Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Year Gone By...Way Too Fast

Bang.  It Was Here.  Bang.  It is Almost Gone.


Every year just flies by now.  It begins and there is so much time.  Then, it's gone, leaving you wondering where did it go?

And this fast time just keeps going faster every year.

I seem to be missing so much of my retirement years, now in my tenth.

Time sure went slower when I was in grade school.

--Slloowww Down, Time!!  --RoadDog

Music Deaths: "Little Stevie" Wright of the Easybeats


Died Dec. 27, 2015.

Lead singer of the Australian group Easybeats whose one U.S. hit was "Friday On My Mind" (#16-1967).  Born in Leeds, England and family moved to Australia.  Wright helped form the band in 1964 in Sydney.  Cowrote "Friday On My Mind."  Had five other top five songs in Australia.  The band broke up in 1969.

Formed two self-named bands after that and had a #1 hit in Australia in 1974 with "Evie."

In 2001, "Friday On My Mind" voted best Australian song of all time.  The band also did an early version of "Good Times" which INXS covered.

Regarded as the best Australian pop band of the 1960s (even with the Bee Gees).

Some other Australian hits for the band:

"She's So Fine" #3 and "Wedding Ring" #7  in 1965.

"Women (Make Me Feel Alright)"  #4,  "Come and See Her" #3,  "I'll Always make You happy" #1, "Sorry" #1 and "Friday On My Mind" #1 in 1966.

All of these songs are on You Tube.

WLS Top Ten for December 31, 1965: "We Can Work It Out"

As we close out the year 1965.  From Oldies Loon site, WLS.

2.  SOUNDS OF SILENCE--  Simon & Garfunkel
3.  5 O'CLOCK WORLD--  Vogues

4.  IT'S GOOD NEWS WEEK--  Hedgehoppers Anonymous
5.  LET'S HANG ON--  Four Seasons
6.  OVER AND OVER--  Dave Clark Five
7.  SHE'S A MUST TO AVOID--  Herman's Hermits

8.  SHE'S JUST MY STYLE--  Gary Lewis
9.  JUST LIKE ME--  Paul Rever
10.  I'M A MAN--  Yardbirds

Name That Tune:  "A Complete Impossibility."  --RoadDog

MEMORY LANE:  "DynaFlow," "Electrolux" and SpectraVision."

"She's a Must to Avoid"

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Deaths: William Guest, Member of the Pips


Died December 24, 2015.

Cousin of Gladys Knight and member of her backing singers, the Pips.  With the group throughout its career 1953-1989 when they stopped singing with her.  He was on on all her great hits.

Gladys Knight & the Pips were indicted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

Ranking Beatles Albums From Worst to Best: Sgt. Pepper's Not the Best

From Dec. 13, 2015, Yahoo! Music Cheat Sheet by Jeff Rindskopf.

He has his reasons.  Check them out.  Based on the British-released albums.  Big hits  in parentheses.

11.  BEATLES FOR SALE--  6 cover songs of the 14.  (Eight Days a Week)

10.  WITH THE BEATLES--  6 cover songs  (All My Loving)

9.  HELP!--  (Ticket to Ride, Yesterday, Help!)

8.  PLEASE PLEASE ME-- Their first album.  (Please Please Me, I Saw Her Standing There, Twist & Shout)

7.  LET IT BE--  Released after the band was no more.  (Let It Be, Get Back)

6.  A HARD DAY'S NIGHT--  Third album  (A Hard Day's Night, I Should Have Known Better, Can't Buy Me Love)






About the order I figured they be in.  But, let's face it, their earlier albums were a lot more fun.

NAME THAT TUNE:  "But When I Get Home to You, I Find the Things That You Do."  --RoadDog

MEMORY LANE:  Percolator  Has a ring to it that coffee maker doesn't.

"A Hard Day's Night"


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Music Deaths: Thomas "Snuff" Garrett, Producer


Died Dec. 17, 2015.

Producer.  Produced with Liberty records

Take Good Care of My Baby--  Bobby Vee
This Diamond Ring--  Gary Lewis & Playboys
You're Sixteen--  Johnny Burnette
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia--  Vickie Lawrence
A Hundred Pounds of Clay and Tower of Strength--  Gene McDaniels
Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves,  Dark Lady and Half Breed for Cher
Run to Him and The Night has a Thousand Eyes for Bobby Vee
Produced seven straight Gary Lewis & the Playboys Top Ten hits.

Music Deaths: Luigi Creatore, Producer


Died Dec. 13, 2015.

Along with his cousin, Hogo Peretti, produced hits for  Sam Cooke, Perry Como, Stylistics, "Little" Peggy March, Isley Brothers and Jimmie Rodgers.

The two co-wrote Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love" and were co-owners of Roulette Records before founding Avco records.

Wrote the English lyrics for "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and produced the hit for the Tokens.

Known as Hugo and Luigi.

They also worked with George Weiss Davis.

Some of their hits:

"I Will Follow Him--  Little Peggy March
Chain Gang, Twistin; the Night Away and Wonderful World for Sam Cooke
Honeycomb for Jimmie Rodgers
The Hustle for Van McCoy

He was at Pearl harbor as a pharmacist's mate.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Movie Scratches: Creed-- Dinosaur-- Heart

Well, I made it to 75 movies for the year in the theaters.  I am presently taking my two weeks off from seeing any new movies, something I do every year this time as the theaters have way too many people seeing movies.  I prefer very small groups when i am inside.  Even better, when I get my own personal showing where I am the only one there (unless it's a scary movie.

