Daisies. They're A' Bloomin' Now. I have several hundred of them.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gary Puckett & the Union Gap

From the July 21-27, 2013, American Profile Magazine "Ask American Profile."  QUESTION: "What can you tell me about Gary Puckett & the Union Gap?  Is he still performing?"

ANSWER:  "Puckett, 70, and the Union Gap, which had '60s hits "Young Girl," "Lady Willpower" and "Woman, Woman," are on this summer's (2013) Happy Together Tour with the Turtles, Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night, Mark Lindsay (Paul Revere & the Raiders and solo), and Gary Lewis & the Playboys.  'I'm very fortunate to have so many fans,' the singer says.  'I try to stay in good health and good voice,'

Born in Hibbing Minn., (wasn't that where Bob Dylan was born?) Puckett grew up in Yakima, Wash., and Twin Falls, Idaho, and lives in Clearwater, Fla., with wife Lorrie, with whom he has two grown daughters."  

One of my favorite '60s bands, other than their choice of uniforms (but I guess with the name Union that is to be expected).  His big hit songs had the same general notion.  Good thing he didn't act on them.  That tour would sure have been a good one to see.

"Have You Got Cheating On Your Mind>"  --RoadDog

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Hasn't Sprung-- Part 2: March 24th

MARCH 24TH, 2014: Slept in considerably longer than I wanted to, but once on the road drove a few miles south and picked up US-33 and took it to I-77. Stopped at newly bypassed by US-33 Nelsonville for one of those great Burger King Rib Sandwiches and then went to the Wayne National Forest museum and headquarters.

 Missed a turnoff at some point and ended up on Ohio-124 running along beside the Ohio River through Racine before getting back on US-33 and on to I-77 in West Virginia.

Paid my three $2 tolls on the West Virginia Turnpike and stopped at Tamarack, a place anyone on the turnpike should visit. Got gas at Wytheville, Virginia, always the cheapest on the trip for $3.10!!! Bit, I'm angry that Big Oil has gotten me to think that $3.10 is a great deal. Curse you BO!!!

Drove to Mt. Airy, NC, and got a room at the Mayberry Motor Inn and did some grazing at Golden Corral. They sure close down downtown Mt. Airy, Andy Griffith's hometown and the basis for Mayberry, after 5 PM. //// --RoadDog

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Hasn't Sprung: NC Spring 2014-- Part 1

MARCH 23RD, SUNDAY: Extremely biting cold when leaving Illinois and stayed biting cold the whole way to Ohio. Enjoyed Rock and Roll Roots on WDRV and Breakfast With the Beatles on WXRT from 9 to 10 AM. Then, the Drive was doing Ten at Ten all weekend and got to hear 1972 until out of range. Took Il-120 to Il-47. south to I-74. Tried the new Burger King Big King (their answer to the Big Mac) at the Route 66 Burger King at the new Ambler-Becker gas station by I-55. It's as good as a Big Mac, but I wouldn't say any better. //// Took 47 to I-74 to Indianapolis. Gas at Crawfordsville, Ind. was $3.66 (Gas in Illinois $3.70- to $3.86). //// Picked up I-70 and east to Ohio where I had my Cincy Chili fix at Skyline Chili at Englewood. The other kind of gas was $3.40!!! Prooving that the farther you get from Chicago, the cheaper gas gets. //// The clerk at the Best Western was NICE enough to let me wait for two really, really long check-ins before informing me that there were no rooms available. Mighty nice of him!!! Continued on to Reynoldsburg, Ohio, outside of Columbus, before stopping for the night. //// Isn't It Supposed to get Warmer the Further South You Go? --RoadDogI-74

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Deaths: Ray Kennedy and Francis "Franny" Beecher

RAY KENNEDY, 67-- Studio sax player died Feb. 16, 2014. Cowrote "Sail On Sailor" for the Beach Boys. Also wrote "Isn't It Time" and "Everytime I Think of You" for the Babys. //// FRANCIS "FRANNY" BEECHER, 92-- Died February 24, 2014. Lead guitarist for Bill Haley and His Comets beginning in 1955. Before that, he played with Benny Goodman and Buddy Greco. You can hear him reciting the title at the beginning of "See You Later Alligator" #6 1956 and also played on "R.O.C.K." #15 in 1956 and "Burn That Candle" #9 in 1956. Played with the Comets until 1962 and helped reform them after Haley's death in the 1980s. ////

Friday, March 21, 2014

First Day of Spring Here in the Sub (division)

Wow, 50 degrees today. And, it is the official first day of Spring. Thanks a lot you dadburn ol' Groundhog. Even with your forecast, Spring FINALLY arrived, six weeks later, or about the time Bill Murray said it would. //// I was able to get the '85 Firebird started after it sat in the garage from Nov. 9th to today. Had to do a lot of battery charging, though. Started right up in a cloud of smoke until it warmed up. I had to chop away ice and snow that is still along the driveway to back it out. I still have almost two feet along the west side of it. //// Drove around the subdivision and saw that quite a few folks still had their Christmas decorations up. Some, including my neighbor across the street were taking them down. The weather has just been too bad to do anything since December. //// Also saw the little dog we call "Ears" because of his huge ears on such a little doggie body was out, the first time we had seen him since December. //// I even saw some jonquils sprouting up by the furnace vent (always the first up). Until a couple days ago, they were under snow. //// Love the smell of jonquils and hyacinths in the spring, Smells Like Dadburn Winter's Over. --RoadDog

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Five Big Money Jobs Within Reach of Regular Folks

From Yahoo! Education by Danielle Blundell. //// #1. Human Resources Manager //// #2. Registered Nurse //// #3. Elementary School Teacher //// 4. Art Director //// 5. Public Relations Specialist. //// --RoadDog

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Done In By the Beatles: Ginny Arnell-- Part 4

