend.  Anyway, this article came out back in May prior to the NFL draft and Jimmie Ward was widely considered to be a 2nd-3rd round pick.

He ended up going in the first round.

It was also expected that qb Jordan Lynch might also be drafted (he wasn't), buy was invited to Bears' camp and is trying to make the team.

Only two NIU Huskie quarterbacks have ever been chosen in the draft: Jerry Golsteyn in 1976 (12th round and 333rd overall) and Chandler Harnish in 2012 (seventh round, 253rd overall, the final selection in the draft).  Harnish was chosen by the Colts and still plays for them, but mostly on the practice squad.

It's hard to get respect if you're from NIU.  Something about the Big Guy Schools.


SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  Lawn care has become a highlight of your life.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mighty Proud of Chicago's Little League Champs!!

We've spent a lot of this past week watching and cheering on the Jackie Robinson West Little League team from Chicago as it went through the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The fact that they could succeed so well is a testimony that you can rise above your environment and hopefully it will rub off on many of the residents of their area of Chicago.

They won the U.S. World Series on Saturday over a more highly rated Las Vegas team, but sadly, lost to the South Korean team yesterday, but will have a parade honoring them in Chicago on Wednesday.

Much deserved and We Are Sure Proud of You.  --RoadDog

Music Deaths 2013: Writer and Chicago Blues

PAUL WILLIAMS, 64:  Pioneering rock writer.  Wrote and published Crawdaddy Magazine in 1966, 18 months before Rolling Stone Magazine debuted.  Died March 27, 2013.

JIMMY DAWKINS, 76:  Born 1936, died April 10, 2013.  Major part of the Chicago West Side Blues sound, known for guitar playing.  Born Mississippi and came to Chicago in the 1950s.

The "Mayhem Man"

From the August 17-23 American profile Magazine.

One of my favorite characters on TV these last several years...and he is on commercials!!!  And, I stop whatever I'm doing during commercial break and watch.  I can't wait for the next "Mayhem" this guy is going to get into.  They come up with some good things.

I know the face, but not the name.  Last year I was watching a Law and Order: SVU episode and I was pretty sure I recognized one of the characters.  Why, it was the "Mayhem Man."

In this article I found out his name, Dean Winters (sounds like an investment firm).  He is also part of the Season Two celebrity team on the Sundance TV reality series Dream School this year.  But, not likely I'm going to watch it as we don't get the Sundance Channel and I don't watch reality shows.

But, anyway, keep on making these highly enjoyable All State Insurance commercials, even if I use State Farm.

--"Like Me."  --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten for August 21, 1964

As in WLS, 890 AM out of Chicago.  One of two stations kids growing up in the city and suburbs listened to 50 years ago.  1964 was when I started listening to it, even though it had been broadcasting playing pop songs since 1960.

But, as I said, it was until the Beatles that I got interested in music.

1.  WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO--  Supremes

4.  WISHIN' & HOPIN'--  Dusty Springfield
6.  HOW DO YOU DO IT--  Gerry & Pacemakers

8.  ROCKIN' ROBIN--  Rivieras  (Not familiar with this one.)
9.  BECAUSE--  Dave Clark Five  (Doing a slow one for a change.)
10.  RAG DOLL--  Four Seasons

19.  I'LL CRY INSTEAD--  Beatles
25.  AND I LOVE HER--  Beatles

Beatles on the charts and a lot of their other English Invaders (4, 6, 9, and14)

Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny Go.  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  You are proud of and brag about your lawnmower.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Busy Weekend and Week for Our 41st Anniversary

Today, we have a rib cookoff and two bands at Route 12 Bar & Grill in Spring Grove on US-12 and J's Bar and Grill 3rd anniversary celebration with two bands in Ingleside.  Tonight, a band is playing at Captain's Quarters.

Tomorrow, our favorite band, Soda,  is playing at Captain's from 3-7.

We haven't actually figured out what to do on August 25th, our actual anniversary day.  Perhaps a trip to Donovan's Reef in Twin lakes and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin?

This coming Thursday, NIU has its first football game and then Friday and Saturday, Corn Fest, where they actually shut down Lincoln Highway, Il-38, through downtown DeKalb.

Wondering If I'll Ever Get Used to the Capital "K" in Dekalb, Er, DeKalb.  --RoadDog

2013 Deaths: Miracles, Temptations and Yes

BOBBY ROGERS, 73:  (1940-March 3, 2013).  Born on the exact day and in the same Detroit hospital as bandmate Smokey Robinson, though they didn't meet for 15 years.  Original member of the Miracles.  Co-wrote the Temptations first hit "The Way You Do the Things You Do."

