Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blackhawk Parade and Rally-- Part 8: A Rare Chicago Championship

Now, all festivities are on the stage with a regular sea of red out in front of it. I like the red jerseys best by far. The mayor got up and off before anyone had a chance to boo, but Quinn's, the govs., greeting more than made up for it. Of course, all this for a practically forgotten team as late as six years ago.

Of course, we also know that due to salary cap, a whole lot of the members of the 2010 team were playing elsewhere for the next season. Stan Bowman had the job of rebuilding that team.

When he spoke he said today was his birthday and that it "was the best birthday ever." At which point, the crowd started singing "Happy Birthday."

When it was Coach Quennville's time to speak, the chant was "Q." Letty Sherry said she had waited 49 years for 2010 and now three years for this one and wants them to do it again.

Good Day to be a Hawks Fan. --RoadDog

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