Ginny Arnell has been called "the quintessential example of the girl group sound." And, listening to her music on You Tube (and there is quite a bit on it), I'd have to agree. Sadly, she was buried by the British Invasion. //// Some of her songs: "I WISH I KNEW WHAT DRESS TO WEAR" was the flipside of "HE'S MY LITTLE DEVIL" and peaked at #130. 'HE'S MY LITTLE DEVIL"-- someone wrote that this song has Gene Pitney written all over it and that he was singing harmony on it. //// "I'M CRYING TOO" from 1963, was Arnell's first release with MGM and had a really neat Japanese style chorus. //// "TROUBLE'S BACK IN TOWN" was written by Dick Flood and was a big country hit in 1962 for the Wilburn Brothers and almost got on the Pop Charts Top 100. //// "MARRIED TO YOU" and "A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE" were ballads. SNUGGLE UP BABY/ STROLLIN' THROUGH THE PARK" was by Jamie and Jane (Gene Pitney and Ginny Arnell). //// Someone wrote that they see Ginny Arnell occasionally and that she lives in Connecticut and retired from music in 1966. //// About Time for a Comeback, Ginny!! --RoadDog

Done In By the Beatles: Ginny Arnell-- Part 3

I couldn't find out much about Ginny Arnell. I'm not even sure if she is still alive. On the national charts (Billboard) "Dumbhead" peaked at #50 on November 1953. That was her only Top 100 song, though "I Wish I Knew What Dress to Wear" did get to Bubbling Under (the Top 100) in 1964. She recorded for MGM Records. //// Earlier in her career, she was a member of the duo called Jamie and Jane. Jamie was Gene Pitney, who recorded for Decca in 1959. Their biggest song was "Snuggle Up Baby." //// Her songs can be summed up pretty well with "two minutes of teen girl angst." //// Her song "I Wish I Knew What Dress to Wear" was written by Gloria Shayne who wrote the Christmas classic "Do You Hear What I Hear." She also wrote Bobby Darrin's "Goodbye Cruel World" and Mike Douglas' "The Men in My Little Girl's Life." //// --RoadDog

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Done In By the Beatles-- Part 2: Ginny Arnell and "Dumbhead"

Looking at the Chicago WLS charts back then, Ginny Arnell's "Dumbhead" was jumped from #12 to #4 on Dec. 13, 1963; #5 on Dec. 20th; #4 on Dec. 27th; reached a high of #3 on Jan. 3, 1964; #6 Jan. 10th; #8 on Jan. 17th and was at #12 on Jan. 24th.

Not a bad run on Chicago radio.

Next, I went to You Tube and listened to "Dumbhead." I still had never heard it before, but it was a classic "Girl Song" from the era. One that Lesley Gore could have sung.

I asked Liz if she had ever heard the song (as her ear was glued to her transistor radio back then), and she said "No." But once she heard it, she immediately remembered it.

I Did Some More Research On Ginny Arnell. --RoadDog

A Good St. Patrick's Weekend-- Part 2

SUNDAY, MARCH 16TH: When i went out for the Tribune, I decided it was way too cold to stand outside for the McHenry parade. We did drive into McHenry for the a-u-c-e corned beef & cabbage at the Polish Legion (for $10 each). Some of the best cb&c ever. Many people there had been in the parade and everyone said the cold was really serious. Quite a few had shaved heads for the St. Baldrick's fundraiser. //// Then, Twisted Moose for the BlackHawks game. Saw two scores and that means the flashing lights, air horn and "Chelsea Dagger" at the place. Saw the last period at Tommy's in Spring Grove and Hawks won 4-1!! //// MONDAY, MARCH 17TH (ST. PATRICK'S DAY): Much nicer weather. Drove to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and had cb&c at Popeye's overlooking the lake and Riviera Docks. Still some folks ice fishing out on the lake. Then to Donovan's in Twin Lakes and Antonio's in Spring Grove. //// Pretty Good St. Patrick's. -- Road O'Dog

A Good St. Patrick's Weekend (and Got My Corned Beef & Cabbage Too)-- Part 1

FRIDAY, MARCH 14TH: Saw the movie "Nebraska." American Legion and Antonio's. //// SATURDAY, MARCH 15TH: Fox Lake Historical Society presentation on Lincoln's Watch, a mighty interesting story of family history and historic search. // Galati's in Lake Villa, Illinois, for a reuben pizza while waiting for the St. Patrick's Day parade. I deejayed every St. Patrick's parade for fourteen straight years when this place was George's Cedar Inn. A fairly decent day for a parade. Lots of politicians and just one bagpiper, noo marching bands. // Drove to Wauconda and saw Terry and Greg Spizziri do a great Irish music show at the huge tent by Middleton's. // Free corned beef and cabbage at Squaw Bar. No-talk deejay who didn't even play Irish songs? Oh well, free cb&c. // No place to park at the Legion in Fox Lake for corned beef and cabbage plates and Elvis Presley Show. //// Tommy's in Spring Grove to split a corned beef & cabbage. //// Well, That Was the First Two Days. --Road O'Dog

Done In By the Beatles-- Part 1: Ginny Arnell and "Dumbhead"

On the WLS Silver Dollar Survey from January 17, 1964, the week that the Beatles debuted with "I Want to Hold Your Hand" at #40, I was familiar with all the songs except numbers 8 and 9. (A quick recap: #1. THERE I'VE SAID IT AGAIN-- Bobby Vinton // #2. DRAG CITY-- Jan and Dean // #3. SURFIN' BIRD-- Trashmen // #4. CALIFORNIA SUN-- Rivieras // #5. YOU DON'T OWN ME-- Lesley Gore //// #6. POPSICLES & ICICLES-- Murmaids // #7. HEY LITTLE COBRA-- Rip Chords #8. DUMBHEAD-- Ginny Arnell // #9. DAISY PETAL PICKIN'-- Jimmy Gilmer // #10. JAVA-- Al Hirt. //// #10 I had heard before, but didn't know the title. #9 I hadn't heard, but knew the singer, Jimmy Gilmer of "Sugar Shack" fame. But #8 was another story, I had never heard of the song or the artist. Who was this Ginny Arnell? And what sort of song would be titled "Dumbhead?" //// Some Research Needed. --RoadDog

