Daisies. They're A' Bloomin' Now. I have several hundred of them.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Did I Make the Seven Bands in Seven Days?

Well, yes and no.

Thanks to Captain's Quarters sending the band home yesterday afternoon, I technically didn't see seven bands on seven different days.  But, I did see a total of seven bands as I saw two bands on Wednesday.

Plus, yesterday, I did see a deejay.

So, I'm calling it mission accomplished.

Plenty of Good Entertainment Going On Around here in the Summer.  --RoadDog

This Past Weekend

FRIDAY, JUNE 27TH:  Cut the grass and did yardwork.  Went to Popeye's (not the chain of restaurants) in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for their great fish fry overlooking Geneva Lake and the Riviera Docks.  Stopped at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes and then went to Kevin and Kelly's on Fox Lake and sat out by the lake for a Friday happy hour with the Usual Suspects.

Last stop at the Legion on Nippersink Lake for Ron Payton and the Country Tradition Band, playing classic country songs.

SATURDAY, JUNE 28TH:  Spent the whole afternoon trimming bushes and sure am glad that is over as that is the hardest yard chore to do, even with all my bushes that suffered winter kill.

Went to the Legion again for the Sons of the American Legion (of which I am a member) first annual gun raffle and chicken bbq.  We split one of those chicken 'cues with corn on the cob and five fixin's and were plenty full.  The Second Chapter Band provided music.

SUNDAY, JUNE 29TH:  We went to Nauti-Knots on Bluff Lake and sat out at the tiki bar and had their deckshoe sandwich (actually Springfield, Illinois, horseshoe sandwiches, a real taste treat).  Then checked out a new place that opened this last week, 'Cuda's and then to Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake.

I wasn't too happy to find out that they had sent the band home early as they played old country music and most agreed they didn't play it very well.  But, I must admit being shocked as the deejay at Captain's actually talked and goofed around with the crowd some.  Usually, mum's the word for him.

That kind of threw a wrench in my Seven Bands in Seven Days effort as it was too late to get the boat and go out to Blarney Island to see their band and we didn't know of any other places with entertainment.

Stopped at Antonio's on the way home, then enjoyed the lights I had put up in the gazebo earlier today.

Oh, Well.  Still had Plenty Good Time.  --RoadDog

WHY TEACHERS TURN GRAY EARLY (Selected test answers):  Q:  How can a man go 8 days without sleeping?  A: Easy, sleep at night.

Trying to Reason with "Storm Season": Another Tornado Warning

To paraphrase an old Jimmy Buffett song about hurricanes.

I don't think we've had a 24-hour stretch where we haven't had a pretty bad storm in the last two weeks.

After a fine, sunny day yesterday, I was awakened by lots of thunder and lightning this morning about 2 AM and the, in the distance, I heard sirens.  We were under a tornado warning as a funnel had been spotted in Marengo, heading northeast toward Spring Grove.

We went downstairs to the basement.  We have always taken shelter during tornado warnings, but especially since we saw what happened to Joplin, Missouri four months after that monster tornado hit.  You don't have to tell us twice.

While downstairs, we tuned to Weather Channel and watched the repeating loop at the bottom of the show they had on.  By then, it became apparent that the funnel cloud/storm cell had shifted to heading straight east and wasn't coming our way.

The station was showing the United States' ten worst-ever tornadoes of all time.  Not the thing you really want to be watching during a tornado warning.  (The Joplin tornado was ranked #4.)


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Movie Scratches: Neighbors-- Spiderman-- Arm-- Godzilla

Movie Scratches:  A Dog's-Eye View of Today's Movies.

33.  NEIGHBORS--  5-13,  Woodstock, $5.  This means WAR!!  Frat vs. young parents.

34.  THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN--  5-13, Woodstock, $5.  Spidey to the rescue but loses girlfriend.

35.  MILLION DOLLAR ARM--  5-21, Fox Lake, $4.50.  Folks from India playing baseball?  No cricket.

36.  GODZILLA--  5-21, Fox Lake, $4.50.    Our hero, the alpha predator, Good Ol' Goszilla.

Stay Away From Suspicious-Looking Chairs.  --RoadDog

JSS: Cutting Grass-- Trimming the Bushes-- Seven Bands

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1  CUTTING GRASS--  Usually by this time, I am cutting the grass ever seven and plus days as the hot weather kicks in, plus raising the cutting deck to 3 inches (from 2 1/2 inches).  But this has been the "Storm Season" and I have to cut the grass much more often.  I cut the grass on Monday and again on Friday.

2.  TRIMMING THE BUSHES--  Plus, the "Storm Season" has kept the bushes too wet to cut, so have a lot of them still to do.  Good news is that the "winter kill" which we had a lot of this year, makes it unnecessary to trim a lot of them.  The bad news that they're dead.

3.  SEVEN BANDS:  As of yesterday, I have seen six bands in five days, with another one or two (maybe even three) for today.  I'm still hoping to see at least one band every day this week.


WHY TEACHERS TURN GRAY EARLY ( Selected test answers):  Q:  If you through a red stone into the Blue Sea, what will it become?  A:  A wet stone.

Friday, June 27, 2014

On the Baseball Front: Got 'Dem Old Losing Blues

Chicago is noted for the blues genre of music and ouyr baseball teams are sure living up to the reputation.Sad to hear that the Chicago Cubs are stopping their 90-year involvement with WGN Radio and also their long commitment with WGN TV.  I reckon old Jack Brickhouse is turning over in his grave.

WGN did have a chance to match the CBS radio offer, but chose not to because they have been losing money because of how poor the Cubs have played the last so-many years.