73.  CREED--  12-15--  Fox Lake, $5--  Like father, like son with a little (well, lotta) help from Rocky.

74.  GOOD DINOSAUR--  12-15--  Fox Lake, $5--  Arlo making his mark with best friend/dog.human Spot.

75.  IN THE HEART OF THE SEA--  12-17--  Fox Lake, $6--A whale with a big vendetta.  Best to leave whale enough alone.

Too many people This Time of Year.  --RoadDog

MEMORY LANE:  Here's a 60s word for you--  "Rat Fink."  Hey, don't call me that!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Music Deaths: Mary Kath (Bonnie Lou) Early Rock and Roller and Country Star


Died December 8, 2015  Recorded as Bonnie Lou and had a hit on the pop charts with "Daddy-O" (#14-1955).  Charted twice on country charts with "Seven Lonely days" (#7-1953) and "Tennessee Wig Walk" (#6-1953)

Appeared on radio in Cincinnati and Kansas City.

Born in Towanda, Illinois, October 27, 1924.

One of the first female rock and roll singers and one of the first artists to gain crossover success from country music to rock and roll.  She was the "top name" in the first regularly scheduled country music on a national TV network.

A prime mover in the first days of Rockabilly.

Born in Towanda, Illinois, but moved to Carlock, Illinois, also in McLean Count6y, after their homeburned down.


Friday, December 25, 2015

A Good Christmas Eve

Yesterday, I took the empty key back to the liquor store and got my $40 deposit back.  Then I went to Menard's and Home Depot and bought some 50% off lights.  I came home and put two strands up and then found I had to replace an outdoor timer on the deck.

We drove over to McHenry Savings Bank to see the miniature train display, but they had already closed.  We then went to Windhill Pancake Parlor in McHenry for lunch and were the last ones in there as they were closing early for Christmas Eve.  Great pot roast and, of course, these folks really go above and beyond when it comes to Christmas lights and decorations.

We also drove by the PLAV building (Polish Legion of American Veterans) and were happy to see the outside bar lights on.  The place had caught fire Mother's Day 2014.  Talked with Jerry and were given a tour of the place.  They've only been open since Monday.

Last stop was at Sunnyside Tap in Johnsburg.

We drove around a couple neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights, including ours.  Even if I do say so, our house is right up there with the best.  Came inside and just had to watch one whole complete showing of my all-time favorite Christmas movie, "A Christmas Story."  I love the marathon on TNT.  I've been watching parts of it off and on today and will watch it one more time.

A Good Christmas Eve.  --RoadDog

JSS: Justin Bieber?-- Humiliated-- Christmas Bah Gas-Bug

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  JUSTIN BIEBER--  I came across this week's Billboard Hot 100 songs.  Justin Bieber had three of the top 5!!  What's up with that?  Not that I keep up much with pop music these days, but I was under the idea that Justin was kind of a joke.

2.  HUMILIATED--  I came across the headline "Boise State Humiliates Northern Illinois."  No kidding!!!

Some more humiliating stats on our 55-7 loss to Boise State:

NIU's stats first:

Passing:  38 yards //  377 yards
Rushing  -5 yards  //  277 yards
Punts:  9  //  1
First Downs:  7 (2 on penalties)  //  35
Possession:  16:47  //  43:13
Third Down Conversions:  1 of 12  //  9 of 15
Red Zone Scoring:  0 of 1  //  7 of 8

3.  CHRISTMAS BAH GASBUG--  I saw that yesterday gas stations around here raised gas prices from $196 to $2.09.  The Good Old Christmas Spirit, but what ghosts visited last night.

A Real Lesson in Futility.  --RoadSad

MEMORY LANE:  "Wall-to-Wall" used to be a magical term.  In the 50s everyone covered their hard wood floors with wall-to-wall carpeting.  Today, folks replace their wall-to-wall carpeting with....

Thursday, December 24, 2015

JSS: Embarrassing-- Strange Weather-- Christmas

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  EMBARRASSING--  We watched the embarrassing Northern Illinois football game yesterday at the American Legion.  The high point of the game was when Boise State scored a touchdown on the second play of the game with just 58 seconds gone.  Then it went downhill after that.

Well, reckon we'll be keeping the coach another year as I doubt that any of the big guys will want him.

2.  STRANGE WEATHER--  Temps yesterday in the area were in the 50s and with rain all day.  Thankfully it wasn't cold as we would have about two feet of the white stuff by now.  I actually like snow, but definitely not on my driveway or the streets and roads.  If we could just teach the snowflakes the difference.

3.  CHRISTMAS--  Later today, we plan to go to Windhill Pancake Parlor in McHenry, Illinois, to get a bite to eat and look at all their Christmas decorations.  This place goes all out with them every Christmas.  We will also go to the Mchenry savings Bank on Il-31 to see their train layout that they have every Christmas time.  It's tradition, you know.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

Some Christmas Music for You "Little Saint Nick"

From Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots annual "Holiday Hootenanny" show, first hour.  On WDRV, 97.1 FM.  Of course, these would be Christmas songs from the 1960s and 1970s.

