Monday, December 15, 2014

Two-Hit Wonders-- Part 2

20.  BROWNSVILLE STATION--  Smokin' in the Boys Room, King of the Party

19.  THE CLASH--  Train in Vain, Rock the Casbah  (What, no Should I Stay or Should I Go?)

18.  ELVIS COSTELLO--  Everyday I Write the Book,  Veronica

17.  DIDO--  Thank You, White Flag

16.  EMF--  Unbelievable, Lies

15.  ANDEW GOLD--  Lonely Boy, Thank You for Being a Friend

14.  SSG BARRY SADLER--  The Ballad of the Green Berets, The "A" Team

13.  RADIOHEAD--  Creep, Nude

12.  MEN WITHOUT HATS--  Safety Dance, Pop Goes the World

11.  NEW ORDER--  True Faith, Regret


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