Monday, November 17, 2014

Movie Scratches: Behind-- Leave--Gone-- Alexander's

Movie Scratches: A Dog's Eye View of Today's Movies.

65.  LEFT BEHIND--  10-3--  Fox Lake, $6--  It's Rapture Time and we're not talking about Blondie's song.  It's the real deal.

66.  THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU--  10-7--  Fox Lake, $5--  One of the funniest movies I've seen.  Finding old loves back home.

67.  GONE GIRL--  10-8--  Fox Lake, $4.50--  Like the lawyer said, "Just don't p___ her off.  One of the scariest females ever.

68.  ALEXANDER'S REALLY BAD DAY--  10-14--  Woodstock, free--  Don't even begin to think you've ever had a really bad day until you see what happened to this family.  Come on!!  Punched out by a kangaroo and menaced by an alligator?

Trying to Avoid As Many Pre-Movie Commercials As possible.  --RoadDog

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