SLEIGH RIDE--  Ronettes
SOCK IT TO ME SANTA--  Bob Seger & the Last Herd

BACK DOOR SANTA--  Clarence Carter

WINTER--  Rolling Stones
RUN RUDOLPH RUN--  Keith Richards
BLUE CHRISTMAS--  Elvis Presley

MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY--  Ike and Tina Turner
SNOOPY'S CHRISTMAS--  Royal Guardsmen

LINUS AND LUCY--  Vince Guaraldi

7 O'CLOCK NEWS/SILENT NIGHT--  Simon & Garfunkel

Name That Tune:  "Santa's In a Hurry, Tell Him he Can take the Freeway Down."  --RoadDog

"Run Rudolph Run"

WLS Top 40 Survey for December 24, 1965-- Part 5

Well, I accidentally put it on my Cooter's History Thing Blog for today and don't want to retype it, so if you want to know, you'll have to go there.

My fingers are too sore, anyway.

The number one song was "We Can Work It Out"/ "Day Tripper."


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

WLS Top 40 Survey for December 24, 1965-- Part 4: "Don't Think Twice"

20.  FLOWERS ON THE WALL--  Statler Brothers
19.  YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO BE SO NICE-- Lovin' Spoonful
18.  EBB TIDE--  Righteous Brothers

17.  I'M A MAN--  Yardbirds
16.  SHE'S JUST MY STYLE--  Gary Lewis
15.  IT'S MY LIFE--  Animals
14.  I FOUND A GIRL--  Jan and Dean

13.  RUN BABY RUN--  Newbeats  Another group with a high falsetto like Wonder Who?  Went to #12 Billboard in 1966.  Their other big hit was "Bread and Butter."
12.  DON'T THINK TWICE--  Wonder Who?  Any guesses?
11.  HARLEM NOCTURNE--  Viscounts  You'll know the instrumental as soon as you hear it.  Originally recorded by them back in 1959 and went to #52.  It was rereleased in 1965 and went to #39, their only Top 40 hit.

Name That Tune:  "I Keep Hearin' You're Concerned About My Happiness."  --RoadDog

MEMORY LANE:  Remember the tern "store bought."  That used to be something.  Now, pretty much everything is "store bought."

"Flowers on the Wall"

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

WLS Top 40 Survey for December 24, 1965-- Part 3: "As Tears Go By"

30.  AS TEARS GO BY--  Rolling Stones
28.  LET'S GET TOGETHER--  We Five.  Very so-so take on the Youngbloods hit.

27.  PUPPET ON A STRING--  Elvis Presley  Another forgettable movie song.
26.  ENGLAND SWINGS--  Roger Miller
25.  I CONFESS--  New Colony Six  Chicago boys make good.  Their first of many Chicago hits, even national on occasion.  Thanks WLS and WCFL.
24.  LITTLE GIRL I ONCE KNEW--  Beach Boys  Not one of their bigger hits, but a great song.

22.  SPANISH EYES--  Al Martino
21.  I GOT YOU--  James Brown

Name That Tune: "Bobbies On Bicycles, Two By Two."   --RoadDog

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Class of 2016

These groups were inducted:

Cheap Trick
Deep Purple
Steve Miller

They will be inducted during ceremonies on April 8, 2016, in Cleveland.

Chic failed to get inducted for the tenth time.

Eight hundred members of the Rock and Roll Foundation do the voting.

I picked two of them:  Cheap Trick and Chicago.


MEMORY LANE:  Did you ever wait for your dad to come home so you could ride  the "running board" home.

Monday, December 21, 2015

WLS Top 40 Survey for December 24, 2015-- Part 2: "I've Got to Be Somebody"

35.  I'VE GOT TO BE SOMEBODY--  Billy Joe Royal  His third release went to #38 on Billboard in early 1966.  Third straight Top 40 single.  Biggest hit, of course, was 1965's "Down in the Boondocks."

34.  UNDER YOUR SPELL--  Johnny Rivers  Billboard #35 in early 1966.  His version of a Buck Owens  song that went to #4 in 1959 on country charts.  Actual name "Under Your Spell Again."  I'd never heard it before.

33.  TELL ME WHY--  Elvis Presley     Slow, excruciatingly slow.  I'd never heard it before and hope to never hear it again.

32.  I AIN'T GONNA EAT MY HEART OUT ANYMORE--  Young Rascals   Blue-eyed soul group from New York City.  Their first hit and a good one.  Peaked at #52 on Billboard in early 1966.  Follow up was #1 "Good Lovin'"  Enjoyed the video of them in their school uniform outfits.

31.  PLEASE DON'T FIGHT IT--  Dino, Desi & Billy  Their third hit peaked at #60 on Billboard.  Of course, we know about the first two of their dads.  What about Billy?

Name That Tune:  "(Yeah, I Admit You Got the Biggest Blue Eyes. "  --RoadDog

"I Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore"

WLS Top 40 Survey from December 24, 1965-- Part 1: "Gamma Goochee"

40.  THE DUCK--  Jackie Lee--  A regional dance hit that went to #14 Billboard.  It was the name of a dance.  His real name was Earl nelson and was half of Bob & Earl who had a #44 Billboard hit with "Harlem Shuffle."  Also sand lead on Hollywood Flames' "Buzz buzz Buzz #17 in 1958.