DAMON HARRIS, 62:  Died Feb. 14, 2013.  Joined the Temptations at age 20 in 1970, replacing Eddie Kendricks.  Sang with them until 1975, singing tenor on "Papa Was a Rolling Stone."

PETER BANKS, 65 (Died March 7, 2013)  Original guitarist in Yes and called "The Architect of Progressive Music."  He also suggested the name "Yes" when the group was looking for a name.  He left the group in 1970 over an argument about the use of an orchestra in their music.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Every Bloomin' THing: Mid-August

Big bloomers right now are my black-eyed Susans, purple coneflowers and mums.  I also have some of the hostas blooming, although many are past that.  The goldenrods are blooming their brilliant yellow/gold.

Two of my flowers that I don't know the name of, but are tall are in full color as well.  One is a red plant that grows to around 2-3 feet and reminds me of celosia.  I also have some sort of a mini sunflower that grows to 3-5 feet blooming yellow.

Sadly, my crabapple trees are starting to lose their leaves.


SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  You're on a game show and you decide to risk it all and go for the rocker.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Music Scratches: Up- Lucy-- Hercules-- Goes

A dog's Eye View of Today's Movies.

49.  GET ON UP--  8-5--  Fox Lake, $5:  Gettin' on the Good Foot and Groove with the God-Father of Soul.  Between this movie and "Jersey Boys" you get some really great music.

50.    LUCY--  8-5--  Fox Lake, $5:  Lucy's got some "splainin'" to do.  No good Richard and the wise Morgan.

51.  HERCULES--  8-6, Fox Lake, $4.50:  Demigod or just a great support group?  Only herc knows for sure.

52.  AND SO IT GOES--  8-6--  Fox Lake, $4.50:  Grumpy old loaner finds love and a new family.

Don't You Hate When You're Running Late and That Person in Front of You Wants Popcorn, Coke and Nachos.  --RoadDog

"Good Ol' Freda: Beatles Secretary and Head of Fan Club in New Film

From March 9, 2013, Reuters "Good Ol' Freda: Beatles' secretary breaks silence in new film" by Corrie MacLaggan.

Freda Kelly was secretary for the Beatles and chief of their fan club.  She would sometimes go to the barbershops where they boys would get their haircut and collect the strands and mail them to their adoring fans.

She was one of the Beatles' longest-serving employees, working for them for more than a decade.  The film is a documentary and shown at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

She was 17 when she started working for the band.and had to learn how to run their fan club.  She remembers girls sending 4 sticks of gum which she would hand out to the Beatles and collect after they'd chewed them and send it back.

The film title comes from the Beatles 1963 Christmas recording in which George thanks their secretary in Liverpool, and they all yell in unison, "Good Ol' Freda!"

Kelly Freda was once fired by John Lennon after arriving late for a show because she'd been having drinks with an opening band.  Lennon ended up on his knees begging her to stay.

Freda Kelly is a good friend with Terri Hemmert on WXRT, 93.1 FM who has the famous "Breakfast With the Beatles" show on Sundays from 8-10 a.m..

Good Ol' Freda.  --RoadDog

POLITICALLY CORRECT:  A term used for whiney, overly-sensitive pansies who need everything sugar-coated for them.

Deaths in 2013: Claude King "Wolverton Mountain"


(1923-March 7, 2013)  Original member of the Louisiana Hayride.  Had many hit country songs in the 1960s, but his biggest was 1962's "Wolverton Mountain" about an Arkansas man named Clifton Clowers who took guarding his daughter against suitors seriously.

Served in the U.S. Navy during World War II from 1942-1946.

Other big hits were "Tiger Woman" and "All for the Love of a Girl.

Right now I'm listening to "Miller's Cave" by Bobby Bare on WBRF FM out of Galax, Virginia.  At first I thought it was Claude King singing as it reminds me a lot of "Wolverton Mountain."


Deaths in 2013: Alvin Lee of Ten Years After

ALVIN LEE, 68.  Died March 6, 2013.

British rock guitarist, lead singer  and founder of ten Years After who made that memorable Woodstock appearance on the film.  Founded the band in 1967 with a mix of blues, swing jazz and rock.  Their two big hots were "I'm Going Home" (featured in the movie) and "I'd Love to Change the World."

He left the band in 1975 for a solo career and recorded with George Harrision, Steve Winwood and Mick Fleetwood.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Follow Up On the Amazing Beatles Feat Back in April 1964

Continued from the April 7th and 30th blogs of this year.

