Monday, April 30, 2012

A Roots Salute to Levon Helm

Sadly, Band drummer Levon Helm died ten days ago and Bob Stroud did his Rock and Roll Roots Show on WDRV in Chicago on him yesterday.

He played songs that Helms sang lead on.  Of course, three of them were among my all time favorites.  I like both "Up On Cripple Creek" and "The Weight," even singing the latter on occasion at karaoke.  But, my favorite is "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down."  As a Southerner by birth and member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, this one always gets to me.  That voice, those words...too much.

The Band was also one of my favorite groups from the era with their country-style rock sound.  Plus, Helm was very involved with the newer Americana genre of music. After listening to the songs Stroud played, I'd have to say that the Band were among the first to play that music.  If you'd like to hear some American music, go to Cashbox Magazine and click on the Americana Weekly Countdown.

Here Are the Helm songs:

Up on Cripple Creek
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Rag Mama Rag
Strawberry Wine
Daniel and the Sacred Harp

Life Is a Carnival
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Don't Break My heart
Ain't Got No Home
Mystery Train

I Don't Want to Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes
The Weight

Also, Stroud played "Levon" by Elton John,"Listen to the Band" by the Monkees, and in honor of Spirit's drummer having a birthday "Mr. Skin."  Of course, two songs by Ringo Starr.  See if you can guess the significance of these songs.

We'll Miss Him.  --RoadDog

Three Days, Five Bars and Two Bands

As usual, another great weekend here in the Chain of Lakes, despite some crummy weather.


Went to McHenry, Illinois, for Liz's eye doctor appointment.  I did some banking business and then we ate at IHOP.  That Colorado omelet is really something.  Did some shopping at Meijer's.  Cut the grass, which was badly in need of it.

Met the Usual Suspects at Stormy Monday on Fox Lake and had a good run at the juke box again.


Miserable morning and afternoon.  Just stayed in.  Went to Route 12 Bar and Grill and met some of the Suspects.  Had their really good duck strips, something you don't often to get.

Terry Spizzirri and Gregg put on a great show, their first here and made a lot of new fans and will be back.


Bob Stroud saluted Levon Helm of the Band who died ten days ago.  A great loss to the music world with that striking voice of his.  He played songs featuring Helm on lead vocal.  I'll list them next post.

Went over to Long John Silver's for a great fish meal and then to Route 12 Bar to watch the Blues Daddeez, but the place was so crowded, we left.  They had had a motorcycle blessing and run earlier.

We went to J's Bar in Ingleside for awhile and played NTN, then back to Route 12 and were shocked to actually find seats at the bar.  The place was still packed. The Blues Daddeez were a three piece group, two acoustic guitars and a bass and extremely tight on playing and vocals although a bit more jamming than I like.

Good Times in the Area.  --RoadDog

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back to the 80s on WXRT

Chicago's Finest Rock, WXRT 93.1 FM is celebrating their fourth decade in business with an all-80s weekend.  Nothing but 80s music the whole time except midnight to 10 AM.

I'm sure enjoying the music.  The 80s are the last decade where I really liked most all of the music.  Since 1990 I'd have to say that I only like about 50% of the music.  My top decades are the 60s, 70s and 80s.  I was alive in the 50s, but not listening to music that much.

Play On WXRT.

By the way, tomorrow, rival station WDRV's Bob Stroud is featuring the Band from 7 AM to 10AM because of Levon Helms dying.  Should be a good one.

Singing Along With the 80s.  --RoadDog

These Music Folks Didn't Make It to 70

From Rob O'Connor's April 12th List of the Day "The Unlucky 13--Musicians Who Would Have Been 70 This Year."

In keeping with the previous two posts.

13.  Clarence Clemmons of Bruce Springsteen's E. Street Band-- Born Jan. 11, died June 18, 2011.
12.  Edwin Starr-- Born Jan. 21st, died April 2, 2003.
11.  Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones--  Born Feb. 28th, died July 3, 1969.

10.  Nicholas Ashford--  Born May 4, Died Aug. 22, 2011.
9.  Tammy Wynette--  Born May 5th, Died April 6, 1998.
8.  Ian Drury of the Blockheads--  Born May 12th.  Died March 26, 1999.
7.  Curtis Mayfield--  Born June 3rd.  Died Dec. 26, 1999.
6.  Ronnie James Dio of Black Sabbath--  Born July 10th.  Died May 16, 2010.

5.  Isaac Hayes--  Born August 20th.  Died Aug. 10, 2008.
4.  Frankie Lymon--  Born Sept. 30th.  Died Feb. 28, 1968.
3.  Harry Chapin--  Born Dec. 7th.  Died July 16, 1981.
2.  Paul Butterfield--  Born Dec.17th.  Died May 4, 1987.
1.  Robert Quine, noted guitarist--  Born Dec. 30th.  Died May 31, 2004.