39.  GAMMA GOOCHEE--  Kingsmen  Were these the "Louie Louie" guys?  Probably.  A call and response song featuring strong drum beat.  "Are you gamma goochee?"  YouTube lists the song title as  "(You Got) Gamma Goochee."

38.  SATIN PILLOWS--  Bobby Vinton  Slow song.  Went to #23 on Billboard in January 1966.  Great music to fall asleep with, no pun intended.

37.  SANDY--  Ronnie & the Daytonas, actually Ronny. #27 on Billboard in 1966.  The "G.T.O." guys.  Nashville group specializing in hot rod songs.Slow and a great song.  Not so hot roddish at all.

36.  THE MEN IN MY LITTLE GIRL'S LIFE--  Mike Douglas  TV talk show host  Singer with Kay Kyser Orchestra 1945-1950.  Went to #6 on Billboard in early 1966.  His only hit.solo.  Daddy's little girl.

Name That Tune:  "Hey, Girl, With the Sunlight In Your Hair."  --RoadDog

I found all of these songs on You Tube.  What a repository.


Some More About the McRib Sandwich

In 1972, Roger Mandingo, a University of Nebraska professor, got a grant from the National Pork Producers to develop a technology that bound small "unmarketable parts of the animal" into something that looked more appetizing.

this gave birth to the McRib almost a decade later.

Oh Well, I'll Keep Eating 'Em Anyway.  --RoadDog

Why Does McDonald's Keep Bringing Back the McRib Sandwich

Nov. 10, 2011, Shine from Yahoo  "Why Does McDonald's Keep Bringing McRib Back?  Blogger Has Theory" by Piper Weiss.

The McRib sandwich was introduced in 1981 and has been brought back at least eight times since then.  Each time it becomes more popular.  The question arises, "Why isn't it a permanent offering?"

Willy Staley of the Awl Theory has a possible answer.  It has to do with pork prices.  Each McRib release has happened when pork prices drop.


MEMORY LANE:  Remember automobile "emergency brakes?"  Now they are just "parking brakes."

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Movie Scratches: Krampus-- Secret-- Before-- Mockingjay

A Dog's-Eye View iof Today's Movies.

69.  KRAMPUS--  12-7--  Fox Lake, $6--  A dysfunctional family gets the Christmas scared out of them.

70.  SECRET IN THEIR EYES--  12-7--  Fox Lake, $6--  "Passion always wins."  Definite surprise ending.  Bad guy gets his.

71.  THE NIGHT BEFORE--  12-10--  Fox Lake, $6--  Combination of "The Hangover," "A Christmas carol" and "It's a Wonderful Life."  Mr. Greene, not just your local weed man.

72.  HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY 2--  12-10--  Fox Lake, $6--Mean old President Snow gets his, Capital City falls and war ends.

It Awakens.  --RoadDog

MEMORY LANE:  Continental Kits--  rear bumper extenders and spare tire covers that were supposed to make any car as cool as a Lincoln Continental.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Nine Completely Worthless Collectibles

From the Oct. 29, 2011, Yahoo! Finance.

Usually, if they so its a collectible, it "ain't."  You should just get it if you like it.  Not for resale.

1.  Hummel Figurines
2.  BeanieBabies
3.  Franklin Mint Collectibles  (But they are so neat.
4.  Hess Trucks

5.  Thomas Kinkaide Paintings.  But, they are so pretty.
6.  Precious Moments Figurines
7.  Norman Rockwell Plates
8.  Lladro Statues?
9.  Cabbage Patch Kids

But They Told Me.  Wait, If You Order Right Now, We'll send You Two.  --RoadDog

Another 10 Fictional Geniuses

From Oct. 24, 2011, Listverse.

10.  Professor Moriarity from Sherlock Holmes stories.
9.  Doogie Howser, MD
8.  Captain Nemo--  "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea"
7.  Ignatius Reilly  "A Confederacy of Dunces"
6.  Gandalf--  "Lord of the Rings"

5.  Lisbeth Salander--  "Millennium" book series
4.  Jigsaw--  "Saw"  movies
3.  Sheldon Cooper--  "Big bang theory" and he'll tell you he is.
2.  Nero Wolfe--
1.  Bat Man

Genius Is as Genius Does  --RoadDog

Ten Favorite Towns for Fall

From Oct. 11, 2011, Yahoo! Travel by Christine Sarkis.

Well, a bit late for this year.  Maybe next year.  Peak time.

1.  Jim Thorpe, Pa.--  Poconos  Oct. 12
2.  Sedona, Az.--  2 hours north of Phoenix  mid-Oct.
3.  Stockholm, Wis.--  Mississippi River  Mid-Oct.
4.  Jsaspar, Ark.--  Ozarks  Oct. 15-Nov. 15
5.  Hood River, Ore.--  Columbia River Gorge  Early to mid-Oct.

6.  Woodstock, Vt.--  Oct. 1-Oct. 15
7.  Stockbridge, Mass.--  Norman Rockwell called it best color in America.  Oct.
8.  Fayetteville, W.Va.--  late Oct.
9.  Munising, Mi.--  Upper Peninsula.  Late Sept. to mid. Oct.
10.  Julian, Ca.--  hour from San Diego.  Sept. to Oct.

