Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boy, Did We Have a Thunder-Whumping, Lightnin' Spewin' Storm

This past Monday, the Chicagoland area was visited by one of the worst storms in recent history. There wasn't a lot of damage and, fortunately, no deaths, but any way you want to look at it, that was one bodacious storm.

I missed a lot of it while at the movie theater, but, on the way home, the sky was fairly constantly lit up. Reminded me of the electrical storms we used to have in North Carolina. Some bolts would start at one corner of the sky and go all the way across it.

During the storm, there were 90,000 lightning strikes in the Chicagoland area, about as many as we get in six months. At the storm's height, there were 800 strikes a minute. Now that is a really charged storm.

We got some much-needed rain, but not as much as you'd expect. Unfortunately, there were no Japanese beetle fatalities. Drats.

At 11 pm, I watched another storm roll in to the south of us. It was like watching strobe lights.

Mighty Big Storm. --RoadDog

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