We're ALL Getting Older.  --RoadDog

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Friday, April 27, 2012

In Music, 70 Is the New 60-- Part 2

13.  Brian Wilson, June 20
12.  Roger McGuinn, July 13 Byrds
11.  B.J. Thomas Aug.7

10.  Caetono Veloso, Aug. 7 Brazilian folk singer
9.  Al Jardine, Sept. 3 Beach Boys
8.  Danny Hutton, Three Dog Night (all three singers turn 70 this year)
7.  Gary Puckett, Oct. 17
6.  Elvin Bishop,  Oct. 21

5.  Johnny Rivers, Nov. 7
4.  Bob Lind, Nov. 25 "Elusive Butterfly"
3.  Dave Clark, Dec. 15
2.  Mike Nesmith, Dec. 30  Monkees
1.  Andy Summers, Dec. 31 Police

We SEEM to be GETTING OLDER.  --RoadDog

In Music, 70 is the New 60-- Part 1

From Rob O'Connor's April 9th List of the Day "70--the New 65?: Musical Artists turning 70 This Year."

Rob started off talking about three actors from my all-time favorite sitcom, "WKRP in Cincinnati."  Hey, it was radio and music, how could I not like that?

Anyway, Frank Bonner (Herb Tarlek) just turned 70.  Last year, two others, Howard Hesseman (Johnny fever) and Richard Sanders (Les Nessman) did the same.

These 25 have or will turn 70 this year.  I know who most are::

25.  Country Joe McDonald, Jan. 1
24.  Marty Balin, Jan. 30 Jefferson Airplane
23.  Graham Nash, Feb. 2
22.  Cory Wells, Feb. 5 Three Dog Night
21.  Carole King, Feb. 9

20.  Peter Tork, Feb. 13 The oldest Monkee
19.  Lou Reed, Mar. 2
18.  John Cale, Mar. 9
17.  Aretha Franklin, March 25
16.  Leon Russell, April 2

15.  Chuck Negron, June 8 Three Dog Night
14.  Paul McCartney, June 18

More to Come.  --RoadDog


Thursday, April 26, 2012

JSS: Arboretum Work-- Fox 25th

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  ARBORETUM WORK--  This past week, when weather cooperates, I've been working on the raised flower bed on the west end of the arboretum.  Moved two really heavy railroad ties to make one side and stackable concrete stones for the others.  Also, I've been weeding, trimming and thinning out plants.

Been meaning to do this for the last ten or more years, but a neighbor called me on creeping into his yard with my burn pile, so gave me the incentive to get hopping on it.

2.  FOX 25TH--  Watched part of the Fox TV special on their 25th anniversary.  I always thought it was going to be a kids/Entertainment Tonight kind of station when it started and wouldn't watch it.  It sort of was, but sort of grew much beyond it.  Sorry I didn't watch "Married With Children" and "The Simpsons" at first.

I now watch "The Simpsons" every week along with the rest of their great Animation Domination lineup.  "Simpsons" just keeps getting better, even after all these years.

Then, there was the great "That 70s Show, " "24," and "Boston Public."

Their sports has certainly revolutionized the way we watch them.  Very thankful for the first down line.

Thanks Fox.  --RoadDog

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So, It Was a Perfect Game...In My Defense

Saturday, Liz and I went over to Stormy Mondays in the late afternoon to see a band playing there in a Chain of Lakes Kick-Off Summer 2012 party.

The White Sox-Mariner game was on when we arrived, but the sound was down.  It was the 7th inning and I noticed that the Sox were leading 4-0.  Good news!

Then, Donna, the bartender, was given the local Wassup Magazine's May Bartender of the Month Award and we had that.  The guy sitting next to me had never heard of the magazine, so I showed him a copy.  He lives in Lake Villa and saw that his daughter was on the front of the magazine.  Busted!!  She is a few months shy of her 21st birthday and there she was in front of Bootlegger's.

Phil Humber was pitching for the Sox and I was pretty sure he was a starter, so in the 8th inning that meant he was pitching a good game.  I'd see the scorelines at the end of every half inning, but only paid attention to the runs.

When that sort of weird last out took place, some guys in the bar started cheering.  Unfortunately, this is Cub Country and you don't hear much cheering for the Sox.  What's going on?

Then I see the whole Sox team run out of the dugout and "attack" Humber, knocking him to the ground and piling on. That is a lot more than the usual high-fiving after a win.  This must be some sort of a special game.

Then, they flashed the words "PERFECT GAME" on TV!!!  Holy Cow, I had been watching a perfect game and didn't even know it.  And, I A< A BIG WHITE SOX FAN!!!

In My defense, Had the Sound Been On, I Would Have Known.  --RoadDog

OLDSTER BUMPER STICKERS:  I was always taught to respect my elders.  Now, I don't have anyone to respect.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Three Days-- Four Bars-- Three Bands

OK, Good Times Around Here Again.


Met the Usual Suspects at Stormy Monday for drinks, a great sunset on Fox Lake and some intense-playing of the old jukebox.


Record Store Day at The Vinyl Frontier in McHenry, Illinois.  Back to Stormy Monday for the band Me and a Guy Named Moe (Moe is whoever at the time is wearing the dumb wig on their bald head).  Two bald guys, a guitar and bongos.  Kind of a early summer Chain of Lakes party.

 Bartender Donna got the May Wassup Magazine Bartender of the Month and then there was that Sox game (I'll write about that next).  Even better, the band played 5 to 9 PM.  My kind of party times.  Two buck pints and free food!! 


