Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Them, Not Me: Confessions of a Lost Soul in the Age of Technology-- Part 2

Another good comic strip in the February 21st newspaper was Pickles by Brian Crane. It is about an elderly couple and is hilarious. The old gent, Earl. reminds me of me. He just can't quite keep up with all this new technology that changes almost daily.

In this strip, he and his wife are sitting on the sofa watching TV.

She: "Turn the volume up, will you, Earl?"

Earl: Holding a device, clik! clik! clik! Still cliking in the next frame.

Earl: "This stupid remote isn't working!"

Next frame, from the device, "Hello? Hello?" Earl is looking at it.

Earl to wife: "I guess that explains why the stupid phone wasn't working either."

From the Stupid Me. --RoadDog

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