Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where Were You February 28, 1965?-- Part 2

Ah, yes, the music of the Sixties will always have a big part in my memory.

Sure wish I had been able to hear Bob Stroud's comments. You'll have to settle for mine.

These are the songs playing in Chicago radio (WLS and WCFL) on February 28th.

DON'T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD-- ANIMALS-- Eric Burdon and boys doing some blue-eyed soul.
ASK THE LONELY-- FOUR TOPS-- Levi Stubbs and group doing some of that Motown stuff.

FERRY CROSS THE MERSEY-- GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS-- Always reminds me of MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) in Palatine for some reason. A real heartfelt group.
CUPID-- JOHNNY RIVERS-- I don't remember hearing this one, but being from Johnny, and sure it's a cover.

HEART OF STONE-- ROLLING STONES-- from my favorite Stones era, the early one.
MY GIRL-- TEMPTATIONS-- How do you get a better intro to a song?

LITTLE DEUCE COUPE-- BEACH BOYS-- Surfing and cruising. Well, I tried to go surfing, but couldn't get onto that slippery board.
BYE, BYE BABY (BABY GOODBYE)-- FOUR SEASONS-- Always would have like to have a Frankie Valli and Jay & the Americans sing-off. That would have been something.

With this lineup of groups, how do you get better?

Loved That Motown Music and Especially Those Moves on Stage. --RoadDog

God must love stupid people. He made so many.

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