Monday, October 31, 2016

And All the Spider Webs Were Hung With Care

Well, not spider webs actually, but the orange lights are up all across the front of the house as well as on the gazebo.  The grave yard is in place and looking real eerie, especially with the fence and dead overgrown plants.

Pumpkins line every front window, the Halloween village is set up on top of the speaker and various button toys are all around.  Patti Playpal has on her Trick-or-Treating outfit and bag for candy.

The candy is bought and we are getting ready to go over to Windhill Pancake Parlor in McHenry for a Halloween dinner and to look at all their decorations.  I know of no other place with as many scary things all over as they have.

I am listening to the Drive's Halloween Spooktacular A to Z, seven hours of real scary music from noon to 7 p.m., CDST.  It streams so go scare yourself.

Looks Like It Will be a Frightening Good Time.  --RoadDog

And a Big Boo to You!!: Ten Songs to Scare You to Death: "Running With the Devil"

From Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten from today on Chicago's WDRV 97.1 FM, the Drive.

MONSTER MASH--  Bobby "Boris" Pickett
SPOOKY--  Classics IV

I PUT A SPELL ON YOU--  Screaming Jay Hawkins
DANCING WITH MR. D--  Rolling Stones

PSYCHO KILLER--  Talking Heads

You can hear it again at 10 p.m. CDST at

Also, the Drive is playing 7 hours of Halloween music from noon to 7 p.m. to really scare you death.

 Name That Tune (from the above):  "Little Old Lady Got Mutilated Late Last Night."  RoadDog

SIGNS AND NOTICES:  Two signs found on top of each other at a kitchen several years ago:  Restrooms to the left.  Please wait for the hostess to seat you.

"Werewolves of London"

Music Deaths: Singer and Songwriter John D. Loudermilk

JOHN D. LOUDERMILK, 82  Died September 21, 2016.

Singer/songwriter.  Born in Durham, North Carolina.  Wrote "A Rose and a Baby Ruth" for Georhe Hamilton IV.  Sand "Language of Love" (#32-1961) and sang as Johnny Dee on "Sittin' In the Balcony" (#38-1957).


Indian Reservation
Thous Shalt Not Steal
Waterloo for Stonewall Jackson
Talk Back Tremblin' Lips
Tobacco Road
Then You Can Tell me Goodbye

Friday, October 28, 2016

WLS Top Ten for October 28, 1966: "Cherry Cherry"

2.  96 TEARS--  Question Mark
3.  REACH OUT--  Four Tops

4.  HOORAY FOR HAZEL--  Tommy Roe
5.  CHERRY CHERRY-  Neil Diamond
6.  DANDY--  Herman's Hermits
7.  POOR SIDE OF TOWN--  Johnny Rivers

9.  THE GREAT AIRPLANE STRIKE--  Paul Revere & the Raiders
10.  GOOD VIBRATIONS--  Beach Boys

Name That Tune (from the above):  "How Can You tell me How Much You Miss Me."  --RoadDog

SIGNS AND NOTICES:  A billboard seen next to the highway, traveling from Johannesburg International Airport into town.  An ad for BMW showing a photo of a BMW 328i convertible with the roof and all windows down.  The caption reads:  "Our hardware runs better without WINDOWS!!"

"Poor Side of Town"

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Music News: John Lennon's Murderer and the Memphis Music Hall of Fame

From the Oldies Music News site.

1.  John Lennon's murderer, whose name will not be given, was denied parole for the 9th time on August 29, 2016.

2.  Sam the Sham Samudio, John Lee Hooker, the Hi Records Rhythm Section and William Bell are the 2016 inductees into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.  The induction will be November 3, 2016.


SIGNS AND NOTICES:  Sign in King's Canyon in California:  "Slow Parking Ahead."

Music Deaths: Lead Singer and Keyboardist of Sugarloaf

JERRY CORBETTA, 68.  Died September 16.

Lead singer and keyboardist of Sugarloaf.  He and Bob Webber had played together with the Moonrakers and Chocolate Hair and signed with Liberty Records.  They changed the name of the band to Sugarloaf  (a mountain outside of Boulder, Colorado).

