Friday, June 24, 2011

Going Back to the Summer of 1971-- Part 6

FREEDOM-- JIMI HENDRIX-- The guitarist Robin Trower of Procul Harum and so many others studied so carefully.
WHAT'S GOING ON-- MARVIN GAYE-- Title track of his new album.

BROWN SUGAR-- ROLLING STONES-- the #1 Song in town.

Stroud also introduces segments after commercials with snippets of other songs on the radio.

CHICK-A-BOOM-- DADDY DEWDROP-- 1971 was filled with timeless music. Then, there's a smattering of songs that didn't much matter if we ever heard them. This was one. (Hey, Bob, I really like this song!!)

DON'T PULL YOUR LOVE-- HAMILTON, JOE FRANK & REYNOLDS-- (A guilty pleasure of mine.)

We're About Two Weeks Away from the Second Segment, July 3rd. --RoadDog

YOU MIGHT BE FROM CHICAGO IF...Your school classes were canceled because of the cold.

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