Went to After the Fox on the Fox River in McHenry for two afternoon bands.  So crowded, we had to sit out on the deck overlooking the river for the first band, Blind Spot, who played rock and blues and even did a Stones song I had never heard.

Then, Practice in Public played.  Some more great rock and blues.

Afterwards, we went to Twisted Moose for a fish fry and $10 buckets of domestics.

The Way to Properly Spend a Weekend.  --RoadDog

OLDSTER BUMPER STICKERS:  We Got Married for Better or Worse.  He Couldn't Do Any better and I Couldn't Do Any Worse.     Hey, I Resemble That Remark.

It's Them, Not Me: Hey! What Gives!! Gas Goes Up 18 Cents in One Minute!!!

I was so proud of the GRBs last week as gas prices around here finally dropped below $4.  Those son-of-a-guns were actually having pity on their victims. 

Then, Saturday, I was in for a shock.  They didn't shed their skin that much.  Saturday driving over to the Vinyl Frontier in McHenry, Illinois, I noticed some stations around $4.10.  But McHenry is always more expensive than Fox Lake, so didn't think about it much.

Then, driving over to Stormy Monday for the band, I saw that gas stations in Fox Lake were up to $4.17.  Friday night, coming home from Stormy's it was $3.99!!  What in the world happened between Friday night and Saturday afternoon to "enable" them to raise the price like that?

Now, it will take a month to drop back to that $3.99 price.

Up in a Minute, Down in a Month.  It Must Be Great to Be a GRB.  --RoadDog

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Appears to Be a Record Store Day for Me

Liz and I had been thinking about going out to Dekalb, Illinois, for the annual NIU Spring Football game.  But, it is just too cool to do it.

Besides, I have to go to McHenry, Illinois, and visit one of my favorite places, The Vinyl Frontier, one of those fast-disappearing mom and pop record stores.  Ya Gotta Love the Name as well.  They sell used CDs and, of course, LPs.
There still are few joys better than flipping those albums in the bins and looking for the "buried" treasures.  Flipping CDs is just not as much fun.  Besides never having downloaded anything, I'd be hard-pressed to "figger" out how to flip through downloads.

Lots of announcements about Record Store Day on WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback which was to 1970 today.  I recorded it on audio cassettes (it took two 90-minute Maxells) and will pop the show into the tape deck on my '85 Firebird when I go over to the Frontier in a little while.

Support Your Local Record Store.  --RoadDog

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Friday, April 20, 2012

JSS: Bad Day for Chicago Sports-- NIU Spring Football-- A Coyote Thug

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. BAD DAY FOR CHICAGO SPORTS-- Yesterday was not one of those "great days" for Chicago sports. All four of our teams lost, most painful was the Blackhawks losing their playoff game in overtime again to the Phoenix Assassins. Two Miami teams whupped up on the Bulls and the Cubs. And Baltimore completed a paddling of the Sox.

2. NIU SPRING FOOTBALL-- Seriously considering a trip out to Dekalb tomorrow for the annual spring intersquad football team as a way of saying thanks for such a great and enjoyable season, 12-3. Also, our baseball team plays those guys from Toledo and Fatty's is having a party/auction featuring Huskies players.

3. A COYOTE THUG-- Folks are really mad about that hit Coyote Assassin Torres put on Hossa on Tuesday. Our coach was fined $10,000 and the player who retaliated was penalized. We remember Torres for his "play" last year in the playoffs with Vancouver. There should be no place in hockey for him or his ilk.

Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog

OLDSTER BUMPER STICKER: When I was younger, All I Wanted was a BMW. Now, I don't care about the "W."

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

JSS: Way Too Many Toys

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

WAY TOO MANY TOYS-- I'm thinking of taking a picture of all the mechanical things we own that I can't work on as my Green Thumb is Not a Greasy Thumb. I should do this while the boat is still in the driveway.

2003 Bayliner boat
1994 John Deere tractor

1985 Pontiac Firebird
2003 Chevy Malibu
2005 Dodge Dakota
2011 Chevy Malibu

That's four vehicles for two people!! OK, and we have a four-car garage, but can only get three vehicles in as one bay is taken up with yard stuff. The boat spends winters in a barn in Hebron and summers on a channel by Fox Lake.

And, I'd really love to have a 2012 Chevy Camaro, but would have to give up the Firebird and Dakota. Not quite ready to do that. I love driving the '85 (which we bought new and now has 94,000 miles on it) and yesterday, I went to Menard's and bought two railroad ties and 30 wall stones. I'd like to see anyone get that into a Camaro.

Oh, Well. Guess All This Stuff Means We're Not Doing Too Badly. Wish I Could Learn to Like Working On Mechanical Things. --RoadDog

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ten for Tax Day

In honor of all that money you're paying out or getting back today, Chicago's WDRV-FM's Ten at Ten was on Tax Day. All songs were dealing with money.

I had figured that the Beatle's "Tax Man" would be the first or last song. It wasn't.

The Songs:

BLUE MONEY-- Van Morrison
MONEY FOR NOTHING-- Dire Straits (And, that's Sting singing at the beginning and end.

MONEY-- Pink Floyd
TAX MAN-- Beatles
TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN-- Steve Miller Band

MONEY-- Rolling Stones

Now, Don't You Feel Better? --RoadDog

It's a Titanic-Cubs Thing: Sink or Sveum

From the April 15th Chicago Tribyne Main Event "Sink or Sveum."