Most folks know that the Beatles had the Top Five singles in the U.S. with these songs on these labels:

1.  Can't Buy Me Love (Capitol)
2.  Twist & Shout  (Tollie)
3.  She Loves You  (Swan)
4.  I Want to Hold Your Hand (Capitol)
5.  Please Please Me (Vee Jay)

The rest of the Top Ten:

6.  SUSPICION--  Terry Stafford
7.  HELLO DOLLY--  Louis Armstrong
8.  SHOOP SHOOP SONG--  Betty Everett (jumped from #16)
10.  GLAD ALL OVER--  Dave Clark Five

But, in addition, the Beatles had these songs in the Top 100 (record label)

31.  I Saw Her Standing There (Capitol)
41.  From me to You  (Vee Jay)
46.  Do You Want to Know a Secret (Vee Jay)
58.  All My Loving  (Capitol)
65.  You Can't Do That (Capitol)
68.  Roll Over Beethoven (Capitol)
79.  Thank You Girl (Vee Jay)

Good Work If You Can Find It.  --RoadDog

Oldies Music News: Jimmy Dean Museum, Paul Revere

1.   Groundbreaking for the new Jimmy Dean museum was held June 14th in Plainview, Texas, at Wayland Baptist College.  Plainview is his hometown and he and his wife once gave the school a $1 million donation.

His biggest hit was "Big Bad John" which went to #1 in 1961.  A few days ago, I mentioned that the song was recorded on August 18, 1961.  Another big hit was "P.T. 109" which peaked at #8 in 1962.  It was about President Kennedy's World War II service.

And then, he got into the sausage and breakfast biz.

2.  On August 8th, Paul Revere, 76, announced that he would no longer perform on the road anymore with his group, now called Paul Revere's Raiders.  His son, Jamie, will rejoin the band.  The family business, you know.


SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  Neighbors borrow YOUR tools.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Deaths: Reather Dixon, Member of the Bobbettes


Original member of the Bobbettes which formed at Harlem's PS 109.  They wrote "Mr. Lee" about their much disliked school principal.  The song changed from negative to positive when it charged up the charts to #6 in 1957.  They were only ages 11-13 in 1957.

They became the first girl group to hit #1 on the R&B charts.

Their sequel, "I Shot Mr. Lee" only went to #57.

2014 Inductees to Hit Parade Hall of Fame

From OldiesMusic.com site.  A great place to keep up with your oldies folks.

Earth, Wind & Fire
Isley Brothers
Smokey Robinson & Miracles
Rod Stewart
Bob Seger
Merle Haggard
Donna Summer
Patsy Cline
Dinah Washington


This Day in Music: FM Radio, Jimmy Dean, Ringo, "Hey Joe"

From the Olde Disce Jockey site.

AUGUST 18, 1937:  The first FM radio station, Boston's W1XO is granted a construction permit by the FCC and went on the air two years later.  In the 1940s it became WGTR and is now WAAF.  I had no idea FM went that far back, remembering it as starting up in the late 60s, early 70s.

AUGUST 18, 1961:  Jimmy Dean recorded "Big Bad John."

AUGUST 18, 1962:  Ringo Starr's first appearance with the Beatles at the 17th annual Birkenhead (England) Horticultural Society Show.  Ringo rehearsed for just two hours with the band before taking the stage.  Well, you have to start somewhere.

AUGUST 18, 1966:  The Four Tops released "Reach Out I'll be There."

AUGUST 18, 1969: At approximately 9 a.m. this morning, a music and art fair ended with the song "Hey Joe."  That song was played by one Jimi Hendrix, who had played his striking version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" a few songs earlier.  That fair is better known as the Woodstock Music and Art Fair at Bethel, new York.

"At the bottom of that pit lies a mighty, mighty big ___."  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  You sing along with elevator music.  (I've caught myself doing that more than I care to mention.)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Trip Back to the Northwest Suburbs

Monday, August 11th, I braved all the traffic, stoplights and photo-enforced lights and drove US-12 to Memory Gardens in Arlington Heights' Illinois, and cleaned off the grass from the edges of Liz's parents' marker and put up flowers in the vase.

I then went to China Buffet near where Liz's mom Frances lived after moving from her home in Palatine, Illinois.  We used to have a China Buffet in Fox Lake, but it closed and I was wondering if this was the same one.  They had the best walnut shrimp in the world.  It wasn't, but I had a great meal anyway.