Monday, March 17, 2014

Some Strange Illinois High School Mascots Names: Effingham Flaming Hearts

What with the IHSA basketball tornament underway, I am listing these in my RoadDog RoadLog blog. How about Freeport Pretzels or Hampshire Whip-Purs? //// Every school has its story rooted in history. //// --RoadDog

Don't Cancel My TV Show

From Yahoo! TV "14 TV Slows Likely to get the Axe After This Season." There were five on the list that I watch regularly and I thought two of them were short-run series. THE NEIGHBORS (ABC): What will those zany outer space visitors do next? //// TROPHY WIFE (ABC): When I first saw previews, I thought it would be a really dumb show, but it has been a pleasant surprise with that great cast. //// INTELLIGENCE (CBS): NCIS of a different sort. I enjoy it. //// HOSTAGES (CBS): These last two shows I thought had run their run, but I wouldn't mind seeing either one come back. I wasn't sure this first one would have enough material for more than a few episodes, but it did. //// DRACULA (NBC): A great follow-up to Grimm. A different sort of vampire. //// Keep My Shows. --RoadDog

St. Patrick's Day Music For Ya!

Listening to this cassette tape right now. Back when I was deejaying, I played around 14 straight St. Patrick's Day parades in Lake Villa, Illinois, and made up several tapes of the music for the occasion. This is from my St. Paddy's Party #1. Any songs listed more than once were by different groups: Sweet Betsy From Pike // Whiskey In a Jar // Beer Beer Beer //// Irish Rover // I Don't Mind If I Do // The Rattling Bog // McNamara's Band //// I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen // Take Her Up to Monto // Wild Rover // Whiskey In a Jar //// Big Strong Man // Irish Jigs // The Orange and the Green //// Mountain Tay // Goodbye Mrs. Durkin // Danny Boy // Gentleman Soldier //// Water Is Alright in Tay // Mountain Dew //// Wild Colonial Boy //// If You're Irish // and With a Shilelagh //// And, This Was Just One Side of the Cassette. --RoadDog

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gettin' Me Paddy On (and Plenty O' Corned Beef)

Well, it's that time o' year again. The Wearing o' the Green. Today, we plan to go to the Fox lake/Grant Township Historical Society meeting at 9:30 AM to see a presentation on Abraham Lincoln's watch. //// Then to Lake Villa for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and corned beef and cabbage at the VFW. //// Later, to Wauconda to see that unlikely-named Terry Spizziri (half-Irish but Italian father)and the Piano Man Greg perform at Middleton's Irish Pub in the afternoon. They are one of the best Irish performers around. //// Then, back to the Legion in Fox Lake for corned beef and Elvis O'Presly performing (Elvis show, you know). //// Tomorrow, it's the St. Patrick's Day parade in McHenry and more corned beef and cabbage at the Polish Legion. //// I have my car cassette player stocked with my old Irosh tapes. //// Green Beer? --RoadDog

Saw the "Nebraska" Movie Yesterday

If you haven't seen it, do so. One of the best ones I've ever seen and very worthy of its Academy Awards nominations: Best Picture; Best Director (Andrew Payne); Best Actor (Bruce Dern); and Best Supporting Actress (June Squibb). //// Shot in black and white showing a family's dealings with dementia and a father-son bonding. //// "Nebraska" is one of those movies the critics love (well, probably as I didn't see anything about it from them), but, unfortunately, aren't widely distributed and just for a short time. //// I wish that theaters would have a day to show these movies on screen, even if just one. //// Go See It. --RoadDog

Friday, March 14, 2014

WLS Top Ten: March 27, 1964

Fifty Years Ago, to say Beatlemania was rampant was an understatement judging by these songs.  Also, the British Invasion was underway.

1. TWIST AND SHOUT-- Beatles
2. GLAD ALL OVER-- Dave Clark Five
3. SHE LOVES YOU-- Beatles

4.  FUN FUN FUN-- Beach Boys
5. SUSPICION-- Terry Stafford
7. IT'S ALL IN THE GAME-- Cliff Richards
10. CAN'T BUY ME LOVE-- Beatles

17. WE LOVE YOU BEATLES-- Carefree
18. THANK YOU GIRL-- Beatles (Debut)

Beatles All Over the Place. ----RoadDog

WLS Top Ten: March 20, 1964

1. TWIST AND SHOUT-- Beatles // 2. PLEASE PLEASE ME--Beatles // 3. SHE LOVES YOU-- Beatles // 4. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND-- Beatles // 5. GLAD ALL OVER--Dave Clark Five (Top Five all British Invasion) //// 6. MY HEART BELONGS ONLY TO YOU-- Bobby Vinton (What, no "Blue" song?) // 7. FUN FUN FUN-- Beach Boys // 8. THE SHELTER OF YOUR ARMS-- Sammy Davis Jr. // 9. WE LOVE YOU BEATLES-- Carefree // 10. IT'S ALL IN THE GAME-- Cliff Richard. //// "And I'm a Feelin'." --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten: March 13, 1964