They hit #3 in 1970 with "Green-eyed Lady."  Then they hit a slump and were dropped by Liberty.  They came back with "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" (#9-1975).

But there was no follow-up hit.  He also performed as part of Disco Tex's Sex-O-Lettes on the single "Get Dancin'" (#10-1975).

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Music Deaths: Member of the Weavers and Joe Jeffrey

FRED HELLERMAN, 89   Died September 1, 2016.

Last remaining member of the Weavers, which group also included Pete Seeger.  Founded in 1948.  Big hits were "Goodnight Irene" (#1-1950) and "On Top Of Old Smoky" (#2-1951).

JOE JEFFREY, 80.  Died September 4, 2016.

A true one-hit wonder with "My Pledge of Love" (#14-1969).  Headed the Joe Jeffrey Group.  Real name Joe Stafford but changed it to avoid confusion with female singer Jo Stafford.

Music Deaths: A Member of the Elegants and a Member of the Limeliters

CARMAN ROMANO, 77   Died August 2, 2016.

Baritone and co-founder of the Staten Island doo-wop group Elegants.  An unlitmqate one-hit wonder group with "Little Star"  (#1-1958.

GLENN YARBROUGH, 86  Died August 11, 2016.

Founding member and tenor singer on the Limeliters.  Left them in 1960 but reunited many times.  His biggest solo hit was "Baby the Rain Must Fall" (#12-1965.  It was the title song to the Steve McQueen and Lee Remick movie.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Movie Scratches: Breathe-- Deepwater-- Snowden-- Exceptional

Movie Scratches:  A dog's-eye View of today's movies.

53.  DON'T BREATHE--  9-13--  Woodstock, $5--  Never count the old guy or rottweiler down.  They keep coming back.  Found myself pulling for the real bad guys.

54.  DEEPWATER HORIZON--  10-4--  Round Lake Beach,  Free--  This one wore me out after the explosion.  Another case of corporate greed.  Make that profit at any cost.

55.  SNOWDEN--  10-5--  Fox Lake, $5--  Makes you understand why he did what he did.

56.  MISS PEREGRINE'S  HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN--  10-11--  Woodstock, $5--  The eyes have it.  I was wondering why the twins dressed like that?

Regal Cinemas Has Those Great $1 Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs on Tuesdays.  Now, That's Special.  --RoadDog

SIGNS AND NOTICES:  A sign advertising a wide skiing race:  "Let's see who can go downhill the fastest."

Monday, October 24, 2016

Music Deaths: Herb Kent, "The Cool Gent"

HERB KENT, 88,  Died October 22, 2016.

He had finished his regular weekend show earlier in the afternoon and died a few hours afterwards.  Chicago has lost a great one and one of my favorites.  I have listened to his great "Dusties" on many a weekend day.

He also was a disc jockey for seven decades and one of the early black deejays on Chicago's WVON and the V103.

Him and that ever-present cowboy hat.

Sure Going to Miss Him.

Friday, October 21, 2016

WLS Top Ten for October 21, 1966: "96 Tears"

2.  CHERRY CHERRY--  Neil Diamond
3.  REACH OUT--  Four Tops

4.  96 TEARS--  Question Mark
5.  CHERISH--  Association
6.  HOORAY FOR HAZEL--  Tommy Roe
7.  DANDY--  Herman's Hermits

8.  HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR MOTHER--  Rolling Stones
9.  POOR SIDE OF TOWN--  Johnny Rivers
10.  THE GREAT AIRPLANE STRIKE--  Paul Revere & the Raiders

Name That Tune (from the above):  "Baby Loves Me, Yes, Yes, She Does."  --RoadDog

"Cherry Cherry"

#1 Songs for the Week of September 11 Through the Years-- Part 2: "Help!"

