Monday, June 10, 2019

WLS Top 40 for June 9, 1969-- Part 2: "I've Been Hurt"

35.   CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION--  Tommy James / Shondells      #2    A whole different Tommy James than earlier in the sixties.

34.  WITH PEN IN HAND--  Vicki Carr     #35   More than a bit on the sappy side.  

33.  BABY I LOVE YOU--  Andy Kim   (D)   #9   His biggest hit.
32.  I'VE BEEN HURT--  Bill Deal / Rhondells      #35     Hey, BEACH MUSIC. Love the horns but way too short at 2:10.

31.  THE BOXER--   Simon & Garfunkel    #7

Name That Tune (from, the above songs):  "Yes You Told Me A Whole lot Lies."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

"I've Been Hurt"

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