I've been taking a look at the impact of the Beatles on the WLS 890 AM radio Top 40 Silver Dollar Survey for the weeks back in 1964 when the Beatles stormed America. I will be posting the next three weeks today as I will be out of town. Da Beatles clearly dominated the charts. 1. TWIST AND SHOUT-- Beatles // 2. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND-- Beatles // 3. FUN FUN FUN-- Beach Boys // 4. PLEASE PLEASE ME-- Beatles // 5. SHE LOVES YOU-- Beatles //// 6. GLAD ALL OVER-- Dave Clark Five // 7. SEE THE FU8NNY LITTLE CLOWN-- Bobby Goldsboro // 8. I SAW HER STANDING THERE-- Beatles // 9. I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE-- Al Martino // 10. DAWN GO AWAY-- Four Seasons //// #18. WE LOVE YOU BEATLES-- Carefree. //// OK, Stop Humming Those Beatle Songs. --RoadDog

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Movie Scratches: Labor-- Monuments-- Slave-- About

A Dog's-Eye View of Today's Movies. #13. LABOR DAY-- 2-11-- Fox Lake-- $6--Finding true love under the strangest of circumstances. (Or, I married my abductor.) //// #14. THE MONUMENTS MEN-- 2-11-- Fox Lake-- $6-- Racing the Germans and Russians for all sorts of art. //// #15. 12 YEARS A SLAVE-- 2-21-- Fox Lake-- $6-- Deserves all the awards it got. Outstanding movie. White "slaves?" //// #16. ABOUT LAST NIGHT-- 2-25-- Fox Lake-- $6-- At first I thought I might be too white to watch it, but it sure grew on me. //// Just Love It When the Cell Phone Rings. --RoadDog

Murderer Awarded $450,000 By Jury: The Palatine Brown's Chicken Massacre (We Are NOT HAPPY!!!)

From the March 10, 2014, DeKalb (Il.) Chronicle "Jury awards $450K to man convicted in 1993 slayings" by AP. //// And believe me, people around here are plenty riled by this news. Murderer James Degorski and another person stabbed and shot seven people to death at Brown's Chicken in Palatine, Illinois, in 1993 and then were able to avoid arrest until 2002 when the girlfriend of one of them turned them in after they bragged about what they had done. //// The murderer accused a Cook County jail guard of punching him and breaking his cheekbone and eye socket at the time of his arrest. //// A three-day trial was held and the jury ruled for the murderer. The murderer's attorney said "...we are all entitled to our civil rights." I have to wonder what she would have said if one of the seven had been a friend or relative? //// Sure, like the murderer was worried about the civil rights of the seven whose lives he ended. //// I personally have to wonder about those people on the jury. //// Now, Let's Figure Out How Much the Murderer Owes for the Seven Lives He Took That Night. --RoadDog

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Land of Frozen Tundra and Snow Has Become Land of the Million Ponds

We just got back from a one-day trip out to DeKalb, Illinois, and we found the farther west and south you go, the less snow accumulation there was as we saw plenty of ground amid all the innumerable small ponds that abound everywhere because of all the melting snow and frozen ground //// We even saw more land and ponds here in northeast McHenry County, Illinlis, as we got closer to home. Still a lot of snow on the ground at the house, though. //// We spent last night in DeKalb, after seeing NIU beat Bowling Green in the first round of the MAC Basketball tournament. The girls also won yesterday. //// Planning on going to the McHenry County Civil War Round Table meeting in Woodstock in a short time. //// We may or may not get 1-3 opr 3-8 inches of snow in a predicted storm later tonight. That is not good news. //// --RoadDog

Monday, March 10, 2014

Thinking DeKalb Tonight: NIU Hosts MAC Tournament Game vs. Bowling Green

Congreats to the Northern Illinois men's basketball team for the best season in a long time: 16-18 (8-10 MAC) Now, to many folks that is not such a great record, but coming off two 5-win seasons and a whole bunch of other losing seasons, it is. We think the team has turned the corner under Coach Mark Montgomery.

They host Bowling Green in the first round of the MAC Basketball Tournament tonight at the Convocation Center on campus in DeKalb.

We're thinking of going as we haven't made it to any games this season (because of snow storms mostly).

Go Huskies!! --RoadDog

The Pre-Summer Driving Season Gas Gouge Has Begun

We've already been through the Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre, the Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre, the Pre-Pre-Pre and Pre-Pre Summer Driving Season Gas Gouges. Now it appears our annual Pre-Summer Driving Season Gas Gouge is underway around here (ne Illinois). Gas at stations is now $3.86. //// Less than two months ago, it was $3.20, so that's a 66 cent gouge. //// Why the Gouge? It doesn't matter. Big Oil does not have to say and don't bother to anymore. //// Go Ahead and Hurt the Country. --RoadDog

Warming Up and About Last Weekend: Good Eating

And, about time. Supposed to be in the mid-50s today. Just hope there is no flooding. //// THURSDAY, MARCH 6TH: Donavan's in Twin Lakes, Wis. K.C.'s Cabin in Spring Grove for wings and Tommy's. Frank pointed out that a front headlight wasn't working. //// FRIDAY, MARCH 7TH: Took the '03 Malibu in to Ray Chevrolet in Fox Lake, Il. for the headlight. Breakfast at Dino's Den and shopping. Later, too many people at the Grant Township Fish Fry at the Legion, so had the fish fry at Never Sink Inn in Spring Grove (building dates to 1900). One of the best, a-u-c-e fried or broiled for $9.95 we've ever had. Joined by Kevin and Kelly. Then a nightcap at Tommy's/ //// SATURDAY, MARCH 8TH: Richmond-Spring Grove (Ill) Business Expo and Nippersink Library. Later, Pam's 60th surprise birthday party at Corkscrew Pointe in McHenry (former 1900 hotel on the Fox River). Dueling Pianos. //// SUNDAY, MARCH 9TH: Brunch ($7) at the Polish Legion of American Veterans in McHenry. Bloody Mary at Twisted Moose and Bulls beat the Heat at Sunnyside Tap in Johnsburg. Later, BlackHawks game at Tommy's and Antonio's. //// A Good Time. --RoadDog