1960   IT'S NOW OR NEVER--  Elvis Presley

1961   THE MOUNTAIN'S HIGH--  Dick & Dee Dee

1962   SHERRY--  Four Seasons

1963   MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK--  Angels


1965   HELP!--  Beatles

1966   CHERISH--  Association

1967--  ODE TO BILLY JOE--  Bobbie Gentry

1968  HARPER VALLEY PTA--  Jeannie C. Riley

1969   SUGAR, SUGAR--  Archies

Name That Tune (from the above):  "When You see Him Comin', Better Cut On the Double."  --RoadDog

"My Boyfriend's Back"

#1 Songs For the Week of September 11 Through the Years-- Part 1: "Tonight You Belong to Me"

From Oldies

1950  GOODNIGHT IRENE--  Gordon Jenkins

1951  BECAUSE OF YOU--  Tony Bennett

1952  I WENT TO YOUR WEDDING--  Patti Page

1953  CRYING IN THE CHAPEL--  June Valli

1954  SKOKIAAN--  Ralph Meterie

1955  MOMENTS TO REMEMBER--  Four Lads

1956  TONIGHT YOU BELONG TO ME--  Patience & Prudence

1957  WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN' GOING ON--  Jerry Lee Lewis

1958  NEL BLU DIPINTO DI BLU (VOLARE)--  Domenico Modugno

1959  SLEEP WALK--  Santo & Johnny

Name That Tune (from the above):  "Last Saturday Night I Got Married."  --RoadDog

SIGNS AND NOTICES:  Road sign seen on the island of Cyprus (translation of the Greek):  "Caution: Road Slippery From Grapejuice."

"Goodnight Irene"

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Music Deaths: Members of Booker T. & MGs and Spiral Staircase

LEWIS STEINBERG, 82.  Died July 21, 2016.

Original bass player with Booker T. & the MGs on early songs like "Green Onions" (#3-- 1962)   Replaced by Donald "Duck" Dunn in 1965.

PAT UPTON, 75.  Died July 27, 2016.

Lead vocalist and guitarist with Spiral Staircase.  Wrote "More Than yesterday" (#12-1969).

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Almost No Posts Yesterday, and, There Was a Reason

And there was a reason why I only got the one for my War of 1812 blog posted.  The reason was that it was much too nice of a day to waste sitting inside the house.  And, as we approach the end of October, great days will be getting fewer and fewer.  You-know-what is around the corner.

I spent time out on the front porch, deck and gazebo.  We also took the boat out for one of the last times and cruised around Fox Lake, Nippersink Lake and Pistakee Lake.  We got thirsty and boated into the McDonald's and had something to eat, drink and an ice cream cone.

Sure glad to see McDonald's is bringing back that tasty and hot McChicken Jalapeno sandwich.


Music Deaths: Gary B. Paxton: Singer and Producer With Hollywood Argyles and Skip and Flip

GARY B. PAXTON,  77.  Died July 16, 2016.

Singer and co-producer of "Alley Oop" (#1- 1960) as a member of the Hollywood Argyles.  He was also the Flipof the group Skip and Flip on "Cherry Pie" (11- 1960).

Produced "Monster Mash" for Bobby "Boris" Pickett, "Along Comes Mary" and "Cherish" for the Association (Cherish was a #1 hit 50 years ago this month) and "Sweet Pea" and "Hooray for Hazel" for Tommy Roe.  "Hooray for Hazel" was #8 on the WLS chart 50 years ago today.

Okay, try nt to be singing the refrain to "Alley-Oop."

Music Deaths: Bonnie Brown, Member of the Browns

BONNIE BROWN, 77.  Died July 16, 2016.

Youngest member of the Browns.  Between 1954 and 1968, they had 21 charted country songs, with 13 crossing over to the Pop Charts, including "The Three Bells" (#1 both Country and Pop- 1959."  Also "Scarlet Ribbons" (#13 Pop #7 Country-- 1959) and "The Old Lamplighter" (#5 Pop and #20 Country- 1950).

Living In Today's World: About Those Commercials

August 5, 2016,  Mr. Boffo.

More proof weird things are happening everywhere with no explanation.

Mr. Boffo is sitting in his easy chair watching TV and says to his wife, sitting next to him:   "I haven't seen my favorite commercial in over an hour."

Is it me, but there do seem to be a lot of really good commercials on TV (although way too many) these days.  Some of them are very funny while others are very touching.  I like the one  with the little horse being ignored by the big horses and the lady buys a pet door for him to come in and he gets rubbed to the tune of "Little Man."  Which by the way, was on the WLS charts 50 years ago today.