Next, I went to my favorite store anywhere around, Half Price Books, which also had records and CDs.  Like the name says, everything is cheap and all the stiff that I like.  Cost me $40 to get out of there, but got some good stuff.

Then, I stopped at White Castle on Dundee Road and bought ten sliders to take home.

It seems that every other stoplight in Lake Zurich on US-12, is waiting to take that $100 out of your pocket.  They should change their welcome sign to "Welcome to Lake Zurich, the Village With a Photo-Enforced Heart!"

Stopped at Thompson's Nursery in Volo and then went out for some boating on Fox Lake.

Not a Bad Monday.  --RoadDog

Boomer Radio Vintage Rock

Just sitting here typin' away with my two little fingers and listnin' to Vintage Rock on Boomer Radio over the internet.

Great music from the 60s and 70s, my prime time.  And they not only play the old familiars, but also ones I've never even heard before, but the feel is there.

Since I've been listening:

THE WIND--  Circus Maximus (never even heard of them before)
THEM CHANGES--  Buddy Miles

CRY BABY--  Janis Joplin
SIT DOWN I THINK I LOVE YOU--  Buffalo Springfield

TRUCKIN'--  Grateful Dead
CHRISTINE'S TUNE--  Flying Burrito Brothers
MY DAYS ARE NUMBERED--  Blood, Sweat & Tears

BORN IN CHICAGO--  Paul Butterfield Blues Band
I FEEL FREE--  Cream
GLAD TIDINGS--  Van Morrison
SHAPES OF THINGS TO COME--  Max Frost & the Troopers

FRESH AIR--  Quick Silver Messenger Service  (I can never guess the name of this song.  I always think it should be "Have Another Hit."
GIMME SHELTER--  Rolling Stones

POWER FAILURE--  Procul Harum
KASHMIR--  Led Zeppelin
OUTSIDE OF A SMALL CIRCLE OF FRIENDS--  Phil Ochs (One of the most interesting songs I've ever heard.  Before today, I never heard it.
MY FRIEND--  Steve Miller Band

KILLING FLOOR--  Electric Flag
HOW DO YOU FEEL--  Jefferson Airplane
FUNK #49--  James Gang
BLUES THEME--  David Allan & the Arrows

IF NOT FOR YOU--  George Harrison  (Doing his best Dylan imitation.  That's who I thought it was at first.)
SPACE ODDITY--  David Bowie

Give It a Listen.  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:    You send money top PBS.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Busy Weekend As Well-- Part 2

Still on last weekend.

AUGUST 10TH, SUNDAY:  Boating in the morning, then the Rally By the Lake festival at Fox Lake's Lakefront Park on Nippersink Lake.  Saw a '68 and a '68 Camaro and plenty of those great-looking new Camaros (perhaps my next car).

Then went to the St. John the Baptist Parish Fest in Johnsburg and met some of Liz's former grade school friends in a mini reunion.  One of those former school mates plays guitar with the group New Odyssey who were playing at the fest.  The band puts on a great show, especially with their "In-a-Gadda-da-Vida drum bit, the drum coat and ten-minute, ten Beatle songs-30 instruments bit.  Watch on You Tube.

After that, I went to the "Keep the Spirit of '45 Alive" ceremony in McHenry, Illinois, at Veteran's Park.  This is to honor the World War II veterans and the Greatest Generation.  I am writing about it in my "Tattooed On Your Soul: World War II Blog."


Movie Scratches: Tammy-- Deliver-- Transformers-- Apes

Movie Scratches--  Dog's Eye View of today's movies.

45.  TAMMY--  July 8th--  Woodstock, $5--  On the road for love and kicks with crazy grandma and crazy granddaughter.

46.  DELIVER US FROM EVIL--  July 15th--  Fox Lake, $5--  Not your standard interrogation room scene and all that Doors music.  Things you DON'T want to see through the two-way mirror.

47.  TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION--  July 15th--  Fox Lake, $5--  All the action and dumb comments you'd ever want.  At least Hong Kong gets its share of knock-down instead of Chicago this time.

49.  DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES--  July 16th--  Fox Lake, $4.50--  Right up there with "Get your filthy paws off me" is "Sorry Koba, you are no ape!"  That Koba was one sneaky, mean and murderous monkey, not ape.

And Then, There Is That Beautiful Dome Inside Woodstock Theatre.  --RoadDog

Back Home Again-- Part 4: Goodbye Beach

July 29th, Tuesday:  Newspaper pickup at the Jolly Roger Pier, later, Bob and I walked the mile to the pier and sat out on it listening to fishermen tales.

