Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Past Movie Scratches:: Back-- Frozen-- Midnight-- Christmas-- Story-- Story

Past Movie Scratches--  Movies I saw on TV in 2016.

85.  BACK TO THE FUTURE 3--  12-13--  Clint Eastwood would be so proud.

86.  FROZEN--  12-17--  Good old Kristoff and Sven the Reindeer.

87.  MIDNIGHT SPECIAL--  12-18--  The others are watching.

88.  A CHRISTMAS STORY--  12-24--  Scut Farkus' laugh and he sure got his.

89.  A CHRISTMAS STORY--  12-25--  "Daddy's going to kill Ralphie."

90.  A CHRISTMAS STORY--  12-25--  "It's a major award."  "Fragile, must be from Italy."


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