Tuesday, July 9, 2013

About Those 4th of July Lights-- Part 2: Showing My Patriotism

I went down to the basement junk room (not to be confused with my study or deejay junk rooms). After a bit of looking (Well, I sort of knew where the lights were, besides being in a box with the words 4th of July printed on it).

I also found two other red, white and blue rope strands and two US flag lights. I put up one Italian red, white and blue string around the gazebo banisters (which will remain up for the summer). I also put a rope light in the gazebo and placed the twenty small light bulb strand in it.

Then, in the front, I did my Halloween and Christmas light displays with chasing and function strands on both sides of the sidewalk. Then the other strands around them.

All-in-all, it looked very 4thish. Even better, no one else in the neighborhood had 4th of July lights.

I Felt So Special. Still Got to get A Life!!  --RoadDog

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