Monday, September 15, 2014

OK, Let's Call It Something Else: That Global You-Know-What "Thang"

My apologies to those folks who live and breathe the dire consequences of this, but, the Earth has always undergone periods of colder and you-know-what.  I'm sure emissions will have an impact this go around, but, give me a break.

But what I hate most about it is that name, Global You-Know-What.  That second word, to me connotes considerable, or at least noticeable, weather.  And we sure are not getting it around here along the Illinois-Wisconsin border near Lake Michigan.

Last winter, we were introduced to a new word, that hateful, worthless "Polar Vortex."  All spring and summer have been considerably cooler.  Then, this past week, it got so cold, we had to turn on the furnace and I had to bring in my most cold-susceptible outside plants like the caladiums.

Temps since Thursday have struggled to get over 50 degrees and nights dropped into the upper 30s.

I'm thinking we should now call it, perhaps, "Global, Not As ____ As You Might Think."

Oh, Well, Where's That Sweatshirt?  --RoadDog

SAY WHAT?  "Catch you on the flip side."  Do they still make 45s?

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