Monday, July 1, 2013

Songs For Summer 2013-- Part 2

Continued from June 24th.  Got too involved with the Hawks and Lincoln Highway.

I see by my original plans that I expected to be out in Kearney, Nebraska, today for the Lincoln Highway Association Conference, but am not.  Ph well, gppd times around here anyway.

SUNNY DAYS--  LIGHTHOUSE--  Canadian band in 1972.
CALIFORNIA SUN--  RIVIERAS--  1963 from northwest Indiana band  (Doing a great California song.  Go figure.)

I LIVE FOR THE SUN--  SUN RAYS--  Appropriately named song from 1965, produced by Beach Boy fatherMurry Wilson after the Beach Boys fired him as their manager.  "I'll show you," he said.  "I'll go and get me another band that will be bigger than you."  They had a couple hits, this and "Andrea."  (What did Bill Cosby say to Theo?)
HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME--  SLY & THE FAMILY STONE--  Late summer of '69 and we're gonna have plenty of that now.

A SUMMER SONG--  CHAD & JEREMY--  Part of the British Invasion in 1964.  (Or was it by Peter and Gordon?  I can never keep these two groups apart.)
SUMMERTIME--  BOG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY--  Awesome version from Cheap Thrills.  (You probably thought Janis Joplin, but this was her in her former group.)

DANCING IN THE STREET--  MAMAS AND PAPAS--  Great rendition of the Motown classic.  (Can you name the original artist?)
GOOD DAY SUNSHINE--  BEATLES--  From Revolver in '66.  (And played right at 8 AM when Terri Hemmert's great Breakfast With the Beatles Show comes on the competition at WXRT.)

CALIFORNIA GIRLS--  BEACH BOYS--  Summer of '65.  (But I also like "Carolina Girls" by Chairman of the Board.  Same feel, different coast.))
SUMMER IN THE CITY--  LOVIN' SPOONFUL--  (Hot Town, you know what.)

Martha & the Vandellas.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS":  The big finale would feature a giant ball of yarn, feathers on a pole and stray strands of dental floss.

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