Writers of Hit Songs That You Might Not Know

From Yahoo! News Who Knew "Writers Behind Hit Songs." //// Bruno Mars is one of the writers of Cee Lo Green's "Forget You." Wondering if he wrote the original non-playable on radio words? //// "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston was written and originally recorded by Dolly Parton. //// David Letterman sidekick and music director Paul Schaffer co-wrote "It's Raining Men" by the Weather Girls. //// Prince wrote Bangles' "Manic Monday" under the name Christopher. //// Stevie Nicks based her 1983 hit "Stand Back" on Prince's "Little Red Corvette" and he even played the synthesizer on it. //// Diane Warren wrote "Un-Break My Heart" by Toni Braxton. //// I Knew About Dolly, But Not the Rest. --RoadDog

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's a Music Thing: Oldies

Just getting ready to go over to the Richmond, Illinois, Business Expo and am listening to Fessa John Hook's Beach Musioc Top 40 for 1968. //// He is playing songs like: EVERLASTING LOVE-- Robert Knight // THE HUCKLEBUCK-- Otis Redding // CHAIN OF FOOLS-- Aretha Franklin // KEEP THE BALL ROLLING-- Jay & the Techniques // LET LOVE COME BETWEEN US-- James and Bobby Purify // IT'S BETTER TO CRY-- Appreciations // I DIG YOUR ACT-- O'Jays and the #1 song: BE YOUNG, BE FOOLISH, BE HAPPY-- Tams. It streams at beach-shag.com. //// Also, tomorrow, from 7-10 AM CDST(Daylight Savings Time, remember) Bob Stroud has his Rock and Roll Roots show featuring 60s-70s music. //// Stroud's Ten at Ten next week, also on WDRV: Monday-- 1983, Tuesday-- 1976, Wednesday-- 1968, Thursday-- 1978 and Friday-- A Talkative Ten. It streams. //// Going Back, Going Way Back, Mr. Peabody. --RoadDog

It's Melting!!!: My Cabin Fevered Neighbor

Amazing, but we had 40 degrees yesterday, first time since November (and only two 30+ degree days). Quite a bit of melting, but we sure have a lot to go. We're just hoping it is not too fast because of flooding, both in the Chain of Lakes and the ground is still frozen and there is nowhere to go. //// I looked out the window yesterday morning and saw my neighbor across the street SHOVELING SNOW FROM HIS YARD ONTO HIS DRIVEWAY!!!!! That is more than a bit peculiar since we have been battling the white stuff ever since December 8th in a vain attempt to keep that white stuff OFF OUR DRIVEWAYS!!! (Actually, he was throwing the snow on his driveway to get it to melt as with the sun, the asphalt gets warm enough to do that. //// I have noticed, however, that about half the folks out in our subdivision have stopped doing their driveways, just thrown in the old snow shovel/blower. //// We had a smattering of snow this morning and it has already melted. As my buddy Kevin says, "Anyday I do not have to get up and shovel snow is a good day." //// I Understand Someone Shot Our Local Groundhog Prognosticator Woodstock Willie. --RoadDog

Top Twenty Beach Music Songs (March 1, 2014)-- Part 2

KListening to this week's countdown right now. //// 12. THE BEST OF YOU-- Rick Strickland // 11. SEXUAL RELIGION-- Rod Stewart //// 10. I LOVED THEM ALL-- Big Time Party Band // 9. DREAMIN'-- Castaways // 8. STEPPIN' WITH YOU-- Andre Lee // LOVE IS ON OUR SIDE-- Craig Woolard // STEPPED RIGHT OUTTA MY DREAM--Too Much Sylvia //// 5. READY, WILLING & ABLE-- KCO // BABY IT'S YOU-- Gary Lowdet // 3. THE ROCK-- Ms Jody // 2. SOMETHING FRIED-- Summerdaze // SUMMER LOVE-- Entertainers (10th week #1). //// Top Five for March 8th: #5. STEPPED RIGHT OUTTA MY DREAM-- Too Much Sylvia //// #4. READY, WILLING & ABLE-- KCO //// #3. SUMMER LOVE-- Entertainers //// #2. BABY IT'S YOU-- Gary Lowder //// #1. THE ROCK-- Ms. Jody

Friday, March 7, 2014

March 6, 1964 WLS Silver Dollar Survey-- The Rest of It: Parents, Country, Invasion and Cashing In

Our Parents' Music-- British Invasion-- Country and Cashing In On the Beatles. //// I looked at the rest of the survey and did some categorizing. It was, other than the Baetles in the Top Ten, quite a diverse group of artists and songs. //// OUR PARENTS' MUSIC: #9. The Shelter of Your Arms-- Sammy Davis Jr // #17. I Love You More and More-- Al Martino // #18. A Fool Never Learns-- Andy Williams // #28. Stardust-- Nino Temp & April Stevens //// BRITISH INVASION: #12. Glad All Over-- Dave Clark Five // #20. It's All In the Game-- Cliff Richard // #25. Needles and Pins-- Searchers // #29. Hippy Hippy Shake-- Swinging Blue Jeans //// COUNTRY: Long Gone Lonesome Blues-- Hank Williams Jr. // Saginaw Michigan-- Lefty Frizzell // He Says the Same Thing-- Skeeter Davis //// CASHING IN ON THE BEATLES: #23 We Love You Beatles-- Carefree // #32 Liverpool-- Vice-Roys. //// The last song by the Vice-Roys, was an instrumental so I am not sure whether it had anything to do with the Beatles other than that is where they were from and to come out at this time. Kind of a coincidence. //// Bocehpus and the Beatles? --RoadDog

