Thursday, August 10, 2017

About Last Weekend-- Part 2: Yardwork, Hornets, Bars, bands, and Enjying the House

Crummy weather all day.  Did not sit out on the front porch because it was so chilly.  But, cooler weather is a good time to work in the yard.  A whole lot less sweating, so did a lot of yard work today.

Went to Sunnyside Tap in Johnsburg and then the American Legion in Fox Lake where we met up with the "Usual Suspects."


It would seem that someone or somebody has declared war on Confederate monuments.  I am not a happy camper about this.

Did some yardwork until I came across a ground nest of hornets or wasps and beat a hasty retreat.

We went to the Legion in the afternoon and saw Mark Heller perform.  Where else are you going to get entertainment from 3 to 6 in the afternoon?


Enjoyed the FP (Front Porch), OD (OD) and gazebo over the course of the day.  I had a big bonfire and got rid of a lot of branches from the downed part of the Bradford pear tree.

Enjoyed the street party at the PLAV (Polish Legion of American Veterans) in McHenry from 1 to 6.  It was all-you-can-eat and drink for $10 a person.  Plus a deejay/karaoke.  Now that is a real hard deal to beat.

Why Go Away for Vacation When You Have It Right Here?  --RoadDog

CUBS-SOX CROSSTOWN RIVALRY, PUT-DOWNS:  Cub fan to Sox fan--  "I've heard that for the White Sox, 'DH' stands for 'Don't Have Talent.'"  Sox fan comeback--  "'Have Talent' is one word?  Cub fan--  "Yes It is."

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