We all went out to the Crab Pot out by the Swing Bridge and had an excellent seafood lunch.  This place is attached to a place where you buy fresh seafood right off the boats so you can't get much more fresh than that.  Quite the rustic place.

I spent three hours out on the beach in the afternoon.

Played North Carolina Monopoly at night.  Interesting N.C.-centered game.

July 30th, Wednesday  Spent time on the beach again before leaving for Goldsboro.  Stopped at Paul's Famous Hot Dogs at Rocky Point on the way back.


SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  You run out of breath walking DOWN a flight of stairs.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

WLS Top Ten for August 14, 1964: Dean & Dusty Knock the Beatles Out of #1

2.  WISHIN' & HOPIN'--  Dusty Springfield

4.  WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO--  Supremes
5.  RAG DOLL-- Four Seasons
7.  HANDY MAN--  Del Shannon  from #17

8.  HOW DO YOU DO IT--  Gerry & the Pacemakers
10.  PEOPLE SAY--  Dixie Cups

21.  AND I LOVE HER--  Beatles
23.  I'LL CRY INSTEAD--  Beatles
27.  MAYBE I KNOW--  Lesley Gore
39.  AIN'T SHE SWEET--  Beatles

What's Her Name Again?  --RoadDog

1978 Songs That Almost, But Never Did, make it to #1-- Part 2

14.  THIS TIME I'M IN IT FOR LOVE--  Player  #10
13.  BAKER STREET--  Gerry Rafferty  #2  (One of my all-time favs.)
12.  IT'S A HEARTACHE--  Bonnie Tyler  #3

11.  LOVE IS LIKE OXYGEN--  Sweet  #8
10.  LAST DANCE--  Donna Summer  #3  (I ended more than a few deejay jobs with this song.)
9.  HOT BLOODED--  Foreigner  #3  DOUBLE VISION--  Foreigner  #2
8.  AN EVERLASTING LOVE--  Andy Gibb  #5

7.  HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU--  Olivia Newton-John  #3 // SUMMER NIGHTS--  Olivia Newton-John and John "Barbarino" Travolta  #5
6.  REMINISCING--  Little River Band  #3
5.  BEAST OF BURDEN--  Rolling Stones  #8
4.  I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE (DISCO ROUND)--  Alicia Bridges  #5

2.  YMCA--  Village People  #2  (I could not even imagine how many times I played this song while deejaying.
1.  HOLD THE LINE--  Toto  #5

Some of these songs did make #1 on other charts, though.  The songs are listed chronologically when they first appeared on the 1978 charts.  When artists had two such hits, the first one appears in front.

Some Good Stuff, Not #1.  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  Relatives smile benignly rather than interrupt you as you retell the same story for the zillionth time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

1978 Songs That Almost, But Never Made It, to #1-- Part 1

From the June 21, 2013, Yahoo! Music List of the Day "1978-- Missed It By This Much!  Top Ten Hits That Never Made It to #1" by Rob O'Connor.

As secret agent Don Adams would say.

These 25 songs from 1978 made the Top Ten, but never to that big #1 spot.  Positions according to Billboard.

24.  COME SAIL AWAY--  Styx #8
23.  JUST THE WAY YOU ARE--  Billy Joel #3 and   MY LIFE--  Billy Joel #3

21.  EMOTION--  Samantha Sang #3
20.  LAY DOWN SALLY--  Eric Clapton #7
19.  I GO CRAZY-- Paul Davis #7
18.  CAN'T SMILE WITHOUT YOU--  Barry Manilow #3  COPACABANA (AT THE COPA)--  Barry Manilow #8  (My favorite Manilow song.  Just try not to sing it when you hear it.)

17.  THUNDER ISLAND--  Jay Ferguson #9
16.  DUST IN THE WIND--  Kansas #6
15.  FEELS SO GOOD--Chuck Magione #4  (WGN radio played this one to death.)

"Her Name Was Lola..."  --RoadDog

Back Home Again-- Part 3

July 25-30th, I spent at Mom's place at Topsail Beach, North Carolina with some outstanding weather.

I love the beach, and spent the time reading newspapers, magazines and writing in my journal both on the beach and various levels of decks.  Enjoyed walking along the beach, collecting shells and those unique lima bean stones (as I call them).  Spent considerable time "camped" out in the sand on the beach as well.

Monday, July 28th, was quite hot so took a drive southward to near the South Carolina line.  Had those great Britt's Donuts at the Carolina Beach boardwalk, looked at where the old cottage was and drove all the way to "The Rocks" at the end of the peninsula.