--Love That Color.  --RoadDog

MEMORY LANE  (EXPRESSIONS FROM THE PAST:  Fender Skirts, Curb Feelers, Steering Knobs.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

WLS Top Ten for December 17, 1965: "Don't Think Twice"

1.  5 O'CLOCK WORLD--  Vogues
2.  LET'S HANG ON--  Four Seasons
3.  WE CAN WORK IT OUT--  Beatles

4.  TASTE OF HONEY--  Tiquana Brass
5.  OVER AND OVER--  Dave Clark Five
6.  KEEP ON DANCING--  Gentrys
7.  1-2-3--  Len Berry

8.  DON'T THINK TWICE--  Wonder Who
9.  I FOUND A GIRL--  Jan & Dean
10.  IT'S GOOD NEWS WEEK--  Hedgehoppers Anonymous

Name That Tune:  "Someone's Dropped a Bomb Somewhere Contaminating Atmosphere."  --RoadDog

Sure Am Glad All the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Is Drawing to a Close

Everywhere you look, there is something about this movie.  I didn't know so many companies could get a tie in.  Well, it opens tonight and hopefully this will bring an end to some of the hype.

Don't get me wrong, I look forward to seeing it, but probably not until all the kids go back to school after New Year's.

Getting Tired of the Force.  --RoadDog

NEWSPAPER ERRORS:  yesterday we mistakenly reported that a talk was given by a bottle-scared hero.  We apologize for the error.  We obviously meant that the talk was given by a battle-scarred hero.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Music Deaths: Ronnie Bright "Mr. Bass Man"


Died November 26, 2015.  Best-known for being "Mr. Bass Man" on Johnny Cymbal's 1963 #16 hit of the same name.  This is a big Beach Music Song.

he also sang backup on Barry Mann's "Who Put the Bomp" (#7-1961) and Jackie Wilson's "Baby Workout" (#5-1963).

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ouch. Gas Gouge Around Here

Gas prices here in northeastern Illinois, in Fox Lake, had gotten down to $1.84 this past Friday.  However, Sunday we saw it had been raised to $2.20.  For what reason I know not.

Today, it was "down" to $2.14.

Not complaining as this is still a whole lot better than $4.

But, What Gives?  --RoadDog

NEWSPAPER ERRORS:  Our newspaper carried the notice last week that Mr. Oscar Hoffnagle is a defective in the police force.  This was a typographical error.  Mr. Hoffnagle is, of course, a detective on the police farce.  (Oops, Again.)

Monday, December 14, 2015

My Five Picks for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2015 Inductees

Not that anybody asked or cares, but these are my five picks for inclusion:

Los Lobos
Cheap Trick


Two New Names on Nashville's Music Walk of Fame

That would be Johnny Cash and Steve Cropper of Booker T. & the MGs.

Some of the others on it:

Trace Adkins
Bill Anderson
Eddy Arnold
Garth Brooks
Kix Brooks
Rodney Crowell
Charlie Daniels
Little Jimmy Dickens
John Hiatt
Alan Jackson
Kris Kristofferson
Loretta Lynn
Ronnie Milsap


15 Nominees for 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announced

October 8, 2015.

First-Time Nominees:

Deep Purple
Steve Miller Band

Previously Nominated:

Cheap Trick
Chaka Khan
James Brown's JBs

Janet Jackson
Nine Inch Nails
Los Lobos

Winners should be announced some time this month.  Induction will occur in April.


NEWSPAPER ERRORS:  Just to keep the record straight, it was the famous Whistler's Mother, not Hitler's, that was exhibited.  there is nothing to be gained in trying to explain how this error occurred.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Movie Scratches: Burnt-- Goosebumps-- Peanuts-- Coopers

Movie Scratches--  A Dog's Eye View of today's movies.

65.  BURNT--  11-6--  Fox Lake, $6--  Don't watch on empty stomach, though.  A story about super expensive plate meals (where there is more plate than food).  But never found out if they got the Michelin star or not.

66.  GOOSEBUMPS--  11-11--  Fox Lake, $5--  The new Gremlins, giant snow man, werewolf and giant mantis  Where reading a book could be really, really dangerous.

67.  PEANUTS--  11-18--  Fox Lake, $5--  It's good ol' Charlie Brown trying to impress the red-haired girl and Snoopy vs. the Red Baron and all the rest.  Standardized testing hits the Peanuts crew as well.

68.  LOVE THE COOPERS--  11-18--  Fox Lake, $5--  A very interesting dysfunctional family get-together where everyone's problems are solved at the end.

Turn Down the AC, It's Winter Already.  --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten Survey for December 10, 1965: "I Hear a Symphony"

1.  LET'S HANG ON--  Four Seasons
2.  OVER AND OVER--  Dave Clark Five
3.  5 O'CLOCK WORLD--  Vogues

4.  TASTE OF HONEY--  Tijuana Brass
5.  KEEP ON DANCING--  Gentrys
6.  TURN TURN--  Byrds
7.  1-2-3--  Len Berry

8.  ONE HAS MY NAME--  Berry Young
9.  I HEAR A SYMPHONY--  Supremes
10.  SUNDAY AND ME--  Jay & the Americans

Name That Tune:  "Up Every Morning Just to Keep My Job."  --RoadDog

NEWSPAPER ERRORS:  In the City Beat section of Frday's paper, firefighter Dwight Brady was misidentified.  His nickname in the department is "Dewey."  Another firefighter is nicknamed "Weirdo."  We apologize for our mistake.

