Friday, August 9, 2013

To Rain Or Not to Rain, Still Chaining-- Part 3

This is back to July 31st. Left Middleton's in Wauconda and drove back to Fox Lake on US-12 to stop at three places for more passport stamps.

First stop was Docker's on Pistakee Lake. They were getting ready for Saturday's Venetian Night which takes place there and on the street beside it. Boats with Christmas lights go by and they fireworks.

Then, a stop at the Lagoon Lounge, which shares the lagoon with Waterway Management and McDonald;'s. This is a bar straight out of the 40s-50s and the cleanest one anywhere.

Then to Moretti's, also accessible by water through Ben Watt's Marina. Ran into Kelly, Kevin, their son and his girlfriend here. They were out getting passport stamps as well.

We then drove to the Legion where they boated. It was here that the rain really came down right when they were getting ready to leave. They came back inside to wait it out.

A Pretty Good Day. --RoadDog

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