Friday, August 2, 2019

WLS Top 40 for August 4, 1969-- Part 4: "Good Morning Starshine"

These come from Oldies Loon, WLS Surveys.

25.  GOOD MORNING STARSHINE--  Oliver      #3   You can't help but get in food mood with this one.  Born William Oliver Swofford in North Carolina.  Another hit from the rock musical "Hair."

24.  SPINNING WHEEL--  Blood, Sweat & Tears      #2   Great jazz-rock song and one of their best.  Their biggest hit.

23.  ABERGAVENNY--  Shannon      #47   You just got to love this one, especially with the marching band.  A fun song that makes you want to visit there.  It is a town in Wales.  This was his only song to ever crack the Hot 100 pop charts.

22.  RUBY DON'T TAKE YOUR LOVE TO TOWN--  Kenny Rogers / First Edition     #6   Another victim of the Vietnam War.  Wow, the video shows someone with a dark beard.  Imagine that.  This one was written by country singer Mel Tillis.

21.  RECONSIDER ME--  Johnny Adams     #28    His biggest hit of three Top 100s.  This guy puts cry in the word cry.  When he says "Please" he really means it.  Reminds me of Tom Jones at times.  You can hear why he is called "The Tan Canary."

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "You've Painted Up Your Lips And Curled Your Tinted Hair."    Answer below.  --RoadDog

"Ruby, Don't take Your Love To Town"

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