And, speaking of losing, this past Monday night was especially bad with both the Cubs and Sox losing in the 9th inning.  Baltimore Orioles had a walk-off three-run homer to beat the Sox 6-4.  The Cubs went into the 9th tied 1-1, but gave a run, then the opposing team hit a grand slam and they lost 6-1.

And, again speaking of losing, not many cities can claim to have one last-place team, but, not Chicago!  We have TWO, count 'em, TWO LAST PLACE teams.  The good old Cubs and good old Sox.

Crying In My Beer. Got 'Dem Old Chicago Losing Baseball Blues.   --RoadDog

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Update On Seven Bands, Seven Days

Monday I mentioned that I was going to try to see seven different bands in seven days this week from Monday to Sunday.  Despite threats of rain and actual rain, I have achieved that so far.

  Actually, yesterday, I saw two bands, so am one up.

Tonight, we go to Antioch's It's Thursday event, which I will see after going to a history presentation in town.

The Fun Doesn't Stop, Despite the Rain.  --RoadDog

WHY TEACHERS TURN GRAY EARLY (selected test answers):  Q:  What looks like half of an apple?  A:  The Other Half.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tree in the Road and Bird Bombs

This past weekend, I had a close encounter of the tree kind.  Saturday, I drove back from the Legion in Fox Lake to get something and when going over the top of the hill at Sunset and US-12 in Spring grove had to throw on brakes quickly in order to avoid a big ol' tree that had fallen onto the road.

We had passed by the spot only a few hours earlier and no problem.  That storm that sent me to the meat cooler must have weakened it enough to come down.

Then Sunday, at Captain's Quarters, when I went out to the car, I was appalled to see that it had REALLY been attacked by the birds.  Liz counted some 95 white splotches on the window, roof and down one side.  We suspect seagulls and probably a bunch of them as I really don't think one could have had that much in it.

We had to go to a car wash in twin lakes when we went to Donovan's Reef for the fund raiser.

Birdie, Birdie in the Sky.  Why's You Do that On My car?  --RoadDog

WHY TEACHERS TURN GRAY EARLY (Selected test answers):  Q:  What can you never eat at breakfast?  A:  Lunch & Dinner.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Good Times in the Area, Despite "Storm Season"

FRIDAY, JUNE 20TH:  We had the annual Spring Grover Fish Hatchery Fish Boil fundraiser from 5-8 PM, despite threats of rain storms, which were nice enough not to hit until the early morning hours on Saturday.  We had a local folk singer playing for us and they had solved the hour-long wait we had to endure last year, even though we did have to wait 15 minutes for them to start.

Great food put on by Fitzgerald's in nearby Genoa City, Wisconsin.  Boiled fish, chicken and ribs for $18.  We enjoyed talking with Dana and Mary who taught for many years with us in Round Lake.

Afterwards, we adjourned to the Legion.

SATURDAY, JUNE 21ST:  Yardwork and that big old storm mentioned in the last post.  We later went to a fundraiser for a single mom from Round Lake who has stage four breast cancer and heard there different bands and spent quite a bit of money.

We had hoped to go to the Fox Lake Concert By the Lake at the park on Nippersink Lake featuring the Beach Bumz Band, but it was rained out.

SUNDAY, JUNE 22ND:  After taping Bob Stroud's annual Roots Salute to Summer, we went to McHenry for the Day At Peterson Farm event.  We toured the farmhouse and barn and saw all sorts of people doing 1800s chores.  They also featured the 1950s.

Afterwards, it was pizza and beer at All Sports in McCuyllom Lake, the band Sugar High at Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake and then a fundraiser at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.  We saw a band playing lots of great old classic rock, including CCR's "Lodi" and a Hollies song.

Just Not Enough Time in Retirement.  --RoadDog

Back in the Meat Cooler

This past Saturday afternoon, I drove to the local Walgreen's and Jewel to do some shopping.  While at Walgreen's I saw the sky to the north and west as dark as I've ever seen it.  I was hoping to make it home and would have, but Jewel was having a sale on their Breyer's Ice Cream and I had a taste for some, so went there.

Just as I checked out, the deluge came (we'd already had two rain showers earlier in the day).  I decided to wait it out inside at the front of the store.  I waited, then waited, then waited some more and it wasn't letting up.  I remembered there was a lady at the back of the store offering wine samples.  Well, I was there and wasn't going anywhere.  Why not sample a bit?

I tried three and bought a bottle of Sparkling Margarita Wine (never heard of that before).  Walking to the front of the store again, I heard the announcement that the tornado sirens had gone off in Spring Grove and all employees and customers were to report immediately to the back of the store.

Once there, we were herded into a huge meat cooler by the butcher area and there we waited several minutes before the store manager apologized for our inconvenience and said we could leave.

I'd never been in that big of a cooler before.

Fun and Games During "SAtorm Season."  --RoadDog

Every Blooming THing: Mid June

The daisies and wild phlox are pretty well spent, but the other daisies and wild daisies are in bloom as are the Missouri primrose, some other yellow perennials

Cutting the grass is a touchy situation with all the rain we've been getting.  It has rained and/or stormed every day since the 15th and the grass is going crazy with growth.

I was able to trim some of the bushes, but difficult with all the rain and especially, all the myriad of mosquitoes that rise up.

The weeds, especially clover, are growing VERY well.


WHY TEACHERS TURN GRAY EARLY (Selected test answers):  Q:  What is the main reason for exams?  A:  Failure.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Seven Days, Seven Bands

Liz and I are about to embark on an attempt to see a band a day, every day this week.  Hopefully, "the Storm Season" and skeeters will give us a break as most will be outside.

Tonight:  Entertainer at the Green Street Pontiac Classic Car Show in McHenry, Illinois.