Sunday is the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking and the Cubs are in their 104th season since last winning the World Series. Both are bad. Which is Worse?

For those who don't know, Sveum is the name of the new Cub manager. Nice play on words.

Titanic first, Cubbies second.

CULPRITS: iceberg///Justin Berg (among others)

SURVIVORS: 710/// millions

NOTABLE PASSENGERS/FANS: John Jacob Astor IV and Benjamin Guggenheim///Jim Belushi, Bill Murray

TIME TO SINK: 160 minutes///103 years and counting

COMELY STAR OF RELATED MOVIE: Kate Winslet "Titanic"///Amy Morton "Rookie of the Year"

GOAT: Captain Edward Smith///Goat


AFTER-EFFECTS: maritime safety improvements///generations of anguish


Interesting...Very Interesting. --RoadDog

Where Were You April 8, 1980?-- Part 2

Some more songs playing on your radios back then.

SARAH-- FLEETWOOD MAC-- From Tusk album.
ROMEO'S TUNE-- STEVE FORBET-- (I remembered the tune, but not the name or artist.)

LOVE STINKS-- J. GEILS BAND-- Title track from latest album. They'd be coming to town to play at the Aragon Ballroom in just three days. (A classic song for Valentine's Day.)
REFUGEE-- TOM PETTY-- From Damn the Torpedoes. His latest single release. (Thanks Admiral Farragut.)

FIRE LAKE-- BOB SEGER-- from the album Against the Wind.
YOU MAY BE RIGHT-- BILLY JOEL-- From Glass Houses.

BOAT ON THE WATER-- STYX-- Deep track from their latest album Cornerstone sung by Tommy Shaw. (A real good song. If I had the album, I'd dig it out and give it another listen.)
RIDE LIKE THE WIND-- CHRIS CROSS-- with a little help from Michael McDonald.

THE SPIRIT OF RADIO-- RUSH-- This one says it all (Even if they are NOT in the R'N R Hall of Fame.)
CALL ME-- BLONDIE-- From one of the big movies back then "American Giggolo

HEARTBREAKER-- PAT BENATAR-- (One of my all-time favorite songs.)
CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE-- QUEEN-- #1 in Chicago. From their new album, The Game.

Only 32 Years Ago. --RoadDog

THE LAST WILL ROGERS SAYS: Ohio claims they are due a president as they haven't had one since Taft. Look at the United States. They have not had one since Lincoln.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The 100th Anniversary of the Titanic

Even though this is history, to me this even is important enough to mention in this blog. I have been writing about the event extensively in my Ciiter's History Blog.

This event is one that has fascinated me since I was a young boy and that now is many, many, many years ago.

I still don't know where my paperback copy of Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember" is. I've got the bad feeling that maybe I threw it out.

Where's That Book? --RoadDog

JSS: Sox Opening Day-- Cold's Back-- Deluge

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. SOX OPENING DAY-- This past Friday was the Sox opening day here in Chicago. Definitely not as big of a thing as the Cubs opening the Thursday before. I just don't know why the Sox can't compete with the Cubs when it comes to numbers of fans.

2. COLD'S BACK-- Last week, it got considerably colder with freezes at night. Guess it's making up for that warm March we had. Oh, well, here in Chicagoland, if you don't like the weather, wait an hour. And that mean old Round Lake carnival hasn't opened yet.

3. DELUGE-- Saturday night/Sunday morning, we had a real deluge from the heavens. That was ok as the Chain of Lakes still needs another foot of water from the lack of snow last winter, the really dry spring and the fact that the Waterway folks really let the water down more than ever before.

The Boat's Ararin' to Go!! --RoadDog

Where Were You April 8, 1980? --Part 1

Bob Stroud Time Warped from April 8, 1970, ten years to 1980 for the second half of his show.

That date in 1980, I was finishing up my seventh year of teaching at John T. Magee Middle School in Round Lake, Illinois. I had 7th and 8th graders for social studies. The disco craze was in full swing and disc jockeys were popping up at area bars. I was starting to think about doing that myself.

STAY IN TIME-- OFF BROADWAY-- Our own beloved off broadway. Chris Johnson. A huge hit here in Chicago and off their first album.
EVEN IT UP-- HEART-- From their latest album B.B. La Strange. (The band that has to hold the record for most different greatest hits compolations, ever.)

ANY WAY YOU WANT IT-- JOURNEY-- from Departure (And, NOT in the Hall of Fame. Can you believe it? This song was also the name of the very first (or second) 45, I ever bought by the Dave Clark Five.)
BRASS IN POCKET-- PRETENDERS-- Brand new group with Chrissie Hynde out front.

I CAN'T TELL YOU WHY-- EAGLES-- in the Top Ten and rising. A great vocal from Timothy B. Schmitt. From The Long Run album.
ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL-- PINK FLOYD-- The number one album in town and it had been #1 for 14 consecutive weeks. (And, one of Liz and my retirement songs in 2006 along with "School's Out" by Alice Cooper. "Hey, teacher! Leave those kids alone!!" Gladly!!)