"5 O'Clock World"

Friday, December 11, 2015

Music Deaths: P.F. Sloan

P.F. SLOAN, 70

Died November 15, 2015.  Songwriter.


"Eve of Destruction" (#1-1966) for Barry McGuire
"A Must to Avoid"  (#8--1966) for Herman's Hermits
"You Baby" (#20-1966) for the Turtles
"Secret Agent Man" (#3-1966) for Johnny Rivers

Other songs I know that he wrote:

"Let Me Be" by the Turtles, "Where Were You When I Needed You" and "Things I Should Have Said" for the Grassroots, "Child of Our Times" for Barry McGuire, "I Found a Girl" for Jan and Dean and that great Beach Music song "Summer Means Fun" for the Catalinas and Jan and Dean.

Those Were Some Great Songs.

Five Best Frontmen in Rock History

From the Nov. 17, 2015, Cheat Sheet by RobertYaniz Jr..

1.  MICK JAGGER--  Rolling Stones

2.  JIM MORRISON--  Doors

3.  ROBERT PLANT--  Led Zeppelin


5.  KURT COBAIN--  Nirvana


NEWSPAPER ERRORS:  Our article about Jewish burial customs contained an errot"  Mourners' clothing is rent-- that is, torn--  not rented.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Year's Top 25 for 2011-- Part 2: "The Lazy Song"

13.S&M--  Rihanna
14.  JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH--  The Black Eyed Peas
15.  FIREWORK--  Katy Perry

16.  THE LAZY SONG--  Bruno Mars
17.  GRENADE--  Bruno Mars
18.  BLOW--  Ke$ha
19.  LAST FRIDAY NIGHT (T.G.I.F.)--  Katy Perry
20.  THE SHOW GOES ON--  Lupe Fiasco

21.  F**KIN PERFECT--  Pink
22.  TILL THE WORLD ENDS--  Britney Spears
23.  DIRT ROAD ANTHEM--  Jason Aldean
25.  TONIGHT TONIGHT--  Hot Chelle Rae

Name That Tune:  "Laid Back Swervin' Like George Jones."  --RoadDog

"Dirt Road Anthem"

The 2011 Top 25 Hits-- Part 1 "Party Rock Anthem"

From Y Music Chart Watch by Paul Green.

2.  PARTY ROCK ANTHEM--  LMFAO/Lauren Bennett & Goon Roth
3.  E.T.--  Katy Perry/Kanye West
4.  GIVE ME EVERYTHING--  Pitbull/Neyo/Afrojack & Nayer
5.  MOVES LIKE JAGGER--  Maroon 5/Christina Aguilera

6.  F**K YOU (FORGET YOU)--  Cee Lo Green
7.  PUMPED UP KICKS--  Foster the People
8.  BORN THIS WAY--  Lady GaGa
9.  SUPER BASS--  Nicki Minaj
10.  SOMEONE LIKE YOU--  Adele

11.  ON THE FLOOR--  Jennifer Lopez/Pitbull
12.  LOOK AT ME NOW--  Chris Brown/Lil Wayne/Busta Rhyme

Name That Tune:  "Just Shoot for the Stars."  --RoadDog

NEWSPAPER ERRORS:  There are two important corrections to the information in the update on our Deep relaxation professional development program.  First, the program will include meditation, not medication.  second, it is experiential, not experimental.

"Moves Like Jagger"

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Music Deaths: Allen Toussaint, 77

Died November 9, 2015.

Influential New Orleans composer, producer, arranger and artist while on tour in Spain.

Wrote "Mother-In-Law" (#1-1961 for Ernie K. Doe) and produced it as well.  Other songs were "Southern Nights" (#1-1977) for Glen Campbell, "Working in the Coal Mine" (#8-1966) for Lee Dorsey, "Java" (#4-1964) for Al Hirt, "Whipped Cream (#68-1965) for Herb Alpert which later became more famous as the theme song to the game show "The Dating Game."

Produced for B.J. Thomas, Dr. John and the Meters.  Produced "Lady Marmalade" (#1-1975) for LaBelle and worked with Paul McCartney & Wings on Venus and Mars album in 1975.  Chosen for the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2011, the Blues Hall of Fame in 2011, Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2009 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

A Favorite of Mine.

Six Banned Rock and Roll Hit Songs: "The Pill"

From the October 17, 2015, Cheat Sheet" by Jacqueline Schagian.



3.  THE PILL--  Loretta Lynn

4.  GOD SAVE THE QUEEN--  Sex Pistols

5.  LOLA--  Kinks

6.  RAPE ME--   Nirvana

Name That Tune:  "I Met her In a Club Down In Old Soho."  --RoadDog

NEWSPAPER ERRORS:  In Frank Washburn's March column, Rebecca Varney was erroneously identified as a bookmaker.  She is a typesetter.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ten Greatest James Bond Theme Songs-- Part 2: "A View to a Kill"

5.  TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS--  Sheryl Crow (1997)

4.  THUNDERBALL--    Tom Jones (1965)

3.  THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH--  Garbage  (1999)

2.  LIVE AND LET DIE--  Paul McCartney & Wings (1973)

1.  A VIEW TO A KILL--  Duran Duran (1985)

I am surprised that "Goldfinger" by Shirley Bassey isn't on the list.  That is my all-time favorite James Bond theme.