Tuesday:  New Odyssey playing at the beach in Crystal Lake.

Wednesday:  The City Band playing Big Band and Swing at the gazebo in Woodstock Square.

Thursday:  It's Thursday concert in Antioch.

Friday:  Ron Payton Band at the Legion in Fox Lake (on Nippersink Lake)..

Saturday: Second Chapter playing at the Legion chicken bbq and gun raffle.  Then, the band at Captain's Quarters in Antioch  (on Fox Lake).

Sunday: Band in the afternoon at Captain's Quarters.

Hard to Beat Summer Around Here.  --RoadDog

Going Back to 1972-- Part 2

Continuing with Wendy Rice's Saturday Morning Flashback on Chicago's WXRT, 93.1 FM.

I'LL TAKE YOU THERE--  Staple Singers
ALL THE YOUNG DUDES--  Mott the Hoople
LINCOLN PARK PIRATES--  Steve Goodman (Always great to hear this classic about the Chicago towing company.  Thanks, Wendy.)

FREE-FOUR--  Pink Floyd
HEART OF GOLD--  Neil Young

TROUBLE MAN--  Marvin Gaye
EASY TO SLIP--  Little Feat
ALL DOWN THE LINE--  Rolling Stones
TWISTING THE NIGHT AWAY--  Rod Stewart  (Sam would have been so proud.)

SUPERSTITION--  Stevie Wonder
BURNING LOVE--  Elvis Presley  (Probably my favorite Elvis song.)

SCHOOL'S OUT--  Alice Cooper  (If the Storm Season Ever Ends, Hope to Go Out On Our Own "School's Out Forever" boat.)
MESSIN' WITH THE KID--  Buddy Guy and Junior Wells

IKO IKO--  Dr. John

As the Next DJ Said,  Thanks a Lot Wendy for Playing the Last Song.  Now I'll Have to Get That Riff Out of My Mind...Again!!!  --RoadDog

WHY TEACHERS TURN GRAY EARLY (Selected test answers):  Q:  What is the main reason for divorce?  A:  Marriage.  (Well, I couldn't have marked this one wrong.  No Red Ink Here.)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Going Back to 1972-- Part 1

Wendy Rice went back to 1972 for her Saturday Morning Flashback this morning on WXRT.  The music and information brought back many years.

The first half of the year, I was at the University of Georgia as a junior.  I also went to summer school that year.  Then, I transferred back to northern Illinois University for senior year and took a lot of education classes.

DO IT AGAIN--  Steely Dan
TIGHT ROPE--  Leon Russell

TAKE IT EASY--  Eagles
IMMIGRATION MAN--  Crosby & Nash
ONE WAY OUT--  Allman Brothers

TUMBLIN' DICE--  Rolling Stones
LET'S SEE ACTION--  Pete Townsend
USE ME--  Bill Withers
30 DAYS IN A HOLE--  Humble Pie

SPACE MAN--  Harry Nilsson
ROCK ME ON THE WATER--  Jackson Browne

SUPERFLY--  Curtis Mayfield
SUGAREE--  Jerry Garcia

Here he Comes.  --RoadDog

JSS: Storm Season-- Let the Good Times Begin

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  STORM SEASON--  Counting this morning's downpour, we have had one to two storms every day since Sunday.  I did get out on the boat Monday and Tuesday during brief intervals of storm activity.

2.  LET THE GOOD TIMES BEGIN:  This being the first official day of summer, the good times have kicked off around here.  Yesterday we had the annual Spring Grove Fish Hatchery Fish Boil at Horse Fair Park.  Great fish boil, fried chicken and ribs for a good cause as the village has done a great job with the hatchery.

We also had entertainment and a great talk with fellow Round Lake teacher retirees.

And, despite predictions, no rain.

Tonight, Fox Lake is having their first of several lakefront music festivals with the Beach Bums band.

A great Place to Be When There Is no Polar Vortex.  --RoadDog

Friday, June 20, 2014

Back on the Mother Road-- Part 6: Motor Tour, Day 1, Crossing the Bridge

Drove to the famed Chain of Rocks bridge and got in line to cross it (the only reason Liz wanted to go on the tour).  While waiting, we saw a truck with a name plate on it reading "R.A.S. Concrete Gurnee, Ill.".  Could this be my buddy Rick Selle?.  I walked over to it and, sure enough, it was.  I hadn't seen him for many years, even though I had deejayed at his and Jenny's wedding many years ago.  We did some catching up and again on the several occasions we encountered them the next two days.

We were the last ones off the bridge, but caught up with the rest at Route 66 Rides in Hamel, Ill., for the second passport stamp.  Then to the really crowded Henry's Rabbit Ranch in Stanton.

We got the next stamp at Soulsby Station (Shell Gas station)  in Mt. Olive.  Even better, this was the first time we ever got to go into this mighty small, mighty old gas station.


The Songs of Summer

Today, Bob Stroud devoted his Ten at Ten show on WDRV, the Drive in Chicago to the songs of summer, since it officially starts tomorrow.  I always enjoy listening to that, even if right now, we are in the storm mode and have had a big t-storm every day since Sunday.

Here are the ten:

HOT FUN IN THE SUMMER TIME--  Sly & Family Stone
MAGIC--  Cars

SUMMER OF '69--  Bryan Adams
SUMMER IN THE CITY--  Lovin' Spoonful

HOT SUMMER DAY--  It's a Beautiful Day
SCHOOL'S OUT--  Alice Cooper

I always vote for my favorite of the ten songs and was all ready to go with "California Girls" because I spell summer B-E-A-C-H-B-O-Y-S, then I was with "School's Out" as that is the name of our boat.  But, the last song is my all-time favorite summer song, so went with that.

