Monday, June 27, 2011

The Cleanest the Boat's Ever Been When We Took It Our of the Water-- Part 2


Kora received a call on her cell phone from Liz. I found out later that Liz had called me 11 times and I hadn't answered. My excuse was that the phone was on the bar downstairs at Margaritaville. I had called Mom earlier in the week and left it there. That was several days earlier. I'm not a phone person, either land, or, especially cell. Hey, I'm not even sure I know my own cell number.

Besides that, I don't really know how to operate my cell phone.

Kora followed me over to the Legion after the call.


I just figured that Frank and Liz would be at the Legion, so went there. But no Frank or Liz. Kora had forgotten her cell phone at her place. We were going to go in and call Liz from the Legion telephone, but neither one of us knew her cell number.

OK, maybe they went over to Rick's place on the channel where we keep the boat moored. So drove there. No Frank or Liz there either.

Maybe the boat broke down or maybe they went over to one of the places between the Legion and Rick's. Either way, I needed to go back home and get that wandering cell phone of mine (Liz programmed her number into my phone).

While passing over the bridge by the Legion, I saw what appeared to be the boat tied up to the dock, so stopped in and found it to be Da Boat I was looking for.


We got the boat back on the trailer again and drove over to the marina in Antioch, told them what was wrong and left it. Here's hoping we get out sometime this week.

Someday, Our Boat Will Come In. --RoadDog

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