WILL ROGERS SAYS: Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and their politicians as a joke.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

But...These Folks Aren't In...Yet...Should Be

In relation to the previous post, yesterday's Ten at Ten on the Drive featured Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snubs. These are folks that you think would be in the HoF, but aren't.

It's a pretty amazing list. I had no idea.

Moody Blues
Guess Who
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Three Dog Night

And, Abba is in. Now, I'm a big Abba fan, but, come on!!

Time to Right the Wrong. --RoadDog

Congrats to 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

Tonight, there will be a ceremony in Cleveland honoring these worthy inductees:

Guns N' Roses
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Laura Nyro

Small Faces/Faces
Beastie Boys

And this year, a lot of backup groups are honored:

Crickets (Buddy Holly)
Famous Flames (James Brown)
Midnighters (Hank Ballard)
Comets (Bill Haley)
Blue Caps (Gene Vincent)
Miracles (Smokey Robinson)


Freddie King
Don Kirshner
Cosimo Matassa
Tom Down
Glyn Jones

Well-Deserved. --RoadDog

Ten-Song Trips 1973 and 1968-- Part 2

Ten at Ten: 1973


HOCUS POCUS-- Focus (Ot's an "ocus" thing.
HELLO IT'S ME-- Todd Rundgren
THE OCEAN-- Led Zeppelin
TIME-- Pink Floyd

ROCK ON-- David Essex
DREAM ON-- Aerosmith (didn't become popular until later

Ten at Ten-- 1968

DOCK OF THE BAY-- Otis Redding

LIVING IN THE USA-- Steve Miller Band
JUDY IN DISGUISE-- John Fred & the Playboy Band

MIGHTY QUINN-- Manfred Mann

And, You Can hear It Stream at --RoadDog

Ten-Song Trips: 1973 and 1968-- Part 1

From WDRV, the Drive in Chicago.

The years 1964 to 1973 are very special to me as that was when I got interested in music thanks to the Beatles. Plus, these were my junior high, high school and college years. Always lots of memories in these songs. Plus, back then, I didn't keep a journal so it takes these songs to jar the ol' memory.

Bob Stroud plays the songs on his Ten at Ten segment, broadcast at 10 AM and rebroadcast at 10 PM. And, he plays the songs without commercial break! Every two songs he talks about what was going on back then and runs newscasts and commercials.

It's all in a trip back.


WILL ROGERS SAYS: We don't seem to be able to check crime, so why not legalize it and then tax it out of business.

Friday, April 13, 2012

What Were You Doing April 8, 1970?-- Part 5

INSTANT KARMA-- JOHN LENNON-- (And we all shine on.)

COME AND GET IT-- BADFINGER-- Sure sounds like the Beatles. Paul wrote it and produced it. Their first hit (I sure thought it was the Beatles singing. I also at first thought the Bee Gees were the Beatles back in the 60s.)
BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER-- SIMON AND GARFUNKEL-- Their legendary classic song out on album and 45. (This one always reminds me of the political unrest of the Vietnam War.)

AMERICAN WOMAN-- GUESS WHO-- The "A" side of their two-sided hit. (Actually with the intro to this one and the two songs on the flipside "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature" it was like getting an EP with four songs.)
VEHICLE-- IDES OF MARCH-- Here's that band from Berwyn (Illinois).

HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN-- FRIGID PINK-- Six years after most of us had heard the song done up by the Animals, it was back around again, this time by a Detroit band. (And done a WHOLE lot differently.)

LET IT BE-- BEATLES--The number 1 song in Chicago 42 years ago.

Was That a Canadian Slam Against the U.S.? --RoadDog

Things in Sports That Are Not Natural

From the April 12th Chicago Tribune Main Event in the sports section. Always a funny look at sports with a Chicago bent.

1. DESIGNATED HITTERS Well, I don't agree with this one. Who would rather see a pitcher go up and strike out or a guy clobber a home run?

2. DEVIN HESTER NOT RETURNING KICKOFFS-- Hey, they're wise to him now.

3. JIM McMAHON AS A BANK DIRECTOR-- The "Punky" bank guy.

4. A GUY NAMED BUBBA WINNING THE MASTERS-- Well, then there's a guy named Tiger.

5. JOAKIM NOAH'S FREE-THROW SHOOTING-- Almost Niles Crane-style.

6. PLAYING ICE HOCKEY IN THE DESERT-- As in the Hawks playing the Coyotes in NHL Playoffs.

Good Ones. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: Things in our country run in spite of the government, not by aid of it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Were You Doing April 8, 1970?-- Part 4

LONG LONESOME HIGHWAY-- MICHAEL PARKS-- Played a character named Jim Bronson on the TV series "Then Came Bronson" where he played the title character. (Nothing to do with Charles.)
THE RAPPER-- JAGGERZ-- one-hit wonder out of Pittsburgh. (Was this the first "rap" song?)

NO SUGAR TONIGHT/NEW MOTHER NATURE-- GUESS WHO-- flipside of "American Woman."
EVIL WAYS-- SANTANA-- first hit single from a group we first met at Woodstock.

WOODSTOCK-- CSNY-- From their second album, Deja-Vu.
REFLECTIONS OF MY LIFE-- MARMALADE-- One hot wonder group out of Scotland.