He replays it at 10 PM, CDST.  Plus, every Sunday closest to the start of summer, he devotes his whole Rock and Roll Roots show, 7-10, to summer songs.

Plus, tomorrow on WXRT, Wendy Rice will be going back to 1972 for her Saturday Morning Flashback show from 8-noon.  Both shows stream live.

Something About a Deadhead Sticker on a Cadillac?  --RoadDog

Why Teachers Turn Gray Early (Selected test answers)  Q: River Ravi flows in which state?  A: Liquid State.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

WLS Top Ten for June 19, 1964

The top ten songs in Chicago.

1.  LITTLE CHILDREN/ BAD TO ME--  Billy J. Kramer & Dakotas
2.  I GET AROUND--  Beach Boys
3.  A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE--  Peter & Gordon

4.  LOVE ME DO/ PS I LOVE YOU--  Beatles
5.  CHAPEL OF LOVE--  Dixie Cups
6.  MEMPHIS--  Johnny Rivers
7.  MY BOY LOLLIPOP--  Millie Small

8.  DEAD MAN'S CURVE--  Jan and Dean
9.  LOVE ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART--  Ray Charles Singers
10.  THREE WINDOW COUPE--  Rip Chords


Why Teachers Turn gray (Selected Test answers)  Q:  Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?  A:  On the bottom of the page.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Back On the Mother Road-- Part 5: To Edwardsville and Back

JUNE 13, 2014 ( As in Friday the 13th)

After those Monster Tacos for lunch in Sullivan, back on Route 66 to I-44.  Sorry to see the Red Mill still closed (a place we've never gotten a chance to eat at).  Got on I-44 when we ran out of 66 and took it to I-270 which we followed to Edwardsville, Illinois.

You don't want to take I-270 during rush hour, which we did.  Just when you think you're out of the jam, there pops up another.  Crossed into Illinois and then encountered stoplight after stoplight going into Edwardsville on Route 66.

Signed up for the Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour at the Edwardsville Route 66 Festival, enjoyed a band and fought off gnats under a tent while talking with some 66ers from St. Louis.  Also got to go to the old Stagger In Again.  We've been wanting to go there for a long time..  Listened to a duo play there.  Definitely a place we'll visit again.

Some Mo' Route 66.  --RoadDog

WHY TEACHERS TURN GRAY EARLY  (Selected test answers):  Q:  In which battle did Napoleon die?  A: His last one.

Deaths: Andy Johns-- Paul Smith

ANDY JOHNS:  (1950-April 7, 2014)  British sound engineer and record producer.  Worked on Led Zeppelin albums II, III and IV (I just bought the LZ III), the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street.  Engineered Jethro Tull, Blind Faith and Stones' Sticky Fingers and Goat's Head Soup.  Produced Humble Pie and Peter Frampton.

PAUL SMITH (1922-June 29, 2013)  Jazz pianist who worked with Bing Crosby, Nat "King"Cole and Dizzy Gillespie.

Deaths: Pete Seeger-- Roy Cicala

PETE SEEGER (May 3, 1919-Jan. 27, 2014)  Folk singer and activist.  In 1950s was a member of the Weavers and big hit with "Goodnight Irene."  Blackballed in the 50s during the McCarthy era.  Wrote "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," "If I Had a Hammer" and "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

A man who made a difference and stood for the oppressed and downtrodden.  A great man even with just the songs listed.  I always get the spelling of his last name mixed up thanks to good old Bob Seger.

RAY CICALA (1939-Jan. 22, 2014)  Producer, engineer, song-writer and musician from the 1970s through 2014.  A man I'd never heard of before, but sure knew what he did.  Worked with AC/DC, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Elvis Presley, Sting, Dire Straits, Harry Nilsson, Ray Charles, Bon Jovi, Van Morrison, Who, CSNY, Johnny Winter and Frank Zappa.  Wow!!

Deaths: Chicago Record Promoter-- Carla

SEYMOUR CY" GOLD (1929-2013), 83.    Fixture in Chicago music business in 60s and 70s.  In early 60s had a chance meeting with one of his idols growing up, Judy Garland, and decided to get into the record business (partly so he could meet people).

A year later, connected with Paul Glass, founder of Chicago-based Allstate Record Distributing Company which handled independent labels like Roulette, Atlantic, Chess, Checker and Motown.  Even though I never heard of him, I sure knew those record companies.

CARLA LEONARDO, 63: On-air radio personality in Chicago, most recently with WDRV who championed local bands.  I heard her many times.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back On the Mother Road Again-- Part 4: Back to St. Louis

JUNE 13TH, 2014

Went to Faye's on Elm Street, the old Route 66.  Nothing fancy, but good breakfasts and plenty of locals.  I was sure disappointed to see that the old Bell Restaurant had been torn down as that was a good place to eat as well.

Said our goodbyes to Ramona and Bob and got off by noon for a pleasurable ride along Route 66 and this time stopped at the Trading Post in Rolla and went out by the sad John's Modern Cabins and Vernelle's.

Stopped again in Sullivan for You-Know Whats.  --RoadDog

Monday, June 16, 2014

Back On the Mother Road Again-- Part 3

June 12, 2014

With rain on and of all day, just a day to stay at Mu-Mo for the most part.  I did go to Hardee's for breakfast.  It's ok to go to national chains when you don't have any near you.  Brought Liz their great biscuits a& gravy back to the room.

On the internet and then went to the office and had a long talk with Bob Lehman while Ramona was in Springfield at Sam's Club buying stuff for the Mu-Mo.