WLS Silver Dollar Survey for March 6, 1964: Beatlemania Hits Hard

Five of the Top Ten songs, including the top three are by you-know-who. //// #1. SHE LOVES YOU-- Beatles // #2. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND-- Beatles // #3. PLEASE PLEASE ME-- Beatles // #4. SEE THE FUNNY LITTLE CLOWN-- Bobby Goldsboro // #5. NAVY BLUE-- Diane Renay //// #6. FUN FUN FUN-- Beach Boys // DAWN GO AWAY-- Four Seasons // #8. I SAW HER STANDING THERE-- Beatles // #9. THE SHELTER OF YOUR ARMS-- Sammy Davis Jr // #10. TWIST AND SHOUT-- Beatles. //// "She Was Just 17 and You Know What I Mean." --RoadDog

Top 20 Beach Music Songs (March 1st, 2014)-- Part 1

From Ted Bell's Top 20 Songs at 94.9 The Surf, March 1, 2014.

I am listening to the station right now. Beach Music makes me think of sun, warm and waves, something I need to do a lot with our crummy winter so far. BUT! But! We have temps forecast at 40 degrees today, the warmest since Dec. 7th. Thinking about getting the old chaise lounge out on the driveway. Anyway:

18. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE-- Classic Soul

17. THE DRIVER-- King Tyrone & the Graveyard Ramblers
16. GOODBYE TRAIN-- Grayson Hugh
15. SHAG ALL NIGHT-- Marsha Morgan Band

13.  TRY MATTY'S-- K.B. & the Shifters.

Where Are My Sunglasses? --RoadDog

The Shockingly Low Salaries of Professional Cheerleaders

From the Jan. 24, 2014, Yahoo! Finance by Olga Khaza, Atlantic. //// The Raiderettes (Oakland Raiders) make only $1,200 a year, amounting to $5 an hour after practice and performing. They also face fines for such things as bringing the wrong pom poms to rehearsal. //// The San Diego Chargers pay their cheerleaders $75 per home game. But, they also get two game tickets and one parking pass. //// The Baltimore Ravens pay $100 for each home game which includes up to five hours before the game and practice twice a week for three hours from April to January. //// The Dallas Cowboys pay $150 a home game, but pay nothing for rehearsals. //// The Oakland Raideretees have filed a suit. //// --RoadDog

Five Most Regretted Jobs

From Yahoo! Monster according to a recent survey by Pay Scale. (% who say they regretted choosing the job and avergae yearly pay) //// #1. CASHIER-- (46%, $18,600) //// #2. MECHANIC- (43%, $36,100) I am really surprised by this one. I really thought they earned more.) //// #3. SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHER--(43%, $43,000) //// #4. DELIVERY DRIVER-- (42%, $31,600 And, I thought they enjoyed making me wait.) //// #5. BANK TELLER-- (37%, $24,000). //// The article had more information. //// --RoadDog

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Movie Scratches: Nut-- Survivor-- Osage-- Frankenstein

Movie Scratches: A dog's look at current movies. //// #9. NUT JOB-- 1-31-- FOX LAKE $6-- Big ol' park, not enough food, bad ol' raccoon, Surly saves the day. //// #10. LONE SURVIVOR-- 1-31-- FOX LAKE $6-- Let's see how many times we can roll down the mountainside. How much action and beating can one guy take? //// #11. AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY-- 2-4-- FOX LAKE $6-- Probably one of the most dysfunctional and potty-mouthed families you'll ever see //// #12. I FRANKENSTEIN-- 2-4-- FOX LAKE $6-- A demon's worst nightmare. //// Noisy Popcorn Eaters. Chomp, Chomp, Chomp!! --RoadDog

Top Ten Mardi Gras Oldies-- Part 2

#6. BIG CHIEF--PT. 2-- Professor Longhair. The "Fess" is a New Orleans legend. This was originally an instrumental, but Earl King added vocals. //// #7. DO WHATCHA WANNA-- PT. 3-- Rebirth Brass Band. Not an oldies cut, per se, from the mid-90s, but "emblematic of the city's rich brass-band traditions." //// #8. THEY ALL ASK FOR YOU-- Meters. One of three items on this list from the 1970s "homegrown funk period." //// #9. MARDI GRAS MAMBO-- Hawkettes. High school group which later mutated into the Neville Brothers. You know, "Down in New orleans where the blues was born, it takes a cool cat to blow a horn." //// #10. SECOND LINE-- Stop, Inc. Great march-dance for a Mardi Gras parade (If you're actually in a parade, you're first line. If you are drunk and dancing behind a float, you're in the second line, in case you're wonderin'.) //// Good Stuff. --RoadDog

Mardi Gras IV-- Part 2

The rest of the Mardi Gras IV cassette tape: COCONUT MILK-- Bo Dollis & the Wild Magnolias // WOOGIE BOOGIE-- George Parker, Jr. // CAN'T STRAIGHTEN UP YOUR MIND-- Chuck Carlos // OH SWEETNESS-- Snooks Eaglin // BREAKAWAY-- Irma Thomas //// ALLOUS A TEPATATE-- Balfa Toujous // PERE ET GAROON-- John Delafose // YOU USED TO CALL ME-- C.J. Chernier // EVERYTHING ON THE HOG-- Nathan //// JOHNNY BILLY GOAT-- Boozoos Chavis // WATCH THE DOG-- John Delafose // SUGAR BEE-- Boozoo Chavis. //// Some Mighty Good Louisiana Music If I Do Say So. --RoadDog