I also like the one where the little kids misses his dad who is deployed overseas and send the paper airplanes with messages across the fence into his neighbor's yard, who collects them. sends them in a package to the kid's dad who makes his own paper airplanes and sends them to the neighbor who throws them back over the fence.

Commercials like  this will always get me to watch them.


SIGNS AND NOTICES:  Official sign near door:  "Door Alarmed."  There was a handprinted sign nearby which read:  "Window Frightened."

Monday, October 17, 2016

JSS-- Uncooperative Weather-- A Real Losing Day

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  UNCOOPERATIVE WEATHER--  This past weekend was supposed to be a beautiful one for anything outside, but it sure wasn't.  Saturday was nothing buy overcast and threatening to rain, but I still was able to get a lot of burning done.  We can only burn yard waste on the weekends in October and November in the fall and April and May in the spring.

However, it is unseasonably warm with temps in the upper 70s today, but again, really overcast and threatening, so no boating.

2.  A REAL LOSING DAY--  Yesterday was a long and losing one for our favorite teams.  First, we went to the Squaw Bar in Ingleside and got together with the Usual Suspects and watched the Bears blow a 13 point lead in the 4th to lose to the Jaguars.  then we went to Johnsburg to Sunnyside Tavern and watched the Packers get demolished by the Cowboys.

Lastly, the Cubs lost 1-0 to the Dodgers in the NLCS game two, to even the series.  I saw this one at home in Margaritaville.  I sure hope the Cubs bats start hitting.  Everyone but Bryant, Baez and Contreras is in a bad slump.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

SIGNS AND NOTICES  (From the Orange Peel Gazette).

On a ski lift in Taos, N.M.:  "No jumping from the lift.  Survivors will be prosecuted."

Friday, October 14, 2016

Movie Scratches: Moms-- Ben-- Dogs-- Suicide

Movie Scratches:  A Dog's-Eye View of Today's Movies.

49.  BAD MOMS--  8-19--  Fox Lake, $6--  Moms tired of being the perfect moms and go considerably crazy.  Way too many "F" words though, but hilarious anyway.

50.  BEN HUR--  8-24--  Fox Lake, $5--  That great chariot race and Jesus Christ too.  It's the Romans versus the Jews in Jerusalem.

51.  WAR DOGS--  8-31--  Fox Lake, $5--  Moral to the Story:  Better to get the crumbs and be happy than to go for the whole pie and end up with nothing.

52.  SUICIDE SQUAD--  9-8--  Fox Lake, $6--    Nice they ain't.  Cooperative they aren't.  Hard core they are.  You just have to love the Joker's girlfriend.

Oops, Spilled the Coke.  --RoadDog

WLS Top 40 for October 14, 2016: "Wipe Out"

10.  YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE--  Supremes
9.  DANDY--  Herman's Hermits
8.  HOORAY FOR HAZEL--  Tommy Roe

7.  BLACK IS BLACK--  Los Bravos
6.  WIPE OUT--  Surfaris
5.  CHERRY CHERRY--  Neil Diamond
4.  REACH OUT--  Four Tops

2.  CHERISH--  Association
1.  96 TEARS--  Question Mark

Name That Tune (from above):  "She Put me Down."  RoadDog

"Hooray For Hazel"

WLS Top 40 for October 14, 1966-- Part 5: "Poor Side of Town"

16.  PSYCHOTIC REACTION--  Count 5   Went to #5 on Billboard.  Their only-ever hit.  Psychedelic garage rock quintet from San Jose, California.  Garage Rock doesn't get any better than this.