Name That Tune:  "When You Were Young and Your Heart Was an Open Book."  --RoadDog

"Live and Let Die"

Ten Greatest James Bond Theme Songs-- Part 1: "You Only Live Twice"

From the September 8, 2015, Yahoo! Music by Rob O'Connor.

Sam Smith sings the new James Bond "Spectre" movie theme, "The Writing's On the Wall."

10.  YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE--  Nancy Sinatra (1967)

9.  ANOTHER WAY TO DIE--  Alicia Keyes, featuring Jack White (2008) "Quantum of Solace"

8.  DIE ANOTHER DAY--  Madonna (2002)

7.  FOR YOUR EYES ONLY--  Sheena Easton (1981)

6.  DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER--  Shirley Bassey (1971)

Name That Tune:  "They Are All I need to Please Me."  --RoadDog

NEWSPAPER ERRORS:  We apologize to our readers who received, through an unfortunate computer error, the chest measurements of members of the female Wrestlers Association instead of the figures on the sales of soybeans to foreign countries.  (I'm just SO sure that was an error.)

"Diamonds Are Forever)

Music Deaths: Winfield Scott and Cynthia Robinson


Died Oct. 26, 2015.

Co-wrote "Return to Sender" and "One Broken Heart."    "Return to Sender is one of  my favorite Elvis songs.  Also wrote "LaVern Baker's hit "Tweedle Dee," Connie Francis' "Many Tears Ago" and Bill Haley's "Burn That Candle."


Died Nov. 23, 2015

Vocalist and horn player with Sly & the Family Stone.  Also played with Graham Central Station.  Inducted into Rock and Roll hall of Fame in 1993 with Sly & the Family Stone who charted ten times including #1 hits "Everyday People"-1969, "Thank You Falletin Me BeMice Elf Agin"-1970 and "Family Affair"-1971.

Sly & the Family Stone's Greatest Hits was one of four albums we played at my fraternity parties (Delta Sigma Phi at Northern Illinois University) back in the college years.  The other three: Temptations Greatest Hits, Four Tops Greatest Hits and CCR's Green River.

Monday, December 7, 2015

America Goes to War 74 Years Ago-- Part 2: Oregon Pearl Harbor Survivor Dies in 2014

From the  Feb. 2014 NR Today, Oregon ""Douglas County loses Pearl Harbor survivor."

Joseph W. Brumbach Sr., one of Douglas County's last remaining Pearl Harbor survivors died at age 91.  He was a 1938 Roseburg High School graduate and was crew chief of patrol planes during the attack.

America Goes to War 74 Years Ago-- Part 1: Western Michigan Men at Pearl Harbor That Day

Every year I dedicate today to the events at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  I am writing about it in all seven of my blogs.

From the Dec. 3, 2012, M Live.  These Western Michigan men were at Pearl Harbor that day.  Seaths also given.

HARRISON J. SCRANTON--  Norton Shores, US Army Air Corps.  Retired Colonel, unknown.

BASIL STAYSA--  Muskegon, US Army Air Corps, died 1984.

ROBERT G. WALLEY--  Roosevelt Park, died 2003.

HAROLD E. WARREN--    Muskegon, US Navy. Retired commander, died 1979.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

T-Giving 2015, Day 2: Still In Traffic

November 25th.

I was happy to find traffic on I-40 was heavy, but moving along nicely.  I even got into the dreaded Raleigh-Durham Strangler and it moved along.  Usually the stoppage starts at RDU Airport, but it was clear sailing.

Unfortunately, I started seeing the flashing signs saying that there were big delays east of Raleigh between Exits 299 and 311. That was an understatement.  This was the worst traffic jam I've ever been in.  I'd go two feet and stop and repeat and repeat and so on for miles.

It got much worse whenever other major feeder roads dumped into I-40.  It took me an hour and a half to go four-five miles.  There was also road construction, making it worse.

I finally was able to get off on Business US-70 through Clayton and actually moved until I hit a mile long backup at the first stop light.  Clayton truly deserves the name City of Stoplights and it was great when a bypass was built around it.

However, after that long wait, and that was still better than that mess on I-40, I made most all the rest of the stoplights on green and made the rest of the drive to Goldsboro, N.C. with no problems.

Definitely Not driving Distances on Day Before Thanksgiving Anymore.  --RoadDog

WAIR Top Songs for September 9, 1969-- Part 2: "In the Year 2525"

I found the list on Nick's Radio Corner site.

WAIR was in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

11.  YOU, I--  Rugbys
13.  IN THE YEAR 2525--  Zager & Evans
14.  NITTY GRITTY--  Gladys Knight & Pips
15.  HOOK & SLING (Parts 1 & 2)--  Eddie Bo

16.  MOTHER POPCORN--  James Brown
17.  LAUGHING--  Guess Who
18.  WHAT'S THE USE OF BREAKING UP--  Jerry Butler
19.  BIRTHDAY--  Underground Sunshine  (Yep, the Beatles song)
20.  IN A MOMENT--  Intrigues


NEVER IN PUBLIC--  Candi Staton
CARRY ME BACK--  Rascals
MAH-NA-MAH-NA--  Soundtrack  (Muppets)

NAME THAT TUNE:  "Well Take Me Back Where Cool Waters Flow."  --RoadDog

"Green River"

WAIR Top 20 for September 9, 1969-- Part 1: "Oh What a Night"

I am not sure where I got this from, but let's take a look back.  I am also not sure where WAIR was.  But, judging by the large number of R&B and Soul artists, I'd guess it was in the South.

