Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Going Back to the Summer of 1978-- Part 1: "Heartless"

Every summer Bob Stroud devotes 4 of his weekly (every Sunday) Rock and Roll Roots programs to the songs playing on the radio or on your stereos from the summer 40 year before.  He plays one show each month June to September, usually the second Sunday of each month.

So, these are the songs playing on your radio or on your stereo for June 10, 1978.

Fifty Years Ago, You Know.

RUNNING ON EMPTY--  Jackson Browne
ON THE RADIO--  Cheap Trick    The pride and joy of Rockford, Illinois.
COUNT ON ME--  Jefferson Starship  Definitely not our old Jefferson Airplane.  By the wat, did you know that the term Jefferson Airplane referred to smoking marijuana?

LIGHTS--  Journey
SAY YOU LOVE ME OR SAY GOODBYE--  REO Speedwagon  The pride and joy of Champagne, Illinois

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "And The Sun Shines On The Bay."  answer below.  --RoadDog

CUSTOMER GUIDE TO SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT:  Feel free to ask your checker anything you like.  How to prepare tonight's meal is a good question.  They'll know.


Monday, June 18, 2018

I'd Celebrate That!! June 17-24: First Day of Summer!!

88  Means I'd Celebrate It.

JUNE 17, SUNDAY--  Father's Day**  Apple Strudel Day**

JUNE 18, MONDAY--  Veterinarian Appreciation Day**  Go Fishing Day**  Sushi Day**

JUNE 19, TUESDAY--  Martini Day**  Juneteenth**

JUNE 20.  WEDNESDAY--  Ice Cream Soda Day**  Vanilla Milkshake Day**

JUNE 21, THURSDAY--  First Day of Summer*****  My question, though, what happened to spring?  Selfie Day**  Every Smile and Look Dumb for the camera.  Seashell Day**

JUNE 22, FRIDAY--  Chocolate Eclair Day**  Take Your Dog To Work Day**  Onion Rings Day**

JUNE 23, SATURDAY--  Pink Day**   International World Turtle Day**

JUNE 24, SUNDAY--  Pralines Day**

Eatin' and Drinkin'.  That's for Me.  --RoadDog

CUSTOMER GUIDE TO SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT:  Make sure you tell the checker/bagger, not to put the eggs and bread at the bottom of the bag.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

WLS Top Ten for June 17, 1968: "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy"

1.  THIS GUY'S IN LOVE WITH YOU--  Herb Alpert
2.  ANGEL OF THE MORNING--  Marilee Rusg
3.  MRS. ROBINSON--  Simon & Garfunkel

5.  YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY--  Ohio Express
6.  I NEED LOVE--  Third Booth
7.  IF I WERE A CARPENTER--  Four Tops

8.  I LOVE YOU--  People
9.  SHE'S A HEARTBREAKER--  Gene Pitney

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "And You Were A Lady."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

CUSTOMER GUIDE TO SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT:  If something is too heavy to lift out of the basket, don't worry, checkers know all prices and won't have to walk around to it.

"If I Were A Carpenter"

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Movie Scratches: Rampage-- Avengers-- Party-- Book

Movie Scratches--  Movies I have seen in the theater this year.

21.  RAMPAGE--  4-26--  Fox Lake, $6--  Gotta love that George.  What a big lug when not under the control of the evil corporation.  Poor Chicago gets clobbered again.

22.  AVENGERS:  INFINITY WARS--  5-14--  Fox Lake, $6--  Hard time keeping up with all those heroes.  But real sad as almost all are now dead.  Marvel will have to figure out a way to bring 'em back.

23.  LIFE OF THE PARTY--  5-21--  Fox Lake, $6--Mom hoes back to college with her daughter.  Very funny without a lot of cussing.  Finally a "nice" fraternity.

24.  THE BOOK CLUB--  5-21--  Fox Lake, $6--  How many bottles of wine gave their lives in the making of this film?  Very, very funny.  Who says old people can't have a romantic interlude.  Too bad about what happened to "Coach."

Why Is That Seat Covered Up?  --RoadDog

CUSTOMER GUIDE TO SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT:  ALWAYS explain your reason for going paper or plastic.  And take a long time to do it.

Friday, June 15, 2018

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1968-- Part 7: "MacArthur Park"

The numbers after the artist is how high the song got on the national Billboard charts.

10.  HOW'D WE EVER GET THIS WAY--  Andy Kin   #21
9.  LIKE TO GET TO KNOW YOU--  Spanky & Our Gang    #17
8.  I LOVE YOU-- People    #14

7.  IF I WERE A CARPENTER--  Four Tops     #20
6.  MacARTHUR PARK--  Richard Harris    #2
5.  ANGEL OF THE MORNING--  Marilee Rush     #7
4.  REACH OUT IN THE DARKNESS--  Friend & Lover     #10

3.  MRS. ROBINSON--  Simon & Garfunkel     #1
2.  YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY--   Ohio Express     #4
1.  THIS GUY'S IN LOVE WITH YOU--  Herb Alpert     #1

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Now Would You Marry Me Anyway,"   Answer Below.  --RoadDog

"If I Were A Carpenter"

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1968-- Part 6: "Tip Toe Thru the tulips""

15.  SHE'S A HEARTBREAKER--  Gene Pitney   #16   Born in 1941 in Hartford, Connecticut.  He had 25 Top 100s, including four Top Tens.  His biggest hit was #2 in 1962 "Only Love Can Break A Heart."

