Monday, August 11, 2008

How About This, a $4 Meal...For Two!!!

In this day of MUCH HIGHER prices everywhere, this is a bit of a refereshing news.

Thursday and Friday, Liz and I went to two places and both ate for $4...and WERE FULL when we finished.

THURSDAY-- we boated over to Captain's Quarters and Fox Lake and foundthe place even more crowded than usual. And, for good reason, on Thursdays, wings are 25 cents as are loaded potato skins. We split a dozen wings and four skins. Drinks, of course, were extra, but what a deal.

FRIDAY-- Before boating, we stopped at Hello Folks in Fox Lake, right across from the channel where we moor the boat, and had their 99 cent Chicago-style hot dogs and 99 cent tater tots. Three hotdogs and one split order of tots later, we were full, and on our way out to the water.

Love That Cheap Eatin'. Made up for 1776 in Crystal Lake. --RoadDog

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