Monday, November 27, 2017

Tom Grosvenor Marine Corps Birthday Breakfast-- Part 3: The Cake Ceremony

Continued from November 10.

The one aspect of the proceedings that I always like the most is the presentation of the birthday cake with the USMC emblem, provided every year by Lovin' Oven Cakery in Round Lake Beach, Illinois.

The oldest Marine present and the youngest are ushered to the front of the room.  This year it was Bobbi Briggs, a World War II veteran of the Marine Corps Women's Reserve, who turns 94 later this month.  The youngest was one of the active duty Marines who was born in 1994.

Four extremely squared away Marines in splendid dress blues escort the cake up to the front and then the Commandant of the Marine Corps Lake County Detachment 801 takes the ceremonial sword and cuts off a piece.  He then gives it to the oldest Marine who takes a bite and then passes the piece to the youngest who takes a bite.

This symbolizing the passing of knowledge and tradition from one generation to another.

A Very Striking Tradition.  --RoadDog

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