HEY LAWDY MAMA-- STEPPENWOLF-- Brand new and on its way to Top Ten.
GET READY-- RARE EARTH-- New group out of Motown covering an old Temptations song.

Memory-Makers. --RoadDog

What Were You Doing April 8, 1970?-- Part 3

By the way, numbering this past Saturday was an effort in counting by fours: 4-8-12. Kind of neat.

I have a lot more to say about my life in 1970 (and sure wish I was already doing my journal which I didn't start until 1978), but should go ahead and start listing some of the songs Bob Stroud played.

One thing I really like about the Rock and Roll Roots shows is all the information he gives. His quotes first, mine in parentheses.

TRAVELING BAND-- CCR-- "B" side of their current hit. (Shoot, this one could easily have been an "A" side; by my favorite all-time band.)
MIGHTY JOE-- SHOCKING BLUE-- Follow up to their hit "Venus." WCFL was playing it, a mid-charter. (Never heard tis one, but I tended to listen to WLS more than CFL anyway.)

CELEBRATE-- THREE DOG NIGHT-- most recent hit. (How many times can you say "Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music?")
GIVE ME JUST A LITTLE MORE TIME-- CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD-- had a couple hits-- (Beach Music and I didn't even know it.)

HITCHING A RIDE-- VANITY FARE-- One of two hits for them, the other "Early in the Morning." (Until recently, I thought their last name was spelled Fair.)

Memories Are Made of This. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: If you ever injected truth into politics you'd have no politics.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where Were You April 8, 1970?-- Part 1: Pledging Delta Sigma Phi

I was pledging Delta Sigma Phi fraternity at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb at the time along with my good buddy Bob from Rockford. Our house was on Augusta Avenue. It was a blast and I was having the time of my life.

This was back in the days of hazing and it sure happened to us. There were always the fun paddle exchanges, plus all sorts of inane stuff we had to do like carry the "Bomb" around and make sure no sorority stole it. The bomb was an empty bomb shell about three feet high that pledges had to carry around campus and guard with our lives.

There were always the fun commands to count the bowling balls in the Union as well as the number of holes on the ceiling and the always-fun say the Greek alphabet three times on a match before it burned your fingers.

The pledges had to really stick together and make sure no actives took any of us for a "ride." Most of the actives were alright, but some went out of their way to make our lives as miserable as possible.

All In All, I'd Have to Say That This Was the Most Fun I Had in the Fraternity, Though. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: If I studied all my life, I couldn't think up half the number of funny things passed in one session of Congress.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Where Were You April 8, 1970?-- Part 1: It's a Beach Music Thing for Me.

Yesterday, Bob Stroud did a Time Warp on his Rock and Roll Roots Show on the Drive, 97.1 FM back to April 8th both 1970 and 1980. Lots of good music then.

He played "Give Me Just a Little More Time" by Chairman of the Board. This was a favorite of mine back in 1970. I didn't know it at the time, but this song was going to become what was coined in the 1980s as Beach Music.

I already was a big fan of soul music and especially that great Motown stuff and this was greatly reinforced every time we took a summer vacation to North Carolina. You would hear a lot of soul music on the radio, plus my Goldsboro buddies Ronnie and Keith were big into it.

My parents told me about this new genre called Beach Music in the 80s and I was hooked right away. Right now, I am listening to 94.9 the Surf out of North Myrtle Beach, SC, which is considered to be the Heart of Beach Music. Often I listen to Beach Boogie and Blues on WNCT 1070 AM out of Greenville, NC.

This internet sure keeps me in tune with Beach Music which I can't get on local stations here in northern Illinois. Thanks, internet!!

Beach Music is mostly east coast or southern soul that was and still is played along the east coast of the US in southern states. It is not the Beach Music of the Beach Boys or Jan and Dean. It sometimes is called Carolina Beach Music.

"Give me Just a Little More Time." --RoadDog

I Been Working on the Yard

Well, Saturday anyway. This past weekend.


Picked up boat in Hebron, Illinois. Did some shopping. Met the Usual Suspects at Stormy Monday on Fox Lake. Good to have that great view again. Enjoyed the $2 pint taps.


A day of yardwork and a sore body as a result. My "Aching Back" acre. Did tye burn pile.

Afterwards, signed up for the Chain Crawl at the Squaw Bar in Ingleside. 37 Bars in One Summer. Starts next month. J.C. was not happy we didn't tell him about the Footstompers being at After the Fox last Sunday afternoon. Enjoyed the DJ and $5 pitchers.

Then, the Kevin and Kelly joined us at J's for NTN. DJ and $2 23 ounce taps.


Enjoyed Stroud's Time Warp back to April 8th 1970 and 1980 inthe morning. Went over to the China Buffet in Fox Lake for Easter dinner. It was $13.99 for five kinds of shrimp, roast beef and crablegs. Too full to do much after that.

Another Good Weekend. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: The country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of the hammer.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yard Tales: Looks Like Just Me and the Dandelions and Crab Grass Again

This last Saturday, we went to the Lake Villa/Antioch Trade Show here in northeast Illinois and I filled out a form to have the Lawn Doctor folks come out to take a look at the yard and submit a bid.