15.  MR. DIEINGLY SAD--  Critters   Went to #17 on Billboard, their biggest hit of four rankings.  From New Jersey.

14.  THE JOKER WENT WILD--  Brian Hyland

13.  POOR SIDE OF TOWN--  Johnny Rivers

12.  THE GREAT AIRPLANE STRIKE--  Paul Revere & the Raiders

11.  HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR MOTHER?--  Rolling Stones

Name That Tune (from the above):  "'Cause You're the Best Girl I Ever Had."  --RoadDog

THE MALE POINT SYSTEM:  A Night Out With the Boys:

Go out with a pal  (-5)
And the pal is happily married  (-4)
Or frighteningly single  (-7)
And he drives a Lotus  (-10)

"Psychotic Reaction"

Thursday, October 13, 2016

WLS Top 40 for October 14, 1966-- Part 4: "See See Rider"

22.  I'VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN--  Four Seasons    Went to #9 on Billboard.

21.  GO AWAY LITTLE GIRL--  Happenings   Went to #12 on Billboard  Good version with harmonies.  Follow up to their #3 hit "See You in September."

20.  PAINT ME A PICTURE--   Gary Lewis  Went to #15 on Billboard.  Real title also had "(You Don't Have To)" at the front.  For some reason, WLS never listed his backup group, the Playboys.  Not one of his better-known songs for some reason.

19.  AIN'T GONNA LIE--  Keith   Went to#39 on Billboard  His first hit.  His biggest was his next one "98.6" which went to #7 on Billboard.

18.  SEE SEE RIDER--  Eric Burdon & the Animals.  On WLS, this jumped from #35 to #18 this week.  Went to #10 on Billboard and his first hit with the Eric Burdon & the Animals name.

17.  GIRL ON A SWING--  Gerry & the Pacemakers   #28 on Billboard.  His last Top 40.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "So Deep In My Heart That You're Really a Part of Me."  --RoadDog

"I've Got You Under My Skin"

WLS Top 40 for October 14, 1966-- Part 3: "Mr. Spaceman"

27.  MR. SPACEMAN--  Byrds   Went to #36.

26.  WISH YOU WERE HERE--  Pat Boone    Went to  #49 on Billboard.   The actual title had the word "Buddy" as its last word.   This was his 59th Top 100 song of 60 that he had.    His last Top 100 was "July, You're a Woman" which went to #100 in 1969.  This was a knock on those who would not fight in the Vietnam War.

25.  CHANGES--  Crispian St. Peter   Went to #57 on Billboard.  Actual last name was Peters.    This was the follow up to his biggest hit "The Pied Piper.  His real name was Peter Smith and he was from Kent, England.  I didn't like it the first time I heard it, but after several more times, i did.

24.  WHAT BECOMES OF THE BROKEN HEARTED--  Jimmy Ruffin   His biggest hit and went to #7 on Billboard.  Brother of David Ruffin of the Temptations.

23.  I CAN MAKE IT WITH YOU--  Pozo Seco   Went to #32 on Billboard.  From Texas.  Country singer Don Williams sand for them.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "But Happiness Is Just An Illusion Filled With Sadness and Confusion."  --RoadDog


You take her out to dinner  (0)
You take her out to dinner and it's not a sports bar  (+1)
Okay, it's a sports bar  (-2)
And it's all-you-can-eat night  (-3)
It's a sports bar, it's all-you-can-eat night and your face is painted the colors of your favorite team  (-10)

"What becomes of the Broken Hearted"

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WLS Top 40 for October 14, 1966-- Part 2: "Rain On the Roof"

33.  I'M YOUR PUPPET--  James and Bobby Purify   Went to #6 on Billboard.  Their biggest hit.  As good of soul as you'll get.  They were James Purify and his cousin Lee Dickey from Florida.

32.  ALL I SEE IS YOU--  Dusty Springfield   #20 on Billboard.  Follow-up to"You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" which went to #14.

31.  GET AWAY--  Georgie Fame   Went to #70 on Billboard.    A white guy and I always thought he was black.  His biggest hits were "Yeh, Yeh" (#21 -1965) and "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" (#7-1968).  Really great song.

30.  RAIN ON THE ROOF--  Lovin' Spoonful   Went to #10 on Billboard.  Actually, this was also a debut.  Follow up to their #1 hit "Summer in the City."  From New York City.

29.  SPIN OUT--  Elvis Presley   Went to #40 on Billboard.  This was the flipside of "All That I Am" which went to #41.  from his movie "Spin Out."  Not one of his better known hits.