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

JSS: Gas Gouge-- Snow-- Snow Problems

JSS-- Just Some Stuff. //// 1. GAS GOUGE-- Filled up the Dakota today before the next round of Gas Gouge kicks in. On Jan. 14th, I paid $3.23 a gallon; Feb. 11th, $3.50 and today $3.74. We are definitely in the Pre-Pre Summer Driving SeasonGas Gouge!!! That's a 47 cent increase in less than two months. Sad, but in two weeks, $3.74 will look "cheap." 2. SNOW-- We received 6 inches Saturday, two inches yesterday and 5 inches today. That's 13 inches in five days. Getting real tired of the stuff. 3. SNOW PROBLEMS-- Cleaning the snow off the truck quite often these days. I've learned to wait to see if the garage door stays down as it so often encounters snow when closing and comes back up. Last Friday, I almost backed into a vehicle coming down the street that I didn't see because the snow was piled so high. It is getting frightening at intersections as you can't see too well because of piled snow. /// Enough, Already. --RoadDog

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Mardi Gras Oldies-- Part 1

From About.com Oldies Music by Robert Fontenot. //// 1. GO TO THE MARDI GRAS-- Professor Longhair. The King of All Mardi Gras songs and a breathtaking piano intro.. //// HEY POCKY WAY-- Meters. Strongest of several Mardi Gras classics. //// 3. STREET PARADE-- Earl King Captures the loose feel of Second Line better than any other song. //// 4. CARNIVAL TIME-- Al Johnson. His one and only hit, but he still bills himself as Al "Carnival Time" Johnson. Listen to it and you'll know why. //// 5. JOCK-A-MO-- Sugar Boy Crawford and His Cane Cutters. Most of you know it as "Iko, Iko" but what the song originally sounded like when it was "Raw Fifties R&B." //// Five More Tomorrow. --RoadDog

Mardi Gras in My Other Blogs

Yesterday and today, I posted Mardi Gras items in my RoadDog's RoadLog Blog, Tattooed On Your Soul World War II Blog, Cooter's History Thing and Not So Forgotten: War of 1812 Blog. //// In Case You've Not Had Enough. -- RoadDog

Mardi Gras IV: Music to Celebrate

Back when i was deejaying, I made several cassette tapes of some great New Orleans/Louisiana music suitable for Mardi Gras. I'm listening to Mardi Gras IV right now. Songs on it: NO CITY LIKE NEW ORLEANS-- Earl King // SOMETHING YOU GOT-- Earl King // DADDY DADDY DADDY-- Carol Fran Clarence // WHOLE LOTTA LOVIN'-- Fessa Longhair // SWANEE RIVER ROCK-- Snooks Eaglin //// CHERIE PETIT MONDE-- Balfa Toujous // NEW ORLEANS BEAT--Steve Riley // HOT TAMALE BABY-- Marcia Ball // ZYDECO LA LOUISIANNE-- Buckwheat Zydeco //// VALSE BEBE-- Beausoleil // I'M HERE-- Clifton Chernier // SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL-- Louisiana Playboys // TOUS LES TEMPS ON TEMPS-- Lynn August. //// And That's Just Half the Cassette Tape. --RoadDog

Coping With the Winter, But Still Having a Good Time

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH-- Ten at Ten: 1967. Breakfast at K.C.'s Cabin in Spring Grove (buy one get one free. We became the first paying cusromers to the new Donovan's in Twin Lakes after three weeks remodeling and were quite impressed. //// SATURDAY, MARCH 1ST-- Cleared two inches of snow off the driveway and sidewalk in the morning. Enjoyed listening to Wendy Rice do her Saturday Morning Flashback Show to 1969. Went to the Fox Lake Business Expo at Grant High School and then enjoyed Mitch Edwards and Second Chance at the Legion from 3:30 to 8. Snowed all afternoon and accumulated another four inches. //// SUNDAY, MARCH 2ND--Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots show (60s-70s music). Cleared the snow off the driveway and sidewalk. Turned cold (it's either snow or cold all the time these days). Then went to All Sports in McCullom Lake for some of the best pizza around (and a $5 special w/ 75 cent toppings: pineapple, black olives and Canadian bacon and piled high, garbage-style. Then Sons of the American Legion meeting at the Legion in Fox Lake. //// MONDAY, MARCH 3RD: Played NTN at J's in Ingleside and enjoyed half price pizza. We had four Top twenty rankings, including a #1!!! //// Really Need Spring, Though, But Coping. --RoadDog

Monday, March 3, 2014

Get Your Mardi Gras Music on Chicago's WXRT

Tonight, at 9 PM, CST, tune into Chicago's Finest Mardi Gras station, WXRT, 93.1 FM for Tom Marker's Bluesbreakers Show, featurinmg the music of New Orleans and Mardi Gras. It's called Lundi Gras, for Monday. It will also have New Orleans blues, Dixieland, Second-Line, Cajun and Zydeco. //// Then, tomorrow, XRT will be featuring a whole lot of Mardi Gras music all day. //// And, it streams at www.wxrt.com. //// I Smell Jambalaya!! --RoadDog

It's Official: We Have a Three Gallon Winter

I had to go outside twice Saturday to clear off the driveway. Friday night/Saturday morning, we received 2 inches of snow and then it snowed another 4 inches from 1 PM to 8 PM. //// I had to crack open my third gallon of the gas/2-stroke mixture for the snowblower. That is a new record. Usually, I go through just one gallon in a season. And this is considering that I often just shovel the light snow and low accumulations. //// I see this is Chicago's 4th biggest snowfall winters with some 80 inches. And, it seems like so much more since so little snow has melted because of the cold. We go through cold-snow-cold-snow cycles. ///// Right now, we're in the cold with temps in McHenry at -5 degrees and 0 degrees here in Spring Grove. High today at 15, tomorrow 20 degrees and Wednesday 22 degrees. //// But, balmy 30s the next two days. //// And, there Was a Time I'd be Considering 30s in March as Real Cold!! Not Any More. --RoadDog

Pre-Pre Summer Driving Season Gas Gouge Underway!!!!