Sorry to find Fort Fisher closed Sundays and Mondays.  Took the Fort Fisher-Southport Ferry across to Southport and drove around that quaint old river town.  Then drove to Caswell Beach and Holden Beach before returning to Topsail Beach.


SIGNS OF OLD AGE: You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Busy Weekend As Well

FRIDAY, AUGUST 8TH:  We drove to K.C.'s Cabin for breakfast and then to Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, where we saw a movie.  Then we went to Glenn and Barb's on Mineola Bay, Fox lake, and got together with the Usual Suspects for happy hour.  Stopped at the Legion on the way back.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 9TH:  I went to the Round lake Area Library for the dedication of the Linda Kaufmann Meeting Room in honor of the 35 years she put into the library board.  She was a member when I was with it.  She passed away earlier this year.

I am a friend of her husband, Lisle, who was the pastor at Cavalry Presbyterian Church in Round Lake for many years.  I have been up in his plane on several occasions and when I was deejaying, we often worked together when he officiated the weddings.  I had his son in seventh grade.  Lisle, Jr., now has his PH.d and is a two-time Fullbright Award winner.  He is leaving for a second stint teaching in the Ukraine in September.  I know I sure wouldn't want to go to that troubled area.

In the afternoon, we went to the American legion customer appreciation party and enjoyed a pig roast, corn on the cob and an excellent country band called Joe Powers and the Outlaw Country band.


SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  You keep repeating, repeating, repeating yourself.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Robert Palmer Girls Today

From the Jan. 23, 2014, Yahoo! Music.

Robert Palmer won a Grammy in 1987 for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male for his "Addicted to Love."  .  The famous video for his song was released the year before and featured "fembot beauties."  I was never sure if they were really pretty or really ugly.  But definitely, they were something different.

Patty Elias was a guitarist and has since sold her Grammy at a garage sale in Santa Monica, California.

Kathy Davies was the drummer and still can't watch the video, but remembers having a great view of the late Robert Palmer's butt.

Mak Gilchrist was the bassist and remembers the musicians union demanded they be paid union wage, despite not playing the instruments.

Julia Bolino was lead guitarist and says there were five musicians behind the camera, they were just miming.

Two of the "girls" have children who think of them as hot moms.

For the video, they wore really red lipstick, white faces and super black, short hair.  Their job was essentially just to move back and forth.  They had short, short dresses on showing lots and lots of leg.

Kind of reminded my of very slow-moving Ikettes.

Thart Long Ago.  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  You have more hair in your ears and nose than on your head.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Deaths: Jerry Vale and Ed Gagliardi

JERRY VALE, 83 Died May 18, 2014.  Italian crooner who had Top 40 hits in the 50s and early 60s.

"Two Purple Shadows" (#20, 1954), "Innamorata" (#30 1956", "Have You looked Into Your Heart" (#24, 1965) and his biggest hit "You Don't Know Me" (#14 1956).

He appeared as himself in the films "Goodfellas" and "Casino."

ED GAGLIARDI, 62, deid May 11, 2014.  On the first two Foreigner albums with hits:

Double Vision (#2 1978)
"Hot Blooded (#3 1978)
Feels Like the First Time (#4 1977)
Cold As Ice (#6 1977)

He left in 1979 to form his own group called Spys.

Who Sings It Better: Percy Sledge or R. Kelly

From WNCT, 1070 AM, Greenville North Carolina.

The station had its listeners watch two videos by the artists and vote on their favorite.  It was "When a Man Loves a Woman" by Percy Sledge.  R. Kelly did it from a woman's viewpoint and called it "When a Woman Loves."

I am not an R.Kelly fan at all, and, of course, anything 60s, especially soul music, has my vote.

I voted before seeing either video, and it was for Percy.

Percy Sledge recorded his song in 1966 in an Alabama studio and it hit #1 on both pop and R&B charts.  It is listed as one at #34 as one of the greatest songs of all-time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

R. Kelly's version was on his 2011 Love Letter album and is from a woman's point of view.

It would have been a great 1960s soul song, one that would have done STAX proud .  I doubt there has ever been a song with more soul.  R. kelly should make a whole album done in 60s style on reply songs from the 60s.

Both versions are incredible, but I wish i had seen the R. Kelly video before I voted as I would have had to think seriously before voting for Percy.

By the way, the voting on WNCT AM was 94.4% for Percy and 5.56% for R. Kelly.

When a Man Loves a Woman.  --Roaddog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  The end of your tie doesn't come anywhere near the top of your pants.