I did go to the Lebanon Route 66 Museum and library before we went to Dowd's Catfish & BBQ for dinner and Senor Pepper's where we met some of the nicest people then to Starlite Bowl for one.  Had a nice long talk with Ramona.

An Easy Day At the Motel.  --RoadDog

RETIREE Q&A:  Q:  What do you do all week?  A:  Monday to Friday, NOTHING...  Sa

Friday, June 13, 2014

Back On the Mother Road Again-- Part 2: Really on 66

June 11th, 2014

Yesterday, we spent the driving near Route 66 along the interstates.  But, today, we finally got ourselves "on the road."

After those delicious tacos (now they have the infamous Monster Tacos back) at Jack in the Box (now called Jack's), we got on Route 66 and other than a few lost episodes, stayed on it all the way to Lebanon.

We stopped for a bit at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba and talked with some other 66ers, then went to the Fanning Outpost farther west and looked around.  I bought an old Illinois road map that still had 66 on it.

Threatened to rain all day, but didn't.

We stopped at the new BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings) in Rolla and later the BW3 in St. Robert's to play NTN, which now gives us a total of 968 different NTN sites that we have visited.

Stopped at Mr. C's, east of Lebanon and then were greeted by Romana at the Munger-Moss Motel when we checked in.

Drove around Lebanon and ate at Dickey's Barbecue Pit and went to Skylite Bowling.

Good to Be On Route 66 Again.  --RoadDog

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Back On the Mother Road Again-- Part 1: Rain and Slab

JUNE 10th:

Didn't leave home until noon and had rain in various forms all the way until St. Louis.  Not real pleasant.  Most of the time, fortunately, it was just a very light drizzle, but we did encounter one gullywasher around Bloomington-Normal, but it only lasted for a few minutes.

Took Il-47  to Dwight, then superslabbed it all the way to Sullivan, Misssouri where we spent the night.

No Route 66 except where I-55 and I-44 was on top of the old road.  We did stop at the wonderful old Cozy Dog in Springfield, Illinois for our CD-fix.

Spent the night in Sulliivan  at a Super 8.

Makin' Time in the Rain.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Munger-Moss Bound

Time for a little venture out on Route 66 in Illinois and Missouri.

Shaking off all that super cold global warming stuff.

Saturday and Sunday, it is the Route 66 Association of Illinois' 2014 Motor Tour.

Can't Wait, But First, Water the Plants.  --RoadDog

Sprinsteen's "Most Misunderstood Song" Turns 30

From the June 3, 2014, Yahoo! Music "'Born in the U.S.A.', Springsteen's 'Most Misunderstood' anthem, Turns 30" by Chris  Willman.

The song was released June 4, 1984.  Was it a patriotic song (as most believe) or a bitter protest, or perhaps both?

Even so, it is featured in most fireworks shows and people love to sing along.  I always liked the guys in "Canadian Bacon" singing it during their "invasion" of Canada.

Springsteen calls it the most misunderstood song since "Louis, Louie."

The original name of it was "Vietnam" when Bruce Springsteen was working on it in 1981 when it was originally to be on his "Nebraska" album.   And, originally it was to be "You Died in Vietnam" before he changed it to "Born in the U.S.A.."

OK, Now I've Got That in My Head.  --RoadDog

RETIREE Q&A:  Q:  What's the biggest advantage of going back to school as a retiree?  A:  If you cut class, no one calls your parents.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Around Here: Some Mighty Good Eating

A bit disappointed this weekend for not getting out on the boat.  Too many things to do Friday and Saturday and a bit too cool yesterday. But planning on heading out to the boat after a couple more posts.

FRIDAY, JUNE 6TH:  Va Hospital picnic at the Fox Lake American Legion.  Think one was a World War II veteran, but I was unable to figure out what he said.  On this D-Day 70th anniversary.

Later, Day-After Party at Kevin and Kelly's who continue our End-Of-the School Year parties  Then Antonio's.

SATURDAY, JUNE 7TH:  Yardwork, then Kaye Jewelers in McHenry to have Liz's engagement ring cut off her finger.  Still haven't found the diamond and think it's gone for good.

Then, we went to the 2nd annual McHenry, Illinois, Summer Taste-Fest, where 19 downtown restaurants offered $1-$2 offerings.  We had mini pork sandwiches and gourmet pizza at Corkscrew Pointe, homemade mac and cheese and chicken salad croissant at Little Chef, funnel cake fries at Windhill Pancake Parlor, mini sloppy joes at the Gambler, mini chopped salad at BuddyZ Pizza, pot stickers at Green Pea Pod and hobo skillet at Green Street Cafe.  Also, went to Old Bridge Tavern to cool off.

There was also a bicycle event going on at Veteran's Park and the Chain O' Lakes Brewing Company had the grand opening of their beer garden with three bands playing from noon to 6.

Then went to Twisted Moose and were disappointed that California Chrome did not win the Triple Crown.

SUNDAY, JUNE 8TH:  Went to Kelly's in Trevor, Wisconsin, to pick up tee shirts and had their excellent half-pound burgers, then to Sequoit Lodge in Antioch, Il., and then saw the Cover Story band at Captain's Quarters.  Last stop at Antonio's.

Good Eatin' in the Neighborhood.  --RoadDog

Top Ten WLS Survey, June 12, 1964

I;ll be out of town on the 12th and not sure if I'll be able to blog.  So here are the top ten songs in Chicago FIFTY YEARS ago!!