14.  TIP TOE THRU THE TULIPS--  Tiny Tim    #17   Born Herbert Khaury in 1930.    Remember him marrying "Miss Vicki" on the Johnny Carson Showe?

13.  MASTER JACK--  Four Jacks & a Jill   #18    From South Africa.  The Jill was lead singer Glenys Lynne.  The other ones in the group were guys.

12.  THE LOOK OF LOVE--   Sergio Mendez    #4   His group was Brasil '66 on this one.

11.  THINK--  Aretha Franklin    #7   Part of her 72 Top 100s.  Still love this song from the "Blues Brothers" movie.

Name That Tune *from the above songs):  "Let's Go Back, Let's Go back."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

CUSTOMER GUIDE TO SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT:  When asked if you want paper or plastic, take your time deciding.  There has been more heartbreak from hasty decisions on these.


Thursday, June 14, 2018

How About a Quiz on Our Flag in Honor of Flag Day?

If you would like to take a quiz on the American flag go to "This scrap of flag inspired the 'Star-Spangled Banner'"  Take the one from the Fayetteville Observer.  Once on the site go to "How much do you know about the American flag?"

There are some really hard ones and some easy ones in the 12 questions.

I got 9 of 12 right, including one I figured was a trick questions.  I had to guess on some.  I missed #2, #9 and #11.  They rank you at the end of the quiz.

I am proud to say I am a "Real Patriot."

I'm So Happy.  --RoadDog

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1968-- Part 5: "Mony, Mony"

20.  I NEED LOVE--  The Third Booth    Did not rank.  The group was from Canton, Illinois, which is near Peoria.  WLS backing local talent in Illinois again.  As good of garage/frat rock as it gets.  If you've never heard it before, go to You Tube.

19.  YOUNG BIRDS FLY--  Cryan' Shames   #99    WLS backing local talent again.  Their last top 100 of five.  Their biggest national hit was "Sugar and Spice" which went to #49.

18.  I COULD NEVER LOVE ANOTHER--  Temptations   #13    Full title "I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You)"    Recognized as America's all-time favorite soul group.

17.  BEAUTIFUL MORNING--  Rascals   #3    Whole title "A Beautiful Morning."  Their first song after dropping "Young" from their name.

16.  MONY MONY--  Tommy James & the Shondells   #3   Tommy James was born Thomas Jackson in 1947 in Dayton, Ohio.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "I Think I'll Go Outside For Awhile."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

CUSTOMER GUIDE TO SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT:  Save all your pennies and change and dump them into the bottom of your purse and insist on using them at the express checkout.

"Beautiful Morning"

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1968-- Part 4: "Choo Choo Train"

25.  TIME FOR LIVIN'--  Association   #39    Group formed in Los Angeles in 1965.   Their last Top 40 of seven Top 40s.

24.  LICKIN' STICK-PART 1--  James Brown   #14   Full title "Lickin' Stick - Lickin' Stick"   "Godfather of" what?  Formed his own vocal group, the Famous Flames.

23.  CHOO CHOO TRAIN--  Box Tops   #26   Pop-rock group formed in Memphis in 1966 with Alex Chilton as lead singer.

22.  A MAN WITHOUT LOVE--  Engelbert Humperdinck   #19   Whole title "A Man Without Love (Quando M'innamoro)"Born in Madras, India.

21.  PICTURES OF MATCHSTICK MEN--  Status Quo   #12   Is this psychedelic or what?    English rock quintet.  And, of course, there are those great introductory chords.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "When I Look Up Into The Sky."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

"Pictures of Matchstick Men"

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1968-- Part 3: "Lady Willpower"

30.  INDIAN LAKE--  Cowsills    #10   Family pop group from Newport, Rhode Island.   This one always reminds me of driving out to Honey Hill in Wauconda which was "Our" Indian Lake.  It was the scene we should make.

29.  LADY WILLPOWER--  Union Gap   (D)    #2   Group formed in San Diego in 1967.  Another jail bait song from the masters of jail bait songs.

28.  CAN'T YOU SEE ME CRY--  New Colony Six    #52   This is WLS and WCFL backing another Chicago band.  My favorite Chicago 60s band.

27.  THE HORSE--  Cliff Nobels & Company    #2  Instrumental    Actual name Nobles.  His biggest hit of three top 100s.

26.  IT'S NICE TO BE WITH YOU--  Monkees     #51   What were their names?   I don't remember ever hearing this one.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "You take A Bus Marked Lakewood Drive."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

"Indian Lake"

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1968-- Part 2: "You Don't Know What You Mean to Me"

35.  YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN TO ME--  Sam & Dave   #48  As in Moore and Prater.     How do you spell soul?  I spell it Sam and Dave.