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Busy Thursday

Yesterday, I went to see the movie "Planes: Part 2" and then went boating.

Later, we went over to Grasslake Landing on Grasslake by car and had their half price pizza and got a stamp on our Chain Crawl passport.  Next stop was the Sandbar Bar on Lake Marie and another passport stamp.

Then, on to Antioch, Illinois, where we had a drink and talked with a friend at the Sequoit Lodge and then saw the band R'Gang play as good of 60s-80s soul music as you'd like at the It's Thursday festival at the main stage.  Met some old friends from Round Lake, Jim and Ginny.


JSS: Movies-- Boating-- Japanese Beetles

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  MOVIES--  On Wednesday, I saw my 52nd movie of the year "And So It Goes."  I strive to see at least a movie a week on average, so already made that number.

2.  BOATING--  As far as boating, we shoot for 40 times out on "School's Out...Forever" during a summer.  As of yesterday, we've been out 16 times, so are a little behind on that area.  Part of that is due to a very cool June and I just heard our July around here was one of the coolest overall on record.

3.  JAPANESE BEETLES--  I don't know what happened to them, but the swarms of these pests that so messed up my summers every July and August "just ain't around much no more."  I do have a few, but nothing I can't handle.

But, up until about three years ago, they were more numerous every year, causing me to have to go out two-three times a day on killing expeditions and I still couldn't keep up with them.

But now, hopefully, they are gone.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  You get into a heated argument about pension plans.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

WLS Top Ten for August 7, 1964: Beatles Dominating

3.  RAG DOLL--  Four Seasons

4.  WISHIN' & HOPIN'--  Dusty Springfield
6.  I WANNA LOVE HIM SO BAD--  Jellybeans
7.  UNDER THE BOARDWALK--  Drifters, from #18  (That great summer song and a big Beach music song.

8.  NOBODY I KNOW--  Peter & Gordon
9.  WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO--  Supremes, from #25
10.  I GET AROUND--  Beach Boys

24.  BECAUSE--  Dave Clark Five

29.  AND I LOVE HER--  Beatles  (debut)
40  HAUNTED HOUSE--  Gene Simmons  (Getting ready for Halloween

"And I've Been Workin' Like a Dog.  --RoadDog

Where Were You August 3, 1974?-- Part 4

Continuing with the songs playing on your radio this date 40 years ago.  Man, that's getting near a half century!!

BLACK WATER--  Doobie Brothers

I SHOT THE SHERIFF--  Eric Clapton
DANNY'S SONG--  (live) Loggins & Messina

GLORIA-- (live)  Van Morrison
IT'S ONLY ROCK AND ROLL--  Rolling Stones

"But I Did Not Shoot the Deputy."  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  Most women you know under 40 put you in the "Friend of My father" class.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Where Were You August 3, 1974?-- Part 3

These songs should take you back.  By Crackety.

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS--  Bachman Turner Overdrive
FREE MAN IN PARIS--  Joni Mitchell

WALK ON--  Neil Young
RADAR LOVE--  Holden Earring  (Dutch band)
WORKING AT THE CAR WASH BLUES--  Jim Croce  (released posthumously)

THE NIGHT CHICAGO DIED--  Paper Lace  (Just a few wrong things in this song.)
SOMETHING'S HAPPENING--  Peter Frampton  (Before he came Alive.)

"Back in the Bad Old Days."    --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  You enjoy hearing about other people's operations.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Good Times in the Area

FRIDAY, AUGUST 1ST:  After arriving back home from the North Carolina trip, we went over to Kevin and Kelly's place on Fox Lake for a get-together with the Usual Suspects.  Afterwards, we went to the Legion.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 2ND:  Did some bargain-hunting in plant nurseries in McHenry, cut the grass and went to captain's Quarters on Fox Lake to watch the band called Pirate Radio.  Then to the Legion where we watched the fireworks from Fox Lake's Venetian Night and had a great time watching the POWW wrestlers and their fans party on after their matches in the Legion hall.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 3RD:  Of course, I had to record Bob Stroud's Summer of 1974-- Part 3 in the morning.

Then did some major yard work in the front yard.  We had planned to go to Captain's again for their afternoon band, Funk Libido Circus, but ended up meeting Glenn and Barb at Brown's Sip and Go.  We later adjourned back to the Legion for the Sons of the American Legion (Glenn belongs also), but found it had been cancelled.