1.  A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE--  Peter and Gordon
2.  LOVE ME DO/PS I LOVE YOU--  Beatles
3.  CHAPEL OF LOVE--  Dixie-Cups

4.  LITTLE CHILDREN/BAD TO ME--  Billy J. Kramer & Dakotas
5.  DEAD MAN'S CURVE--  Jan and Dean
6.  DO YOU LOVE ME--  Dave Clark Five
7.  LOVE ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART--  Ray Charles Singers

8.  I GET AROUND--  Beach Boys
9.  DIANE--  Bachelors
10.  YESTERDAY'S GONE--  Chad & Jeremy

12.  MY BOY LOLLIPOP--  Millie Small
13.  A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE--  Bobby Rydell
14.  MEMPHIS--   Johnny Rivers
20.  SIC LIEBT DICH--  Die Beatles

26.  DANG ME--Roger Miller

Ought to Get a Rope and Hang Me.  --RoadDog

RETIREE Q&A:  Q:  Why does a retiree often say he doesn't miss work, but misses the people he used to work with?  A:  He is too polite to tell the whole truth.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Busy Weekend

June 5th:  Launched the boat and took a cruise.  Went to Kevin and Kelly's End-of-the-Year party.  They still teach and have taken over having end-of-the-year parties from us.

June 6th:  Worked the VA picnic/fishing event at the American Legion in Fox Lake as my thanks to veterans on this 70th D-Day anniversary.  Put all three flags out in its honor as well.  Later had the "Day-After Party" at Kevin's.  Went to Antonio's.

June  7th, Today:  Boating, then the Taste of McHenry in the afternoon.


Boat's in the Water

After some costs, the boat, "School's Out...Forever" is finally in the water as of Thursday, June 5th.

I picked it up May 29th and paid an extra $30 for the extra month of storage.  May 30th, I picked up the boat at Midwest Marine, where I paid $65 to have it winterized.

June 3rd, we paid Rick $400 to dock the boat on the channel by Dino's Den.

It is in the water, but at some costs.


Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day Makes Chicago Tribune Front Page

The front page of the Chicago Tribune this morning had and article on D-Day "For D-Day vets, history still vivid" by Mitch Smith.

"Numbers dwindling, but Chicago-area participants recall massive invasion at Normandy that turned tide against Nazis 70 years ago."

There is a big picture of John Kraeger, 89, of Chicago, who was part of a B-24 crew during the D-Day assault on Normandy, France, in 1944.  He is wearing what appears to be his flight jacket with a whole lot of white bombs on a red background, probably indication bombing missions he was on during the war.

Then, below that, there is a black-and-white photo of him wearing the same jacket along with his bomber crew.  He said that the attack was chaotic.  "There (were ) planes going everyplace, and we could see the ships down in the channel firing behind the invasion."

One Gigantic Undertaking 70 Years Ago.

Top 35 British Invasion Hits-- Part 3: Saluting Another Invasion 70 Years Ago

And just 20 years before the Beatles led that British Invasion in 1964, there were many American in Britain preparing for an invasion of their own across the English Channel on this thing called D-Day.  That was 70 years ago today.  A big salute to them all.

10.  BAD TO ME--  Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas
9.  LITTLE CHILDREN--Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas
8.  DOWNTOWN--  Petula Clark  (Oops, got that tune in my head now.)
7.  DAYTRIPPER--  Beatles
6.  WE CAN WORK IT OUT--  Beatles

5.  HELP!--  Beatles
4.  I'M INTO SOMETHING GOOD--  Herman's Hermits (What, no "Henry the Eighth?")
3.  SHE'S NOT THERE--  Zombies
2.  WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL--  New Vaudeville Band  (Rats, got this one in my head right now, especially that got with the weird voice.)

I'm not sure how Bob Stroud put this list together.  Most likely, he used the WLS surveys since so many of the songs listed next to each other were two-sided hits.

And Again, Thank You World War II Veterans.  --RoadDog

Top 35 British Invasion Hits-- Part 2

22.  HAVE I THE RIGHT--  Honeycombs  (One of my all-time favorites.)
20.  SHE LOVES YOU--Beatles

18.  A HARD DAY'S NIGHT--  Beatles
17.  SILHOUETTES--  Herman's Hermits
16.  MRS. BROWN YOU HAVE A LOVELY DAUGHTER--  Herman's hermits  (What, no "Henry the Eighth?")

15.  PS I LOVE YOU--  Beatles
14.  LOVE ME DO--  Beatles
13.  (I CAN'T GET NO) SATISFACTION--  Rolling Stones
12.  BUS STOP--  Hollies
11.  YESTERDAY--  Beatles

I'm figuring these were the 35 top British Invasion hits from 1964-1966.  What, no DC5?

Lots and Lots 'O Beatles for Some Reason.  --RoadDog

RETIREE Q&A:  Q:  What is the best way to describe retirement?  A:  The never-ending coffee break.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Top 35 British Invasion Hits-- Part 1

From January 18, 2009, Rock and Roll Roots,  Bob Stroud.

All of these hit #1 in the United States.  Marking the 45th anniversary of the British Invasion, kicked off by you-know-who.

35.  FERRY CROSS THE MERCY--  Gerry & the Pacemakers
34.  PAINT IT BLACK--  Rolling Stones
33.  I'M TELLING YOU--  Freddie & the Dreamers
32.  TWIST AND SHOUT--  Beatles
31.  A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE--  Peter & Gordon

29.  GET OFF MY CLOUD--  Rolling Stones
28.  WILD THING--  Troggs
27..  SHE'S A WOMAN--  Beatles
26.  I FEEL FINE--  Beatles

24.  EIGHT DAYS A WEEK--  Beatles
23.  LOVE POTION #9--  Searchers

Bweatles?  --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten Survey, June 5, 1964

1.  LOVE ME DO/ PS I LOVE YOU--  Beatles
3.  CHAPEL OF LOVE--  Dixie Cups

5.  YESTERDAY'S GONE--  Chad & Jeremy
6.  LOVE ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART--  Ray Charles Singers
7.  LITTLE CHILDREN/ BAD TO ME--  Billy J. Kramer *& the Dakotas

8.  DO YOU LOVE ME--  Dave Clark Five
9.  SHANGRI-LA--  Vic Dana
10.  TALL COOL ONE--  Wailers


RETIREE Q&A:  Q:  What do retirees call a long lunch?  A:  Normal

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Movie Scratches: Captain-- Draft-- Quiet-- Other

A dog's eye view of today's movies.

