Monday, September 15, 2014

Let the Fur Fly!!-- Part 1: Vote Early, Vote Often (If It's for My 'Cot)

From the September 12, 2014, Chicago Tribune "Main Event Furry Friday:  Let the fur fly."

"Currently, the Mascot hall of Fame is only a virtual place online (, but there are plans to build a physical Hall in Whiting, Indiana.  That's great, but we checked the MHOF website and noticed they have inducted anyone since 2008.  Are they super-selective, or just plain lazy?  Let's find out.

"Go to ( poll and vote in Round 1 of our mascot tournament."  Round 2 will be next Friday.  I voted today.

They have four brackets of Chicago-area mascots:
Large Mammal Bracket
Canine Bracket
UFO Bracket (Unclassified Furry Objects)
FTF Bracket (Flying Things and felines

And, Who Are the Mascots?  Next Post.  --RoadDog

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