Monday, June 24, 2019

A 2019 Route 66 Trip to Lebanon, Missouri-- Part 1: To Springfield, Illinois


Drove the usual way on Illinois Highway 47 to Dwight.  Then drove Route 66 to Chenoa and then to I-55 for the rest of the day to Springfield, Illinois.  First time ever that we were unable to  get a room at the Route 66 Hotel and Conference Center which was booked for a horse show and golf tournament in town.  Also, no room at the nearby Comfort Inn.

We went south to Toronto Road and got the last room at the Motel 6 and then back for our Cozy Dog fix.  Watched the first part of the Stanley Cup Game 7 contest between the St, Louis Blues and Boston Bruins.  Springfield is 100 miles from St. Louis and about half and half St. Louis and Chicago fans.  We saw the rest of the game at Motorheads on Route 66 on Toronto Road.  The place was packed with Blues fans.

We pulled for the Blues (even though we are Blackhawk fans) because they Midwest and no one wants to see another Boston/New England team win anything.


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