28.  LITTLE MAN---  Sonny and Cher    Went to #21 on Billboard.  The video on You Tube showed a whole lot of Cher's feet for some reason.  Great instrument playing on the song.  Now, whenever i hear the song, I picture that commercial with the little horse and the pet door at the house so he can come in and out as he pleases.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Your Every Wish Is My Command."  --RoadDog


You stay by her side the whole party  (0)
You stay by her side for awhile, then leave to chat with a college buddy  (-2)
Named Tiffany  (-4)
Who is a dancer  (-6)
And was Homecoming Queen  (-8)

"I'm Your Puppet"

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

WLS Top 40 for October 14, 1966-- Part 1: "Nobody's Baby Again"

Brighten Up your evening with Art Roberts.  9:00 p.m. to 12 midnight Mon. thru Sat.  Sunday 10:00 p.m. to midnight.   (Deejaying every night of the week!!)

All songs from #40 to #34, except # 37, were debuts on the chart this week 50 years ago.  See if you can guess which one went the highest.  Answer at bottom.

40.  NOBODY'S BABY AGAIN--  Dean Martin  Who could sound so drunk and sing so well?

39.  SECRET LOVE--  Billy Stewart  Follow up to his biggest hit "Summertime" which went to #10.

38.  LOOK THROUGH MY WINDOW--  Mama's & Papa's (as WLS spelled it)

37.  SUMMER SAMBA--  Walter Wanderly  Went to #26 on Billboard.  Not a debut this week and on its way down the charts.  Also a true one-hit wonder as this was his only song to break the Top 100.  Brazilian organist.  The name may not be familiar, but the tune sure is.  Give it a listen on You Tube.

36.  PIPELINE--  Chantays    Their only Top 100 so a true One-Hit Wonder.  Teenage surf rock quintet from Santa Ana, California

35.  LOVE IS A HURTIN' THING--  Lou Rawls  His first big hit.  From Chicago.

34.  IF I WERE A CARPENTER--  Bobby Darin

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "So I Told a Friendly Star the Way That Dreamers Often Do."  --RoadDog

The highest chart positions:

#40   Went to #60 on Billboard.
39.    #29
38.    #24
36.    #4
35.   #13
34.   #8

"Secret Love"

The Beatles Ten Best Songs of All-Time' "In My Life"

From the July 7, 2016, Cheat Sheet by Jeff Rindskopf.

He has the reasons and you can play the songs at his site.

1.  I Saw Her Standing There
2.  I've Just Seen a Face
3.  In My Life

4.  Tomorrow Never Knows
5.  A day in the Life
6.  I Am the Walrus
7.  Hey Jude

8.  Happiness Is a Warm Gun
9.  The Abbey Road Medley:  You Never Give Me Your Money/ Golden Slumbers /  Mean Mr. Mustard /  Polythene Pam
10.  I've Got a Feeling

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Well, She Was Just 17 And You Know What I Mean."  --RoadDog


You check out a suspicious noise in the night (0)
You check out a suspicious noise and it's nothing (0)
You check out a suspicious noise and it's something (+5)
You pummel it with a six iron (+10)
It's her father (-20)

"I Saw Her Standing There"

Music Deaths: Rokusuke Ei, 83: Wrote "Sukiyaki"

ROKUSUKE EI, 83.  Died July 7, 2016

Wrote the original lyrics to "Ue o Muite Aruko."  this song rose to #1 on U.S. charts in 1963 as "Sukiyaki" for Kyu Sakamoto.  This is the only Japanese lyric song to ever hit #1 in the United states.

That was a great song.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Ten "World" Songs for You Columbus Day Enjoyment: "New World Man"

From Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten on Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM, the Drive.  It will be repeated tonight at 10 p.m. and streams at the site,

After all, Christopher Columbus is given credit for "discovering" the New World.

CHANGE THE WORLD--  Eric Clapton

JOY TO THE WORLD--  Three Dog Night
NEW WORLD MAN--  Rush  I guess you could call Christopher a New World Man.

WIDE WORLD--  Cat Stevens
WORLD TURNING--  Fleetwood Mac

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, who sailed the ocean blue?

Name That Tune (from the above)  "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog."  --RoadDog

"Joy to the World":

Movie Scratches: Ghostbusters-- Pets-- Trek-- Bourne

Movie Scratches:  A dog's-eye view of today's movies.  It has been awhile since I posted so need to update.