I can usually somewhat keep up with the dandelions, which are now in full bloom, but the last three years, the crab grass has completely overrun my defenses. I must admit to having lush patches of crabgrass.

They came out Tuesday. I was kind of hoping for something around $400 for the season. However, they wanted to make seven applications on our acre for $110 each--$770. Double too much.

Yesterday, I drove by our local Menard's and bought three bags of fertilizer plus crabgrass killer for $27.

Reckon I'll Take Care of It Myself. --RoadDog

Yard Tales: My Old John Deere

I've now cut the yard two times in my '94 John Deere tractor with triple mulching piranha deck. It's holding up well. Most years I have it taken in for a complete tuneup and work.

I bought it the second summer in the new house which sits on an acre here in Spring Grove, Illinois. We moved in over Thanksgiving 1992. The whole next summer I spend landscaping the sloping yard so didn't need to cut the weeds.

Summer '94, I had grass. I cut the grass one time using my old-19-inch walk behind power mower. After four hours, I decided it was time to get a lawn tractor. I don't mind cutting grass FOR AN HOUR, but this was just too much.

And, Ive been happily cutting ever since.

Bring On That Grass!! --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: There ought to be one day-- just one--- when there is open season on senators.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Top Ten Terrifying Questions in Movies

From the July 30, 2010, Listverse. List Universe.

10. "What do you mean I'm funny?"-- Goodfellas

9. "Have you ever come across someone you shouldn't have f***** with?"-- Grand Torino

8. "What did I tell you? What did I tell you?"-- Goodfellas

7. "Are you Sarah Connor?"-- Terminator

6. "Why so serious?"-- Dark Knight

5. "Was that the boogey man?"-- Halloween

4. "Can you get me off the hook, Tom? For old times sake?"-- The Godfather

3. "Have you checked the children?" --When a Stranger Calls

2. "Is it safe?"-- Marathon Man

1. "If they put you up in front of the grand jury, what you gone tell 'em?"-- At Close Range

Now, Can You Tell Who Said 'Em? --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: Anything important is never left to the vote of the people. We only get to vote on some man; we never get to vote on what he is to do.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

U.S. Gas consumption declines as prices soar

From the April 2nd Bulletin. AP

Americans have pumped less gas every week for the past year, for a 3& decrease. That should mean that gas prices are dropping. But, NO!!

Gas prices are rising...and fast. The national average for gas is $3.89, $4.30 here in northeast Illinois. What gives? According to the cornerstone of capitalism, the law of supply and demand, if demand goes down, prices should follow.

We have a severely contorted form of capitalism right now. We're using less gas, but Big Oil is making less in their attempt to keep prices high and to approach their much-desired $5 a gallon.

One reason for the decline in gas consumption is better mileage vehicles, something that we should have been working toward all along. The average car gets 24 miles a gallon now on the highway, of course less around town. Just four years ago, that total was just 20 mpg.

Unfortunately, the government does not appear to have any intentions to really hurt Big Oil for this. They have to be at the bottom of this. Proof is their huge profits and we have another round to be reported very soon as the First Quarter ledgers are soon to come out.

This Really Burns Me. --RoadDog


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's Them, Not Me: Gas Consumption Down, Yet, Prices Soar

Well, at least we are getting a brief respite from rising gas prices which are remaining around $4.30 here in northeast Illinois, the highest it has ever been. And, it is around $4.60 to $4.70 in rip-off city, Chicago.

It used to be that if demand declined and supplies went up, prices would come down "But Not No More" in our new GRB-driven economy. Like they said in the movie, "It just doesn't matter."

These guys want their money and even if demand goes down and supplies go up, they are withing their rights to raise prices anyway.

There is no oil shortage. The GRBs at Big Oil have definitely cut back on production to help keep the prices up. I have even heard that US oil has been sold overseas and sure hope that is not true.

Don't these guys know that their pursuit of the Almighty dollar (worthless as it is becoming) hurts their fellow people?

And, the GRBs are not just Big Oil. All those commodities traders, hedge fund folk, stock market and day-traders share in the blame as well.

Hey Guys, Let's Make Big Dough and Not Produce Anything Except Personal Profit. Is That the American Way? --RoadDog


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top Ten Greatest Movies to Win Best Picture

From July 28, 2011, Listverse. Go to the site for photos and information.

10. THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES-- 1946-- William Wyler
9. ANNIE HALL-- 1977-- Woody Allen
8. TERMS OF ENDEARMENT-- 1983-- James L. Broder

7. SCHINDLER'S LIST-- 1993-- Steven Spielberg
6. THE DEERHUNTER-- 1978-- Michael Cimino
5. ON THE WATERFRONT-- 1954-- Elia Kazan
4. ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST-- 1975-- Milo Forman

3. THE GODFATHER--1972-- Francis Ford Coppola
2. GONE WITH THE WIND-- 1939-- Victor Fleming
1. THE GODFATHER: PART 2-- 1974-- Francis Ford Coppola

How Many Have You Seen? --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: Our Constitution protects aliens, drunks and U.S. Senators.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Good Times: Four Days, Seven Bars, Three Bands

Not a bad several days here in northeast Illinois.


NTN and Italian beef sandwiches at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wis..