29.  CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER-- 4-12--  Fox Lake--  $6--  The mean old "Hail Hydra" take over Shield, but the Captain gets 'em.

30.  DRAFT DAY--  4-22--  Fox Lake--  $5--  Going with your gut feeling and making trades.  Bo didn't know as it turns out.  Sort of the NFL's "Money Ball."

31.  THE QUIET ONES--  4-30--  Fox Lake--  $4.50--  All those strange noises.  Will the real Elvie please stand up?

32.  THE OTHER WOMAN--  5-6--  Fox Lake--  $5--    One of the absolute funniest "Get Him back" movies I've ever seen.  Don't cross these ladies.  I am glad it was own private showing (no one else in the theater) as I sure did a lot of laughing out loud, something I don't normally do.

Wednesdays Are Senior Days at Classic cinema.  That's $4.50.  --RoadDog

Welcome to Summer.... 1974-- Part 3

Going back one last time to tunes playing on your radio and stereo on June 1, 1974...40 years ago!!

ANOTHER PARK, ANOTHER SUNDAY--Doobie Brothers--  (For some reason this one always makes me think of the band Chicago.)
JAMES DEAN--  Eagles
SUNDOWN--  Gordon =Lightfoot  (Hey, the Edmund Fitzgerald hadn't sunk yet.)

TUBULAR BELLS--  Mike Oldfield  (Go ahead, scare me to death.)
IN YOU WANNA GET TO HEAVEN--  Ozark Mountain Daredevils

THE SHOW MUST GO ON--  Three Dog Night  (Sounds circusy to me.)
LOCO-MOTION--  Grand Funk

TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN'--  Aerosmith  (And there I was thinking Blackfoot.)
BURN--  Deep Purple
THE STREAK--  Ray Stevens  The number one song in Chicago on June 1, 1974.  ("Don't look, Ethel!!!)

Streaking?  --RoadDog

The Drive's 100 Greatest Rock Albums-- Part 5: The Top Twenty

20.  RUBBER SOUL--  Beatles--  '65
19.  WISH YOU WERE HERE--  Pink Floyd--  '75
19.  QUADROPHENIA--  Who--  '73
17.  BORN TO RUN--  Bruce Springsteen--  '75
16.  REVOLVER--  Beatles--  '66

15.  LET IT BLEED--  Rolling Stones--  '69
14.  LED ZEPPELIN II--  Led Zeppelin--  '69
13.  AJA--  Steely Dan--  '77
12.  THE WALL--  Pink Floyd--  '79
11.  GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD--  Elton John--  '73

10.  BACK IN BLACK--  AC/DC--  '80
9.  LED ZEPPELIN I--  Led Zeppelin--  '69
8.  BOSTON--  Boston--  '76
7.  RUMOURS--  Fleetwood Mac
6.  ABBEY ROAD--  Beatles--  '69

5.  LED ZEPPELIN IV--  Led Zeppelin--  '71
4.  HOTEL CALIFORNIA--  Eagles--  '76
3.  WHO'S NEXT--  Who--  '71
2.  SGT. PEPPER'S--  Beatles--  '67
1.  DARK SIDE OF THE MOON--  Pink Floyd--  '73

A real nice group of albums listed here, but I can think of some which should have been included and some which shouldn't have (good, but not my top 100).  I'm not surprised to see all the Zeppelin and Floyd albums as you rarely go long without hearing one of the two on the Drive.

And I have a Real Lot of These Albums.  --RoadDog

Congrats to New Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

From the April 12, 2014, Northwest Herals (Il.).

Kiss, Nirvana and Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band were three of the big acts inducted into the RnRHoF on April 10th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Also joining them were Linda Ronstadt who was not present because of health issues, British rocker Peter Gabriel, the blue-eyed soul group Hall & Oates and Cat Stevens.

All are worthy of induction, but I especially like Cat Stevens (before he went weird), Hall & Oates and Linda Ronstadt who, besides that great voice, kind of replaced Annette Funicello for me.

Congrats.  --RoadDog

RETIREE Q&A:  Q:  Why are retirees so slow to clean out the basement, attic or garage?  A:  They know that as soon as they do, one of their adult kids will want to store stuff there.  And perhaps, even move back.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Welcome to Summer....1974-- Part 2

Forty years ago.  I also taught summer school over at Grayslake High School.  Finally, high school students.  And to think I was just six years older than some of them.

These would be songs playing on your radio June 1, 1974.

I'M THE LEADER OF A GANG--  Brownsville Station
BENNY & THE JETS--  Elton John
DOMINO (LIVE)--  Van Morrison

STAR BABY--  Guess Who
BAND ON THE RUN--  Paul McCartney
OH MY MY--  Ringo Starr

REBEL REBEL--  David Bowie

Got to Go to Summer School, Don't You Know.  --RoadDog

Good Times in the Area Last Weekend

You've just got to love living here in northeast Illinois this time of the year.

