Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Movie Scratches: Dunkirk-- Castle-- It-- Blade

Movie Scratches--  Songs that I have seen in movie theaters this year.

45.  DUNKIRK--  August 8--  Woodstock, $5--  The stoic English civilian boar captain and all those tie-in stories.  It sure seemed that the British destroyers sank fast.

46.  THE GLASS CASTLE--  September 5--  Fox Lake, $5--  Kids of a really truly dysfunctional family cope with their crazy parents.  Woody Harrelson and the movie should get nominations for Academy Awards.

47.  IT--  Sept. 26--  Fox Lake, $5--  Or, how I spent my summer vacation.  "Kill my brother and I'll GET you!!"  Freddie takes a vacation.

48.  BLADE RUNNER:2049--  Oct. 24--  Fox Lake, $5---  Who's your daddy.  Sure miserable weather in '49.

Please Don't Sit Right In Front Of Me.  --RoadDog

MORE COFFEE SIGNS:  Your coffee mug is insured by Lloyds of London.  (I, too, have my favorite mugs."

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