Monday, August 18, 2008

Guys Like This Really Burn Me!!!

An article in the Saturday, August 16th Chicago Tribune about United Airlines CFO Frederic Brace retiring. This person demanded steep salary concessions from the workers and destroyed pensions, all the while taking as a reward, $10.4 million and receiving 13,000 shares of restricted stock in 2007 "for his exceptional contributions..."

Let's see, I'll take it out of your pocket while you're working and really mess up those who worked all those years for the company and retired, and, I'll put it in MY POCKET.

No mention in the article as to how much he will get as a "retirement" gift. Maybe that can be "restructured" after he's gone.

A True Leader Makes His Own Concessions When Times Are Tough, and Doesn't Step to the Head of the Line to Get Rich. Just Another Example of the Guys (AS IN CEOs and Evidently CFOs) We Have Running This Coutry's Business Today. --RoadDog

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