Oh Well.  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  You discover that the words "whippersnapper," "scalawag" and "by-cracky have creeped into your vocabulary.  NOT ME!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Where Were You August 3, 1974?-- Part 2

SWEET HOME ALABAMA--  Lynyrd Skynyrd


BAD COMPANY--  Bad Company
BAND ON THE RUN--  Wings (A side)
1985--  Wings (B side)

KEEP ON SMILING--  Wet Willie  (Dose of Southern Rock)

The Song was 11 Years in the Future Then.  Now, It's 29 Years in the Past.  --RoadDog

Where Were You August 3, 1974?-- Part 1

Yesterday, Bob Stroud did his annual trip back to a summer forty years ago.  That would be 1974 in this case.

August 3, 1974, was in the summer after my first year of teaching and one where Liz and I moved from one apartment in Des Plaines to another in Vernon Hills, Illinois.  This was so I could be closer to school in Round Lake.  Liz was still looking for a job teaching with no luck.  She was working as a secretary at General Finance Corporation's home office in Evanston, Illinois, right by Northwestern's Dyche Stadium, so her drive got considerably longer.

The songs:

SUNDOWN--  Gordon Lightfoot
BRIDGE OF SIGHS--  Robin Trower
TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD--  Rufus (With Chaka Khan)

REBEL REBEL--  David Bowie
BIG TEN INCH--  Aerosmith
THE WEIGHT--  (live)--  Band

"I Pulled Into Nazareth..."  --RoadDog

Back Home Again-- Part 2

WEDNESDAY, JULY 23RD:  Went to a Zaxby's for the first time.  Good food.  Did some shopping.

THURSDAY, JULY 24TH:  Some serious rain.  Bob and I drove out to Bentonville Battlefield, about 20 miles from Goldsboro and went to the museum.  We didn't get to go on the battlefield because of the off-and-on rain, at times really heavy.

Originally the plan was to go to Topsail Beach today, but the great beach band, The Embers, were playing at Goldsboro's Main Street Jam downtown so stuck around for it.  Unfortunately, it was rained out.

Oh Well.  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  When you do the "Hokey Pokey" and you put your left hip out, it stays out.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Take a Trip Back 40 Years to August 3, 1974

Tune into your radio or internet tomorrow to listen to Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots Time Warp back 40 years to August 3, 1974, on Chicago's Drive WDRV 97.1 FM.  It will be from 7 to 10 AM CDST and it streams.

Three hours of the songs playing on the radio and on your stereo as well as lots of information.

I remember August 3, 1974 as our move to Villas By the Lake Apartments in Vernon Hills, Illinois, from our apartment in Des Plaines, Illinois.  We moved to be closer to my job teaching in Round Lake.  Plus, we had already outgrown our one bedroom place.  This one had two bedrooms, so I got my first study.

Bob Stroud also has a Ten at Ten show every weekday at 10 AM and rebroadcast at 10 PM.

He plays ten songs from a specific year with lots of information every two songs.  And, no commercials!!  This upcoming week:

Monday:  1979
Tuesday: 1969
Wednesday:  1982
Thursday: Cover Songs
Friday:  1976

Listenin' to the Radio.  --RoadDog

Back Home Again-- Part 1

I was gone for 12 days, driving the usual route: Illinois 47, I-74, I-70, US-33, I-77, US-52, I-40 and US-70 to Goldsboro, North Carolina.  Spent the first night in Richmond, Indiana.

I have never seen as much road construction as there was this trip.  And everywhere, there were warnings of unbelievably dire consequences if you didn't drive the lowered speed limit.

The second day of driving, I stopped in Mt. Airy, NC, and had some Lexington BBQ (western Carolina-style bbq as opposed to eastern Carolina).  Personally, I like both kinds, but don't tell my family.

Made it to Goldsboro that night after driving 650 miles.

Road Work Ahead!!  --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten for July 31, 1964

That would be as in WLS, 890 AM, Chicago.

1.  A HARD DAY'S NIGHT/ I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER--  Beatles  (Back at #1 with new movie.)
3.  RAG DOLL--  Four Seasons

4.  WISHIN' AND HOPIN'--  Dusty Springfield
6.  NOBODY I KNOW--  Peter & Gordon
7.  I WANNA LOVE HIM SO BAD--  Jellybeans  (Quite the girl group song.)

8.  I GET AROUND-- Beach Boys
9.  SHE'S THE ONE--  Chartbusters  (Talk about your group sounding like the Beatles.)
10.  CAN'T YOU SEE SHE'S MINE--  Dave Clark Five

"Go Granny, Go!"  --RoadDog

SIGNS OF OLD AGE:  You keep repeating yourself, repeating yourself, repeating yourself.