Name--  Date Seen-- Where--Cost

45.  GHOSTBUSTERS--  8-4--  Fox Lake, $6--  This time its the women out to take care of those pesky ghosts and goblins.  Lots of cameos and flashbacks of the former folks.

46.  THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS--  8-9--  Woodstock, $5--  Watch out for that "Wascally Wabbit."  making friends the hard way.

47.  STAR TREK: BEYOND--  8-11--  Fox Lake, $6--  Lose your starship, find another starship, save the huge space station.  Love my Trek.

48.  JASON BOURNE--  8-15--  Fox Lake, $6-- Enough action for Athens, Greece, Berlin and Las Vegas.  All the action you could ever want in a movie. Way too many "F" words, though.

Pass the Popcorn.  --RoadDog

JSS-- Chipmunks-- Squirrels-- Birds-- New World Songs

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  CHIPMUNKS--  I just finished having an early lunch of chicken rotisserie OD (On the Deck) with a friendly local chipper (as we call our chipmunks).  I don't think they are much afraid of us anymore.  he was enjoying something he found and then a piece of chicken I threw to him.

2.  SQUIRRELS--  We haven't seen too many squirrels around here for the summer, but a few days ago, Liz had to chase a gray one off the schoolhouse birdfeeder where he was hanging upside down and really chowing down.

3.  BIRDS--  We have some pampered feathery friends in our yard.  They have a regular smorgasbord of seeds in three feeders.  The schoolhouse features sunflower seeds, the sparrow feeder a regular mix, and green mesh one has safflower.

4.  NEW WORLD SONGS--  Bob Stroud will do songs relating to the New World in honor of Columbus Day on his Ten at Ten show on WDRV, 97.1 FM, Chicago today at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.. I'm sure "New World Man" by Rush has to be one of them.  It will be interesting to see what the others may be.  It streams.  I'll print them up after the show finishes.

JSS:  In a Columbus State of Mind  --RoadDog

You go out to buy her flowers (+5)
But return with beer (-5)

Friday, October 7, 2016

WLS Top Ten for October 7, 1966: "Wipe Out"

1.  CHERISH--  Association
2.  96 TEARS--  ? Mark and the Mysterians

4.  CHERRY CHERRY--  Neil Diamond
5.  WIPE OUT--  Surfaris
6.  BLACK IS BLACK--  Los Bravos
7.  YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE--  Supremes

8.  THE JOKER WENT WILD--  Brian Hyland
9.  REACH OUT--  Four Tops
10.  SUNSHINE SUPERMAN--  Doniovan

12.  HOORAY FOR HAZEL--  Tommy Roe
15.  HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR MOTHER--  Rolling Stones
17.  DANDY--  Herman's Hermits
18.  THE GREAT AIRPLANE STRIKE--  Paul revere & the Raiders

Name That Tune (from the above):  "Now If You Feel That You Can't Go On."  --RoadDog

THE MALE POINT SYSTEM:  You leave the toilet seat up  (-5)
You replace the toilet-paper roll when it's empty (0)
When the toilet-paper roll is barren, you resort to Kleenex  (-1)
When the Kleenex runs out you shuffle slowly to the next bathroom  (-2)

"Reach Out"

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Rock 'N' Roll's Most Revolutionary Year-- Part 2: 1966 In Case You're Wondering

Continued from August 23, 2016.  Hit the Beatles label below this to view the August 23rd entry.

1966:The year albums like "Pet Sounds," "Blonde On Blonde" and "Revolver" opened our minds and ears to creative possibilities.

Terms such as "best," "most enlightening" or "most important" are all subjective, of course.  But, 50 years down the line, a case can be made that 1966 may have been the most creatively expansive year of all.

That is the year that "rock 'n' roll morphed into "rock," the year that the 45-rpm single yielded to the 33 1/3 long-playing album as the dominant medium for music, and the year that social and political issues became a regular topic of exploration among musicians looking beyond the next hit and aiming to exert a real impact on the world around them.


