Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Sitting Here Drinking My Cheerwine, Doing Professor Moptop's Homework and Typing These Blogs

Right now I am doing the homework assigned me last night at McHenry Library (Illinois).  And that was having to listen to the entire "Abbey Road" album" by you-know-who.  We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of this album's release this year.

And, what better way to find out about it than by having the "Fessa tell you about each and every song on it. He went into great detail and did it with plenty of video.  I doubt that anyone, even Terri Hemmert (and she REALLY KNOWS A LOT) knows more about the Beatles than Professor Moptop.

Plus, I am greatly enjoying my 12 ounce bottle of Cheerwine, the taste of North Carolina.  Yesterday, while shopping at our Spring Grove (Illinois) Jewel store I was fairly shocked to see a four pack of bottles for sale ($4).  That is much more than the usual $2.50 I like to spend for a 12-pack of pop.  But, the fact you can only rarely find it here in northern Illinois made me pay that price.  (I really stock up on the stuff when I'm in N.C..)

Sure made my day.

So, here I sit, typing away with my own two little fingers, drinking the good stuff and doing my homework.  I figured I had left homework behind when I got out of college, but evidently not so.

How 'Bout Dat?  --RoadDog

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