Tuesday, November 11, 2008

JSS: Death of the Dollar Menu?-- McRib's Back-- Mad Men Smoking-- Madagascar II-- Obama's White Half?

JSS: Just Some Stuff

1. DEATH OF THE DOLLAR MENU?-- An article in the Northern Star yesterday at how the McDonald's on Lincoln Highway in Dekalb, Illinois, has quietly raised the price of the double cheeseburger, a dollar stalwart and one of my favorites, twenty cents. OH, NO!!!

2. MCRIB'S BACK!!!-- Well, at least McDonald's has come back with my FAVORITE sandwich, the McRib in the Midwest. That means a FEW trips to McDonald's over the next few weeks. I was disappointed that we didn't have it here back at the end of September and early October like they did in the south

3. MAD MEN SMOKING-- I've always wondered about all the smoking going on in AMC's "Mad Men." That is just something you just don't see on TV anymore. It turns out they are smoking Ecstasy herbal cigarettes which are tobacco and nicotine free.

4. MADAGASCAR II-- Last Friday, while attending the "Changeling" movie at the Fox Lake Theater, I saw lots and lots of 1st through 5th graders coning in with their parents to see the new "Madagascar II: Back to Africa" movie. Hey, at 1 PM, what about school? Perhaps they were getting a benefit of being home-schooled. Hey, sign me up.

5. OBAMA'S WHITE HALF?-- You keep hearing about him being the first black man elected president of the US. I just wonder what happened to his white half?

Just Wonderin'. --RoadDog

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