1.  SHARE YOUR LOVE WITH ME--  Aretha Franklin
2.  OH WHAT A NIGHT--  Dells
3.  HONKY TONK WOMEN--  Rolling Stones
4.  HAPPY--  William Bell
5.  WHAT KIND OF FOOL--  Rhondells

6.  GET TOGETHER--  Youngbloods
7.  CHANGE OF HEART-- Classics IV
8.  PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART--  Jackie deShannon
9.  YOUR GOOD THING--  Lou Rawls
10.  CHOICE OF COLORS--  Impressions



I had to listen to several of these on You Tube as I was not familiar with them.

Name That Tune:  "I Met a Gin-soaked Barroom Queen in Memphis."  --RoadDog

NEWSPAPER ERRORS:  From a California bar association's newsletter:  Correction--  the following typo appeared in our last bulletin:  "Lunch will be gin at 12:15 p.m.."  Please orrect to read "12 noon."  Oops.  Orrect me is I'm wrong but I sure would like a gin lunch if I liked gin,

"Honky Tonk Women"

"Honky Tonk Women"

Friday, December 4, 2015

WLS Top Ten for December 3, 1965: "Let's Hang On"

1.  LET'S HANG ON--  Four Seasons
2.  1-2-3---  Len Barry
3.  TASTE OF HONEY--  Tijuana Brass

4.  OVER & OVER--  Dave Clark Five
5.  KEEP ON DANCING--  Gentrys
6.  I'LL NEVER GO HOME--  Shangri-Las
7.  TURN TURN--  Byrds

8.  I HEAR A SYMPHONY--  Supremes
9.  I FOUND A GIRL--  Jam & Dean
10.  ONE HAS MY NAME--  Berry Young

Name That Tune:  "C'mon and Show Me How You Work."  --RoadDog

NEWSPAPER ERRORS:  There was a mistake in an item sent in two weeks ago which stated that Ed Burnham entertained a party at crap shooting.  It should have been trap shooting.

"Keep On Dancing"

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Original Locations of 30 Famous Food Chains-- Part 2: Nation's Famous

6.  STARBUCKS--  2000 Western Ave., Seattle, Wash., 1971)

7.  CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL--  (1644 E. Evans Ave., Denver, Colorado)

8.  NATHAN'S FAMOUS--  (1310 Surf Ave., Brooklyn, New York, 1916)

9.  WENDY'S--  (257 E Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio,

10.  HOOTERS--  (2800 Gulf-to-Bay Blvd., Clearwater, Fla., 1983)


Original Locations of 30 Famous Food Chains-- Part 1: McDonald's

From Mental Floss

Ever wonder where your favorite fast food chain first popped up?  Here they are (with date):

Pictures of the first stores and more information accompany each one.

1.  McDONALD'S--  (1398 North E Street, San Bernardino, Cal., 1940)  Of course the ones we know today, started by Ray Kroc, first opened in Des Plaines, Illinois, in 1955.)

2.  PIZZA HUT--  (503 South Bluff Street, Wichita, Kansas, 1958)

3.  T.G.I.F. FRIDAY'S--  (1152 1st Avenue, New York, New York, 1965)

4.  WAFFLE HOUSE--  (2719 East College Avenue, Decatur, Georgia, 1955)

5.  DUNKIN' DONUTS--  (543 Southern Artery, Quincy, Massachusetts, 1948)


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

T-Giving 2015-- Day 2: More Fun and Games in Winston-Salem

November 25th

Usually US-52 between Mt. Airy and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is not a bad drive as far as traffic.  And, it is a limited access highway and slated to become an interstate in the future (either I-72 or I-74).  But half way between the two, traffic picked up considerably until we had solid traffic but at least we were moving along well.

Then we got to Winston-Salem where we came to a complete stop and extremely slow-going after that.  I usually take US-421 eastward from the downtown area of the city and I got off only to find it was even worse than US-52.  They weren't going anywhere.  After awhile I was able to get back on US-52, only heading the wrong way.  I went north for awhile before finding an opportunity to get off and back on to 52 going the right way.

Traffic was heavy and moving slow, but at least it was moving.  This time I drove south to I-40 and by now i was expecting the absolute worst as I-40 has a lot of traffic at all times and I imagined it definitely would be today, the day before Thanksgiving.

Maybe It Is a Mistake to Drive Anywhere the Day Before Thanksgiving.  --RoadDog

T-Giving 2015-- Day 2: Gas Gouge and Fun and Games With Traffic


However, traffic continued to get heavier the whole way through West Virginia and Virginia on I-77.  Usually, the cheapest gas I get the whole trip is in Wytheville, Virginia, and I always wait until I get there to fill the tank.  Gas in Ohio was $1.85.  It was $1.86 there.  (I had gotten gas in Crawfordsville, Indiana, yesterday for $1.66.)  But, of course that was before the twenty cent gas gouge we had between then and today.

However, mind you I am not complaining about these gas prices after the prices of driving anywhere the last several years.

Driving down that eight mile grade going into North Carolina was essentially solid traffic and not much fun at all.

I didn't make my usual stop in Andy Griffith's hometown of Mt. Airy, North Carolina, figuring that traffic was only going to get worse.