We've already had the Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre and Pre-Pre-Pre Summer Driving Season Gas Gouges (since January), and as of this last week, the Pre-Pre Summer Driving Season Gas Gouge struck with a vengeance around here (northeast Illinois near the Wisconsin state line). //// Gas in Fox Lake, Illinois, is now $3.76 (a jump of 26 cents). Gas at the rip-off Marathon here in Spring Grove and at Rock Corner are at $3.80. //// Why did it go up? //// The GRBs at Big Oil don't say, but really don't need to because of all the politicians in pocket. I was looking at a local magazine with jokes and one was that the recession is so bad that Exxon-Mobil had to lay off twenty politicians. I laughed through my tears. //// Of course, in a few weeks, we'll have the infamous Pre-Summer Driving Season Gas Gouge when price of gas will jump over the $4 mark (with a lot of stations hanging at the $3.99.9 price so people won't know they're charging $4.) //// Making Money All the Time With B.O. --RoadDog

As Usual, Bad Academy Picks for Me (3 of 7)

But, in my defense, I didn't seetwo of the movies which had three winners. //// Winner (my pick): BEST PICTURE: 12 Years a Slave (American Hustle) //// BEST ACTOR: Matthew McConaughy-- Dallas Buyers Club (Chiwetel Ejiofor) //// BEST ACTRESS Cate Blanchette-- Blue Jasmine (Meryl Streep) //// BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Jared Leto-- Dallas Buyers Club (Brandon Cooper) //// BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Lupita Nyong'o //// BEST ANIMATED: Frozen //// BEST DIRECTOR: Alfonso Cuaron. //// That's My Excuse, Anyway. --RoadDog

Let the Big Dogs Out!

From the Feb. 17, 2014, Yahoo! Shine "10 Monstrous Dog Breeds" by Pet360.com. //// These are some mighty big dogs. Just watch out for slobber, especially with the St. Bernards: 1. Irish Wolfhound // 2. Saint Bernard // 3. Mastiff // 4. Newfoundland // 5. Great Dane //// 6. Great Pyrenees // 7. Leonberger // 8. Bernese Mountain Dog // 9. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog // 10. Black Russian Terrier //// Bow-Wow, Lick. --RoadDog

A Whole Bunch (of Songs) from 1969-- Part 2

GIVE ME SHELTER-- Rolling Stones

EVERYDAY PEOPLE-- Sly & the Family Stone
ST. STEVENS-- Grateful Dead

I'M FREE-- Who
TRY-- Janis Joplin
IT'S YOUR THING-- Isley Brothers

HIGHWAY 61-- Bob Dylan
HOT SUMMER DAY-- It's a Beautiful Day
RAMBLE ON-- Led Zeppelin

STONE FREE-- Jimi Hendrix
TIME IS TIGHT-- Booker T. & M.G.s
BADGE-- Cream

VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA-- Jefferson Airplane

GRAZING IN THE GRASS-- Friends of Distinction
MIDNIGHT RAMBLER-- Allman Brothers


 Brought Back Some Memories. --RoadDog

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Academy Award Picks

Best Picture: American Hustle

Best Director: Steve McQueen -- 12 Years a Slave

Best Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor-- 12 Years a Slave

Best Actress: Meryl Streep-- August: Osage County

Best Supporting Actor: Bradley Cooper-- American Hustle

Best Supporting Actress: Julia Roberts-- August: Osage County

Best Animated Feature: Frozen.

I Might Even Get One of These Right. --RoadDog

Well, At Least I Saw Some of the Nominated Movies

With the Academy Awards taking place tomorrow, these are some categories I saw at the theater.

BEST PICTURE: American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, The Wolf of Wall Street.

BEST DIRECTOR: David O. Russell (American Hustle), Alfonso Cuarion (Gravity), Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave), Martin Scorcese (The Wolf of Wall Street)

BEST ACTOR: Christian Bale (American Hustle), Leonardi DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street), Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave)

BEST ACTRESS: Amy Adams (American Hustle) Sandra Bullock (Gravity), Meryl Streep (August: Osage County)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips), Bradley Cooper (American Hustle), Michael Fassbender (12 years a Slave), Jonah Hill (The Wolf of Wall Street)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle), Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave), Julia Roberts (August: Osage County)

BEST ANIMATED FEATURE: The Croods, Despicable Me 2, Frozen.

Spending Too Much Time At the Movies-- RoadDog

A Whole Bunch (of Songs) From 1969-- Part 1: "Good Times, Bad Times"

This morning, Wendy Rice is doing her WXRT, 93.1 FM, Saturday Morning Flashback Show to the year 1968, when I graduated from Palatine High School and started freshman year at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb.

Not only does she play the music, but you get a lot of information from the year.

Songs played the first two hours:

MAMA TOLD ME NOT TO COME-- Randy Newman   He wrote the song, but Three Dog Night had the big hit with it.

ROOM TO MOVE-- John Mayall


JINGO-- Santana

CRIMSON & CLOVER-- Tommy James & the Shondells

SPACE COWBOY-- Steve Miller Band
OH WELL-- Fleetwood Mac   The original line up.
SOMETHING IN THE AIR-- Thunderclap Newman.

"It's Getting to the Point...." --RoadDog

Ten From 1967: "Purple Haze"

Yesterday, Bob Stroud played Ten Great Songs from One Great Year, 1967, on his Ten at Ten show on Chicago's WDRV, the Drive:

GET TOGETHER-- Youngbloods
COLD SWEAT-- James Brown
I'M A MAN-- Spencer Davis Group

BEND ME, SHAPE ME-- American Breed
PURPLE HAZE-- Jimi Hendrix

FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH-- Buffalo Springfield
RUBY TUESDAY--Rolling Stones
THERE'S A KIND OF A HUSH-- Herman's Hermits.

My Pick, "For What It's Worth." --RoadDog