N.C. Fall 2016-- Part 5: Not As Much Damage As I Thought


I was very happy to see nothing but a few puddles in the lower level of the condo when I opened it.  I got a shop vac and sucked up the puddles in both Mom's and Vicki's place next door to us.

Went to the Jolly Roger Pier for a really good breakfast with Anthony and his granddaughter and friend.  Much less work on the lower level than I had anticipated, so I got to enjoy the beach today.  Did my usual wading and collecting shells and "lima bean" stones.

Went to the Topsail Town hall to pay the water and garbage bill and then Godwin's, one of the earliest businesses in Topsail Beach and still operating and looking like it did in the late 1940s when the area was opened to the public.  Before that it had been used for the U.S. missile and rocket testing program.

Towers from it and the Assembly Building still stand.


MALE POINT SYSTEM:  You make the bed (+1)
You make the bed, but forget to add the decorative pillows (0)
You throw the bedspread over rumpled sheets (-1)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

N.C. Fall 2016-- Part 4: Fort Fisher, Silver Dollar Bar, Topsail Beach and a Flood


Drove to Wilmington in off-and-on rain.  It has rained like that the whole time I have been in North Carolina, since Thursday.  As usual, heavy traffic by the UNC-Wilmington campus.  Stopped at the Carolina Beach Town hall and saw the four dioramas from the old Blockade Runner Museum and went to Fort fisher where the museum had sprung lots of leaks from all this rain.

Stopped at the Silver Dollar Bar in Carolina Beach and then went to Topsail Beach.

I was happy to see that there was no flood in the lower level, but a half hour after I arrived, we got three inches of rain in 30 minutes and the lower lever had two-three inches of water in it.  I found out later that there had already been six inches of rain during the course of the day at Topsail Beach.

There wasn't anything I could do about the flood until the morning so left it alone.


Monday, October 3, 2016

N.C. Fall 2016-- Day 3 and 4: Mom's DAR Ceremony


  We spent the morning sorting through papers, documents (mostly financial) and books.  I took four loads of books over to Mom's Salvation Army Thrift Store.  She was very active in that group[s Auxiliary.

The big event for today was Mom's Daughters of the American Revolution David Williams group's graveside marking ceremony at her grave.  We were very fortunate that the earlier and later rains held off for it as it was outside.

Afterwards, we ate at B&D Restaurant in Goldsboro..

The rest of the afternoon and night was spent sorting through papers and books.


I had planned on going to Topsail Beach today, but decided not to because of all the rain around eastern North Carolina.  The day was mostly spent going through Mom's papers and books and taking them to her church, the town library and Salvation Army.

Bob and I went to Wilber's for some of that great 'cue.


N.C. Fall 2016-- Day 2: Zanesville, Ohio, to Goldsboro, N.C.

Monday, September 19

Drove on the old National Road/ US-40 from Zanesville to Cambridge, then I-77 south through West Virginia to Virginia.  Stopped at the Virginia Welcome Center for my Virginia peanut fix and Wytheville for gas and my Chocolate/Blueberry Ugly fix.

U.S.-421 from Winston-Salem to I-40 at Greensboro.  Made it through the Raleigh-Durham Sytangler on I-40 with no problems.  Then, US-70 to Goldsboro.

Met Bob at Mom's house then Julie arrived.  We ate at Pizza Inn and spent the rest of the night sorting through Mom's stuff.  I mainly concentrated on books.


Sunday, October 2, 2016

N.C. Fall 2016: Day 1: The Usual


I have been driving this route so often, especially since Mom died in June, that things are starting to get very familiar.  I went to N.C. in June, July and now September.

After doing some last minute things on the internet, watering inside plants (primarily because for the life of me I couldn't remember if I'd done it yesterday or not) and packing, I left.  As usual, some small roads out to Ill-120, to Woodstock, then Illinois-47 to Mahomet.

I stoped in Dwight to eat at Hardee's and Mahomet at the BP.  Then I-74 the Crawfordsville Pilot station for gas, then to Indy and through it on I-70.  Usual stop  in Ohio at welcome center for motel coupon magazines and Englewood for Skyline Chili fix.

Drove to Columbus to Zanesville and stopped for the night at the Super 8.