FRIDAY, MAY 30TH:  Went downriver with Mark on Frank's boat and had lunch at the Broken Oar.  Came back and picked up my boat at Midwest Marine and brought it home.  Later, watched and celebrated the Blackhawk win at Tommy's/

SATURDAY, MAY 31ST:  Did some yardwork and then went to Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake and saw the Goo Roos, a band playing some high octane rock. Actually warm, so summer must be here.

SUNDAY, JUNE 1ST:  Bob Stroud did his annual Summer show, going back 40 years to the Summer of '74.  It is something I just have to listen to.  Did a lot more yardwork, mostly trimming bushes these last two days.  In the afternoon went to Nauti-Knots on Bluff Lake and sat out by the tiki bar and listened to a deejay.  We also got our Chain crawl passport stamped.

That night, it was back to Tommy's where we saw an excellent game between the Hawks and Kings.  Sadly, we lost so that does it for the season.

Good Times Around here.  --RoadDog

Has Boating Season Arrived?

Thursday, I went out to Hebron, Illinois, and picked up the boat.  Later took it over to Midwest marine in Antioch to be summerized.

Friday, I picked it up and perhaps today is the day we put it in the water at the Lakes Legion off US-12 and go for that first cruise of the season/year.

And, Friday, I went for the best boating you can do, in someone else's boat.

Here's Hoping.  --WaterDog

The Drive's 100 Greatest Classic Rock Albums-- Part 4

What made this even better, the Drive, Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM, played the whole first side of each album...and, on vinyl!!

40.  BREAKFAST IN AMERICA--  Supertramp--  '79
39.  HIGHWAY TO HELL--  AC/DC--  '79
38.  BAD COMPANY--  Bad Company--  '74
37.  JOSHUA TREE--  U2-- '87
36.  TOMMY--  Who--  '69

35.  EXILE ON MAIN STREET--  Rolling Stones--  '72
34.  WHITE ALBUM--  Beatles--  '68
33.  FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE--  Peter Frampton--  '76
32.  LAYLA & OTHER ASSORTED LOVE SONGS--  Derek & the Dominoes--  '70
31.  PHYSICAL GRAFFITI--  Led Zeppelin--  '75

30.  LA WOMAN--  Doors--  '71
29.  CROSBY, STILLS & NASH--  Crosby, Stills & Nash--  '69
28.  HOUSES OF THE HOLY--  Led Zeppelin--  '73
27.  ARE YOU EXPERIENCED--  Jimi Hendrix--  '67
26.  LIVE AT FILLMORE EAST--  Allman Brothers--  '71

25.. AQUALUNG--  Jethro Tull--  '71
24.  TAPESTRY--  Carole King--  71
23.  TOYS IN THE ATTIC--  Aerosmith--  '76
22.  CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY--  Chicago--  '69  (Even though I was from Chicago, I didn't find out about this great group and album until my cousin Joe let me hear his copy in North Carolina.
21.  DOORS--  Doors--  '67

All that great Music.  --RoadDog

RETIREE Q&A:  Q:  What is the common tern for a person who refuses to retire?  A:  NUTS!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Welcome Summer...1974-- Part 1

OK, that would be summer back forty years ago and Bob Stroud started his annual summer trip back 40 years ago on his Rock and Roll Roots program on Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM.  He started doing this for the Summer of Love,1967,  in 2007 and has done it every year since then.

Lots of music and stuff to take you right back to those times.

The Summer of '74 I had just finished teaching my first year in Round Lake, Illinois.  I had 7th, 8th and 9th graders and taught geography and history.  There were two classes of 9th grade geography, one class of 8th grade history, two classes of 7th grade geography and one 8th grade geography.  I especially liked the 8th grade history, which was my major area in education.

I had always intended on teaching high school kids and getting used to junior high was trying to say the least.  I still wasn't too fond of the 7th and 8th graders, but did like my freshmen.

These were songs playing on your radio or at home on your stereo on June 1, 1974..

OH VERY YOUNG--  Cat Stevens
HELP ME--  Joni Mitchell

And, It Streams.  --RoadDog

RETIREE Q&A:  Q:  Why do retirees count pennies?  A:  They are the only ones who have the time.

Hawks Out, Hockey Over Now

I don't often mention my sports teams and their games for fear of putting a losing whammy on them,but that doesn't mean I'm not watching them.  And, this last month and a half, we've been watching all but one of the Black Hawk (Blackhawk) post season games, but that came to an end last night.

It was a fun season and a great run in the playoffs, but the Hawks came up one game short of playing for a second consecutive Stanley Cup.  We watched most of the games at Tommy's here in Spring Grove, Illinois, and a few games at Twisted Moose in McHenry.  Both places are major Hawk Zones with lost of jerseys, shirts, hats and plenty of cheering.  Makes for a real fun experience.

But now that the Hawks are out, I won't be watching any more hockey.  I'm not a fan of either team playing in the Stanley Cup series.

But, a bigger reason is that I am really angry with NBC for their sorry excuse for televising all the games.  They put almost every Hawk game on NBC Sports channel, something we don't get in our basic cable package and most people don't get.  Hey, NBC, if a city's team is in the playoffs, you need to make the games available for all and that means putting the games on over-the-air stations like WGN and WCIU in Chicago!!!

I was especially mad (well, livid) last night when I saw NBC was going to telecast the first game of the Stanley Cup series on NBC Sports again.  But, at least now, that is a mute point for me.  I wouldn't watch it even if it was on the regular NBC.

Plus, judging the sorry state of most NBC programming these days, what would have been so bad about pre-empting those shows with hockey games?

I'm even considering a NBC boycott come fall season.  I know one person's protest is nothing, but, at least I will feel better.  That means no more Chicago Fire, SVU, Chicago P.D., Parks and Recreation or Grimm.

NBC Can Take a Long Walk On a Short....    --RoadDog