Buffet at Richard's in Round Lake Hts, Terry Spizzirri playing at AJ's Horsin' Around in Round Lake Park, Il. (playing for Taco's retirement party) and Michael Lescher performing at J's.


Antioch/Lake Villa, Il. Trade Show, taxes done, Steve's and Choppers, both in Antioch on Il-173 and Tommy's in Spring Grove. Watched the first Final Four game in the last two places and the last one downstairs at home in Margaritaville.


Drove to After the Fox on Fox River in McHenry, Illinois, for long-time favorite group Dekalb Footstompers, whom we've been following since 1973. A drummer, guitarist and guy on an accordion and guy on tuba. You figure.

Good Times in the Neighborhood. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: About all I can say about the US Senate is that it opens with a prayer and closes with an investigation.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Foolin' Around On the Day for It

Because today is you know what, Bob Stroud did his Rock and Roll Roots Show on WDRV here in Chicago on those foolish songs.

WHAT A FOOL BELIEVES-- Doobie Brothers
WHAT KIND OF FOOL-- Bill deal & the Rhondells (Some really fine Beach Music)
SHE'S A FOOL-- Leslie Gore
CHAIN OF FOOLS-- Aretha Franklin

A FOOL SUCH AS I-- Elvis Presley
FOOLED AGAIN AND I DON'T LIKE IT-- Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

DANCING FOOL-- Frank Zappa
FOOL #1-- Brenda Lee
FOOL TO CRY-- Rolling Stones
LOVE'S MADE A FOOL OF YOU-- Bobby Fuller Four

FOOL IN THE RAIN-- Led Zeppelin
WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN-- Who (Why does this always remind me of a CSI show?)

Feelin' Foolish Yet? --RoadDog

Number One Songs This Date: April 1st-- Part 2

1969 DIZZY-- Tommy Roe
1968 (SITTIN' ON) THE DOCK OF THE BAY-- Otis Redding-- #1 after his death in 1967.
1967 HAPPY TOGETHER-- Turtles-- Flo and Eddie

1966 BALLAD OF THE GREEN BERETS-- S/Sgt. Barry Sadler-- Where's John Wayne when you need him? #1 song March 1st as well.
1965 STOP! IN THE NAME OF LOVE-- Supremes
1964 CAN'T BUY ME LOVE-- Beatles
1963 HE'S SO FINE-- Chiffons

1962 JOHNNY ANGEL-- Shelley Fabares
1961 BLUE MOON-- Marcels
1960 THEME FROM 'A SUMMER PLACE'-- Percy Faith-- #1 song March 1st.

1959 VENUS-- Frankie Avalon
1958 TEQUILA-- Champs
1957 ROUND AND ROUND-- Perry Como

1956 POOR PEOPLE OF PARIS-- Les Baxter
1955 THE BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT-- Bill Hayes-- OK boys, dig out those coonskin caps and fringed jackets!!
1954 MAKE LOVE TO ME!-- Jo Stafford-- A bit racy don't you think?

1952 WHEEL OF FORTUNE-- Kay Starr-- And before Pat and Vanna!!
1951 IF-- Perry Como
1950 MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC!-- Teresa Brewer

1932 PARADISE-- Leo Reisman
1922 APRIL SHOWERS-- Al Jolson-- #1 song March 1st.

1912 MOONLIGHT BAY-- American Quartet
1902 ARKANSAW TRAVELER-- Lee Spencer-- Also #1 March 1st

You Make Me D_____. --RoadDog

Number One Songs This Date: April 1st

From Josh Hosler: Based on the Billboard charts.

Get Ready For Some Memories.

2012 WE ARE YOUNG-- fun feat. Janelle Monas
2002 AIN'T IT FUNNY [MURDER REMIX]-- Jennifer Lopez feat. JaRule
1992 SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST-- Venessa Williams

1989 ETERNAL FLAME-- Bangles (or was it the GoGos)
1988 MAN IN THE MIRROR-- Michael Jackson

1986 ROCK ME AMADEUS-- Falco (I can't help it, I still like this song.)
1985 ONE MORE NIGHT-- Phil Collins
1984 FOOTLOOSE-- Kenny Loggins
1983 BILLIE JEAN-- Michael Jackson-- Number 1 also MARCH 1st

1982 I LOVE ROCK 'N ROLL-- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts (One of the great rock songs ever and she even says it.)
1981 RAPTURE-- Blondie (Early rap by a white chick.)
1980 ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST-- Queen (I'd like to know how many times I played this song at weddings.)

1979 TRAGEDY-- Bee Gees
1978 NIGHT FEVER-- Bee Gees (It was a time of Bee Gees Fever as well.)
1977 RICH GIRL-- Hall & Oates (Did they really say the "b" word?)

1976 DISCO LADY-- Johnnie Taylor (Real early disco.)
1975 LOVIN' YOU-- Minnie Ripperton (Go ahead, Minnie, go up and down the scale.)
1974 HOOKED ON A FEELING-- Blue Swede (How can you you have a better intro. I'd play it three times in a row. Still do. Oooga-Chaka yourself.)

1972 A HORSE WITH NO NAME-- America
1970 BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER-- Simon and Garfunkel-- Also #1 March 1st.

Good Stuff Maynard. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: A fool and his money are soon elected. (For some reason this one really hits home these days.)