Wednesday, November 12, 2008

JSS: Fox Lake Veterans Day-- Out Buyin' CDs--

JSS: Just Some Stuff.

1. FOX LAKE VETERANS DAY-- Yesterday, I went to the observance by the train station on a cold and blustery day. Even then, about a hundred people turned out to honor our nation's heroes. A blast on the emergency siren at 11 signaled the start.

The Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, VFW, American Legion, Sons of the American Legion, and Legion Riders were the color guard.

Cindy Irwin, the mayor of Fox Lake spoke first, followed by someone from the Legion Auxiliary, VFW, and Legion commanders.

Afterwards, the rifle squad from the Legion fired three volleys and a man played taps.

Thanks Veterans.

2. OUT BUYIN' CDS-- Afterwards, I hit the road (after stopping at McDonald's for a McRib meal) for McHenry and did my little part for the economy and bought 8 CDs. I went to Circuit City first, figuring I'd best use up what was left of my gift card Liz got me for last Christmas. There was a manager at the door assuring people all was well. The company declared bankruptcy on Monday.

They didn't have the new albums by Taylor Swift or NOW-29, saying they hadn't arrived, but I think it has something to do with the bankruptcy.

I did buy Larry Graham & Graham Central Station's Greatest Hits and the Spinners' "Mighty Love' there. Larry Graham was the base player for Sly $ the Family Stone, and the Spinners CDwas from 1974.

Next, I went to Best Buy and bought Shwayze, Best of NOW 10th Anniversary, and NOW-29. I like those NOW CDs as I get a good selection of the music the kids are listening to these days. I heard Shwayze's "Corona and Lime" in Myrtle Beach and really liked it. That really surprised a deejay at a bar there when I requested it. He couldn't imagine why an old guy like myself would know anything about Shwayze.

Last stop was at Borders where I had a 40% off coupon. Spent quite awhile there listening to CDs on their database and ended up with a good one, "The Whole Famdamily" by the Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. Kind of a cross between the blues and rock. I also bought "Warmth of the Sun" by the Beach Boys and "The Best of Little Feat."

Checked out with Sean, who used to manage Full Cyrkle Records in Crystal Lake where I spent many an hour talking music and listening to old records. He said he figured he'd see me when the 40% coupons came out.

I Guess You'd Call My Selections a Variety.

Hey, a Deal's a Deal. --RoadDog

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