34.  YESTERLOVE--  Smokey Robinson / Miracles   # 31    Actually "Yester Love."   Formed at Northern High School in 1955.  I don't remember this song, but classic Smokey.

33.  SOME THINGS YOU NEVER GET USED TO--  Diana Ross / Supremes   #30   Their next song, "Love Child" went to #1 in 1967.     Not one of their better-known songs, but a good one.

32.  BACK IN LOVE AGAIN--  Buckinghams   #57  A real shorty at 2:05 minutes.  Chicago band backed big time by WLS and WCFL.  Their last hit.  A good rocker with psychedelic fringes.

31.  HERE COMES THE JUDGE--  Shorty Long   #8.  His other two top 100s peaked at #97 and #75.  Born Frederick Earl Long in 1940 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Name That Tune (from the above songs): "And he Don't Take No Stuff From Nobody."  Answer Below.  Roaddog

CUSTOMER GUIDE TO SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT:  If the clerk tells you it is okay to have many more items in express checkout than you should have, that takes the pressure off them..  Now, all tose behind you will hate him, not you.

"Here Comes The Judge"

Monday, June 11, 2018

I'd Drink to That!! June 10-17: Jerky Day

JUNE 10, SUNDAY--  Nursing Assistants Day**  Rose (Wine) Day**  Maybe.  Iced Tea Day**  We had that and a lot of food goodies in Pontiac, Illinois.

JUNE 11, MONDAY-- b German Chocolate Cake Day**  Corn On the Cob Day*8  Do you eat it straight across or around?

JUNE 12, TUESDAY--  Red Rose Day**  Jerky Day**

JUNE 13, WEDNESDAY--  Weed Your Garden Day**  Too late, they already won.

JUNE 14, THURSDAY--  Bourbon Day*8  I have developed a taste for this.  And, we were just in Bourbon, Missouri.  Home of those giant water towers of BOURBON.  Flag Day**  I'll be hoisting mine.

JUNE 15, FRIDAY--   Lobster Day**  Photography Day**  Flip Flop Day**  Comfortable sometimes.

JUNE 16, SATURDAY--  World Sea Turtle Day**  This from a guy who used to have a place at Topsail Beach, N.C., with all those sea turtles.

JUNE 17, SUNDAY--  Father's Day**  For the guys who don't just donate sperm. but raise the kids.  Apple Strudel Day**


CUSTOMER GUIDE TO SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT:  When in the ten-items-or-less line and you have 12-20 items, always ask the clerk if it's okay.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

I'd Drink to That!! June 4-10: Donald Duck Day???

JUNE 4, MONDAY--  Hug Your cat Day**  Cheese Day**

JUNE 5,  TUESDAY--  Veggie Day**  Love Em!!   Moonshine Day**  And, it's kind of legal now.

JUNE 6,  WEDNESDAY--  D-Day**  Eyewear Day**  Especially as my eyes get worse.  Running Day**  Well, sometimes.

JUNE 7, THURSDAY--  Chocolate Ice Cream Day**

JUNE 8, FRIDAY--  Best Friends Day**  Do I have any?  World Oceans Day**  An environmental thing, you know.

JUNE 9,  SATURDAY--  Donald Duck Day?**  Well, I's Celebrate It!!

JUNE 10, SUNDAY--  Nursing Assistants Day**  Rose (Wine) Day**  Iced Tea Day**  We celebrated that today in Pontiac, Illinois, at the Illinois Route 66 Museum.


12 Years Already

Hard to believe, but I retired from teaching in 2006.

That is 12 years ago.

Where does the time go?


CUSTOMER GUIDE TO SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT:  Never get into the 10-items-or-less line without at least 12 items.  (Believe me, the others behind you will be counting.)

Monday, June 4, 2018

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1968-- Part 1: "Snoopy for President"

(D)  Debut

40.  SATURDAY'S FATHER--  Four Seasons   (D)    Did not rank.  A Four Seasons Seasons song that did not rank?  How can that be?  Never heard it before.

39.  NEVER GIVE YOU UP--  Jerry Butler   (D)   #20   Born in Mississippi, but Chicago's "Ice Man."

38.  THE STORY OF ROCK 'N ROLL--  Turtles   (D)   #48   Written by Nilsson.  All this and a history lesson too!!  I don't remember hearing it, but grows on you as you listen more and more.

37.  DON'T TAKE IT SO HARD--  Paul Revere & the Raiders   (D)   #27  Group formed in Portland, Oregon.  I don't remember this one either.  But really grows on you wit more listenings.

36.  SNOOPY FOR PRESIDENT--  Royal Guardsmen   (D)   #85    Novelty-Pop sextet from Ocala, Florida.  Kind of a "Battle of New Orleans" meets "Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron."  Riding the Snoopy craze.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Girl, You Treat Me Bad And I Know Why."  Answer below.  --RoadDog

CUSTOMER GUIDE TO SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT LINE:  After you have found your checkbook, search for your pen before borrowing one from the checker, then make sure to balance your checkbook before giving the check.

"Never Give You Up"