Friday, April 21, 2017

A Trip Back For Us Last Weekend-- Part 2: The Old Stomping Grounds


We drove to Arlington Heights, Illinois, to put flowers and a U.S. flag on the graves of Liz's parents at Memory Gardens Cemetery.  We then cruised Northwest Highway from Arlington Heights to Palatine and ate at Photo's Hot Dogs.  This used to be the site of the Burger King I had my first job at and where we liked to hang out at during our high school days.

We then went by the old Palatine High School where we went and then the three houses our families lived in.

Stopped at J&D's in Wauconda and then watched the Blackhawks for as long as we could stand at Half-Times in Johnsburg.  They stunk again, losing 5-0.


Easter and we went to Grand Buffet in McHenry for their great meal.  Then to the PLAV and then to Sunnyside.


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