Thursday, August 21, 2008

Billboard's Top 100 Charts-- Part 2

When I was deejaying more-or-less full time, part time,I used the Billboard charts a lot. I always tried to have the top ten pop and country songs at all times, either on 45 or lp. I even cut the lists out of the Chicago Tribune and put them in a scrapbook.

I also bought Joel Whitburn's Top 40 chart books that went from the 50s and were updated every couple of years. I even purchased a massive book listing EVERY top 100song as well as one for the top R&B songs. I would especiallyuse these to keeptrack ofmy always growing collection of albums and 45s, later cassettes and then CDs. It helped greatly if I was doing a wedding or private party and I had special requests for songs.

Joel Whitburn turned a passion into a full-time career with his Record Research Company. He started collecting records as a teenager back in the 50s and as his holdings grew began sorting and categorizing. I believe I heard that he has every top 100 song from the 50s.

It's Great When You Can Turn a Hobby Into a Career. Congrats, Joel!! --RoadDog

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